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The following document is taken from two sources.

The first, was acquired on a website (of which I can't remember the address)

listing as its source the book titled

Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper, 1991.

The second source is a crudely copied booklet which does not contain a copyright notice, or a publishers name.

With the exception of the Forward, the Preface, the main thing that was missing from the first source was the illustrations.

As we began comparing the two, we realized that the illustrations, and the accompanying text (also missing from the first) made up a significant part of the document.
We have no first-hand knowledge that this document is genuine, however many of the concepts contained herein are certainly reasonable, important,

and bear strong consideration.







  1. Forward

  2. Preface

  3. Security

  4. Historical Introduction

  5. Political Introduction

  6. Energy

  7. Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon

  8. Theoretical Introduction

  9. General Energy Concepts

  10. Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery

  11. Apparent Capital as "Paper Inductor

  12. Breakthrough

  13. Application in Economics

  14. The Economic Model

  15. Industrial Diagrams

  16. Three Industrial Classes

  17. Aggregation

  18. The E-model

  19. Economic Inductance

  20. Inductive Factors to Consider

  21. Translation

  22. Time Flow Relationships and Self-destructive Oscillations

  23. Industry Equivalent Circuits

  24. Stages of Schematic Simplification

  25. Generalization

  1. Final Bill of Goods

  2. The Technical Coefficients

  3. The Household Industry

  4. Household Models

  5. Economic Shock Testing

  6. Introduction to the Theory of Shock Testing

  7. Example of Shock Testing

  8. Introduction to Economic Amplifiers

  9. Short List of Inputs

  10. Short List of Outputs

  11. Table of Strategies

  12. Diversion, the Primary Strategy

  13. Diversion Summary

  14. Consent, the Primary Victory

  15. Amplification Energy Sources

  16. Logistics

  17. The Artificial Womb

  18. The Political Structure of a Nation - Dependency

  19. Action/Offense

  20. Responsibility

  21. Summary

  22. System Analysis

  23. The Draft

  24. Enforcement