by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

July 20, 2010

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For those of you who concluded after reading my recent series on the 2012-13 positive timeline that you are on a positive (and not a catastrophic) timeline, I have good news to deliver.


Good news is certainly a change from the usual fare of reporting the latest false flag outrages of the dualistic mindset on this planet.


The weekend of July 17-18, 2010 (“Conscious Convergence”) marked a portal in linear time when the singularity at the core of our universe began to emanate an intentional ‘pre-wave’ to a final 9th wave of universal, ‘enlightened universal consciousness’ that will, according to some, begin on March 9, 2011, end on October 28, 2011. From then on the singularity at the core of our universe will emanate constant ‘enlightened universal consciousness.’

The singularity at the center of our galaxy (the galactic center ‘black hole’) modulates this universe consciousness energy wave as well.

This is, by any standard, exceedingly good scientific news.

Universal alternating energy wave movements have been a feature of our universe, says Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, since the Big Bang, and it is these wave movements that have shaped the nature of consciousness in our universe over the past 18 billion years.

This past weekend’s commencement of a seven month ‘pre-wave’ is a preparation for the commencement of the ninth and final wave of singularity emanations (from March 9 - October 28, 2011) of ‘enlightened universal consciousness’ itself - the culmination of all alternating energy wave movements since the creation of our universe in the Big Bang itself.

After October 28, 2011, as Dr. Calleman stated in a prior Examiner interview,

“the universal alternating energy wave movements end, and Earth is set on a gradual setting of a potential to reach advanced utopian planet status - a virtual ‘Garden of Eden’.”

That milestone marks the beginning of final preparations for entry of Earth into a long-prophesized Golden Age of Utopia, or ‘2012-13 positive timeline,’ as I wrote in our recent Examiner series on the 2012-13 ‘positive’ and ‘catastrophic’ timelines

What, you may ask, does this universal ‘pre-wave’ have to do with you or your reality? In a word, everything.

The ‘pre-wave’ - like all universe energy wave emanations, creates the ‘meme’ or story content of our personal and our collective reality.


Dr. Calleman’s discoveries are suggesting that our highest thoughts and ‘memes’ are/may in fact be sourced from the energy waves of the universe singularity, mediated through the galactic singularity - the black hole at the center of our galaxy the Mayans called Hunab Ku.

The singularity of our solar system is Sol, our sun - a dimensional portal to other galaxies, according to physicist Nassim Haramein.

These universe singularity energy waves serve as carrier waves of ‘the universe’s mind and spirit software’ - the way that the intentional universe (some call it source, the ‘sea of Light’ or God) lets us know of its intention for consciousness in the entire universe.

As a practical matter, does it matter if you are tuned in and commit to the 9th Universal consciousness universe energy wave?

Yes - the universe energy waves we humans tune in and commit to determine our planetary status and how we reach our potential as a planet.



Will Earth be a dystopia or a utopia?

The good news is that our universe singularity is now emanating 'utopia' consciousness waves on its alternating energy carrier waves.

The more we humans are individually and collectively tuned into the universal energy wave of ‘enlightened universal consciousness,’ and committed to achieving unity, non-dualistic consciousness, then the stronger the ‘positive timeline becomes, and the more rapidly we achieve our potential as a planet,

“a potential to reach advanced utopian planet status.”




The 8th wave, the Harmonic Convergence, and the birth of Exopolitics

A backward look in the rear-view mirror to the late 1980s and the most recent alternating energy ‘wave’ from the universe singularity is instructive.




Calleman: 7th, 8th, & 9th waves of universe singularity energy



FIGURE A sets out the timelines of:

  • the Planetary 7th, Galactic 8th, and Universal 9th universe energy waves, starting in 1755 AD for the beginning of the Planetary wave

  • 1999 for the beginning of the Galactic wave

  • March 9, 2011 for the beginning of the Universal (non-dualistic cosmic) consciousness energy wave emanating from the singularity at the core of our universe

You will notice that time accelerates as the energy waves advance, and it is expected there will be 20 times as much change during the 9th (Universal) wave of March 9, 2011-October 28, 2011, as there was in the 8th (Galactic) wave of 1999 - March 9, 2011

The ‘pre-wave’ to the 8th wave of alternating energy started on March 14, 1986, and was celebrated on August 16, 1987 in an event known as the ‘Harmonic Convergence’.


The pre-wave ‘Harmonic Convergence’ is to the 8th wave of ‘Galactic consciousness’ what,

“the July 17-18, 2010 ‘Conscious Convergence’ is to the 9th and final wave of ‘Universal consciousness’."

Dr. Calleman states,

“What the Harmonic Convergence meant to the quantum jump to the eighth wave the Conscious Convergence will mean to the quantum jump to the ninth wave. (Hence, it can be understood as a 2nd Harmonic Convergence).


Or, if we include the seventh wave and its pre-wave for comparison, we may see that it will mean to the preparation for the ninth wave what the European Renaissance meant to the quantum jump to the modern world of industrialism.


What is different now, and a challenge for the Conscious Convergence, is that this step cannot be said to be in the interest of separate individuals, but rather of all of humanity.”


The 8th wave ‘Harmonic Convergence’ - August 17, 1987

By conscious choice, I produced and hosted a ‘Harmonic Convergence’ national radio show in the U.S. on August 17, 1987 that was anchored at one of the National Public Radio (NPR) member stations in Boulder, Colorado, and carried via live via the NPR satellite by a respectable number of NPR stations in the U.S.

Researcher Jose Arguelles, author of the “Mayan Factor,” was one of our live guests on the NPR satellite radio program.

Of our early conception in 1987 of the Harmonic Convergence Dr. Calleman writes,

“[My understanding of the Harmonic Convergence as a 'pre-wave' to the 8th wave Galactic consciousness wave] how the Harmonic Convergence was originally understood by Tony Shearer and José Argüelles. Shearer, a Native American, who first proposed the dates, saw the Harmonic Convergence as the end point of [a period] that had followed upon Hernan Cortez landing in Vera Cruz in 1519 and Argüelles promoted this scheme in The Mayan Factor.

“While this may have served as a guiding prophecy that intuitively led to identifying the dates of the Harmonic Convergence as August 16-17, 1987, … it in my view hardly serves as a theoretical understanding of why these dates were actually energetically important.

“Thus, the Harmonic Convergence was defined more mythologically than scientifically, since at the time the knowledge of the reality basis of the Mayan calendar was almost non-existent. We now know from Mayan sources that … creation has an integrated pyramidal rather than linear structure.


Whether people are aware of it or not, the entire evolution of the cosmos since the Big Bang has also been meticulously mapped out in light of the Mayan calendar and verified by massive empirical evidence.”

After the August 17, 1987 NPR satellite program, a reporter from the Washington Post called me at the local Boulder, CO. listener-supported radio for an extensive interview on the meaning of the Harmonic Convergence (one of the Washington, DC area NPR member stations had broadcast the Harmonic Convergence program).


I do not know if the Post ever published that interview. I subjectively felt at the time that, as a communicator and broadcaster, I was involved in an important process of linking U.S. mainstream audiences into deeper universe energy wave processes.


  • Would the Washington Post of 2010 be as open to the Conscious Convergence as the Washington Post of 1987 was open to the Harmonic Convergence? If not, why not?


  • Would the 2010 member stations of the National Public Radio system be as open to the Conscious Convergence as were the 1987 member stations of the National Public Radio system open to the Harmonic Convergence? If not, why not?



8th Galactic wave (1999 - March 9, 2011) and the birth of Exopolitics

Fast-forward to the commencement of the 8th Galactic wave in 1999.


The alternating consciousness wave from the (pre-waved from the Harmonic Convergence on August 1, 1987) singularity at the core of the universe are the carrier waves for the mind and soul ‘software’ of Galactic consciousness - that ‘I/we are galactic and not just planetary beings.’

During the 7th wave ‘Planetary’ consciousness wave (1755 - 1986), movements such as the Enlightenment and democratic movements were born, directed at creating an enlightened long-term infrastructure for this planet. In 1999, the 8th wave ‘Galactic’ consciousness would give rise to analogies to the Enlightenment at the Galactic level - Exopolitics.

And so - presumably tuned in and committed to 8th wave Galactic consciousness - during 1999 in Vancouver, B.C., I wrote the book - published online in 2000 - that would found Exopolitics as the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the Galaxy, our universe, and the multi-verse.

Author Barbara Hand Clow, Dr. Calleman’s colleague, writes of Exopolitics as a prototypical creation of 8th wave Galactic consciousness:

“The renaissance of the advanced unifying synthesis could happen by means of Exopolitics, the political system that governs the universe.”

Quoting my 8th wave Galactic consciousness book, Exopolitics - Politics, Government and Law in the Universe, Barbara Hand Clow writes,

"According to Alfred Lambremont Webre, who is a futurist… and lives in Canada, Earth is an isolated planet in the midst of an evolving and highly organized interplanetary, interdisciplinary, and multidimensional universe.”

Thus I navigated a critical path from the commencement of the ‘pre-wave’ at the Harmonic Convergence (August 17, 1987) to the beginning of the 8th wave Galactic consciousness in 1999, founding Exopolitics as one of my social contributions.

In 2005, with the publication of the soft cover version of my book Exopolitics, I became more aware of how complex it has become to function amidst the dualistic consciousness of the national security state.


When I originally wrote the book Exopolitics in 1999 (presumably in 8th wave Galactic consciousness), I had no conscious concept or knowledge of the fact that a secret U.S. government DARPA time travel project - Project Pegasus - had teleported my book via Tesla-based time travel from 2005 to at least 1971.

As reported earlier here on Examiner,

“[Project Pegasus participant Andrew D.] Basiago revealed that the reason Project Pegasus was able to identify Mr. Jimmy Carter, who was then Governor of George, in 1971, as a future U.S. President, is that the program was in possession of a copy of the Universe Books edition of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe by Alfred L. Webre, a book that this reporter would not write until 2005, but which bears a quote on its front pages of a statement made by President Jimmy Carter.

“According to Mr. Basiago, Mr. Webre's book Exopolitics was, among other written works, physically retrieved from the future by Project Pegasus and brought back in time to 1971 or a prior time.


At that time, 1971, Mr. Webre was General Counsel of the New York City Environmental Protection Administration and had been placed under time travel surveillance by the U.S. government.”

Whistleblowers will expose more and more, of the secrets of the dualistic national security state, deconstructing its core. Dualistic memes of organized religions are also self-destructing.

As secrecy and compartmentalization of the dualistic national security state and dualistic organized religion memes deconstruct, humanity has a greater receptivity to the 9th wave Universal energy waves from the singularity at the core of the universe to that will drive our evolution in positive directions.

I have faith that a positive mindset of the Exopolitics model will blossom and grow in humanity as the 9th wave Universal consciousness begins to take hold and humanity assumes a non-dualistic, unitary role in the populated, organized multi-verse.

For the moment we can say that, ‘Exopolitics’ was born in 1999 in the 8th wave Galactic consciousness, and time-traveled back to at least 1971, the latter days of the 7th wave Planetary consciousness (1755-1999), in a DARPA program.



Humanity’s intention and 9th wave Universal consciousness

The term ‘conscious’ is used in the Conscious Convergence to emphasize how important individual commitment to achieving unity consciousness is to this 9th Universal consciousness wave.

Unity consciousness can be expressed in a simple realization: ‘You and I are not we but one.’

Dr. Calleman writes,

“To begin with, for all that we know it is designed to bring a shift to unity consciousness where the human mind no longer will be dominated by any dark filter. We will in other words become “transparent” and I believe this is the particular consciousness - seeing reality the way it is with no separation - that so many are waiting for. Not just any consciousness, but one that transcends the dualities of the past and aids the human beings to see the unity of all things.

“The reason that this kind of unity consciousness can be beneficial to the planet, and to mankind, is that it is one that leads to the transcendence of all separation (between man and woman, man and nature, ruler and ruled, east and west, etc). I feel that without the manifestation of such a shift in consciousness the world will sooner or later come to an end.

“People with a dualist and separating consciousness are somewhat like cancer cells in the body of the Earth with little regard to its larger whole and would eventually generate a collapse of its ecosystem. Only a shift to unity consciousness will forever stop the unchecked exploitation of the Earth and on a deeper level make us understand that we are part of creation and need to live in harmony with it.


But will such a shift just happen automatically?”



The 9th wave Universal consciousness and the ‘2012-13 positive timeline'

So let’s rejoin my own critical path along the 8th consciousness energy wave to 9th consciousness energy wave timelines.

In the months preceding the ‘Conscious Convergence’ of July 16-17, 2010, I wondered what I could create as my intention for unity consciousness during the ‘pre-wave’ period to the commencement of the 9th wave Universal consciousness on March 9, 2011.

If during the 1987 ‘pre-wave’ of the 8th wave Galactic energy, I had created the August 17, 1987 NPR live Harmonic Convergence satellite radio show, what would I do for the 2010 ‘Conscious Convergence’?

Addressing the issues raised by the Conscious Convergence and the 9th wave Universal consciousness wave, Dr. Calleman writes,

“On the other hand the student of the Mayan calendar will know that in order for a consciousness shift to manifest the human beings must be in resonance with it and at some point at least subconsciously have made a choice to align with.

“Hence, a large-scale consciousness shift is not something that can happen against the will of the human beings. Especially at the highest levels of evolution, such as the ninth, it can only happen through human beings that choose to serve as co-creators.

“Unfortunately many have been led to believe that there is some physical event to wait for, such as a pole shift, Nibiru, sun flares, or a galactic alignment, resulting in a passive attitude that has made the Mayan calendar seem disempowering and events as being outside of their power to influence.

“I believe however that, as the Hopi are saying, ‘we are the ones that we have been waiting for.’ If we make the commitment to do so we can co-create unity consciousness with the ninth wave.”



Unity consciousness and deconstructing the ‘2012-13 catastrophic timeline’

These words jumps out at me as I write now.

“Unfortunately many have been led to believe that there is some physical event to wait for, such as a pole shift, Nibiru, sun flares, or a galactic alignment, resulting in a passive attitude that has made the Mayan calendar seem disempowering and events as being outside of their power to influence.”

I networked awareness of the 2010 Conscious Convergence prior to July 17-18, and during the Convergence weekend dreamt and meditated on 9th wave Universal consciousness, setting my intent as did many around the world in events and in the privacy of their homes.

In 2010, the Convergence was about conscious intention and commitment to unitary consciousness.

I also find myself addressing conferences and publishing interviews and articles immediately before and after the 2010 Conscious Convergence that aggressively engage in a public deconstruction of a ‘catastrophic timeline’ meme that has been constructed around ‘a pole shift, Nibiru, sun flares, or a galactic alignment’ for centuries now by dualistic mindsets during the Planetary (1755-1999) and Galactic (1999-Present) consciousness timelines.

The formula used by predatory dualistic mind seems to be:

Create a false flag event to throw the collective human mind into fear and duality, so that it is more difficult for our collective mind to remind itself that the 9th wave Universal consciousness is emanating out relentlessly from the singularity at the core of our very universe.

This transition to 9th wave Universal consciousness is accompanied by atavistic remains part of the dualistic human mindset that we are still working to process out, like the ‘catastrophic’ memes created by regressive mindsets such as,

...and so many more.

Each of these hyper-linked memes links to articles that are my effort to deconstruct these dualistic memes, including the meme that NASA has a brown dwarf star in its sights that will enter the solar system and cause great Earth changes in 2012-13, while billions die on the surface and millions of elite thrive in secret underground bases now in final preparation.



My ‘pre-wave’ 9th Universal consciousness energy wave intention

On reflection, as I did in the August 17, 1987 ‘pre-wave’ with the NPR Harmonic Convergence Radio show, one sign of my intentions to commit to ‘enlightened universal consciousness’ is this article you are now reading on Examiner.

My commitment to the 8th wave Galactic energy was to create ‘Exopolitics’ as a discipline in 1999 and launch it into a public domain in 2000 to a still unsettled, but long-term positive future. Exopolitics itself - the process of relations among intelligent civilizations - has been going on since the development of intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.

I now know there is an equivalency to my 1999 creation of Exopolitics during the 9th Universal wave (March 9, 2011 - October 28, 2011) and into the full-on universe singularity wave energy of unity consciousness in the years beyond.

My 9th wave Universal consciousness equivalency to the 8th wave 1999 ‘Exopolitics’ creation is active participation in an,

“Earth set on a gradual setting of a potential to reach advanced utopian planet status - a virtual ‘Garden of Eden’.”

I hypothesized in our recent series on the 2012-13 positive timeline that Earth is on a positive (and not a catastrophic) timeline.

The emanations from the singularities at the core of our universe and our galaxy, leading up to the 9th wave Universal consciousness and beyond provide a specific mechanism by which the positive timeline can be achieved - along which humanity shifts into non-dualistic, cosmic consciousness.

An individual or collective choice not to commit to achieve enlightened unitary consciousness (the utopia software the universe singularity is broadcasting) seems like a deliberate choice for the catastrophic timeline, opting for ultimate planetary chaos or totalitarianism.