by David Icke

extracted from "Infinite Love Is the Only Truth"

Spanish version




It is well for his peace that the saint goes to his martyrdom.

He is spared the sight of the horror of his harvest.

Oscar Wilde



One of the major expressions of the Matrix program in this reality is what we call Religion, and that's not only Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the others we associate with that term.


I also mean the religions we call money, politics, the pursuit of 'success', television, the cult of celebrity and what has been dubbed the 'New Age'. Anything, in fact, that dictates your sense of reality and entraps you in the illusion.

The Matrix loves religions. They are the diversions that hold consciousness in the headlights of an oncoming fairytale. Which fairytale you choose to believe doesn't much matter so long as you buy into one of them and, of course, your DNA is always there to guide you.


The idea is to keep you focused on one obsession so you don't see the guy at the stove preparing the gravy.


Horses have wide peripheral vision and some wear blinkers to ensure they can only see what's in front of them and not the panorama they would normally see. The blinkers are there to focus the horse on the desired activity - the race - and stop it being distracted by other horses or influences. The religions in all their forms are blinkers for humans.


They are there to discourage consciousness from seeing beyond the program because they are focused on one predominant belief or goal.


The Silent Weapons for a Quiet War document said:

'Keep them busy, busy, busy, back on the farm with the other animals'.

The Matrix wants to keep the cell door bolted and religions have served the cause magnificently.


They entrap people in laws, irrelevance, and fine detail to such an extent that the big picture is never seen (Figure 62).





A great example of this is hair.


I didn't realize that hair was so important until I began to check what different religions told their followers to believe about it.


The things you learn. Did you know that the Torah (the five books of 'Moses' in the Old Testament) forbids a male Jew from removing hair from his sideburns? No, really, this must be very profound then, I guess.


But why, dear God, is this considered so vital?


Well the Torah, no, let's be specific, Leviticus 19:27, says:

'Do not shave around the sides of your head, nor harm the edges of your beard'.

Is that it? Yep, seems like it. If you really study the detail, though, there are some get-out clauses.

Phew. The sideburns merely have to be long enough that you can pull on the hair; and the beard can be shaved, but only if you use an instrument that isn't sharp. Mmmm...


Is it me or do you see the same contradiction here?


But this is God's law and there can be no contradictions, so it must be us, I suppose. The law says you must not use a straight razor, including safety-razors, on your temples or to shave your beard. Jewish men who don't want a beard have various options, I read.


They can use 'depilatory powder' (hair removal products), or scissors with 'two relatively dull blades' to pinch off the hair, rather than one very sharp blade slicing it off. Ouch.


There is some good news, though - electric shavers are okay! Yippee. But hold on. Aren't they sharp so they can cut the hair, isn't that the idea? God must have missed that one. Not all electric shavers are within the law and you are advised apparently to check with your local Orthodox rabbi for acceptable brands. He might have a stock in the back room.


The Devil's in the detail so here's some more from

'Actually, the sideburns merely have to be long enough that one can pull on the hair, and the beard area can be shaved with something other than a sharp blade (many people accept the use of electric shavers).


But, specifically within the Chassidic community, there is a custom not to shave (and frequently not even to trim) the beard, and to permit the sideburn area (all the way up to the top of the ear) to grow long as well (the long sideburns are called peyos).


Some tuck the hair up under their kippa/skullcap, while others curl the hair. Many Orthodox say the peyos (aka earlocks/sidelocks) begin right at the temple, to just behind the ear, and must grow no shorter than the top of the cheekbone. Then they are to be worn pushed forward of the ear so as to be visible...


Many who grow long peyos do so for Kabbalistic reasons. One of the opinions in Kabbalah is that the peyos need to be worn long only until the beard grows in.


Once the beard grows, the peyos of the side of the head should not be allowed to grow down beyond where the sides of the beard begin to appear.' 1

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Has he finished yet?


All these laws about the hair on your face are only one example of the web of control, often fine-detailed control, provided through the God Program software and it's not only Jewish people who have their lives dictated in this way. Muslims wear beards, too, and the Koran tells them what to think, as the Torah and other blinker-books tell Jews and Christians.


I typed the question, 'Why do Muslims wear beards?' into Google and saw that many don't seem to know.


But one guy, Dr Muzaffar Iqbal, the founder-president of the Center for Islam and Science in Canada, did offer an explanation in his column in the New Islamabad.


In summary, he says that Muslims should be inspired to be like the Prophet and,

'when applied to the outward aspects', this meant that such a person-makes an effort to 'change one's habits, dress, appearance and routines of the day to a close resemblance to the life of the Prophet, upon whom be peace and blessings'.

Beards for men were one such attribute, said the doctor, in line with the Prophet's command reported in Bukhari, Book 72, no. 781:

'Trim your moustaches and leave the beard [as it is]'.2

Well, some guy in the seventh century is reported to have said don't trim your beard, so who are we to question it? No wonder the word 'Muslim' means 'One who surrenders'.

So now we have Jews being told by the Torah to wear beards and Muslims told by the Koran. The hair thing is just as important to Sikhs, too. At least Jews and Muslims can cut the hair on their heads, but not so with Sikhs. They are to barbers what vegans are to the meat industry. Sikhs don't cut their hair and instead gather it together under a turban.


They also go for the Long Beard Program. One reason for this is that if hair wasn't pleasing to God, they ask, why did he cause it to grow? The Sikh gurus (see rabbis, priests and clerics) strongly advised Sikhs to accept God's will (common to all versions of the God Program) and not cutting the hair symbolizes this, so I read.


Sikhs believe that God didn't make any mistakes in how he created the human form (George W. Bush - I rest my case) and out of respect for that belief Sikhs choose to keep their bodies unchanged from the way God created them. This includes the fact that Sikh men remain uncircumcised, except for medical reasons (I thought God didn't make mistakes...)


But as with all belief when faced with practicality, they pepper in the contradictions to get themselves out of the dogma-created holes.


For instance, they say that if God didn't want hair to grow why did he make it grow? But I have a question: why do Sikhs cut their nails then? Have no fear, they have considered the fine print and there is an answer to this contradiction that I have, once again, quite wrongly identified.


A Sikh website exposed the error of my observation:

'Sikhism believes in having a truthful, honest living and progressing in life. Nails have been given to us so that we may work and walk.


For example, if you lift any object up with your fingers you will see the pressure on your nails. Nails also help us to walk. If you decide not to cut your nails, when you work they will eventually snap off. So therefore Sikhism allows them to be cut.'

I wonder how long the lawyers worked on that one. I also read how some believe the hair must not be cut because it is an antenna that connects us to God.


So where does that leave bald people? What have they done for God to block their e-mails?


But, not to worry, the hairless can make contact with another part of the God Program by being a Buddhist. They have no problem with baldies.


Buddhists shave their heads to,

'renounce all the mundane desires and longings to more readily achieve purity, be free from delusions, remove hindrances and enter the way of practice'.

And once they shave their heads, they can easily be distinguished from others (if not from each other).

Roman Catholic nuns also cut their hair as a symbol of their life of self-sacrifice to God and renunciation of worldly things. A woman's hair is considered her crowning glory and is often a source of vanity, the Roman Catholic thought-police say. In order to avoid this vanity the nun covers her head and cuts her hair short.


Now what's the word I am looking for with all this? Oh yeah, pathetic...

The scale of religious imposition can be breathtaking and its underlying weapon is always the fear equation:

fear = control = power for the Matrix (Figure 63).




Firstly, the God Program puts its followers in a state of fear about upsetting God and missing out on the ticket to paradise.


Then it gives them rules to follow to keep God sweet and save them from the place where the fires burn.


Dean Hamer, an American molecular geneticist, concluded after comparing more than 2,000 DNA samples that a person's capacity to believe in God is linked to brain chemicals. He explained his theory in The God Gene: How Faith is Hardwired into our Genes (2004).


This certainly fits with what I am suggesting in this book. The God Program will be more powerful in some people than others because the realization that religion is nonsense rewrites the DNA software and dilutes the influence of the men in frocks on others in the same genetic line. It also works the other way, too, of course.


I am not surprised that Hamer connects belief in God to brain chemicals because this is a way the software interacts with the body hologram.

In September 2004, I saw a television documentary series called Jewish Law, on Britain's Channel 4. What it revealed was a fantastic example of what I mean by religions serving the Matrix. The series featured Jewish people trying to follow the strict Judaistic law in every area of their lives. And I mean every.


It was so extreme it was almost funny, but by the end I found myself deeply sad for these people.


They are imprisoned in a daily dictatorship of fear, based on laws decreed through ancient Biblical texts written thousands of years ago by unknown authors and administered by the Rabbinical Thought Police. Early in the first show we found Rabbi Kaye, a kosher-inspector for an organization called Beth Din in Manchester in the North West of England.


He was in his library where the shelves were packed with books detailing the shoulds and shouldn'ts, musts and mustn'ts, which unorthodox Jew has to observe.


He said:

'This book here actually tells us what you do when you get up in the morning, how one gets dressed, how one acts - before praying in the morning we don't eat - how you can greet someone in the morning, what you can say before you pray, what you can't say, how you get to the synagogue, what you do in the synagogue, what happens if you turn up a little late for prayers, what bits you miss out, all these things are all there.'

You get the picture.


The Beth Din organization employs 30 'dietary inspectors' to police the establishments where kosher food and drink is produced.


You probably know about the kosher meat laws which insist that animals are bled to death, like the halal meat of the Muslims - but kosher law goes much further than the technique of slaughter.


It ensures that everything conforms to the astonishingly voluminous and complex dietary laws written down more than ten centuries ago.


As Beth Din's Rabbi Furst said:

'We have a tradition given down to us from Mount Sinai. When God gave Moses the written Torah he also gave him an oral explanation of all of this in the tiniest, tiniest detail.'

It must have been a long conversation from what I could see and Moses must have had a memory to die for.


Rabbi Furst also explained that the law allowed them to eat part of an insect, but not a whole one. I'm not sure there is much good news there, really. Kosher food-inspector, Rabbi Klarberg, added the rider that this did not mean they could purposely cut up an insect to find a loophole in the law that says you can't eat a whole one.


I breathed deeply wondering if I had morphed to another planet. Why anyone would want to circumvent a law that says you can't eat an insect was lost on me.


But then I was in really strange territory.

Sholem Josephs, of the Swiss Cottage Bakery, said that if he had meat in one of his ovens he wouldn't dare bake anything else in there until he had called the rabbi and agreed a way to make the oven kosher again. He also pointed out that kosherfood costs more, not least because, like all such businesses, he is billed every month by Beth Din for policing his kitchens and giving the crucial stamp of approval.


Maintaining the kosher eating laws is very profitable as well as being spectacularly over the top. But how can you question Moses or whoever invented him? That would be blasphemy. In another scene, a guy was visiting a rabbi with a new electric kettle.


Rabbi Brodie explained to him that Jewish pots, pans and kettles were immersed in a body of water because it was considered a sign of purity. I think it's what the rest of us call cleaning new pans before you use them.


But no, this was a spiritual and religious ritual.

'I hope you have many, many good cups of tea from it', the rabbi said. 'Having sanctified it, I'm sure the tea will taste better.'

Soon we were back with kosher-inspector, Rabbi Kaye, and the drama heightened. He faced a serious problem.


A rabbi in London who was flying up to join him the next morning for an inspection in Aberdeen, Scotland, was worried that his flight time would stop him from praying when the law said he must. He would have to leave home before it was time to pray and would be in the air at the critical moment.


I didn't understand why he couldn't just pray on the plane, something I have done many times myself while flying with local airlines in South America. From what I gathered - and it did get a bit garbled at this stage - the rabbi had to pray in the first four hours after dawn. God demanded this, apparently.


Rabbi Kaye went to work to solve his friend's crisis. He opened the Hebrew calendar on his laptop and there was great relief.


There was a way around it. Somehow you always knew there would be.

In his hotel room, as he waited for the London guy, Rabbi Kaye covered his head and performed the first of the obligatory three prayers of the day - as opposed to the five of the Muslims (I wonder who wins on penalties?).


The rabbi's prayer involved rocking back and forth in the way I have seen them do at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.


At one point, he also wore a sort of little black chimney or box thing which are collectively known as tefillin. It was a square, and far smaller, version of the top hat worn by the Fat Controller in Thomas the Tank Engine. In another program we were told more about why Jewish men 'strap on boxes', as the narrator put it.


This immediately took my mind to cricket, baseball and other sports in which the manhood has to be protected from injury by a hard 'box' or cup. Butthese tefillin do not protect the balls, they perpetuate it.


They contain little compartments each filled with a parchment inscribed with religious texts and they are worn to remind Jews that God rescued them from bondage in Egypt. He was obviously on vacation when the Babylon captivity deal went down.

The legitimacy of the tefillin has to be checked regularly.


Rabbi Dansky told us that this must be done because if you don't follow the will of God you earn 'no brownie points'. Hold on a second while I come to terms with how stupid this God must be, what a total wally-brain, to be concerned about whether anyone wears this thing on their head or what is in it. Nope, that level of ludicrousness is beyond my imagination.


Anyway, Rabbi Dansky is nothing if not thorough. We saw him with his measuring gauge to ensure the tefillin were square to within one millimeter. He said they don't really understand why they have to be square, it was a mitzvah (law) decreed some three thousand years ago that 'we just have to accept and do without [knowing]'.


You suspect there are a lot of those. Each scroll had to be in the right order or the tefillin would be invalid, the same with even a small scuff on the leather chin strap, the rabbi said. When they wear out they have to be buried, even the little stitches that become detached.


Rabbi Dansky told us that he made sure this happened by hovering his office and burying the dust bag. He seemed to bury quite a lot. He said that all old prayer books, even newspaper articles about the Torah, had to be buried, too.


The previous year he had buried seven tons of the stuff.

Rabbi Kaye and his London friend headed for the fish market in Aberdeen. The voice-over told us that in order to be kosher the fish had to have fins and scales. I thought what a relief it must have been to find that they had, not least for the fish.


This statement was given no elaboration and I take it this meant the fish had to have fins and scales when on the dinner plate, but I can't be sure. Every additive to the fish and every other kosher food has to be checked. Kosher certificates must be going out thick and fast - matched, of course, by the cheques coming the other way.


As he drove home with what appeared to be a music tape playing in the car, Rabbi Kaye told us that they were not allowed to listen to music, except at weddings. I guess anything by Meatloaf would definitely be out anyway, unless he had been inspected. So was the rabbi breaking the law as the music played in his car? Oh no, all sorted. See get-out-clause No 766, 859, 494.


His tape was not music, it was purely vocal, he said. You got the impression that even he didn't buy that one.

Animals are only kosher if they have split hooves and chew the cud. One documentary took us to a farm where they were making kosher and non-kosher milk. A farm worker said there wasn't much difference in the process, really, but I guess the farm still had to put the cheque in the post. Listening to the farm's kosher- inspector from Beth Din, it seemed like easy money to me.


I quote him word for word in case you think I am making this up:

'I would be here quite a lot during the milking to ensure that there are no other animals in the herd other than cows.'

Other animals such as?

'A buffalo.'

After a slight pause for reflection on how daft his answer was, he went on:

'...We do know there are no other animals in the herd, it's very unusual to have a mixed herd anyhow, but all the same the requirements are that we are here. That is what makes the milk kosher, the very fact we are here checking, although there is no real difference in the milk.'

Could you file that one with the insect loophole, please? Thanks so much, the file's marked 'Bewildered'.


Rabbi Furst stood beside a pile of dough, the bread kind. He said it contained a piece of every dough made at the bakery in the last 36 hours and he was going to perform a special blessing to separate something from the dough in line with the Commandments.


I never did understand exactly what he was separating and even after playing back the video I couldn't work it out. Perhaps that was a good thing. He said some Hebrew words as he piled bits of dough on top of each other and announced that he had designated this as 'Halla' or Sabbath bread.


The term Halla, a Jewish website told me, is,

'a name used in ancient times to designate the priest's share of the dough'.

I know, I thought the same.


Rabbi Furst said that his words had made all the difference.

'Now it has a special level of holiness and I have to dispose of it in a respectable way.'

Dispose of it? If it was that holy why bin it, respectfully or otherwise? The rabbi had the answer.


If they had a temple this dough would go to the priests, he said, but as they hadn't it would be thrown in the trash. Well, not directly because it would be disrespectful and against the law to do that. Instead, he explained, he put it in a plastic bag and then put that in another one.


Wow, deep respect.

'The fact that we have doubled-bagged it is considered to be a respectful way of disposing of it', he said.

The rabbi told us that he had no choice but to dump the dough because no one except the priests was allowed to eat it. All other Jews were 'not in a state of spiritual purity'.


Who said so? The priests, I suppose.


Once the rabbi had said his words to make the leftovers holy, he said that all the rest of the dough, from which the holy pile came, was considered not holy and ordinary Jews could eat it.


Are you still there, you've gone quiet?

Rabbi Furst was filmed cracking what seemed to be an endless line of eggs to see if they had any blood spots in them.


The reporter asked him to explain what he was doing and the rabbi said the law on this was complicated. I instinctively trembled at what might be to come after my experience with the severed insect, buffalo man, and the holy dough deal. He said the Torah ordered implicitly that a Jewish person shouldn't eat blood from an animal.


Simple enough, but not for long.


There was the question of what kind of blood was in an egg and if it was blood they needed to worry about or not. Orthodox Jews, like the obsessive advocates of all the major religions, seem to do a lot of worrying, but then that's the idea. He concluded, for reasons that escaped me, that blood in eggs was not the type that was so important to avoid but, nevertheless, he would still check every egg to get rid of it.


Rabbi Furst said that they spent a lot of time saying, 'what if? What if this happened, what if that happened? By now you had no trouble believing him.


I'll let him speak for himself about the theological minefield that is a Cheese Danish:

'Now they make a little Danish and they put a dollop of cheese in the middle.


Sometimes the cheese will overflow the edges. If that Danish happened to be at the end of the sheet and the cheese spread out and over the edge of the tray it would fall onto the floor of the oven; and it would give it a dairy quality; and if they then put a loaf of bread in there right away that bread would have a dairy quality.

'So, I have gone to great lengths to convince the bakers to bake their Cheese Danish in trays that have edges on all four sides so they won't have this possibility of "what if the cheese goes over the edge?"'

By now I wondered if it was me or the rabbi who would be joining the cheese first. I am sure that thousands of years ago, sometimes even today, there were health reasons for some of these dietary habits, but the obsession with them and the life-controlling strictness of them is off the wall, Wailing and ever other.


There are also the hypocritical expressions of the Jewish laws like the one that bans the drinking of wine that is not made by Jews. says that wine is only kosher if it has not been 'handled by a non-Jew before the bottle is sealed...'.


I wonder why that isn't considered racist when it would be if anyone else did the same?


Personally, I don't care what anyone freely chooses to eat and drink, it's none of my business, but I am sick of this we-can-do-it-but-you-can't arrogance that pervades such matters. The God Program is full of this hypocrisy.


Rabbi Dayan Berger (there seemed to be a lot of them) explained that the wine law was there to 'put obstacles and difficulties in the way' to discourage the misuse of wine.


How it made any difference to get pissed on wine made by Jews or wine made by non-Jews was never made clear and I wondered if they weren't making up much of this as they went along. It is a common trait with the 'interpreters' of religious law - I think what God meant to say...'.


The rabbi said the Jews-only wine thing went back a long time to when idol worshipping was prevalent (what ten minutes ago?) and 'people came across a bit of wine, they somehow tried to turn it into an act of worship...'. I do know the feeling.


Rabbi Furst said the ovens in kosher bakeries can only be turned on by a Jew and only brought up to temperature by a Jew.

'That makes the bread a more spiritual product', he said.

If a Christian Caucasian said that he would be called a 'White Supremacist'.


What's the difference?

Another program in the Jewish Law series focused on the laws of the Sabbath every Saturday, and the Passover, the biggest Jewish festival of the year, that commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. During the eight days of Passover they are not allowed to eat anything that rises (okay, okay, enough) like leavened bread or anything that has been fermented.


Rabbi Dovid Jaffe told us that this was because the Jews left Egypt in such a hurry that the bread they had made didn't have time to rise. During Passover they eat flat bread instead. Not only is leavened bread forbidden, all traces of it have to be purged from the house.


Rifka Domnitz said from her kitchen:

'The whole house is cleaned out because we're looking for leaven, anything that might be bread, cakes, any sort of crumbs; also we don't have whisky, vinegar, anything that's fermented, [like] beer. So the whole house has to be scrubbed.'

I'm not sure about the 'has to'. There is no 'has to' unless the will is conceded to insane religious Taw.

In another house a 'special Passover cooker' was hauled from the back shed and it replaces the other one for eight days a year. I must say the two looked remarkably similar. Even a microwave was covered in tin foil to thwart any lingering bread crumbs that might be poised to condemn the occupants to the fires of Hell.


The lady of the house told us that no matter how clean she may get the microwave there might still be something there.

'If I put a hot pot of chicken soup under [the microwave] the steam might dislodge crumbs or leaven into the pot.'

That was a close one then.


They were 'very, very stringent about everything', the lady said, and you needed no convincing. By way of confirmation we cut to a woman using a paint-stripper flame-thrower to make sure there was absolutely no leaven on the sink and draining board.


If only people were equally obsessed with making sure no one went without food, warmth, shelter and the opportunity to live their dreams. But I suppose God is too busy panicking over the deadly perils of a Cheese Danish to concern himself with such irrelevance. It was pointed out that the women do all the work while the men 'set the religious tone'.


As one woman said of her husband:

'He sets the spiritual tone and I do it the way he wants. Left to my own devices, I don't know what I'd do. I have no idea.'

Sadly most people have no idea what they would do either if left to their own devices because they've never tried it.

The best bit was when Rabbi Avraham Jaffe told us that all rabbis had sent forms to their congregation asking that they appoint their rabbi to sell all their forbidden products to a non-Jew for the duration of Passover. The non-Jew pays his money and all the stuff belongs to him.


There is, however, a clause in his contract that says that if he wants to sell it all back after Passover because he can't make a profit on it, then that will be okay.


They will 'kindly' let him off and the deal will be null and void. Nothing moves; it's just a paper transaction. The non-Jew is the official owner of all that Passover forbids throughout his local Jewish community, but he sells it back for the same price when the festival is over. The buyer in the film, Colin Day, said he had been doing this for 30 years.


He said of Passover:

'Virtually in that time, I'm a millionaire'.

But, although he bought all the booty for a few pounds, he sells it back after eight days because he 'can't make a profit'.


How ridiculous it all is, and what a sham. Does God not know He is being conned here? Do they think 'He' is that stupid?

At least Passover is only once a year; the Sabbath, or Shabbat, is every week. We saw a family rushing around and panicking as the Sabbath loomed at sunset on the Friday evening (although there is argument over whether this is what 'God' meant). Rochel Jaffe said she had to have the oven going the whole time because you can't cook on the Sabbath.


Who says?


Whoever wrote the texts of the Old Testament thousands of years ago and no one knows that.

'Once it starts getting close to the Sabbath it's music off, video off, computer off, everybody gets dressed and gets out and they know they have to move quick, you know', said Mrs Jaffe.

She consulted the 'when it's the Sabbath' chart behind a cupboard door.

'3.53, Sabbath is 4.31... 31 and 7 is 38 minutes, 38 minutes, it should be okay.'

Let's hope so or goodness knows what God will do.


Still cooking when the sun goes down on a Friday? Condemn her! As soon as Sabbath starts the father and boys must head for the synagogue while the wife and girls say prayers at home. Rabbi Brodie said that turning on a light, answering a phone or turning on a kettle is banned once Sabbath has begun. Rabbi Kaye returned at this stage. I'd missed him.


He told us there are,

'so many dos and so many don'ts... can't put a light on [during] the Sabbath, mustn't make a fire... Sabbath we are not allowed to burn a fire... [so we]... can't drive a car because you are burning combustion'.

As you'd expect with Rabbi Kaye, we were soon into serious detail:

'You should not burn a fire, but if a fire's burning... I can let it continue burning. If you came to my house on a Saturday and saw me sitting in the dark and thought, "Ah, the lights are off here, okay, I don't like you sitting in the dark," put the light on and walk out, I would have to leave the room because I am benefiting from something done for me on the Sabbath.

'But if I say, "John, let's have a drink, only problem is the room's a bit dark," and you say "Oh, I'll put the light on," and you sit down, the light's been put on for you. And when you leave the room, I say, "John, do me a favor don't turn it off", that's fine.'

Whenever I need a way around the system, Rabbi Kaye is my man.


As he pointed out:

'Turning off something is slightly different to turning something on'.

You get the feeling that if the word 'no' did not exist in the orthodox Jewish vocabulary they would all be permanently speechless.


Mind, it's the same with all religions in the God Program and don't start me off about the Southern Baptists.


One of the most bizarre of the Judaistic rituals is during the compulsory eight days of mourning that orthodox Jewish people must go through when a relative dies. They have to sit on a special low chair (reason never explained) and all mirrors must be covered (ditto). One poor guy was visited by Rabbi Jaffe after the death of his sister to have his cardigan hacked at with a knife.


This comes from the story of how Jacob reacted to the death of Joseph by tearing at his clothes. So, thousands of years later, Rabbi Jaffe pulled out his blade and cut a hole in this man's jumper while exchanging 'holy words'.


This is supposed to happen whenever a relative dies, much to the delight of clothing manufacturers. I must say also that whenever these guys said their 'holy prayers' there seemed to be a surprising lack of feeling and the words 'parrot' and 'fashion' came to mind. It was like hearing someone recite their two-times-table.


The only ritual that looked like fun was called Purim, or Pour-in as it seemed to be. This is when Jews are told to relax and it is a mitzvah from God that the men must get pissed. It is what you might call a bar mitzvah. It was the only time in the series when the participants did not seem rushed and breathless, panicking to fulfill the next law in the daily timetable.


After all that had gone before it was nice to see them relaxed and happy, albeit not for long.

An important part of the God Program software is to force or pressure children to follow the parents' beliefs. An orthodox Jewish mother said she had friends who were worried sick that she had a daughter of 20 who wasn't yet married or betrothed. She said she wasn't worried herself (you got the feeling she was) because God would find her daughter the right man.


But even so she would make a few inquiries within the Jewish community.

'We'll find someone', she said.

We'll find someone?


For me, it is nothing sort of abuse to manipulate or even, in many cases, insist that your son or daughter marry someone who meets the approval of yourself and/or the laws of your religion. This happens in a number of cultures and it's a bloody disgrace.


The same mother told us that God doesn't like anyone who is full of themselves and the ego must be purged. They had to 'get rid of arrogance and haughtiness', she said. How this squared with pressurizing children to get married and forcing them to follow your religion was never explained.

Behind all this apparent nonsense I have been describing in this chapter is control - control by fear.


Rabbi 'Cheese Danish' Furst summed it up as he continued with his 'What if?' theme:

'We apply this kind of thinking to everything we do - what if this can happen, what if that can happen because we are afraid. We are afraid of the spiritual damage that may come to us.'

He said food could affect a person's soul.


If they ate food that had been made in the kosher way it had a positive spiritual affect on the soul,

'and God forbid if he should eat things that have been made in a way that violate strict kosher laws, it can have a negative effect on the soul'.

One of the kosher slaughterers who bleeds animals to death made the same claims:

'If a person eats non-kosher food it reduces his spirituality; if he sticks with kosher food it leaves his spirituality intact and in fact it grows because of the discipline behind having only kosher products. We believe this whole package of laws, as far as eating is concerned, elevates... the soul to a higher spiritual level.'

Utter bilge water.


It certainly seems to do nothing for their health. Not one of these guys looked healthy. All this imposed behavior is about the cosh not the kosher. It is to maintain a state of daily fear and servitude about the consequences of not doing as you are told. It is the God Program.


As Rabbi Furst said:

'We have got to understand that in the world to come we are going to have to deal with this score card that we have developed over our life and... the mistakes that we made we get punishment for them.


However... if we fix up the mistakes we made in this world then we don't have to deal with it in the world to come.'

What will the punishment be for mixing cheese with meat, one wonders?


The eternal damnation of eating at McDonald's maybe. The game is simple. Get yourself a long list of laws you say were given by God, appoint a mafia priesthood to 'interpret' what God meant, and frighten the followers shitless by telling them what will happen if they break God's law. It's a cinch.


I felt so sad for these guys in the Jewish Law series and those whom they themselves control through fear.


Rabbi Furst seemed a nice, jolly man to me, but there he was living every day in fear of the consequences of breaching laws written by who knows who thousands of years ago. The Matrix has him by the Cheese Danish.

Where is consciousness in all this? Where is Infinite Possibility?


The Do Not Ask (DNA) religions, which you are told to follow without question, are software programs and what I have just described is one of the more blatant examples. But there are many others.


Christians are similarly told, or pressured, what to think, do and say. Through the imposition of monumental tosh, the Roman Church has held billions in the grip of terror - control - throughout its sorry existence.


What a disgrace it is, this 'church' of hate and fear that claims merchandising rights to a 'loving God'.


Then there are the sick minds at the lunatic extreme of the Muslim faith in countries like Iran where, as Amnesty International has reported, even mentally ill teenaged girls face being flogged, stoned to death or hanged for adultery, having sex before marriage and 'acts contrary to chastity'.


This applies, it seems, even if these kids are forced into prostitution by their parents. The coldness and viciousness of these fanatics comes from the fact that they are software programs devoid of consciousness under this book's definition.


There are also the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, and the grotesque caste system of the Hindus that selects a child's life opportunities by the family it is born into. These are different names for the same basic mindset and the very fact they can give a name for what they believe means they have divided Oneness in their reality.


If you can put a name to what you are or believe, the Matrix has you because names measure division not wholeness.

These religions and so many more have one key thing in common: they are all bollocks. For readers from outside the United Kingdom, the British slang word 'bollocks' means both testicles and utter nonsense, as in 'a load of bollocks'.


In the context of religions I use the word in both definitions. Like I say, which religion you choose is not important to the Matrix, so long as you fall in line with one of them because then the blinkers are on and the Matrix has you.


What makes me smile is that they all think they are following a unique faith when they all come from the same blueprint, and they all have a need to wear uniforms. If you saw an orthodox Jew wouldn't you know immediately with the beard, black hat and long black coat? Would you not know a Muslim immediately, or Sikh, or Buddhist, or Christian priest?


It's the herd mentality made manifest.


Another hook in the God Program is obedience to the founders of the faith.

  • to Christians it's Jesus

  • to Jews it's Abraham or Moses

  • to Muslims it's Mohammed

  • to Sikhs it's Guru Nanak

  • to Buddhists it's Buddha

  • to Hindus it's Krishna

I wonder if he was a Hairy Krishna? No, that would make him a Sikh.


I can't keep up with all this.

I think I will start a new religion called Bollockism. I shall be the guru known as the Bollock (unlike with human males there cannot be two Bollocks) and my followers shall be known as Bollockists.


We shall be distinct from all other religions in that we will shave the hair from our testicles, and keep it in a plastic bag stuck to our chins. I shall create a women's version in which vaginal hair shall be considered sacred and must be worn under a turban. As you can imagine, it will be a celibate faith.

The greatest movie about religion yet made was Monty Python's Life of Brian. It exposed it all for the bollocks that it is and I recall the scene where Brian (symbol of Jesus) was running away from his followers and lost a sandal. One of the followers picked it up and shouted, 'It's a sign, it's a sign'. They then all took off a shoe in reverence to their master. What made the movie so funny was that it was true.


Religion is one of those flytraps of the spirit in which, as with the Matrix itself, you can often only see the nonsense of it when you are looking from the outside. I have met many former Christians over the years who have wondered why they couldn't see how crazy it all was when it later became so obvious to them.


But then indoctrination and repetition are very powerful when your consciousness is on vacation and letting the DNA program mind the shop.


In the United States, Christian believers also dominate the conspiracy research field and this is why they only go so far in what they say, but no more. They are fine while their research supports their religious beliefs, but they won't cross the line, or even consider information, that would take them into levels of understanding that undermine the validity of their faith.


They think they are free from the manipulation because they know about the five-sense conspiracy, but the Matrix still has them through their religion and their belief in 'God Bless America'.

One of the reasons that religions survive despite their nonsense is a major manipulator of human reality that I call assumptions. I watched a documentary in which Christian academics had to admit that they had little idea who was responsible for writing the Bible.


They conceded that the contradictory Gospels were certainly not written by eyewitnesses to the events they claim to describe and even the earlier Biblical texts were rewritten by the Church to fit the political agenda of the time. But despite this demolition of what Christians are led to believe is the 'word of God', the academics said this had not dented their faith.


One said the 'holy spirit' must have been working through those who wrote and rewrote the Bible, even though they made contradictory statements (maybe 'God' was confused). The reason for this self-delusion was the assumption that Jesus must have existed and that the foundations of the story must be true.


This assumption holds the belief together no matter what revelations may expose the religious deceit.


Despite all the provable lies and contradictions in the official version of 9/11, most people assume that the basic story must be correct and, therefore, they will never grasp what really happened. Assumptions edit reality because they are beliefs.


As the Nazis used to say, the bigger the lie the more it will be believed - assumed to be true.


Albert Einstein made some belief-shattering scientific discoveries, but he was, himself, imprisoned by belief. He was one who proposed the quantum theory but, once he realized the implications of this breakthrough for his assumptions about God, he spent the rest of his life trying (in vain) to disprove the findings of quantum physics.


The perception of me among those programmed by media reports is constantly edited by preconceived assumption.


The media has portrayed me as crazy and those who believe such 'reports' filter whatever I say through that belief without hearing what is actually being said. Wiping the hard drive clean of all programmed assumptions is essential because 99.9 per cent (at least) turn out to be flawed.

The Bible, when portrayed as the actual word of God, is the most destructive book on earth. The literal rather than symbolic interpretation, no matter how contradictory, leaves no room for independent thought or reappraisal in the light of new understanding. It is a sheep pen for the mind. There is no question, no discussion, no debate.


The religion dictates what is and what isn't and that's all you need to know. The sight of soldiers praying to God and asking Jesus for support before battles of mass murder in Iraq reveals a level of contradiction, self-delusion and childlike naivety that beggars belief. I also cringe when I see sports people crossing their chests and asking Jesus to help them win.


What has he got against their opposition then?


An England rugby captain said when appointed that he had always believed this was what the Lord had planned for him.


I am sure Jesus thought of nothing else.

'Say, Dad, we need a new England rugby captain, but leave it to me, I've got just the bloke.'

And God saw that it was good.

The depth of programming is such that even when faced with the illusory nature of reality the God Program can still prevail. I read an article on the Internet by a guy described as an 'intelligent Christian'. I beg to differ if it's all the same with you. He had experienced reality-altering drugs and saw that the 'solid' world is illusion.


Ah, but there's a catch. God wants us to believe the illusion is real, he said.


I quote:

'... the "perception" is exactly what God wants us to see and any attempt to get beyond this perception is sorcery'.

This art was explicitly forbidden in the Bible again and again, he tells us.


Quantum physics is sorcery, it seems, and part of Satan's plan to enslave us. Plan? You mean that what we have now is freedom?


The spirit world was just as real as the physical and was accessible through various methods, this Christian chap continued, but to do so was unethical.

'The problem is, as usual, fallen man is pursuing knowledge on his own terms and, while gaining accurate data, is not subjecting the findings to God's law word.'

He said the Bible confirmed that God did not want us to know the world is an illusion because it never mentions the fact.


By this time I would have given anything for a conversation with Rabbi Furst about the dangers of molten cheese.


Let me cut to this guy's chase:

'Everyone DOES know that God exists and that He is in charge. All unsaved humanity does seek to be free of what they see as his "tyranny". We are at a threshold in history.


 Never before have the techniques of "breaking free" - the techniques of sorcery, been so close to being presented to the general public. And the presentation is such that it bypasses all "religious" terminology.'

Only to a victim of the God Program could breaking free be condemned as the work of the Devil.


It is sobering to realize that no matter how much knowledge is put in front of people some are so utterly caught that they will go to any lengths to make it fit their religious belief.



Figure 64

Religions worship the same Matrix 'God'

through different versions of the program


The Matrix created the 'gods' of the religions and in fact there is only one Matrix 'God' worshipped in different ways by the different versions of the program (Figure 64).


The Red Dress bloodlines were once again used to found the religions and fast asleep consciousness has been trapped in the web.


The Illuminati families have played a predominant role in the creation of the major theological and fiscal religions, everything from Christianity and Judaism to the New Age and the worship of money.

I outlined earlier, and have detailed at length in other books, how the Illuminati were heavily centered in ancient Babylon and then relocated to Rome. This is why the Roman Church, which became the foundation of Christianity in all its later forms, is the Church of Babylon under another name.


You will find that 'Christian' holy days are the holy days of Babylon and the 'Christian' trinity is the Babylonian trinity in disguise.



Figures 65 and 66

The fish god Oannes (Nimrod) as symbolized in Babylon;

and the mitre-headed Pope of the Roman Church.

Do you think by any chance they could be connected??


Nimrod (the fish), his son, Tammuz (who died to save humanity), and his 'mother', Queen Semiramis (the dove), were transformed into Christianity's Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


The Babylonian symbolism has been continued both in the religions they founded and the symbols and architecture of our cities. Nimrod was also symbolized in Babylon as the Fish God, Oannes, and in Figures 65 and 66 you can see the ancient depiction of Oannes/Nimrod alongside the Pope with the mitre on his head.


Notice any similarities??


Roman Catholicism venerates Mary, the virgin 'Mother of Jesus' and 'Queen of Heaven', in the same way that the Babylonians did with Semiramis, the virgin 'Mother of Tammuz', and 'Queen of Heaven', and the Egyptians did with Isis, the virgin 'Mother of Horus' and 'Queen of Heaven' (Figures 67, 68 and 69).


Semiramis was said to have been 'immaculately conceived' by 'God' - the rays of the Sun God, Nimrod, also known as Baal.

The 'virgin-born sons', Jesus and Horus, were both connected to the symbol of the fish, as was Nimrod.


The Gospel stories, on which 'Jesus' and Christianity were founded, are a mass of Egyptian/Sumerian/Babylonian mystery school symbolism relating to sun worship, secret rituals and other esoteric concepts, as I detail in The Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix.


The same basic story of 'born on December 25th, died to save humanity, etc., was widely told thousands of years before Christianity about the exploits of the sun gods in many and various cultures, including Rome (Mithra) and Babylon (Tammuz - the 'son of the Sun God').


The halos used in pictures of the Gospel heroes are inspired by the way the ancients portrayed their sun gods with halos to symbolize what they represented - the sun.



Figures: 67, 68, and 69:

Three of a kind: the Christian Mother Mary and Jesus; the Egyptian Isis and Horus; and the Babylonian Queen Semiramis and Tammuz.

It's the same myth under (barely) different guises



The myth of Jesus has been a constant source of conflict, death and destruction, and we have seen this yet again with the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of Christ, the horrific violence of which must have had sadomasochists having orgasms in their seats.


First the Illuminati Anti-Defamation League (which spends it's time defaming people) said the movie was 'anti-Semitic', but from what I see there is very little in the ADL's juvenile mind that is not considered so. Next we had the New Black Panther Party in America condemning the film for portraying Jesus as white when they said he must have been black.


The ADL said the movie was racist for blaming Jews for the death of Jesus and the New Black Panthers said it was racist for misrepresenting the way he must have looked.


Over here a second guys, get this: there was no Jesus - black, white or pink with blue stripes!


You are all arguing over someone who didn't exist.


The Jesus myth was sold to the black slaves by their captors as a means of control and now we have the pathetic sight of the so-called most powerful country in the world dominated by a belief in a religion based on the worship of a non-existent man.


Unless a would-be president professes a deep belief in this myth he has no chance of being elected to office. I can hear the Matrix laughing from here.

In Babylon, Queen Semiramis proclaimed that Nimrod/Baal would be present on earth in the form of a flame, and that is the origin of the Illuminati symbol of the flame or lighted torch held by the Statue of Liberty - a portrayal of Queen Semiramis given to New York by French Freemasons in Paris, where they have a mirror version on an island in the River Seine (Figures 70, 71 and 72).


Queen Semiramis also became the British goddess deity, Britannia (Figure 73). When Tammuz died, Semiramis said that he had 'ascended to his father', the sun or Baal, and would also be worshipped as a flame. The 'Christian' festival of Easter comes from the same source.


Easter originates from the Babylonian goddess, Ishtar, (Semiramis again) and it celebrated her son, Tammuz, who was the 'only begotten son of the Moon Goddess and Sun God' - Nimrod and Semiramis.



Figures 70, 71, 72 and 73:

Queen Semiramis as depicted on an ancient coin and the Statues of Liberty in New York and Paris.

They are the same deity, as is the British Britannia.



Note also how the Babylonian Semiramis

is holding the 'Christian' cross thousands of years before Christianity



The 'Easter' (Ishtar) eggs and the 'Easter bunny' also come from Babylon.


Queen Semiramis said she came from the moon in a giant egg and this became known as the Ishtar egg. Tammuz was said to be very fond of rabbits and so we have the Easter bunny. They also ate 'sacred cakes' with a 'T' on the top - the origin of our hot cross buns.


The 'T' is a major symbol of Freemasonry partly because of its associations with Babylon and Tammuz.


The Christian wafer used in Catholic ceremonies comes from the Egyptian ta-en-aah, the sacrificial bread of the moon. Christians think the bread symbolizes the 'body of Jesus' when they are really involved in a ritual about an Egyptian moon deity!

Judaism in its Biblical form was also fundamentally influenced by Babylon. In 587 BC, the Babylonian army of King Nebuchadnezzar overran Judea and took most, though not all, of the people into captivity in Babylon.


This was a melting pot of peoples and bloodlines, and a centre for what we would call satanic ritual and black magic. The Judeans were captive in the sense that they couldn't leave, but they were allowed to go about their business and came into contact with the religious stories and myths from Babylon and the earlier Sumer in the land also known as Chaldea, Mesopotamia and today, Iraq.


It was after the 70-year captivity that the Levite priesthood and others mixed ancient writings with the Babylonian influences to produce the Torah (the law) - the first five books of the Old Testament also known as the Pentateuch, which are officially attributed to 'Moses'.


This was hundreds of years after the events were supposed to have taken place.


Babylon was also the inspiration for the rabbinic teachings known as the Babylonian Talmud, a massive influence on Jewish belief and deeply racist. Whenever they wanted the people to do something they wrote that 'God' had commanded it and thousands of years later orthodox Jewish people are still agonizing over their Cheese Danish and hacking at their beards with blunt scissors to make sure they conform.

The Levites and company took Sumerian and Babylonian stories and transferred them to their own, often made-up, characters.


One was the tale of how the Mesopotamian King Sargon was found as a baby floating in bulrushes on the River Euphrates by 'Akki the irrigator' and he was brought up to serve as gardener in the palace of Kish.


The story went that the goddess Ishtar favored Sargon and he eventually became king and emperor. The Levites and their cohorts changed Sargon to Moses in their version of the same basic story. They also introduced the character of St Michael, the Sumerian Tas Mi-ki-gal, the dragon-slayer and Lord of Agriculture. He was later called Lord of the Air and given wings to fly.


There were no angels in Israelite belief until the Babylon captivity.


The Great Flood of 'Noah' was also a steal from the far older Sumerian/Babylonian account of Gilgamesh. As with Christianity, Babylonian holy days were turned into 'Jewish' holy days.


The Levites relocated Sumerian, Babylonian and Egyptian stories and themes to the land they called Israel. The high initiates have always understood the coded meanings, but the mass of the people have been sold a lie, a cover story, to imprison their minds and make them slaves to their hierarchy.


Even circumcision, so fundamentally associated with the Jewish faith, came from Egypt. You can see the common Babylonian origin for the Jewish and Christian religions in the beliefs and methods of Judaism and the Roman Catholic Church. Both terrify their victims into conforming to 'God's law' by the fear of what will happen in the next world if they don't obey the priests and the Bible in this one.

I also see that some Sikh writers highlight the Old Testament story of Samson to support the belief that cutting your hair weakens you.


But the myth of Samson is a symbolic story relating to sun worship, not follicle power. The ancients symbolized the earth's journey around the sun as the life cycle of a man.


He would be born or reborn on what is our December 25th, three days after the winter solstice when they said the sun had 'died' or reached the lowest point of its power in the northern hemisphere.


The 'man' would reach the peak of his strength at the summer solstice when he would be depicted with long golden hair, symbolizing the powerful rays of the sun at that time of year. When he began to grow older and lose his strength as he entered the autumn, or fall (the astrological house of Virgo the Virgin, the 'House of Delilah'), he would be portrayed with shorter hair reflecting the failing power of the rays.


Samson is Sam-sun, just as every syllable of Sol-om-on is a word meaning the sun.


Jesus was also a symbol of the sun and not the literal man of the Gospels. I expand on this at length in other books and it is no coincidence that, according to the Bible, it was three days after Jesus died that he was 'resurrected' - just as they said about the sun between the winter solstice and what became our December 25th.

Islam also includes many elements of the Babylonian-inspired Christianity and Judaism in its belief system and accepts the literal existence of Jesus and the 'father of the Jews', Abraham, whom it calls Ibrahim. Muslims believe that Abraham/Ibrahim was a prophet carrying the same message from God as the later Muhammad.


Abraham is claimed to have erected the Ka'ba, the most holy place in the Islamic world at Mecca.


Most of the stories about Abraham in the Islamic tradition come from sources other than the Koran and there are many parallels to the life of Moses. Muslims also believe that Abraham circumcised himself at the age of 120 and that he died at the age of 175.


On the day of resurrection they say that Abraham will sit to the left of God and lead believers into Paradise.


What we have here, and they are not alone, are religions created and designed to imprison consciousness in the Matrix by selling the same basic belief package: those that believe in the religion and do as it demands will have a one-way ticket to Paradise as the chosen ones of 'God'.


Jews claim to be the chosen people; Christians say that only by believing in Jesus will we go to heaven; and Muslims say that only those who follow the Allah version of 'God' will you book a seat on the cloud.


It is the God Program - Matrix software for the imprisonment of human consciousness.

Only the details appear different to give the illusion of religious choice and create the fault lines through which the desired conflict between beliefs can be orchestrated.


What strikes me about religions is not their differences, most of which are irrelevant detail, but their similarities. They are the same in the way they coerce and bully their followers; they overwhelmingly have the same origin; and even the uniforms are often similar.


Jews, Muslims and the Roman Catholic Pope all wear the skullcap. If the Pope had a beard he would have the set.


The priests of Babylon shaved their heads in a circle at the crown, known as a tonsure, to signify their allegiance to the sun god and this was continued by the Roman Catholic clergy because it was the Church of Babylon relocated. Some tribes in Africa and some South American Indians shave their heads in the same way.


The skullcap (called the kippa or kippah by Jews) is symbolic of the commitment to the sun god - the religion of Babylon and Chaldea.


Alexander Hislop writes in The Two Babylons (1998):

'Over all the world, where the traces of the Chaldean system are found, this tonsure or shaving of the head, is always found along with it.


The priests of Osiris, the Egyptian Bacchus, were always distinguished by the shaving of their heads. In Pagan Rome, in India, and even in China, the distinguishing mark of the Babylonian priesthood was the shaven head.


Thus Gautama Buddha, who lived at least 540 years before Christ, when setting up the sect of Buddhism in India which spread to the remotest regions of the East, first shaved his own head, in obedience, as he pretended, to a Divine command, and then set to work to get others to imitate his example.'

The Sikh and Hindu turban can be found in ancient Babylon and the western traditions that came from there.


Ezekiel 23:15 in the Old Testament says that,

'... with belts around their waists and flowing turbans on their heads; all of them looked like Babylonian chariot officers, natives of Chaldea'.

Ezekiel 44:18 orders that,

'they are to wear linen turbans on their heads and linen undergarments around their waists'.

I didn't realize how many times the turban gets a mention in the Bible, the book quoted by far more religions than Judaism and Christianity to support their beliefs and impositions.


Major world religions are the offspring of Babylon. The gods of religious extremism are a Matrix program designed to be the blinkers that block peripheral vision.


What the Matrix needs for its vibratory illusions are polarities, the two points between which a frequency can resonate; so Left is as important as Right to the Matrix because one cannot exist without the other and Christianity is as important as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism any of them. You will also notice how the original religion is divided into a mass of competing, often warring, factions.


We have Protestant Christians and Roman Catholic Christians and the Protestant faith is itself a mass of competing subgroups.


Jewish beliefs present the impression of being united when there are many different groupings in competition. Islam has its Sunni and Shiite factions divided by conflict over the so-called caliphs, the alleged successors to the Prophet Mohammed. Here is an explanation of this conflict.


Please read slowly and concentrate:

'There are a number of differences in the Shi'ah (Shiite) and the Sunni Juristic opinions. However, not all these differences can be termed as the "basic differences" in these two major sects of Islam.


The basic difference in the two sects is that of the Shiite faith of the system of "Imamah". The Shiite faith of "Imamah" implies that after the Prophet (pbuh), there shall be no other prophet but, the only true leader of the Muslims, at any given time, is an "Imam" who, like the prophets of God, is directly appointed by God.


The appointment of the first "imam" was made by God through the last Prophet (pbuh), while every subsequent "imam" is appointed through the "imam," who precedes him.


Another qualification of the "imam," according to the Shiite belief is that he shall belong to the family of the last Prophet (pbuh). The Shiite belief holds that the "Imams," like the prophets of God, are "ma'soom" (sinless, innocent) and, therefore, should be obeyed in all matters and under all circumstances.


The "Imams," according to the Shiite faith, are thus not just the political leaders of the Muslims but also their religious leaders and clergy. The Sunni school, on the other hand, does not ascribe to any such belief.' 3

Okay, have you got that or do you need a bit longer?


So that's why they have spent so long fighting and killing each other. If children acted like the religious fanatics you would tell them to grow up. What insanity it all is.


We are Infinite Consciousness so why do we need some priest, caliph or rabbi to tell us what to think and how to live our lives? It is spellbindingly ridiculous and everyone suffers the consequences of these schoolboy squabbles with the global disharmony they create.


But conflict and division is what the Matrix desires and religions always deliver because so many of their advocates have lost the power of independent thought and discernment if, indeed, they ever had it.

If you are awake enough to reject conventional religion, the Matrix has other options. You can worship the gods of money, 'status', and power over others.


These obsessions are religions under other names and also dictate what you must do, think and say to achieve your goal.

  • 'I must be what the boss wants me to be so I can get the foreman's job'

  • 'I must do what the Prime Minister wants me to do so he will make me a lord'

  • 'I must trample over people and ignore the consequences of my actions for others so I can make as much money as possible'

These religions also have a uniform - the shirt and tie.


What is it with that? They say people have to go to work 'properly dressed' in shirt and tie and even schoolchildren often get the same treatment.


Who decided that shirt and tie = properly dressed? It wasn't me, was it you? No? Then who and why?


I was watching the television news when Tony Blair was making a speech about Iraq dressed in a shirt, tie and suit. He handed over to the interim Prime Minister of Iraq, the CIA and British intelligence asset, Ayad Allawi, a 'Muslim' who was also wearing a shirt, tie and suit.


They then cut to the political correspondent (shirt, tie and suit) who handed back to the news reader (shirt, tie and suit). How was the communication of that 'news' made any more effective because everyone was wearing the same uniform? Were the horrors inflicted on Iraq by Bush and Blair mitigated and made less abhorrent because they made the order to invade while wearing a shirt, tie and suit?


Once again, it's all nonsense.

The shirt and tie has the same origin as all other religions and their uniforms, the ancient secret mystery schools in Babylon and elsewhere.


It comes from a ceremony still performed today by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (another Babylon religion) in which the initiate has a noose, known as the cable tow, placed around his neck while blindfolded or 'hoodwinked', as it is called, and he is pulled along by the rope in the ritual.


The tie, as in shirt and tie, is a noose. The initiates of the shirt and tie religions have a noose around their necks while being blindfolded by the Matrix, and how appropriate that the 'proper attire' for the 'professional classes', and Christian men attending church, is a shirt and tie. Even music comes with a uniform while claiming to be different.


If you saw a rap singer (back-to-front baseball cap) or punk rocker (designer-disheveled) wouldn't you know what they were before they played a chord?


The official religions and those that worship money, power and celebrity are essentially the same. Only the name of the god is different.

  • for Christians He's the Almighty

  • for Jews He's Yahweh

  • for Muslims He's Allah

  • for the shirt and tie religions He's status, title or bank balance

  • for the celebrity religions He is the latest hyped flavor of the moment

All are expressions of the God Program and all have the same aim: human control.

There is one other point to make about religions in all their forms. They encourage or impose rigid beliefs and these stem the flow of energy through the DNA network and suppress (make correspondingly dense and rigid) the resonance of the human hologram. This locks people deeper into the low frequencies of the Matrix program.


American psychiatrist, David Shainberg, from the William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry in New York, believes that thoughts are vortices that can become fixed and rigid.


He suggests that these manifest themselves as fixed opinions, unchanging views and a rigid sense of reality that is resistant to change. He is correct and this is reflected in the brain where fixed neuron connections caused by rigid belief close down the central processing unit to higher perception.

When you fall for the God Program, the Matrix has you - big time.




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