7.- The cinema method and directed attention

For psi activities, it is essential to stop the internal chatter, the incessant internal conversation we all have going on inside our heads. Imagine a remote viewer projecting his/her awareness at a target site; the biophysical field transmits information back to the brain. Someone who is constantly thinking about other things will not be a clear receiver for the remote-viewing information. A clear mind has a better chance of accurate remote viewing. When watching the cinema screen, we concentrate on what’s going on, switching off the internal dialogue. Mental silence is the second major initiator of remote viewing (the first is achieving the theta state).

Clearing the mind of internal chatter is achieved by focusing your attention on remote-viewing imagery, like watching a cinema or TV screen. Linking in with habituated TV fixation provides a most powerful way of developing remote viewing, a guided use of perception. Once you have mastered the technique, you can use it to focus on the information the biophysical body uploads while remotely viewing.

Try to stop thinking to yourself for ten seconds. You will find that internal mental silence is extremely difficult to achieve. The reason is that the memes we are infected with from birth condition us to talk to ourselves; constantly reviewing our life and experiences by use of non-stop mental dialogue is the norm in humans. Our parents and elders infect us with this meme. Our brains force us to talk to ourselves in our mental world, blocking out the subtle paranormal signals we may be picking up. This neural network conditioned by memes interferes with remote viewing and all other psi activity.

The cinema method is such a powerful technique because it uses the potent meme of watching television to eradicate the internal-chatter meme. Since both memes are very powerful, they cancel each other out, paving the way for the mental silence needed to establish a clear link between the biophysical field and the physical body's brain.

Directed attention may be defined as a state of awareness when the focus of attention is coherent and concentrated on one spot, rather like a laser beam. Use it as a tool to increase efficiency of mind, brain and body to optimize remote viewing. Modern living and TV have caused a diminution in our attention to the level where in some cases it can only digest 20 second sound bites. To progress in remote viewing, you must be able to fix your attention on the target, and improve concentration until it reaches this coherent laser-like level, as described before.


- Diaphragm breathing.

Breathe in through your nose - your diaphragm drops while your stomach rises. Breathe out through your nose - your diaphragm rises while your stomach drops. This increases lung capacity and induces your heart rate to drop while stimulating nerve endings in your nose which are connected to the brain. This exercise links your directed attention with your body, something we have learnt to ignore as we grow older. This bodily awareness is vital for remote sensing.

- Concentrate on your pulse/heartbeat.

You can learn to lower your pulse or heartbeat at will, thus linking directed attention with a relaxed state of being. This may inculcate deep alpha states.


(This exercise is vital for remote sensing and remote influencing when directed attention is used to influence heart function in others by telepathic means. Slow pulse or heartbeats - originally heard in your mother's in womb - have a profound effect on internal bodily states, automatically lowering brain-wave rhythms. Conversely, loud chaotic sounds have a negative destabilizing effect on the mind.)


Repeat steps 1-5 on pages before, using the visualization diagram (Figure 17) as a rough map.

6. Once you have focused directed attention inside your hindbrain, command the locus ceruleus to ignore everything which is not life-threatening and has no bearing on your goals.

7. Visualize all your goals as if you had completed them. Do this in chronological order starting with your life's goal(s) and finishing with immediate goals. Add the caveat that every time you are in this state, you can upgrade your goals as your knowledge and experience increase.

8. Feel the positive neurochemical state achieved by bringing the reptilian brain into synchrony with the rest of the brain stress system.

9. Command yourself to feel this positive state every time you do something to achieve your goals, and practice remote viewing. This positive feedback helps you to do both so you will find them invigorating rather than difficult.


Using directed attention enables you to raise your biophysical field from morphogenetic latency to become aware of its surroundings (primary consciousness), after which you can direct it to leave your body and remotely view distant sites. To achieve this, your concentration must be absolute. By visualizing your thalamus, you can re-programme your brain to elevate your attention, analogous to changing a torch beam into a laser beam.

Repeat steps 1-3 of stress management. Relax into the theta state. The more relaxed you are, the better the picture you will get. Once you are in full theta, an image of the target site will appear. Once you are visualizing yourself inside the thalamus, get a mental broom out and metaphorically clean out all blockages and data filters.

4. Command the thalamus to let all sensory data through. Go systematically through all six senses (remote viewing/ESP is the sixth) and clean all the data channels. See your attention as a bright star epicentred in your thalamus. Command the epicentre of attention to shine a bright white light of perception into the thalamus, that becomes coherent and focuses down into the mental laser light of directed attention. Command this mental laser to illuminate your entire thalamus and focus on the goal of remote viewing.

5. Command your thalamus to give you an unlimited attention span; to eliminate all negative programmes; to engage all unused neurones and neuronal networks, so as to boost your attention to directed attention; and then to elevate this directed attention to fixate on remote-viewing data being received by your biophysical vehicle.

6. Now use this directed attention laser to inscribe a cinema screen in lines of blue fire, drawn in a clockwise direction, in your mind's eye. This is the cinema screen, upon which you will see the remote-viewing picture relayed to you by your biophysical field located at the remotely-viewed target site. Once you have drawn the cinema screen, fill it with blue fire; see a blue screen of lambent energy which now faces your mental gaze.

7. Then visualize your directed attention travelling from your thalamus, through the cinema screen, which is the doorway into the biophysical realm. As this occurs, visualize the screen becoming transparent, a perfect medium for the information you will pick up from your biophysical field. This practice initiates your biophysical consciousness to become aware of the outside world. The mental cinema screen can be thought of as the entrance to the world of psi; simply by stepping through it, your attention can be transported to anywhere you wish to go. It is a magic doorway to the great beyond.

8. Next, practice your remote viewing from this state of consciousness. Use this 'magic doorway' approach to remote viewing and project your awareness to the places you wish to psychically view. With practice, every time you engage directed attention on the cinema screen, your brain and biophysical fields will automatically engage the cinema method programme. By positive feedback, the practice of directed attention will make you more and more efficient at ERV (Figure 18).

9. Use directed attention to inscribe the cinema screen and will your biophysical field to travel to the target to be remotely viewed. Use the mental laser light of directed attention as the cursor in the biophysical cyberspace of your paranormal world, to direct your biophysical field to the target. Once at the target site, command your biophysical field to transmit information, via its quantum computer link to your brain, to your cinema screen.

10. This technique can be used to enter into remote-viewing bilocation, where you feel you are actually at the target site, as if you were in a lucid dream.

What is actually happening in bilocation

David Morehouse, interviewed by Uri Dowbenko, for the article, The True Adventures of a Psychic Spy, in Nexus Vol 4 No 5, Sep 1997, describes bilocation as:

Its folding space, folding time and space. It's like bringing the event to you without ever going to the event, if you tap into it. It's omnipresent while traversing back and forth on the time-space continuum. What does it mean? It means you're everywhere at the same time. So the only way you can be everywhere at the same time is because everywhere is where you are. So folding space is the best analogy I can think of - like an accordion that folds in on itself, where you don't move. I was taught to believe that it was like the pages of a book, of an encyclopaedia. There are planes that are separated, yet they're connected by the spine of the book. The spine of the book corresponds to the unconscious.

The biophysical body can travel in its own quantum reality, in effect tunnelling through space-time. The physical body can be at one end of this quantum-reality wormhole, while the biophysical field is at the target site at the other end. When bilocation occurs, this quantum-reality wormhole is created. But these wormholes need energy, so where does it come from? It comes from the quantum vacuum, an endless sea of energy underlying reality, which is accessed by using the Earth's biophysical field when the ERV adept is in theta.


This source of energy is not available in beta (stressed consciousness, brain rhythm greater than 14 cycles per second) because paranormal reality is blocked off by the PDF; or in alpha (unstressed consciousness, the most efficient waking state, 7-14 cycles per second) in which a window can be opened to the biophysical body but it lacks real energy. The quantum vacuum can only be accessed in theta (4-7 cycles per second) or in delta (4 cycles per second or less). In this state, you are dead to the world in deep dreamless sleep - when untrained. This is the gateway to psychotronic realms. In delta, you can access the quantum vacuum for telekinesis, remote influencing.

Checklist for the cinema method

1. Relax by using the stress management techniques.

2. Imagine the mental laser light of your directed attention forming in your thalamus, and firing out of this brain centre into your mind's eye to create the cinema screen. Remember to inscribe the cinema screen in your mind's eye in a clockwise direction with blue laser light from your mental laser, then fill in the screen with blue fire.

4. Once the cinema screen is constructed, see your biophysical field staring at you through it.

5. Visualize the epicenter of attention, the I part of your mind, flowing from your thalamus, via the link of directed attention, into the centre of the biophysical field.

6. Direct the biophysical field to the target site, command the biophysical field to broadcast the images and sensory data it is picking up on your cinema screen.

7. Watch your mental cinema screen and focus on the pictures being sent to you from the target site you are remotely viewing.


Dr Rupert Sheldrake has found that over 50 per cent of people know when they are being stared at, and register subliminal signals showing that their subconscious is aware of them being in someone else’s field of gaze.

Directed attention and the cinema method can be expanded to encompass the sixth sense, or situational awareness - a state of heightened awareness where visual spatial stimuli are directly integrated with intellect, instinct and memory.


1. Use directed attention to create the mental cinema screen in your mind's eye.

2. On this cinema screen broadcast the sensory impressions your biophysical field is getting while it remains over your body, i.e. practice remote-viewing techniques while your biophysical body is over your physical form. This develops your sixth sense and allows you to have 'eyes in the back of your head'.


Wasted time on, and waiting for, trains, buses and planes, and any slack periods, can be used for practicing directed attention with eyes open. Use it during the day to recharge your batteries by breaking negative memes that have slipped into your mind. Do this by using your mental blue laser light to destroy the contagious memes you have contracted as a form of mental infection which drain your energy. Eliminate them and in the process release adaptive energy.


The goal of these advanced techniques is to be able to inculcate a theta state in your waking state, so that you are always in sympathy with the Earth's biophysical field. By constantly operating in the theta state, you become more and more detached from humanity's PDF and latent psi abilities come to the fore. Remote viewing may be the first of these, followed by remote sensing and remote influencing.

The limbic system is thought to control volition in humans. We make decisions on the basis of emotional processing in the limbic system, then we rationalize how we came to make that decision using the cortex. Limbic brain centre processing controls human behaviour and reprogramming this area is vital for all aspects of psi performance.


1. Focus your mental laser light of directed attention, which is fired from your thalamus, on the rest of the limbic system which you command to ignore all stressors that are not life-threatening. Visualize your will flowing down the mental laser beam reprogramming every brain centre it touches.

2. Re-programme the hypothalamus to depress your basal brain stress level to theta by focusing your mental laser on this brain centre and willing it to shut down your anxious state.

3. Re-programme the amygdala, your brain's pleasure centre, to activate your pleasure receptors every time you carry out remote viewing, so that your limbic system is flooded with positive emotions every time you practice it. By this means a positive feedback system is set up, by which your limbic system gets an emotional high every time you practice remote viewing. Since the limbic system controls choice, this means that you will motivate yourself to carry out more and more remote viewing the more you practice it. In time, you will so stimulate the limbic system, that every time you use your senses, remote viewing will be incorporated. You will have developed a permanent sixth sense.

4. Finally, see the limbic system as a totality and see all its connections with the cortex and hindbrain. Concentrate on the temporal lobes which are associated with remote viewing. Programme them to enable remote viewing. Through these connections, flood the rest of the brain with positive emotional stimuli via neurochemical transmitters and neuroelectrical signals, to the point that the whole of your brain experiences an orgasmic-like trance condition every time you practice remote viewing.

By this means the brain can be driven into the lower levels of delta that enable you to link into deeper and deeper shells of the Earth's biophysical fields. From there, you can reach the elevated trance-like state of the Russian remote influencers who have psi power at their fingertips or the yogic masters who have augmented control over their bodies and the world around them.

You can re-programme your temporal cortex to run remote-viewing simulations and processing of enormous complexity. Visualize yourself in this brain area and imagine yourself reprogramming this brain centre as if it was a computer to carry out any command you place into it. Open up all areas of your cortex to boost your data-processing capacities to the Tesla level, where you can visualize complete scenarios in your brain, circuit diagrams, text etc.

Nikola Tesla, the electrical supergenius, could visualize complete circuits in his head, and devices in schematic form accurate to a hundredth of an inch. He used to sit in an armchair close his eyes and design his electrical devices in his mind's eye.

Return your directed attention mental laser beam to your pituitary gland and command it to shut down the brain stress system every time your cortex runs remote-viewing simulations or data processing. Then focus on the limbic system and command these brain centers to flood your brain with pleasurable emotions every time you use enhanced cortex capabilities. This produces a positive feedback cycle to make cortex-enhancement permanent.

Return your directed attention mental laser beam to your reptilian brain and command your biophysical remote-viewing fields to take control of this brain stress system detonator, so that no matter what stressors you are subjected to, you never lose your link with your biophysical vehicle. So even though you may be under enormous stress levels, you will not display high brain-wave activities because your biophysical vehicle has taken command of your brain stress system.

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