How the Greys Are Organized within the Federation

The Greys have a complex organizational structure, as this chapter reveals. I am a political scientist, and it is normal for me to analyze any group of individuals in terms of how they operate collectively. Typical social scientific problems deal with beings who communicate by telephone, committee meetings, newspapers, television, and radio.


Governance under such circumstances is relatively straightforward. A society forms some institution, like a parliament, that identifies itself as the government, and a social scientist who wants to study that society begins by watching that government. You gather your data through normal communication channels, such as publications and interviews with the leaders of the government, or opinion surveys and voting analyses of the populace.

But with the Greys, the situation is not so straightforward. Since I did not know exactly where to begin, I decided to add a general target to the project’s long list of targets that would seek to identify basic aspects of the organization of Grey society. The specific target was “Greys/current governance organization.” I had no expectations, and I did not know how I would begin analyzing any data that I received. Fortunately, as is characteristic of remote viewing, the general cue allowed my unconscious to organize material in a way that ultimately made a great deal of sense to my conscious mind.

This session was monitored, and, as always, I was given no information regarding the target until after the session was completed. The data presented here are of sufficient complexity that readers can easily comprehend the usefulness of using a monitor for such general targets.


During the session, my unconscious put me in the correct location to obtain the data, but my monitor had to do a lot of navigating once I was there in order to extract all of the bits and pieces that were required.

Date: 30 July 1994

Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 1443/7114

The preliminaries immediately indicated that the target was either in another time or dimension. There was lots of blue and white light associated with the target, together with ideas of expansive, endless, infinite.

CB: In my Stage 3 sketch, I draw a strong light and I AOL the Federation headquarters. I am given a movement exercise that places me at the center of the target. I move into Stage 4.


“I am in a large structure, and it seems very familiar. I am having the strong AOL from the signal line that this is the Federation headquarters. I am inside the building now.

“I am now standing right in front of that Buddha-like fellow with whom I have interacted before. He definitely knows that I am here.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the concept of the relationship between the Federation and the Greys.”

CB: “He is telling me that I already know. I should not doubt so much what the Greys say. He seems happy, but also a bit annoyed at our slow progress.”


At this point I express a bit of exasperation, thinking that I am writing and remote viewing as fast as I competently can, given my other responsibilities. The Buddha fellow does not seem to mind this mild outburst.
MONITOR: “Cue on the idea of line of command.”

CB: “OK. Doing that now. The Greys are members of the Federation. They are very well respected members, in fact. The entire Federation is involved at the current time with the project to help the Greys. They have more than paid their dues. They deserve their chance. They have even helped humans tremendously, both now in the real things that matter—spiritual evolution—and in the past. They are a very well behaved species, and they will evolve into beautiful and even more valuable members and leaders of the Federation.”

I move into Stage 6 of SRV.


“That wise old Grey that I have worked with before has just joined the conversation.”

I execute an advanced SRV technique in which I probe for the structure of the Grey organization with regard to the Federation. [See Figure 1.] In the sketch, I identify the command structure of three separate groups of Greys, all with relation to the Federation. The upper levels of these three separate groups of Greys are the authorities that represent their own respective populaces.


In general, the Greys that interact with humans at the current time can be categorized as primitive, modern, and advanced. Each group works with the Federation independently of the other two groups.

”I am getting the sense that there are also a few small renegade Grey groups that do not work directly with the Federation. But the three big groups do work with the Federation.

“I also get the sense that the three basic Grey groups are separated by evolutionary levels. That is, they are the same Greys, but they originate from different points in time. Yet all three populaces are interacting simultaneously here on Earth.”
MONITOR: “Courtney, probe the Grey populace number one.”

CB: “Wow! That sure is an AI! Let me put that down in the matrix. There are huge numbers of Greys in this category. They are relatively primitive. They have large eyes, and they feel few surface emotions. They have a hive mentality. They operate extremely large ships, and very few remain on their home-world.”
MONITOR: “Probe the idea of governance for this populace.”

CB: “They actually have a hierarchy for governance. There are high to low ranking members.”
MONITOR: “Probe the Grey populace number two.”

CB: “Again, there are large numbers. These guys have some physical differences from the number one group. These Greys sometimes work with advanced humans and other beings, unlike the first group.”
MONITOR: “Probe the idea of governance for this populace.”

CB: “The governance is more ‘full’ than with the first group. There is telepathic communication on all matters. Consensus is reached. There still is no idea of individual dissent requiring a vote. Yet there still is a hierarchy, as with the first group.”
MONITOR: “Probe the Grey populace number three.”

CB: “Large numbers again, but not quite as many as for the first and second populaces. They are also substantially different in character from the other groups. They have gained or regained some emotional flexibility. They are not the same as humans, but they are close.”
MONITOR: “Probe the idea of governance for this populace.”

CB: “These folks have sufficient individuality that they have differences of opinion and uniqueness of personality. They actually vote in some telepathic way. However, the bias is still to move toward a consensus.”
MONITOR: “Probe the Federation membership requirements and responsibilities associated with the first Grey populace.”

CB: “They applied for membership. They were given provisional status at first. They worked for a very long time as helpful members on many projects. They applied for help with their own project. The seeds of their project began with their observation of other advanced Federation species. They saw the opportunity to gain the abilities, skills, and evolutionary potential of these other beings. But they wanted something unique. They value themselves and feel that some critical aspect, combined with some diverse other genes, will yield a biological machine that they will feel comfortable with and that will be particularly valuable to themselves and others. Federation officials agreed to their plan. The entire plan was first submitted to the Federation, and then accepted. Earth was chosen as the central gene pool bank for the project.”

At this point in the session, my monitor had to leave to attend to other matters. Since I was already bilocated, I decided to continue the session solo.

I returned to face the Buddha-like Federation fellow, and I probed for information regarding the command structure of the Federation. I was informed that there is an elaborate organization. There are real physical meetings. It is not unlike the United Nations on Earth. It is not a strong central authority, but an organized collaboration of species, home-worlds, and groups. The influence of the Federation does not extend throughout the entire galaxy. Other galaxy organizations do exist, but there is only limited interaction with them.


The situation is much like Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Federation is expanding, slowly. The Federation eventually wants human, and specifically Earth, participation. This is the goal. Earth needs a, world government for this to occur, however. This is the single most important criterion for membership in the Federation. The Federation will not deal with planetary factions. It is against Federation rules to do so, except when the groups—such as the Greys—are separated by time.

Again, facing the Buddha-like fellow, I probed on the concept of guidance. I was told that things are urgent. Knowledgeable humans must teach about Federation matters. It is not long before events on Earth accelerate. The link to the Federation needs to be established in a rudimentary way now so that contact can be maintained during the years of struggle, death, and turmoil. I was specifically informed that the Federation will not solve our problems, but it can and will give guidance if asked.

Continuing with the signal, I clearly discerned that we need to apply for Federation membership soon. The application can be initiated in many ways. The world government simply needs to make the mental decision to want Federation membership, and the Federation will take care of the remainder. The Federation will openly act then.

I thanked the Buddha-like fellow and the Grey who seemed to assist me earlier, and then ended the session.

I called up my monitor later that day and found out that the target was “Greys/current governance-organization.”



The key to understanding the Grey social structure is to accept the fact that linear time does not exist in subspace. Linear time is one of a number of structuring aspects of our existence in the physical universe. But it makes sense only within this overall physical structure.


Extensive remote viewing over many years by many trained viewers has demonstrated that linear time does not exist outside of the physical world. All events happen simultaneously. This makes little sense to most of us on Earth, where time is sequential.

Remote viewers can pierce time as easily as space, and to remote view events at different points in time gives the sensation of actually being at those places at those times. Thus, if a remote viewer were to observe a boat race, the event would be perceived in its own real time. Indeed, the remote viewing would become part of the event, and another remote viewer watching the same event could perceive the subspace aspect of the first viewer as he or she also watched the event.

We now know that the Greys have long had a technological ability to move both their ships and bodies through time. Although I do not understand the principles involved, it is possible that they do so by temporarily shifting their presence from physical space to subspace, making the movement in both time and space, and finally reemerging at a new time and location in the physical universe.


Remote viewers have no data to suggest that the ETs have the ability to defeat the speed-of-light limitation in the physical universe without first leaving the physical universe. Thus, from a strictly physical perspective, they encounter the same relativistic laws that we do.

Since Grey society, linearly understood, has had the technological ability to move in time for a long while, it makes sense that we could be visited by groups of Greys who are from different time periods. However, what is perhaps most interesting is that evolution or time separations seem to act on physical beings similarly to geographical separations.


The relatively primitive Greys do not seem to enjoy working with the modern Greys, and neither of the two earlier Grey groups work intimately with the advanced group. In a very real sense, the three levels of Greys are much like separate nationalities among humans. We often find that our common national experiences are not easily understood by humans from other nations.


There are language and custom differences, and we sometimes simply view the world differently than our fellows across the border. Similarly, Greys from one time period do not fully understand Greys from another time period, and when they interact in the same time period, as they currently do near Earth, they keep their distance from one another. This is true despite the fact that the earlier Greys are trying to evolve to be like the later Greys.

I can perhaps place this into a broader perspective that would add clarity to the discussion. Remote viewers now know that Earth is also being visited by what appears to be future humans who also have the technological ability to move through time. Thus, it is entirely possible that present-day humans could witness the flight of a ship that is being piloted by future versions of themselves.


If such a ship were to land in my back yard, and my future self were to emerge from the ship’s hatch, I am not certain that I would know what to do. Depending on how far into the future my future self came from, I am not certain I would feel comfortable interacting with him (if he was a him).

Without question, more research needs to be done with regard to all of these matters. But we now have an initial understanding of the complexity involved with our interactions with both the Greys and the Federation, and we now must expand our understanding not only of the interaction of cultures separated by physical distance, but by time.


Comprehending the time-simultaneity of galactic interactions will be perhaps our greatest intellectual challenge.

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In the early period of these investigations into the ET enigma, at the same time that I suggested to my monitor that I would like to use SRV to interview Jesus, we decided to include the personalities of Guru Dev and Buddha on the list as well. I have presented the results of all my contacts with these beings in previous chapters, except for that with Buddha. Buddha himself was an unknown to me.


Quite honestly, I wanted to include him so that I could obtain discussions with a cross-section of great spiritual leaders in my analyses. But I did not know much about Buddha. Although I have read some books that discuss Buddha and Buddhism, such sources never left me with much of a solid idea of who he is or what he actually did on Earth.


In short, he was an unknown to me, and I really wanted him on my list of targets only because of his reputation as a great spiritual leader. (I am a bit embarrassed to admit the shallowness of the original idea.)

Nonetheless, Buddha was not insulted by my lack of knowledge of him. Moreover, from what I do know of Buddhism, many Buddhists may find my interaction with him to be far from unexpected. He has always been somewhat of a mystery personality in my understanding. Indeed, in the session that I present in this chapter, he remains so, but at the same time, he teaches more about the meaning of life than I could ever imagine learning without assistance in one lifetime.


Simply, the SRV session upon which this chapter is based was the most beautiful experience I have ever had while remote viewing.

This session was conducted blind. As readers will see, my monitor was caught a bit off guard by this session while it was unfolding. Buddha is truly a master teacher. There was no way that we could possibly have been prepared for what happened at midnight one summer in Michigan.

Date: 30 July 1994

Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 1842/3355

The preliminaries indicated that the target was in a hot place.

CB: “I am getting black, white, and beige colors. Whatever this is, it seems flat, wide, circular, and very expansive.”


I draw a simple sketch in my Stage 3 that consists of a large oval.


“Moving to Stage Four. I am getting blacks and whites, hots and colds, lots of contrasts in light and temperature. Again, this is circular, fast, energetic, and now I can perceive that this thing is swirling. I get the sense of burning, like smoke. But the smoke is in a vortex. It may be something other than smoke, but it is in a vortex. I at least get that much.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the ideas of vortex and inside.”

CB: “OK. Doing that now. WOW! What an aesthetic impression! I get the idea of something that I heard of long ago in which Buddha expanded his consciousness to be really large, like a mile in diameter, and then he shrunk his consciousness to be really small, like on the molecular level. I am feeling like my consciousness is currently really expanded, in the stretched sense, like Buddha’s was. I also get really strong energetics, very powerful.

“I get the sense that I am in a very large area, almost like a galaxy, and that small parts are spinning around. I am feeling stretched thin, but not uncomfortably.

“I sense that I am supposed to get something out of the big picture here. I am also getting something like an allegorical overlay. I have the initial image of the Buddha-like fellow in the Federation headquarters. The current situation reminds me of when I entered his mind and he showed me a picture of the galaxy.

“But this current scene is not the galaxy. This is very different in a weird sort of way. The idea here is of creation. Life is not yet formed here. The essence of life is present, but it is not manifested yet. It will come, however.

“What should I do now?”
MONITOR: “I am not sure. Do you have any ideas?”

CB: “Let me ask my unconscious. I will cue on the idea of suggestion in the matrix.”
MONITOR: “Follow your intuitions. We have never done this before.”

CB: “I am getting the idea of cuing on God. I will do that now. Hold on. ... I am now getting the idea of moving to a personality that I know, Jesus. I will cue on Jesus. OK. I have Jesus now. I am cuing on the question of where I am right now.

“The signal is clear. I am being told that I am where life began at its initial point. I am going to cue on why I am here.

“I am being informed that I need to know the reason for life. This is a very powerful signal. I am now cuing on the question of what I should do now. Jesus tells me that I should release. I should go into the vortex. It has been good knowing you, buddy. I am going inside.

“Oh my gosh. What an AI! I am inside now. God spent an eternity as a point source. His evolution reached a point of change in which he could not bear the loneliness of isolation. His only recourse was to recreate himself throughout an infinitude, thereby initiating a sequence of creating new Gods, new hims, beings to care for him, and for him to care for. He loves us because we ended a loneliness that was beyond any ability to describe in words.

“He will never allow the demise of his creations, since it would send him back to the point-source past, and that was his prison. The future is to forever expand.

“Oh, wow. This is just overpowering! I just had an experience of an explosive shift. All of time is created. There are galaxies, infinite diversity, all expanding. There is great joy, great joy in God’s new existence. Great Joy!

“I am now asking if there is more that I need to know. I am a bit shaken. I am not so sure I can go on much longer.

"Jesus is telling me that this is the end. I can rest now. He says goodbye. Where did you send me that time?”
MONITOR: “Courtney, it was not me who sent you. The target was Buddha.”

CB: “Buddha?!”


Immediately after this monitored session ended, I continued with a brief solo session.

I cued on the Federation Buddha-like fellow. I felt a warm sense from him.

While remaining within the protocols of SRV, I asked him if he was Buddha. He told me to leave it as a question. He said there was no need to give a specific answer. He also suggested that others should find him in their own way. But my conscious mind was clear on the matter. He was one and the same. He was Buddha, and I had been interacting with him all along and did not know it.

I asked him if I should put the information about him in my book. He told me to decide for myself. I would include it, though I could never do justice with my words to the bliss of his being.


Buddha did not want to tell me directly who he was; he wanted me to experience the answer to my question. Nonetheless, as incredible as it may seem, Buddha sits on the Federation Council that helps monitor the affairs of humans on Earth. To this day, he watches over us.

Buddha wanted me to release myself so that I would expand and embrace, sense, experience God’s creative essence, and indeed, the moment of creation. It was this intimate experiential knowledge that led me to the certainty that Buddha and my Federation teacher/friend were the same. From his guidance came a general principle: Revelation (i.e., being told something) is the infantile route to knowledge. Experience is the mature route.

Apparently, Buddha felt that I needed to know the reason for life itself. This chapter’s results are the counterpart to the results presented earlier in the chapter on God. Based on my experiences drawn from this session, life exists because God wanted to create life. God’s motivation was to end his own loneliness.


The sense of loneliness that I experienced in this session was the deepest, most penetrating pure sense of the concept that I could ever imagine experiencing. Moreover, the joy that God experienced when he created time, physical matter, and us, was similarly the purest, most wonderful joy that could ever be.

I now understand what is meant when it is said that we are made in God’s image. It does not mean that God has hands and feet. It means that he feels as we feel, or perhaps more appropriately, we feel as he feels. Emotion, the rich blood of experience, is Godly. Now I know why the Greys want so desperately to evolve with physical bodies and brains that can experience emotion, especially love.


They want to move toward their ultimate evolutionary destiny, union with God.

Based on all of my experience remote viewing, I am certain that the Greys with whom humans often interact know much about the actual scientific structure of God. But these same Greys know about God more as data. They want and need to experience God, and that they have not yet done.

How differently I now look at the Grey’s evolutionary fight to advance in their lives. They have technology that is the wonder of the galaxy, yet they are not satisfied with this accomplishment. They have the ability to move transparently through time and space, yet their travels do not satisfy them.


They are completely telepathic, yet they seek more of their minds. They have everything that causes us to wonder in awe, yet they would move heaven and Earth for a genetic piece of us. They want to feel again. And, indeed, God wants to feel through them again.

It is clearer now than it ever was for me. We, and all of life, are made from the substance of God. Since we are parts of God, he experiences life through us, and we experience life because it is God’s nature to do so. Moreover, I used to fear that God may collapse again back into his original point source one day, and then my true subspace existence would end forever.


My fear was based on the idea that infinity is a long time for virtually anything to happen. I now no longer fear that. God would not collapse himself back to the point source, because that would bring him back to the state of loneliness through which he lived an eternity. Since I would not want to lose my existence, neither would God. God would not voluntarily return to his own hell.

Rather, the future is for God to expand forever, for him to increase his manifest complexity throughout infinity. God will expand as we expand, and that perhaps answers the question as to why we humans feel driven to grow rather than to stagnate. It is God’s nature to grow and to expand in his own evolution.


Since we are made of his substance, it is our nature as well. Deeply embedded in our consciousness is the same God-dread of isolation and loneliness that creation, growth, and expansion destroyed. We are, quite literally, chips off the old block. We are in God’s image. We do as he does.


We seek to understand the as yet unknown possibilities of existence. Indeed, our own struggle to survive is God’s struggle to Be.

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Martian Culture on Earth

As a social scientist, one of my natural interests is culture. One of the first things that I mentioned to my monitor when I met him for the first time was that I thought remote viewing could be used by social scientists to study other cultures. At the time, it seemed to me that his military orientation focused his attention too narrowly. Military remote viewers seemed more concerned about the logistics of the ET operations—who was flying what, where, and how— than the societies from which these operations originated.

Following my normal interests as a social scientist, one of the first targets that I included on the list of targets for this book project was the current Martian culture. I wanted to find out what Martian society is like now. We knew Martians flew ships, and therefore they had achieved a high level of technological sophistication.


But human society in the United States has high-tech types as well, and knowing this would tell a visitor very little about the lives of young people in today’s inner cities in America. Thus, I needed more than information about pilots and geneticists. I needed to know about the common folk—who are they, where are they, and what are they doing?

Late in July 1994, my monitor assigned me the Martian culture target. The session was blind, of course, and in my case, there was an especially important reason for this. It was important that I enter the session unguided and unaware that the target had anything to do with Martian culture.

Interestingly, when the session was over, my monitor told me that many of the other remote viewers who work with him had independently corroborated the data that I collected. I have since seen the written data from these independently collected probes.


He then told me many details regarding the logistics of how the Martians I observed were being supported, and we ended the session both commenting about how nicely the interests of a logistics expert and a social scientist fit together.

Date: 31 July 1994

Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 4731/8279

The preliminaries indicated that my initial approach to the target involved a moving, hard, artificial structure.

CB: “The colors are grey and steel-like. The textures are shiny, polished, even luminous and glossy. The temperatures are roasting. I am getting something moving very fast, together with the idea of linearity—perhaps of movement—and high energetics.”

In my Stage 3 sketch, I draw what appears to be a fast-moving ET ship. I move into Stage 4, where I collect a small but sufficient amount of data to confirm that the structure is an ET ship. I execute a movement exercise that places me fifty feet above the ship’s destination.

“I have a complex structure below me. The colors are browns, tans, and reds, mostly. The textures are rough as well as smooth. The temperature is warm. I smell some burning, smoke. There is quite a bit of noise at this location as well. The general dimensions of the place are wide and flat. There are lots of curvy lines below me, and quite a few angles appear as well.”

I make a new Stage 3 sketch, which appears to be of a group of one-story dwelling units that are located adjacent to an open area.

“Moving on to Stage Four again. The geometrical pattern below is quite intricate. I get the sense that this location is somewhat crude, even primitive. There are lots of beings here, and I am get ting the AOL from the signal line that this is like an old village from long ago, but I am not saying that this is in the past. It is just like that type of thing. The structures are dwelling units, and the textures of the structures are wood-like. Moving in closer now. Yes, these are relatively primitive dwelling units.

“The beings themselves are OK, in the sense that they are calm. Life seems to be slow and peaceful here, again in the sense that there is no immediate disaster happening.

“Looking over the place more generally, this is a moderately sized town with humanoid beings. Getting a bit closer to the beings, they do not seem to be ordinary humans, however. Something is a bit weird—hold on... They are shorter, but there seems to be more to it.”

I execute another movement exercise, which places me two hundred feet above what turns out to be a town. I again return to Stage 4, where I go inside one of the structures. I let my unconscious determine which of the structures is important to enter.

“I am in a large room now. This may be a large one room structure. At the very least, this one room dominates the structure. This is a warehouse of some kind. There are things stored here—boxes. Wooden boxes. The boxes have staples in them. I am examining one right now. These are enclosed shipping crates. Do you want me to go inside the box?”
MONITOR: “Go inside.”

CB: “There are medicine, drugs, medical items, things like that. These things were brought here in some kind of relief effort, sort of like what the U.S. was trying to do for Somalia.”


My monitor has me return to an earlier Stage 3 sketch and probe what is inside some of the other living units.

“These are simple people that live in these structures. They live simple lives. They have families, children. There is cooking going on. The medical stuff in the first structure seems more advanced than these people’s culture.”

I move into Stage 6, where I draw a schematic representation of the flight of the original ET ship from its starting point to its destination point. Then I follow the ship backward to its starting point.

“This is a very modern facility. There are beings here, and they are wearing uniforms. The quality of the facility is similar to that used by the Martian survivors in the caverns in New México.”

I return to the ship’s destination point, placing myself one thousand feet above the terrain.

“There is lots of vegetation here, almost a jungle. There are mountains nearby, perhaps an old volcano. There are also lots of clearings. It is almost like an area near a rain forest, but not a pristine one by any means.

“The dwelling units are short and squat, simple. They are located in a forested environment, isolated from humans, it seems. I am getting the strong AOL from the signal line that this is a refugee camp of Martians. This seems like a southern location, perhaps Latin America.”
MONITOR: ‘Just put that all in the proper place in the matrix and keep on going. Remember you are in Stage Four. Let your unconscious solve this problem.”

CB: “I am probing the idea of a camp/village. Yep. These are refugees. They are a bit concerned, but they know that things are working as best as possible, at least for now. They know who they are, but maybe not everything. There may be something missing from their memory, done purposefully in order to help them assimilate with their surroundings.

“The facial features seem South American Indian. The dwelling units have been chosen in order to enhance a disguise. At some point in time, something will trigger in their minds, and their memories will come back in full. This is actually fascinating. They have their own culture hidden in their minds, and they do not know it.”

At this point, my monitor was nearly ready to end the session. He had me move to a Stage 6 worksheet, where I sketched the flag of the country within which the village was located. Then he ended the session and told me that the target was “Martians/current culture.”



My monitor told me that other remote viewing sessions done by others, both monitored and solo, corroborated what I had just observed. My session, in fact, confirmed what he already knew: the general location of the village.

Readers should be clear that I am not saying that an entire race of people in Latin America are Martians. Rather, there is a small group of Martians (perhaps hundreds—I do not know the exact number) who are cleverly concealed and integrated into the larger, human population.

Following this session, my first response was that we should go to our travel agents and purchase tickets to visit this location right away. But I was reminded that this place was currently suffering from political unrest. Organized and well armed drug runners could also pose a threat to Americans traveling through their territory looking for Martians. I remembered I had a family, and we decided to wait for an opportunity to visit the Martian community safely.


One thing was certain. The Martians picked a perfect location. They were safe from visitors, even those who knew who they were and where they were. Though they lived on the surface of our planet, we could not reach them.

These Martians that I observed in this village are not the only Martians that exist. It seems as if these Martians are being supported by other Martians who are more technologically oriented. My own analysis suggests that the village Martians are volunteers in a project designed to save as much as possible of their original culture.


The origins of this culture probably date back to the destruction of Mars’s ecosystem and their rescue by the Greys. Their full cultural heritage is being stored in their minds while they are waiting for some triggering signal that will release their memories.

The plan is amazingly well structured. The Martians need to survive. But what exactly needs survival? I see no reason why the subspace aspects of the Martians could not be reborn as humans. But then they would be humans, and all that was originally Martian would be lost. What needs to survive are the memories of Martian-hood. The original culture needs to be preserved.


Additionally, some aspects of their original genetics may also be preserved in their current bodies. But their bodies on Earth are already far from the original Martian variety by necessity. The greater gravity of Earth would necessitate this. The culture could survive more or less intact if it was placed in hidden memories within a populace that was not given access to a robust human environment.

Placing these Martians in the middle of, say, New York City would probably cause them to be psychologically swamped with so much new human stimuli that any plan to resurrect their Martian identities at a future time might be seriously compromised. But a rural village where contact with normal humans was more limited would be the perfect location for this group. In my own mind, I now view this village as a cultural bank.

Thus, it seems that the plan of the Martians to migrate to Earth is quite complex. On one hand, there is a cultural repository, a bank of history and identity that will serve to preserve the knowledge of who the Martians are and from where they carne.


On the other hand, we now know that there are other Martians who are involved in other aspects of the migration, and these other Martians do everything from flying advanced spaceships for the support of the Earthbound Martians to working on genetics problems.

Data from another SRV session (not presented here) indicate that there will one day be a large flotilla of Martian ships carrying refugees from Mars to Earth. Many of these Martians are now located in underground shelters on Mars and are eagerly awaiting the signal to embark on their journey. Also, many of these Martians are not highly technological. Their preferred lifestyles (including their desired climate) seem to resemble closely those of the village Martians that I observed on Earth in this session.

Thus, it would make sense that the time of cultural awakening for the village Martians who currently live on Earth would be just prior to the arrival of their compatriots from Mars. Earth-based village Martians would be perfect tutors for the other newly arriving Martians. They would be able to tell them much about how to survive on this planet. They would be a cultural oasis on a foreign world.

I have decided not to publish the location of this Martian village. The situation in this respect is much different from that of the Martian base in New México that seems to be located underneath the mountain Santa Fe Baldy. In the case of the base, I am hoping that the publication of its location will encourage the Martians to seek an open dialogue with human governmental leaders.

With the case of the Martian village, however, I do not want to compromise the activities of the Martians. Publication of the location of the village could seriously jeopardize the safety of the villagers. Moreover, the primary idea behind the construction of the village is to preserve Martian culture.


The last thing they need is a bunch of humans invading their delicately constructed haven, or making it impossible for the technologically advanced Martians to continue their relief and supply operations to the village.

My hope is that I will one day be able to persuade a senior political figure from the United States or elsewhere that a discreet visit to the Martian village would be helpful in enhancing diplomatic relations between humans and Martians. It should be possible to obtain an agreement for the visit from the high-tech Martians on Mars or at Santa Fe.


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Reality Check #2

This chapter describes the second of two SRV sessions that used a calibration target. The first such session had the Oval Office in the White House as its target. As I described in that chapter, calibration targets are used to check the accuracy of the SRV protocols. Such targets can be easily verified, and they turn an SRV session into a sort of remote viewing tune-up.
This was one of the last targets that I remote viewed while staying in Ann Arbor, Michigan, during the summer of 1994.


I had done a great deal of remote viewing during the two weeks prior to this session, experiencing everything from the joy of the Martians’ final departure as their flotilla left for Earth, to the intense love of God as he created the universe. My nervous system had absorbed an immense amount of data from my unconscious, and it was getting to be time for a rest.

My monitor said he had a simple target. The only information he gave was that it was in the past. He did not tell me whether it was a place, an event, a person, or anything else. I was in for a surprise, in a session that would tell us much about the interaction between the waking state of consciousness and the unconscious mind.

Date: 31 July 1994

Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 3102/2137

The preliminaries indicated that the target was on dry land. There were artificial things on the land, but they did not seem like buildings.

CB: “I am getting colors like beige, brown, tan. The textures are dirt, dry, but some wetness. The temperatures are warm.”

I draw a Stage 3 sketch of a large open area with movement all throughout it. I am far above the target. I execute a movement exercise to place me in the center of the target site.

“I am getting the same colors and textures as before, but now I am hearing voices.”

At one thousand feet above the target, I make a similar Stage 3 sketch as before, and I move into Stage 4.

“I am perceiving humans here. I am getting some kind of AOL of the signal line, but it does not want to come through. I am making an overlay of a soccer game, but I know this is not correct, so I will put this down as simply an AOL. Something is weird here.

“I am going down to the surface of the site now. There are humans here. They are wearing costumes of some sort. There are lots of colors around, primary colors. There is also a great deal of activity here, fast activity. But again, something is really weird. I can’t perceive any of the emotions of the people. It is a total blank. It is as if there is absolutely no intensity to their emotionality. But they are moving around as if there is a great deal of concern here.

“I am smelling something burning now. I taste sweat, and hear yelling. This is a very confused mess down here. There is no one coherent signal. There are many people doing confused and different things. But nothing constructive is going on. I am now getting the AOL of the signal line that this is a battle of some kind.”

At this point, my monitor suggests I begin probing around for anything else.

“Well, I still see the humans in their costumes. All of the colors are here. There is still that confusion and intensity everywhere. The trouble is that the people do not know what they are doing here. There is some disagreement and fighting, and things are all messed up. Actually, these people are experiencing everything in terms of confused emotions.

“I am now going to try to probe their purpose for this activity. I am getting the sense of an explosion. These people are trying to accomplish something against all odds. I get the sense that many of these people cannot or will not succeed. But they do not see that. It is like some type of campaign where there are many deluded individuals who think something glorious will happen, but it will not.

“My mind is really resisting these data. Whatever this is, my mind does not want to see it. I am shifting a bit forward in time so that I can get out of the confusion. Hold on... This was a battle. Look at all of these dead people. They are everywhere. They are all dead. Bodies on a field, weapons, uniforms.

“I am getting the strong AOL of the signal line that this involves the Confederacy. This was a major battle in a war. I know this scene. This is the largest battle of the Civil War, where more people were killed than in any other battle. This place is Gettysburg.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney. Stop the session. The target is the ‘Battle of Gettysburg.’


Besides successfully identifying a calibration target, this session caused my unconscious mind to cooperate with my conscious mind in order to protect me from the direct experience of the battlefield. Interestingly, I could not clearly identify the scene until after the battle was over and the emotions had subsided.


It was only then that my unconscious and conscious minds opened their dialogue with a sufficiently wide aperture that I could see and feel everything at the site. In short, it was more than my mind was ready for in the beginning of this session, and I had to wait until my mind found a location in time and space that conveyed the needed information without overloading my nervous system. It must be emphasized that all of this occurred automatically, without any conscious decisions on my part.

One last point for the historians. The actual Battle of Gettysburg more than lives up to its reputation. It was truly a terrible thing, and words can hardly do it justice. Honestly, one just has to be there to understand it, and it would be well worth the effort for historians to revisit the battle using SRV.

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Santa Fe Baldy

Underneath Santa Fe Baldy, a mountain in New México not far from Santa Fe, is a Martian base that serves as a center for their planetary operations. Much of the data supporting this claim have been presented in previous chapters. However, early in my research, I decided to do something special to back it up. Thus, I decided to add a target to the list that specifically identified the mountain itself rather than only the Martians. This would eliminate the possibility that I and others have been looking at a mountain that looks very much like—but is not—Santa Fe Baldy.

As with all of my monitored sessions conducted for this book, this one was done blind under Type 4 conditions. However, when reviewing these data, one must remember that the unconscious is highly intelligent. It does not merely obey simple requests for data. It knows intimately what the remote viewer needs to know for the project at hand.


It will always direct the remote viewer to the correct answer, even if that answer is not the one that the conscious mind of the viewer thinks is right. In my case, I wanted to know if Santa Fe Baldy is the actual mountain under which there is a base.

click image for details


But my unconscious led me to this information by way of a fascinating data stream that placed the fact of geographical precision within the broader context of human and Martian activity associated with this particular base, both currently and in the near future.

Date: 2 August 1994

Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 4471/3621

The preliminaries indicated that the target was associated with dry land and artificial structures.

CB: “I am perceiving red, brown, and beige colors. The textures are rough, and some smooth. The temperature is somewhat cool, and I do not smell anything right now.”

My Stage 3 sketch shows an area that seems to have a number of structures on it. I then execute a movement exercise that places me one hundred feet above the target.

“I am now over a building with a circular shape.”

In another Stage 3 sketch, I draw the outline of a building that many remote viewers have identified in relation to the Martians. [Other sessions, not reported here, have indicated this building will be the location of high-level discussions among humans about Martians.]

My monitor then tells me to move directly to Stage 6, where I draw a small representation of the building in the center of a piece of paper. I then probe around the building to get an idea of the surrounding environment. There are other smaller buildings near the circular structure. I find a forest and a mountain a number of miles to the east of the cluster of buildings. A population center lies to the west. The mountain seems closely related to the circular structure.

“I am now moving into the large circular building. Inside, I find a spacious room set up like an office. The walls of the office are curving, following the curvature of the building. There is a door in the room that leads to a hallway where there are many small offices. Returning to the large room, I notice that there is an area for presentations, sort of like the front of an auditorium. There are inclined chairs arranged in rows.

“I am changing my focus to the people in the room. I notice that they are wearing ordinary business suits. The building itself seems to be associated with some sort of manufacturing interest.

The premises appear to be research-oriented in connection with some product of manufacture, since I detect that lots of activities occur within the structure. But I do get the sense that at least some of the activity is related to computer software.”

I locate on a timeline the present day and four important points in the future. Probing the separate time points, I find at the second point (approximately two years from the present) a large rectangular modern structure under construction near the original circular building. Some of the smaller buildings have been demolished to make room for this larger building. At all of the later time points on the timeline, the large rectangular structure dominates the scene.

Moving back to the present, I find that there is a plan for the construction of the larger building.
MONITOR: “Courtney, return to the large structure again in the future and find out what the people in the structure are doing.

CB: “OK. Hold on. ... I am now in the large rectangular structure. Inside the building, there are computer terminals, laboratory benches, extensive wiring, and laboratory equipment. This is a scientific research lab connected to private commercial interests, and I sense that the subject under investigation involves genetics and biotechnology.”

My monitor has me follow one of the mole workers as he leaves the structure at the end of a workday. He has to pass through the front gates of a large compound, where a guard stands. I follow the worker as he drives to the larger population center to the west and home. The environment along the route gives me the strong AOL of the signal line as being near Santa Fe.

MONITOR: “Return again to the large structure and find out what is on each of the major floors.”

CB: “My unconscious is pulling me to the basement.”
MONITOR: “Follow it.”

CB: “Oh my. There are some dead human bodies wearing minimal amounts of multicolored clothes here. This is not a good place. I am continuing my probing. The deaths of these people are to remain a secret. They died in the line of duty. Others needed to warehouse the bodies to get them out of the way quickly. These others will eventually dispose of these bodies. Safety seems to be an issue here.”
MONITOR: “Probe what you mean by ‘line of duty.’ “

CB: “These were scientists in the facility. They died as a result of some of their work.”
MONITOR: “What were they doing?”

CB: “They were engaged in dangerous scientific experiments. They knew the risks, but did the things anyway. They were not supervised from any outside super agency. The activity was in-house and private, even secret.”
MONITOR: “What was the activity?”

CB: “It involved radiation and genetic mutations of organisms. These folks were killed by products or byproducts of their own labs. It seems as if they lacked proper safety supervision.

“My mind is now pulling me to the east, to that mountain.”
MONITOR: “Follow it.”

CB: “I am in the mountain now. There are caverns. And there are beings in the caverns. This is the Martian base, but there are changes. There are wheeled vehicles in the caverns now. The place is modern, but not too modern. There are no ET ships right now. There is a tunnel. It goes west and it connects with the surface, and it is camouflaged on the outside. The tunnel is being used as an air vent for now, but it is very big. Vehicles could go through it.

“There are many workers in here. These folks look a lot like humans. In fact, they are humans! They are wearing single-piece white uniforms.

“Wow, this is interesting. I will put that down as an AI. It seems that some of the dead folks in the basement of the large structure outside seem to be connected to these mountain chambers.

“This place is more active than I have ever seen it. There is lots of construction. It is like the workers are expanding the facility.

“I am moving forward in time now. In the near future, the facility is ready but empty, except for supervisor types. A little further on, the place is absolutely filled with Martians, refugees. Some of them are dirty. There are a lot of voices in here now, a real babble with lots of commotion and goings-on. The Martians are packing these chambers with children and adults who are filled with strong emotions, hope, fear, excitement.

“The Martians want to get out to the surface. They are really happy and excited!”
MONITOR: “Courtney, go back to the current time and see if the people in the circular structure know anything of what is going to happen. Then move into the future to probe when there is an awareness of change.”

CB: “At the current time, the folks in the circular structure know nothing. By the second time point on my timeline, the government has made a decision to locate the housing site near Santa Fe. Money pours in at that time. The idea is to use an expanded Martian underground base as the processing center for the Martians as they arrive.
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney. We have enough. Let’s end the session. The target was Hugh Hefner’s last bachelor party at the—“

CB: “Come on. . . .”
MONITOR: “The target was ‘Santa Fe Baldy (Martians/present survivors/New México caverns).’ “



This was my first look at where the Martian refugees will arrive and how the Martian base below Santa Fe Baldy will be transformed into an immigration-processing center. Many of these Martians seemed to be quite ordinary. Generally, they were not high-level tech types. They were mothers, children, average Martian adults, and so forth.


Indeed, I got the impression that their immigration to the United States, among other places, would be similar in some socializing respects to that of many other new ethnic groups. I am certain humans will have to get used to this idea at first. But after the newness wears off, these Martians have the potential to be received as friendly neighbors.

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Official Contact with the Martians

One of the most important questions on nearly every reader’s mind by now is probably how communication with the Martians will be initiated. As I have indicated in a previous chapter, humans will have official contact with the Martians before we will with the Greys, although how much later we will deal with the Greys, I do not know. An open request to meet with the Greys broadcast by the United Nations would speed things up. But contact with Martians will come first in any event, and this will do much to shift human awareness outward to the stars.

The session upon which this chapter is based was originally intended to find out how well the Martians will have succeeded in integrating themselves with human culture. This session provides an answer, and as with so many other remote viewing experiences, it reveals a wealth of other important information. This other information hints at how the official human-Martian interaction should (or perhaps will) proceed in its first steps.

This session was conducted blind under Type 4 conditions, and it occurred after an extended break in monitored viewing, which I requested after the previous session in order to rest. Now returning to monitored remote viewing, I was recharged and eager to see what information my unconscious would bring to light.

Date: 26 September 1994

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 6068/0004

The preliminaries indicated that the initial approach to the target involved a manmade structure on dry land.

CB: “I am getting browns and tans. The textures are wood and cement. The temperature is warm, indeed, very warm. I am tasting sweat, and I hear human voices. My perception is that there is something circular and flat at the target location.”

I move to Stage 3 to make a quick sketch of what appears to be a circular structure with a flat roof.
MONITOR: “Move to Stage Four.”

CB: “I am in the matrix now. I am now perceiving a building clearly. I am hearing voices in the building, so 1 am going in. There is a conversation going on here. There are humans talking. The building is circular, and I have the sense that I may have remote viewed this structure before. Popping outside for a moment, there are trees in the area around the building. Now back inside.

“Wow! What an AI! I just focused on the people talking in the building, and they are a very high-powered bunch. This is a top-level meeting. Let me go in their minds. Hold on. . . . They are talking about the ETs.

“These folks have on military uniforms. They are generals, admirals, the very top military brass. There is also a civilian here. It looks like the president of the United States. Let me put another ‘WOW!’ in the AI column.”
MONITOR: “Right. Dump it and move on. Keep a fast pace. You are doing fine.” My monitor has me move lo Stage 6 immediately. He has me execute an SRV technique that isolates primary subject components of an observed conversation.

CB: “The discussion is taking place on a very practical level. The principal focus is exactly how to communicate with the ETs. They are aware that consciousness can do this, but they want something more physical. Contact through consciousness started the ball rolling, but they now need something else. One of their suggestions is to use radio. They are trying to figure out how to do this.

“The Greys are not a subject of their conversation. These folks are talking about the Martians. This is a real interplanetary Communications problems. They are now focusing on the radio.”

I construct a Stage 6 timeline with which I can probe specific points in the future.

“OK, I have found the point at which humans have begun to talk to the Martians. I will call this the communication point. It seems that they are using radio telescopes—multiple telescopes, not just one. The scopes are all over the world.

“The humans begin by focusing the telescopes on Mars and listening. Seems like they don’t pick much up. Then the humans change tactics and begin transmitting. There are multiple questions that needed to be resolved. One big question is the matter of which language to use. Then there are communication protocols to develop.

The Greys are watching but not actively participating in all of this. They seem interested, but in a passive sense.

“The humans are also attempting to transmit to ET bases on the Moon. They are making more attempts toward Mars, however. The ETs on the Moon are being silent.

“Initially, the Martians on Mars are silent. They feel that they have been discovered and are wondering what to do and what the human reaction will be. They always knew that this day would eventually come. They feel a bit vulnerable.

“Proceeding forward in time, the Martians decide to engage in the dialogue. They definitely send a signal back, loud and clear. It seems that they use the same radio protocols that the humans initiated.

“I am a bit struck by how these Martians look. I have followed the radio signal to Mars and am there now. The Martians are humanoid, and very human-looking now. They even have hair. These particular Martians are predominantly male. They are wearing uniforms of some type, but this is no military fighting group. The Martians don’t do that. Their entire defense seems to be built around secrecy, not combat. The skin of the Martians seems to be light.

“These Martians seem to be the same [in the subspace sense] as the original Martians. But they have bodies that are comparable with those of humans on Earth.”
MONITOR: “Move forward in time. Where are the Martians?”

CB: “Hold on... They are on Earth. They are working with their indigenous groups, such as those that migrated here earlier. They are also getting support from human governments to continue their work. Their work is now out in the open. Gosh, these Martians really look human.”
MONITOR: “Where are the Greys?”

CB: “The Greys are doing their own thing. Their genetics project at this future point in time is either done or almost done. Finishing touches are all that remain. They are not yet talking directly to humans.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney. We have what we need. The target was ‘Martians/future culture.’


The Martians with whom we will be interacting in the future will look a lot like us, perhaps indistinguishably so. Their real differences when compared with Earth-based humans will be those of culture and technology. They will also have needs that we will have to understand if we are to interact successfully with them.


But they will not come to us as “little green men.”


Our first open interaction with an extraterrestrial culture will be comforting in at least this one superficial physical sense. These ETs will look like us.

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Lower Earth Life

The following session was given to me without any prior knowledge of the content of the target cue. The cue was “The Elementals,” and the target was not on our list of targets for this book. This was one of many targets that my monitor quite regularly gave me that was off the list and totally unknown to me. He never even discussed the general subject with me. The reason for giving me such targets from time to time is to add an extra layer of protection to the data by inhibiting me from trying to guess characteristics of the target, which could lead to erroneous AOLs.


In practice, however, my own level of mental discipline while remote viewing is now quite high, and my monitor and former teacher rarely worries about the quality of my data. Nonetheless, he enjoys being extra safe, and his practice of throwing unexpected targets at me does indeed keep me on my toes during a session.

The motivation behind this particular cue is that my monitor has long wondered what happened to the remainder of subspace life when humans destroy so much physical life. All of our remote viewing efforts have targeted humanoid beings. But my monitor was concerned about the many subspace creatures that were not humanoid that he has personally observed during his own remote viewing sessions.


To him, they seemed like “Elementals.” It is a term that he uses to refer to most non-humanoid creatures. Most such creatures are typically smaller than humans, and they often have behavioral characteristics that are quite unpredictable. He did not know if these creatures had physical counterparts, or whether they ever were physical themselves (which may be the same thing). He just knew that they existed around us, and he wondered if human activity was hurting them in any way.


In short, was human destructiveness to the physical environment negatively influencing the larger community of life in subspace? If this turned out to be true, then my monitor was concerned that we may be seeing only the tip of the iceberg with regard to the true magnitude of the current and continuing environmental damage to this planet.

Of course, this session was conducted under Type 4 conditions. Immediately after the preliminaries, I realized that this was a completely unexpected target. I did not know that it was not a target on the list. I just perceived that I had no prior expectations at all with regard to where my unconscious was directing me.


Whatever this was, I sensed at once that I was to perceive something that I had never perceived before.

Date: 28 September 1994

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 3660/1161

The preliminaries indicated that the target included an interface between dry land and a liquid.

CB: “I am getting colors like blue and white. The textures are splashy and wet. The temperature is quite cold. I am tasting something fishy, and I am smelling seawater. Wherever I am is wide, expansive, flat, and very deep.”


I then draw a Stage 3 sketch that seems to include a dry piece of land next to a large body of liquid. I also begin to perceive and draw what appears to be some kind of artificial structure under the liquid.

“Moving into Stage Four, I am still perceiving a lot of liquid. This is like a big ocean. Well, I can at least tell that I am on some planet. The planet seems familiar, but it is not a time that I have visited before. The liquid seems like water, and it is very deep.

“There is a dry piece of land nearby. I am going there now. I am probing around here... It is barren. Nothing is growing on it. It is natural, but it has the sense of being heavily influenced by some civilization. The place is barren like Mars, but this is not Mars. The colors are different, and there is an atmosphere.

“I am going back to the water now. In the water there seems to be a structure of some type. It really is huge. I am going into the water now to investigate. Hold on. . . .

“The structure is quite modern, but not by ET standards. It is primarily metal, and it seems like stainless steel. There is advanced technology, more advanced than current time on Earth, but not much more advanced.

“There are beings in the structure. I am going in now to take a better look. Hmmm. These beings have normal human clothes on. Focusing on the beings themselves. These folks, both male and female, have human faces. Their eyes are small, like humans’. These are humans, it seems, but I cannot understand the setting. I do not know anyplace like this where there are humans.”

“There are multiple floors in this structure. There are channels, like elevators, for vertical movement in the structure. There are also large vents that lead to the outside into the water.”
MONITOR: “We stay away from analysis. Just put all the data into the matrix and move on.”

CB: “The people are feeling worry, fear. This structure is like a huge, funny shaped submarine. I am cuing on the activities of the people now. It seems like they are not happy doing what they are doing. It is drudge work. There is activity related to getting and processing food for survival. But they also have maintenance activities with regard to the structure. They work because they have little or no choice. Their work is definitely survival-related.

“There seems to be a higher purpose with regard to their work. But the trouble is that these folks may never live long enough to see it. Their situation is rather hopeless. They are working for a next generation, their children and their children’s children.”
MONITOR: “GO back to the land. What do you see?”

CB: “OK. The land cannot support life. The place is the result of a holocaust. It is barren, just dirt and rocks. The surface is natural but with artificially induced characteristics, like sterilization, everywhere. My unconscious is tugging me to go back to the structure in the water.”
MONITOR: “Do it.”

CB: “There is no life outside of the structure that I can perceive. The water is as barren as the land. There is nothing, nothing at all near here. I am feeling a tug to go forward in time, so I am doing that now.

“Hmmm. This place is teeming with life now, at least in the water. Life is basically all over. This is interesting. There is both subspace and physical life here. Checking again back in the original time. There was neither subspace nor physical life. This is odd. Where there is no physical life, there is no subspace life. It is like the two exist in parallel, in cooperation. One does not exist without the other, or at least the subspace life does not hang around where there is no physical life.”
MONITOR: “What do you mean by subspace life? What kind of life?”

CB: “There are these small subspace animals everywhere. They seem like the ghosts of fish. They are animal ghosts or subspace aspects. There is a strong relationship between the physical animals and their subspace aspects. It is like they are all in the same herd or flock or school, depending on which animal you are talking about.


When the physical environment was destroyed, both physical and subspace life suffered. When the recovery came, they both prospered again. Also, it seems that the activities of the humans in the structure had something to do with the recovery. They did not do everything, but they worked for this end and it happened.”
MONITOR: “OK. Let’s end. Courtney, this target was ‘The Elementals.’ “

CB: “What? That’s not on the list! What are the elementals? You know I do not have much time for these types of curiosities any more. The book is due at the publisher’s office soon, and... what are the elementals?”
MONITOR: “Courtney, let me explain. It is very important that we understand the elementals. I have been seeing them for years. They are involved in all of this, and we cannot ignore them just because they are not humanoid.”

My monitor goes on to explain what the elementals are, and why he is concerned about them. It takes me the remainder of the day, but I eventually realize that his concern is justified, and, that I must mention these life-forms in the book. I have also obtained remote viewing data that suggests that many of the ETs may be as concerned about these other life-forms as they are about us.



It has been repeatedly reported in the UFO abduction literature that humans are told by the Greys that they (the Greys) cannot stand by while humans destroy both physical life and its associated “otherdimensional” life that exists nearby. Quite honestly, before now, I have never understood what was meant by this. It seems that humans are generally unaware of this broad spectrum of lower level nonphysical life, and perhaps totally unaware of the delicate relationship that exists between the physical and nonphysical aspects of this life.

In part, human ignorance is due to the problem humans have in perceiving subspace (or nonphysical) life at all. In many circles, it is still quite controversial as to whether or not humans really have souls. Most people, when asked, will say that souls exist, but scientists have rarely tried to measure one. With this high level of confusion among our scientific intelligentsia regarding our own human subspace aspects, it is no wonder that we have not even begun to ask whether other forms of life have subspace counterparts.

Humans generally do not see themselves as caretakers of life on this planet, but rather as owners of a garden that is theirs to use. With such a view of other life, it is no wonder that the question of a subspace existence for all life, human and nonhuman, is rarely ever even raised. But I now know that the question is important to ask, and I have an intimate understanding of its answer.

Subspace life, all of it, relies on physical life. I do not know all aspects of this reliance, but I know that it exists. When we damage our physical environment, when we destroy species, or make existence difficult or painful for nonhuman life, we inhibit the ability of subspace life to prosper and evolve.


Physical and subspace life, life in parallel; one does not progress without the other.


If we humans are to evolve into true galactic citizens, it may be that we will have to change our views of other life, all life. This may be even more difficult for us to accept than the fact that extraterrestrials exist.


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