by Wes Penre

Extracted from "In Wait for Things to Come!"

February 01, 2013
from WesPenre Website

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This is a very confusing subject for people who decide to look into channeling, because different sources have different dimension and density systems that they are using to get across their message.


Mainstream science almost always uses the term dimension when speaking of different aspects of the universe. With string theory being quite popular these days in quantum physics, we learn that the universe consists of 11 dimensions, which are all very, very tiny - like "strings" (thus "string theory").


However, they don't normally speak of densities. In metaphysics we usually speak of densities; more often so than of dimensions. Wherein this, the confusion lies.


In reality, our universe consists of both dimensions and densities, like described in "Creation of Universes".





The universe consists of a certain number of dimensions, and between these dimensions we have the densities, which are the gradual change in vibration between dimension A and dimension B, while where reaching for one while being in the other.



Diagram 1

A simple diagram, showing Dimensions and Densities.


Here above, we see how we move from one density to the next before we reach the next dimension.


This diagram is based upon the theory of 8 densities (an octave), where the 8th density is the next dimension. So this simple diagram can basically be read in two different ways. One way would be to look at we humans living in the 3rd Dimension, and depending on our awareness level, we operate in any of Density 1-7 within the 3rd Dimension.


We could perhaps say that plants operate in Density 1, while animals in general operate in Density 2. We humans - again, in general - operate in Density 3, but in reality exist in Densities 3-7 as long as we are still stuck in the 3rd Dimension.


A more aware human would, according to this diagram, operate closer to Density 7, but we all fluctuate between the densities depending on if we have a "good day" or a "bad day", so to speak.


Even the most aware person sometimes operate in Density 3, particularly when he or she is at a work place which focuses on tasks more in line with 3rd Density vibrations, just to later in the day, when the person comes home and attends to their favorite spiritual exercise fly up to Density 6 or 7 again.



As a side note, I need to point out that although we are generally considered to live in the 3rd Dimension, most scientists - rogue or mainstream - would add a 4th Dimension to that, where the 4th Dimension is time.

This is of course correct, but confuses the matter even more, because many metaphysical researchers use the 4th Dimension as the dimension where the "bad ETs" dwell. I wouldn't say that these so-called "bad ETs", shapeshifting reptilians or otherwise, live in the pure "time dimension" (if people like David Icke are correct).

And I don't think that's what these researchers intend to say either. So, as you can see, the matter is quite complicated.

A second way of looking at Diagram 1 would be to interpret the 7 densities like we interpreted dimensions in the previous paragraph.


In this case, we would live in the 3rd Density, as shown in the diagram. When the sources talk about ascension, they speak about moving from the 3rd Density, in which we currently dwell, up to the 4th, or even to the 5th, depending on whom we listen to.


Then, when we reach the 7th Density, we have, together with our soul group (usually our species, such as humankind in our case), transformed into a collective complex almost only consisting of light.


Some, like the Ra collective, say that after the 7th Density, we merge with All That Is (God or the Goddess) and have thus completed an "Octave"; i.e. we have, as a body/spirit/mind complex transformed into a star.


After that, we start our journey into the next octave of densities, and so it goes on for all infinity, the way the Ra body/spirit/mind complex (BSMC [def] from now on) have understood it.


Dimension B in the diagram will thus work as the octave, or the 8th Density, and Dimension A will be the fulfillment of the previous Octave.

There is yet another way of looking at densities. This obvious point of view is too often overlooked. If you are in a room, there are several densities existing in that room at the same time, and you perceive all these densities simultaneously. In fig. 3 you can see a typical living room with a few things in it.


The pillows on the couch, for example, are lighter than the couch itself, and is therefore of a lower density than the couch. The couch would be considered of higher density than the pillows, but in metaphysics we don't measure the weight of on object, but the gain of awareness and consciousness to the soul.


Hence, we see the soul as becoming "heavier" the higher up the densities we move, and thus we move from lower densities to higher.


But the furniture in a room is nonetheless another example of densities, and that we live in different densities throughout the day, depending on the space we're in.

Figure 3.

A living room, where all the things have different densities.

In the RA material, the term "density" is quite satisfactory explained, however. It is not literal, but an analogue. Densities in metaphysics is often another word for dimensions.


Here is the direct explanation, word by word, and the letters and numbers within parentheses, e.g. (B2, 15) means the book "Law of One, Book 2, Session 15):

"...density of consciousness - or density of vibration (B4, 28). Frequently used by Ra as an analog to what is currently thought of as 'dimensions' in the Universe.


The densities are organized into an eight-fold 'octave' system, analogous to the musical octave and the visual light spectrum. Therefore the higher the density, the higher the level of consciousness."


"Harvest = the process whereby a soul and/or planet 'Graduates' from one density to the next. Occurs naturally as a planetary system traverses through different areas of energy density in the galaxy, thus creating dimensional shifts. These shifts occur in precise, measurable cycles of time."

So it has to do with planetary shifts; when a planet goes from one density/dimension to another.


This is, according to the source, when the beings living there have had to make a choice whether they want to follow Earth on her journey to the 4th Density, or if they want to stay in the 3rd. If we choose the former, we need to be 51% STO (Service-To-Others) to graduate, or we won't vibrate on the same level as the planet, and therefore not qualify.


Another option is to be 95% or more negative, and if we are, we apparently vibrate on Earth's 4th Density vibration as well, but in the negative field (some Powers That Be qualify for this option).


In the latter case where we choose to continue being in 3D, we need to be moved away from Earth, because we don't vibrate on her new, higher frequency. We will be transported, by RA and others, to another 3D planet somewhere in the universe.


Those who are "evil", such as the Global Elite, but are still less than 95% evil (Service-to-Self  - STS), will follow those 3D humans to the new planet and continue to control them there. Some say that the 4th Density is the last density for Earth, and when it will be time for her to ascend again, she won't be able to, and those who graduate from 4th to 5th Density have to be moved.


Others say that Earth will ascend all the way up to 7th Density.

In other words, a soul group, such as humanity, has 75,000 years in 3rd Density to decide whether they want to ascend with the planet they live on, or start all over on another planet until they are ready to ascend. And herein lies the difference and the confusion people may have felt regarding densities and dimensions!


The sources are only talking about ascension together with the planet you're born on, while if you leave the planet and go somewhere else in the universe, this density concept is no longer valid. Well off planet, you live in a universe where you are free to explore almost all densities and dimensions.


I say almost, because there are, I believe, some upper dimensions of the KHAA which we need approval to enter, more based on character than evolution, from what I understand.


These higher realms, which Anton Parks calls The Angal are guarded by the Orion Empire.


So, if you are already of 4th Density, to continue living in that density if you decide to leave Earth and go to another planet, you need to find a 4th Density planet in order to keep your vibration intact.


If you incarnate on another 3D world, your vibrations will adjust to the lower realms of the 3rd. But if you're invited to visit a 3D world, you do so in spirit (nano-travel), or use a genetically engineered body which can live in 3rd Density.

I personally think that the first example, which is presented in Diagram 1, is much closer to how the universe is perceived by most beings; much closer to how it really works, but there are not many sources who use that construct. Most of them use the second way of looking at.


Then (again to make matters more complex), different sources use different amount of densities in their teachings.


RA, like I said, use Octaves (7 densities, where the 8th is the beginning of a new Octave, very similar to the western musical scale, C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C (or DO-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-SI [or TI]-DO), where the second C (DO) is the same note as the first C (DO), only one octave higher, i.e. it vibrates on a much higher frequency than the lower C.


It's a good allegory to use the musical scale, as a matter of fact, even if people are not musically inclined, because it explains things quite easily.


On a piano, for example, if you play a musical scale from a lower C to an upper C, you can hear, even if you're not a musician, how the notes go higher and higher in frequency and appear less dense to the listener.

Lastly, before we move on, let me continue on my thought from an earlier paragraph. I said that RA is using Octaves to explain ascension, but there are those, like the Guardian Alliance (data streamed by A'shayana Deanne, aka Ana Hayes) who use 15 densities in their ascension process.


Other common numbers are 11 and 12.

  • So why is there such a difference between sources?

  • If they are living in the same universe, how can there be different amounts of densities or dimensions depending on whom you ask?

I don't know if anybody has ever asked a source this question, which is unfortunate, because it would take off a lot of confusion on the subject, if the answer is reliable that is.

However, there is a good explanation for this; there are no set densities, and that's the bottom line of it. You can't say in all honesty that now you jumped from Density 3 to Density 4. It's arbitrary at best.


When we listen to a source, it sounds like there is a line drawn in the sand, saying that here is the 3rd Density, and if you cross this line you are in the 4th. That's not accurate and quite misleading. Densities, like everything else in the universe/Multiverse, are fluid, which means that they interact with each other. The 3rd interact and blend with the 4th and vice versa.


Awareness and consciousness in a being increased incrementally and no one is jumping from one density to another from one day to the other.


Things change and vibrations increase little by little, and we are able to perceive realities that previously were occluded. We may be able to zoom in and out of the "other world", which is the KHAA, or the 96%, which we talked a lot about in Level II (please review if these concepts have become vague in memory, or look them up in the dictionary for a faster review).


Eventually we will be able to travel in our light-bodies (avatars) to other dimensions and densities; both in the KHAA and in the 4% universe, while we still are grounded here on Earth in our much denser, physical 3 (or 4) dimensional bodies.


The 3rd Dimension (or the 3rd Density, depending on which concept we use) is the dimension of matter.


This is where non-physicals incarnate when they want to experience a period of time in a denser environment; basically for learning lessons. It shouldn't be a big deal, and it should actually be fun and very interesting, but in our case we have had our version of 3D "locked in" by the Sirian Alliance when they took over the planet, which means that souls who incarnate here get stuck in a loop of seemingly endless cycles of reincarnation, which this ET alliance has created.


It is certainly not meant to be this way, but here we are, stuck for eons in the grip of an alien invader force.


So the way we experience 3D here on Earth is an exception rather than a rule, or is at least meant to be. I will talk more about this in a later paper, where I show that the Sirians have set this up even smarter than we may have thought. If they would be put on trial for what they've done, they may, incredibly enough, get away with their crimes.


They are "smooth criminals" to borrow a term from a Michael Jackson song.


They have set it up in a way that they can show that whatever we humans have experienced here on Earth in form of negativity, pain, and suffering, is not "their fault", because we choose to experience it! This is why some say that it's a co-creation. We humans, wittingly or unwittingly, have agreed to pretty much everything we have been subjected to.

Now, we are not supposed to reincarnate, but to leave a reality whenever we want to - it should be a choice. Incredibly enough, as I have found out through my new research, not even the reincarnation process can be blamed on the SA (Sirian Alliance) - it's totally "voluntarily"; it's just that we humans don't know it.


So we choose to reincarnate here over and over, not even knowing that we don't have to!


This is both bad news and good news at the same time, because once we've learned that, we can break the cycle of reincarnation! And I will tell you how in a later paper.

I hope the reader is not too confused after this "lesson" in dimensions and densities.


My hope is that it is actually sorting things out for those who have had problems understanding these concepts.