Guru Dev

Early in our research, both my monitor and I were becoming convinced that there was much more to this project than the simple investigation of who was flying the saucers. By the summer of 1994, we had obtained remote viewing corroboration of the abduction phenomenon, and we were becoming fairly well versed in the ideas underlying the basic genetics program of the Greys and the problems that are being faced by the Martians.


However, sensing a much bigger picture, we agreed after much discussion to solidify our earlier but tentative decision to include other targets of wise beings besides Jesus that could give us advice as to how to interpret some of our data. This chapter is the result of targeting one such individual, and I conducted the following session solo in a Type 1 setting.

Guru Dev was the meditation teacher of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. During the many months of my remote viewing research, I was sensing clearly that I needed to ask Guru Dev some questions. Other remote viewers had been observing a group of Martians that they called the “priesthood.”


These Martians seemed to have some out-of-body travel and communication capabilities, and my monitor thought that maybe they did the Sidhis. The Martian priesthood was on our long list of targets, and I knew that I would eventually be given the target blind. But I wanted to get some information about them before diving my mind into their midst. If they did the Sidhis, I needed to know this, and soon.


Thus, one morning in the summer of 1994 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I targeted Guru Dev. Since it is a solo session, I report it as a narrative, thereby omitting nearly all of the jargon of SRV’s protocols.

Date: 24 July 1994
Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Data: Type 1
Target coordinates: 3745/4021

The preliminaries indicated energetics, land, and something manmade.

My initial perceptions included colors such as blue, white, and brown. The textures that I perceived were airy. Again, and as with all SRV sessions regardless of data type, I had no idea how I would get to Guru Dev, or in what setting I would find him. The protocols of SRV are set up to force the unconscious to make all of these decisions. My conscious mind was just along for the ride.

The temperature was comfortable. I began to discern a sweet taste, and the sounds of a form of Indian music called Gandarva. In the subspace “air” there was the delicate smell of incense. I began to chuckle to myself: it seemed that Guru Dev was setting a stage.

As I proceeded with the protocols, I found myself in a place that seemed more subspace than physical. The topography seemed irregularly shaped, with dips and holes, like tide pools along the beaches of East Africa. But there was no water. I noticed that there was a sky overhead.

Slightly off center of my view, a light being looked at me. I perceived this being to be the target and approached. I sensed that it was indeed Guru Dev, and he was waiting for me.

Before engaging in a conversation with Guru Dev, I looked around. I made careful observations of the surrounding environment. It was quite colorful, and I found myself remarking that the place was a bit weird (for me). The overall ambience was very comfortable, but I had never imagined a place that seemed so physical and subspace at the same time. It certainly was a place of special significance, although to this day I do not know where it was.

Redirecting my attention to Guru Dev, I noticed that he was wearing wraparound white clothing, although the color was not totally white. Indeed, the clothing had many shades of luminous colors to it. I telepathically told him that I had questions. He seemed to know this, and he indicated I could proceed.

Remaining within the confines of the SRV protocols, I asked him if the Martians have a priesthood. The response was clear: they do. I then asked if the priesthood does the Sidhis. Quite clearly, they do not. I immediately asked him what they worship. Interestingly, he indicated to me that I should find out from them. He thought I should experience it directly.

I then asked Guru Dev if the Federation council members do the Sidhis. I sensed that he became a bit more serious, and he informed me that they did something related, but not exactly the Sidhis. They did something that was appropriate for their own level and experience.

Continuing, I asked Guru Dev if the Sidhis are useful for a diplomacy course for human representatives to the Federation council. Following this question, I received the strongest response of all. Guru Dev emphatically indicated yes. Indeed, practice of the Sidhis will greatly assist humans with their interactions with the council members in the Federation.


Guru Dev’s emphasis related to the types of personalities that are on the council. Human representatives familiar with matters of consciousness would more easily interact with these personalities regarding matters of state than could representatives not so trained. I got the warning sense that humans should not mess around with the Federation by sending just anyone to the headquarters. It would be like the United States sending an untrained person to be the U.S. ambassador in Moscow.


No one would take the person seriously, and Russians would eventually wonder what kind of people the Americans are. Humans need to send representatives to the Federation chambers who are actively engaged in their own accelerated growth in consciousness. Mature and rapidly evolving human representatives would speak well for their fellow global citizens on Earth.

I then asked if Guru Dev could see any problems with the use of scientific remote viewing as the means for representatives to communicate with the Federation council. He said that this method of communication is not optimal, and it will change later as human society matures. But for now, it is the only way possible.

At this point, I had run out of questions. I just looked at him and asked if he had any further thoughts. He just looked back at me, and indeed, into me. He was just calm, very, very calm. I thanked him and ended the session.


Following this session, I felt certain that I would be able to outline a comprehensive course of study for diplomats who would represent human interests in the Federation. Humans are not yet full members of the Federation, but representation could soon begin on an official level with fully trained diplomats.


The galactic diplomacy course that I have constructed is outlined in a later chapter.


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To my readers, I have a confession: for this chapter, neither my monitor nor I could restrain ourselves. For a long while we tried to steer this book entirely away from religious topics. But the idea of evolution toward some central point reappeared wherever we looked. Moreover, religious themes kept overlapping with what we thought were simple ET concepts.

Prior to this, my monitor hadn’t the courage to target God with SRV. But finally, he became much more daring and gave me a set of coordinate numbers for a blind, monitored session in which the target was God.

But basically, what we learned is that the idea of God is so great (in the sense of broad) that the unconscious can only convey direct information about God to our conscious understanding by way of metaphor and example. Apparently, God is no man on a chair in a fancy palace. I encourage readers to be patient with my presentation of the results that we obtained. Other remote viewers will target God in the near future, and our knowledge of God will increase as a consequence of these efforts.


But for now, this is what we have.

Date: 27 July 1994

Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 3590/6110

The preliminaries indicated that the initial approach to a complex target was associated with artificial structures and liquid.

CB: “I am getting browns, tans, blues, and white. There is something splashy, also rough and dirty, soft. Temperatures are warm, tastes . . . salty. I smell something burning, acrid, smoke like. I am hearing machinery.” I sketched a structure near a body of water.
MONITOR: “Go to Stage Four.” (He said very little for the remainder of the session.)

CB: “OK. I am perceiving a Grey—in fact, many of them. There is something unusual here. These Greys seem to be early Greys. The eyes are a bit smaller, skin on the face is a bit pockmarked. They have genitalia. They are working.

“Wow. I just hit an emotional impression. They are hopeless. There is tremendous fear and a sense of desperation. I am getting mixed emotions from them. They have the sense like ‘the sky is falling.’ I am getting the clear perception that this moment in their history they feel is the end of their world as they know it. There is definitely a catastrophe going on here.

“Gosh, I am feeling sorry for these folks. I am putting that down as my own aesthetic impression and moving on.

“Wow, all hell has broken loose here. There is a rapid decay of their planet’s ecosystem and their own ability to cope. There is widespread fighting. Yep, there are wars going on here. They’re not really like human wars, but they are wars nonetheless.

“I get the sense of social organization based on clans and family groups. There is biological warfare. I get the sense of emptiness.

“I have just had a sudden time shift. I went forward in time; I do not know why. Continuing.

“I am now on a barren world. There seems to be some water near, but it is dead. I am on the surface of the land. The Greys are gone from the surface of the planet. There are underground chambers here now. The Greys have moved underground. The fighting has stopped, and the warring sides have declared a truce.

“The Greys are spending a long period of time underground.

They are moving to enhance their technology at a frantic pace now. There is a desire to move off the planet eventually.

“Wow. These folks are just plain tired. They are exhausted on the level of civilization. They are examining their basic essential nature. This was when they started to modify their genetic structure.

“They have new ways of manipulating and generating both physical and subspace energy. They’re also close to achieving subspace transport. They are looking for a possible dimensional escape from their situation and world, not just a physical shift to a neighboring place.

“These folks are now underground, and they have a tremendous urge to see light. There is no natural light down there, and so scientists are investigating ‘inner light.’ They discover a new universe in subspace, pure and pristine, with civilizations seemingly better, more balanced than their own. They think that by escaping to this other dimensional realm, they could leave their physical problems behind. They would not be affected by the earlier problems. They made the mistake of thinking that their basic problem was in the texture of their existence and that other dimensions will not have these problems. I get the idea that they want to run away to subspace heaven.

“OK. Something new. That same old and wise Grey that has popped into a number of my remote viewing sessions is now observing me. But he is not actively participating in this remote viewing session. He’s just watching.

“I am now cuing on the result of the drive to escape. OK. There is initial euphoria. There is great spiritual progress, as they see it. There are many advances in evolution along these lines. But they run into a dead end. I get the similar sense of an athlete who exercises only one arm or leg. The other limb atrophies.

“These beings are now unhappy. They see in other evolved beings a happiness and completeness that they lack. They see no other choice but to begin down a long and dangerous (from their point of view) path toward their past. But they are committed not to return to their former state. They fear the past. They will not get caught in an evolutionary loop.

“I am getting the sense that the human genetic project is the new escape route of a very long exodus. I am getting the comparable sense of the Israelites in the wilderness for many years after their exodus from Egypt.

“I am now cuing on the concept of race/destiny.” A one second pause. “I just had a big time shift forward. Wow! What is this?

“Hold on. What beautiful creatures! Wow! I am getting my own aesthetic impressions all over the place. This is amazing. These future Greys look much like humans. But they are like no other human that I have ever seen.

“They are telepathic. But there is more. They have learned to love. That is the basic emotion that they emphasized in their genetic project. These beings have love overwhelming. Their electrochemical machinery now fills this need of theirs.

“I am getting the analytic overlay of Jesus. Not in the sense that Jesus is here, but they are like an entire planet of Jesuses. The main difference is that when I remote viewed Jesus, he had a sense of command or authority, whereas these Greys just have love without that added element.

“There are males and females here. They have sexuality. They are very healthy and the females give birth themselves [i.e., no canister births]. These people are very evolved and spiritually united.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney, you can end the session now. As an aside, that was one of the most beautiful sessions I ever heard you do. It had tremendous flow. I basically said nothing throughout. What did you think of it?”

CB: “TO be honest, it was very interesting. But I do not have any idea of what kind of target could have done this. This did not seem like one of our original targets on the list. What was it?”
MONITOR: “Sewage treatment plant, Fort Meade, Maryland.”

CB: “OK, what was it?”

CB: “What?”
MONITOR:God. That was the target.”


In my view, God may have many aspects, of which we can, in our own ways, know only parts at a time. Our ability to understand each aspect of God depends on our own level of evolution toward what some call “God consciousness.”

It seems that God is sentient, and that he (pardon the gender bias of the language) literally exists in fragmented form in evolving life and everything else.


It is as if God experiences joy in creating matter and life from his own substance, and then living life through the experiences of species everywhere. This session leaves open how God initially fragmented himself in the first moment of creation.

One of the characteristics of God seems to be intelligence, variously manifested. The intelligence can be conscious, as in the sense of thinking. But it can also be automatic from our point of view as observers, in the sense of the automatic nature of our immune systems, or the cosmic dance of the stars.

This intelligence emerges in fragmented form in the shape of living and thinking beings. Once this occurs, the living beings, upon attaining a threshold level of self-awareness, begin to yearn to reunite with their source.

The weird thing is that these living beings initially seem unaware that they are literally made up of the substance of the source. Thus, less evolved beings do not seem to understand that it is as impossible to fear God as it is to fear oneself. Yet the evolution of living sentient beings is eventually defined in terms of the beings’ ability to discover this relationship between the original God source and their own selves.


Once this happens, the dominant theme of existence is love. One can love oneself, and all others, because one sees that all of everything is created from the same fabric. Somehow, love is the theme of God, the glue that keeps the universe together. But only highly evolved beings realize the full extent of this reality.

I do not claim to know why love is a glue of the universe. We tend to think of love as a mushy emotion. My remote viewing of highly evolved beings seems to suggest that the human concept of love is very primitive, but I really do not know of any other word to describe the flavor of what I sense. Whatever love is in these advanced beings, it is not mushy. It is matched with clear thinking and effective action. There is a smoothness in their lives that is enviable.

Since love is pleasant, I consider ourselves very lucky. With my limited understanding of existence, I can see no logical reason why God could not have some other emotion—even hate—as a universal constant, other than the fact that it might yield a self-destructive terminal existence. I am sure there is a good reason for the dominance of love. I just do not know it. But I have one hint.

It seems that God experiences existence through his creations. Since all of everything is constructed of God’s substance, our feelings and experiences are his as well. In a crude sense, we are like cells in an infinitely large body, and the infinitely large body experiences all aspects of the existence of each and every cell. Love is the dominant theme of the universe because it is natural (whatever that means) for God to love himself, not in a bad way, but in a healthy, growing, expansive way.

Note that in my own session, the Greys became highly evolved beings dominated by a sense of universal love that was a bit overwhelming to me. But notice also that the Greys did not collapse back into a point source and cease to exist once they realized that they were part of a larger entity. Rather, they became more like God in his more intimate nature, and they remained manifested in the universe as separate God fragments.

From this, I deduce that God has no intention of destroying the variety inherent in his expanded self by pulling himself back into the original point source. Rather, it seems that God’s plan is to continue to expand, with little purified God-units running around in the universe.

Moreover, the evolutionary process may never end. Why should it? If all of everything is the fragmented manifestation of God, why would God want to stop the expansion of his own existence? Doesn’t it make more sense to say that he will want to grow in loving variety throughout all eternity?

I am just speculating. But based on all of my remote viewing observations, I see nothing in all of the universe that would indicate that God is planning on closing up shop. The most advanced beings would figure it out eventually if God were planning on collapsing everything. This would lead to universal frustration and an attempt to fight God’s plan. Indeed, it would be like a cancer that could lead to universal suicidal tendencies.

But I do not see evidence of this anywhere. Wherever I look, I see beings struggling to improve, to find the meaning of existence.

And always, I find advanced beings whose existence is flavored with the intuitive sense of love, not the panic that would be the inevitable consequence of a fear of demise.

I think God has a plan to keep us around for good. This is my interpretive guess based on my observations. I perceive that we ourselves are manifestations of God in a very real sense. Currently we may be primitive relative to some of the more advanced folks in the universe. But we are on the upward track, and our life-and-death struggles in physical existence seem to produce an urgent desire in ourselves to understand our essential nature, thereby turning our attention toward the point source, and then, eventually, back to our selves in a cosmic mirror.

Quite honestly, I do not understand much more than this about God. I suspect I will enjoy struggling to understand him for the foreseeable future. I truly hope that God’s mysteries are infinite, though, because if I ever felt I knew everything about God, and thus about myself, for what purpose would I continue to exist?


But these days I must remind myself that I really have no idea what surprises tomorrow will bring.


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The Martian Priesthood

Long ago, when military remote viewers first started tracing the trajectories of Martian ships from the Red Planet to Earth, they noticed a certain group of Martians who played a unique role in their society. They seemed like medicine men, or shamans. They were highly respected by many other Martians, and more ominously, they seemed to have an ability to detach their subspace aspects from their physical bodies in order to attend gatherings of others similar to themselves. Quite honestly, this spooked the U.S. military.

Eventually I viewed these mysterious beings who had become known collectively in remote viewing circles as the Martian priesthood. (Guru Dev had already told me that they did not do the Sidhis, but beyond that, I knew nothing of them.)


This session was monitored under normal Type 4 conditions.

Date: 27 July 1994

Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 8711/3454

The preliminaries suggested a target on dry land and artificial structures.

CB: “I am getting tans, reds, and browns for colors. It seems sandy here, rocky. It is cold, cold, cold. Seems like Mars. Let me AOL that for now.

“I am on the Stage Three sketch. I have some low hills, a modest depression in front and on my right, and some channel cutting diagonally up through the middle. Could be a riverbed or something. Should I check for water?”
MONITOR: ‘Just go to Stage Four.”

CB: “OK. I am in the matrix now. There are lots of rocks here, red rocks. It is basically a flat area in terms of any steep mountains. There is no air here. Barren, no life, on the surface, that is. This is a very harsh environment. Actually, I am picking up some air now. It is very thin, and dry.

“I must add that this place is very beautiful, austere, but in a backpacker’s heaven sort of way.

“I am picking up beings now. They are not Greys. This really seems like Mars. I am putting these beings down as Martians, signal line data. I get males and females. They are very thin, light, and they have some wispy hair. I am trying to pick up their location now. Hold on.

“They are in chambers. I am in one now. These places are not so modern. There are basic survival necessities. Actually, these are quite sparse living quarters. Checking, hold on. These chambers are underground. What should I do now?”
MONITOR: “Cue on the idea of governance.”

CB: “Doing that now. OK. These folks have a primitive organizational structure. There is no large-scale participatory network, like American voting. There seems to be a clan hierarchy. The elders have respect and authority. Survival conditions do not allow freewheeling democratic exuberance. It is a hierarchical, authoritative structure. The levels of authority are achieved through experience, combined with small-scale voting among the older elite. I am sensing to cue on religion.”
MONITOR: “Do it.”

CB: “There is worship here. It is used to keep the society together, given the harsh realities of physical existence. The children need it, as do the mothers. The eider elite are not so persuaded by it, however. But they do it lip service to support others, and out of a hope that perhaps the tradition will help them. It helps everyone on some level.

“I am cuing on religious leadership now, as I sense a pull in that direction. They are priest-like. Monks. They are the top of the social totem pole. I am sensing that they use symbols, and magic. They have a primitive but real understanding that there is more to reality than physical stuff. I am getting the sense that they are somewhat similar in certain ways to the mullahs of Iran, especially in terms of their internal organization. They influence both government and society. But they seem more like shamans than very evolved spiritual beings.

“I am following the idea of their magic. Hold on. There are objects, like totems or fetishes. Yes, these are like West African fetishes. They also definitely have out-of-body experiences that seem to reinforce their sense of religious concepts. It seems as if one such priest is now aware of this remote viewing.”
MONITOR: “Lócate the religious leadership.”

CB: “They are all over, but in pockets. They are like a security apparatus as well. They spy using their own intelligence processes to maintain their control over the remaining masses.

“This is curious. Let me find out the limits of control for this religious leadership. Hold on... There are two strata for this society. The religious leaders control the lower level. The bureaucratic-technical hierarchy tolerates them because they currently have no substitute belief structure for the masses.

“With regard to their location, they are on Earth as well. Hold on... This is interesting. They see the move to Earth as an important power struggle. The struggle is during the shift from Mars to Earth, in the sense that there is not much trouble for them on Mars right now. On Earth the masses may abandon the religious leaders entirely.

“This is an authentic and very real struggle to maintain their Martian traditions. They fear not just loss of personal control for themselves, but the destruction of all tradition that makes their people who they are, i.e., Martians, or at least different from normal humans.”
MONITOR: “Find out more about their out-of-body state, for a typical priest.”

CB: “OK, give me a second... They are summoned. Not a lot of business is transacted. They have the same difficulties that humans have in working between the two levels, physical and subspace. Subspace is used to communicate, though the priests communicate physically as well. The out-of-body state is for the bonding of the priesthood unit, and to keep the populace in awe of tradition. It also helps strengthen the sense of differentness with regard to human traditions. They seem to preach that this state is the advanced ability of their species and kind. They know that this is not true, but it is a useful thing to preach to control the masses.”
MONITOR: “What about symbols of the leadership?”

CB: “I am getting that now. I will make a sketch... That is funny, it seems to be the same symbol that was on the uniform of the Grey folks who came to rescue the Martians a long time ago. I wonder how they got hold of that?”
MONITOR: “Cue on meetings between humans and Martians.”

CB: “The Martian priesthood is rather primitive. They do not like us humans, it seems. They want to segregate their populace on this planet. Hmmm. Looks like they are upset with the course of events, which seems to be moving away from them.

“OK, I am getting something now. The meeting will be soon, and with the bureaucratic-technical hierarchy, not the priesthood. I get the clear impression that the bureaucratic-technical hierarchy does not want us to deal with the priests. It is not the way for success in human and Martian interaction. For humans to contact the priesthood would be similar to the Martians contacting the Pope instead of the United Nations.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney, good work. End the session.”

CB: “And the target was?”
MONITOR: “ ‘Martian priesthood.’ “

CB: “Figures.”


This session covered a great deal of ground and answered a number of important questions that remote viewers had had for some time. First, the Martian priesthood is not the official governmental apparatus of Martian society. I do not now know the extent to which the competing authorities of the priesthood and the secular bureaucrats divide the society. Intuitively, I sense that the dominance of influence among the masses leans in the direction of the secular leaders, but that these leaders still cannot ignore the priesthood.

At this point in my research, I have only this minimal sketch of the dual vertical flow of the organization of Martian authority. However, it seems clear that there are two distinct levels of the masses, and that the priesthood’s dominant share of influence rests with the lower stratum. What defines the two strata is not clear to me.


It does not seem as if wealth is a criterion, but some other factor. I could guess educational level at this point, but I suspect that I may be in error, since I do not see any reason why Martians would deny equal levels of education to all of the members of their society, given their need to develop all of their populace in preparation for their eventual (or at least theoretical) migration here.


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The Roswell Incident

Media reports have long suggested that there may have been a flying saucer crash near Roswell, New México, in 1947, in which live aliens may have been captured by the U.S. military. Some have claimed that at least one alien was held for a lengthy time as a prisoner on a military base before dying of unknown causes, and that at least one ship was carted off to military laboratories for analysis.

While in the military, my monitor once attempted to discern from military sources if the Roswell Incident actually did occur. The biggest problem was that no one could find either the dead bodies of the aliens or their spacecraft. Yet too many people in the New México area, and some in the military, seemed sincere with their memories of such an incident. It puzzled him.

Eventually the military remote viewers were assigned the task of targeting the Roswell Incident. Initially, all did not go well. When the military team viewed the event, they saw light globes, not crafts, hovering low in the sky. They detected the “flavor” of ETs, though, indicating that ETs were involved in some way.

Following our breakthrough with abductions, my monitor and I decided to add the Roswell Incident to the long list of targets. The logic was that if the ETs had changed their minds in allowing us to see what was going on during an abduction, then they may have changed their minds with regard to other things as well.

Date: 28 July 1994

Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 7633/4128

The preliminaries indicated that the target involved flat, dry land and artificial structures.

CB: “I am getting mostly tans and browns. The textures are sandy, woody, and windy. The temperature seems warm. Wherever I am seems beautiful. I will sketch the place now in Stage Three.”


My monitor gives me a movement exercise that places me five hundred feel above the target.

“OK, it is sandy and rocky here, quite dry, warm to hot. I will draw another Stage Three sketch.”

I sketch the picture of a structure in the air that is following an erratic trajectory, and, another structure on the ground. I also sketch in some notable topographical features. My monitor gives me another movement exercise that moves me inside the structure that is in the air.

“There are black and grey colors here, glossy and clear, polished and smooth textures as well. I hear voices, but I cannot tell what is being said. The place feels very busy, however. It is very densely organized in a small area, very compact.”

I draw another sketch of the inside of the structure before the monitor suggests that I move on to Stage 4 of the SRV-protocols.

“Hmmm. There are some rooms here. There definitely are beings here. They are at work, and they appear to be frantic, not in a panicky sense, but almost. I am getting the strong analytic overlay that this is the Roswell Incident.”
MONITOR: “Stay in structure. Put it in the matrix as an AOL and move on.”

CB: “Well, there are four beings. These folks are now really terrified. Something has gone wrong. The machinery is broken. These are Greys, and I am getting a nearly overwhelming AOL that this is the Roswell Incident.”

At this point, it seems that my unconscious is not going to let the session proceed without confirmation that the Roswell Incident indeed is the target. Since I am already thoroughly bilocated, there is little danger, and really no alternative but to acknowledge the obvious.
MONITOR: “That is the target. Stay in structure. Move quickly through Stage Four. Dump a sketch in the matrix of the inside of the ship.”

CB: “Doing that now.”


The speakerphones are silent for a, moment while I sketch as quickly as I can.

“The saucer is behaving erratically. They are losing control. They are experiencing fear. They know that they cannot be rescued. The problem is something about rules.”
MONITOR: “Dump it in the matrix and move to Stage Six. In your Stage Six worksheet, draw a small, one-inch-diameter circle in the center of the page. Label this the mission origination point. Then draw an arrow to the destination point. Probe this and then dump what you have in the matrix.”

CB: “Doing that now. Probing the origination point. This is a rocky place, craters. I am again getting a strong AOL-matching signal. This is the Moon. I am there now and looking up. Earth is in the sky. OK. I am now following the trajectory to the destination point. All I get is that the destination was a mission on Earth.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the mission purpose.”

CB: “Hold on. This is weird. It seems like the mission was to crash. The destination was Earth, and the purpose was to crash and thus force humans to investigate ET questions. I find this hard to believe.”
MONITOR: “Don’t analyze. Dump that in the aesthetic impression column: 'I find this hard to believe.’ Move on.”

CB: “The idea was to show that ETs are one, physical; two, vulnerable; three, not really different from humans; and four, can make mistakes. They knew the future, and thus knew they would crash. But knowing the future doesn’t change the course of the event unless desired. The machine really did break, and the beings really did panic, crash, and die physically.”
MONITOR: “Move forward in time and write down what you see.”

CB: “NOW I get humans on the ground. Military humans. These humans seem to be near panic. The military is running around, literally, and picking up every piece of the crashed ship. They’re putting things in boxes and bags.

“There is the sense of ultimate urgency. Higher-ups are scrambling to contain the impact of the event, create secrecy. I get the sense that plans are immediately being developed to cover up the event. This reaches to the highest levels of the military. I am sensing that the president is being briefed verbally.”
MONITOR: “In your Stage Six worksheet, draw a timeline with three points on it, points A, B, and C. Label point A the time when the entities were panicking, point B the crash point, and point C the time when there was no more debris on the ground. Then let’s do a movement exercise.”


The monitor then moved me to point C on the timeline, one thousand feet above the target.

CB: “I smell burning flesh. I hear motors. There are vehicles driving erratically over the ground. Military vehicles. I am also detecting a single ET ship in the air. I am putting this all down in a Stage Three sketch.

“Moving into the ship. The occupants seem unable or unwilling to intervene. This ship is working smoothly. The occupants are in a panic about the activity below. I get the sense that they are watching as the ‘barbarians’ collect their colleagues.”


In the remainder of the session, my monitor had me explore the idea that the ETs may have manipulated time with regard to the event. He explained to me after the session that he believed that the military had no physical evidence of the crash. He suggested that it may be possible that the ETs knew the future, and thus chose to let the accident occur without intervention.


But then after the event had occurred, they went back in time to eliminate the event by preventing the crash.

I strongly objected to this hypothesis, since I had indeed remote viewed the event. But my monitor continued to argue that there could be two timelines, one in which the event did occur, which is why I could remote view it, and one in which it did not occur, which is why there is no physical evidence of the event.

I again objected that this could not be the case, since people still remember the event as it occurred in their own lives. He said that the nonphysical aspects of these people would have experienced both timelines, one after the other, and thus would remember the event. It would feel like a deja vu rather than a clear memory.

I still did not agree with his hypothesis, but I had to admit that ETs, with complete command over travel across time, could probably do this. I argued that it was more likely that the ETs secretly retrieved the crash debris later, including the bodies of their fallen comrades. If they could secretly abduct people in the middle of the night, they certainly could retrieve a crashed saucer wherever it may be stored.

Many questions remained, but neither my monitor nor I planned to do any more work on the problem for inclusion in this book. We simply wanted to test whether or not the incident actually occurred. It did. ETs can make mistakes and crash, and the Roswell Incident was, and is, real.

My monitor also informed me that two other remote viewers accurately targeted the Roswell Incident recently, further corroborating the evidence I obtained. How it was resolved, and why there seems to be no physical evidence of the event now, are still not known to either of us. We could pursue this information, but quite frankly, the event seems small compared to other things that we are looking into. I am certain that remote viewing historians will one day record all of the details of the event.


With time and effort, remote viewers can also solve the question of whether or not the ETs manipulated time to resolve the event or something less dramatic concealed the physical evidence of the crash.


Postscript on Roswell

The front page of the national edition of the New York Times on the 18th of September, 1994, carried a story about the Roswell Incident. The article quotes government sources who say that they can now speak the truth about that mysterious event.


They claim that the original government story about the crashed vehicle being a weather balloon was fraudulent, but the truth is that a different sort of balloon created the crash, and this balloon was used in a top secret defense project called Mogul. The story goes on to say how the scientists involved in the project did not like keeping silent about their activities during the years that the flying saucer story took hold and blossomed, but that they did not want to hide it any longer.

I do not claim that the defense project called Mogul never existed. Nor am I claiming that a government balloon did not crash. But there is a big difference between a balloon of whatever complexity and an alien spaceship complete with dead and live ET inhabitants, and it is not possible to confuse a humanoid ET with a fragment of a balloon.


Government disinformation attempts are no longer useful, if they ever were. If the government cannot be truthful about the Roswell Incident, then silence would be the best course to take until such time as the real truth can be told.

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Earth’s Future Environment

At times it seems that in almost every situation in which one encounters a serious discussion of extraterrestrials, the subject of human abuse of the Earth’s environment arises. It was a central feature of ET-originating information in Abduction by John Mack (1994). This was one of the reasons I sent my mind into the near future of our planet.

A few years earlier, some remote viewers had completed a privately funded project investigating the long-term impact of the increasingly ominous ozone hole. In the course of that project, the remote viewers had witnessed a radical alteration of planetary vegetation patterns and a tremendous reduction in the human population around the globe.


They also reported seeing large domes located in desert-like environments that housed and protected much of the remaining human population on the planet. The details of this project are still proprietary and have not been released to the public by those who funded the investigation. I mention only some of the general highlights to help readers understand the impetus that drove my monitor and me to look at the long-term future of the planetary environment.


As with all other Type 4 data situations, I was given no advance warning that the current session was to target our planet’s future ecosystem.

Date: 28 July 1994

Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 6121/6026

The preliminaries indicated a target associated with movement and artificial structures.

CB: “I am getting black and white colors. For textures, I get pavement-like. The temperatures seem cool to cold. I am tasting tar, whatever that tastes like, and I am smelling burning and hearing fire. I get initial impressions of explosive energy and rapid motion. I have to put this down as an aesthetic impression: I do not like the feeling of this place. I have to AOL the sense of death.”
MONITOR: “Stage Three.”

CB: “Sketching now. I have two diagonal arrows coming down hard into something that is circular or ellipse shaped, flat. I am also getting an AOL of the concept of ‘end of Earth.’ “
MONITOR: “Put that as an AOL and move to Stage Four.”

CB: “OK. TO begin, I am probing the Stage Three arrows. In the Stage Four matrix, I am getting something shiny, fast, polished, grey, and steel-like. There are beings in the structure, rooms. It seems like a container of some type. It is hitting the surface fast. Following the impact, there is burning, pain, fire, and rocks. But the beings are not dead. They are suffering, however.”
MONITOR: “Move to Stage Six and construct a timeline. Locate the current time on the timeline, and then locate the event that you are seeing. Using the incrementation method, estimate the time difference.”

CB: Long pause. “The event occurs about 290 years from now.”

My monitor has me execute a movement exercise that places me one quarter of the way into the future between the current time and the time of the event. We label that point A on the timeline. He then gives me another movement exercise that places me at that time over the target area so that I can get some sensory impressions.

“This place stinks. Things are different now. I really get the strong AOL of Los Angeles. The place has lots of pollution, the taste of burning, sounds of motors, horns, city noise. This is an urban environment that seems to go on forever, spider-like, flat, expansive. I get the sense of great wastefulness.”
MONITOR: “Move further up the timeline, halfway between our session’s current time and the time of the crisis. Label this point B. Dump your sensory impressions of this point in the matrix.”

CB: “The textures are dirt-like, black. The temperatures are warm to hot. I taste both burning and an ammonia taste. This place is stinky like all hell. This is desolate here. I detect no life. The place is dead.”
MONITOR: “GO back to point A on the timeline and cue on the five leading causes of change as one advances up the timeline from the current time to point A. Execute these maneuvers as quickly as possible. Keep up the pace.”

CB: “OK, I am cuing on concept number one. I am AOLing Los Angeles, and I definitely get the sense of being on Earth. I get lots of people, activity, even commotion. This is a city, a very busy city.


Moving to concept number two. There are too many people for the system to handle. There are health problems, high levels of sickness, pollution caused diseases, and new diseases.


Concept number three: food is a problem. There seems to be trouble with resources to house and feed the populace. This place has overrun its carrying capacity.


Concept number four: radiation is a problem as well. The plants and animals are not growing well. There is increased desertification in many places. There is widespread destruction of trees, seaweed, plankton, fish, the general food chain, and the overall growing environment.


Concept number five: energy is causing problems and becoming a catch22 situation. The worse the other problems, the more energy is needed to solve the problems, which causes further problems. The ultimate problem is human disregard for life other than its own. The ecosystem is breaking down everywhere, and people are still trying to maintain a failing system.”
MONITOR: “Try to locate any type of key sanctuary that may exist at point A on the timeline.”

CB: I receive an immediate and strong tug toward the newly refined signal.


“I am getting a beige color, a texture of cement, temperatures of cool to warm, and a whirring sound. As for dimensions, I am picking up square, angular, deep, hollow, and very big.”

My monitor then moves me one thousand feet above the sanctuary. From this perspective, I draw a sketch of some type of walled structure or compound. It seems to extend deep underground and connects to numerous tunnels. The structure has a cover or top as well. I then move to an itemization stage of SRV and begin dumping detailed data.

“This structure is very complex. It is like an underground city, newly constructed. It is walled. The walls are used to protect the inhabitants from invaders. I am getting a Mad Max scenario as an AOL from the signal line. I am writing that down now. In general, the place is built to protect the inhabitants from the elements and from roaming gangs or tribes.

“I am also detecting a personal reaction from myself. I get the sense that I dislike the plan in some way. I will dump that as an aesthetic impression. Moving on... The elite chose who could live in the structure. It seems like the Greys had some involvement in the structure plan and/or choice of inhabitants. They had gene pool considerations. Other than that, humans chose who lived in the sanctuary. The others outside were left to tough it out.”

At this point, my monitor had to end the session in order to attend to some personal business. He told me that the target was “Earth ecosystem/near to midterm.” However, since I was already accurately bilocated on the target, and since there seemed to be a number of loose ends that needed to be tied up, I decided to continue the session solo. The remainder of the data for this target were collected under solo conditions.

I moved back to the compound that I found at point A on the timeline. Probing this compound, I found it to be newly constructed. The idea behind the compound’s construction was long-term survival of choice humans.


This is where I got the distasteful aesthetic impression of elite control. It seemed that the choice of some people as being better than others was made on grounds that may have had much to do with wealth and influence.

I returned to my initial sketch of the arrows and the ellipse that indicated some sort of crash. I needed to figure out what was going on at that point in time—the very fact that I knew my unconscious picked it told me it was important to the target cue.

Probing the ellipse shape that appeared on my Stage 3 sketch, I detected rooms, and a sense of a complex command chamber. I got the clear impression of a military operations center. Some of the inhabitants wore uniforms, there were weapons, and there were sheltered bunkers of some sort.

Probing the two diagonal arrows that pointed into the ellipse, I found a structure that was a vehicle, a spaceship, actually, on a collusion course with the command chamber. There was a sense of desperation from within the vehicle.

Shifting back to the compound at the crisis point, I found that the facility was old, and that the populace was considering coming out onto the surface of the planet. The arrows into the ellipse identified an attempted landing that went awry, not an attack. There was no sense of hostility. The crash impacted on the top, or near, the compound. The inhabitants of the ship were members of the group in the compound.

The crash point on the timeline (290 years into the future from the 1994 session time) was the point of emergence of the sanctuary’s habitants onto the planet’s surface. I cued on the mission of the ship before the attempted landing, and I found that the occupants were making observations of the planet’s biosphere status.


They were in an orbital ship, measuring everything from various surface conditions, atmospheric readings, radiation levels, and water purity. Apparently, the crash did not seriously damage the compound. Moving slightly forward in time, I noticed that the compound was unchanged, and that the inhabitants were involved in their normal daily affairs.


This session was a powerful one for me. A half hour after the session, I was resting on my bed still somewhat bilocated, and I got the impression that it will be the Martians and the Greys who will teach us how to live underground. But the Martians will be the ones who actually live with us, holding our hands, until the reemergence to the planet’s surface.

The implications of this session on my view of evolving humanity is great. It seems that we really are heading into tough times. Using an incremental method in SRV, I can estimate that point A on the timeline was approximately seventy-two years into the future. This would mean that around the year 2065, the situation will have deteriorated to the point where the construction of the sanctuary structure is necessary. A string of disasters follows, one after another, into the following century.


By 2150, chaos is either widespread or imminent.

I do not know what ultimately reduces the size of the human population; war, disease, and hunger are the obvious guesses. But it seems clear that the human population will not stay at its current (and near future) high levels. Three hundred years from now humans reemerge to the surface of the planet again to begin their reconstruction of the surface biosphere. Other remote viewers have observed Greys collecting a large, and possibly complete, collection of biological samples from across the planet. I can only guess and hope that such material will be used to recover the globe with life.

Interestingly, I now wonder if the long period living underground will accustom humans to this type of housing environment. Robert Monroe has reported that he witnessed (during some of his out-of-body experiences) humans on Earth a thousand years in the future who do not live on the surface of the planet (Monroe 1994 and 1985). Rather, they live underground and regularly visit the surface, where a pristine natural environment robust with life exists. At this point, I do not know whether this will turn out to be the case. I have not yet remote viewed this far into the future.

It is sad that humans will have to endure such hardship as a price for learning how to respect the value of life other than their own. Do not misunderstand me in this respect. I am fully aware that many humans are greatly distraught over the way that the environment is treated. Many people are actively trying to influence the course of human affairs to avoid the future that many people intuitively sense our world is approaching.


But these sensitive people are too few, and their efforts are not adequate, given the scope of the global condition. Indeed, I cannot see anything that could be done to change the unfortunate characteristics of our near term future. It seems that our race is destined to learn the hard way, doomed to destroy our world in order to understand the delicate complexity of its value to us.

It will be wonderful to see the day when the collective mentality of humans begins to look significantly away from the greed of its isolated members and struggles to find meaning in existence that connects individuals to the remainder of creation. This moment will be the genesis of a brighter future for our people. Suffering may continue for some time, but with such a change in our collective awareness, a much brighter future, filled with meaning for the existence of all life, will certainly arise.


At least, this is my hope.


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