by Alex Christopher


extracted from 'PANDORA'S BOX - The Ultimate "Unseen Hand" Behind the New World Order'

In 1988, my quiet little, somewhat simple world, quiet frankly, got turned upside down in one short week, when I started asking questions such as; who am I, what am I, what am I doing here on earth and many other question.


I asked the heavens for the truth to my questions. Just the truth and nothing else would do, the answers had to be the truth. The last five years have been a whole new education in my life acquiring my information.

This started me on a quest for information which has continued until today and will never stop. In the process of researching to find answers, I suddenly came face to face with a subject of alien visitors; that most people laugh a lot about and make fun of people who believe they are here, but they are the fools the scoffers, their day will come when they stop laughing and come to the realization that all the stories that have been put out are just the tiny, tiny, tip of a iceberg that is infinite.


I also wish for the most staunch skeptics to wake up some fine morning with a strange being standing over them smiling a sinister smile as I have had happen to me. That will make you take a real quick reality check of your world. But as I said before, some people are fools and they will get a rude awakening someday soon. The fact that earth is and has been involved with aliens having benevolent and malevolent agendas since the beginning of time on this planet, will soon stop being a closely guarded secret by the power elite.

To start the discovery of the truth about alien involvement in the United States let us go back to the most recent beginnings in this country.


This would be the subject of the Roswell, New Mexico crashes. When I started my research this was the first one I read about and found was such a vast networking of cover-up. So when I couldn’t get what I intuitively felt was the truth of the matter I left it alone for a while until I could gather some more pieces.

Every one who has spent time researching the international bankers, the Federal Reserve, the CFR, the TLC, corporate America, the CIA, the llluminati, etc., etc.. know that there is a common thread that binds it together but, what the heck was that common thread?


Most people think it is the Rothschild family, no, wrong answer. Some think it is the corporate world globally, no, wrong answer.


The common thread that binds the whole thing together globally is the railroads and their subsidiaries. After I had found this all out then I started looking for one little thing that I could find out, that would lock the railroad and its corporation into the alien-human romance that appears to be going on.

The first subject of research was the Bechtel Corporation (and that took some time) but there it was, the early foundings of the Bechtel Corporation lead right back to the railroad.




This story starts back in September 12, 1872 with the birth of Warren A. Bechtel in Freeport, Illinois, the first of six children. When Warren was 12 his family moved to Kansas. There his family acquired a farm and a grocery store.

Moving ahead to the year of 1897, Warren married a girl by the name of Clara Alice West. Me and his wife went through three years of bad times and bankrupts.

But Warren wasn’t one to despair. From homesteader heading south for the Oklahoma land rush, he learned that the “Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company” was extending its lines westward into what was then still Indian Territory. A man with his own mule team could, he was told, almost surely find work grading track beds and hauling rails.


Moreover, the pay was good; $2.75 per day. With his wife and their firstborn son; his mule team and his trusty slide trombone. Bechtel set out for Indian Territory, spending more than a year grading track beds and living in a railroad camp tent.


On September 14. 1900, the Bechtels were on the move again following the railroads to Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming, Oregon and Nevada.

His first real chance for advancement came during the winter of 1902-1903, when a contractor’s agent promised him a job on a construction site in the high desert country east of Reno. After arriving in the area broke, while out looking for work he hitched a ride on a buckboard driven by a Southern Pacific Railroad supervising engineer named A.J. Barkiey.


There was something about Bechtel, a willingness to learn and work hard, he impressed Barkley, and by the time the ride was over, he had offered to help get him a job on the Southern Pacific. Bechtel signed on for $55 a month. It was less than he had been making on his own; but the work was steady, and Barkley had promised that there would be a chance for advancement. He soon acquired a solid education in all phases of the construction business, he was promoted and dispatched to Wadsworth, Nevada, as an estimator.


Soon he found himself building the Richmond Belt Railroad in Oakland, California and extending the Santa Fe line into Oakland, both projects badly in need of seasoned managerial help. Moving some years ahead to 1919 we find Warren convincing the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads that with his wealth of related experience, he was eminently qualified as a road builder. The Bureau awarded him the first federal public road contract let in California.

In the mid 1920’s we find Bechtel with his partner Kaiser becoming the first contractors in the United States to tackle major pipeline projects, first for Standard (Exxon) Oil, then for Continental Gas. The biggest project that he under took was the construction of the Boulder Dam, for power generation.


Later Warrens son, Steve, took over his father’s company and in 1936 the Department of Reclamation put up for bid a contract to build the Broadway Tunnel, a highway pass through the hills between Berkeley and Oakland, and Steve was awarded the contract to build it.

Some time after the Broadway Tunnel affair, Steve Bechtel met up and became partners for a while with a man by the name of John A. McCone, who would later become head of the Atomic Energy commission. In 1937 Steve Bechtel and John McCone teamed up and named the old company Bechtel-McCone, and soon after became shipbuilders.


In 1942 Bechtel and McCone were called into the aircraft building business in Birmingham. Alabama.

There is an old airplane factory in Birmingham today that has gone though many name changes. When I first started hearing the name Bechtel and its connections to alien underground bases I just couldn’t quite get it out of my head, the connection, where did I know that name from?


Then one day I finally found information on the Bechtel family and there was all the pieces. Since I had started the railroad research and just knew that the aliens bases, Bechtel and the railroads had to somehow be connected. Then I found what I had been looking for - the missing link.

All my life, my mother has been telling me of her days back during the war when she played “Rosey” the riveter. During the war my mother worked in Birmingham for a company by the name of Bechtel/McCone. Everything was a secret that went on there in those days. B-52 airplanes were flown in to the facility during the night time and modifications were done to the planes during the day and then they were flown back out by night. My mother told me that they installed machine gun turrets and other things that are to numerous too mention.

Bechtel/McCone was also associated with Consolidated Vul-T. During the railroad research, I found out that these companies were connected to Hughes Aircraft, and later changed their name to Hayes Aircraft, which has now changed its name to Rust Engineering of Birmingham. All of this goes back to the railroad.


The conclusion that I have made is that any company or anybody in this country has to have been associated with the railroad companies at some time in their or their ancestors, lifetime. Even our new president is a relative of Rockefeller, and Clinton has long been associated with a gas company which is, by the way, owned by the railroad.


If this corporation was involved with the construction of the underground bases then the railroad had to have played a big part in the cover-up of the alien crashes and recovered craft and the transport of them, because they could not have moved craft from one state to another on the highway and roads starting way back in the 1940’s without large public awareness, so the only thing that made sense was the removals by railroad.

In the summer of 1947 there was a lot of activity in the Roswell, New Mexico area with evidence of flying saucer crashes and the recovery of non-human humanoids, some possibly surviving for a period of time.


The Roswell Crash and the MJ-12 documents suggest significant activity in this area.


The support and transport requirements have been the subject of in-depth research. The use of the nation’s railway system was probably used for transport of wreckage and/or bodies from the Socorro and Magdalena area to Muroc (Edwards AFB, California). Immediate holding facilities would most likely have been the initial concern prior to long distance transport.

The Roswell Army Air Field, which had chronicled involvement in the retrieval operations, no doubt was forced to act quickly once the orders for secrecy were issued. They may have needed a friend, someone with whom they had dealings and could trust, someone who was nearby. That someone may well have been one of the most influential and powerful corporate controllers of the region.


At the time Robert O. Anderson was a thirty year prosperous oil man. He arrived in Roswell from Chicago several years earlier and tapped into the rich Permian Basin to support the oil refinery he operated in nearby Artesia. During the war years he supplied gas and oil to the numerous military posts that sprang up in the southwest. He also supplied the diesel fuel for 468 the bomb projects at Los Alamos. You should know by now that you don’t have positions like he had unless you are a part of the power elite group that control everything to do with the railroad monopolies.


Anderson might have known Dr. Edward Teller. Teller and Anderson may have known each other earlier at the University of Chicago, where Anderson studied geology and economics and Teller built the atomic bomb. Today, Teller is mentioned as a possible participant in the Roswell cover-up. Robert Anderson was honored in a 1986 edition of Fortune Magazine, was at one time involved with the largest land holding in the United States with massive holdings in New Mexico and Texas.


No doubt this was railroad controlled land used for development of the natural resources whatever they may have been, above or below the ground. Anderson was aligned with the U.S. military when the government took over one million acres of land in New Mexico in 1945. Which was to become known as White Sands Missile Range. It was there that our earliest bombs were detonated and subsequently became the site of the famous Trinity Project. The events at White Sands may also have attracted the attention of an extraterrestrial culture.


When “MacBrazel went into town on July 7, 1947 he heard stories about “flying saucers” in the Roswell area. That was when he began to wonder about the explosion he heard out on the J.B. Foster ranch several days earlier that he had discounted as an electrical storm.

Perhaps Anderson was contacted for assistance; perhaps even some of his own land had to be searched and sealed off; perhaps he had heard of the events and called on his friends at the Roswell Army. If the New Mexico crash retrieval operations involved an extraterrestrial craft, what might have happened to the occupants?


Since field operations would be inappropriate, were there any facilities nearby that could provide the pathological analysis? Maybe they were sent to a well known government subsidized research institute which had at least two medical divisions located at the base at Kirkland A.F.B. in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They needed a facility that had advanced technology and tools.


According to Medical and Health Sciences, their current capabilities included studies that focus on the chemical and radioactive properties of materials, pathogenesis of respiratory diseases, treatment for inhalation of radio nuclides, toxico-kinetics, research in pulmonary physiology, hematology, microbiology, aerospace medicine, and design and development of a traumatic diagnostic instrumentation.

The Institutes are part of a parent foundation of the same name and are associated with a major Albuquerque medical center. The foundation began in 1947, the year of the crash incidents.


Robert Anderson serves prominently on the Board of Directors at this medical Foundation. He is described as a progressive thinker and humanitarian. This former CEO of the sixth largest oil company in America still resides in Roswell, New Mexico. He also operates a local oil company and the Diamond A Cattle Company. The company’s vice president is Anderson’s son who resides in Albuquerque, both incidentally are members of the Council on Foreign Relations adding yet another interesting twist to these odd non-coincidental connections.


Anderson was the Director of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1974 to 1988. Have you just for fun, every ask yourself just how Foreign these relations reach. Anderson is the former Chairman and now Honorary President of The Aspen Institute, (one of the most elite think tanks in the world) with branches around the globe.

Research has repeatedly shown a deliberate government cover-up, proving that corporate and institutional cover-up was of an even greater magnitude.




The Jim Harber Story gives great details about another New Mexico saucer railway transport in 1949. In the summer of 1949, Jim Harber was eleven years old and lived on a farm in Newbern, Tennessee. The Illinois Central Railroad ran right through town. Jim’s fascination with steam engines once got him in the dog house when he hopped up on one of the freight trains that was sided at the local depot.


It seems the train conductor caught him and paddled his behind good and proper, leaving him with a healthy dose engraved memory of the preceding events.

On this summer afternoon when Jim went into town, to once again check out the steam engine locomotive that had pulled off on the side spur. The train was about ten to fifteen cars long consisting mostly of box cars. Two flat cars were coupled behind the Tinder, one carried harvesting equipment but the other flat car is what really got Jim’s attention.


Covered with a tightly drawn tarp was what appeared to him to be a large domed shaped object that protruded over the sides of the flat car by about a foot.


In a still noticeable southern drawl, he asked the trainman standing next to the flat car,

“What ya got on there”? He replied “That’s one of them Flying Saucer things”.

His inquiries also revealed the craft had come from New Mexico and it was being transported to Washington D.C.

His curiosity got to him and he decided to investigate the flying saucer. The curious eleven year old boy climbed up onto the flat car and sneaked under the tarp. He found the craft to be slick as if waxed and upon tapping the side of the craft found that it sounded hollow, (it was estimated that the walls of the craft were about a quarter of an inch thick.)


The disc was about 14 feet in diameter, like two inverted bowls coming together at a 20-25 degree angle. With the tightly drawn tarp, he only got a look at the under side. The color was gray like stainless steel, only darker. It was perfectly round and sat on three legs which were the same color as the craft. The legs each sat in pie pan looking pods about one foot in diameter.


There were no markings visible and no signs of damage.

If the craft really came from New Mexico, the possible route the flat car could have taken, would have been across through Arkansas to Memphis where it was put on the Illinois Central track and brought up to Ohio (with a possible stop at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) and sent on across to Washington, D.C. It’s not at all odd that freight going all the way through to some place like Washington would be routed through such a small side spur like Newbern, unless it was to avoid large cities and curious people.


It only makes sense that if you wanted to transport something across country without drawing attention to it, then taking the least populated rural route might be your best bet.