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From:  "Dr Michael Salla" <exopolitics@y...>
Date:  Thu Nov 18, 2004  3:39 am
Subject:  Re: Report from the Joint Psychic Exercise today: outreach to the "Tall Whites'

Aloha Bre, this is quite interesting that Richard Boylan has quickly
moved to legitimize the Tall Whites discussed in the Charles Hall
book. Hall describes the Tall Whites as quite enigmatic in terms of
behavior. They are quite capable of striking terror into the hearts
of military servicemen who didn't understand them or weren't ready
to interact with them in a friendly way, yet the Tall Whites were
also capable of exhibiting friendship and teachers as in the case of
Hall (see his website for details and extracts: ).

I've almost completed the first volume of Hall's memoirs and so far
the behavior of the Tall Whites strikes me as very similar to
abductee/experiencer reports of the behavior of the 'Tall Grays'.
There is a kind of arrogance in the disposition of the Tall Whites
when it came to interacting with military servicemen who didn't
understand them. This is similar to how Tall Grays supervise
abductions and control humans who resist the genetic experiments.
Hall for example describes one Tall White who wanted to kill a
military servicemen who accidentally hit her child with a stone and
broke her arm. The incident led to the Tall White threatening the
servicemen with death if he didn't leave immediately and promise to
never return. Other servicemen had similar negative encounters with
the 'Tall Whites'. Only Hall was spared this since he had the
intelligence and courage to interact with the Tall Whites in a
Friendly way. This is where the Tall Whites display more positive
qualities such as friendship and superior knowledge.

Hall mentions in his book that the Tall Whites began to establish a
presence in the Nevada area after 1954. This is the same year that
Eisenhower met with and established agreements with the Tall Grays
from Orion. My conclusion is that the Tall Whites are really the
same Tall Grays from Orion. Furthermore, these most likely come from
Rigel, Orion which was a former Nordic world taken over by Grays.
I've described this incident in my ET Motivations Report here.

This accounts for the Tall Whites Nordic features that Hall
describes, and their Gray/Reptilian characteristics such as 4 digit
hands with claws rather than nails.

My overall conclusion is the same with all the ET races who have
struck agreements with the US government and established a presence
on Earth in exchange for giving technology, and working in joint
projects. They should be very closely watched and frankly regarded
with much suspicion in terms of their motivations for participating
in such agreements. As I've described in my Report on ET
motivations, there are many other ET races who are more honorable
and display much more elevated qualities, and with whom we should
make friends. Importantly, contactees such as Billy Meier, Alex
Collier, Enrique Castillo, etc., say that the positive ETs they
interacted with, warned about working with the Grays who have a
reputation for infiltrating worlds and taking them over and using
the captive population for genetic material.

This takes me to Richard Boylan who is now openly advocating his
supporters to establish telepathic communications with the Tall
Whites, as he has done more recently with the Zeta Reticulum Grays.
Boylan has consistently ignored all the evidence of negative
behavior by the Grays and other ET races such as the Reptilians, and
criticized researchers or `abductees' who have pointed out the
negative behavior. I've written a short piece some time ago pointing
out the flaws in Boylan's research approach in doing this, but he
has not taken the hint to change tack


Boylan is essentially behaving like a propagandist for the Grays
from Zeta Reticulum, ignoring the negative behavior reported by
abductees, and giving an upbeat description of their more positive
features based on his own experiences and research. Now I for one
don't want to dismiss the idea that there are some friendly Gray-
Zetas who even belong to positively inclined star associations as
claimed by remote viewers such as Courtney Brown.

I think we need to be more nuanced even when it comes to Grays in
terms of motivations and activities. Yet the overwhelming evidence
supporting negative Gray behavior can't be ignored in developing a
coherent response to the Gray presence. Boylan is dismissing the
negative incidents described in the Hall book and giving an upbeat
assessment of the more positive interactions of the Tall Whites.
Boylan is now acting as a Tall White propagandist, and advocating
them as a kind of exemplary model of `Star Visitors' that we should
eagerly seek to cultivate.

In conclusion, the Tall Whites are likely a genetic variation of the
Tall Grays, and most likely originate from the Rigel star system of
Orion where a Nordic world was infiltrated and taken over. This
Nordic world whose genetic material is used along with other races
to build hybrids which ultimately support Gray infiltration. The
Tall Whites should be treated with extreme caution and suspicion. I
strongly recommend that individuals choose to establish contact with
more benign ET races such as the Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans,
rather than the Tall Whites/Grays. I recommend ignoring the kind of
thought experiments Richard Boylan is advocating which is based on
propagandized version of the Tall White `star visitors'.

In peace

Michael S.

--- In, Bre <brel@i...> wrote:
> For Info.
> drboylan wrote:
> >Dear fellow participants in the Joint Psychic Exercise of
> >Outreach,
> >
> > Well! In my experience, that went well.
> > The Tall Whites were receptive to my/our entering their
> >residential area within French Peak, and responded with
> >telepathic impressions of their own.
> > Early on, I got the impression that some DoD/DOE/NRO
> >DELTA "psychic cops" were trying to approach and interfere
> >with this Exercise. A few tera-watts of pulsed ultraviolet
> >light seemed to send them on their way. :-)
> > Also, the Dark Colonel of Cabal military intelligence
> >tried to interfere with me with his two-bit tricks of
> >highly-distracting thought-insertion, but he was neutralized
> >by a counter thought-visualization of mine that he could
> >hardly ignore. :-) From now on his Cabal underlings can
> >call him Rhino-Ram John.
> > Within French Peak I got the impression of a number of
> >Tall Whites loosely gathered, presumably for this exercise.
> >There was the atmosphere of pleasant openness and warmth. I
> >made specific contact with the Commander and his adult
> >daughters, The Teacher and "Pamela".
> > General expressions of engagingness and good-will were
> >exchanged. I got the impression that since we who were
> >engaging them are Star Seeds and Star Kids, and are aware of
> >our hybrid nature, we would make excellent go-betweens for
> >their desire to be able to get the experience of mingling
> >more freely and more safely in the general population in
> >selected venues for limited periods of time.
> > Just as The Teacher and The Commander crashed nearby Las
> >Vegas in disguise, these and other Tall Whites would like to
> >be able to have the experience of mingling in normal human
> >social settings in a variety of locations. The thought came
> >to me, (I don't know if it was mine, the Commander's, or
> >Teacher's, or mutual), that it would be nice and desired if
> >several of the UFOFactsand DrRichBoylanReports groups'
> >Exercise-participants would volunteer (telepathically, of
> >course) to host a small contingent (say, two to four) Tall
> >Whites and escort them to some local area of interest, where
> >they could mingle with humans and have the interstellar and
> >interracial experience of being accepted. If any questions
> >of their "off" appearance came up, the local Star Seed host
> >would be responsible for developing a plausible explanation
> >or cover story. (One used previously is that they are
> >visiting from a small region near the Spanish northern
> >Pyrenees where a long-isolated ethnic subtype had
> >developed.)
> > So, I guess this Exercise not only was a pleasant
> >exchange of heart energy and good-will, but serves as the
> >occasion for an invitation from the Tall Whites to those
> >among us willing to consider being a host and tour guide and
> >cover story-furnisher for a small group of Tall Whites, who
> >might come and seek a cultural immersion experience in your
> >community. Talk about firing up the cosmic Welcome Wagon!
> > Given that it has been only four days since some Zeta
> >folks graced our Saturday Night Telepathic Outreach
> >Exercise, it's starting to feel like like the Cover-Up is
> >starting to come apart. In fact, it is my thought (at least
> >I think it is my thought) that the way the Cover-Up is going
> >to dissolve is by more and more of these citizen-and-Star
> >Visitor social gatherings taking place; with the Star Seeds
> >as initial representatives of the human race behaving
> >themselves cordially, and the Star Visitors seeing that they
> >get treated respectfully and affably without fear and drama.
> >>From such successful experiences can then come the time when
> >Star Seeds pave the way for Star Visitors to experience
> >contact and acceptance by non-Star Seed, "regular" humans.
> >In such a manner, the "us-and-them" mentality of strangeness
> >and fear so carefully cultivated by UFO Cover-Up
> >propagandists is dissipated, and people learn to treat
> >visiting Star folk like people, the way regular humans have
> >learned to accept Earth's racial minorities and immigrants
> >and let them blend into society.
> > So, I say, let the social immersion exercises begin!
> >
> >In the light,
> >
> >Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
> >

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