December 4, 2013

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This Awareness is now available for the questions on this day.


Thank you. Today is December 4, 2013. Our first question is from TH concerning the Comet Ison. He sent a website address. (see "Comet Ison 11/25/2013 UFOS SILENTLY ZAPP US MILITARY BASE FOR HOURS ")

He writes:

"Today the information concerning Ison. The headline concerns Comet Ison silently zapped the U.S. Army Military National Guard Base for two to three hours. This occurred on May 21, 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas. This was for our own protection against our so-called leaders and their bosses. As usual, this was not covered on the mainstream media.

"The related commentary included was that the U.S. government was warned about this possibility occurring but did not listen. Several questions come to mind for clarification or additional relevant information if such is not sensitive or inappropriate at this time".

The first question:

"Did the U.S. government have technology from Afghanistan that they should not have used? Although they were warned, they did not listen, they were "spanked" big time for two to three hours, then silent. It was a slaughter."

Is there any truth to this statement please?

Before answering this question this Awareness must first address a preceding comment: a comment that asked if this attack was from Comet Ison. That it was not.


That this attack on the military base, Fort Worth, that this had nothing at all to do with Ison. In relation now to the question advanced whether the attack by these extraterrestrial ones was a response to certain weapons and technologies that were taken from Afghanistan.

That this Awareness can confirm there is something to this claim. That the technologies and possible weapons that were removed from Afghanistan are part of the technologies that have been removed not only from Afghanistan but from Iraq as well.

Furthermore this Awareness must be clear that It is not talking about technologies that have been developed by Afghani scientists, Iraqi scientists or engineers, but rather that which could be called ancient technologies from times immemorial when this region was the home region of the ones known as the Anunnaki. These were the forces of Anu and Enlil.


That Enki and his forces were also on the planet at that time. That there were certain technologies that were buried underground or in the caverns that the U.S. military and intelligence have known about for some time and this is also not confined only to the U.S. military intelligence or military branch.


It is information that many Western powers have and there has been a race, if you will, to claim these technologies, these weapons, for the purpose of ensuring that they who have claimed them will be able to retrofit them, figure them out and thus use them, giving them superior power over their opponents.

This is the reason why these certain technologies and weapons and vessels that were recovered were taken back to the United States and in particular Fort Worth. They have been stored there but it is not simply storage, it was an active pursuit of retrofitting the technologies of those ancient times so they could be accessed and used now.

They were warned by those of the Galactic Federation that this was not to be tolerated. They were warned that if they were to proceed, actions would be taken. They chose not to take seriously these claims, for there was a prevalent opinion at this time that as the Galactic Federation practice a non-interference policy, they would not take any actions and that it was but a bluff.


It was not a bluff on this occasion, for it was seen and known by the Galactic Federation ones that if the United States military was allowed to proceed with their retrofitting program that they could indeed take control with advanced technologies that were not fitted for them, designed for them at this time.

Therefore the decision was made to interfere, for the consequence of non-interference would have been dire and disastrous. This is what was captured in the coverage that was shot on that occasion, the video coverage of this two-hour attack.


It destroyed certain technologies and vessels and weapons that were located underground, that were the research facilities of this secret action by the United States military, the United States intelligence agencies.

That unfortunately there was loss of life but this was not because insufficient warnings were not given. That they indeed were, but these ones on the ground decided that they were insignificant and not worthy of paying attention to. They therefore did not remove their own people when this attack started and as a result certain ones did die during that attack.


But again it was not that they were not warned.

Such is the arrogance of these ones in power that they often think of themselves as invincible and that the opposition to them is meaningless and weak and pathetic. This was proven to not be so on this occasion, nor is it so, and that the Galactic Federations have much at their disposal that is equal to and superior to anything that the Western military powers have, the Western intelligence services have, that the Orion/Reptilian faction has.

It is not their intent, the Galactic Federation, to engage in all out warfare but they will also not allow these arrogant ones, these foolish ones, to have the freedom to develop weaponry based on ancient technologies that would be detrimental to humanity and to the planet and to the grand design of events that are scheduled to occur, that are part of the Divine Plan for the ending of that experiment that has been and thus allowing the experience of the new reality that is dawning and underway at this time.

That this completes the answering of this question at this time.


Thank you.


He carries on:

"One other thing that struck me as odd about this is the claim that our military was warned by ETs not to take some type of advanced technology that they discovered in Afghanistan and this 'attack' shown on the video was in retaliation for our military not heeding that warning and taking this technology back to this base in the U.S.


I guess what I'm wondering is why didn't the ETs just stop them from taking out of Afghanistan?


CA told of an incident in the past where U.S. forces had discovered a Galactic Federation craft in a cave in Afghanistan and they prevented it from being taken by sending any soldiers who entered the cave back to a time in the past.


So, it appears they have the ability to stop this, so why wasn't it done in this case?"

Your thoughts please?

First this Awareness would state that the attack on the U.S. military base was not in retaliation for the theft of ancient technology from these chambers, underground chambers in Afghanistan.


It was rather the shutting down of the research that was underway of unlocking the ancient technologies that these ones had thieved/stolen from these underground storage chambers. That they had unfortunately reached a point, this being the U.S. military complex, of being on the very edge of unlocking many of the secrets of ancient technology.


However, this was not allowed, thus the attack to remove this threat from humanity, for it would have been used against humanity primarily, and would have been used to fight the Galactic Federation forces.


This was simply not a tolerable situation and thus it was shut down through this attack.

As to TH's question as to why they did not in the first place block this technology from being taken, that it was first because the level of security in these chambers was not of the same magnitude or order as that which surrounded the alien vessel that was found that this Awareness previously commented on.


Second, you must also understand that the U.S. Military intelligence, not only the U.S. but the Western nations intelligence, the U.S. being the prime leader in this, has available to it certain advanced technologies as well. Advanced technologies that have been derived both through the Orion/Reptilian faction as well as retrofit engineering and technology derived from previously crashed ships.

There were certain levels of protection around those chambers at the entrance ways to those chambers. But with the use of certain technologies available to those who discovered these chambers, that they were able to break in.


It is seen that they employed their tunnel apparatus, the same apparatus that is used to construct the underground tunnels, and used this to bore a new entrance into the chamber, bypassing the old entrance way that did have, if you will, a burglar alarm connected to it and certain devices of defense that were connected to the entrance way.


That they also had technologies that could break through the lesser fields that were surrounding the chamber and thus entered and stole the technologies using underground escape routes, the tunnel system, to take the apparatus, the devices, the technology directly underground around the world to the Fort Worth base where there are secret faculties and facilities in existence that were ready to receive this technology and these devices.

That also certain technology that the ones who broke into the chambers had did allow them to mask their movements somewhat, but not to the degree that the powers that were used could not be detected and traced.


In other words, the powers or the technologies did trigger certain alarm bells, if you will, but the thieves made off quickly with their ill-gotten gain leaving a situation, creating a situation where the Galactic ones did have to trace the signatures of these devices.


One could understand this that each of the devices of the technologies stolen had a type of signature and that eventually they found the signatures, found the locations, gave the warnings and when the ones who had stolen this did not heed the warnings, did not give over what they had stolen, the attack took place.

That is why they seem to have been ineffective, this being the Galactic Federation ones, seem to have been ineffective and did not prevent the theft in the first place.


It was not that they were ineffective but rather that those who launched this against them had their own technologies and the resources and that this is why on this occasion, the devices, the technology and apparatus were stolen and removed from those storage chambers.



The material then was returned to the Galactic Federation? Is this correct prior to the other difficulties?

This Awareness does not follow the Energizer's question. How is it that you mean it was returned?



I got the impression that it did not stay there, was not blown up at the same time that the attack took place.

This is inaccurate. That this is what this Awareness is stating: that demands were made for the return of the stolen property, if you will. They would not do so.


They did not consider the Galactic Federation as a dangerous force, they did not fully expect or anticipate they would launch such an attack and therefore refused the demands that this technology be handed over. Therefore the technology, the devices, the laboratory facilities/research facilities were destroyed.


They were not returned back to the Galactic Federation.


The Galactic ones did not need this equipment, they had this equipment and much more advanced equipment than that which has been stored for thousands upon thousands of years.


But they did understand that the technology was still advanced enough so that if it was figured out that it could present problems in giving these ones, these Powers That Be even greater means to destroy humanity, to destroy the planet itself.

This was considered intolerable a position, and even though the request was made to turn over that which was stolen and even though the opportunity was given to do so, those who had stolen this technology refused to do so and as a result those who are known as the Galactic Federation forces did indeed launch an attack on and these ones, an action on these ones.

This Awareness will also state at this time that many of
the blasts against the underground bunkers were first of all directed to areas where there would not be a loss of life, non-primary areas, non-essential areas, but this was unheeded as well and that it was only in the latter stages where their warning shots were disregarded that the Galactic ones focused their weaponry on those research facilities where the technology had been stored and was being worked upon, and destroyed the facilities as well as that which had been stolen.



I see. I understand now. Thank you for that additional information.

Please proceed to the next question if there is one.


Yes, he has one with regard to Ison.

"Did Ison really break up into many small pieces when it got close to the Sun as many are saying? If so, what happened to the Galactic Federation craft that were with it?


How does this affect its mission regarding the planet Earth? Was the breakup known and planned for or was this the result of an attack from the Orion/ Reptilian forces?"

Your thoughts please?

Things are not always what they seem.


Also, do not always believe the reports of ones who seem to be there to tell you what happened, but who have in actuality a hidden agenda. In this case there are those who would wish those who have been following Ison to believe that it has broken up and thus is destroyed, is no longer a comet of any significance but rather simply a scattering of particles and pieces.

However, as this Awareness has said, things are not always what they seem. That there are certain vessels that are still there, that are still part of the comet that was known as Ison.


That this Awareness upon looking at this situation sees the situation before the breakup of that which was the central mass, that which was considered to be the comet Ison.


That this central mass was also surrounded by that which was known as the coma of the comet and that a solar flare hit the coma and seemingly blew it away, exposing the central core which was immense in nature.


That this central core kept diving towards the Sun and at that point of perihelion suddenly broke up and disintegrated.

Certain ones, even ones well respected in the UFO circles came forward and announced that Ison was no more, that it was only a clustering of particles and pieces, that it had been destroyed by solar activity and proximity to the Sun. It was also convenient that many of the satellites that were trained on the object ceased to be operational to the public exactly at the time of perihelion and indeed for several hours, days afterwards.

What was eventually shown after perihelion was reached and the comet started its back-swing towards Earth and outwards again was the cluster of pieces and particles that are now being shown. But they are still not being shown accurately. That this Awareness has for many weeks maintained that there were vessels in the coma and in that comet itself.


That which was seemingly the hard mass in the middle, the comet/asteroid that was left after the coma was blown away was again not what it seemed to be.

That the forces that were using the comet have the technology to bring around them a mass that can disguise and hide what lies within. That there were within the hollow core of the comet, the mass at the core, several ships within the core itself. There were also ships outside of the core, some of which were clearly identified when photos of Ison were filtered on previous occasions.


These ships are still there, although they are cloaked. The ships that were within the comet's core are still there, they too are cloaked. What did occur was a release of the mass that is interpreted as the comet's core into the clusters that are now being photographed and being claimed to be the destroyed comet core.

That in effect the mass of the pieces is still that which has an energy to it, but more importantly the vessels that were in and around the comet core and hidden in the coma are also still available and have swung around and are heading for this planet, this planet Earth at this time.


Furthermore the debris field that trailed the comet is immense in its size and span and that the Earth will be going through this tail field of debris on and around the 26th, 27th, 28th of December, and that there are still many things to be played out. This story is by far not over or ended.

That the major purpose of the disinformers upon announcing the destruction of Ison was to shut down conjecture that this comet had any significance or importance. It has been the illusionists' trick all along of allowing certain things to be seen and other things to be hidden. 


This illusionist trick has been played on both sides, both those of the Galactic Federation, who for their own reasons chose not to be obvious in the approach of these craft as well as the Powers That Be who do not wish humanity to be aware that there is a flotilla approaching the Earth, that had connections to comet Ison that were sending out rays and beams of frequency, that are sending these rays now towards Earth to affect the electromagnetic fields that will bring Earth through a debris field, to plant on the planet certain minerals and jewels and objects.


This is still to come, this is still to unfold, but this Awareness will say categorically that which was Ison, although may no longer be what it was, that which was the core no longer massed and intact, is still a recognizable object that is heading towards this planet and that this object is composed of various vessels as well as much debris that will have impact on the planet.

That this is that which is seen in the weeks and months ahead but in particular, just after that occasion known as Christmas, December 25th.


In particular, December 28th is when the planet is fully in the tail of the comet, the debris tail of that which is comet Ison even if it is not what many thought it was. It is of great significance, greater than any other event that has ever been reported, for it is proof that there is indeed an extraterrestrial force that is coming towards the planet.

Whether it is ever fully and truly reported remains to be seen, and if the Powers That Be can have their way it will not be reported and they will try to shield humanity from this knowledge and this information.

Look to the heavens, know that there are greater things in the heavens than most have ever dreamed about but these are about to be shown, thus bringing some great change to those who are ready to receive this information, this knowledge, this new reality.


This completes this answer.

Thank you Awareness. Also still with Ison, also related, scientists still call Ison a comet and state that Ison has visited our solar system previously on two occasions according to their recorded data, and also that Ison is a "hunk of ice".


Is this so?

Remember what this Awareness said a minute ago, that those who wish to deceive will speak things, say things that are not necessarily so.


It is so that that which was the comet Ison has visited this solar system previously but that which is the 'block of ice', the core, on this occasion has been used as a type of disguise, and that it was hollowed out and held together, if you will, artificially for the purpose of disguising the approach of a flotilla of craft that are connected to the Galactic Federation.

At the same time, there were other ships that surrounded the ice mass, the core of the comet.


That these ships have been sending out pulse waves, if you will, towards the Sun itself. These pulse waves were also sent to Mars as it swept past Mars, and even to Earth, although it is seen that certain pulse waves will be more directly aimed towards Earth in the days, weeks ahead.

There is a purpose for it. It is not to destroy or harm the planet but it is part of the design or plan that this Awareness has talked about as being God's Plan or the Divine Plan. That this is still very much in play and that it is to be remembered that this is so.


As to those allegations of ones who would dismiss the comet, who would say "It is only a piece of ice"; they do not wish humanity to know the truth, they do not wish to know that it is hollow and contains ships.


They do not wish humanity to know that there is an alien flotilla approaching, and be assured they will make every attempt to shut down such information, to deny such information, to mislead and misdirect this information.

Therefore, for many this event is of no significance, for the majority have never even heard of comet Ison, have never even realized that it was in the skies doing these amazing things. And that if they have heard about it, they have heard lies and misrepresentations as to what it is.

This is classic to the control of the human mind and of humanity to mislead, misguide, deny and outright lie about things so that humanity does not wake up, so humanity does not stand up and say,

"why, what is this about, who is trying to deceive me, etc.?"

That the questions that would arise are questions that the Powers That Be do not wish to be asked, and they are willing to squash those who would bring forth this information.


But this Awareness is happy to announce that it can no longer be so, there are many reporting on Ison and the peculiarities of Ison. That they who try to squash will be unable to do so entirely.


However, they will certainly mislead and those who do not wish to search deeper, who have no interest, who blindly believe the government will believe these lies and this misinformation.

This Awareness simply asks those who are above this type of misguidance, this falsehood, to truly stand upon the higher pinnacle of faith at this time and to trust that which many are instinctively feeling that Ison is something else, is much more than the government and the official agencies such as NASA are claiming it to be.


For this is the truth of the matter: Ison is not what it seems to be and holds great promise to expose certain of the lies of the Powers That Be so that they finally will be shown to be what they are.



The next part: It was suggested that Ison came from a different orbit, the far North, and will swing by just once outward, never to return. Its journey began when humans walked the Earth.


Is that correct?

That this may be correct to that which would have been the comet, that once swept into the system.


But that which is the comet that has been adapted for this present journey and this present purpose is not the comet that once was. Therefore although one could say that the comet that is known as Ison has swung into the solar system before is accurate, but that which is the comet Ison now is not simply an inert piece of rock and ice.


It is something different, something much greater that has used the veil of appearance of a comet to cloak itself largely and to create an artificial environment, a gravitational field, if you will, inside of the comet to make the journey a pleasurable one.


That this Awareness will not go into these details but suffice it to say there was a reason why this comet core was hollowed out and used and that there are other planetary bodies that have been used thusly before, such as Elenin and will again be used.


Indeed another comet is approaching that will come close to Earth in the latter stages the 2014 into 2015, that is also of great significance.




But at this time it is Ison that is of importance and while it was what could be called a natural body of the universe, a natural object, an actual comet even, it is on this occasion not what it seems to be and that it was adapted for use of those who had certain plans and are in conjunction in their plans with the Divine Plan.


Is this clear?

Yes, yes it is, thank you.





The last part: the scientists are saying,

"when Ison was formed, water was present adding weight to the mystery of where the water came from, with the conclusion that the water on Earth came from the various comets left over from the formation of various planets.


Thus humanity owes its existence due to the comets in our solar system".

Is this for true?

In some ways if one is only looking to physical explanation for the origins of planets or this planet.


What is also true is that the planet adds as much for its existence to stardust that constantly bombards the planet, that comes to the planet and is added to the surface of the planet constantly.


That this planet owes much to asteroids and meteors that have crashed into the planet, that have stimulated activities in the past, that have added again to the land mass and to the creation of the planet that is.

All of these events are still within the physical realm.


That there are other events in that have much to do with the planet's formation that are not acknowledged or accepted by current astrophysics, such as the mysterious planet Tiamat that existed once upon a time, that which is sometimes also referred to as Marduk, that which was the planet where that which is the asteroid belt now exists, and how upon the destruction of that planet a large chunk flew off and headed towards the Sun.


That this large chunk coalesced into a global shape hollow at the center, spinning around, creating this hollow-shelled globe and that this globe was that which wound up in orbit around the sun at the position of Earth now, for it was Earth.


This is not an accepted theory of conjecture by those astronomers, those astrophysicists and yet there is significance to this story and to the old myths of Tiamat/ Marduk and other planets that have experienced such explosions in the past.


That ultimately all of this still only relates to a physical interpretation of the planets' beginnings and from whence elements of its body were produced from, where the ice and the sands and the dust and the particles and the meteorites came from, where even the shell of the planet originated from.


It has little to do with the spiritual reason for the creation of Earth, of its interplay and interaction with other bodies of consciousness, such as the other planets themselves, such as the Sun itself, such as distant galaxies.


That all of this has so much more to do than just the physical explanation would ever give one a sense of or meaning about.

Therefore it is correct that water has reached this planet from certain astral bodies that have crashed onto the planet, but it is not only from the comets that such water originates.


That it has also come through the physical avenues of the destroyed planet Marduk where water was still contained in the form of steam around the planet and within the planet as well.


That there is more to this story than meets the eye.



That will be a question for another time, Awareness. Thank you so much for your comments, the information is very helpful and appreciated.


The Law of Gratitude is invoked. Thank you.