by F. Holmes Atwater

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During the cold-war era, F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater used his natural psychic aptitude as a U.S. Army counter-intelligence special agent.


He initiated the remote viewing intelligence program now known to the world by the code name STAR GATE, which used technology developed by Robert Monroe to train professional remote viewers including the renowned Joseph McMoneagle.

Atwater speaks at several conferences around the world each year. He has been on radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM, and has appeared on nationally televised programs including Sightings, the Life Science Foundation public television documentary Intuition, the A&E series The Unexplained, The Learning Channel series Science Frontiers, and the A&E two-hour special Beyond Death.


He lives near Charlottesville, Virginia.




F. Holmes Atwater's new book (Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul - Living With Guidance) includes declassified STAR GATE documents, remote-viewing workshops, and much more.


One of the multimedia presentations is the historic remote viewing of Mars. Following is a preview of this very revealing session with, Joe McMoneagle:

Holmes: Using the information in the envelope, focus on 40.89 degrees North, 9.55 degrees West.

Joe: I see what looks like a, no it sort a looks. I've got an oblique view of a, ah pyramid, a pyramidal form. Um, it's very high. It's kind a sitting in a large depressed area.

Martian reconnaissance photo from USGS

"Mars face" structure located in Cydonia on 40.89 deg. North and 9.55 deg. West on Mars.

Holmes: All right.

Joe: It's yellowish, ah ocher colored.

Holmes: All right. Move in time to the time indicated in the envelope I've provided you and describe what's happening.

Joe: Got an impression of severe, severe clouds, more like dust storm, a geologic problem. Um, seems to be like a, uh... Just a minute, I've got to iron this out. It's a little weird.

Holmes: Just report your raw perceptions at this time. You're still early in the session.

Joe: I'm looking at an aftereffect from a major geologic problem.

Holmes: Okay. Go back to the time before the geologic problem.

Joe: Um, total difference. It's a, before there's no a, a no... Oh hell. It's like mounds of dirt appear and they disappear when you go before. I see a, large flat surfaces — very a, smooth — angles, walls. They're really large though. I mean they're megalithic...

Holmes: All right, all right. At this period in time now, before the geologic activity, look around — in and around, this area. See if you can find any activity.

Joe: I'm seeing a... it's like a perception of a shadow of people. Very tall, thin but it's only a shadow. It's as if they were there and they're not, not there anymore.

Holmes: Go back to a period of time where they are there.

Joe: Impression of... It's like I get a lot of static on the line and everything. It's a, breaking up all the time. Very fragmentary pieces.

Holmes: Just report the raw data. Don't try to put things together. Just report the raw data.

Joe: I keep seeing very large people. They appear very thin and tall but they're very large. Ah, wearing some kind of strange clothes.

Joe went on to describe eight different locations on the planet Mars and was actually able to communicate "telepathically" with one of the beings he encountered.


A Flash presentation of above session is shown here below:

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