It seems from the standpoint of conventional science that the concept of remote viewing cannot possibly exist. Unfortunately, there are numerous declassified CIA and DIA documents amounting to tens of thousands of pages, which catalogue the US government's top-secret, remote-viewing programme. First-hand corroboration of the US military's secret remote-viewing projects comes from actual military remote viewers such as Joe McMoneagle and Lyn Buchanan, who now teach the subject to the general public. More extraordinary are the declassified documents released by the US government which document the Soviet paranormal-warfare programme; they mention psychotronics giving Russian psi-operators the ability to remotely influence, affect electronics by telekinesis and even remotely kill.


These documents are freely available under the American Freedom of Information Act, and I recommend the serious researcher to look at these papers. The concept that the superpowers engaged in an inner-space arms race using psi-agents seems far-fetched, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. It is alleged that both US and Russian psychics engaged in a secret paranormal war, remotely influencing and remotely killing each other.

The ramifications of the knowledge that remote viewing and psi warfare not only exist, but have a long history of development by the superpowers, leads to a rather disturbing new vision of recent history and the advent of the new millennium which will be dominated by psi. If humanity and its nation states develop more and more powerful weapon systems, the ability to remotely view top-secret installations will be secondary to the ability to remotely influence the politicians and generals who control them. It does not matter how powerful the weapon if the brain that controls it can be remotely influenced. The advent of psi warfare leads to a dramatic new turn in the way future wars will be fought.

The strategic implications of being able to remotely influence all the decision-makers in the West have not been lost on the Chinese, whose thinking is long term.

Japan has bought a large amount of psychotronic research from the Russians. A major research centre in Japan has been developing it for use in the business field. Remote viewing and influencing in the commercial field have obvious uses. The ethical and moral implications of this new psi technology are a minefield.

  • What about the right of privacy?

  • When people can remotely sense, are thoughts private any longer?

  • With remote influencing, are your thoughts your own?

The specter of remote killing brings a new meaning to the old saying 'itís all in your mind'. Psi will change human history

'What you don't believe in can't hurt you,' they say. Don't believe it.


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