Subspace Helpers

Same day, 1:30 P.M.


My trainer and I just got back from lunch. We went to this incredibly good and inexpensive health-food-vegetarian-no-MSG Chinese restaurant. The exotic lunch was actually useful in terms of breaking my mind away from the intensity of the morning’s session with the Martians.


I was beginning to realize that the ET situation was much more complex than I had previously thought. It was no longer a simple situation of ETs flying around Earth. There was real purpose behind their activities, and I knew that at least some of the Martians were in considerable difficulty, and may have been for quite some time.

We wondered how to help the Martians. They had long lived underground, hidden from the harsh conditions of their home-world's environment and from human hostility on Earth. The Martians did not have the resources to better their situation, but neither of us could tell exactly what they needed—just that they needed help soon.

This chapter presents an SRV session in which my trainer chose the target and I was blind.

Date: 2 September 1993

Place: Training office
Data: Type 4
Target coordinates: 8976/6643

The preliminaries indicated that the target was associated with complex manmade structures.

CB: “OK. I am getting lots of colors. Blues, reds, primary colors mostly, blacks, greens. The textures are paint like. Smooth, polished, shiny. I hear air passing. It is warm here, comfortable. Hmmm. This place feels advanced. It feels like I am new to this place, and I am feeling a bit awkward, like I both shouldn’t and should be here at the same time.”
MONITOR: “GO to your Stage Three sketch.”

CB: “All right, let’s see. I have something black and rectangular. Movement on top. Lots of rectangular objects, large. Heck, this feels like a city.”
MONITOR: “Put ‘city’ down as an AOL for now. Move on to Stage Four.”

CB: “I have multiple structures here. Buildings are all over the place. I am picking up a sense of purpose here, like there is a goal that needs to be reached. I am also getting a sense of excitement from something or somebody. And . . . this is weird.”
MONITOR: “Don’t analyze. Just go through the matrix. Write down your data.”

CB: “But it is just that I am picking up that this target has a purpose for me. I never felt that before. I am getting the sense of somebody here, nonphysical.”
MONITOR: “OK, let’s take a short break for now. Put down the time.”

Five minutes later

CB: “Well, I am back at the buildings now. There are other beings here. I am detecting a sense of purpose among them.”
MONITOR: “Where do you sense you should be?”

CB: “I feel like I am supposed to go after the buildings first.”
MONITOR: “OK, start with the buildings. Continue through the matrix.”

CB: “I am at the buildings. I sense that this place has something to do with a purpose of rescue, like it is a workplace where that type of work goes on. I think I am supposed to go into the buildings.”
MONITOR: “Move inside then. Keep going through the matrix. Write down everything.”

CB: “Wow! There really are beings here. These are not human beings. You can see right through them. What is this place?”
MONITOR: “Stay in the matrix. Do not analyze. Move quickly through the columns of data. Keep going.”

CB: “Well, I am in this room. There are walls, and there is light coming from the walls. There is white light. I now sense that I may have been here before, but I do not know when.

“Uhoh. I am being given a welcome. These beings know that I am here. They are looking right at me. I am getting very nervous about this.”
MONITOR: “Stay in structure. Continue through the matrix.”

CB: “There are doorways. These beings live here. They do work here. There is a table in the room.”
MONITOR: “What about outside of the building? What do you see?”

CB: “This is a city. There are streets, lots of streets. It is noisy outside.”
MONITOR: “GO back into the room. What' work are the beings engaged in?”

CB: “These beings are radiating a sense of excitement, perhaps due to my arrival. It is like they were expecting me to come. One of them eagerly wants to tell me the answer to the question. It seems that they work with people. My gosh, I am being told that they work with souls. These are very advanced beings. There is a lot of excitement around here. I guess having remote viewers drop in on them like this is not an everyday event.”
MONITOR: “Keep in structure. What is their work?”

CB: “There is a lot of light around here. They do not work with physical tools. I am being told that their purpose is to go forward, to move on, in the sense of evolution.”
MONITOR: “OK. Let’s take a break for a while. Stand up and stretch. We can walk outside a bit.”

Twenty minutes later

MONITOR: “Find out more about the projects of these beings.”

CB: “Well, it seems that they have been called angels in the past, but they are not angels. I am being directed toward a hallway and other rooms. There are other beings here. But there are also human etheric or subspace bodies here as well.”
MONITOR: “Find out what they are doing with regard to the future.”

CB: “It seems like they are here out of necessity. Hmmm. I am being told that different races or species are going to be involved. A bad time is coming. There will be a period of great struggle. During this time, technology will grow slowly. People will go back to basics in living, but not primitive.”
MONITOR: “Ask about the Martians.”

CB: “I am being told that humans will meet with the Martians near their [the Martians’] home—near the New México caverns. The Martians have great fear. We [humans] must help bring them out of the caverns.

“These beings are telling me that we have to be both assertive and passive in getting the Martians out. We need to be very clever. This is not a simple task. The Martians do not want to come out. They fear the aggression of humans. Apparently, we are not so civilized from the Martian perspective. Yet we need to talk to them, negotiate.

“OK, I am being told something very directly. The Martians will need formal talks.”
MONITOR: “Where will the talks be?”

CB: “In a house, a human house. Humans will be able to enter the caverns only when the Martians are ready to leave, not before. I am being told that we need to make assertive contact ourselves. We have to go after them. We must not stop trying. However, we need to proceed one step at a time. I am being explicitly told that we will not be hurt by the Martians. We are to go to them, not to expect them to come to us.”
MONITOR: “HOW are we to proceed?”

CB: “We are to begin by training more people. It seems like training is a big thing. Remote viewing is a part of it, but there is more.”
MONITOR: “That is enough for now. Say ‘thank you’ on your way out. Let’s end the session. You can take a look at the target now.”

He slides a large manila envelope over to my side of the table. I open it and pull out a piece of paper. “The Midwayers, “ it reads.

CB: “Who the hell are the Midwayers?”
MONITOR: “It’s a long story. Why don’t we begin with some background? ...”


Over dinner, my trainer filled me in on the background of his interaction with the Midwayers. In the early years of the military’s remote viewing investigations, some members of the remote viewing team wanted to investigate certain nonphysical targets, one of which originated from The Urantia Book, a book of spiritually oriented revelations. The team targeted a group of subspace beings called the “Midwayers.”


According to The Urantia Book, these beings never assume physical form, although their density is close to human physical density and their bodies are just out of range of our physical abilities to perceive them. These Midwayers are assigned to Earth to assist humans in matters dealing with human spiritual evolution.

The discovery that the Midwayers actually exist was a shock that reverberated through the consciousnesses of the military’s SRV team for quite a few years. On one hand, the information of their existence was incredibly important—for all sorts of reasons. But on the other hand, it was never clear how one could explain all of this to the generals who were more concerned about warhead counts in missile silos.

The Midwayers are themselves not extraterrestrials, since they apparently are rather permanently based here on Earth. Yet they are not human, nor do they assume human form in a physical sense. They are subspace beings who live and work in a human environment.

The Midwayers work here, but their command structure does not originate on this planet. Apparently, they are one of a number of subspace groups that are assigned a variety of tasks. The Midwayers work together as a unit, in the way that a military team works together. But they are not militaristic.


They work with the subspace aspects of humans to promote human evolutionary potential. In a very real sense, they seem to be “good deed doers,” and I do not yet understand in any depth their motivation for helping us. They seem to be working for some goal that is important to themselves and others, including humans.

My trainer introduced me to them in part to give me experience working with telepathically capable subspace beings. He did not know where they would take me, nor did he know what type of information they would give me.

It was quite some time before we could figure out just how we could help encourage the Martians to come out of their caverns. The big trick seemed to be to get them to begin formal talks with humans. The Midwayers left the clear impression that we should be assertive with the Martians, without threatening, and this seemed like a potential contradiction.


A number of weeks after my initial training in SRV, it came to me that one way to help initiate a desire among the Martians to begin working directly with humans would be for there to be widespread knowledge of their activities, including the geographical location of their homes in their caverns, in which they live to avoid being discovered by humans.


If humans were to find out about them, I reasoned, and if humans were capable of repeatedly locating them and following their movements and activities, they would no longer have reason to hide. Indeed, under such circumstances, the only reasonable choice of action would be to open up negotiations with humans.

But there are two sides to this situation. It is one thing to get the Martians to want to deal with humans. It is quite another thing to get the humans to want to interact with Martians, and both my trainer and I feared that the latter problem was going to be the more difficult one to solve. We sensed that we needed help with the human side of the equation. Yet we both felt deeply on an intuitive level that neither one of us would have gotten this far if there was not some hope of a solution.


In a sense, we felt that there was someone else watching what we did, and that somehow the resources would be made available to us when the time was right. For now, we could only proceed, and to move forward at this time simply meant to collect more data and to proceed with my evolving plan to write a book on the subject.


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Shot from the Sky

On 21 August 1993, a NASA space probe was approaching Mars when suddenly all contact was lost between the probe and ground controllers (New York Times, 24 August 1993, p. Al). The probe, Mars Observer, was scheduled to take detailed photographs of much or nearly all of the Martian surface, including areas in which previous satellite photographs showed surface anomalies, which arguably represented pyramid structures and face-like geological carvings.


Following the unexpected silence from a previously flawlessly working satellite, technicians and scientists at NASA were at a loss to explain the situation.

In the days immediately following the event, the New York Times reported that some folks at NASA were openly wondering why Mars seemed to be jinxed. Among other mysterious occurrences relating to Mars, a Soviet probe died under similar circumstances as it approached one of the moons of Mars not long before this. Some people in the agency actually wondered aloud—only half jokingly—if there could be an extraterrestrial cause for the series of curious technological failures involving that planet.


After months of investigation, the agency announced that the probe probably blew up because of some internal fueling problem. But the investigators were not sure about this diagnosis, and there were no data to support this claim. It was a hunch, but it was the best they could do at the time.

This chapter explains what actually happened to the Mars Observer. Readers should be reminded that no prior information was given to me regarding the nature of the target either before or during the session. Moreover, the data were collected in a remotely monitored session. That is, the session was monitored from my monitor’s home while I sat in my office at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.


Such monitoring is both verbal and visual. Speakerphones are used on both sides to keep the monitor and viewer in constant contact. Moreover, intermediate results (including sketches and raw data) are faxed to the monitor during the session, as are final results following the completion of the session.


As with all Type 4 data, the viewer is given target information only after the session is completed.

Date: 7 February 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored
Target coordinates: 6421/9054

My Stage 1 data indicated that I was dealing with a hard, manmade structure together with the sense of movement.

CB: “I am getting a lot of movement here. Something is going very fast, highly energetic. Hmmm. I am getting two objects, together, or at least very close. One is small, hard, solid. It is moving very fast. The other is a larger, more complicated, irregularly shaped object.

“This is weird. There doesn’t seem to be any ground underneath either object. I do not know why I cannot see the ground. They are just there.”
MONITOR: “Move on to Stage Six, matrix and sketch. For your sketch, place an X on the paper to represent the location of the objects. Trace the movements of the objects.”

CB: “Well, the smaller object came from off to the side. I am following it back now to its point of origin. Uhoh.”
MONITOR: “What do you have? Stay in structure. Go to the matrix.”

CB: “It’s a ship. The small thing leads back to an ET-type ship. It was apparently shot like a projectile out of the ship and it hit the other, larger object, the one that was irregularly shaped. Why would they do something like that?”
MONITOR: “Don’t analyze. Just collect the data. What do you see?”

CB: “Well, I am going inside the ship now. Hmmm. There are beings in here. They are bald, all of them, it seems. They have eyes. I am sketching the face of one now.

“The entire ship seems like a large metal structure. I am in a room. There are things in this room, lots of things, technical things. Chairs, tables, a few beings, computer terminals, things like that.”
MONITOR: “OK, let’s take a break for now. Write down the time, fax me the results so far, and call me back. See you.”

CB: “Right. Give me a few minutes.”


MONITOR: “Courtney, go back to your Stage Six sketch. I want you to trace the movement of the ship back to its origin.”

CB: “OK. Doing that now. . . . OK. I have the starting point. It is a hole in the ground, a cavern. The metal vehicle is in a cavern. Beings are getting off and on the vehicle.”
MONITOR: “GO to the surface. What do you see?”

CB: “I am going up now. There are reds, sandy textures, rough terrain. This seems like Mars.”
MONITOR: “That’s analysis. Put that down as an AOL for now. Go through the matrix. Data only. Go back into the cavern.”

CB: “Well, there are beings in this cavern, lots of them. They are Grey types. They are working.”
MONITOR: “Courtney, I want you to pick one of the beings and go into its mind. What do you get?”

CB: “OK. I have one. Wow!”
MONITOR: “Put that down as an aesthetic impact—AI. Go on. Find out something about them. Find out if they sleep.”

CB: “Gosh. I am getting this clearly now. The Grey knows that I am here. It does not seem to mind my probes. Very natural feeling. It may not sleep like we sleep. Something else happens. Its comparable process is when its consciousness goes very deeply back. I am not exactly sure what this means. Should I follow the consciousness back?”
MONITOR: “GO ahead. Keep in the matrix.”

CB: “WOOO. It is deeply, deeply black. It is a void—emptiness, space. It is not bad, but I do not know what to do here. What should I do next?”
MONITOR: “Follow the being through time to its point of birth. Where did it come from?”

CB: “I have it now. The infant is in a tube, like a clear canister. I am at the new location now. I do not know where this is, but it looks like a laboratory.”
MONITOR: “GO outside. What do you see?”

CB: “This is an airless world. I see stars, craters, rocks. I’d better AOL this impression—it is like the Moon. The light is incredibly bright here. Lots of stars—so bright! Boy, are things clear here. Looking around. There is a planet in the sky. Hey, I am sorry, but that thing looks like Earth. I can even see the clouds and water. The thing is blue. OK, let me AOL that as Earth.”
MONITOR: “GO back to the infant in the tube. What is in the tube?”

CB: "Just the infant, like a big fetus, and a thick liquid. The liquid is green.”
MONITOR: “Taste the liquid. What does it taste like?”

CB: “Yuck. It tastes terrible, like oil.”
MONITOR: “OK. Return forward in time to the being in the cavern where the ship was. Find out more about the working environment and the being’s personality.”

CB: “This Grey—let me call it a Grey since that is what it looks like—is not happy by our standards. It is working.

“I’m moving into its mind now. It seems emotionless. I even get the sense it has been psychologically raped. This is not good.

“It seems to know little else. I do not have a good feeling about this being. Something is not right here.”
MONITOR: “Sketch the being.”

CB: “Got it. The skin is white and leathery. The being actually seems quite strong despite its thin appearance. But somehow I feel sorry for the being. It is not a good situation for it. I am just feeling bad.”
MONITOR: “OK. We have to end the session now. You are starting to empathize with the being, which can begin to taint the data. But this has been very good up to now. Put down the ending time.”

CB: “Well, this session sure is a mystery to me. I can’t imagine what the target could have been. What was it?”
MONITOR: “It was 'Mars Observer/loss event 1993.’ “

CB: “You’re not joking?”
MONITOR: “Nope. It was the Observer.”

CB: “SO that was the irregularly shaped object! It was hit by a big bullet? Why the heck would they do that?”
MONITOR: “That’s a good question, but we have to believe the data; this session was pristine. Apparently they did not want that satellite around taking detailed photos of. . . whatever. It may seem strange to use a cannon type device to take it out, given this day and age of lasers, et cetera. But remember that the Soviet probe also died of mysterious causes, and the last telemetry information from that probe was a visual image of an approaching object or energy source combined with a shipboard energy surge. My guess is that the ETs did not want any chance of a similar leakage of data, so they took it out physically. For all humans would ever know, it could have been hit by a meteor.”

CB: “I am still a bit numb. I can hardly believe it, but it all fits. I am just repeating the target in my mind, waiting for it all to sink in.”
MONITOR: “Good session.”

CB: “Yeah. Let me get off now so I can fax you this. We will talk later tonight. I just can’t get over it.”
MONITOR: “Good plan. I am waiting for your fax. Talk to you tonight. Take care.”


A great deal of information came out of this session, and it is useful to summarize the primary impressions. The Mars Observer was destroyed by a projectile type device that was launched by a nearby ET ship. The ship originated (or returned) to an underground hangar, apparently on Mars itself. There were many beings in the hangar, all in a state of great activity. Some of the beings (but not all) were small Grey types.


They were workers. I “followed” one of the beings back to its birth, and found it was “born” in a laboratory. It may have been created to be a worker. The being itself does not necessarily feel that it is being abused or enslaved. During periods of apparent sleep (in a Grey sense of the word), the being’s consciousness resides in someplace that seems empty, space like—a void. It does not seem to dream.


The laboratory in which it was born seems to be on our Moon in an underground structure, a base of some sort. The nutrients that surround the fetus-like infant are in a green liquid that has the consistency of motor oil.

This session raises as many questions as it offers answers. We now know what happened to NASA’s Mars probe. But we still do not know what it was that the ETs did not want the satellite to detect or photograph. It is not clear whether the Greys involved with the base on Mars were working with Greys elsewhere. In this situation, the Greys seemed to be workers, and other humanoid beings seemed to be in control.


Unfortunately, I did not clearly perceive exactly who was in control.

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The Galactic Federation

The extant UFO literature based on abductee reports often refers to an extraterrestrial organization called the “Galactic Federation.” It is supposed to be an organization somewhat similar to the United Nations, except on a galactic scale. The current remote viewing session was designed to find out more about such an organization, should it exist.


The results of this session were so surprising to my monitor and me that I present it here with very few introductory comments. This is Type 4 data, and readers should remind themselves that I did not know that I was remote viewing the Federation until after the session was completed.

Date: 9 February 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored
Target coordinates: 3114/0029

The preliminaries suggested that the target was associated with an artificial structure, movement, and a high level of energy.

CB: “I am getting a lot of energetics here. This signal seems particularly strong. There are very bright lights—yellows, whites, blues. There is a lot that is airy here, smooth, even fluffy. I am getting both hot and cool temperatures, and a sense of expansive and radiant energy.”
MONITOR: “OK. Move on to your Stage Three sketch.”

CB: “I am drawing something hard and round in the center, surrounded by bright light—yellow, blue, and white light. There seems to be something fluffy around the light, almost like clouds. The thing in the center may either be metallic, or have something metallic in or on it. This entire thing gives me the AOL of a tornado, since I am getting the sense of a swirling around the hard center thing, like a vortex. It is like this is an energy vortex. Tremendous energy.”
MONITOR: “OK. AOL the tornado, and move on to Stage Four.”

CB: “Again, I am getting a lot of light. Something is round and circular. I am also detecting a consciousness. I am getting some type of spiritual sense.”
MONITOR: “Get that all down in the matrix, then let’s take a break. Fax me your data up to this point and then call back.”

CB: “Right. Talk to you in a few minutes.”


MONITOR: “Courtney, move on to the surface of the hard object and then continue with your Stage Four matrix.”

CB: “Doing that now. . . . Wow! I have to AI this. Very powerful energetics.”
MONITOR: “OK. Let the impression fade, and then move on.”

CB: “Again, there is that blue and airy white light. Again, lots of energy. I am on the surface now. Hmmm. It is a place. The round object may have been a planet. It is misty, foggy here. The light show is mostly above. It is sort of cold on the surface. I am getting a bitter taste of ammonia in the air.

“I am seeing things that go up. Let me move closer. ... I am now next to something that is hard and metallic. It is a building or structure of some type. This structure has some purpose for some type of beings. I see an opening, perhaps a door. Should I go in?”
MONITOR: “Before doing that, move back a bit so you can see the structure more completely.”

CB: “Doing that now... It is really pretty big. Towering is a good description. In fact, as I move around, it is humongous. It seems made of metal. I see no other nearby structures, in the sense of a city.”
MONITOR: “OK. NOW go into the structure.”

CB: “I am back at the opening now. Going inside... OK, there are beings in here, lots of them. This place is weird. These beings are all bald.”
MONITOR: “Keep in structure. Be careful for AOLs. Fill in the matrix.”

CB: “These beings are all wearing white gowns, like nightgowns. Their skin is very smooth, either white or off-white complexion. This feels like an important place.”
MONITOR: “Sketch the face of one of the beings.”

CB: “Doing that now... They are humanoid. This place reminds me of a Zen monastery.”
MONITOR: “Put that down in the correct column: ‘like a Zen monastery.’ Keep going.”

CB: “These beings use telepathic and verbal communication. I get the clear sense that this is some type of council. There is a centralized organizational structure to this council. They do not seem to be aware that I am watching. They seem to be concerned with matters of state or governance.

“I am focusing a bit more on the members themselves now. These folks wanted to do this job. This is a highly desirable job, and it is very competitive to be here.

“I am now picking up that there is a head council member who directs activity. The others support him. He is sort of like a president, chairman, or prime minister. Uhoh.”
MONITOR: “What’s happening?”

CB: “Looks like I was wrong about them not knowing I am here. I am being given a welcome. I am being told that they are glad that we have arrived. We are now on the council. They are telling me that human representation on this council begins now.

“I am now being brought to the head being. He’s looking me straight in the face. He is sitting on a chair, and he has a white, or bluish-white, gown. He seems a bit heavyset.”
MONITOR: “YOU are on your own now, Courtney. Just keep in structure. Write everything down.”

CB: “The fellow is somber, but a definite sense of humor is leaking through. He is totally no threatening to me. You know, this feels like going to see a spiritual master, like Buddha.”
MONITOR: “Put that down in the AOL column. Follow his cues.”

CB: “He is welcoming me right into his mind. He actually wants me to enter his mind as a more effective means of communication. What should I do?”
MONITOR: “GO in. Cue on the word ‘guidance’ and see what he does.”

CB: “AS soon as I went into his mind, I reemerged in space. That is where I am now. I am outside of the Milky Way, looking onto it. Dotted lines have been drawn over the image, dividing up the galaxy—like quadrants.

“I am being told that there is a need for help. They need us. I am getting the sense that they need us in a galactic sense, but I seem to be resisting this. They are so much more powerful than humans; it just does not make sense why they would need us.

“The leader is sensing my resistance and redirecting me to a planet. OK, I can see it is Earth. I am being told that there will be a movement off the planet in the future for humans. I am just translating the gestalts now into words. But the sense clearly is that Earth humans are violent and troublesome currently. They need shaping before a later merger. Definitely humans need to undergo some sort of change before extending far off the planet.
MONITOR: “Ask if there are any practical suggestions as to how we can help.”

CB: “I am being told in no uncertain terms that I am to complete this book project. Others will play their parts. There are many involved. Many species, representatives, groups.”
MONITOR: “Ask who else we should meet using remote viewing, or another technique.”

CB: “Only the Martians. Hmmm. I am being told that our near-term contact with extraterrestrials will be limited to the Martians for now, at least in the near future.”
MONITOR: “Ask if there is new information that we need to know but do not know now.”

CB: “This fellow is very patient. He knows this is hard for me. He is telling me that many problems are coming. There definitely will be a planetary disaster, or perhaps I should say disasters. There will be political chaos, turbulence, an unraveling of the current political order. As we are currently, we are unable to cope with the new realities. He is telling me very directly that consciousness must become a focal concern of humans in order for us to proceed further.

“He is right now tapping into your [my monitor’s] mind. It is like he is locating you, and perhaps measuring or doing something. He is telling me that you are very important in all of this. We must come back here—their world—at later dates. We will be the initial representatives of humans as determined by consciousness. He is telling me that consciousness determined our arrival at this point. There is more. We are not saviors, just initial representatives. He wants me to get this straight.

“I am getting the sense that he wants us to understand that we have a responsibility to represent fairly. This is not to go to our heads. This is just our job now, and we all have jobs. He is also telling me that I am doing a fairly good job at writing all of this down.

“He likes your sense of humor. He says that there will be lots of activity in the future, of the day-to-day sort. But for now, we are to focus on the book. The book is important, and they will use it.”
MONITOR: “Tell him ‘Thank you.’ We need to go now.”

CB: “I told him. He already sensed that it was time for me to break off.”
MONITOR: “Write down the ending time, Courtney.”


CB: Long pause. “You might as well tell me the target now.”

MONITOR: Gives a slight nervous chuckle. “The Federation.”


CB: “I see.”


The implications of this session range from practical aspects to the sublimely philosophical, and readers will want to make up their own minds regarding my interpretations.

There is a galactic governmental organization. I do not know how hierarchical or centralized is its power, nor do I know how many species, or planetary cultures, are represented in this organization. Moreover, I do not know if some groups or cultures have chosen not to join the organization, or if some have been denied membership.


My clear sense is, however, that Earth based humans are being prepared for full membership. It seems that my initial entrance into the council chambers has been interpreted in a positive light in this regard. It may be that one of the rites of passage to membership is for members of a culture to consciously search for the organization via the appropriate means. Indeed, based on what I was told, humans may already be represented in the Federation in a minimal fashion, although I doubt either my monitor or I feel particularly comfortable representing anyone other than ourselves.

Members of the Federation have very advanced levels of consciousness. That is, they completely understand consciousness— both its physical and subspace aspects. Moreover, Federation members seem to think that a widespread enhancement in human understanding of consciousness is a necessary precursor to human participation in galactic life.

I cannot emphasize enough how important the sense of an advanced understanding of consciousness was during the current session. It may be that my own growth in consciousness had to be sufficiently advanced for me to find and enter the chamber, but I have no objective measure of how much this may be true.


But it is clear to me that the general concept of growth in consciousness is not a distant goal that the Federation folks think we should pursue. The need for widespread growth in this regard is essential and urgent. Moreover, it seems that humans must begin to examine consciousness from a more practical and scientific perspective, rather than through a distorted bifocal intellectual lens that separates our understandings of physical and nonphysical realities. In my view, until we grow out of our myopia in this regard, we will likely remain a relatively primitive society, and from a planetary cultural perspective, a galactic backwater.

The UFO abduction literature is filled with reports of interactions with ETs and humans in which the subject of conversation is future planetary disasters on Earth. The causes of the disasters are usually of an ecological and nuclear orientation, and the frequency with which these warnings reappear certainly can give one pause.


This session gave me my first indication from a direct source that such planetary problems may indeed occur. At this point in my research, however, it was not clear how these problems were connected to the concepts of humans moving off of the planet.

At the end of this session, the primary thing that my monitor and I agreed upon was that we needed more data—lots of it—in order to comprehend what was turning out to be an increasingly complex situation. We marveled at how naive we both were when we started this research.


The idea of simply identifying the ETs who flew the saucers now seemed much too narrow.

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The Grey Mind

In order to understand how Greys think, we decided to remote view the consciousness of the Greys, which would entail my entering the mind of at least one of them. To prepare for a monitored session (Type 4), I decided first to explore the idea of a Grey collective mentality on my own. Remember that with Type 4 data, the monitor does not tell the viewer what the target is until after the session is over. In each instance, it can be a randomly chosen target from a long list upon which we have agreed, or it can be another target chosen by my monitor of which I have heard nothing.

However, with Type 1 data, I am working alone, and I do know the target in advance. When working under solo and frontloaded conditions associated with Type 1 data, it is essential to strictly adhere to the structure of the SRV protocols.


This places limits on what I can do once I locate the target.

In this chapter I report the results of two sessions—the one in which I alone remote viewed the target “Grey/mass-mind,” and the other a monitored session using a nearly identical target. I present the material from the solo session in the form of an internal dialogue.

Date: 27 November 1993

Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 1
Target coordinates: 7119/5108

Fifteen minutes of preliminaries indicated a sense of movement and energy.

I am picking up grey and white colors. In terms of textures, I am discerning polished, steel-like surfaces. It feels very warm here. I hear a strange chirping sound.

In terms of dimensions, I am getting the sense of something very wide and/or open. It seems endless, or perhaps expansive, universal, or just plain huge. There is a strong sense that this . . . whatever . . . goes on and on. It is not a limited or bounded thing.

I am also detecting movement. It is like things and/or energy is moving in and out of a central location.
Now I am picking up something that needs translation. It is different from that which I understand normally. Minimally, it seems like love and caring, but much more all encompassing than the typical human idea of such things. There is the sense of a caretaker, a mother, or a holder of something precious. In some way, this is a home, a dimensionless home with a sense of infinite freedom.

Moving on, I am also detecting a concern for safety. Something is not right here. There is fear here, and it is strong. Something is stifling. I am picking up the movements of ships, very advanced ships. Again, I sense the fear and the concern for the safety of others.

I get the sense that the Greys are stuck. It is like a birth in which the baby gets stuck in the birth canal. The fear is associated with this condition of stuckness.

Yet surrounding this sense of fear is an envelope of calmness.


The collective consciousness of the Greys both protects and nurtures. At the same time, there is a sense of fear within, a deeply emotional flavor that is related to the idea of being trapped. It is as if Greys are trying to emerge from some state, yet the emergence does not work.


The calmness that surrounds the fear somehow stabilizes the collective intellect (enabling physical survival) and permits a less terrifying daily existence. The sense of love and protection from within the mind is nearly overpowering from a human perspective. My own personal reaction was one of sadness, and perhaps compassion.

Two and a half months after this session, my monitor decided to have me work the target blind. As readers will observe at the end of the session, he changed a nuance of the target, thereby encouraging a somewhat different approach to the idea.


After making the connection with our speakerphones, we chatted in a normal fashion (talking about everything from a new joke that my monitor had heard to the prospects of me lining up a publisher for this book), and then we began.

Date: 11 February 1994

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Data: Type 4, remotely monitored

Target coordinates: 4384/8296

The preliminaries indicated a sense of liquid and movement.

CB: “OK. I am getting colors like turquoise, and blue. Lots of liquid. Also, rocky and smooth textures. I am getting both warm and cool temperatures as well. I am tasting something salty, and smelling something like fish. Whatever this is, it feels wide and expansive, very deep. I also get energetics.”
MONITOR: “Stage Three.”

CB: “Drawing now. . . . I just have a horizontal line going across the paper. I am also AOLing on fish and an ocean.”
MONITOR: “Write the AOLs down. Stage Four.”

CB: “I have liquid. Lots of it. This liquid is a living environment. I get the sense of a birthing place. There is life here. Organisms. This is a place of protection.

“I am getting a sense of a room below the liquid. I am there now, in the room. It seems like a laboratory. Let me put that down as an AOL for now.

“OK. There is a Grey here, in the room. He is staring at me. I am sketching his face now. It seems male, somehow. I am getting the sense that I should go inside his head. What should I do?”
MONITOR: “Let your unconscious solve the problem.”

CB: “OK. I am moving in. . . . Wow.”
MONITOR: “Keep in structure. Stay in the matrix. What do you have? Write it down.”

CB: “There is a sense of emptiness here. Deep emptiness. But at the same time the mind is filled with great awareness, even a feeling of total awareness, whatever that is. This fellow has tasks to do. He is a worker, and he is quite busy. I do not get much of a sense of surface emotion like humans have. If I would compare it to anything, it feels like Focus 15 at the Monroe Institute.”
MONITOR: “Can you get a sense of the being’s superior?”

CB: “The mind itself is the superior. It is a collective mentality. The collective mind is the controller. No one individual is the superior. All Greys are of the same mind. They are one and together.”
MONITOR: “IS there a sense of purpose?”

CB: “Survival is primary, and evolution. It is one collective organism, and survival is paramount, as with any organism. There is a definite lack of distinction between individuals.”
MONITOR: “GO to Stage Six. Do a timeline. Mark the timeline where you are now with this being. Now, place the position of the beginning of this session. Probe the timeline for important points. Mark them down, and move on to the Stage Six matrix.”

CB: “Doing that now. ...”


Pause. “I am now in the matrix. I am getting the sense that there is a collective of many Greys right now. Something is coming across very strongly now. I get the sense that they need to get out of their physical bodies. It is a desperate need. This has a life-and-death quality to it. It is their absolute highest priority for the survival of the mind . . . the organism. The mind is locked up now. It absolutely must escape. Coming from very deep, there is near panic in the collective, but in a Grey sense rather than as we would know it.

“The Greys are working with humans and others for a collective escape. It is like getting out of a bottle, or off of a sinking ship. There is a definite sense of panic.”
MONITOR: “What would be their ideal environment?”

CB: “They will have a physical planet. Not Earth. They have the ability to terraform a planet and to travel anywhere. They will not push humans off Earth. The universe is too big for that.”
MONITOR: “What about their interaction with the Federation?”

CB: “The Greys are members in good standing in the Federation. They participate in many projects and work on many ships. In a Grey sense, they are proud of their abilities to interact with many Federation species.”
MONITOR: “Can humans help bootstrap the evolution of the Greys?”

CB: “Not technically. Genetics is a help, and necessary. I also perceive that there are other ways humans will help, but the Greys are not aware of it yet.”
MONITOR: “How do Greys experience the idea of leisure?”

CB: “They do not have a human understanding of leisure. To Greys, all time is a continuum. Leisure reflects a need to rest. The Greys do something different.”
MONITOR: “What is their lifespan in human terms?”

CB: “Greys are very aware that they do not die. Their physical bodies are seen as clothing or shells, and death is not a meaningful concept to them in the way that we think about it.”
MONITOR: “What is the lifespan of typical Grey bodies?”

CB: “Longer than a human lifespan, but it depends. Perhaps two hundred Earth years would be an average.”
MONITOR: “Cue again on their ideal environment.”

CB: “An ideal environment for the Greys has multiple facets. It is not just a physical planet, since they could get that now. The ideal environment is an evolutionarily new set of individual bodies. The Greys are in a birthing process. They are preparing to leave the collective identity and become linked individuals instead.

“I am going deeper now. . . . This is interesting. At their core, there is a fear and awe, or perhaps wonder at how humans do it— exist and prosper, that is, as individualized identities. They know that they need some of this but are frightened of it as well.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the time for physical meetings with Greys and human representatives.”

CB: “Many interactions are happening now, but none with human representatives as aware and equal participants.”
MONITOR: “What are the protocols for such a meeting, including place and requirements?”

CB: “Even the Greys are confused about this one. They know that a meeting is necessary, but they do not know how to pull one off. They are afraid, in their own way, of interacting with unleashed humans. They do not want to give up the sense of control, or authority. But they know that they must do this somehow. They need help. They are stuck.

“They just asked me if I have any ideas to help. What do I tell them?”
MONITOR: “Tell them we will work on it.”

CB: “OK. I just did that. They seem appreciative, in their own way.”
MONITOR: “Ask if there should be any involvement with the Martians to help this along.”

CB: “The Greys are taking care of the Martians as well. There cannot be much help from them. They have their own problems. They are sick and have little time and few resources to spare for this project.

“I just suggested meeting with the Greys in an uncontrolled environment, and the suggestion was rejected.”
MONITOR: “Ask whether they would be willing to meet with you and me, as volunteers, under circumstances that they controlled.”

CB: “They accept the idea. Enthusiastically. They tell me that they will work on it right away.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney. It is time to break away. Write down your ending time.”

CB: “Whew! That was something. I am going to need a breather after that one. Well, you can tell me the target now.”
MONITOR: “It was ‘Greys/consciousness.’

CB: “It doesn’t surprise me.”
MONITOR: “Yeah. We need to think this one through.”

CB: “Let me take a break and call you back. I will fax you the data immediately. Talk to you in a bit.”


Although I do not understand why, it appears that the planet that I landed on in the beginning of this monitored session is important to Grey society. Indeed, in some respects—as I discussed later in my research—it resembles the Grey home-world, especially in terms of its oceans.


But I do not know if it is indeed that planet. Nonetheless, it seems that this particular planet, for whatever reasons, has some crucial meaning to these beings. I also sense that the planet is somehow connected to their consciousness, but I do not know how this actually operates.

Based on my own remote viewing probes, as well as on repeated reports in the UFO abduction literature, Greys communicate telepathically. The sense of a mass mind, or a collective consciousness, is frequently associated with groups of Greys.


This idea is difficult to understand in comparison to our own waking state consciousness. We must improve our understanding of the Greys’ mentality if we are ever to interact with them successfully. If the Greys are indeed engaged in a genetic engineering program involving both humans and their own species, it may be that they need human help during this particularly difficult time in their own evolution.


We must keep an open mind and should not prejudge anything in this regard.

Just as clearly as I can tell that Grey consciousness is a collective mentality, I can see that they need to evolve away from this state. The Grey collective intellect has many positive aspects. Apparently, individual members of their community do not compete with each other in a Darwinian evolutionary battle for supremacy. They either sink or swim together. This is connected to an aspect of altruism in their consciousness that humans might do well to study.

Given the scope and the substance of Grey interactions with humans as reported in the abduction literature (see especially Jacobs 1992; and Mack 1994), it is easy to see how the activities and intentions of Greys could be misunderstood as hostile from a human perspective. But it may turn out that the Greys are less of an invading army than a rescuing cavalry. They may do things to us that we do not understand or like, but they are not evil—of this I am now certain. We simply do not yet understand this species.

Nothing in my experience as a remote viewer suggests that Greys see us as an enemy. They may be afraid both of us and of what we represent, but they need us, spiritually as well as physically. And lest we judge too quickly, we may need them for our own evolutionary survival just as dearly.

In short, we need to know more, much more, about them, ourselves, and the role that we should play in this intensely interesting drama. I suggest that it may be wise to postpone our judgments of all nonhuman species until we advance a bit more in our own understanding of the broader galactic community.


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