Introduction to Remote Viewing

REMOTE VIEWING is a new name for an old ability. There is a joke going around that the Americans could have saved themselves much money if they had bothered to read the works of Edgar Cayce (psychic and healer - 1877 to 1945). The US Government does not read the works of psychics, so they reinvented the wheel. It is also officially defined as an all male activity, but in practice this is anything but true. It is best to remember that remote viewing has one foot in the occult and one foot in scientific psychology and the mundane World. Unfortunately the 2 sides do not talk to each other. On one hand, many the old rules of demonology still apply. On the other hand, if one gains sensitive knowledge and reveals it to the wrong people, one can get sent to jail. Also it can be guaranteed to break the laws of science, psychology and every religious theology.

When the CIA invented the Remote Viewing Protocol in the 1970s for the psychic viewing of Russian activities, they broke a basic rule of war. On inventing a new weapon, one should next invent the counter weapon, which they did not do. The counter weapon is Remote Psychotherapy, which coupled with Remote Viewing makes a formidable combination. It is also very good for one's Karma, and winds up the ungodly no end. Some people get the same results as remote viewers by dowsing, intuition and other methods, so there is considerable overlap.

DEFINITION. Remote viewing is the ability of a person to project their conscious observation, to a distant location in the physical universe, to see or sense what is there. Distance is no object as even the stars are within reach. Also there are no limits in time. The past is fixed and incommutable. The future is variable but the number of probable overall futures has limits. A good starting subject for historical remote viewing is "Sex in the Middle Ages". The writer is a verbal and conceptual thinker, and is low on pictorial thinking. Thus he is poor on pictorial remote viewing and is better at remote sensing of ideas and moral codes. He is expert as a defender and in psychic self defense. There are 5 common methods in circulation.

Body to body communication to send someone to a target does not work. This just invokes conscious mind, memory or imagination. Spirit to spirit communication or any form of telepathy bypasses the mind and gets results. The writer does not believe mind games are any help, but successful card game gamblers may contradict him. Any sort of spirit game can give remote viewing accidentally.

  1. COLLEGE. A group of students meets at say 9.00 am in the morning and elect a target. The target walks off into the city at 9.30 in order to find somewhere to inspect between 10.00 and 10.15. Between 10.00 and 10.15, the remaining students write down on a sheet of paper what they think the target can see by linking into him. Scoring is done by an adjudicator taking the target's description and the test results from 6 tests. The adjudicator then matches the results against descriptions. The individual student is then judged on how closely the adjudicator's matching matches reality. (University of Wales, Cardiff).

  2. GANSFELD. Zenner cards are now out of favor as being too boring. A pack of Zenner cards has only 5 simple symbols, while a pack of playing cards has 52. Emotion is now deemed desirable in the scientific establishment, and quite rightly too. The target watches an emotional video clip chosen at random from a choice of 4. The other students in another room have to link in or guess which clip it is. Gansfeld is also associated with sensory deprivation techniques. Chance results will be 25%, while the usual score is about 37.5% and statistically significant. The University of Coventry (UK) test in the series had the unique distinction of only scoring 12.5%, as the test involved a group of lecturers who argued who was the best sender. They invoked reverse psi, but the results were still statistically significant.

  3. CRV or Co-ordinate Remote Viewing. This is used by the military and was developed at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) in California by Ingo Swann. The viewer is given a set of map co-ordinates by the sender and is told to link in and see what he can see at those co-ordinates. Now when a target goes on the list for remote viewing, it is given a random set of co-ordinates that remain with the target for so long as it is on the books. When the writer tried this out successfully, it was with real map co-ordinates. This method does have the advantage that the viewer has no idea of the subject beforehand. It is easier to remember a picture of the Statue of Liberty that to remote view it.

  4. PSYCHOMETRY. This is popular in Spiritualist Churches. The medium or student picks up an article or possession not knowing who it is from. They then link into the owner and give a description of that person. Most people take the article in both hands. However when the writer does it, he first takes it in his right hand to get the logical left hand brain reading. Then he holds it in the left hand to get the right hand brain intuitive reading. One of the articles of faith of Spiritualists is a belief in personal responsibility

  5. THE POLICEMAN'S NOSE. This is an intuitive ability by some policemen to detect malice or other emotion in individuals within a group of suspects. He who bears most malice against the Police or the most unspoken emotion is probably the villain. A good policeman is a high responsibility taker.

PSYCHIC ABILITIES probably vary more according to the motives and objectives of the user, than anything else.

THE WRITER'S METHODS. The writer came into remote viewing accidentally from psychic self defense. He was helping to find speakers for a conference on the paranormal when he wrote to a remote viewer not knowing he was a member of the intelligence services. He remote viewed the writer. The writer thought he was under a black magic attack and defended himself to match. The remote viewer lost and the writer got mail tapped until he complained to the Police. He still has trouble telling the difference between being remote viewed, a black magic attack or someone just bearing malice towards him. The ordinary remote viewer sprays around too much malice or too much of his own mind for the writer's liking, due to lack of spirit purification. Any third rate psychic can detect it. In theory anyone who comes in peace and goes in peace should be undetectable, but that does demand a high level of personal responsibility. The Americans military used to regularly remote view UK UFO conferences as a training exercise, and were detectable.

Like the Klingons, we Vikings kill our gods and take their place. In the tradition of the Viking God Thor (defender of the Gods, defender of the people and slayer of the Frost Giants of illusion), the writer no longer bothers to remote view in the conventional sense. He just locates on malice, neutralizes it and returns it to sender, no matter where it comes from. When a person bears malice, they leave their defense shields down otherwise the malice could not get out to reach its target. While the attacker's defenses are down the target can remote view the mind of the attacker. In the case of ETs, one has to go looking for technical malice towards the human race in general, which means scraping the barrel.

EMOTION - INTEREST. There must be high interest or other emotion on the parts of both the sender and remote viewer to make the exercise worth while for them. If one passes the Statue of Liberty every day (or any other statue), then it is hard to generate any emotion for that statue. It is well to watch one's motives, as these may be read by the target if human. The remote viewer must be in a relaxed state of mind. Descriptions of the necessary states used by such people as the American military, sound like pieces out of ancient grimores on black magic. Extremes like these and auto hypnosis are not really necessary. A person should be able to prepare themselves within 5 minutes, once the needs of the body are satisfied and a person is a normal state.

EMOTION - RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility is an emotion of the mind and not the body and is a corner stone of the mind. Most religious people when they get into these emotions, stop on the lowest active mind emotion which is love, and believe they have found the Kingdom of Heaven. There are plenty of higher emotions of the mind. Those who wish to join the gods must take on the responsibility level of a god. There are no saviors for would be gods. Morality, virtue, spirituality, holiness, submission, servitude and purity are for followers. They are not attributes of a god. For remote viewing, claimed holiness, claimed spirituality, claimed purity and claimed enlightenment (real or imagined) count for nothing. Levels of personal responsibility, responsibility to one's fellow men, the responsibility to handle knowledge gained, and a willingness to control the environment are all important. They are on a far more real and absolute scale. To quote the Xfiles, "Mulder, you could not handle the truth". Mulder is a responsibility taker, but he is being told that his responsibility level is nothing when compared with members of the NWO (New World Order). Both sides are high responsibility takers, but there is a difference in morality. If one wishes to step outside the body, the emotions of mind and spirit must be used, as the emotions of the body are there to look after the body.

Whether anyone can do it probably depends on their responsibility level. Anyone is liable to get quite a shock with their first success, and one just has to pick oneself up and adjust responsibility levels, or never do it again. The price of exceeding one's responsibility level is paranoia, or a feeling that everyone is out to get you. Anyone going remote viewing must take responsibility for knowing about what they find and how they or anyone else will use the information. The saying "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" is nonsense. Absolute power does demand absolute responsibility.

Do not try remote viewing on anyone with a higher responsibility level than yourself, otherwise you will get retaliation. A target on a lower responsibility level than the viewer will not detect anything. A target on a higher responsibility level than the viewer will detect it, and return your emotions to sender. Many of the real responsibility takers are in such places as the intelligence agencies. Those members who cannot take enough responsibility for their actions lose their sanity. William B. Davies, who plays the Cigarette Smoking Man in the Xfiles, has a party piece. He argues that CSM is the good guy who will take responsibility for you from cradle to grave, while Mulder is the jerk. He has a good point, judging by the laughter from the audience who mostly prefer Mulder's morality. There are plenty of people around who will take responsibility for you (and some can even take responsibility for their own actions), but you have to pay a price. If you let others take responsibility for you, then you cannot remote view. At first try inanimate objects, as they cannot bite back.

EXTRA TERRESTRIALS. Among the major ET players, the Greys are probably the best target. For all their many faults, they are far more logical and far less self righteous than we are. The Nordics have a higher responsibility level. They also consider themselves to be spiritually perfect, which is a debatable point. The Reptiles are unlikely to actually harm anyone, but are the best at giving people severe shocks (the Fires of Purgatory).

DEFENDERS. Most key military sites have defenders. These are remote viewers with an extra high responsibility level, whose job it is to stop to stop others looking in. When one meets one of these it is best to examine one's motives. Nothing is lost by backing off. It is bad manners to remotely view the defense sites of one's own country. The writer is a defender of the British UFO community and the British people against undue ET actions. A leading British remote viewer takes a personal interest in defending Tony Blair's government, to whom he is grateful. It is the duty of a taxpayer to defend government departments that do the job for which they are paid.

PSYCHIC VIRUSES AND MEMES. These are basically the same thing. The Military cannot use an occult term as they are scientists, so they have invented a new one. A meme is a psychic, emotional, telepathic or black magic charge, hex or machine, one sends to some else to do them harm or clip their ability. There is a strong link to illusion and delusion. A positive meme is something one uses on oneself as an article of faith for the purposes of psychic self defense. All minds may be nothing more than chains of memes. In this case look for master memes and universal memes that control the chains. We construct memes all the time to prevent having to solve problems more than once, and to avoid thinking.

SILENCE can be golden. One must take responsibility for what one discovers and finds out. Finding out details of a military base and details of one's last incarnation share one thing. Revelation can land one in much trouble.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER. There has always been an NWO. One has only to look at the stories of Moses. They are people who are prepared to lead and take responsibility for the rest of society. They also modify the Universal Subconscious and define the gods of the time. The Vatican has done this on a far larger scale. Why not join the NWO and become one of the modifiers.

SKEPTICS AND DEBUNKERS. The average level of psi, is that of negative psi, so there is plenty of negative psi around. Most of the skeptics and debunkers are very able at it. See Remote Responsibility to handle this problem.

ACCURACY AND RELIABILITY. Seeing with eyes is notorious for only seeing part of an event or object. Partial views are normal. Remote viewing is even less reliable. To a third party, the views of one count for very little. The agreed views of 3 remote viewers out of 6, start to have credibility. The writer usually locates the players in an event, purging all malice. By the time this is done, the event has normally passed from view, and so he may have little idea of what actually happened.

TEACHING REMOTE VIEWING. This is hard to do, as psi is an attribute of Spirit and is above any mind. Unfortunately all words and pictures are functions of mind. The best advice is just do it. The limiting factors are.

The best advice is to set up a test with some friends. Dr Andrija Puharich reports that in most cases of natural telepathy, the sender is agitated or in distress, while the receiver is in a relaxed frame of mind. The writer has found that all forms of telepathy and psi run on emotion and not logic.

Provided it does not put one off for life, there is a wealth of detail in "A Textbook for Scientific Remote Viewing" by Courtney Brown PhD. There is a link in the Remote Viewing list on this site. With the type of viewing Dr Brown handles, he has to over pedantic and careful.

ETHICS. The writer has 2 basic rules.


BINDING DOWN THE MIND. Anyone who believes in this should read the story in the Norse Sagas, about the binding of the Fenrir wolf by Odin and Tyr. The wolf returns in the Ragnarok (apocalypse) to devour Odin. The military believe in binding, but then their personnel are only cannon fodder. This is why the writer can detect military remote viewers so easily. Empty the mind instead.

FLYTRAPS. These are sites that often contain nothing of value. They look interesting and attractive targets. They have defenders to catch the unwary. In another sense, this web site is a fly trap, as the writer will have to handle flak from those who do not believe that man should be free.



DRUGS. There are no known drugs to help, as a person must take responsibility for the knowledge they gain. One can always try the magazine NEXUS for suitable legal substances.