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From:  "Dr Michael Salla" <exopolitics@y...>
Date:  Mon Nov 8, 2004  3:42 pm
Subject:  Charles Hall & White Grays at Area 51

Aloha All

I've been sent some very interesting information about an alleged
whistleblower, 'Charles Hall' from Paola Harris. In his three book
series, Millenial Hospitality (2002), Hall describes the ETs he saw
housed near Area 51 as 'Tall Whites'. Hall was serving with the US
Airforce and was stationed at Nellis Airforce base from 1965-68
where his duty was to use weather balloons for the Airforce from the
Indian Springs location on/near the base. He describes his
interactions with 'Tall Whites' beginning in 1965 and how he and
other servicemen coped with their presence. He describes regularly
seeing them in the presence of Airforce generals and other senior
officals. Information about Hall and his books can be found at his
An online chapter about Hall's interaction with the Tall Whites can
be downloaded from here:
(or read it HERE)
Paola Harris interviewed Hall with a fellow investigator and
believes he is credible and suggests that this is a major revelation
that is on par with the Phillip Corso testimony. . Given Paola's investigative
skills and experience with many UFO/ET whistleblowers, there is good
reason to seriously consider her assessment about Hall as worthy of
further research and deep consideration.

I will henceforth share some of my reflections on Hall testimony
which needs to be preliminary at this point since I've only been
able to read his online material and will wait for his books but I
thought it worth commenting on some important issues that arise.

First, Hall's interactions describe 'Tall Whites' who are
given 'ambassadorial status' at Nellis/Area 51. This is confirmation
for those whistleblower testimonies that agreements were reached by
the Eisenhower administration with ETs. You can read an online study
of this here. You are also invited to sign an online petition to get the US

Senate to look into these alleged meetings here: In short, Hall's
testimony supports the evidence that long standing treaties have
been in place between the US government and different ET races.

Second, Hall's whistleblower testimony was released in 2002 and give
much information on what is clearly one of the most classified areas
of the shadow governments interactions with ETs. The fact that Hall
was allowed to publish his memoirs is evidence that there are forces
on the 'inside' that want this information coming out. Like the
Corso book, this is likely part of an acclimation process given
official sanction. Unlike Corso, however, Hall's book goes into
details of the Tall White ETs he interacted with and gives much
information about these ETs and the ambassadorial status given to
them. The overall impression about these ETs are enigmatic, neither
benevolent or hostile as their behavior reflects a range of
motivations depending on the perspective of the viewer. However,
what does come through Hall's writing is that these ETs are very
serious about following to the letter the protocols laid out by
their agreements with the US shadow government. The enigmatic nature
of these ETs is probably part of the ET 'spin' the shadow government
is promoting to hide the true nature of the different categories of
ETs that have interacted with the shadow government.
I think that this may well be part of an acclimation process with a
spin that is not that dissimilar to the case of Dr Dan Burisch

Finally, the question that comes to mind is whether the 'Tall
Whites' are the 'Nordics' as described by Adamski, Meier,
Enrique Castillo or the 'Tall Grays' as described by Robert Dean in
his Assessment and also Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider, Thomas
Castello. The last three individuals all claimed that the 'Tall
had made agreements with the US shadow government, and these ETS
were behind the NWO and playing a very negative role. Since
these 'Tall Whites' described by Hall appear to be housed by the US
government then it would seem that they are the same 'tall Grays'
by Dean, Cooper, et al. Hall even declares that the 'Tall Whites'
are not Nordics who he describes as 'Norwegians'. The dates Hall
gives would also fit in with the
purported Tall Gray - US government meetings that took place at
Holloman AFB in 1964, and the treaties/agreements that were signed
earlier in the 1950s.

Well some might say what's the difference between Tall Grays and
Nordics. Well as I explain in my Report on ET motivations,
the Tall Grays have signed agreements with the US government and are
according to some testimonies, the diplomatic corps of the short
Grays from Zeta Reticulum. The Nordics on the other hand have not
signed into any agreement with the US government and thus there is a
major difference between these two races in terms of orientation and
activities. The track record of the Grays is not that good as
evidenced by agreements and witness reports.

Now as I said I have still to read Charles Hall's book and so I'll
have to take a look at it to decide whether the race he is referring
to are the 'Tall Grays', but this new ET
category of 'Tall Whites' sounds like something that blurs the
boundaries between different ET races. Some researchers like Richard
Boylan preach an uncritical acceptance of all ET races so such
blurring doesn't matter. To my mind, the evidence doesn't warrant
this and we
need to be much more discerning and be careful of such blurring of
boundaries. We need to look closely at what Hall is describing.

Whatever the ET race described by Hall finally turns out to be in
terms of other whistleblower testimonies, it's always promising to
disclosure move forward, but we must be aware that there will be
some shadow government spinning occuring to blur things so we accept
their version of the ET presence and the history of human ET

In peace

Michael Salla, PhD

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