by Mark Sircus


17 May 2011

from IMVA Website




Life beyond fiction is being delivered to our doorstep and life will never be the same.


We have just gone into the realm of the unbelievable and inconceivable and more of the same is on the way. The weather is worse than all the weathermen’s worst-case scenarios, the earth is shaking below billions of people’s feet, volcanoes are blowing their tops, it’s flooding in many areas and bone dry in others.

We are faced with global cooling from all the volcanic materials being thrown up into the atmosphere, while at the same time the sun has been quiet, though scientists are warning that it will wake up with a fury soon. As the weather has turned cataclysmic our capacity to grow enough food to feed the Earth’s seven billion souls is being compromised, driving up prices while cutting dramatically into food reserves.

Events are converging in a most unusual and synchronistic manner.


The nuclear news is going from bad to worse and it is now obvious that no matter how bad it gets officialdom is not going to admit, until the bitter end, the real dangers we as humans face.


We now have declared nuclear meltdowns in progress meaning we can all look forward to increasing radiation levels on our planet for the rest of our lives, which will be shortened and worsened no matter what they say.




After lying about an event so serious and crucial to the health of every human being on planet earth, the Japanese government got around on the 16th of May finally admitting that reactors 1 through 3 at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear facility had probably started melting down only hours after the March 11th earthquake began.


It is really sad that it took the government and TEPCO this long to tell the Japanese people the truth.


There were little children continuing to go to school, drinking the milk and playing outside in the rain for months after these reactors had started to melt down in regions that were only 30 miles outside ground zero according to reports released throughout the period.



Should We Trust Anyone in the Mainstream?

I don’t think so. And I am both disappointed and alarmed to see Dr. Michio Kaku on television telling us that right behind the comet Elenin is an incoming asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier but don’t worry he says, it’s going to be a near miss:








He was excited like a schoolboy and advised us all to get our binoculars to see it go ripping right by.

It seems more has been happening and threatening in the first six months of this year than in several previous decades put together. One amazing thing after another is appearing on the radar screen but most people are hypnotized and have not the slightest idea of what is threatening, nor do they want to listen to anything other than what big brother government is saying.

I was recently on a radio show in Hawaii.


From the word go I said to the audience they were not going to like a word I was going to say because they have front row seats to what is happening in Japan. The winds are carrying most of the radiation across the Pacific and the first big stops are Hawaii, Alaska, then Canada and the continental United States.


The hosts could hardly handle what I was saying and then they brought on a listener who was the type who thinks the increasing radiation is good for us and that the earth is a giant cesspool just waiting to dilute the radiation, heavy metals and chemicals polluting our planet.


It was the first radio show I have ever done that left me with a bad feeling.

A week ago I learned of geophysicist Dr. Mensur Omerbashich from Cornel University who claims that Elenin is having consequences on the earth’s crust from a long distance away and that planetary alignments are what determine seismic activity.


But no one is taking that seriously because it means that the very small comet had something to do with the earthquake that shook Japan and the world to its core.


I of course take this scientist and mathematician very seriously.

In September it will be much closer and will be between us and the Sun and will come into alignment with the Earth again on the 25th-27th. We are advised not to sweat! But I received a letter from Omerbashich and he told me,

“Most visits to my page, many lasting for hours at a time, do come from the largest financial/insurance mega-corporations, banks, NASA, U.S. Navy, governments, geophysics schools, etc."

So it seems fair to say that those who are supposed to listen - are listening.


Then to top it all off we heard that the citizens in Rome were in a panic about the 11th of May because a long dead celebrated seismologist Raffaele Bendandihad predicted an earthquake for that day in Italy.


Decades ago Bendandihad based his work on the theory that planetary alignments influence seismic activity meaning earthquakes are quite predictable. This scientist had already made predictions that came true, so many Romans were concerned.

The 11th came but the ground started shaking and the buildings started falling in Spain with Italy ‘only’ sporting one volcano blowing up in sympathy. Just so happens that the earthquake in Spain is basically on the same latitude as Rome.


How interesting that we get this confirmation of these gravitational theories just as we are laughing off the possibility that Elenin caused the Japanese mega quake.



Can’t Be True!

One would think all of this was enough, but no.








Now we see pictures of a celestial object lighting up our sky like a second sun on Chinese TV.


As we shall see below, the mainstream news has already advised that this might happen sometime soon because of an imminent supernova but no one is explaining how the Chinese have already seen it.


Last week in my coverage of Elenin I twice showed videos from a mountain top observation point of a volcano in Japan and there also was a second sun.


The event occurring over the Chinese skies has left scientists scratching their heads.


First we had the sun mysteriously climb above the horizon two days early in Greenland and a few months later we have two brilliant suns suddenly appear in the sky. Stranger still, people witnessing the outlandish sight noticed that the suns cast double shadows of objects on the ground. Scientists have thus agreed that it was not an image produced by digital manipulation or some artifice of the photographer.


The suns - one fuzzy and orange, the other a crisp yellow orb - appeared side-by-side, one slightly higher than the other.

Two Suns

This is a photo illustration.

The Earth is believed to be getting a second sun burning in the sky before the end of 2012 because the second biggest star in the universe, Betelgeuse, is dying, which could lead to “multiple days of constant daylight.”


Betelgeuse is losing mass, according to scientists, which indicates it should go supernova soon. But that is supposed to be sometime in the future so, what is causing these sightings now? Don’t ask me but I bet someone at NASA knows but is not telling.

According to the senior lecturer of physics at the University of Southern Queensland, Dr. Brad Carter, light emitted from the explosion will be so bright that it will appear for a few weeks as a second sun in the sky and there may not be night during that period.


Dr. Carter says that when the star does go supernova, Earth will be showered with particles.

“They will flood through the Earth and bizarrely enough, even though the supernova we see visually will light up the night sky, 99 percent of the energy in the supernova is released in these particles that will come through our bodies and through the Earth with absolutely no harm whatsoever,” he said.


We have a new religion on earth and
its basic philosophy is that everything
that is dangerous is now declared safe.


Is this one sun or two in this picture?

“When the sun rose on May 2nd, I was surprised to see a fully detached fireball prominence at the southwestern edge of the solar disk,” reports amateur astronomer Jan Timmermans of Valkenswaard of the Netherlands.


“Just imagine, a ball of fire with the size of the Earth thrown high in the solar skies!”


“I was stunned,” he continues. “The prominence was rather faint, so I had to use a lot of gain to capture it, hence the noise: ‘more gain = more grain.’ But I am pleased that I captured it!”




Nuclear Madness

Science fiction does not get any more bizarre than this, but wait - there is more to the story.


So sorry to shock you with all of this at one time and perhaps it’s best to pretend that this is all fiction and no one knows what is going on. Truly I wish life would just continue on and that all we had to face was a crash of our financial and economic system, which of course most people are pretending is not going to happen either.

But I have to tell you that we have all just been given a warning, a clue to a dark nuclear future that will test the fortitude of our souls.


The Norwegian Institute of Air Research has been displaying nuclear radiation forecasts for the northern hemisphere as have institutes in France. Last week they took down these simulations that were showing the situation to be 100 times worse than governments and the media have been willing to admit.

But they did not throw the files in the garbage as they were probably directed by their government to do. They put all the forecasts on a hidden page whose address begins with the word Zardoz… so one can access these simulations if you know where to look.


Now these people at the Norwegian Institute are not idiots and they chose this name Zardoz carefully.

Zardoz is the name of a movie with Sean Connery where he played a mutant on a nuclear-contaminated world in the far future.


He was employed by an elite class of people who lived in a protected dome to go out and kill other mutants who lived in the exposed environment. Is this the future coming to us today? When one looks at their most recent simulations one has to assume that this is exactly what they are previewing and why they chose the name Zardoz for a file name.

Working out what is truth and what is fiction is certainly getting harder.

“Events in the heavens are often called ‘signs,’ so even if Elenin has no direct influence on the Earth, I would expect that upheavals on the Earth would follow closely the schedule of her interactions,” wrote one of my readers.

My best advice is to be prepared for anything.


While we can hope to survive, survival may be difficult no matter how we prepare. So survival cannot be our only goal. We have to live and love more and learn to accept and cope gracefully with whatever life now dishes out to us.

My more practical advice is to stock up on survival foods and the good news here is that the United States government is not smart enough to buy up the really good stuff.


Then one should stock up on survival medicines and these are not pharmaceuticals but concentrated nutritional medicines like,

  • iodine

  • magnesium chloride

  • sodium bicarbonate

  • vitamin C,

...and as some other things in my Natural Allopathic protocol.


Then of course I would recommend a move to the southern hemisphere if you can afford it but the vast majority can’t and it is doubtful any country in the south would look favorably on mass migrations or a huge refugee problem.

Special Note

To the elite who are planning to duck and cover under the earth I would warn them that they are going to have to deal with each other in close quarters. Imagine having to deal with others who are as egotistical and insensitive as themselves.


It is obvious to us peons that the top strata of society are heavily populated with psychopaths so I imagine it will be hell in their underground bunkers.

Personally I built my Sanctuary above ground in a deep valley in the central highlands of Brazil and I have invited only open-hearted people who are willing to practice Creative Conflict - whose first demand is that we listen and penetrate our own egos. This is not something psychopaths and people with little capacity for empathy can do.


Survivalist specialists have said that living in a deep valley is the second best thing to having an underground shelter but I think it is first best.

There is no running away from what is coming, whatever that might be. Everyone will have to meet their fate whether they like it or not. So it is our spiritual fortitude that will be most important.


Perhaps it’s a good time to remember that the most certain thing about life is death and if we have to meet that earlier than expected, it is the strength of our hearts and souls that matters the most.