by Zen Gardner
19 January 2012
from BeforeItsNews Website

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Let's face it. This isn't reality.


It's a fleeting world of voluntary make believe only adopted by self-numbing drones too afraid to even ask questions any more. And they do it willfully. We all do. Whatever any of us do is a willful act of varying degrees of acceptance or non-compliance.


As the old adage goes,

"Either we're part of the problem or we're part of the solution."

Now apply that to all of the economic, societal, interpersonal and spiritual levels we operate on and there's where we'll find an inspiring and meaningful, or dead and conforming, life.




None of This Has To Be

There are no poor, ignorant masses. Ignorant perhaps, but not so poor they can't wake up. We all have the spiritual resources at any given time to have absolutely thrilling and fulfilling lives.

The point is we choose our reality, even if one's imposed on us. If it's comfy cozy enough, the rut fits OK, or people are sufficiently intimidated and allow themselves to be disempowered, most will actually be happy to trudge through their assigned trench rather than stick their heads up even for a moment to wonder where they're going and why they're doing what they're doing.

Oddly enough.

And this apparent propensity for illusion rather than reality gets a lot of help. By whom?


Not just those addicted to a sleepy "don't rock the boat" way of life, but this tendency lays humanity wide open for conquest. Some smarty pants power pushers seem to know about this inclination to trust and follow rather than exercise discernment, critical thought and independent behavior.

And heck, like any good discovery or invention, or as the ravenous fascio-corporatist system teaches... let's take advantage of it and stick it to them.




The Weaponization of Ignorance

If some parasitic force was so self-serving as to actually live off of the inhabitants of a land or planet,

  • What world would they create to better control the population?

  • An awake and aware one that knew it was being used and harvested and kept from the truth of their potential?

  • One where love and spontaneity and loving interaction created a utopian society with plenty for all, as it could and will be one day?



Would be nice, but I don't think so. They would need to be "ignorant" of what's truly going on.

If you want to know what psychopathic elitist power freaks would do, just look around at the world today. Something's been completely and systematically laid out and reinforced at every level for a long, long time and mistakenly we think we have something to say about it. All by design.

Unfortunately, what it boils down to is the only freedom you think you have is virtually the freedom to roam around your jail cell, and sometimes the mess hall and exercise yard.

Not a nice thought, but virtually true... But only for those who subscribe to it. Which is almost everyone, to varying degrees.


And what makes this apparent approach so effective? Everyone thinks they're free, but all within carefully defined and confined parameters.

And the sheeple have no idea.



Our Synthesized World

If you were to describe the way to herd a society, what would you create?


I know, sounds Machiavellian, but that's how these types think. You got to realize there are people like this - they exist, they thrive on your energy, and they're using you!


See if these few symptoms fit the world we live in:


  • An inherent need for hierarchy

    If the people assume there are those deemed to be their masters who know better and are somehow superior, be it the royalty scam, or the plethora of commercial, political and religious overlords, control is a slam dunk.



  • Economic stranglehold in a world of scarcity

    If there is a fear of not having enough in an imposed system of controlled means of exchange you can play the masses like a fiddle at the touch of their scrambling, fearful nervous systems.



  • War brings peace and security

    Ah, we do need a common enemy to keep the war machine churning out weapons, burning up fuel and money, and sending its youth to the meat grinder. That should keep everyone busy.


  • Survival of the fittest and domination by the rich

    Again, we deserve to be ruled over. Pound this one hard. And while you're at it, dumb down your populace with drugs, altered food and a poison environment.


  • Bread and circus

    What, me worry? Everyone's happy on Super Bowl Sunday! Bamboozled baboons belching beer and bratwurst while the world burns.


What If Everyone Just Woke Up?

This whole present day system we perceive is a smoke and mirrors charade consisting of manipulated levels of information to create a controllable, presupposed existence.


That the great hoards of inhabitants sway to the same rhythms and participate in such things as barbaric wars, an obviously controlled banking and economic system, and blinding, debasing religious dogmas and rigmarole says it all.

And yes, you can argue it's still a reality.



So is the torturous world of someone who is mentally disturbed.

  • Would you call that reality?

  • If not, what in you is telling you it is something more than that poor tortured soul's version?

  • And to what degree are all of us tortured or deprived souls compared to some vastly greater and more wonderful reality?

Get the picture?


It's consciousness watching through you!

  • What happens when someone comes along to dare mention we're looking at shadows in the cave versus the light, as Plato taught?

  • Aren't these the very ones decried as troublemakers, whack jobs and conspiracy freaks?


It's Time To Flee the Coop!

Ken Kesey's classic "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" tells the story.


The "live ones", the truly sane, are locked up and managed by psychopathic power freaks who will stop at nothing to control their subjects.



Those who dare to challenge not only their authority but their whole viewpoint, as symbolized by the mental institution, will be given even greater doses of mind-numbing drugs, electric shock treatments and even lobotomies.

In the end, the silent Native American named Chief Bromden can't stand to see his full of life liberating friend lay there in his lobotomized state and performs a mercy killing.


Thanks to McMurphy's constant encouragement to his friend to make a break for freedom, in spite of the big Indian's admitted tendency to just enjoy the comforts of security, he then picks up a large piece of furniture, smashes it through the caged window, and runs to freedom.

That's where we are today.

The chief couldn't stand it any longer.

Neither should anyone.

Don't just stand there. Break out of the prison... physically, mentally, spiritually. It's time.

To delay is to deny.

A beautiful, fully conscious Universal reality based in Love and Truth awaits, but you got to act on it. And it's not some mental state. It's whole-istic, meaning everything about you and your world needs to jump in however you're led.

Get there. And soon...


It's your only refuge and place of protection and empowerment.