by Steve Hammons

December 13, 2009

from JointReconStudyGroup Website

Following on the heels of the release of the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats, a new TV project about a CIA "remote viewing" unit is in the works, according to a Nov. 3 article in Variety.

Widespread interest in the topic of remote viewing has grown steadily since information about Project STAR GATE emerged in the 1990s. Recently, large amounts of documents associated with the project have been declassified and made public, although many remain secret.

The "Goats" movie deals with a wide range of human development methods that were explored in a U.S. Army activity headed by Lt. Col. Jim Channon. Remote viewing-type capabilities and the nature of human consciousness were part of these efforts. Channon served as an advisor for the film.

The Fox project is reportedly being developed with Chernin Entertainment, a TV-based production company associated with 20th Century Fox. Peter Chernin, Katherine Pope and Lauren Stein will be the executive producers. Len Wiseman will direct. Writer Harris Wilkinson is also involved in the project.

Will they do their research to help ensure that their project is authentic and accurate?






There are many individuals nowadays claiming to be remote viewers or to have knowledge of the U.S. Government's projects in these areas. However, only a relative handful have solid first-hand knowledge and understanding of the programs that later became known as Project STAR GATE.

Although many people may have good abilities in ESP, or "anomalous cognition" as it is sometimes called, remote viewing was a term given to a specific scientifically-run protocol that had been developed and tested during years of research and real intelligence operations.

From the early stages of study at Palo Alto's SRI research center and think tank to sponsorship and management by various branches of the U.S. military and intelligence community, the research into and utilization of enhanced or advanced human perception yielded interesting, if not amazing results.

A former Navy SEAL officer wrote a very useful research paper on remote viewing for his graduate-level studies at the Marine Corps War College. He called remote viewing a good example of what he termed "transcendent warfare" using leading-edge emerging knowledge to approach conflict in new ways. Transcendent warfare can be related to hard power, soft power and smart power transcendent power.

Books, movies, TV shows and other communications platforms have explored ESP-related topics in one way or the other for many years.

Yet, the new Fox-Chernin project may have the opportunity to examine the subject more thoroughly in ways that potentially very large audiences will find intriguing and fascinating.

Because human consciousness is something we all have and experience, a TV project dealing with this subject is directly relevant to a wide and deep spectrum of viewers.

In fact, the potential educational value creates a significant synergy with the entertainment elements of such a show.



As wider public awareness of ideas related to remote viewing has evolved in recent years, we now know that this ability and method are directly related to the intuition, instincts, hunches, gut feelings and "sixth sense" many average people have every day.

Scientific theories attempt to explain how we can obtain or access information and understanding of people, places and things outside of our direct five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

A brief explanation might simply emphasize that physicists, psychologists and others have determined that things in this Universe of ours are connected in ways that do not seem logical and that we do not fully understand at this time.

Using these potential connections through our deeper minds as well as our other senses and resources can give us greater information and comprehension.

Ancient humans may have used these non-intellectual abilities more than we do today. Animals and other creatures using their instincts are probably also tapping into "non-local" information in similar ways. There may even be connections to these phenomena deep within our biological beings, our cells and our DNA.

In short, these are very natural and normal aspects of the consciousness of life and of Nature. This is one of the ways Nature works.

So, remote viewing and anomalous cognition are really not so anomalous or unusual after all. Better terms might be alternative cognition or perception, or maybe complementary cognition or perception.


Integrative cognition or perception might be another useful concept.

It's a kind of perception that can work with our normal five senses and our intellectual, logical brain. But, Project STAR GATE personnel also discovered that our thinking brain can get in the way of remote viewing and distort perception.

Remote-viewing types of perceiving may kick in more strongly when needed for survival in some kind of dangerous scenario that could involve injury and life or death situations. This is why these abilities seem to come forward in some military combat personnel, intelligence field operatives or assets, peace officers, firefighters and others.

The Fox-Chernin TV project about a CIA remote viewing group has the potential to take viewers into the amazing potential of not only a special aspect of the intelligence community, but also the human potential inside all of us.