It seems from the standpoint of conventional science, that the concept of remote viewing cannot possibly exist. Unfortunately, there are numerous declassified CIA and DIA documents amounting to tens of thousands of pages, which catalogue the U.S. governmentís top secret remote viewing programme. First hand corroboration about the U.S. militaryís secret RV projects, comes from actual military remote viewers such as Joe McMoneagle and Lyn Buchanan, who now teach the general public remote viewing. More extraordinary are the declassified documents released by the U.S. government which document the Soviet paranormal warfare programme which are reproduced in full in appendices i and ii; they mention psychotronics giving the capability to Russian Psi-warriors to remotely influence, effect electronics by telekinesis and even remotely kill.


These documents are freely available under the American Freedom of Information Act, and the author recommends that the serious researcher look at these papers. The concept that the superpowers engaged in an inner space arms race using Psi-warriors seems far fetched, but sometimes truth is stranger than fact. It is alleged that both U.S. and Russian psychic warriors engaged in a secret paranormal war, remotely influencing and remotely killing each other. There is some mention of there being a seventy percent failure rate in the training of remote influencers, these trainees being driven mad by the hypnosis and drug regimens needed to induce these high level Psi-abilities. David Morehouse mentions this remote influencing programme in his account of his military remote viewing training.

The ramifications of this knowledge that remote viewing and Psi-warfare not only actually exist, but have a long history of development by the superpowers, leads to a rather disturbing new vision of recent history and the advent of the new millennium which will be dominated by Psi. If humanity and its nation states develop more and more powerful weapon systems such as: HAARP, the billion watt ionispheric heater, based in Alaska, Russian beam weapons, Chinese nuclear and biological weapons, the ability to remotely view these top secret installations is secondary, to the ability to remotely influence the politicians and generals which control these awesome weapon systems. It does nor matter how powerful the weapon may be, if the brain that controls it can be remotely influenced. The advent of Psi-warfare leads to a dramatic new turn in the way future wars will be fought.

Already the Chinese government are developing thousands of remote influencers in secret research facilities. The strategic implications of being able to remotely influence all the decision makers in the West, has not been lost on the Chinese. Oriental thinking is extremely long term. Long term planning which uses remote influencing as the corner stone of strategy, should enable China to become the pre-eminent superpower by the middle of the next century. U.S. Naval College war gaming, carried out on sophisticated super computers, has shown the American government, will begin to lose any war with China, shortly after the start of the next century.


Chinese remote influencers could reprogram the U.S. president, his advisers and the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, to avoid war with China at all cost or to give them anything they want to keep the peace. By this means, China could regain Taiwan, and begin to dominate the Pacific Rim in the near future. Invading Eastern Siberia and Australia are long term plans in the future battle for resources added to America and Europe accepting draconian environmental and industrial restrictions, which should hamstring their economies, while China accepts none, the plan is laid for China to become the pre-eminent superpower.

As we have seen, Japan has bought a large amount of psychotronic research from the Russians. Japanese research centres in Tokyo have been developing this psychotronic research for use in the business field. Remote viewing and influencing in the commercial field have obvious uses. Industrial espionage, enters a new phase when remote viewers can psychically spy on their competitors; while remote influencing of the board of a competitorís company has obvious uses. If the Japanese are using Psi-warfare in the industrial field, it will enable them to dominate the business sector in the next century.


Hampered as they are by ludicrous loans on over inflated property, the Japanese will need all the help they can get to keep their superpower status in the financial and business sectors. Thinks look rocky for the Japanese, but the author considers that China may prove a significant danger to U.S. and Western interests in the coming war over dwindling resources. If Japan backs China with its state of the art technology, then any future conflict between the U.S. and China may go badly for the Americans.

In the business field, the ability of managers to remotely view, will have dramatic consequences for themselves and the companies they work for. From the comfort of their own offices, managers can remotely view what their competitors mean to do and what the effects of their decisions may have on their future. Remote viewing of their market sector can give the manager the ability to psychically see what world trends and local market changes will have on the performance of the managerís area of interest.

For the member of the public, remote viewing has numerous interesting things to show them. It can be used to psychically view hidden or unknown sites, such as the location of Atlantis, the Ark of the Covenant.... Future remote viewing can see the effects of peoplesí decisions on their future and those of others. The conspiracy theorists can use it to psychically view the secret agencies which organise assassinations, and manipulate events.

As can be seen, remote viewing changes the whole nature of secrecy and enables the members of the general public to psychically view what they want. A world where there are no secrets, runs contrary to the rise of governmental surveillance of its citizens by monitoring all their phone calls, faxes, E-mail and the widespread use of bugging, video recognition systems, and computer files. If a member of the public can comfortably sit in their living room, and remotely view anything going on in the secret underbelly of government, then Big Brother can be psychically spied upon while he electronically spies on you. Thus remote viewing brings true equality to citizen and state which can enable true democracy.

The ethical and moral implications of this new Psi-technology is a minefield. With the ability to remotely view, what about the right of privacy? When people can remotely sense, are thoughts private any longer? With remote influencing existing, are ones thoughts ones own? The specter of remote killing, brings a new meaning to the old sore, Ďits all in your mindí. A future where Psi is a reality, will change human history and bring about a future none of us envisaged.


Let us hope the prospect of extending life span and boosting the immune response, by the positive use of remote influencing (PPNI) far outweighs the Pandoraís box of new Psi weapons that are being developed in secret. A world in which Psi is common knowledge will raise human consciousness, where we go with that new heightened awareness is anyone's guess. ĎJust because you donít believe in something, doesnít mean it canít hurt you.í

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