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July 12, 2011

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Well, here is the latest Matthew, via Steve’s website.


I could not find it on Matthew’s website, but here is the link to this article on Steve’s website. I am posting Steve’s comments (or lack of) below. I feel this needs posting right away, and may add on to this later.


I also concur with Steve’s comment about Matthew and his messages and how helpful they are to very many people at this time.

Steve’s comments below:

A message from Matthew for me is a highpoint of the month.


I’m going to speed it’s posting without having studied it in depth so you can have the benefit of it right away. I may publish comments separately. Given the pace of things, that may not be today.

I do want to draw attention to three remarks in passing however.

  • The first is Matthew’s reassurance that Comet Elenin poses no danger to the planet. This site has not posted any gloomy accounts of Elenin and I’m glad finally to have Matthew’s assurance that none need be posted.


  • The second item is his comment:


    • “When Earth reaches the threshold of her Golden Age at the end of your next calendar year, every soul on Earth shall be free, and the growing numbers of light-workers are leading the way.”


    There has been much debate over whether Oct. 28, 2011 or Dec. 21, 2012 is the date by which these marvelous predicted changes will have occurred and Matthew’s comment is persuasive in my eyes.


  • The third is his comments that chemtrails are drying up because either the personnel have realized their true purpose and refused to fly or else money has dried up.

I’ll leave other comments till later, except to say to Matthew (because I know he hears me) that your message is lovingly awaited each month and much studied.


I hope you remain with us through the events ahead - and don’t get “promoted” too far too fast that we’re deprived of your messages!

Matthew’s Message - July 11, 2011

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew to share our elation about happenings in your world.


A week ago the United States celebrated its Independence Day, and like other occasions in that country and significant times in many others, fireworks are part of the celebrations. What we are seeing can be equated with the most spectacular of your fireworks displays as innumerable sparkling lights constantly are shooting out from Earth into the heavens - this brilliance is a most exhilarating and heartening sight to behold!

No longer slumbering unawares, myriad souls are responding to the intensifying light along Earth’s ascension route into increasingly higher vibrations and new alignments with other celestial bodies.


Now in concert with all other light-workers - you who know that you are and the many millions who do not yet identify themselves as such - these new “sparklers” are radiating their light to all persons around them.

Before we proceed along that line, let us speak a bit more about the United States and its intended significance on a global scale. The framers of the document proclaiming that this land was a nation independent of British political rule did not realize that they were acting upon God-given inspiration and not only their own convictions about the rightness of their actions.


The higher purpose of that inspiration to unite the colonies was to create a nation where unlimited opportunities greeted peoples from all countries, a land where differences not only were respected, but encouraged for the benefit of all.


The United States was to be the country where the combined skills, talents, resourcefulness and innovative ideas of all its residents would prove to the rest of the world that under wise and fair governance, free peoples live in harmony and prosperity.

However, it was but for a fleeting instant, historically speaking, that the citizenry of that nascent country were free. The aim of the Illuminati, which had built the British empire, was to increase, not decrease, their bases of influence, and the injustices that gave rise to the Revolutionary War simply went underground, so to say.


From the time that the first disparate groups of colonists landed anywhere in lands called The New World, those who were of dark heart and mind and later came to be called the Illuminati wanted to control the western continents, thereby widening their highway to world domination.


Because God must honor Creator’s law of free will, the free will of those dark ones prevailed and the beacon for the rest of the world that the United States was intended to be never “came to light.”

Only now, more than two and a quarter centuries after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, is freedom actually going to be achieved in the United States and all other countries. As the light revealed the darkness that was perpetrated and perpetuated by the Illuminati, it also has focused world attention on peoples long oppressed by dynastic and despotic rulers.


When Earth reaches the threshold of her Golden Age at the end of your next calendar year, every soul on Earth shall be free, and the growing numbers of light-workers are leading the way.

With joy we tell you that among the new “sparklers” are defectors from the ranks of the Illuminati who “saw the light” and with enthusiasm embraced it.


Although others who left did so for self-serving reasons - seeing that the Illuminati is in its death throes, they want to appear as never having been associated with that group - the results nevertheless are positive:

No longer are those persons deterrents in areas where formerly they stalled or prevented reforms, and they may become receptive to the light.

Peak members of the Illuminati who are not yet willing to accept that their power has eroded beyond any possibility of recovery still wield enough influence to slow but never halt the progress of the light forces.


Also many good souls still are stuck in third density mentality, oblivious to the reality that they chose to actively participate in this era that is unprecedented in the universe.

It is fervently hoped that all souls will welcome the light as old systems give way to the new and our space family assists you in restoring Earth to her original health and pristine beauty. However, every person has the free will to receive the light, which they chose to do in their soul contracts, or to repeat this lifetime’s experiences in some other third density world.

Regardless of how many become enlightened about their true selves as inseparable aspects of God and all other souls, the long ages of duality in your civilization are almost over. The dominant masculine energies that kept war, brutality and ruthlessness surging through millennia are being balanced by the inundation of feminine energies, and within balance there is only light.

Now then, it is immensely gratifying to us that light-workers who once were distressed by the delay in official recognition of our universal family no longer need that as proof that Earth’s ascension course is steady and apace.


The optimal time has not yet come for a public announcement about other civilizations, especially that some of them have been in your midst for years, or for landings of the crews whose crafts are surrounding the planet. At this juncture, a primary consideration is the many people who have not completely experienced the third density karma they chose.


In the excitement of working and living with extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, those people could veer from their karmic path and miss the opportunity to evolve into fourth density.

We don’t know when you and your benevolent brothers and sisters will greet each other, but each passing day brings that grand time closer. In the meantime, you can feel joyous about progress in other important avenues.

Although the recent dust storm in Arizona was manmade, incidents of technologically-produced weather have been seriously reduced in number and scope. This is not to say that attempts have not been made or that any future efforts will have no effects whatsoever, but none of the most devastating events of recent years and months will be repeated.


Mother Earth will release the remaining negativity in ways that achieve that end without those kinds of severe repercussions.

And, in most areas where formerly chemtrails were prevalent, the skies now are clear.


When some of the pilots, mechanics and others involved in those flights learned the true purpose of chemtrails - the toxic payloads were not to compensate for the hole in the ozone layer, but rather to sicken people and pollute air, water and land - they refused to continue working.


Others who did know the truth participated willingly in return for handsome payment, but as funding dried up, they also left their employment.


However, the most decisive factor in this situation is, some individuals who had ordered or financed the flights are among those who embraced the light, and those who want to keep chemtrails crisscrossing your skies have lost almost all means to do so.

It may appear that the light and the dark are at a stalemate in many other areas where dramatic changes are essential, such as governing bodies, national economies, environmental destruction, pollution, disparity between the wealthy and the impoverished, and victory for freedom fighters in countries where the peoples have been long oppressed.


Relatively speaking, only a handful of individuals can bring about the ending of chemtrails and lessen diabolical use of technology, but reaching major international goals requires the involvement of many millions of your populace. While there is indeed very significant progress, much of it going on behind the proverbial closed doors, success on a global scale comes incrementally and more slowly than situations that can be quickly stopped or noticeably diminished.


As Earth’s journey in the coming months takes you into ever higher vibrations, you shall see more and more evidence that everything based in dark intent is meeting its end.

A measure of the light’s progress that is known perhaps only to the affected persons is the many telepathic connections that are opening. We remind you that both light and dark entities are eager to reach you; protect yourselves with the christed light and insist that only light sources may contact you.


Although diverting attention from significant happenings still proliferates mainstream media and entertainment venues, cracks in those forms of mass mind control are becoming obvious to illumined minds.


Disinformation on the Internet continues to be passed on by unwitting persons, so be ever more discerning about which information is true and which is not, and above all, do not go into fear about anything!

As an example, the celestial body your scientists named Elenin doesn’t pose an iota of danger to your planet!


This is another attempt to promote widespread fear by disseminating “leaked” information under the guise of “governments withholding information.” Although that does imply that you cannot rely upon your leaders to tell you about impending danger, the intent is insidious: Be fearful!

Mother, for readers who may not understand the full effects of fear and how it holds people captive, please locate the passage about that in one of the books and insert it here (see below).





The energy of fear forms a barrier between the feared object or situation and the energy of light, thus neither the light in the souls of fear-filled persons nor light sent to them from any other source can reach their consciousness to dispel the power that fear holds over their lives.


The barrier acts like a prison wall, isolating persons within their fears and offering no way out. Furthermore, fear is such a magnified emotion that it strengthens the barrier’s energy blockage and intensifies the force of whatever is feared.

And, fearful persons keep creating more fear-filled circumstances to deal with. Through the universal law of attraction, or “like attracts like,” the energy streamers they send out attract “like” streamers and bring those back to the originating sources.

Not only is fear is wildly contagious, but due to its magnified power, fear sensation streamers have sticky edges that attract the kinds of energetic interactions that omit common sense, rational thought, sound judgment and wise decisions.


Fear is so insidious that it can convince persons that the only way to escape is through portals that lead deeper and deeper into fear, and sometimes into darkness.


Fear is the forebear of prejudice, tyranny, greed, bellicosity, deception, dishonor, hatred, and torturous treatment of helpless animals - all of those characteristics and behaviors arise from psyches that are twisted and tormented by fear.

Every physical form is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another and each form sustains itself by drawing in “like” energy.


The make-up of ones with dark hearts and minds is fear, so the law of attraction draws to them the energy generated by fearful individuals who unwittingly provide the fuel that the dark ones need to sustain themselves.

Fear also is their most effective weapon against the light, and causing fear is a win-win situation for them. The very same energy that debilitates and holds captive those fearful individuals not only keeps refueling the dark ones, but people who live in fear are easily dominated, deceived and afraid to challenge authoritarian figures whose intentions and deeds are based in darkness.

So fear is potent indeed, but light is the most powerful force in the cosmos and people who live in the light never need to fear anything! What about people who are afraid of death?


What you call death is that lightning-fast transition of the soul from the body to Nirvana, Earth’s spirit world that many of you call heaven


In the light of that wondrous realm, people whose past lifetime was marked by fear prepare to be stronger and less vulnerable in their next physical lifetime, the next evolutionary step in the eternal life of their souls.


Thank you, Mother.

The countdown to Earth’s entry into her Golden Age is coming with ever increasing speed as your linear concept of time continues passing faster and faster. Use the remaining time prudently!


Acknowledge your god and goddess selves and trust and heed your intuition, your souls’ messages to your consciousness. Let go of trivial thoughts, interests and activities that have no place in fourth density life, where glorious wonders abound.

As long as needed, you will have the assistance of our universal family,

  • light in abundance from powerful sources in this galaxy and others

  • technological help from the crews in ships in your skies and those soon to be on the ground

  • growing influence of our benevolent brothers and sisters living among you

As you prepare to take your rightful place as multidimensional beings in the Oneness of All, trust that within your soul is all the information and power you will ever need.


No longer will you ask for answers from external sources such as we and other messengers of the light because your innate wisdom of the universal laws and your latent abilities will serve you well.


Perhaps you will smile when you realize that the enlightenment and guidance we have offered over the years always has been your own knowledge and all we did was gently nudge it into your remembrance.

Of the many, many billions of souls who wanted to be a part of this most exciting time in the whole of the universe, you are honored to be among those who were chosen.


Rejoice in this privilege and responsibility knowing that the infinite, eternal and unconditional love of all light beings in this universe is with you every step of your pathway.



Suzanne Ward
The Matthew Books