Telepathy, ETs and Psychic Warfare

OVERVIEW. All ETs encountered appear to be fully telepathic and do not have the power of speech. In a telepathic society there can be little crime as everyone knows what is going on. Similarly there can be very little free will. Telepathy does have the advantage of being instantly translatable into any language due the use of intermediate meta language by Spirit for transmission. In a telepathic society there can be little crime as everyone knows what is going on. Similarly there can be very little free will. Telepathy can also be used for mind control by the dominant members of the society. In the language of Man, the greatest responsibility taker has the greatest dominancy and is God. The average ET is probably more enlightened than the average human. They do get upset by the telepathic noise we produce. As they are all good telepaths, they do not need radio, which only works at the speed of light. If they are good telepaths, they are probably expert at remote viewing, and thus do not need radar either. This makes them most confusing to our scientists and military.

THE INVASION THREAT is minimal. In the eyes of ETs, we are a 3 cornered race of escaped slaves who do not play by the rules (their rules). Any contact with man not under their direct control is liable to scramble their minds. Thus there is no public contact. One to one telepathy works very well for them, and they can even address an assembly hall subject to rank and ability. What they can not do is appear on television or radio and say "I am the Lord thy God returned. Bow down and worship me.". One of their maxims on meeting humans appears to be "Brainwash first and ask questions afterwards".

MAN on the other hand is a good telepathic transmitter but a poor receiver, and has the freedom to be as responsible, enlightened or corrupt as he likes. Man has far more freewill than most. If any man raises his telepathic responsibility level above that of any ETs he is dealing with, then he will be dominant over those ETs. However as man is a poor telepathic receiver, he is liable to make an incompetent God due to inabilities in telepathic communication. In telepathic societies, it is difficult to bare malice towards anyone on a higher responsibility level to oneself because of the backlash. This is also partly true in Man in regard to premeditated malice.

ETs and MAN. Spirit is the same for us and all ETs, and is perfectly interchangeable between races. Expect similarities and differences between our minds and those of ETs.

PSYCHIC WARFARE. For telepaths, psychic warfare is the easiest way to wage war. The objective is to download your mind and your views on to the enemy. The prize in psychic warfare is an army of tame mind controlled slaves. Thus ETs can be very wary of contacting other races, and try to do it on their own terms. The same rules apply when ETs contact Man, in case we contaminate their minds. They have all used psychic warfare techniques on each other, the result being a hierarchy of dominance. This is somewhat similar to the battles between rival religions on Earth. We are a race of escaped slaves, but human slaves have a nasty habit of fighting back and reclaiming what is theirs.

TELEPATHIC RESPONSIBILITY. Science does not recognize personal responsibility. Organized religion discourages personal responsibility as it can destroy the religion. Personal responsibility destroys hierarchical systems and supports democracy. When dealing with responsibility with ETs or on the telepathic circuit, it means not only taking responsibility for one's own actions, but also making sure that one's fellow men and women are not under any psychic or telepathic attack. When such telepathic attacks occur, it is one's responsibility to either boost the defenses of the one under attack, or to neutralize the attack at source. This should only be done when there is malice, or one is invited in by a Spirit or Guardian Angel. To exceed this means acting officiously and using mind control. One may not officiously interfere. However there is no need to be officious as there is no shortage of villains of all sorts. At least one is dealing with the competent when dealing with villains, even if this does mean playing God. When someone (say a black magician) sends malice, they first have to drop their defenses, which allows people on a higher responsibility level, to remote view them and alter their thinking. Anyone wanting to remote view anyone else on a higher responsibility level to themselves, must learn how to come in peace and go in peace. This can be a very hard lesson to learn for the military, but it does ensure minimum retribution.

SPEECH and WRITTEN LANGUAGE. In modern world languages there are 50,000 words in Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, 100,000 in French, 200,000 in German and 500,000 in English. A reasonable assumption is that 50,000 words is the minimum needed for reasonable civilization. In languages with an alphabet, words are the representation of combinations of sounds. If an advanced species can only make less than 50,000 combinations, then telepathy is needed to make up the difference. All ETs encountered by the writer show all the signs of being highly telepathic but without written language. They have to use memory systems where we use pencil and paper. We write down what we want to remember so that if we forget no great damage is done. Being able to forget and then reviving knowledge is a luxury we take for granted. Thus the mind of an ET is far more important to him and far more vulnerable. However hieroglyph written languages can not be completely ruled out.

FREE MARKET versus SOCIALISM. Capitalism as we know it depends a lot on the the buyer and seller not knowing too much about each other. The buyer does not know the profit markup the shop keeper is using, nor does he know the what the seller really thinks of the goods or that matter of the customer. In a telepathic society these considerations become apparent and the free market as we know it will not work. You have the choice in elections to elect governments reflecting the view of the majority. One votes Socialist if the free market is becoming corrupt, and visa versa. If state health care is leading to excessive taxation, one can vote against it. Out there among the ETs there is plenty of Galactic Socialism and mind control and very little sign of a free market or free will. Most of us believe Russia proved this system wrong.

Galactic Socialism has quite a bit in common with European Union Socialism and theoretical Socialism which has its roots in Karl Marx. It has little in common with British Socialism which is more practical and has its roots in the Methodist Church. The New World Order want Galactic Socialism. Work this one through yourself and draw your own conclusions.