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February-March 2014

Vol. 21, No. 2 - Nexus Magazine

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Trish MacGregor is the Edgar Allan Poe Award–winning author of 35 novels (mysteries and science fiction) and numerous non-fiction books (astrology, dreams, synchronicity, etc.). Her most recent non-fiction work, co-written with her husband Rob, is The Synchronicity Highway: Exploring Coincidences, the Paranormal & Alien Contact (Crossroad Press, 2013; see review in this issue). Visit her website

Rob MacGregor is the author of 19 novels and 15 non-fiction books, and has collaborated with filmmaker George Lucas and author Peter Benchley. He is a winner of the Edgar Award for mystery writing and is best known for his seven Indiana Jones novels. He is the co-author, with Bruce Gernon, of The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon (Llewellyn, 2005). With his wife Trish, he's co-written four books on synchronicity. Visit




Psychic Spying with Project Star Gate.
Adapted from their book

"The Synchronicity Highway"

In 1984, American military-intelligence remote viewer Joe McMoneagle tuned into a series of geographic coordinates on Mars and was astonished by what he saw.

He recently reflected on his experiences during this and other psychic spying sessions.

When whistleblower Ed Snowden revealed that US intelligence organizations were spying on America's allies, this quickly became a major international scandal. But imagine the reaction if it were revealed that psychics working for the CIA and the US Army had spied on space aliens.


In fact, at least one of the government's remote viewers did spy on a race of ancient aliens that he discovered on Mars while working in Project Star Gate.

In 1970, Prentice Hall published Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. This book apparently created enough of a stir within intelligence circles that certain steps were taken.


According to, the Rand Corporation was hired in an attempt to determine whether paranormal phenomena are real and to compare Russian investigations and applications with American research efforts.


The 33-page Rand report, dated January 1973, is fascinating to read [see Paranormal Phenomena - Briefing on a Net Assessment Study - ARPA 1973].


It covers the nature of paranormal phenomena, possible military applications, the differences between Soviet and US research, paranormal research centers in the Soviet Union and the United States, and funding in both countries.


The study concluded that,

"if paranormal phenomena do exist, the thrust of Soviet research appears more likely to lead to explanation, control, and application than is U.S. research".

From 1972 to 1995, more than $20 million was poured into the US government's psychic spying program, Star Gate.


The army and various intelligence agencies including the FBI, CIA and DIA were involved.


On the Remoteviewed site, you can read the PDF transcripts of actual remote-viewing (RV) sessions with some of the notable remote viewers:

  • Joe McMoneagle

  • Lyn Buchanan

  • David Morehouse

  • Angela Thompson Smith

  • Paul H. Smith

  • Ed Dames

There's even a session where Linda A. is in training and attempting to remote-view Uri Geller, whose photo was sealed in an envelope.


Even if you don't know much about the history of psi research in the United States, these documents are compelling.

Most of the targets dealt with defence and national security issues, and involved psychically spying on enemies. However, on rare occasions, the targets were literally out of this world.


One of the most intriguing sessions involved Joe McMoneagle, referred to as "Remote Viewer #001". The session took place on 22 May 1984, and the transcript was released on 8 August 2000 [see Mars Exploration - May 22, 1984].


The target for the session reads:

Method of site acquisition:

Sealed envelope coupled with geographic coordinates.

The sealed envelope was given to the subject immediately prior to the interview. The envelope was not opened until after the interview.


In the envelope was a 3 X 5 card with the following information:

The planet Mars.

Time of interest approximately 1 million years B.C.

Selected geographic coordinates, provided by the parties requesting the information, were verbally given to the subject during the interview.


Joe McMoneagle's Remote Viewing of Mars

As we read through the material, our immediate question was who in the government had made such an exotic request.


We contacted Joe McMoneagle and asked him about the session. He said that the target and coordinates were provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a federally funded research and development centre associated with NASA.


McMoneagle's monitor for the session was consciousness researcher and author Robert Monroe.

Monroe, his monitor, then asked McMoneagle to move back to the time before the geological upheaval and to report any activity that he saw.

Considering that McMoneagle was asked to remote-view information from a card sealed in an envelope, his response is stunning. At the first set of coordinates, 40.89 degrees north and 9.55 degrees west, he described enormous dust storms, pyramid forms, aqueducts and underground shelters.


At one point, he reported,

"severe clouds, more like [a] dust storm" that were the "after effect of a major geological problem".

He described "mountains of dirt" that appeared and disappeared, "large flat surfaces" and "megalithic" structures.

Monroe, his monitor, then asked McMoneagle to move back to the time before the geological upheaval and to report any activity that he saw. Joe's perceptions were of people who were very tall and thin:

"…[I]t's only a shadow. It's as if they were there and they're not, not there anymore."

Monroe instructed McMoneagle to go back to a period of time when these people were present.


Initially, McMoneagle encountered interference, like "static on a line", where the connection became fragmented and broke up.


His monitor advised him to report the raw data and not try to piece things together.

"I just keep seeing very large people," said McMoneagle. "They appear thin and tall, but they're very large. Ah…wearing some kind of strange clothes."

At this point, Monroe told him to hold onto this time period and move to another physical location.


He then gave McMoneagle a new set of geographic coordinates within this same time period: 46.45 north and 353.22 east. These coordinates yielded new information.

McMoneagle found himself deep inside what he thought was a cavern but said was more like a canyon.


He looked up a steep wall that seemed to go on forever.

"And… it's like the wall of the canyon itself has been carved. Again I'm getting… very large structures, no… intricacies, huge sections of smooth stone."

His monitor asked if the structures he was seeing had interiors and exteriors. McMoneagle said that they did.


He described the interior as huge, but like a rabbit warren.

"[T]he ceiling is very high, walls very wide."

Monroe told McMoneagle to move to another location nearby, within the same time frame: 45.86 north and 354.1 east.


At these coordinates, McMoneagle described the end of a large road and a,

"marker thing that's very large, keep getting [a] Washington monument overlay, it's like an… obelisk".

Once again, Monroe provided a new set of coordinates:

35.26 north and 213.24 east.

McMoneagle described a tall range of,

"very ragged, ragged mountains" that ringed a "huge circular basin" where he was. Everything was "really big", and the only other thing that he saw was a "right angle corner".

With the next coordinates, 34.6 north and 213.09 east, McMoneagle reported a,

"cluster of squares up and down" that were "almost flush with the ground".


"…[I]t's like they're connected… Something very white or reflects light."

Monroe asked what his position was as he looked at these objects that reflected light. McMoneagle replied that he was at an "oblique left angle" and that the Sun was "weird".

The sixth set of coordinates was close to where McMoneagle was situated:

34.57 north and 212.22 east.

We wondered how geographic coordinates on Mars are calculated, and a Google search, of course, yielded the answer.


According to, the system of calculating latitude and longitude on Mars is similar to the geographic system used here on Earth.


Planetary scientists use two different Martian coordinate systems:

  • planetographic

  • planetocentric

In both systems, latitude is measured in degrees north and south of the Martian equator.


With the planetographic system, which was probably used in 1984 when McMoneagle did this viewing, longitude is measured from 0 to 360 degrees to the west.


With planetocentric coordinates, longitude is measured from 0 to 360 degrees to the east.

With the new set of coordinates, McMoneagle described "a radiating pattern of some kind", like intersecting roads dug into valleys.

"They're like real neat channels cut, they're very deep, it's like the road went down."

Monroe remarked that McMoneagle had "nulled out a little bit" and encouraged him to recapture his focus.


McMoneagle replied that it was difficult; information was "very sporadic".


These comments are similar to what he'd said earlier about the static in the connection.

When McMoneagle became focused again, Monroe gave him another set of coordinates:

15 north and 198 east.

McMoneagle reported things like aqueducts, road beds that resembled carved channels.


The horizon looked,

"funny and weird…misty, like it's really far away".

Once again, his monitor provided a new set of coordinates: 80 south and 64 east.


Here, McMoneagle reported pyramids that were huge, that were "like shelters from storms".

It's possible that McMoneagle was viewing the collapse of the Martian atmosphere after the planet had gone through some sort of catastrophic encounter with a comet or some other space object.

Monroe instructed McMoneagle to enter one of the pyramids and report on any activity that he saw.

"Different chambers," he said, "…but they're almost stripped of any kind of… furnishings or anything, it's like ah… strictly functional place for sleeping or that's not a good word, hibernations…


I get real raw inputs, storms, savage storm, and sleeping through storms."

Monroe asked McMoneagle to tell him about the ones who slept through the storms.

"Ah… very… tall again, very large… people, but they're thin, they look thin because of their height and they dress like in, oh hell, it's like a real light silk, but it's not flowing type of clothing, it's like cut to fit."

Monroe then instructed McMoneagle to move closer to one of these entities and ask for information about this race.


This is where things got very interesting.

"They're ancient people.


They're…dying, it's past their time or age… They're very philosophic about it. They're looking for…a way to survive and they just can't…


[T]hey're hanging on while they look or wait for something to return or something coming with the answer…"

When Monroe asked what these people were waiting for, McMoneagle said that a group or a party of them had left to find a new place to live.

"It's like I'm getting all kinds of overwhelming input of the… corruption of their environment. It's failing very rapidly and this group went somewhere, like a long way to find another place to live."

Monroe asked what caused the environmental disturbance, and it's apparent from the transcript that McMoneagle was picking up a lot of raw data that was difficult to decipher.

"Oh, I get a globe… it's like a globe that goes through a comet's tail or… it's through a river of something, but it's all very cosmic. It's like space pictures."

When Monroe asked how the search party left, McMoneagle replied that he got the impression of,

"the inside of a larger boat" with "rounded walls and shiny metal".

Monroe suggested that McMoneagle should accompany the search party to wherever they were going, so he did.


His eerie description is of,

"a really crazy place with volcanoes and gas pockets and strange plants".

McMoneagle described it as a,

"very volatile place…like going from the frying pan into the fire".

But he pointed out that there was more vegetation here than in the other place, which had none.

We wondered if their destination could have been Earth in its early formative years. However, that period in Earth's development would've occurred long before the one million years BC target date.


Recent Scientific Findings on Mars

This effort, essentially to spy on ancient aliens on Mars, took place nearly three decades ago. Since then, our knowledge about the red planet has expanded.

When the Curiosity rover landed on Mars a year ago, it began transmitting data back to Earth.

"As Mars became a planet and its magma solidified, catastrophic out-gassing occurred while volatiles were delivered by impact of comets and other smaller bodies," said Dr Chris Webster at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, lead author on one of the studies of the rover's data [see Curiosity rover finds evidence Mars lost its atmosphere 4bn years ago].

Chris Webster and his team believe that a major event destroyed the Martian atmosphere around four billion years ago.

It's possible that McMoneagle was viewing the collapse of the Martian atmosphere after the planet had gone through some sort of catastrophic encounter with a comet or some other space object.


In that scenario, the tall thin individuals whom he saw had put themselves into some sort of hibernation in the hope that they would survive until the search party returned.

McMoneagle recognizes that his description of catastrophic events occurring one million years ago conflicts with the current view of science that the atmosphere of Mars disappeared four billion years ago.


He put it into perspective when we spoke to him:

"They [the Jet Propulsion Laboratory] have just as much difficulty in stating that it was destroyed more than four billion years ago as I do saying it was a million plus years ago."

He noted that a couple of soil samples analysed by a robotic vehicle on Mars is insufficient evidence for JPL to be able to make such a proclamation.

"My statement is just as possible as theirs is," he added.

On 12 March 2013, reported that NASA's Curiosity rover had discovered definitive evidence that Mars was once suitable for life [see Rover finds first life-friendly environment on Mars].


This evidence came in the scoop of grey powder that was drilled from Martian rock by an ancient stream bed near the Yellowknife Bay area.

"This is probably the only definitively habitable environment that we've described and recorded," said David Blake, the principal investigator for the rover's Chemistry and Mineralogy instrument, CheMin.

"What I remember is that at the first set of coordinates there was a huge pyramid, like none I'd ever seen before. I asked him if this was a new discovery, because it seemed this was larger than the one at Giza, Egypt."

The researchers were seeking three things that, when combined, spell habitability:

"…a non-acidic environment; enough water for microbes to thrive in; and minerals that could act like batteries, allowing electrons to flow and bring energy to any potential organisms. They found all three."

The sample of grey dust indicated the presence of smectite, a clay mineral which forms in the presence of water.


The CheMin also detected minerals which suggested that the water was pH neutral and carried substances capable of supplying microbes with energy.

"We have found a habitable environment that is so benign and supportive of life that probably if this water had been around and you had been on the planet, you would have been able to drink it," said Curiosity project scientist John Grotzinger.

Mars Session Revisited

While the rover project dealt with dust particles, McMoneagle saw what appeared to be inhabitants on Mars.


It sounds like science fiction, but why would someone from NASA provide those specific targets? We also wondered if McMoneagle ever remote-viewed other alien targets during his years with Project Star Gate and afterwards.

Those were some of the questions that we were curious about when we approached the former government psychic spy, who now does remote viewing for private clients.


In spite of the number of years that have passed, McMoneagle still readily recalls the day he was given Mars as a target.


Here are a few of the questions that we asked him in July 2013, followed by his responses.

Q: We ran across a transcript of an RV session you did in 1984 that was fascinating.


You were handed a sealed envelope containing an index card with three lines on it - the target you were supposed to view. You didn't look at the card, and the envelope wasn't opened until the RV session was finished.


Written on the card was:

"The planet Mars. Time of interest approximately 1 million years B.C."

Your monitor gave you sets of geographic coordinates, two at a time.


Can you tell us about that viewing? Do you recall how you felt at the time about what you were seeing? How did your monitor obtain those coordinates? Why were there so many?

A: At the time, I was working with Bob Monroe in his lab over extended weekends. This had been set up by the army in the hope that it would shorten my cool-down periods and extend my abilities to remote-view.


I was becoming very stressed by the demands within the Star Gate project. From approximately mid-1982 until September 1st of 1984, I was the only remote viewer left within the unit so I was carrying the full load.


This was beginning to wear thin. So, Bob was working with me in his lab to try to reduce the stress and increase my ability to respond. During this period of working with Bob, they would occasionally bring down a test target to see how I was doing. It could be a target of importance or simply one utilized to test my abilities.

On this one occasion, I was taking a nap during lunch hour, inside the controlled isolation chamber in the lab, when Bob woke me up by announcing that he had a target for me.


Lieutenant [Skip] Atwater had brought him a card with eight sets of coordinates on it, and an envelope which was sealed.


Bob told me that he had the target envelope in his shirt pocket and that he would read off the sets of coordinates to me one at a time, and I was to describe what I saw at each set. I agreed.

What I remember is that at the first set of coordinates there was a huge pyramid, like none I'd ever seen before. I asked him if this was a new discovery, because it seemed this was larger than the one at Giza, Egypt. He said he didn't know. All he had was the sealed envelope and the coordinates.


So, I described it to him.

He gave me another set of coordinates, and at this one there appeared to be some kind of a ruin. And on it went. I remember at one point looking up at the location and getting a very strange impression of the Sun.


I told Bob:

"The Sun, it looks very weird."

He said:

"I'm not interested in the Sun; I'm interested in what's at the coordinates."

At the end of the session, neither he nor I could figure out what this target was.


It was mostly ruins, a few pyramid shapes, and feelings like the whole thing had to do with the preservation of life, the need to pass along a great deal of information.

I began seeing a race of people who were very much like us, but much larger, like huge larger - over 10 feet in height. These people were fighting to stay alive, were building hibernation chambers inside pyramids and were trying to put aside information for those who might come later, informing them of what had gone wrong.

In any event, when we finished the remote viewing effort, Skip Atwater asked Bob to open the envelope and tell us what was inside. The card within the envelope said "Mars, one million years BC".


It really surprised us both. The coordinates were for specific locations on certain areas of Mars, which included what appeared to be ruins and lots of pyramids of different shapes and designs. I asked Skip where the coordinates had come from.


He said they originated with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

"It is my belief that they use Roswell as a distraction to draw people away from the crash site at Socorro, which I believe is the more important crash site."

When I was doing the viewing, I kept getting a really sad feeling.


These people were losing their home, and a handful had volunteered to stay behind to try to set up messages for those who might come after them.


I got the distinct feeling that the pyramids were being set up to be used as hibernation chambers, and at some point at some time in the near future they had some expectation that someone would eventually find them and understand what they did to save their people.


It was very moving.


I don't think I expected such a powerful response to the remote viewing.


UFOs, Crash Sites and ETs

Q: Were you ever given targets that involved other aliens or UFOs while you were working in the Star Gate program?

A: There was only one "formal tasking" of a UFO that was ever done within Star Gate and I did the viewing on that target, which was about the 1981-82 time period. It was an object caught within a photograph of another target site.


The agency with the photograph tasked me with describing the actual target site with the hope that I would pick up on the object - which I did. I said that it was approximately 300 feet [~91.5 meters] across, travelling at near 3,900 mph [~6,276 kph], and had just made a perfect 90-degree turn to the right.


It was almost 30 feet [~9.15 m] tall in the centre, tapering out to nothing at the edges, and moving along at approximately 13,500 feet [~4,115 m] in altitude.

They eventually verified my statements as being correct, but I was told it was actually a high-altitude weather balloon flattened by high winds and moving fast within the stratosphere. I would say that was a healthy load of bull.


My sense was it was remotely piloted and no entity of any kind was aboard. There was a lot of detail about a drive system, but I can't remember much because it was quite confusing from beginning to end and never made

any sense at all in my own mind. By the time I'd finished, I was in an altered state. UFOs are like that… they're smoke to almost anyone who sees them or studies them, regardless as to whether or not it's a private individual or the government.


In all the decades we've been collecting photographs and information on them, I'd hazard to say no one knows any more about them today than they did when all the sightings began hundreds of years ago.


UFOs are multi-reality engines, built to cross space–time and go in all directions.



Q: Have you ever remote-viewed the alleged crash near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947? If so, what did you find?

A: Yes, I have remote-viewed the alleged crash near Roswell, but not while I was involved in the Star Gate program.


I do not believe it ever happened. It is my belief that the real crash was a two-part crash that took place at Socorro, New Mexico, approximately 170 miles [~274 kilometers] west-northwest of Roswell. It is actually almost due west, just south of Albuquerque, and just north of Truth or Consequences.


There was a crash there that is almost never referred to. If someone brings up the crash at Socorro, however, almost without exception Roswell becomes the front-page news.


It is my belief that they use Roswell as a distraction to draw people away from the crash site at Socorro, which I believe is the more important crash site.

There is still a great deal of material that can be found at and around the Socorro crash site, while there is none to be found near Roswell. Roswell is a cover or distraction.


The materials found surrounding the Socorro site are well established as being from a very high intensity and very hot impact.


The heat created at Socorro probably exceeded 1,800 degrees [Fahrenheit] [~982 Celsius] in places, immediately following the vehicle crash. It is also my belief that there were at least two crashes at the Socorro site, which occurred exactly 20 years apart almost to the minute.


There are reasons for this as well. The Socorro site represents an ingress–egress point into and out of our time–space locale, a specific requirement attached to their modality of star-to-star travel.



Q: Other than the tall thin entities that you remote- viewed on Mars, have you ever seen any other alien entities or the inside of a craft?


A: Yes, I have. I've been working on two or three UFO incidents which I believe are truly alien craft and not some mistaken crash site that includes our own aircraft.


When I first started viewing these targets, I kept getting the same thing over and over again. It looked like the old hippie peace sign: a large "Y" inside a circle, only the circle was missing.


So, it looked like an equilateral "Y" with angles all the same and lengths of each line all the same. I couldn't get past this image for many months - until finally, one afternoon, I had an epiphany.

"We think we are their equals, but this is simply arrogance. They are half a million years ahead of us in capability.


They jump from star to star without effort, and operate on ancient rules that far and away transcend our understanding…"

What the "Y" is, is the inside or outside corner of an empty box. I suddenly realized they, whoever they are, had given me a target so simple that it almost defied description or at least understanding.


As soon as I discovered this, the target then constantly morphed into entire boxes. They have been able to block me on a nearly consistent basis. But, nearly consistent isn't all the time.


Once in a while I've been able to catch a peek behind the boxes and to see things I'm sure they do not expect me to see. In those instances, I've seen control systems that are part biological and part physical, so I would have to say their ships are hybrid systems made up of materials grown within material frameworks.


They communicate with their ships much as we would consider mind-to-mind communications to be.

I've also seen what I call their "skin suits", which are the environmental suits they must wear if they are exposed to our atmosphere.


They are highly vulnerable to our biological systems. They are deeply afraid of the many viruses and biological agents we carry within our bodies and which are swimming in our air and waters or are found within our animals and plants and the very dirt at our feet.


They have little immunity to them.

So, they wear hazard suits - what I call "skin suits". Also, to protect themselves from the agents, they must immerse themselves in order to eradicate these elements whenever they re-board their ships.

These skin suits hide their features completely and make them all look the same. The large eyes which people report are the protective lenses that cover their eyes.

Likewise, these skin suits protect them from us as well. Our instinctive reactions would kick in if one of them appeared to us in their natural state.


Our reactions would be instant and violent. They understand that we are a violent and reactive species, and that is one of the reasons they do not make contact with us openly but only do so when the circumstances are right and they are in full control.

We think we are their equals, but this is simply arrogance. They are half a million years ahead of us in capability. They jump from star to star without effort, and operate on ancient rules that far and away transcend our understanding for how things work.


Our belief in their abilities as alien creatures is pitifully under-reaching, and we are quite primitive in our understanding for their limits and abilities.


And while we might consider them butt ugly, they consider us to be half a step behind a chimp in our development.

I continue to try to remote-view the interior of their craft and see what they obviously do not want me to see. Sometimes I get the sense that they let me see what they feel I can handle, and bit by bit I'm developing a slightly better view of what they are and what their intent might be.


My feeling is that it would be seriously in error to believe that we have any kind of intelligence equal to their reality.


But, one thing is clearly apparent to me: they do have a belief in a higher form or overall Creator, but it is nothing like ours might be. Their God is not the God of our fathers, nor is it a God that aspires to know us better or that we aspire to understand.


It is a God of rules that are very clearly stated and understood.


These rules dictate that if you understand, you live; if you do not understand, you die.


Viewing the Past and the Future


Q: What is the most distant point in the past that you have remote-viewed? What's the most distant point in the future that you have remote-viewed?


A: The most distant time into the past that I've remote-viewed is the beginning of life on planet Earth.


This represents hundreds of millions of years and goes back to a time when the planets had different orbits and different positions within the solar system. Mars was inside Earth's orbit, and both of their orbits were outside those of Saturn and Venus.

Since then, a lot has changed -  including the loss of a planet, which became the asteroid belt.

Saturn has many moons, but now has a much larger orbit outside our own, and its rings are the remnants of three moons that used to circle the planet. We switched places with Mars approximately two million years ago, and this resulted in Mars's demise as a life-bearing world.


There have been many changes.

The most distant time in the future would have to be the end of our star and the death of our world as a result.


This takes place over a period of tens of thousands of years. It occurs in a number of steps, first freezing and then heating up our planet Earth to the point that it basically dissolves to dust and is sucked back into the core of our Sun.


We will have chosen another place to live long before this should occur.



Remote Viewing Ancient Aliens on Mars

By the time this happens,

  • we will have terraformed Mars back into another Earth-type planet


  • we will have transformed a number of asteroids into a number of deep- space exploration ships


  • we will have made contact with other like- beings from at least three other star systems

Our rule books will have changed by then to include those providing us with a deeper understanding of our origins than would have ever been possible with a belief in a Creator.


Humanistic understanding will have reformed to an understanding of the importance of life itself, why we exist, what our responsibilities are within at least our own universe if not back to the beginning of time, and other things which are just not explainable within our current context.

In the H2 TV program Ancient Aliens,

the narrator notes the speculative nature of the show's theme, then adds: "What if it were true?"

The same could be said about Joe McMoneagle's remote viewing of Mars. Although there might be discrepancy in the dating of catastrophic events, it's amazing that he hit the target at all.


And regarding what he saw… what if it were true?