Reason 76:

SONY which is an anagram for SION since in English the "Y" is substituted for an "I".


Of course it makes sense coming from the company that has introduced the world too some of its greatest technological gadgets of the time. As they are already letting it become known they will bee adjusting the viewers DNA with the new digital upgrades. When this begins there will be little more one can do to explain anything to the masses, they simply will not be interested.


They will bee dulled out and controlled, embedded with layers of digitized mental programming.


Reason 77:

Mushrooms along with hallucinogens like Ayahuasca are Gateway Drugs, meaning that once taken they open the gateway of your soul which is normally kept closed by default.


An inexperienced person can suffer from several types of possessions when taking these substances if they are not trained in the knowledge of out of body experience OOBE. As you see Dr. Mario lured millions of children into taking Psilocybin Mushrooms.

It is said that the true purpose of a Galactic line up, is to allow ascending and descending too take place. Manny will be coming and going from this dimension once this happens.


Those who hold the power of creating realities, which can be done in the mind, can transfer souls/minds to another reality on a mental bridge. I know a person who went to India and then Peru and testified of Yogis being able to take untrained students into their minds. Then the student was transferred into another world in which the Yogi was ruler.


Madame Blavatsky did say that the lower dimensions were ruled by the Buddhaís on the Devachanic planes above us thus placing us in more of an Onion of Realities, layers of what we call Planes, Expanses, Dimensions, and Realms. Since this is the case it would bee wise for one too seek how-to escape this whole matter altogether or at least how to go in the positive direction versus the negative.


If you do not make a decision, one will be made for you.


Reason 78:

Hollywood lets us know one more time that there are snakes on the Earth Plane. The symbolism is key, as you can see the Caduceus is being implicated as one of the culprits.

I know for a fact that we have now descended 2 dimensions already. What Leonardo Da Vinci was explaining in his paintings which are full of sacred geometry is the Human body has a 5 fold nature. Five senses, 5 fingers on each hand etc.


There is an actual seam running down the middle of the body showing we are two five fold sides put together. What is happening now is most people are operating on 3 senses versus the 5 senses they think they have. How this occurs is many people think they see but in fact they are not seeing true reality just illusion, some taste but they need seasoning to even enjoy the food not to mention the kind of food they eat for nourishment.


Some would rather talk thus they donít hear well, and others touch but donít feel the energy of what they are examining. For each person the mixing and matching is different. The drawback is if we canít operate on all five senses not only can we not "unlock" the 6 sense, which is how you feel when all five senses are being used at their height simultaneously. In addition it takes the six senses to unlock the 7th and so on.


As explained above the perception of various dimensions is within the amount of senses you have. A good example of this is when the 3rd eye is open you are immediately perceptive of another dimension.

To clarify the statement of many languages being backwards I will bring forth a few facts: Fact one is that all holy languages, as they are called, like Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, Aramaic, and Sanskrit are written from right to left. English, Latin, French, and Spanish, also known as the Latin Vulgate, are all written in the opposite direction from left to right.


The reason for this is the direction you read and write plays a heavy role in the direction your mind is moving since the mind turns more of a wheel in thought. Also this effects what side of the brain you predominantly use. Many of the words in these languages, especially the Vulgates, when looked at backwards or sounded out the vibration when taken literal gives you the actual origin of the word and its manifold involvement in the erosion of the intelligence of the Human race.

AMOR is the word for love in Spanish. AMOR is the son of Venus. When you look at it backwards it spells ROMA which is of course ROME. This proves that when you turn the word backwards you donít get the opposite meaning you just get more of the meaning. That is another valuable key to learn. Since letters are truly Numbers lets say ABC is 123.


No matter how you move the words around it will still equal 6. In English LOVE comes from JOVE wife of Jupiter. We can conclude a J is also an L just facing the other direction.

At times what will be uncovered will be shocking and hard to believe, if you remain patient and strengthen your courage you will see that this will become the key to your emancipation and self empowerment. The system in place redundifies to the lowest degree, once you are on the trail you will find multiple connections.


The Art of magic itself involves an accurate system that cannot be altered too much or else it will have no effect. Much power lies in repetition this is why so many words are often spelled the same, but each is given a different meaning to increase its use. For this reason it is easier to spot them once you know the basic parameters does this make sense, since, cents, sins?

If you may think for one moment that your mind is not directional consider for a moment that the eyes see everything upside down first. They then must flip the image you see before it sends it to your brain, all of which happens so fast you never notice.


As we may at times forget we are actually standing on a globe that rotates and our feet are stuck to it by gravity less we just float off in space so in fact we are at times upside down. If we are only using the two eyes as a gauge to authenticating higher life forms we will remain disappointed at our discoveries, one must use other abilities in conjunction with their eyes.


Such as the third eye or Pineal Gland. Most have calcified Pineal Glands due mainly to fluoride intake, meat, processed starches and artificial sugars. To reverse this, one will need to ingest good amounts of Gotu Kola, Alfalfa, Parsley, Wood Betony, and Mugwort.


Gotu Kola is by far the most effective of all these.


Reason 79:

The eyes are easy to be tricked, in fact many places in our Matrix have Optical Illusions over them so you cannot perceive what is really there with you naked eye.


As seen in folklore they often spoke of hidden doorways to other dimensions. Focus your eyes on the dot in the center of this Illustration. Now move your head back and forth, notice the wheels spinning?


Your perception can easily be manipulated by those who inner-stand the complete body down to the atomic and cellular levels.


Reason 80:

When looking at Gates like the one pictured in Reason 66 in Detroit you will never see anything enter or exit the Gate they remain on a frequency none detectable by the eye, this is not very hard, they have mastered invisibility because of the inaccuracy of the two eyes, the Third Eye however cannot be easily fooled.


Focus on the cross in the center of the Illustration, you will notice the dots disappear altogether, if you focus longer they will reappear and then change color to green.

There are a few things that should become obvious to the individual about many of the Gods. There Worlds have run far longer than most can fathom especially since we have a hard time remembering what we did last Saturday. I call this the war against the machines except it didnít involve the Terminator it was the Terminal they used.


The computer has the feature of a huge memory bank. Iíve seen computer hard drives into the Terabytes which is at least 999 Gigabytes. The Cray 6, a government computer, has in its memory banks the dial tone of every phone in the United States. Itís funny that to our ears when you pick up the phone the tone sounds the same as any other phone but in fact they are all different.

Part of what is happening to our short term memory, which is very important because it makes the transfer to our long term memory, is we store on computers everything we should remember on our own thus our memory wilts down because it is unused. Even numbers of our close family members are stored in the phone memory banks not our personal memory. Now people change numbers so much it becomes no use in remembering their number.


When we stop logging numbers and watching them, an entire would of fact is closed to us. If you could watch the random numbers of the day your every step would be guided in perfection. Numbers are what we call the "Master Language" there will always be a 1, 2, 3 in every culture thus it is the strongest language. As you see in the Kabbalah and the Abjad there exist numeric magical cubes, boxes that equal the same amount no matter which way you add them.


In short we lost the battle of the machines on various levels, this is just one. We must regain the desire to pay attention to Letters, Numbers, and Names.


This is the actual exposed program to the Matrix, you can read it if you can decode it.



Reason 80:

The War against the Machines, took place in the office building, not on the Battlefield.


The real Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is busy at work dismantling our future. Sources say the Elite, are considering making him the next U.S. President.

For the first time that I have seen directly we will reveal what is at the end of 4th dimension. You may see this as a briefing since we will all reach a point where we must guide our Spirit through the Planes. Those that have become masters of astral travel report that when encountering and passing through 4th dimension they knew not to stop.


They reported heavy reptilian E.T. activity of a weird unwelcoming kind. Upon reaching the end of the 4th region their appeared what seemed to be an Artificially Intelligent computer barrier. Something like a giant computer that was alive that made a noise as if some type of giant engine was running within it.


Some would wave this off as absurd and of course I would to if I didnít have something more to ad about another strange sync with this "Ma"chine.

First off we will note on the last Matrix movie it came down to Neo talking to the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and making some sort of deal in order to free the people from the Matrix, but that is just a movie right?


AI is actually an important city in ancient Sumeria this word is pronounced (EYE) like the all-seeing-eye. The Atlantians were also known as the Borgians which is where the French term Bourgeoisie comes from, they claim to be descendants of Ancient Atlantians.


A BORG is known to be part Human part organic technology. If you have read any Atlantis lure you will see their affinity for first Crystals and then Technology. We also report for those who had made it to the point of the Gate, if they could go that far they had no trouble getting through, it had to open.


I wonder if Bill knows about that Gate. Oops (Ops)


Reason 81:

This Synchronistic Tarot card is right on the money featuring as number 17 BORG. 17 is a favorite Masonic number since 1+7=8. As you see they deal with the double cube and the cube is evil just like they showed you in the Hell Raiser Movies.


The Masons sent to the U.S. where charged with building the new Atlantis. Atlanta Georgia has a Lodge next to just about every church if not the church itself. You have great Athena "Athens" right up the road not to mention the Georgia Guide Stones, Dr Malachi Yorkís Pyramids in Eatonton Georgia, the Olympic arrival of 1996 and many more things linking Atlanta as a key location for numerous plans brought forth throughout history to arrive us at were we are now.


The tree in the middle of the Garden with Apples is wholly an Atlantean concept, just like the flood.

The truth is the masses have still been worshipping the same pagan Gods throughout history clueless to the outcome of such carelessness for the soul. When we fail to investigate the eternal destination of our Spirit it is most certain that it will end up in the hands of the vile, they want it, they known its value.


This after life is serious, it is this world that is the Illusion and yet you even see in this world the innocent pay penalties in which we would think is unfair. This is not about fair and unfair this is about you taking the training wheels off and becoming firm about what is your greatest possession rather than trusting it in the hands of some money loving Guru less they lead you astray as they have done many.


Did I mention Guru actually means Jupiter/Amon in Hindi.

Ideas of saving the whole world are obsolete. People are at various stages of their own personal growth thus in the beginning you may have to be a little selfish with your time and attention as you gain new balance. Many are still earth bound and ideas of even leaving their hometown may seem like too long of a journey, they cannot be forced to grasp concepts of space.


This book is written for those who feel their future is in the cosmos and in fact many things will not make sense if a person is looking to remain on Earth. There is no reason for one to accept the truth of the future if they want to remain on Earth, thus they will believe nothing you tell them. These people are making plans for several years in advance as if they knew of the hour.


We would release their souls.


Many make plans in vain their highest goals are riddled with limits and they have forgotten that we are not the body.


Reason 82:

Many people have confused Spirituality with monetary prosperity in which the two are almost complete opposites. Consumption is the enemy of compassion.


If you notice the main trait we have been given as Humans is reason, this keeps us from acting like insects and animals being at times purely instinctual. When one charges money to give a Seeker knowledge they are in gross error and the Truth will elude them even if it is in plain view, many will not believe this.


Their deeds are written thus We will declare them back faithfully to them on that Day in which it will be too late to balance. That day comes for everyone at some point it is the only guarantee in this world.

We shall put a barrier betwixt them so none may cross, on one side they will see what they forfeited and on the other they can see what they escaped, contemplate this in wisdom.

Real Gurus travel the Buddhic and Devachanic Planes that many already inhabit, they are doing the bidding for the Beings who control the Regions. Theyíve promised to serve them during their initiations. Iím speaking here of the initiated Yogi, Guru, Lama, etc. as far as the Pastors the Holy Ghost suffices for them and the Witches have their 13 Covens.


Paranormal feelings and experiences do not denote that you have reached the True Path and one should carefully access all of what is happening in the surroundings when they begin to occur, especially in the future, they will be widespread as many activate.


Due to the level of mind control and suppression of thought many individuals never get the opportunity to truly ponder this stuff in fear that they may be struck by lightening for offending the Gods thus they become stuck on the step of what appears to be an enormous religious Pyramid fully animated. Iíve wanted at times to feel the charge of lightening so I will present the facts and you remain as the judge.

It becomes obvious that if the Gods could do something about this world to make it better they would have done it a long time ago before many innocent humans and animals have perished many of whom are now extinct. I feel I am in the position to make these statements because I have traveled many paths to their completion somehow escaping the irreversible initiations.


As many great men have put it, if you need to be initiated into it, it cannot be wholesome for the people. Was not our first command to give freely of what is the best for us to our neighbor who are like mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers to us? So why keep a secret from them?


Indeed these men and women have something that needs to be kept a secret due to its abhorred nature.


Reason 83:

There is an inclination within us all, no matter how minute, that wishes to be part of something mystical and elite.


These lechers of life feed upon that craving that exist within us as a residue of who we really are, except they distort the image to their favor. A Midget standing on a giants shoulder can see much further than the Giant however if the Giant fails to see the Midget below him the Midget will be trampled beneath his feet. Joining secret societies always gets one trampled.


The moment you relinquish yourself to such a hierarchy you are admitting you are in a lowly state, this places the strong above the weak and this is how they operate.


Most never obtained what they where looking for and even forgot what that was.


Reason 84:

Their Oath is to keep silent; the ritual keeps the Oath in place.


As you see above the Pyramid is full of the Spiritual Leaders, Bankers, Businessmen, and various others in key places. Joining would place a person on the bottom of the Pyramid to be crushed. Their capstone has yet to descend, meaning they are waiting on their God to return to this realm this will be in 2012, possibly 2010.

It is sad that in the end I found most religious Dogmaís, or should I say Maís Dogs, along with their characters to be inexplicably linked to a common cause of keeping us ignorant and under the yoke. At great lengths I wanted to believe the world was perfect because "God" was perfect and this was the highest form of teaching.


Then true knowledge rebutted and said we are the active creation in which the Creator passes knowledge through, if we can no longer see what is in plain view and use our senses to react against it, if it be judged harmful to innocence, then we have forfeited our gift which is the right of good choice. The Creator is perfect however the creation is started from a state where it must learn perfection amongst many other things. Part of the practice is repairing society with the ability that is bestowed upon us.


One may write, paint, teach, sculpture, speak, fund, volunteer, and many more things to bring about perfection that will at least reflect on their own personal self which is the world, but we cannot sit back and do nothing, this is insolence.

We have above us now rulers that are killing everything we love with their filth like oil. Has one sat down lately and thought about how many family members and close friends we have lost to this system from all the diameters it takes hold of such as its medical poisons? They are the real causalities to a silent war that takes place on the battlefield of Illusion where we sometimes forget to look around us to see those that have fallen.


It is easy to ignore it as long as it wasnít someone that you may have known, but when it is your Uncle that gets called to the meaningless war, your Aunt who dies in the Twin Tower Ritual, your Sister who gets abducted into a Cult, your Brother who overdoses, or your Baby who is born deformed due to the chemicals they gave you as the Mother, then you feel like doing something, and it is then you will find you are alone.


No longer do we rally together I saw a woman speak to a stray dog and then look at me and say nothing.


Reason 85:

The silent battle still goes on with oil. The Elite have placed war and disease at the forefront while the contamination still continues in the background.


The Arabs discovered oil looking for water, how ironic, before then they considered the desert cursed.


After they found the oil they perceived it as a gift from their God to make them rulers of all lands especially over their brother Israel thus they suffer from mental delusion and greed prostrating ritualistically at 90 degrees as if We hear them not knowing the Most High examines the Heart and the knowledge of man is foolishness on Height.

The night was unforgiving since we could not find wood the fire did not carry. We lost another to the wolves in the night, a new child, the world was not deserving of her.


Iím not sure how much longer we can hold on, as the Older I must lead because I have escaped death often and although my limbs have long since given way but I cannot show it. Hopefully we find others who know this strange land less we perish in it with no story of our existence.

My Pre-Adamic Life

A little old lady that did everything the Bible told her to do had an issue with God.


Good old Mother Love was praying for the innocent girl next door to be healed but instead the little girl got sicker and God forbid, she died. Being a Pastor I was faced with dealing with this situation. Of course the ones who play the role as Spiritual leaders are taught to stay on their toes and have some default answers always ready.


If all else fails a solemn "It is Gods Will" will suffice but of course you only use that one in emergencies, creativity is key.


Adding more fluff I came up with "Everything is by the will of God and He does what He pleases which will ultimately work out for the good because everything God does is good", nice one eh?

Since God does both good and evil as it states in the Bible what can you really do but just hope they havenít read that one and come back wanting more answers. Most Christians have never read the complete Bible thus they lack the big picture.


When they get into the vicinity of the Pastor itís seldom question time just time to shake hands and smile. P"raise" the Lord brother!


Why would the Lord need to be raised?


Could that be what the final plan is, to raise their Lord, we will see.


Reason 86:

The Phoenix is used in the Occult Symbolism due to a hidden story of all the Saviors that have descended to the Underworld will rise and return.


This is Tammuz, Mithras, Jesus, Quetzacoatl, Horus, Adonis and others...


The American eagle was going to be a Phoenix but this was deemed too obvious since Europe has always used the Phoenix as its insignia and they did not want the settlers to know that the British were silently orchestrating the development of the Americas. The Phoenix is also the hidden sign of the Phoenicians who designed much of our corrupted language; this is where we get the term Phonetics.

I learned default answers that I picked up along the way from other Ministers that were quite sinister. Of course I had to learn all these things if I intended to be a good Pastor and bare fruit. We will skip for now that the Christian God is a male which is the obvious clue that it isnít the Most High.


The Ultimate Creator being gendered is erroneous seeing that it would have to be way more than a He or She to create multiple universes, but we will go with it for now not wanting to begin digging into history "His Story".

So this God did not find it important to save a family from grief and increase an old ladies faith. He would rather not heal the child and leave the old lady hanging on a limb which made no sense to me. We will examine what happens here more closely as we take this journey together into the doghouse. I would like to state that it is clear that only one of two things are happening.


Either the God cannot do it because of lack of power or it does not want to just wave its hand and remove the problem for some unknown and strange reason called the W"ill". After all, the God described in the Bible has so much power it can just wave its pinky and poof a better world.

The easier route would of course be to heal the child, which would build the old ladies faith even more, thus possibly convincing the parents of the sick child to attend church.


But that is often what does not happen in fact seldom any real miracles anymore, but lots of new cars, why? My personal favorite was always "God gave me a new car" I would think oh really did he give you a gas card for that new Hummer to? As you can see Pastor Bomśr just wasnít cut out to carry the cloth after awhile and if I hadnít already made contact with Shekinah and various other unexplained Beings, by that point I would have been out the door.


Due to the paranormal experiences I had with these Beings inside of the church I was able to at least come to the conclusion that there was still something alive invisibly orchestrating itself in the church. It wasnít all Catharsis as they would like to make you believe, Spirits actually made contact.


So then I learned a valuable lesson which is what looks Good does not always come from Good.

First off because the language is backwards when you say God you really say Dog, donít laugh this is something very serious "Sirius". Many people have always been curious as to why Godís Name backwards spells dog. For a moment while carrying the Cross I tried to make sense of it so I leaned on the notion that the Dog was Godís opposite because Dogs were very bad.


This made no sense whatsoever since many Dogs are very kind and plus there are much more evil things than Dogs described in the Bible like Demons or the Devil which would be more like Gods opposite. I could only conclude for awhile that they all begin with D.

Let us just think for a moment, if you where an all intelligent God and you intended for your Name to always mean good, you should probably make it something like YAY, that way no matter if a person pronounced it backwards or forwards they would still get the same thing, right? Surely the Creator of multiple universes re-splendid and furnished would know this if his lowly creation could figure it out.


Not to mention the Creator of everything cannot be confined within Names, Numbers, Vibrations, emitted from the human mouth and if it did it would be much too powerful for us to assimilate and then reproduce.


It would be worth it to conclude that the Gods, who are separate from the Most High, know exactly what they are doing down to a quantum level.


Reason 87:

This is the Dog Star Sirius A, the star of Illumination for any Secret Societies including the Egyptians. They called it Sothis, and its symbol is the 5 pointed Star. There is also Sirius B called pup or esoterically "Great Five". This is Anubis, 5 was the sacred number of Atlantis.

As I began to look at a lot of the terminology being used in certain places it seemed to take me closer to the truth as long as I was willing to take it literally. Our ability to discern what is happening is deteriorating because we think everything is just a coincidence even though there is no such thing. It is of value to make note of the syncs or dťjŗ vuís of your life, also dreams.


This is how the Unseen Ones communicate without swooping down on you in full flight scarring the crap out of you which would not accomplish the purpose intended.

Many ask why the Most High does not just come down here and straighten things out?


We say,

"Shall the Creation ask the Creator why did you make me this way"?

Some even further claim that "He" did.


I will venture out for a quick moment to imagine what the Most High is. This of course is very unwise since Iím now trying to comprehend such a storehouse of catamount versants of condescend Aeonic beams, the Wise, with five puny senses and to add insult to injury I have to use English words, but here it goes.


PURE UNRESTRICTED ENERGY, thus if the Most High arrives anywhere near our Galaxy well welcome to the next life because nothing can withstand such force based on common sense, Physics, and Mathematics.

Anything that has come saying it is the Most High is a Deceiver and the truth cannot be found with them and their works prove it along with their words. Notice that when people "Pray" as the word indicates they actually are saying they are becoming the victim and are being hunted, that is after all what pray is, so,

  • Who is the predator, could it be a wolf?

  • Were the Pastor stands is called the Pulpit, but what is being pulled into the pit?

  • They call themselves Saints which is an anagram for Satins?

  • All books of power indicate the Most High is inside of you so why do so many people when they pray imagine that God lives outside of them, possibly in the sky?

This becomes one of many errors we make when we channel our energy to make contact.


As it teaches in religions where chakra systems are at least discussed, focusing internally and concentrating on certain energy centers located in your body is one sure way to Enlightenment. Once you have accomplished that you begin to manipulate the energy through your Chakras which are the organs of your soul.


Full activation of the Chakras will bring an individual to clear unadulterated contact with the Most High.

The real miracle is performed by the one who has trained their mind to bring about such phenomena without the assistance of an external Being of invisibility causing the phenomena to take place. This does take a certain level of dedication that many have tried to get around. The result of cutting spiritual corners has always been an even greater setback to ones growth. There is no easy way because it is not hard, it has just been made to seem like it is.


Once finally emancipated from being dependant upon the rules and false impedances of natural growth you will clearly see our purpose here is to become complete. Not fused and packed together with followers who posses nothing of their own creative thoughts and are just reciting like robots what they learned from those before them that where also incorrectly being lead about behaving like clones.

On the flip side when a person prays they are in fact relinquishing their power and beginning a process of Servant and Master. Our Planetary Ether is saturated with multiple Beings on various frequencies above what the untrained eye can see. The ear can detect some of the Beings which will sound like a ringing in the ear.


These Beings have developed an outer Aura incasing their body that makes them invisible thus they can carry out their work on the material realm without notice.


Their voices are whispers that people imagine as their own thoughts unless they are Guided. The prayer of the individual which is often known before the request is even made is taken into account and a design begins, this is one of the powers of the All Seeing Eye.

We have way too much evidence linking the Christian faith to Atlantian, Egyptian, and Sumerian Rites sometimes being directly plagiarized from the originals.


What I am saying in this case is if a person does their research, which can be done on the internet, and they still do not find the above statement to be true, they could be a victim of mind control which is okay we can work through that. Let us remember that the secret to mind control is never letting the person realize they are under its influence. When the ego is created it will never admit that something like that could happen, it thinks it is too smart.


Thus a perpetual system is in place keeping you stagnant, Mind Control, and the Ego/Eagle. Its time that we realize steel sharpens steel the only person that can fix you is you.


So as the Book says one should make a "sober" estimate of themselves everyday to be sure they are not off the path and have not deluded themselves all puffed up with pride which comes before destruction.


Reason 88:

Every part of the physical mind has been mapped, one will have to work with their spiritual mind to avoid delusions.


Let us examine why it could be possible that the term God is more of a hidden term which traces to the land of Canaan and many other trails. Throughout our recent history lots of attention has been put on the land of Canaan. This is the so-called Promise Land of the Hebrews.


Most literature on Canaan is very non-descriptive as to the people that originally lived there and this of course is done on purpose. There religious beliefs, artifacts along with its true name often remain hidden and obscure. After much Guidance pieces began to come together.

According to the story when the cursed Cain slew his brother Able he was marked with a sign so that all who see Cain would know that he had been marked by God thus they could not destroy Cain. It should seem odd that although Cain has killed his brother he is then given a symbol of great protection, just another one of those Bible concoctions where the true story is an esoteric mystery embedded with hidden symbolism thus taking it literally makes no sense.


They do so much of this in the Bible itís a wonder the book is legible at this point. Generally the member is trained heavily in blind faith to counteract the feelings which occur when continuously uncovering inconstancies.


Enoch son of Cain who wrote more literature relating to the "Fall" for a profound reason noted that this was the double cross.


This cross was used in Gnosticism taught in Gnosis, Crete. What is also odd is according to the Bible at this point only 4 people have been created one of which is dead. So Adam and Eve and Cain are the only people spoke of.


Here is the scripture:

And Jehovah set up a sign for Cain in order that anyone finding him would not strike him. With that Cain went away from the face of Jehovah and took up residence in Nod the Land of fugitiveness to the East of Eden.

Afterward Cain had intercourse with his wife and she became pregnant and gave birth to Enoch. Then he engaged in building a city and called the cityís name by the name of his son Enoch.

Genesis Chapter 4:16-17

Once Cain is evicted it says he left into the land of Nod, the land of fugitiveness, and he knew a wife.


This mysterious land of Nod I have traced to the land of Canaan which became Palestine than Israel. In Palestine they have discovered caves completely excavated by what appears to be a very advance race for the time that must have been of great stature according to how the caves were laid out.


Our biblical story of Abraham also starts off in Ur of Chaldea and Abraham when leaving Ur enters Canaan where he experiences his first encounters with the God of the Bible. This is also the reason the Children of Israel deemed Canaan the land that was promised to them through the covenants made with Abraham by Jehovah that had to be fulfilled.

Beside the Bibleís report the record reflects that after the destruction of Atlantis the few that survived set out on ships. It goes on to say many of them reached land in the area we now know as Canaan.


They began rebuilding their Empire warring with the various people currently inhabiting the land. It goes on to report that many sailed further into indigenous territories inhabited by various Indian tribes. Many of these tribes recorded the arrival of the Atlanteans and report that they taught them various sciences, mathematics, and of course a new religion.


Being more technologically and spiritually advanced the natives began to worship them as Gods and knew them as Feathered Serpents because of the religion they taught and the appearance of their Deity.

Since there has been so much talk of these serpents we have to at some moment approach the question, are all serpents and reptilians evil? I can only answer this as are all men evil? What follows now is perspective, think of this. If you where born a lion is it natural for you to behave like a sheep?


Obviously not so we all have different characters that at times directly oppose the nature of other species. Just as when ants invade your kitchen because you spilled some sugar, you become their apocalypse when you wipe out hundreds of them with the sweep of a clothe, drowning them as you clean the rag watching them go down the drain.


Many would say this is different they are not sentient, We would say all things that move are endowed with the Divine Spark and if you could split it, it will create an explosion such as you have never seen this was done so you could marvel at the Creation and them reflect back upon the Creator.

I tell you the truth there are high life forms that still call Earth home, they are interwoven in its fabric, and to separate from it would be spiritual death to them. Earth is also our current reference point, if it is removed it is possible our memories will be disposed of when we reincarnate again. This is of course if we continue to reincarnate after what happens in the future.


The best most could hope for is another repeat of life with no memories in which Iím not really up for. We must admit Earth life is dangerous after awhile in our current atmosphere of illusion. It is easy to bring about so many excesses we not only destroy things around us, but we also bring about the degradation and degeneration of our Souls.


Experience is not the only thing the soul needs to grow; in fact experience is a relatively small portion when you consider the Soul can eat Elements, Essence, and Gaseous things found in the atmospheres.


We must now build a superhighway down the Path of Truth. Why?

During the invasion of the Anu known also as Ana, life forms from another constellation called Nibiru came to Tiamat/Earth to subdue it. Tiamat known as the Dragon fought the Anunnaki who fought back using highly advanced weapons that ultimately split Tiamat. This is the story in the Bible of the Dragon fighting the Angels.


Many of our religions are Anunnaki propaganda. Their main interest was our natural elements especially the Spirit of man and woman termed, the Gold. Several situations ensued amongst these Beings even a mutiny amongst themselves. These Beings are responsible for the Nephalim stories of the Bible, they altered a race of what appeared to be then pure spiritual Beings of various types, into spirit forms incased in flesh in which they could slave and master over.

There was said to be a few amongst them that did not like the way humans were being abused and thus they began to teach "their favorites" the ways of enhancing their bodies by linking them to their spirit to become as powerful as the Anunnaki, if not even more powerful since we had the spirit element in us given by the Most High.


These mysteries of enhancing the body later became known as "the Wisdom of the Serpent". The correct term would be "the Wisdom of the Spirit" who many relate to the serpent because of its spiraling movement and fiery nature.

As things began to intensify word got back to Anu the leader of the Anunnaki about the humans and their new abilities. Anu sent Marduk in a ship which is Planet X to handle Tiamat called the Great Serpent and her offspring the humans once and for all. This ship the size of a Planet similar to George Lucasís Death Star entered orbit around our Sun as the 12th Planet in the 10th position from the Sun hence its name Planet X.


This marked the last crossing of Nibiru. Marduk used a weapon known in the Tablets as a Net called also the Net of Indra. This is some type of atmospheric net that keeps souls trapped on Earth/Tiamat not allowing them to continue their evolution. Marduk who is Ra set up the Pyramid systems which I explained above as the first Matrix.


Ra then became ruler of the Underworld which is the place where souls go when they remain trapped in the net but have expired their current physical body thus they are waiting on a new one, this is re-incarnation, a curse.

You can clearly see the Egyptian God Anubis serves Anu and is one of them.


The Queen of England, who is the ruler of this world, has instilled the worship of Ra, Anubis, and the rest of the Anunnaki pantheism under various Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hebraic guises. This is why religion is now so limited except for the few who become high initiates. It is them their duty to continue to suppress us. They are doing this at the bidding of their God Anu who they say is returning with Planet X by 2012.


There are many more in high places who also serve Ra such as the Arabs in Dubai.


Reason 89:

Parliaments are tools for the Anunnaki, they run mystery schools, governments, and practically the entire globe.


I have yet to find anyone who opposes this force. They are supremacist such as the ideas the Talmud discusses about Gentiles thus if you are not in leagues

with them, you are only a resource that can be abused. Christianity was hatched to seem as if it opposed all of this however it was just another plan to keep humans powerless thus continuing to stall anyone from activating by denying them information of Chakras.


We will face the Anunnaki in what will appear to be the first extraterrestrial contact on Earth, currently it seems Earth will face utter destruction and enslavement by them, however the Most High holds the key Element of setting such plans to ruin. You must at least individually entreat the Most High.

The Anunnaki themselves appear to be originally Reptilian, however, they have blended with various life essences and thus their appearances vary.


In addition the Anunnaki themselves seldom interact with humans directly, they use their underlings who are humans infused with Anunnaki genes and in that state they are wholly indebted to the Anunnaki and are controlled by them through a mentally collective cellular connection.

Other names of the Anunnaki and their offspring are Anakim, this is why Anakin Skywalker is Dark Vader in the Star Wars Series. They are the Celtic Tuatha de Danaan Sons Dan or the Danu.


They are offspring and servants of Sumerian E.A. (pronounced Aya). This is why the new name for our planet is "Ea"rth, three wise men came from the "Ea"st, and the major Christian celebration is called "Ea"ster. They are the Sumerian EL, Akkadian ILU, Babylonian ELLU, and English ELF called by their worshippers the "Shining Ones" or is it Sinning Ones?


They altered man, a downgrade, calling them Lulu meaning "mixed one" and Adapa, "model man" who the Hebrews call Adam.

According to the Sumerian text Tiamatís seas were full of souls that could be harvested. This is the hidden meaning behind the Fisher King and Jesus being called "the Fisher of Men".


When Planet X divided Tiamat into two parts she released an ocean of souls or cosmic essence into the cosmos. The Greek version of Tiamat was Demeter which is where we get the term Diameter, the cutting or dividing a circle in two, or split. This is how we became separated from our other half.


The Egyptian termed these two parts the Ka and the Ba. Kaíbah.


Reason 90:

Indara (Jahveh, Jove or Indara) is seen in this rare Plate, carrying the Double-Cross/Net. Indara is Cain and plays the role of Ra/Marduk. Their descendants are a different breed created on the 8th day from dust, offspring of the ones who beguiled the pure world.

What self aware spiritual entity would agree to a life of slavery? I was enlightened and made aware of what is transpiring and since my eyes have been open, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. The Anunnaki see the Earth bound souls as slaves, criminals, deviates, prisoners of war, detested social and racial groups, non-conformist and undesirables.


Hammurabiís Code, which later became the Ten Commandments found also in the Egyptian Book of the Dead became the guidelines issued to this race of souls to give them rules and conformity. Various plans have existed to keep us from reaching our real potential through the Art of Conviction.

Ninhursag the Sumerian Hathor or Isis was called the Great Cow. Legend says she is the true power behind E.A./Aya.


She was called the Carpenter, the Coppersmith, and the Lady Potter. Later her name was changed to Gabriel feminine such as Gabriella. Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary alerting her of the birth of the Christ Child Jesus.


In 600 A.D. she visited Muhammad dictating Koran to him. She is a Seraphim, meaning serpent of Raphim or Rephaim another Nephalim Hybrid connection. Gabriel used the caduceus rod to translate the soul of Christ along with "the Holy Ghost" into the body of Mary.


It helps to see this as advanced technology of Spirit insemination.


Reason 91:

The caduceus staff was in fact some type of Anunnaki technology used to transfer spirits into matter and manipulate energy through the tuned vibrations of the carrier.

Again the level of mind control brought forth here is profound since we are taught that we are all children of Abraham and we have all descended from the Twelve Tribes of Israel. For some this may be true but let us not forget that Abraham had a father also and while they where all in Ur of the Chaldeas you had Nubians populating Africa, Asians in the Orient, and various other races that had never heard of Abraham.


The Bible speaks of in Genesis, a Man and Woman created on the 6th day in the Image of God and another set created on the 8th day from dust. The difference between these two creations was one had spirit/compassion, while the other was very base. This is the main drawback of the genetic manipulation.


Many underlings are of the other race of Adams of whom care more for material prosperity and could care less about a dying world, helping children, etc. Still others are now mixed with both. There is obviously a silent war going on between at least 2 separate races.

Looking deeper into the K-9 affiliations to clarify the Dog itself is a domesticated Wolf so what we are really dealing with here are Wolves which fits the term, Wolves in Sheepís clothing. Sheepís clothing is a metaphor for a human body.


In Canaan which has its roots in the words Cain, Canine, K-9, and others relating to the Canine species there had obviously been some interaction with the Wolf later domesticated into the Dog. This interaction can be looked at no different then the Chinese and the Dragon in which they claim in there ancient tales where their original descendants.


To explain many things that have drawn a blank to most historians it may be necessary to look further into the true meaning of the Animist involvement in various Nations.

Following the pagan tradition many would leave their young in the woods around packs of wolves to see if they would take the baby as their own. Of course this lead to hundreds of babies being torn apart by packs wolves. It is said some were taken into the pacts of wolves and the she-wolf would care for them. It is said at times when seeing these youth full grown in the forest they had inherited all the traits of the wolf, just as the shaman follow certain animals around to gain their traits.


This gave birth to the mythology of the Werewolf or Liken.



Reason 92:

Romulus, where Rome gets its name from killed his brother Remus. They both were suckled by a she-wolf who found them abandoned in the wild.

The scriptures say the Nephalim that roamed the Earth during the time Humans were created sinned against woman and then began to sin against the Beasts. What I have more than enough evidence to prove is that statement meant some type of insemination between animal and Demi-God that brought forth what we would now call mythological creatures. In the old days they became revered, feared and worshipped.


It can be proven that many of these Beings make up the tales of Ancient Mythology when Centaurs, Cyclops, Cthulhu, and various other part man/part God/part animal creatures were roaming about, this was known as the abomination.


In addition it states in the ancient text that when these Creatures died they had Souls thus they did not perish but roamed upon the face of the Earth and man called them evil Spirits and they could be evoked.


This is the accounts that can be found in the books of Enoch the first man to write about the God of the Bible and what was taking place during those times. Interesting enough his books did not make it into publication and remained in the esoteric circles for hundreds of years.


The list of the names of the Fallen Angels located in the books of Enoch were very important to the Elite for evocation.


Reason 93:

Some of the offspring of the Nephalim that were reptilian and amphibian hybrids lived much longer and became kings. This is how the bloodlines began.


The intermingling with woman continued in order to spawn successors.

Since the ruling powers have clearly sprang forth from Ancient Egypt a little Egypt 101 wouldnít hurt. The Great Pyramids point to the Sirius Star system more commonly called the Dog Star in Canis Major. On January 1st Sirius reaches the Meridian Point at exactly midnight. This is of course the beginning of the Gregorian Year.


In Egypt this was the most important star, it is not only the brightest star in the sky it can also be seen from anywhere in the world which many stars cannot.

The Egyptians called this star the Goddess Sopdet pictured riding side saddle on a large Dog and at times as an actual Dog. She is known as the wife of Osiris who is Orion. She was also known under this same star as Sothis and Sophis which is where the Greeks got the term Sophia from their channel of Illumination.


Sophia was the exact equivalent too the Holy Ghost and Shekinah which is the power Jesus used to bring about miracles along with the wooded staff passed from Aaron. In the actual Egyptian text Isis/Sothis is noted giving birth too the Morning Star Venus. The Morning Star is Jesus of Nazareth.


As the Bust of Isis says, I AM Isis I have brought forth the Sun/Son.


Reason 94:

The Pyramids of Egypt are the portal to Sirius and also Amenti the Underworld.

Once again Sirius is undedicated by the 5 pointed star. This would mean all those using the 5 pointed stars are evoking energy from Sirius which spells the Underworld in the afterlife. The Atlantians built the Egyptian pyramids as temples and portals to the Deities worshipped in Atlantis. Atlantis means "Is" daughter of Atlan.

It is a fact that Pantheism can be confusing at times which it was created to do and since the Egyptians had over 3000 Gods and Goddesses there was lots of confusion all the time in Egypt. With the advent of so many people entering Egypt the local Gods of the Egyptians were always picked up by surrounding tribes who admired Egypt's successes accrediting it to their patron Good and thus becoming devout worshippers.


There is a constant sea-sawing back and forth between Osiris, Horus, Isis, and Ra. Consider how many servants are in this world versus Masters, the Gods abound and the Humans are left powerless and made too serve. These Serpent Dynasties never stopped ruling they simply branched out and commingled setting up hierarchies and pyramid systems of control everywhere they could subdue the people by war.


They roamed/Rome about the land seeking who they could devour leaving a trail of blood from the Delta to the Americas.


Reason 95:

The various Demigods of Egypt were of the lineage of ancient Atlantis. Other Deities such as the African Bes became part of the Pantheism due to the power accredited to him by worshipers in Africa.


Egypt absorbed all the powerful Deities throughout the land and thus the people where wholly dependent upon serving and carrying for the Gods who often manifested as the royal families. Generally they where trained in techniques of mental power, then given a rod to intensify those powers. To the people they had the power of Gods.

Everything that is living first examines what it was before, so it knows what to become next and this can be seen even with microscopic life forms. This means that if they tell us lies about what happened in the history of this world, as a race we face not only heavy mental alteration but also possible extinction. We are not continuing on our true cycle as I explained above about descending.


Real Zodiac does give a pretty accurate layout of your character but we have the ability to change our ways permanently thus altering our DNA, this is the marvel of the Human race. Considering how long this charade of playing God has been going on, this may be the first time at least in this segment that such knowledge of the inner workings of our society has been placed in our hands.


Not to mention this is probably the first time a mass of people are at a comprehension level to at least grasp what is happening. In the history of man the masses have been powerless with little intellect.

The Human mind which I mentioned before is more like a wheel turning. When we get set into habits it creates a groove in the brain. Deeper grooves are habits that have been practiced for longer periods. This is where terms like "stuck in a cycle" or "getting into the groove of things" come from since a cycle can also be looked at as a wheel.


It has been also observed that it takes 22 days to make or break a habit, good or bad, which has the effect of allowing the grooves to flatten back out.


So the Human mind becomes a record with grooves playing often times the same vibrational song everyday. The first thing you realize during astral travel is that you are not the body, you are more like the Alien on the movie Men In Black that is very small but powerful sitting in the operations seat of a giant body, something like an organic Montauk chair.


The other thing you will notice when you look down upon your body is that obviously your memory and senses are not contained in your body because you are still using them.

This is one secret of obtaining Higher Character, even if you have not astral traveled before, knowing that you are not the body releases you from the many expectancies of normal life and gives you another framework, the soul, to build upon. When you have dreams if you notice the shear detail that is involved in the environment you realize that we are a lot more than they are letting on about.


We are capable of doing amazing things. There is even a part in our mouth that makes 3 different types of saliva for different situations. It becomes obvious that we are not in a Ford with the standard parts we have been fashioned with bells and whistles that we have not even explored.


This knowledge of enhancing the body has been held selfishly by the Elite Alchemist but now we are hacking Morpheus/Orpheus and in a moment he will tell us everything.

Most are completely unconscious of who they were in former lives. Sometimes we catch glimpses of it in dreams, often smells and sounds remind us of something that we remember but cannot wholly identify. The Sacred Order of the Maryís in fact had unlocked the secret of certain essential oils that had the ability to regress anyone smelling them into memories of their past.


The loss of collective life memory has everything to do with how strong your Spirit is when it departs from this world. We are living in a time where if you look deep enough you can find most of this information. This is all we need and possibly all we will get. I see it as useless to keep coming into lives in which we have no full knowledge of our previous experiences.


The best advice I can give the reader is to begin to work on growing your Spirit which we will talk about as we go along.

The Elite communicate in Symbols and Designs which are far more powerful than words.


These markings are embedded in our consciousness and serve as triggers for various emotions and concepts. I will take this time to tell you that you should not become a warrior when you begin to discover what is going on and anger or vengeance moves you to combat it directly. You should always keep your weapons in your mind and not in your hand.


Warrior also means a person who worries/worrier so much once they figure out how much strength and cunning the other side possesses that they actually send energy to the negative forces when they become overwhelmed and behave foolishly.

Remember what we face as a society is something that we all must confront at some point; one person can not fix this world on their own but each person can do their part in getting out information of the Truth. This way those who are still confused can make up their mind as to which side truly resonates with them so they can go about it fully and not half heartedly.


The whole construct of this Book is not to down any religion race or belief system. It should be seen as a detailed observation and not a judgment. In the Book of Revelations it says,

"how I wish you were hot or cold but you are lukewarm and I shall vomit you out of my mouth".

This means that individuals should not straddle the fence, whatever they are going to be they should get on with it.


This whole activity of truth seeking does wonders for our complete growth so it should be looked at as such. Everything that you have experienced will all come to your aid one way or another when you have purpose. Let everything you do have purpose.

With this information you now have a chance at saving yourself and others. The last thing you want to do is become so scared you no longer want to know anymore. In the unknown you can be found because you have not yet discovered your true self obviously because you are not even flying or at least floating yet.


I give this pointer very sternly; fear is indeed the mind controller. You are stopped at times from learning anything more because of the internal feeling of death and the lies about what really happens after death. Many people hold on to their religious preferences because they feel it will save them in the end even though they break most of the rules of the religion.


It would suffice to know that when you die you go to the place corresponding to your mentality or frequency hence the term Judgment or a Judging of the Mental.

Society has been trained to love lure and ceremony thus the preacher with a "fiery sermon" gets more attention than the sometimes boring metaphysic who is explaining how the body can really work the miracle they are so busy ranting about to make it seem like such a big deal. Individuals will begin to need their powers in order to survive, that is the pressure placed upon us in the end of this segment, evolve or face extinction.


Once the mental portal is reopened and the person becomes "open minded" again, most of the instructions, activations, and experiences will happen during sleep. If you where completely transported from this world never to return, it would take place in your sleep.


It is unclear what happens to your body here, some say it continues as if itís you and behaves just like you through residual memories action and reaction, people never know you are really gone?

In Egypt where much of this is amplified we find the Cult of Isis. Many believe with the masculinity of the Pharaohs the women played only roles as normal Queens called by them, Ferts. In all actuality the Egyptian Empire functioned as a Trinity and the female part of the Trinity became absorbed under Isis. To maintain it as a Trinity all the other Gods and Goddesses were summed up under the main ennead. Cleary Osiris-Horus-and Isis make up the Egyptian Trinity.


Sin, Shamash, and Ishtar make up the Babylonian.


Isis represented Ninhursag, Nin-Ella, Inanna, Ishtar, Maíat, Mare, Mary, Mut, Nephthys, Hathor, Nut, Diana, Asteroth, Astarte, Aphrodite, Athena, Tuart, Bast, Usertesen, Ida, Mylitta, Baalath, Anahita, Ashur, Aasith, Kodesh, Sophia, Sothis, Sodet, Shekina, Magdelina, Europa, Ganeymead and many others.

This became possible because it was the so-called God "S" "female energy" that equated to the enlightened portion of Spiritual training so when an Initiate came in contact with the actual Spirit of the religion it often personified itself in one of these Goddesses who all remained under the same umbrella.


This is why even to this day Isis under many forms is worshipped heavily. Our statue of liberty is a rendition of Isis.


Her main sign is ($) which is the word ISIS compressed into one symbol. Some of the countries of their origin are Assyrian Ishtar, Phoenician Ashtoreth (Astarte), Syrian Atargatis (Derketo), Babylonian Belit (Mylitta) Arabian Ilat (Al-Ilat). Again their home is the Asteroid Venus, Sirius, and the Pleiades.

Their species seems to be completely foreign hiding under the guise of Illuminating Warrior Goddesses. In the ancient text it says a fragment landed in the river Euphrates shaped like an egg. Somehow those who interacted with this egg became infused and infected with its essence. Those infected became the first communicators of the knowledge and message these Beings brought to Earth.


These are also the Beings movies like "the V" and "the Knowing" are describing. They have an agenda to take over the world completely and they have major assistance from just about every main religious and social group. This is due in part to the powerful role they play in religion.

The natural instinct for man to gravitate toward a "Mother Goddess" figure comes from the separation of our other half. The want to interact with this magical feminine Being is played on and exploited by these imposters, some of whom are responsible for the initial split or Maya as it is more properly called. In addition for the woman, since the God "S" is androgynous, he gives her the Son of the Sun.


She begins to see this as her husband, protector, and father figure. Most women are deprived of one or the other if not both in todayís common society. There is obviously not just one faction doing all this.


You would have to think, man and woman are a very advanced species it would take a collaborative effort to keep them in the darkness of what the true reality is.


Reason 96:

There was a saying "the devil has many names" I first found that to be untrue when  learning who Satan was. Especially since Satan and Lucifer are actually two different Beings.


When considering ISIS however it all makes since, this is how the re-occurring Savior theme exists, and the key component is always the mother with Immaculate Conception. Immaculate Conception is really the Deity having some type of intercourse with the woman producing an offspring. This offspring then attempts to become ruler of the world in his father, "the Kingís", steed.


Many of the hyperdimensional Beings want the title "Lord of the Earth", so they never cease these "divine conception stories". This happens now through the royal families such as Prince William becoming the next King. Their family history however is riddled with the involvement of various Forces. They are carrying the "Bloodline" so they most certainly are not completely human.


I do believe we have something in our constitution about that, what a joke.

We as Human Beings are utterly ruled over in this dimension, our needs are extremely meager compared to what we are originally entitled to and yet those needs are seldom fulfilled. These Forces also extend into the Dream World and the Afterlife so there is no rest for the weary. Until they are confronted they are consistently hatching plans to make an individual believe none of this is going on, somewhat of a strange zombie phase.


I will tell you now you can live every day in such a high state of energy and these Beings are jealous they cannot do the same, they are forbidden from it. It has gone asleep in them never to awaken again because of their corruption. All the blending, enhancements, and greed for power has made them numb they donít even feel alive, they are the undead.

This state I speak of that you can return to is not just the feeling of everything going well, but the feeling of having the perfect companion. Something so gratifying that everything external does not take an inkling of attention from it as if it does not exist. You become wholly endowed with it spiraling together forming endless states of ecstasy.


Their most powerful weapons are their religions, this gives the power to them directly from our own Souls; it is time they are removed. Iím not sure if this will take place in large numbers however I am sure that it does not matter, it is what you do individually that counts.

There is a lesser light which emanates from below that spawns countless distorted images, soon they will be placed in Shoel in which We fixed a door for entrance and none for exit, then the world will see Freedom, if you but knew. Many looking now will say "he is joking" but We do not jest.

Now unveiling the Goddess will take place as Madame Blavatsky claimed to do when she wrote her book Isis Unveiled. She of course was in no position to do such a thing being fully initiated herself and remember their oath is to keep silent. However, they are allowed to push propaganda and disinformation.


Once again the Goddess as we know it was a play on words.


There is actually a symbolic story being told about Adam and Eve in the garden with the Serpent. It is known that this story should not be taken literally but has a much deeper meaning. It started with this uneasy feeling that there was something that was a big secret about the word women. You find Omen in the remaining part of the name meaning a deep hidden meaning.


Eve is the root to the word evening. The Hebrew version is even weirder since the name used for Eve in Hebrew, Haveh, actually means serpent.

According to the original Zohar, a major root of the creation story, it makes it clear that the Serpent in the Garden was a female serpent not a male like it is commonly believed.


Pre-Adamites or "before Adam" were Masculine Spirit Beings called Sons of the Sun who took physical form and mated with these women. These female Serpents known as the race of Namaah and Lilith, caused Chief Angels like Aza and Azrael to fall from their post and mix with them.

The Zohar continues to blame AMALEC as the wicked Seraphim while Metatron is called literally "The Good Serpent". This is incredible, it admits Metatron is actually a serpent and goes on to admit that Enoch became Metatron once he was translated to heaven thus Enoch was also a Serpent. Several times the tribe of Shem makes it clear to indicate they are inbred with serpents.


This makes it concrete that the Enochians are linked to the Serpents.


It says,

"the Priest came forth from the dead Sophanim who died in labor. The baby was born with the sign of the Priesthood which was a lustrous (scaly) hide. The baby had just been brought forth but sat upright immediately and showed the sign of the Priesthood and they where struck with terror."

In the many Hebrew texts where it says,

"He created Man".

To them HE is the feminine attribute. The Tetragrammaton is Yod-He-Vau-He.


The "Yod/Yah" is the Masculine fire entering the Feminine "He" birthing the Child "Vau" "V" and the world will return to "HE", so they believe. Cohen, Hebrew for priest is an anagram for Enoch.


Reason 97:

Thousands of children every year are indoctrinated into Animist religions depriving them of their true potential. One of the most wide spreading religions in the world, Judaism, still keeps Moses' depiction with horns on his head.


The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is the same tree from the Garden the serpent offered the so-called fruit from. This fruit was signified as an apple which has a pentagram in its center when cut in half. As said earlier that Pentagram is the symbol of Isis/Sirius/Sothis and her consorts, also her opposite, when inverted and they are together not separate which we will address when it is proper?

Someone once said that if you ask a person for an explanation and it becomes very confusing it means they do not know themselves or they are hiding the truth. When asking someone in India teaching through Hinduism or someone in Judaism teaching Kabbalah how to increase union with the Most High you are buried in thousand page Gitas with confusing Sanskrit words or mile long scrolls of Rabbis with nothing better to do than take one passage from the Talmud and make a thousand page explanation.


Truly do you believe it is that hard to enhance the spirit? Of course not these people are placed in the way to make the journey lengthy and hard. As I said above many have not obtained what they originally sought, which was freedom.


Now they are enslaved by the religion and their subconscious wishes to have company in their misery.


Reason 98:

The Five Pointed Star is not the symbol of the perfect man it is the star of contact for Sirius and all the various Beings that make up the Pentagram including the Inverted. These "feather weights" think the Most High has left this world never to return, and they are having a free-for-all. They know not we even watch the All-Seeing-Eye.

Looking through ancient times the Moon was actually not feminine but masculine. The Moon went by the name Sin and Ah. In so many ways the God "ES" shows that it is actually an androgynous serpent.


Many women become Moon Goddesses to link with more women that are about healing and tapping into the feminine power which of course is wonderful. However, I have seen the start and finish of many of these groups and it almost always leads to initiations and then if you reach the height of these organizations like those in Mount "S"hasta or "S"edona just like ancient "S"aqqarra they go into deeper forms of Yoga like Hatha/Hathor.


Giving the neophyte strange names with false meanings to chant while opening chakras. Doing things such as imagining thousands of Buddhas filling their soul. Then they tell you that itís really all Hinduism and the power of "Sam"ahdhi and learning to wield "S"hakti, the serpent energy comes into play heavy with "S"iva.


The person is subtly lulled to sleep while the flute plays with the lies that the Serpent just means complete wisdom. Yes the serpent has a lot of wisdom and it has been fooling man and woman with it with the helps of Hybrids and Traitors.

Of course many men joined the cult of the Goddess imagining that it was a haven for beautiful forest queens who when approaching or should I say flowing towards you, bathed you in swells of spring Marigolds as rabbits and dear bound behind them joyously laughing and singing in delicate waves of Solfeggio.


The Serpents could of course create that Illusion long enough for the person to be lulled into the trap. They eventually become so laden with negative Spirits they are deluded and confused. The Masons, Rosicrucian, and Ishmaili Hassassinís are a primary example of organizations that have tricked the spiritual arm of men with this type of nonsense.


The most they could produce was a debased Bacchanalia. I encourage woman to keep yourselves on guard. Just to show you how much the serpent is suggesting that it made things look at these words of power.

"S"piral: When you go out to the ocean and look at the shells you will see the spiral force, when you watch waves of energy you will see the spiral force, when you look at your fingerprint you will see the spiral force, all the way to the "S"wirl" in your head you will see a spiral force.


Itís safe to say our Creator uses a spiral force when making things, no straight lines.

  • "S"pirit - The Ethereal Being of consciousness.

  • "S"phere - Our cellular level exists entirely of spheres.

  • "S"pin - Another word to describe the spiraling motion.

  • "S"oul-"S"ol - The life force of heat, warmth, and vitality.

As discussed before the "S" is the primary symbol of the Serpent in the English alphabet.


All of these forces, like the Sun, Soul, and Spiral had other names that did not begin with "S" it was simply motion, however, when the 70 languages where introduced across the world they all received this indoctrination of "S"ís vibration and thus a false relation to the Serpent that has permeated the subconscious mind.


This mind control technique makes it easier for us to go with the story that is being told more and more which is the serpents are our creators. A serpent has no voice box and can only whisper thus everything they say sounds like Sssssss. They are sometimes called the Whispering Ones.


A famous prayer in Islam says "Allah protect me from the whispers of Shatian".


Reason 99:

ADDA NARI is androgynous and keeps a serpent around the neck as most all Hindu figures. Hermes the thrice born who is Thoth was also androgynous. The joining of the masculine and feminine where taken to these vulgar "literal" levels as another deterrent from true spiritual unity.


In Hindu teachings one is taught to work from the root Chakra up, thus much of their teachings are based on Tantrics and the manipulation of sexual energy.


Many are now saying the proper ancient teaching was from the crown Chakra down thus the person escapes the traps of getting stuck in an animalistic carnal phases which often happen when lower chakras are turned on before the higher ones. This is also why many New Age leaders such as Rael are heavily into sexual expression rather than mental and spiritual enlightenment.


Their doctrines are based on sexual freedom which feels good but does not feed the original desire of enhancement.

To understand these Entities is to realize that the world is a lot more diverse then they are revealing to you and we are not the only intelligent life form here by far. Here is a big example.


When the United States went to the Moon, which happened although not when they filmed it, the speech that was written for Neil Armstrong read thus,

"one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

What is this difference between man and mankind that they must be separated? Could they be possibly alluding to something here about another race like we pointed out in Genesis? Furthermore what kind of man leaps? Of course I know the answer but Iíll leave you to do the brainwork.


If you canít figure it out, read on and it will come to you.

In legend Isis is always with Anubis a dog-faced God sent to be her protector. Nepthys Isisís sister is said to be a female dog also. What is also interesting about this tail were their strange relations with one another. It is said that Osiris mated with Nepthys by accident birthing Anubis. Nepthys was Isisís sister thus connecting Isis to also being part dog part serpent.


The child between Osiris and Isis became Horus/Horse/Mane/, Isis did not suckle the child but instead allowed the child to suckle from Anubis the Dog. Isis relocated to Byblos and wept that she could not bring Osiris back to life after he was cut into 14 pieces by his brother Set, until a certain time since the 14 pieces signified the 14 phases of strength of the Moon.

The story continues, it was during one of these crying sessions that a woman named Astarte appeared to her from the Court of the God "S". Astarte is where we get the word star from. The arrangements made between these Beings have always been kept a secret until now, not to mention this whole story in completely allegorical.


On the Masonic tracing board at the top of the middle pillar sits a seven pointed star known as the Star of the Pleiades also called the Seven Sisters or Seven Hathors.


It becomes evident that there is actually a group of female spirits, who are immortal, that are enlisted by the God "S" who have been attempting to steer the destiny of the Human race, these women are better known as the Fates.

These Fates are the key women who mated with the Nephalim and produced the offspring of heroes and villains with various forms and powers. Originally the cult itself was under APIS the Bull thus many of these women where depicted as cow goddesses.


Later that morphed into something entirely different including them now being looked at as some space faring group of Illuminating Goddesses rather than a cult that would sacrifice a Bull while the vestal virgins bathed in the blood.


How soon they try to make us forget as old forms attempt to take on new ones but We have the records as the Agents of the Most High will always dictate faithfully.


Reason 100:

The inside story is the Initiates were betrayed by the Goddess who sold them out to the Serpent. As you can see by the Masonic tracing board this stems all the way back to Mars.

There is no telling the extent of what is really going on and what kind of trouble the Elite have gotten us all in to, even worst their code of silence keeps their lips sealed.

Let us keep in mind men cannot bring forth child whether immaculate or through inseminations thus the creatures that are part humanoid resulted from the union of woman and various Beings.


It is no doubt this was sometimes done by force. Alchemy was the title given to the Art of blending elements. These elements were not always base chemicals, many where organic. The blending of plants and animals to see the results was something of a religious science in Atlantis.


This is why many of the creatures have aquatic appendages.


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