The Cause of the Collapse of the Early Grey Civilization

One of the essential goals of my research has been to understand early Grey civilization. I wanted to know about their home-world, the major events that have occurred in their history, and the more important challenges that they have faced as a culture.

This chapter presents the data from three separate remote viewing sessions. The first is a monitored and blind session (Type 4 data) in which the cue was “Greys/early civilization.” The second and third sessions were done solo under Type 1 settings.


The second session on which I report was actually conducted first chronologically, approximately six months before my monitor finally worked the blind session.

Date: 16 June 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored
Target coordinates: 4923/8216

The preliminaries indicated a composite target with dry land, a body of liquid, and artificial structures.

CB: “I am getting colors of blue and black. The textures are wet and splashy. The temperatures are cool, and the tastes are salty. The smells are fishy, and I hear sounds of splashing.

“I have some sort of structure on a flat surface. I am drawing this now on my Stage Three sketch. The surface seems to be wet, like a body of water. The structure is hard.”


The monitor gives me a movement exercise that places me on the top of the structure.

“There is a lot of spiraling energetics below this structure. Like a funnel of some sort.”


I draw another Stage 3 sketch of a structure on the surface of a body of water. Below the structure is a large vortex of spiraling water, like a huge whirlpool. The water around the structure (outside of the vortex) is very turbulent.
MONITOR: “Courtney, move on to Stage Four.”

CB: “OK. I’m there now, in the matrix. I definitely have a vortex of some sort. There is plenty of water, and a lot of power involved in this site. There are beings as well. I get the sense that this is a job environment for them.

“Moving in on the vortex, there is tremendous energy connected with a huge volume of water here. The vortex is sucking downward.

“The beings are humanoid, very advanced. I am moving in on the structure now. The thing is some kind of ET thing, perhaps a ship, but not necessarily a spaceship. Shifting back to the beings. Their job is environmental and it deals with oceans. There is something here about fish diversity in connection with the ocean habitat. The idea is of saving/preserving/preparing for some change. There is something here connected with a concern for destructiveness in the habitat.

“I am in the structure now, looking at the inside of the thing. There are computer or control panels here, not so advanced or complicated as other ET spaceships that I have seen. It seems like the inside of this ship is a hospitable and sterile environment for the humanoid beings. There is a clean smell here.

“I am moving in on the beings again. They are definitely humanoid. Getting closer. They are of the Grey type, but something is weird here. The eyes are not so big, but these are definitely Greys. Their eyes are sunken as well.

“These folks seem to have noticed me now. They also seem a bit surprised with my appearance here. This is unusual. I have never surprised a Grey before.

“I get the idea that they are respectful of my visit and have just now been told by superiors—or actually, someone to whom they defer—to cooperate with me.”
MONITOR: “What can you tell me about their clothing? Are they wearing anything? “

CB: “They have uniforms on. They even have an insignia on the uniforms. I am sketching it now. Hmmm. It is the same thing that I saw on the uniforms of the Greys who rescued the Martians on Mars, the heart-shaped thing with a snake thing inside. The insignia is theirs. It is the symbol for their unit or corps.

“I am entering their minds now. I get a sort of blank, like my understanding does not exactly match theirs. But it is not so strong a blank as I have had with other Greys.”
MONITOR: “See if you can get information from them about where they are.”

CB: “Doing that now. . . . The question has locational data, and they are initially concerned about this. They seem disturbed that there could be some confusion, and perhaps worry with this information. I am not pressing it, but I get the sense I might be able to. This is not Earth, however.”

My monitor has me execute a movement exercise that places me at the homeport of the ship.

“I have a city type of setting, with an open area in front of it from my current perspective. There are buildings here, polished and smooth. Many of the buildings are pointy at the top, like spires. The smell of the place is pungent, sooty. I am getting the strong AOL that this is the Grey home-world.”
MONITOR: “Courtney, from this perspective, probe the meaning of the insignia on the uniforms.”

CB: “It represents the symbol of a rescue corps. There is some type of disaster/calamity taking place, and that unit is acting to save something. I am getting the clear sense that the particular unit or corps had its origin in the period of collapse of the early Grey civilization.”
MONITOR: “Probe the concept of collapse.”

CB: “Hold on. I am getting the smell of burning, pungent, sooty, stinky. There is tremendous environmental waste involved here.”
MONITOR: “What about the leadership?”

CB: “This Grey society has a very selfish orientation. The collective society institutionalized the drive for greed. The idea is to accept as normal the individual’s taking whatever is desired and not caring for the overall good. I am getting a weird AOL. I am AOLing something like a rebellion in subspace. I am going to put this down as similar to the Lucifer Rebellion.5 I have to put that down as coming from the signal line.”
MONITOR: ‘Just put it down. Don’t try to interpret anything. Move on. Continue to probe the concept of calamity/rescue/recovery.”


5. Some remote viewers have obtained data that suggest that Lucifer and Satan are (or perhaps were) two real and separate personalities involved in a subspace war that did not turn out well for them. Early mystics apparently perceived some of these events and included references to this war in their writings, which were later incorporated into religious beliefs.

CB: “The rescue corps is mobilized from within the society. They are the ones who came up with the insignia. Hold on, something is changing. ... I am now in direct contact with a particular Grey whose job is to help me understand what is happening. This Grey seems like the normal ones, i.e., with the big wraparound eyes. I am getting the sense that this Grey thinks that I have been a bit confused in this session and it is necessary for the Greys to clarify things that are important. I am back viewing the buildings. I am drawing a better sketch of the place now.

“Following the signal, I am moving in on the concept of environmental collapse. There is total pollution here. Literally, these beings are swimming in their own feces. Their entire consciousness is oriented toward self-gratification.

“I am probing the concept of sex now. It seems that these folks are extremely sexually motivated.

“Moving on to food. Their food is mass-produced. There are many individuals to feed, literally billions. Over time, the food became highly processed and very far from a natural design. The source of food was the oceans originally. I get the idea that these folks eat fish.


“Again, following the signal. I sense that these beings were corrupted by some type of subspace war. It’s as if they were collectively seduced by an arrogant, rebellious, and very powerful leader. They later felt betrayed, but the damage was too far gone. They had to recover from scratch.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney. Let’s end the session.”

CB: “And the target was . . . ?”
MONITOR: “ ‘Greys/early civilization.’ “

The data presented above were corroborated by a solo session (Type 1 data) that I conducted and recorded half a year earlier, on December 3, 1993. In that earlier session, I perceived a very congested and highly polluted city. The atmosphere on the Grey home-world seemed harsh, perhaps caustic by Earth standards, and this harshness was not natural.

With regard to the Greys themselves, I also perceived some of the vocal expressions of the early Greys. Their voices made curious chirping sounds. I also got the impression that the psychology of the Greys of that era had something in common with human psychology. The earlier Greys had smaller eyes than the Greys that are now active on and around Earth. Their skin was light-colored and smooth and it wrinkled when touched. They had no hair that I perceived. In terms of sexuality, the early Greys had a highly focused sex drive, almost single-minded.

In that earlier session, I also saw that the early Greys’ babies were in trouble, sick as a consequence of pollution. Many deaths resulted from this. The Greys began having trouble reproducing. They gave birth, but with difficulty. They also did not have a clear idea of how much trouble they were in, in the sense that the early society was quite naive with regard to their dilemma (not unlike humans today).

After the monitored session, I decided to hit the target a third time so that I could fill in some of the important details that seemed to be missing from both of the previous monitored and solo sessions. Thus, under Type 1 conditions, I targeted “Greys/early civilization” on June 20, 1994.

In the beginning of the session, I relocated the structure above the vortex in the ocean that I perceived in the monitored session. More detailed investigation revealed that this was a food production and maintenance facility. The vortex in the water was related to this activity.

Focusing on the Greys in the structure, I noticed that their genitalia were quite small by human standards. Both males and females worked together in the structure in a seemingly egalitarian fashion. They had robust sexual lives, to say the least. Indeed, the quantity of their sexual activities seemed to dwarf that of humans, both in terms of the frequency of the act and the multiplicity of partners. Telepathy was more advanced among these beings than humans, and the sex act’s telepathic component intensified the experience.

In terms of the home-world itself, I perceived that the atmosphere had been damaged. In addition to pollution, radiation bombarded the Greys at unhealthy levels.

At this point of the solo session, I began probing the cause of the Grey problems on their home-world. It was clear that there was an evolutionary mistake of some sort. The focus on the self for self-gratification led to a behavioral dysfunction on the part of the vast majority of Greys. There seemed to be nothing that could counterbalance the drive for physical pleasure in their psyches.

Following the signal further, I cued on the idea of spirituality. At this point, the session changed remarkably. I began to perceive a subspace light being. My sense was that this amorphous being was particularly powerful in some way unknown to me. Initially, I perceived both dark and light areas in it, and it did not seem benign.

I then cued on the idea of external agents to the problems of the Greys, and I experienced a locational shift. I found myself overlooking what I can only describe as a layer of subspace life in which there were multitudes of subspace beings. In this layer of life, there was tremendous commotion, like a subspace version of Grand Central Station at rush hour in Manhattan.


The magnitude of the commotion and chaos in this layer of life was almost overwhelming. Probing on the relationship between these subspace beings and the Greys, I discerned that these subspace beings were the Greys before their birth in physical bodies.

I detected an organizational structure among the subspace beings, and pursuing it, found they had a rigid and hierarchical social order. The control over their existence within this hierarchy was almost military in quality. They took orders and followed them. Strangely, they had been ordered to self indulge and destroy (both in subspace and after physical birth).

Following the signal further, I went after the leadership of the organization. I found myself in a subspace command-and-control center. The center had about ten beings in it at the time. Four or five of the beings seemed to be of a higher authority than the others. The internal aspect of the structure was arranged like an office building, and it became ever more apparent a rigid military structure prevailed here.


I continued to follow the signal until I arrived at the one dominant leader of the organization. This being was the same amorphously shaped dark and light being that I had perceived earlier in the session.

I entered its mind only to find it had an extremely dark mind. Something was very wrong there. It was as if the being was psychologically ill.

To begin with, it had a pathological fear of dying. It seemed to think that military fighting and conquest was needed in order to survive. It knew that mistakes had been made, and it was afraid of punishment. The leader seemed unable to devise a plan for reconciliation—fear prevented it. Then it became clear to me: this leader was a terrorist.

Continuing the mind probe, this subspace terrorist leader was intent on destroying the Grey home-world. The aim was to instill fear in the other parts of the realm, and thus weaken the opposing forces. Fear was the key weapon. In words that best reflect the intent of the leader’s mind, the Grey souls were being held as hostages during the crisis. The dark mind wanted a negotiated settlement that would establish its right of personality survival, but with changes. It wanted control over its own dominion. It wanted to establish itself as a sovereign—a dictator.

Indeed, the leader desired worship (of itself). Its need for worship was built into a weakness in its personality structure. It needed worship in order to assist its own flawed personality. In a weird way, the leader had a problem with low self-esteem.
As I was making these observations, I felt the being shift its attention to me. It executed a time and locational shift to find me, then I felt it “descend” into my office, like a dark subspace cloud surrounding me as I sat at my desk.

To my considerable interest, I felt absolutely no fear of this being. I simply examined it, and it examined me. It then departed after a few seconds of observation (perhaps thirty seconds), leaving the impression that it felt that I was a small fry being that was not directly threatening its activities or reign. In short, I was a pest.



Apparently, there was a subspace cause underlying the collapse of the Grey civilization. While I do not completely understand all of the events that led up to this collapse, I have no doubt that the Greys killed their home-world. They then had to devise strategies to survive.


Since their current physical appearance differs from that of their earlier period, I can only assume that their subsequent experiences were responsible for a considerable metamorphosis on their part. The growth in the size of their eyes suggests that they began to live in a darker environment, perhaps underground, which makes sense given that the surface environment of their home-world was in rapid decay.

The present-day lack of sexual activity on the part of current Greys suggests that they genetically rid themselves of this physiological process. Indeed, it appears as if they genetically castrated themselves. The reason for this could be their need to control their own population size. However, it also implies that they developed alternative means of reproducing, perhaps using technological means to support fetus development. This idea closely corresponds with reports of test-tube babies and fetuses in liquid filled incubators that consistently appear in the UFO abduction literature (in particular, see Mack 1994 and Jacobs 1992).

Perhaps, though, another reason underlies the Greys’ choice to rid themselves of their sexual function. It is not just that the Greys do not reproduce sexually anymore; they also do not have the psychological drive to engage in sexual activity.


My own speculation is that their experiences during the collapse of their early civilization made them reevaluate the underlying causes of their dysfunctionality. They may have felt that their sexual drive helped lead them into their dilemma. The project of gene manipulation—initially in tended to quickly adapt themselves to their new and harsher environment—may have extended more broadly into the sexual functioning of their minds as well.

As a final point of interest, I note that some of my observations and analyses find correspondence (not corroboration, but overlap) with ideas raised by Royal and Priest (1992), who base their research on what they claim is channeled data.

Many questions remain with regard to the subject of the collapse of early Grey civilization.


I do not know much about the rebel leader who seemed to be orchestrating the collapse. The collapse itself seems to have been an act of terrorism. But against whom was the rebel leader fighting? What mistakes were made that made the leader seek rebellion as a means of survival?


It is also unclear as to exactly how the activity in subspace translated itself into the physical world. Humans have a very difficult time perceiving subspace activity. But early Grey physiology may have allowed a more transparent approach between the dimensions, and the corruption of physical life may have been easily accomplished on their home-world.

Finally, who were the beings who worked directly under the command of the rebel leader?


They had humanoid form, but the rebel leader definitely did not. Previous research has indicated that subspace beings have some control over their appearance, whereas physical beings do not. Did the amorphous shape enhance the leader’s ability to terrorize? I simply do not know the answers to these questions. But one thing is certain.


The collapse of the early Grey civilization was not a simple process. There were both physical and subspace aspects, and for our own survival, we would be wise to learn from their mistakes in both dimensions.


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Star Trek and the ET-Assisted Transformation of Human Culture

During the two years I conducted the research for this book, I was often struck by the similarities between many of the ideas that were presented in the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation and the data obtained about real ET activities through remote viewing. After the television broadcast of the final episode of this series in the spring of 1994, I asked my monitor to add a new item to our list of targets that would help us resolve the question of ET influence in the generation of the Star Trek series.

My original goal was to learn whether ETs were somehow manipulating the minds of the writers so that they would come up with ideas for the show. I assumed that the ETs wanted human culture to become more open to the complexities of galactic life, and popular television shows would be one way that ETs could indirectly mold the collective thinking of the broader public regarding such things.


In particular, since Star Trek is watched by so many young people, inserting realistic concepts into the show would be an ideal way to educate the next generation of humans along these lines. At least, these were the ideas that I shared with my monitor during our initial discussions regarding the addition of this new target. As it turns out, he had suspected that this type of ET manipulation of Hollywood products had been occurring for a long time, and he recalled that some members of the military remote viewing team also supported his suspicions.

This chapter presents the results of two remote viewing sessions. The first is a monitored session in which I was assigned a Star Trek related target under Type 4, blind, conditions. The second is a solo session conducted under Type 1 settings. I conducted the second session to obtain answers to some important questions raised by the first session.

Date: 1 July 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored
Target coordinates: 8074/7435

The preliminaries (this time up through the beginning of Stage 4) gave the indication that there were two sites directly involved with the target. The Grey home-world was one of these sites. My monitor had me direct my initial attention toward the other site.

CB: “I am perceiving the colors of black, grey, and tan. The textures are rough, smooth, some polished, and leafy. The temperatures are warm, and cool in some places. I have a slight taste of salt, and smell some dust.”

I sketch a scene with a building-like structure and some foliage before moving into Stage 4 to obtain more detailed data.

“OK. I have trees at this site. There is a forest of some type, not too extensive. There is water here as well, like a river or stream. The flow of the river is quite strong.

“There is a structure on this site as well. I am moving inside the structure now. There are lots of people here. Human beings. They are all wearing modern business suits. Hmmm. I am expanding my awareness now because I have noticed that there are also lots of nonphysical beings in this room as well. Wow, there is lots of subspace activity in this room. I sense that the subspace beings are aware of me, but I am not the focus of their concern. They are really busy at work here with these physical people.

“It seems that the subspace beings are not so concerned about the actual humans in this structure, but about the activities that are being conducted by these physical humans. Somehow, this activity relates to some change, both better and worse, regarding the planet Earth.”
MONITOR: “HOW many subspace beings are there?”

CB: “Many. Maybe ten or more. They are humanoid in appearance. They are all wearing white, luminous robes.”

My monitor has me move to the other site that is indicated in the preliminary procedures for this session. This site, again, is the Grey home-world. I experience a time shift in arriving at this site, indicating that the two sites are interacting simultaneously, but from different points in time. Readers should be reminded that in subspace, all time is simultaneous, and it is straightforward for something in the past or future in one location to interact with the present in another location.

In Stage 6, I begin to explore what connected the Grey home-world with the subspace beings and humans in the structure on Earth.

“The subspace beings in the structure are former human beings. I am seeing that they are closely working with the Greys on an Earth project relating to physical humans.

“From the Grey home-world, I am perceiving that a tremendous amount of subspace energy is being generated in support of this project. There is a lot of white light relating to this. I have no idea what all of this is about.

“Hold on, the subspace beings in the structure, call it a room, are directing their attention to me now. Things are changing. Someone seems to have told them to fill me in on what is going on. They are really busy, and I get the idea that their activity is difficult right now. They do not want to leave what they are doing, but somehow they have been told that I need to be straightened out first, as a high priority.

“OK, this is what is going on. This is a project. They are telling me that Earth is not going to be useful for anyone to evolve on in the near future if the habitat—widely defined—is not fixed. There is a desperate need to coordinate their activities with the Greys in order to shift human awareness of the problems the planet and human society are facing right now.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the concept of human awareness.”

CB: “The most important single ingredient involved in the catalytic transformation of human culture is the physical human awareness of subspace life and existence. I am being told that the physical exists to help the evolution of life in subspace, not the reverse.

“I am shifting now to the energetics on the Grey world. It seems that the machinery necessary to work with this quantity of energy is only available (conveniently to Earth) on the Grey home-world. ET ships are now being used to generate this level of energy.

“A lot of technology is involved in some kind of energy transference from the Grey world to Earth for the use by subspace humans. The energy is actually being transferred along some kind of conduit or channel to the human subspace realm. There is active cooperation between the two groups. The Greys have the capacity to produce the level of energy required to transform the entire planet at once in a short time.

“The energy is being used literally to bathe all of Earth with a subspace glow. In a sense, the planet is being irradiated. Enveloping the planet with intense subspace radiation acts to enhance the intuitions of the physical humans so that they can be more receptive to information coming from their own subspace aspects.

“The idea is that physical humans have a deficiency in being able to recognize their subspace selves, and the energy is being used to amplify the very weak mind-body connections of humans.

“Hold on, I am getting a strange piece of information now. I am perceiving that somehow humans have gotten perverted because of this weakness. This sounds weird, but I am getting some kind of overlay that there was a subspace disturbance of some kind, and the human evolutionary track got off course. I am getting something like the Lucifer Incident or rebellion as an AOL from the signal line.”
MONITOR: “Move back to the humans in the structure.”

CB: “These humans are real power brokers. They have been totally contaminated. They are dwelling in a false reality of self-gratification. They are causing lots of problems for others, it seems. The subspace beings are concerned about these particular beings’ future, but that is very secondary now. They [the physical humans in the structure] can kill themselves if they want, but they must not be allowed to further damage others.

“I have to go back to an idea; it seems important. This entire thing is a residual from something that comes across as the Lucifer Rebellion. Don’t ask me to explain this; it just feels clearly like it. These humans are very similar to Greys before their early civilization decline, when that world fell due to the chaos in the subspace realm.”
MONITOR: “Courtney, cue on the influence of the subspace beings on physical humans in the structure.”

CB: “This is very operational. The emphasis is to obtain behavioral change with regard to a few critical decisions that they are making. The subspace beings are injecting thoughts into the wily, crafty, and nearly evil minds of these physical humans.

“The ideas need only be cemented for a short period of time during this meeting. Selfishness will again triumph for these folks, but at least some helpful and crucial decisions will have been made without these folks knowing why they did it.

“These subspace beings do a variety of tasks. The idea of bathing the planet in subspace light is supportive of their activity as well. The joint project is to positively influence as many people as possible by enhancing the subspace environment while simultaneously preventing some evil humans from making decisions that could enslave, capture, destroy the many.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney. Let’s end the session here. The target was ‘Star Trek/Idea genesis.’ “


Immediately following the session, I made a summary interpretation of these data. I did this at that time because the memory of the session was still fresh in my mind. In these summary and interpretive comments, I noted that the subspace light that originates from the Grey world and bathes Earth acts to make the populace (and thus the audience) more receptive to ideas like those contained in Star Trek.


The power brokers are those who decide which shows to fund. My monitor noted after the session that entertainment decision makers often meet at retreats and resorts to make such decisions. Without the promise of profit, no show will get production support. The power brokers have no reason to support a show like Star Trek unless it performs well and makes a profit.

The session described above must be interpreted strictly in terms of the specific target cue. The cue emphasized the genesis of the idea of the series, which, in retrospect, means the entire series rather than the information contained in one or more episodes. It seems to me that ETs generated the idea of Star Trek to transform humankind in some way. They simultaneously put their ideas in an appealing medium, ensuring its wide transmission, and readied human viewers with a tendency to receive that transmission in a positive way.

Some readers may object to my analysis, claiming that the Star Trek series was not watched by the entire planet, and thus could not have a significant transformative influence on the development of human culture. In my view, it would be incorrect to assume that Star Trek is the only vector of influence the ET or other subspace beings would use to redirect our culture. It is best to think of the results of this session as an analysis of only one of perhaps many vectors through which our culture is swayed.

My session left unclear the matter of whether and exactly how the ETs directly influence the specific content of television shows such as Star Trek on an episode-by-episode basis. I decided to refine the cue and conduct an additional session, solo.


Thus, the cue that I used was “Star Trek: The Next Generation/episodes’ idea genesis.”

Date: 11 September 1994

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Data: Type 1

Target coordinates: 3850/3054

Following the preliminaries of SRV, I began to detect colors like browns and tans. The textures were of wood and cement. The temperature was warm, and I smelled something pungent. My location gave me the impression of being flat and expansive. My Stage 3 sketch resembled a spread out city.

In Stage 4, I perceived a congested city in a desert environment, and I had the strong AOL of Los Angeles, and particularly the Hollywood area. I executed a movement exercise to place me three feet beside the target (however it would be specifically identified by my unconscious), and I found myself in a bedroom near a sleeping human white male. I made a sketch of the person.

Entering the man’s mind, I found that he was dreaming. I detected an implanted object in his brain and began to investigate that more closely. It was necessary for me to give myself some flexibility in time so that I could determine how the object came to be in this person’s brain. Moving backward in time, I was able to determine that the object was placed in the man’s brain by a Grey using a long surgical needle during a UFO abduction.

Returning to the sleeping male, I reentered his mind and observed its dream state. It was forced, in the sense that he was being guided by information coming from the implanted object in his brain. This device monitored and inserted ideas on a regular basis, with a great deal of activity occurring during sleep. The person was unaware of the origin of these ideas, or of the presence of the device in his head.

Upon waking, the person regularly felt excitement with regard to his new ideas. He credited his own creativity for these ideas.

I then executed another movement exercise that placed me a thousand feet from the point of origin for the transmissions that were being made to the man’s mind. I found myself near a bright circular light. At first I thought this light was an ET ship, since it had the clear signal line sense of being an advanced extraterrestrial device.


But upon closer inspection, I found it to be a rather small (relative to an ET ship) mechanical device that did not appear to be visible in the normal physical sense. The device seemed to have a matter density just below that which can be seen by human eyes. It had the ability to move quickly, and it had access to an impressive amount of energy.

Moving my mind into the device, I clearly detected a sense of consciousness. There were no beings in the device, but the device acted as a conduit or portal for the transmission of consciousness (or perhaps just thoughts), a relay mechanism.

Moving into Stage 6, I traced the transmissions from the circular brightly luminous device back to the dreaming mind of the sleeping man. After retracing the path back to the circular luminous device, I then tracked the flow of the transmissions to the ultimate point of origin.

At this stage, I found myself in a structure on a planet. There were beings in the structure, both Greys and other humanoids, some looking quite like Earth humans. While the Greys looked solid, most of these other beings were of the luminous variety, which meant that they were generally subspace beings. The non-Grey humanoids wore white robes, and I got the impression that this was a Federation operation. I was able to determine that this operation was a joint project directly involving many species.

Probing further, I determined that the site itself was formally connected with the Federation authorities. Indeed, the beings involved with this site reported to Federation headquarters directly. I got the distinct impression that I was actually in the Federation headquarters, but in a different room than that to which I had gone in the past.

I then cued on the content of the transmission itself, and I determined that the message contained a tremendous amount of detail. The transmission included plot ideas, characters, pictures of specific scenes, images of planets, ships, and beings.


The content was data that would later find its way into a human-written script of a specific Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. Not that the show was to portray ET beings exactly as they actually exist— it simply was to get people used to a variety of physical forms and cultures.


It is important for me to emphasize that I do not have any idea as to the identity of the Hollywood person whom I remote viewed and who had the implant. I do not know if this person was a screenwriter or someone else associated with the creative process of a particular episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The person could even have been a friend or the spouse of a person more directly involved with plot construction.


All that would be necessary is for this person to be in a position to formally or informally suggest plot and other ideas to people who create the series. Moreover, I do not know to which episode this remote viewing session refers. It could refer to one or a number of episodes. I did not explore these questions further.

ETs are definitely involved in shaping planetary public opinion in a way that will facilitate eventual open human recognition of— and interaction with—extraterrestrial life. I strongly suspect that the Star Trek series is only one of many human ideas or events in which ETs have been involved. They want to help humans gradually stop thinking that we are alone at the center of the universe, and to understand instead that we are but one group in a complex galactic society.

Readers should be aware that I did not discern any attempt at crude mind control associated with this project. Rather, the ETs were listening to the ideas originating from the person’s mind, and, during sleep, feeding him new plot ideas relevant to his job. The person was not forced in a malevolent way to accept these ideas. Instead, he had the free will to accept or reject these ideas but freely chose to accept them because of their interesting audience appeal. Indeed, he was elated to have woken up with such good ideas for a script. He had no idea that the ideas were not really his.

How far this ET project extends into human culture, I do not know. Personally, and on a totally speculative basis, I would not be surprised if others variously involved with television and movie science fiction production have been unwittingly involved in the project, either personally or through their associates. The investigation of this would be a good project for the next generation of scholar remote viewers.

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A Return to Jesus

At this point in my research, the Greys confused me. I could understand that their genetics program could serve a variety of real needs. But all of my remote viewing research efforts pointed to the idea that obtaining a different electrical/chemical/mechanical form was associated with something greater than having a good time. Indeed, when I remote viewed the Grey mind, the issue of their own evolution was tainted with the sense of panic, as if the matter was one of life and death.

I now wanted some straight talk as to what the Greys were up to. I needed interpretive help with some of the results of my most recent sessions. I wanted it from someone who I hoped would give me thoughtful advice.

  • Are the Greys after a better ride on the roller coaster of physical life, or are they seeking something more important?

  • If there is something more important, what is it?

  • Why should humans care?

To prepare for this session, I developed a list of questions that would help me understand the importance of developing cooperative relations between humans and Greys. Basically, I wanted to know why humans should help the Greys. Put crudely, what’s in it for us?

To get answers to these questions, I decided to return to Jesus one more time, and I decided to do the session solo, under Type 1 conditions, since I already had had signal contact with the target. The last time I targeted Jesus, I simply did not have the same questions that I now needed answered. I felt I was at a crucial point in my research. I needed guidance so that I could place what I had learned recently about the Greys into a broader picture.

Readers should be aware that it was necessary for me to formulate my questions in advance of this session. The reason is that it is not possible during an SRV session to engage the conscious mind to the extent that would be required to formulate questions on the spot without compromising the quality of the data. Thus, I began this session in search of answers to a list of questions. But I had no expectations regarding the outcome of the session.


In true SRV fashion, I would accept the data however they arrived, saving analysis for afterward.

Date: 11 July 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 1
Target coordinates: 8863/8473

This time the preliminaries indicated that my approach to Jesus was in a setting in the distant past. By Stage 4, I found him as a luminous being, but he seemed surrounded by physical humans. As it turned out, he was either conducting or observing a meeting at the time. He left the meeting, temporarily moved, away from the humans, and stared straight at my subspace face. I got the clear sense that he was aware of and, ready for my questions, and, he wanted me to proceed.

I began by asking Jesus again if he wanted us [humans] to work with the Greys regarding their genetics project. His response was nearly a command. He categorically stated that we must work with them. They are God’s children, no less valuable than those we call human.

I asked him if the Grey project had something to do with a greater evolutionary goal, like merging with God in some way. He responded in the affirmative. He then told me that their program is to enable their physical mind circuits to recapture the flexibility required for individualized personality development. That development is what is needed for God consciousness. But he wanted me not to misinterpret him. In their own way, they are already close to both God and himself. They are loved.

Sensing more behind his response, I asked if the attainment of a fully developed individualized personality is a requirement of Grey evolution toward God. To this he replied both yes and no. God loves them, and will care for them. They made a choice to evolve toward God. God will not let them perish. But they have chosen the route of individualized personalities. They have been impressed with the lives of individuals with whom they have interacted, and they desire this road toward completion.

It was then necessary for me to understand what exactly is meant by merging with God. I asked him what it felt like to merge with God. He told me that there is no instantaneous change in personality. The primary difference is that a person‘s degree of perception is expanded.

I asked if fusion with God is the same as achieving God consciousness, or an experiential awareness of God as a sentient life force in all things. He then said that God consciousness is one and the same, however it is achieved. One, is either with God in perception or one is not. One cannot perceive God without being fused with God.

I asked him if meditation can lead to this fusion with God. He replied that this is the goal, but that meditation is not the only, or even the primary, way that this is done. Normally, the route takes many life experiences and a great deal of time. Meditation is valuable only in the sense that it can shorten the process. This is true of humans as well as nonhumans.

Returning to the subject of the Greys, I asked if they had merged fully with God. He said not yet. They lack a sufficient degree of developed personality in order to fully share the God experience. They must proceed out of their situation in order to fully merge with God.

I then told Jesus that I did not understand the idea behind Christianity. Did non-Christians need to call on Jesus in order to evolve fully? Jesus’ response to this question contained a sense of exasperation, and this is the only time I have ever experienced him so upset.


Quite forcefully, he stated that a name is nothing. Everything depends on personality development, and this includes the development of a deep ability to both perceive and love beyond the self. In this respect, the Sidhis are valuable, but they are not Christian in origin. Understanding and loving God is important. This is what carries one through evolution.

(At this point in the narrative, I feel it is important to insert that Jesus did not tell me exactly how one goes about loving God, or even who or what God is. But I got the clear impression from Jesus that creating a mood about how wonderful God is had nothing at all to do with what he was talking about. Unfortunately, I did not think of asking him about these things before the session began, and thus I was not capable of thinking of these questions during the session due to the structural limitations of SRV.)

I then asked if God wanted to merge with the Greys, and Jesus stated that it was the Greys who desired to merge with God. It was their greatest act of free will. God offers the possibility of union, but the Greys freely chose to do this. He then emphatically stated that the destiny of the Greys is clear: they will merge with God.6

6. My use of words such as “fusión” and “merge” with respect to God is not strictly accurate, and their use is really a function of limitations in language more than anything else. When I refer to these things, I am really referring to an ability of beings to perceive and productively interact with all levels of life, even those beyond the realm of physical and subspace existence.

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Not AII Greys Are Equal

The following session was unplanned, in the sense that the target was not on the list of targets for this research. My monitor gave me this target under Type 4, monitored and blind, conditions because his own intuitions suggested that we needed to know more about the abduction experience. Interestingly, after it became clear that we could now remote view UFO abductions, the interest in this type of target greatly diminished for both of us.


It is probably due to this that my monitor felt the need to return to the purpose behind UFO abductions before we totally redirected our attention elsewhere. My own unconscious approached this target from an angle that revealed to us a new aspect of the community of Greys that we previously knew nothing about. Thus, this session did more than incrementally add to our understanding of the abduction phenomenon.


It helped us to more completely comprehend some of the complexities of Grey society, and it helped us to discern why there seems to be such a wide range of experiences associated with abductions.

Date: 13 July 1994

Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 7646/1231

The preliminaries of the session clearly indicated that I was on a planet that held a large saltwater ocean. My initial location was on the surface of the water. No land was in sight. Following the session‘s preliminary procedures, I detected beings working under the surface of the water. There, I encountered an underwater structure.

CB: “This is some type of hollow structure down here. It is metallic, and it appears to be a chamber of some sort. There are pipes in the structure, and a floor for walking on. This place gives me the creeps. It is really weird. I better put that down as an aesthetic impression [AI]. The entire thing is like a submarine. In fact, this is a pretty strong AOL from the signal line.

“Getting more detail on the structure. . . . The surfaces inside are predominantly metal, but there is some leathery material as well.

“There are four beings inside the structure. They look human. I am inspecting their clothes now. The clothes are of the human work variety, sleeveless T-shirts, normal slacks, and so on. They are definitely hard at work; they are sweating.”
MONITOR: “Cue on their work activity. What are they doing?”

CB: “Hold on... Fish. Something to do with fish. These are all male workers. They actually have no real understanding of what they are doing or what they are involved in. This is very complicated. They are doing things robotically. They are even unaware of their total environment.”

The monitor has me move to Stage 6, where I explore a timeline that contains the individuals in the underwater structure. Earlier on the line, I find the individuals with normal mind states. I then go further back in time to locate them before they were born in physical bodies. I then enter the minds of the individuals in the structure to obtain a clearer idea of their mental condition.

“The fish are around the outside of the structure and are the focus of attention with regard to the humans. But there is a false relationship involved with this scene. The humans think they are after fish. But the real purpose of their activities is entirely different. There is no direct relationship at all between the actual fish and the humans.

“These humans may be captive, at least temporarily. It is like their physical bodies are under mental anesthesia, in a sense that their own thoughts are not controlling their bodies. They are not fully in control of themselves or their surroundings.

“Their minds seem to be on hold, as if working in a trance. They are working quite frantically, but they are not aware of this in the normal sense of human awareness. I am not getting a good feeling about how these folks are being used, and perhaps abused. It is almost slave-like, but not totally. Perhaps guinea pigs would be a better analogy.

“OK. I am expanding my view now. I am picking up on an ET presence. There is a very large ET ship involved with these humans. The ETs are Greys. The ship is very modern with a lot of technological gizmos. Actually, the technology is a bit odd, in the sense that I think it is not so advanced that humans would have difficulty understanding the hardware. I have not always gotten this sense from Grey ships. Anyway, the control of the sailors is from this ship.”
MONITOR: “Courtney, cue on the first Grey-human contact for these people.”

CB: “Doing that now. . . . There was an abduction experience for at least one of these individuals when he was very young. It could be the same with the others, but I am focusing only on one now.

“It seems that the Greys were involved with this individual in the prenatal stage. Following the signal, I found the human mother. I am now in what appears to be an Earth scene near a coast. The Greys put the fetus in the womb. Hmmm. These are relatively primitive Greys. They implanted the fetus physically in the womb. They did not use any high-tech means of insertion. It was a rather crude gynecological procedure, like the type humans could do in the not too distant future.

These Greys seem less evolved. They tend also to blunder with human interactions, hurting humans without wanting to specifically. They just do not understand. They lack human compassion in a way.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the concept of DNA.”

CB: “Hmmm. It seems like the genetic makeup of these individuals in the submarine is what is being experimented with. Nearly all of their DNA is human, but there is a fraction that is not human, perhaps Grey, in origin.

“Hold on. These particular Greys are now becoming aware of my activities. It is odd how long it took them to notice me.

“Continuing with the Greys... These Greys are working with small changes in the genetic makeup of humans. The changes are not necessarily Grey of origin. The genes can come from elsewhere as well. But the changes are really small and select. This is the same genetics program that we have been witnessing all along, but it is being conducted at a more primitive level, perhaps their early attempts.”
MONITOR: “Are you saying that there are different groups of Greys?”

CB: “They are not really like factions, but they are different. This group is the most primitive that I have found working with humans. They are using humans as guinea pigs to see what happens with these minor genetic changes. The changes are directly oriented around mind control and/or telepathic communication.”
MONITOR: “Why are they doing this?”

CB: “TO modify the human genotype such as to eventually, in the long run, help themselves produce a new Grey vehicle. Actually, the word vehicle makes more sense than the word body. It is as if the Greys are primarily interested in the enhancement or development of group consciousness [Grey style] with human genes, sort of like setting up a huge human telepathic party line. This seems to be their first priority.”
MONITOR: “OK, let’s end the session. The target is ‘Greyshumans/natal/prenatal connection.’ “

CB: “Huh? Where did that target come from?”
MONITOR: “It was one of my surprises to keep you on your toes.”


Two fascinating elements of the abduction phenomenon have been suggested by the data in this session. The first is that some abductions are not as benign as others. I do not have any data that suggests malice on the part of the Greys. It is easy to confuse incompetence with malice; abductees may feel that their interactions with the Greys are simply bad, and to them, the distinction is irrelevant.


It does seem that incompetence on the part of some Greys is the cause of the uncomfortable relationship some of them have with humans. They do not seek to do harm; it is just that at least some Greys do not know how to interact with emotionally complex beings such as humans. They probably do not see their activities in the negative light that we associate with captured guinea pigs used for experimentation.


Indeed, given my perception of the relative lack of emotional flexibility on the part of the Greys involved with this session, it is entirely possible that they treat humans in a way comparable to the way they treat themselves. You will recall that the idea of individual self-determination does not seem to click with them.

The second fascinating element of the data in this session is that there are apparently different categories of Greys who interact with humans.


Perhaps we might call these categories,

  1. primitive

  2. advanced

  3. super-evolved

(As of the date of this session, I had not yet observed any of the super-evolved Greys. I do so in a latter session, however.)


The Greys in this session seem to be of the primitive variety, but this type should not be confused with the very early Greys who existed on their original home-world just before the collapse of their planetary civilization. Those very early, planet-bound Greys did not interact with humans at all, to my knowledge.

Do all three primary types of Greys interact with one another? How do they organize themselves? When dealing with beings who can send their spaceships through time with technological ease, it becomes mind-boggling to try to figure out how the same species interacts with itself when both the current, past, and future beings are in one place. I can only guess that technologically advanced ETs are used to such things and eventually establish working protocols of interaction.

I ended this session with a deep realization of how much we humans still have to learn about the complexities of galactic life. It is not just that we need to learn about other societies that are spread throughout the galaxy. We also need to understand how species and cultures interact across time.


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Adam and Eve

In an earlier chapter, I report on a monitored session in which the Midwayers were the target. During the years of military remote viewing, the idea of targeting the Midwayers was a bit of a lark. Someone was reading The Urantia Book, a book of supposed revelations regarding the organization of subspace life, and decided to conduct a test.


In The Urantia Book, the Midwayers are a group of subspace beings who live and work on this planet. No one in the military knew whether to take this idea seriously. But quite to everyone’s surprise, repeated attempts under Type 4 data conditions revealed the same information.


These subspace beings really do exist.


In fact, the discovery of such kinds of beings led to a number of credibility problems among the higher-up military staff. It was hard enough to convince the likes of generals and admirals that trained remote viewers could observe missiles in a silo, let alone that there were a group of invisible yet friendly folks who like helping people in their own evolution.

It is important for me to state that I am not endorsing The Urantia Book in any way. I do not know how much of it may be true. My own investigations into the matter suggest that much, but not all, of it is accurate. It seems to contain false and manipulative information interlaced with truthful information, and it is not an easy task to separate the two without extensive remote viewing probes. For example, the book seems to go to great lengths to deny the possibility of past lives in a way that remote viewing data (not presented here) finds clearly fraudulent.

Nonetheless, because The Urantia Book’s discussion of Adam and Eve has a distinct ET flavor, I decided to have my monitor add this famous pair to the target list. If the book was correct in what it said about Adam and Eve, then it would explain a great deal about long-term ET intervention in the evolutionary affairs of life on this planet, and the targeting would thereby be more than worth the effort.


It was a risky long shot, in the sense that we only had time for a limited number of monitored sessions, and a wasted session on a fraudulent story would be dearly felt. But as it turned out, the story of Adam and Eve in The Urantia Book is basically accurate. I report here on two sessions in which the target was Adam and Eve. One session was conducted under Type 4 data settings, whereas the other was conducted under Type 1 conditions. The second session under Type 1 settings was conducted to answer a few questions raised by the earlier data.

Some readers may wonder why the religious figures of Adam and Eve would be a target of investigation in a book about extraterrestrial civilizations. The basic reason for my interest in this target rests with a hypothesis that many of our human myths may have some basis in history.


It is not that the myths have a close parallel to the actual course of events. Rather, the myths can potentially contain meaning about people and events that early civilizations little understood. The investigation of these myths using remote viewing can sometimes unravel delicate connections between the actual past and the stories about this past that have been passed down through the ages.


The Urantia Book reveals just such an occurrence with regard to Adam and Eve. It was my desire to find such a myth-reality parallel, perhaps helping to explain some of the questions that have been raised in much of the scholarly literature regarding sudden changes in the evolutionary path of humankind.

I am not assuming, nor is it important, that readers have any familiarity with the discussion of Adam and Eve that is found in The Urantia Book. I mention the book only to identify the source of my original query.

Date: 14 July 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored
Target coordinates: 5328/6080

The preliminaries up through the sketch in Stage 3 indicated that the initial approach to the target revealed a forested area near a mountain. A fast-moving structure was above the mountain.

CB: “I am perceiving some structure that has associated with it explosive energetics. It is fast and circular. It is moving on a curved and somewhat erratic trajectory from high to low, moving to something that looks like a partly forested mountain. I am perceiving a fir tree. Also, I am getting the AOL from the signal line that this place may be near Santa Fe Baldy in New México.

“The object itself is an artificial structure. It is hard, and highly refined. There are windows or view ports. I am now perceiving beings in the structure, pilots.

“These beings are not Greys. Hold on. They are not Martians either. They are humanlike, but they are not current humans.”
MONITOR: “Cue on their gender.”

CB: “They are both male and female. They are wearing uniforms. I am going to put this down as an AOL of the signal line that they are advanced human beings. They appear to be humans from the future.”
MONITOR: “Cue on their purpose.”

CB: “These folks are here for observational purposes. They make absolutely no human interventions or contacts. They report directly back to the Federation. Also, they are not aware that I am remote viewing them.”
MONITOR: “What else do you see regarding the ship?”

CB: “The ship is mostly filled with flying apparatus. The only medical equipment here is for their own use in the event of an emergency.”
MONITOR: “Return to the occupants. Get information regarding who they are and how they live.”

CB: “These humans are advanced, but not much more advanced than current humans. Probing. They apparently are vegetarians. They have filled up their ship with food at their base. Food comes from organic vegetative sources in space and planet based gardens and from warehouses on planets. To get food from Earth is problematic. The problems are disease, and the possibility of disrupting human activity.”

The monitor has me move to Stage 6, where I locate the target time on a timeline. The current time of the session is very near this target time. I begin to probe the concept of time with regard to these beings.

“They do not have that much flexibility to move ships back and forth in time. They are not like the Greys in how they can fluently move in time. But these folks in the ship do make regular observational visits to Earth. But again, in comparison with the Greys, it is not constant like the Grey activity.”
MONITOR: “Lócate their first visit on the timeline.”

CB: “Hold on. Wow! That is an AI! I am getting the strong AOL of the signal line of Adam and Eve. These beings have been dropping in and observing for a long time.

“It seems that these folks formerly operated actively on Earth with a genetics program. These are scientists and technicians. They are now observing to see how work proceeds, but they are not allowed to intervene. They have been caught up in an Earth project for a long while.”
MONITOR: “Cue on their initial Earth contact.”

CB: “Initially, these folks were very naive, fresh out of training. They had some experience, but not a tremendous amount. Actually, their previous human bodies do not differ much from those that they have in current time. There seems to have been very little evolution for them. I am really picking up the idea that they are scientific managers or technicians of some type.

“Also, my mind is focusing on a particular couple. I am getting the overwhelming AOL of the signal line of Adam and Eve. I do not know if I can continue the session much longer through this AOL given its strength.”
MONITOR: “It’s OK. We can end the session. That is the target, ‘Adam and Eve.’ “

A few months later, I still felt that I needed more information regarding the original Earth activities of Adam and Eve. Bluntly, who were they and what were they doing?


Thus, I conducted a solo session under Type 1 conditions in which the target cue was “Adam and Eve/original Earth activities.”

Date: 16 September 1994

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Data: Type 1

Target coordinates: 6957/4096

The preliminaries indicated that the target involved a considerable movement through time, solid land, and some manmade structures. The temperature was quite warm. The smell was both human and organic. I heard the sound of voices.

Following the preliminaries, I noticed that the climate was pleasant and basically dry. The environment seemed Middle Eastern, Mediterranean. I noticed two types of people, light and dark-skinned.

Soon afterward, I got the sense that there was a power source of tremendous energy near the target site. I had the AOL of the signal line of a nuclear reactor of some type.

Together with the idea of concentrated energy, I had the sense that some of the beings near this site may not be happy. I received the AOL of the signal line of a slave camp, and the sense of repression. I did not pursue this, nor did this AOL return during the remainder of the session.

Around the site were small-scale machinery, stones, and buildings. Most of the inhabitants seemed to be living a calm life. There was no sense of crisis. Things were peaceful, but there was an underlying tension in the air.
I cued on the idea of tension and located a luminous nonphysical being related to the site. The being seemed like a military leader of some sort. There were other subspace beings near and around this being.

Associated with this leader was the idea that a division had recently broken out. I had the AOL of the signal line of a war. There had been a heated argument and many people took sides.

This planet was out in the boondocks, far from civilization as these beings knew it. One side felt that they should look out for themselves and disregard the distant authority. Two camps formed. The minority camp was loyal to the distant authorities, and they exhibited a significant degree of bravery in their interactions with the other side of the dispute. There was a long standoff as the two sides separated their contacts with one another.

I then executed a movement exercise that placed me three feet from the specific target. I found myself on what appeared to be a beach near the sea. A male and female were present. Farther away, there were a number of other advanced and seemingly pleasant beings.

I moved my mind into the deep mind of the male. He felt isolated in some sense. He was alone, and in love, but not in a puppy love sense. He was mature. Shifting to the deep mind of the female, I perceived that she was a manager of some sort. She was a very advanced worker, and she was also very devoted to her husband. However, there was a strong feeling that she needed to push her husband to enhance his career, in the sense that she felt he was not advancing fast enough.

I then cued on the situational problem at the site. There was a subspace disturbance. There were beings at the site who were rather desperate and who needed to disrupt the smoothness of the operation. When I probed the idea of leadership, I got the sense of military structure, and the AOL of the signal line of the Lucifer Rebellion. I did not pursue this idea. But I did get the sense that this place is generally distant from the center of authority, and that this rebellion was primarily opportunistic.

Shifting my focus to the work of the male and female at the beach, I discerned that they both taught and organized. Following the signal, I found that they worked with the local humanoid types. They taught subjects related to reproductive behavior and mating preferences. They also taught skills, mainly to generate interest in reproduction-related lessons. Their intention as teachers was good, in the sense that there was no malice. But the purpose had an unsettling sense of selective breeding that had both passive and active components.

I cued on the purpose of their activities, and I discerned that they wanted to engineer a new and unique race. They could not simply put their own genes into the pool. Rather, they planned to speed up nature without forcing an over control of evolution, to get the end result of many generations of natural mutations and sorting and weeding in one fell swoop.

The problem was that the program went astray. The project was not well planned from the start. It was a shoestring effort with little or no supervision. Too much reliance was placed on individual loyalty and common sense. These folks were placed out in the boondocks, and they got intellectually disoriented.

Cuing on the program goal, I received the clear sense that these beings were playing God. They were in a rush to change things along lines that they approved. But in their deep minds there was also fear.

They feared that God, left alone, might come up with an evolutionary being greater than themselves. There was an element of pomposity in their project design. Somehow, the tension that erupted out of the project was due to a flaw in the original plan of the society that originated it. The motivation behind the idea of rushing evolution was a mistake. This caused a crisis in the collective consciousness of these beings, such that the stress to rush and produce advanced sentient beings became addictive to some elements of their population.


These other elements became sick and perverted, missing the original purpose behind evolution as a process leading to something greater than themselves. In one sense, the sick elements of the society saw themselves as good, and wanted to convince both themselves and others of their worth by pushing the evolution of the other races in their direction. They saw themselves as evolutionary end products.

Adam and Eve apparently sided with the minority of their comrades who were loyal to the more distant authority. The rebellion was short-lived.


Adam and Eve were project managers in a genetic-uplift program for humans on Earth. They were not naked simpletons who ran around in the woods. The myths that surround these two beings have undoubtedly been inspired by the intuitions of seers who had some natural remote viewing abilities, but who could not place the activities of this couple within their own intellectual confines.


Thus, the couple became known as the beginners of the human race. In a sense, I suppose this is partially true, since they were involved in a project to manipulate the human gene pool.

Adam and Eve are still alive today, in both a physical and subspace sense. They do not, supposedly because of Federation rules, interfere with the activities of the Greys. But they have a keen interest in the outcome of the current genetic trajectory of Earth humans. Obviously their bodies are not likely to be the same as those of long ago. It is interesting, however, that I did not detect a significant evolutionary advance in their physical forms. I got the distinct sense that something was not right with this couple, although I am not sure they would agree with this.

Nonetheless, one thing is certain. The genetic manipulation of the human species is not a new idea. It has been going on for a long time. Moreover, this may be one of the primary reasons behind the phenomenon that some evolutionary biologists call punctuated evolution, in which an evolutionary trajectory takes on a new direction relatively suddenly.


Much more research (using both remote viewing and traditional scientific methods) needs to be done to verify this tentative hypothesis.


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