November 27, 2013

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Richard C. Hoagland, who was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon, shared updates on Comet ISON and the findings of the Curiosity rover on Mars.


Somebody using the technology of the "secret space program" has maneuvered Comet ISON into its precise orbit for "symbolic, ritual, and celebratory purposes," as a kind of foreshadowing of amazing announcements or events here on Earth, he posited.


Hoagland cited the work of Paul LaViolette, who has written about suppressed technologies (such as in his book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology) that are likely employed in the secret space program.

Rather than evidence for fossilized rodents and reptiles on Mars, Hoagland sees images from the Curiosity rover that show "mechanical ancient fossilized junk" that's been eroded by millions of years of Mars climate.



1) NASA depiction of Comet ISON's trajectory as seen from Earth's orbit around the Sun.


2) Spectacular time-exposure view of Comet ISON, taken November 16th from Kahler Asten, Germany, by amateur astronomer Waldemar Skorupa.


Comet ISON's tail stretched more than 3.5 degrees (7 X the width of a Full Moon) across the sky when this amazing image was taken.


3) Eerie 2013 comparison of Comet ISON's symmetrical "dust wings," first appearing November 4 as ISON neared the Sun, with a strikingly similar "crop glyph and associated Mayan hieroglyphs," photographed in a southern England, June 2009.



4) Curiosity image taken on Sol 424 (October 15, 2013), showing at least three strikingly artificial, angular, metallic objects on the reddish sands of Gale Crater on Mars.




5) Curiosity image taken on Sol 184 (February 10, 2013), showing an object that is clearly NOT a "rock," but strikingly resembles some kind of mechanical camera - complete with "lenses" and "knobs."



6) Curiosity image taken on Sol 120 (December 6, 2012), revealing an obvious BOX - complete with symmetrical sidewall perforations - sitting inexplicably among the equally obvious, surrounding Martian rocks.


7) "Stereo pair" of Curiosity images taken Sol 51 (September 26, 2012) and Sol 64 (October 10, 2012) of an object the Enterprise Mission has termed "the Pump" - consisting of a strikingly symmetric series of inverted saucer-shaped features, with an astonishing "pipe-like" projection sticking out of the object, pointing almost directly toward the Curiosity camera. 



He also talked what could have happened to the space program if JFK had lived 50 years ago.


According to Hoagland, Kennedy had seen photos of the Moon that indicated it had artificial structures, and he was in talks with Khrushchev to team up on joint US-USSR missions to the Moon.


Those who opposed such a collaboration may have been involved in JFK's assassination, he implied.





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