Journey through Akasha

My work in the remote viewing of extraterrestrials began in January of 1992, although at the time I did not know this.


Since that date, I have had extensive experience with a variety of extraterrestrials. Most of this contact has been through remote viewing. However, I do not believe that I independently approached the ETs without their awareness.


Indeed, I strongly suspect (although I have no proof of this) that suggestions may have been given to me without my awareness to explore the general concept of consciousness as a precursor to what at least some ETs knew would be an active interest in non-Earth civilizations.


I am not sure who may have given me these suggestions, but my intuitions clearly suggest (and a good deal of circumstantial evidence supports the idea) that I have been unknowingly guided, or prodded, in this direction.

My explorations into human consciousness involved three stages of training.

  1. It began with my learning an advanced version of Transcendental Meditation called the Sidhis.

  2. The second stage of training was a weeklong course at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia.

  3. The third stage was training in remote viewing. Each stage had direct relevance to my ET research, as I explain below.



The Sidhis

In 1991, I began training in the TM-Sidhi Program.


Like Transcendental Meditation ™, the Sidhis are taught by teachers trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I discuss my experiences with the TM-Sidhi Program for two reasons.


First, during my research of extraterrestrial beings, I have encountered groups of extraterrestrials who apparently practice something like the Sidhis themselves; second, during my remote viewing sessions I have repeatedly experienced the consciousness of one group of extraterrestrials that has a collective mentality.


This ET collective consciousness—one may call it a “mass mind”—has a subjective experience similar to that which humans experience during the practice of the TM-Sidhi Program.

My original interest in the TM-Sidhi Program corresponded with the publication of an unusual report in a prestigious social science journal. In the December 1988 issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution, a methodologically sophisticated article appeared which claimed that groups of meditators practicing Transcendental Meditation and the more involved TM-Sidhi Program in one place could influence the level of conflict in nearby locations (Orme-Johnson et al. 1988).


This phenomenon is labeled the “Maharishi Effect” in honor of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The article was considered controversial when it was published, and, by all accounts, it still is.

Following the appearance of the article on the Maharishi Effect, I resolved to investigate, with an open mind, whether meditating could really reduce conflict in the world. Favoring a straightforward approach, I applied for a research grant from Emory University to study the Maharishi Effect by learning the TM-Sidhi Program. I was awarded the grant, and I became a Sidha (an advanced meditator) soon afterward.

At the outset of this discussion it is important for me to emphasize that I have no formal connection to the Transcendental Meditation movement. I do not represent the movement in any way. I have never received any money or other physical benefit from the movement. I report my results here entirely as an independent social scientist who has been engaged in research.


All of my comments here regarding meditation reflect my own thoughts and experiences as they concern my research into extraterrestrial civilizations. I have used my own skills as a scientist and a trained observer to understand and interpret what is happening.



The Subjective Experience of the TM-Sidhi Program

In normal waking consciousness, the mind is flooded with inputs from the five physical senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.


Most of our mental activity uses information from these senses. The raw inputs from these senses feed intellectual activity such as logic and imagination. During meditation, however, the volume of these senses in the mind diminishes until they are eventually silent.


At this point, logic and imagination also cease.

What remains is not an empty mind. Indeed, what remains is the mind’s connection to what many meditators call a “field of consciousness,” which can be very alive with activity. From a subjective point of view, this field appears both to contain and reflect the inner consciousnesses of all individuals. In the state of deep meditation, people experience this field directly.


The experiential contact with this field is ordinarily overshadowed by the signals coming from the five physical senses, as well as those of thoughts, memories, and emotions.


Therefore it is necessary to “transcend” conscious sensory processing by turning one’s awareness away from the senses in order to perceive that which is nonphysical. Although that which is nonphysical is, by definition, not physical, it nonetheless does have an objective reality that can be accurately perceived by anyone with a sufficiently sensitized nervous system. Such perceptions are not a product of meditator dreaming.

The ultimate goal of meditation is to practice experiencing the field of consciousness until the perception of that which is nonphysical strengthens.


When this process is complete, a person may no longer need to meditate. Such a person has a highly developed consciousness, and is described as self realized. The meaning of this is that a person no longer lives a separated or dual existence in which normal awareness is limited to the perception of the outward physical senses and does not extend to the inner self.


A self realized individual has only one unified (i.e., closely interconnected) consciousness. Since the field of consciousness connects all aspects of life, one’s perception of the five physical senses is then flavored by what one perceives from that broader level.


Without this, one’s understanding of the interconnectedness of all life is impaired. In this way, meditation infuses a sense of one’s inner being into daily normal awareness. Importantly, during my investigations, I have found that the primary characteristic that distinguishes typical humans from highly evolved ETs is that the ETs are normally self realized, whereas this is only occasionally true of humans.

As is often the case, a fully self realized individual quickly becomes aware of the diversity of nonphysical life that coexists with us. All of life, both physical and nonphysical, resides in a space of some sort. Unfortunately, the English term space (as in outer space) is restricted to that which is physical.


A broader term for space, which includes both physical and nonphysical life, is the Sanskrit word akasha. We all exist in akasha, and all of our journeys take place in akasha regardless of whether we do them in a spaceship or by utilizing our own highly trained consciousness.


Indeed, the ancient seers were the first great human astronauts, since they quite literally roamed the heavens with their minds. In general, advanced meditators and ETs similarly view our existence from this broader perspective of life in akasha.

My first experience with the TM-Sidhi Program in a very large group was while meditating in one of the two large meditation domes at Maharishi International University during the first week of 1992. There were more than two thousand meditators in the domes simultaneously with me during these initial experiences. We were all practicing the TM-Sidhi Program.

The actual TM-Sidhi Program is quite involved, and there is no need to describe any of the mechanics of the procedure here. However, it is public knowledge that part of this program involves something that is called yogic flying. There have been many public demonstrations of this phenomenon, and many of these have been televised.


On a surface level, yogic flyers look like they are hopping around the room in lotus position, sort of like a frog. But the idea of yogic flying is not to do gymnastics. Rather, it is to practice doing a special type of activity while still in a meditative state intimately connected with the field of consciousness.

During the non-flying parts of these meditation experiences, I felt a distinct settling sensation (e.g., calming, sinking, awareness shifting—all of these apply in some sense). My own consciousness seemed to move somewhere, without any effort on my part. Indeed, one of the most important aspects of proper meditation is that effort must not occur.


Effort activates the waking state information processing activities of the mind, which in turn overwhelm the perception of any signal from the field of consciousness. Upon arrival at this new state of awareness, there was a distinct perception of differentness between this state of awareness and my normal waking state of awareness.


It would go beyond the needs of the current discussion to describe all aspects of this differentness, but some observational comments are useful here.

In the state of meditational awareness, there was a clear sense of my own self as being different from my thoughts. Thoughts did occur in this state, but they were few in number. Moreover, I had a sense of awareness in which the thoughts were perceived as somehow alien to my essential self. Indeed, the one aspect of my perception that was most dominant was the sense of expanded awareness.


From a third person perspective, my consciousness did not think thoughts as much as it was simply aware of itself.

However, this state of expanded awareness was not without activity. I had the clear perception that I was experiencing someplace, and that my own consciousness was not the only consciousness sharing the same experience. This experience also was not momentary. Indeed, it lasted for a significant number of minutes before the program shifted to yogic flying.

From the perspective of the state of normal waking consciousness, it has often been said that the state of awareness that one experiences while meditating is very subtle. From personal experience, I can state that this description seems accurate.


However, from within the state of expanded awareness associated with meditation, activities in the field of consciousness are not always subtle at all. It was during yogic flying that I first perceived what is called a “wave of consciousness” ripple through the fabric of consciousness in the domes, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

A wave of consciousness occurs when meditators meditating in one place manipulate the field of consciousness in such a way that a surge of influence is perceived by all meditators simultaneously.

The experience is difficult to describe in words. However, in my own experience, it felt like a large flow of energy.

Of course, it is easy to dismiss such subjective observations. It is just the type of thing that one would expect an untrained participant in an experiment to say or write. But I am trained to make observations of human behavior, and I am highly sensitized to the need to distinguish between imagined and real perceptions.


Personally, I cannot dismiss my perceptions of these things as they were all too real to be imagined. From my own subjective point of view, something objective was going on in the meditation domes at Maharishi International University. I do not claim to understand the physics of the experience, but it was as real to me as if I had been punched in the face (but, of course, much more pleasant).

I clearly remember my initial reaction following my first experience of meditating in a large group. I was convinced that scientists from all over the world should be in those domes with every conceivable instrument in their labs trying to figure out what just hit me. It was not physical, but it was real, and it influenced physical things (e.g., me).


At the time, I became certain that nothing that strong could possibly escape the scrutiny of science forever.


Yet I had no answers as to exactly what happened. In general, my mind seemed to move to a subtle level of consciousness, and from within that level I felt great activity, including powerful waves of energy.



The Monroe Institute

Twenty-one months after I completed my course in the TM-Sidhi Program, and just before beginning my training in scientific remote viewing, I attended the one week Gateway Voyage Program at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia (see Monroe 1994, 1985, and 1971).


This program teaches about altered states of consciousness via brainwave entrainment techniques. Before I took this course, I had already met the person who was to teach me remote viewing and become my monitor for the research investigations that I report here, and this person told me that training at the Monroe Institute was a prerequisite for the military remote viewer trainees who were to undergo formal instruction in remote viewing. Wanting to duplicate the known road of the military training program, I chose to attend the Gateway Voyage Program as well.

Briefly, the folks at the Monroe Institute have devised a noninvasive way of producing physical changes in the electrochemical signals that occur in the brain. Their technology is based on the use of sounds to cause various frequencies to resonate between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Robert Monroe has labeled his patented technology “Hemisync.”


Hemisync sounds put one tone in one ear (for example, a 100hertz tone) and another tone of a frequency only slightly different from the first in the other ear (say, a 104hertz tone). The result is a very low frequency vibrato called a beat frequency (in this case, 4 hertz). Beat frequencies are not actually heard in the ears, but the mind can discern them. The brain itself creates them by blending the separate audio frequencies. In this way, sound is used to cause an electrochemical reaction in the brain that resonates at a frequency that is undetectable (by virtue of its low frequency) to human ears.

The Monroe Institute researchers have developed a variety of sophisticated blends of Hemisync sounds that are extremely useful in obtaining altered states of awareness by those who are listening. They have “mapped” the brainwave electrochemical activity of many individuals who are capable of experiencing altered states of awareness.


By matching the maps with the changes that occur with the Hemisync technology, they can, quite literally at the flick of a switch, make one’s mind resonate mechanically like that of a great seer or mystic who has spent a lifetime exploring the boundaries of consciousness. The Monroe Institute’s most interesting achievement is the discovery of a set of frequencies that allows individuals to perceive an area of nonphysical existence where life thrives.

I use a word you may have heard in Star Trek television programs and films to describe this place: “subspace.” An aspect of each of us exists in subspace, as do other beings. People who no longer reside in our physical space “live” in subspace. It’s not accurate to say that these are “dead” people, since they are very much alive.

At the Monroe Institute’s Gateway course, they call the primary portal to subspace Focus 21. In this state of awareness, one can peer deeply into subspace and communicate with beings who may be there. During my second experience with Focus 21, a remarkable thing happened that greatly changed my views about extraterrestrials.

I was on my back in a small room with a bed and the necessary electronic equipment, listening to the sounds of Focus 21 through headphones. The subjective experience was one of being mentally carried to a location. The technology used requires no imaginative effort on the part of the listener. The mind automatically tunes into the frequency that the tones generate, and one is “there.”


After a few minutes, I seemed to arrive at someplace that had an opening, sort of like a door. The resolution of the images was not perfect, but I could sense what was going on. I was at a portal of some kind.

I went through the opening and found a room that seemed to have one wall missing. There was light everywhere, bright light. I looked around and saw one individual to my left. The being’s body seemed both fluorescent and mildly transparent. The person seemed to be watching me, as if overseeing my visit. I went forward into the room and to my considerable surprise encountered three other people whom I knew.


They were my grandfather, my grandmother, and my great-aunt (my grandfather’s sister).

On an emotional level, I was beside myself. Everyone was glad to see me. I was happy beyond words. I had a distant sense that there may be tears emerging from my physical body, but my awareness stayed with my relatives. My aunt (my mother’s sister) had recently died, and I looked around and asked where she was. I clearly remember asking with some concern, “But where’s Elsie?”

At that moment, another—seemingly powerful—subspace being covered me with what I could only think of as a dark cloak. I was then lifted up and transported to another location. During the trip, I asked why I could not see outside. (I asked this by simply thinking the question.) The moment I asked, a corner of the cloak was lifted, and I saw the brightest light I had ever experienced. It was like looking right into the sun.


Moreover, I had an urge to surge into the light. The cloak was then closed again, and I understood. I was being protected from being exposed to the light. I had the sense that exposure to the direct light would be harmful to me while I still had a physical existence.

Shortly afterward, the journey in subspace ended and the cloak was lifted. I saw before me what seemed like hundreds of thousands of Greys. These were extraterrestrials, and they existed in subspace just like humans. I moved closer and extended my mind toward them. (Somehow, this seemed a natural thing to do at the time.) What I received sent me reeling.

I felt an intense sense of pain, psychological and emotional— not physical. I recoiled back into the half open cloak. Yet I did not want to let this opportunity go, so I tried again. This time I made an effort to sense the Greys’ consciousness as they experience it, rather than letting it make a raw impression on my own human senses. To my relief, the experience was different.

I felt a sense of calmness, quietness, and stillness. I also sensed an awareness that at the time I could only compare to the mentality of Mr. Spock on Star Trek. It was as if there were no surface emotions, but there was something very deep. It then became obvious to me that my first impression of pain was related to how my mind would feel if it was forced to live as a Grey consciousness.


The transition process was too abrupt. I still sensed deep pain, but I was not yet decided whether it was originating from myself or the Greys. I somehow suspected both, but it was impossible to tell at the time.

At that point I heard a voice, and I knew then who had brought me to the Greys.


The voice said,

 “These are the beings whom you want to help.”

It was the voice of my Aunt Elsie.

One of the Greys approached me and asked if I was here to help. I did not know what to say. I sensed that they had problems, but the initial impression was that these problems were far beyond my abilities to address.

I told the person that I did not know. I began to mumble. I mentioned that I would try, perhaps. Maybe I would be able to come back. I did not know what the task was that I should do. But whatever it was seemed overwhelming to me. I shrank, and I felt sadness, deep sadness. But I also sensed that the time to help was not now, and I must leave.

The cloak again covered me, and I was transported back to the portal and my waiting relatives. I never actually saw my aunt, but I did not really need to anymore. I said goodbye and went to the opening where the solitary subspace being I saw originally was still standing.


Then, to my surprise, I saw about twenty people holding hands pass in front of me and enter a door going into what appeared to be a downward leading tunnel. I considered this peculiar, but did not think more of it at the time.

The sound signals were beginning to change in my mind. I was leaving Focus 21. After an uneventful return, I heard the pleasant voice from the control booth.

“Welcome back! You are now fully awake and alert. Please join us in the debriefing room.”

Soon afterward, the group taking the Gateway course met in the large meeting room at the institute to discuss their experiences.


The first thing to come up from the discussions was that many of the participants had decided in advance to go through the experience as a group, holding their subspace hands, so to speak. They told of their voyage and their return through the door, and I knew immediately whom I had seen going into the tunnel.

As for myself, I was too numb to speak. I just listened, and wondered what could possibly happen next.



My Training in Remote Viewing

Because of the controversial nature of my research and the classified nature of the details relating to the military’s remote viewing operations, I have chosen to keep the identity of my trainer in remote viewing a secret.


At some point, this person may desire to announce that he or she was my trainer and monitor for this research. But I feel it is best left up to this person to make this choice.


Thus, I will simply refer to this person here as either “my trainer” or “my monitor.” When language considerations force me to use a personal pronoun, I will use “he” or “him” for convenience, although this in no way implies that this person is male.

I first met the person who was to become my remote viewing trainer (a former member of the military’s remote viewing unit) at a national conference. I talked to him at length during the conference, gave him my card, and begged for a chance to obtain training in remote viewing from him. He told me that training was not available at the time.


Nor did he have much hope of beginning a new training program. Training was still organized along the original lines developed by Ingo Swann for the military trainees. In short, it was too expensive in time, money, and human resources. There were too few trainers, and none to spare.

Nonetheless, I kept this person’s current phone number, even though I was told that the number was going to be changed soon because he was going to move. He told me the city he was moving to, however. Aside from some literature that this person sent me a few weeks after the conference, I did not hear from him again for over one year.

I attended that conference for only one full day and another day’s lunch. My wife was pregnant at the time, and I decided not to tell her that I was going to a meeting of professionals interested in ETs and UFOs for fear of disturbing her. I do not remember exactly what I finally ended up telling her, but it was along the lines that this was a professional conference related to my research.

After I returned home from the lunch meeting, I found my wife at home, and she was quite concerned. She wanted to know what I had been doing. She told me in no uncertain terms that she had had a visitor while I was away for lunch, and she felt intuitively certain that the visitation was related to my activities, whatever they were.


She told me that she had been sitting in the backyard on the bench, and that she had felt the presence of a being behind her. My wife is a Sidha and a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, so I was aware that she had refined and accurate perceptual abilities. Thus, I just stood there silently and listened to her in shock.

She then told me that this being tried to put her to sleep so that it could look at her. She felt it was interested in the fact that she was pregnant, and she did not like that at all. She resisted the urge to sleep, and instead began to turn in the direction of the being. At that point, the being moved in front of my wife, she saw it, and it then quickly dashed behind a nearby tree, seemingly disappearing.


Her description of the being matched that of a typical Grey. I had never spoken to her about such things before.

My first thought was that it seemed as if some ETs were capable of monitoring conversations that some people had with others. I could only guess that someone was listening to my conversations at the conference about wanting to know more about ETs, and in particular, about wanting to write about their civilizations, and the ETs came to investigate more about me. I then told my wife everything about the meetings that I had been attending.

About fifteen months after the conference, I was meditating in my new apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I usually go to the University of Michigan each summer to teach a course in nonlinear mathematics to social scientists who gather there from many countries. During my morning meditation program, I had the clear perception that I was being told to listen to one of the Monroe Institute tapes immediately after my meditation program.


I had the sense that the tape should be one using Focus 12, which I have found is particularly useful for facilitating telepathic communication while remaining closely attuned with physical reality (unlike Focus 21 in which the awareness shifts almost entirely to the nonphysical realm).


Immediately after I finished meditating, I went to my bedroom and quietly (in order to avoid disturbing my sleeping wife) got the tape and returned to the living room. I set up the tape in our portable player, put on the headphones, pressed the play button, and leaned back to rest and listen.

Immediately after the preliminaries on the tape were completed, I began to clearly discern the mental image of a luminous being. The person was male and was dressed in a white gown. He had a message. He told me that the time was now appropriate for me to contact the former military remote viewer whom I had met at the earlier conference and to obtain training in remote viewing.


He emphasized that I should act now. The tape ended, and I wondered what to make of the experience.

Following my morning class, I went to my office and decided that I would try to contact the remote viewer whom I had met so long ago. In all of my previous phone calls to his office, I was never actually able to speak to him, as I always encountered an answering machine, and he had previously told me that he was not often there.


Moreover, I did not even have his new number in the town where he said he was to move, nor did I know if he had actually moved there. With no other options, I decided to call telephone information. Somewhat to my surprise, his phone number was listed. I called, got his voice on an answering machine, left my number, and proceeded to prepare my lecture for the next day’s class.

Soon I received his return call. I told him how happy I was to talk to him, and asked him if there was any chance that he might be able to train me in remote viewing as per my earlier hopes. I told him of my desire to write a book about the ET phenomenon, and I needed remote viewing as a data gathering tool.


To my very considerable surprise, he told me that he had just completed up dating the training program for remote viewing, and now knew that he could train people in all of the basics during an intensive seven day course, six hours each day. Also, it was possible for me to be his second student in this new course, beginning in about seven weeks. He told me the cost, and mentioned that he would be my trainer.


The fact that he would be my trainer was important for me, since I felt comfortable with him. I told him to sign me up and arranged for my payment to him for the course.


After I hung up the phone, I thought about the luminous being that had telepathically approached me during my morning session with the Monroe tape. I had the sense that surprises would continue for quite a while, and I told myself that I had better get used to it.

The timing for my training in remote viewing was prefect. In the weeks before training, I was able to attend the one week intensive Gateway Voyage Program at the Monroe Institute. However, during that summer, I was also able to complete a home study course called the Gateway Experience that the institute also offers.


It is a course using some of the same tapes used during the one week in-residence program, and that summer I was able to spend a considerable amount of time with Focus 12 tapes. The home study course greatly enhanced my experience in the one week residence program. The total Monroe Institute experience helped prepare me for what I was about to perceive in my remote viewing course.

My training took place under simple surroundings. The training room was basically grey, as was the building in which it was located. There were no bright colors anywhere within the view of the trainee. The trainer wore clothing with neutral dull colors to avoid activating my visual imagination, thereby inviting contamination of the data. I was required to be well rested and not hungry during training. These are important considerations, since remote viewing exploits certain aspects of the autonomic nervous system. Anything that influences this system negatively (such as hunger) can degrade the overall quality of the data.

My trainer was an especially patient person. Apparently, it is important to build up a student’s confidence in trusting the data so that it can be accurately transcribed before being changed or disregarded by a doubting conscious mind. Thus, I was particularly grateful of the care with which my instructor handled my training during those initial sensitive days.

I have found that what occurs during remote viewing is closely connected to that which happens during the practice of Transcendental Meditation, and even that which occurs while experiencing the Hemisync sound processes at the Monroe Institute.


A part of the mind that is typically not utilized during normal waking consciousness is accessed and made dominant in one’s mental awareness.


Indeed, for a Sidha meditator, SRV is really little more than a means of accurately recording information—a transcription protocol.



The Organization of Part II

At this point, it is crucial to emphasize an aspect of the way I have chosen to represent the material in this book. In Part II, I report the results of many remote viewing sessions made over the course of two years.


The results are presented in a form similar to transcripts to ease the presentation of material.


I do not present descriptions of the numerous procedures (executed both with my mind and with a pen and paper) that I did while following the protocols of SRV during sessions. These procedures would make little sense to untrained individuals, and discussing them here would impede the sessions’ readability.

Because untrained individuals may not understand how any procedures could extract this information, some may be tempted to dismiss what is presented as coming out of thin air, and they might naturally wish that they themselves could perceive these things in order to verify the accuracy of these reports.


Understand that the only reason other people cannot perceive these things is because they have not received the proper training. It is important to remember that training in SRV, while publicly available, is neither easy nor cheap. I invested a great deal of time, effort, and money to learn how to do what I report here. No one should expect these experiences that I report to be common to themselves unless they also obtain a level of training similar to my own.

The second part of this book presents the bulk of the data and interpretations that I offer.


I had the choice of organizing the book thematically in terms of ET species, or chronologically with regard to my own discovery process. I chose the chronological approach, since it preserves for the reader the vicarious thrill of discovery that I felt when it happened to me.

The cost of this approach is that the chapters are somewhat jumbled from a topical point of view. In retrospect, I find this cost to be manageable, and it should bother only someone who already has an intimate knowledge of ET affairs relating to this planet. A thematic organization to a book on ETs will make more sense a few years from now, when the basic data are well understood by many people.

Before proceeding further, I suggest that readers skim the short list of SRV terms and other words in the glossary at the back of the book. These terms appear in the descriptions and analyses of the remote viewing sessions presented in Part II of this book.


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My First Visit to Mars

I am in an office that my trainer uses for remote viewing instruction.


There is very little in the office to distract one’s attention. The dominant color everywhere is a light grey. There is nothing on the table in front of me but my pen and a stack of paper. The weather has been perfect. The course has been going well.


My last target was a bridge over a river in Viet Nam during the war. Target selection has been varied to discourage my mind from guessing at them. So far, I do not know what and where I am viewing until after the session is completed.

My trainer begins this afternoon’s session like the others. He is sitting across from me at the training table. He asks me if I am comfortable, and waits until my pen is on the paper. I tell him I am ready, and he gives me the target coordinates.

Date: 29 September 1993
Place: Training office
Data: Type 4
Target coordinates: 5987/9221

I write the coordinates on the paper and then move my pen to the right of the numbers. At this point, my autonomic nervous system begins to activate my hand, and I immediately sketch a crude line drawing. This drawing is then investigated and analyzed using both intellectual analyses and my intuitions. All of this is involved in Stage 1 of the SRV protocols.

Moving to Stage 2 of the SRV protocols, I begin to collect information regarding colors, surface textures, sounds, temperatures, tastes, and smells that are associated with the target. Stage 1 and 2 procedures help me to establish a mental “lock” with the target signal. I am still new to this, of course, so it is taking me time to isolate the signal. Finally, and after eleven pages of preliminary data, I begin to bilocate.

COURTNEY BROWN: “There seems to be a mountain type of thing here. The surrounding land is a semi-soft, flat, sandy area. There appears to be a sense of grandeur associated with this site. I do not see any people right now. It looks like there may be a manmade structure on the flat area.”
MONITOR: “That’s fine. Make your Stage Three sketch. Get it all down and move into Stage Four.”

CB: “OK. Going through the matrix... Things are brown and sandy here. There is a house. What is that pyramid doing here? Let me AOL [analytic overlay] on a pyramid. It must be my imagination.”
MONITOR: “Don’tjudge things. Just put it down as an AOL for now.”

CB: “The house is sort of long and narrow. Made of wood, it seems. I’m sorry, but it’s that pyramid thing again. It is really huge.”
MONITOR: “Keep recording your data. Put it all down in the tangibles column. What else do you see? Keep going through the matrix.”

CB: “Well, there are people now. Lots of them. And animals. People and animals . . . putting it all down in the matrix. This pyramid has to do with worship of some kind. That’s an intangible, isn’t it?”
MONITOR: “That’s right. Keep going.”

CB: “The pyramid is tall, stone, hard, gritty. It is sandy and windy around here. It seems like the pyramid is solid, but hollow at the same time. Wow, it sure is tall.”
MONITOR: “OK, let me give you a movement exercise. Get your pen ready. Inside the pyramid, something should be visible.”

CB: “WOW. Let’s see. We have browns and light tans. Surfaces are rough, sandy, gritty, stone. It is cool, but not cold. I am in a room. Let’s see. There is a floor, stone walls. There is a table and a glass shape on the table.”
MONITOR: “Write it all down in the correct columns.”

CB: “The purpose of this place is somehow somber. There is a sense of resoluteness combined with need or necessity. Hmmm. There are tunnels. I am facing a tunnel.”
MONITOR: “Go down the tunnel.”

CB: “There is dirt on the floor here. The tunnel is dark. It leads outside. I am now outside of the structure on the surface. There is a road and a lot of sand around here. Again, I get the sense of somber purpose to this structure.

“Goodness, I can perceive lots of people now. I clearly get the sense that either this structure or something related nearby was a great building project, and that the folks needed help and lots of resources. Apparently, many died to build this.

“There is a nearby city. Wow. There is also a nearby mountain that is erupting. What’s going on here? There are no volcanoes near a pyramid that I know of. It is like Pompeii, but there are no pyramids near Pompeii.”
MONITOR: “Don’t analyze. Just record the data. Keep going.”

CB: “Lots of people have died, and are dying. There is a lot of movement. People are running. Many are scattered. There is a sense of hopelessness. This is terrible!”

I begin to draw a sketch of the scene. The volcano seems to be to the east of the city, and people are mostly running north.

“Moving up in time a bit, the survivors have set up a village nearby. No one was there to help them. There is desperate poverty. There are shacks and tents. This is really awful.

“Hmmm. There are some new people rebuilding the city. They are not the original folks. They are rebuilding for a new group of people, it seems. Others are coming in. These new folks come from very far away, and they do not seem to be panicky—in the sense of urgency—about helping the former residents. From the perspective of the first folks, it seems like carpet bagging.”
MONITOR: “OK. That’s enough for now. Write down the time and let’s end the session.”

CB: “Well, where was that?” My trainer pushes a folder toward me on the table. I open it and pull out a picture taken by a satellite of the Cydonia region of Mars. There is the pyramid, clear as day. Evidence suggesting volcanic activity was to the right (east) of the pyramid. “You’re kidding. You sent me off planet? To Mars?”
MONITOR: “Hey, I like sending my students there. It keeps them on their toes.”


This was my first exposure to the idea that Mars may really have been inhabited at one time. Before this, the topic was only one that pertained to science fiction. It took me the rest of the day and evening to get used to the fact that I had witnessed an actual fragment of Martian history.


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Remote Viewing a UFO Abduction

My trainer told me on a number of occasions that remote viewers had generally not been successful in observing human abduction experiences involving UFOs. Each time remote viewers tried it in the past, with only a few exceptions, they received a substitute signal in place of the abduction. Often the data from this signal could only be interpreted symbolically. The viewer would see something, but not the target.

In fact, the collected information might not have any resemblance to the target. When other viewers tried the same target, their results varied wildly. In some cases the abduction incident targets yielded no information at all.

The target described in this chapter is a human abduction by ETs. The targeted incident was taken from a page from Jacobs’s book Secret Life.

My trainer knew that I would be fed a false signal in place of the abduction even though he had never given a viewer this particular target. What resulted was a signal containing symbols that the ETs wanted me to understand. Perhaps they were certain that the abduction itself would be misunderstood, so they substituted symbols that conveyed the purpose or meaning behind the abduction instead.

Of course, I was not told anything about the nature of the actual target until after the session was completed.

Date: 30 September 1993
Place: Training office
Data: Type 4
Target coordinates: 2864/0576

The preliminaries indicated that the target was on dry land.

CB: “There are earthy colors here. Browns, whites, tans. It is warm. Feels like a desert.”
MONITOR: “GO to your Stage Three sketch.”

CB: “Well, there is a building, a fence, and something like a railroad track.”

I drew them. My trainer then gave me three movement exercises to give me different perspectives around the site.

“This feels like a place where something is kept. There is a fence here.” I drew a fence (on the paper) that curved around.
MONITOR: “OK. GO to the Stage Four matrix.”

CB: “There is a fence definitely. It is a flat dirt area. This is a workplace of some kind. There are animals inside the fence, and a few people. The people are white, and they seem to be engaged in doing their jobs. As per the animals, I detect horses.

‘The gestalt here is one of controlling the animals. This is definitely a work environment, and these people are just doing their assigned tasks. They have the sense that they need to get the job done. There is quite a bit of determination with a high level of intensity here. It is like a bullfight.”
MONITOR: “Put that down as an AOL of the signal line: ‘like a bullfight.’ Don’t interpret. Just get the data.”

CB: “Well, there are people in the fenced area with the animals. It feels like something is being abused. But also there are bleachers here with lots of spectators as well. People are looking into the circular area surrounded by the fence. I do not like this at all.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney. Take a break.”


CB: “OK, I am back at the site. There is lots of shouting and screaming, also laughing. The people in the bleachers are modern-day common people. There is the sense of entertainment with regard to those people. For them, this is like a Saturday sporting event.”

My trainer then gave me a movement exercise to five thousand feet above the site.

“My, this is different. There are silvery, metallic things here. There is fast movement. I am AOLing on ET ships. What do I do next? There seem to be vehicles here.”

My trainer then had me execute a location tracking technique. Using this, I followed, the vehicles from above the site back to their point of origin.

“It is like the people in the ships—they look like airplanes, definitely shiny and metallic—are on a purposeful mission. OK, I have two people in a plane. They seem to have a cocky attitude. The start off point is a city.

“There are lots of people in the city. It feels like the plane people are hurting the city people during some kind of event. The people are targets of some kind, and they do not like it. There are lots of buildings here as well. The weather is wet and cool. There is an airport where the planes take off.

“Back to the original site, the animals definitely feel threatened. It is as if the people are playing or toying with the animals. The animals appear to be panicky. But I get the clear sense that the people inside the fence do not want to harm the animals. But they do seem to be getting some entertainment from them.”
MONITOR: “I want you to focus on the purpose of the people with the animals.”

CB: “They are trying to control the animals, as if to herd them. This is a training camp. They are training the animals to do things.”
MONITOR: “Move ahead in time a bit.”

CB: “The animals are no longer panicky. Indeed, they are getting food and love from the trainers.”
MONITOR: “OK. Let’s end the session. Here is the target.”




The best that I can offer is my personal interpretation of this remote viewing session. Readers may wish to interpret this experience differently than do I. This type of session has only happened in two known situations. The first has been when remote viewing UFO abductions. The second was when military remote viewers tried to observe a dangerous energy device. In both settings, someone apparently did not want humans to have access to the information, and a substitute signal was offered.

In this session, the animals seem to represent humans. The people inside the fence are ETs who are working with humans in order to train them for some purpose. The people in the bleachers are, perhaps, galactic spectators. The airplanes represent ET ships that relate to the activities of the trainers in the fence, and their occupants may support those on the ground.

This is the only target of its kind that I describe in this book. It differs from all the other targets in that they are actual observations and can be analyzed directly, without being understood through symbols.

Some ETs can create a substitute signal, and I now know they may tailor it to a remote viewer’s mind and experiences, in a way that the viewer can best understand it. Such occurrences are very rare, however.


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Martians: Present Survivors

Still in training, I settle down into my seat. My trainer holds the closed file containing the new target. There is still the temptation for me to try to guess what the target is, and I resist this mildly. He tells me that I will soon naturally stop wanting to guess as the mind gets used to the idea that it will receive the information directly. Patience is a learned virtue, I suppose.


Yesterday morning he had me remote view this weird museum exhibit with a giant fork sticking out of a wall. I joke to myself, wondering if he is going to send me to the sewage treatment plant in Fort Meade, Maryland, that he mentions occasionally.


He sits down across the table from me and asks if I am ready to begin.

“I am ready. Shoot.”

Date: 1 October 1993
Place: Training office
Data: Type 4
Target coordinates: 5664/1821

The preliminaries indicated that the target was associated with a mountain.

CB: “I am getting browns and greens. It is windy and cool. I hear a swishing or whirring as well. I smell trees. Hmmm. Something is happening here.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney, go to your Stage Three sketch.”

CB: On a blank piece of paper, I draw a rounded mountain. The top of the mountain is bald, but there are trees farther down. There is wind hitting the surface of the mountain. I move on to Stage 4.


“I am going through the matrix now. Mmm. There are people. White people. I get a sense of anticipation right now. I can see the clothing on the people. There is that mountain again, and the wind. Wow! I am picking up strong fear, also excitement and relief. It seems like there are lots of emotions here, with different people having different feelings. I am getting some kind of airborne vehicles, and lots of frenetic activity.”
MONITOR: “I am going to give you a movement exercise. Get ready. From one thousand feet above the mountain, something should be perceivable.”

CB: I do the exercise.

“There is activity here, very fast activity. It is hard to figure out what is going on.”
MONITOR: “OK. Go back to the people. What do you see?”

CB: “Again, there is activity, but this time it’s the people who are moving. These people are excited. Hmmm. They are caught up in activity, perhaps not of their own plan. I have the mountain again. These people do have a plan they are working on, although I still cannot tell if it is their own plan. There are vehicles. I have about ten people.”
MONITOR: “Let’s do another movement exercise.” He instructs me to move to the top of the mountain.

CB: “There is looping movement, very fast. It is coming down onto the mountain. It is spiraling, sort of. Like a leaf falling in the wind, or birds circling while descending in a gusty crosswind. Wow! I better AOL this. I am picking up an ET ship. Polished, metallic, and warm.”
MONITOR: ‘Just put it down, and move onto a Stage Six sketch.”

CB: “I see lots of mountains now. Many are rounded. They surround the mountain that I am on at the moment. There is a flat area to one side of this mountain, a valley separating this and other mountains in one direction. I have some plateaus off to the east, and lots of mountains around me, especially to the north and south.”
MONITOR: “Another movement exercise. Inside the object, something should be visible.”

CB: “OK. This is mirror like in here. It is shiny and polished. There are lots of lights. It is warm. I smell something that is like sickly sweet. Some type of whirring sound is here as well. Hey, this thing really is moving!”
MONITOR: “Stage Six sketch.”

CB: “I have this thing going right into the mountain! Right through the rock! What is this?!”
MONITOR: “Keep in structure. Just get the data. Write it all down. Go to your Stage Six matrix.”

CB: “OK, I have beings in this ship. The beings are not all of the same type. There are walls here. Devices. I am getting something from the minds of the beings. This is a supply run. No big deal. They are on a routine mission. The beings are humanlike . . . technicians. Everyone seems to have a uniform.

“I am now inside some kind of cavern or hole inside the mountain. The ship has landed in the center of the place. This seems to be a hangar or something. They do not know that I am here. There seems to be some important liquid that they are carrying. It is really disgusting in appearance, like slime. It has some biological purpose. It is an important liquid to them. It seems to have the consistency of motor oil.

“I am moving around in here now. There are lots of beings working. I can sense that the males do important work dealing with running these operations. The females do not work in the technical areas. They seem to do other work. It is like they are cared for, and that they do less important work.

“Still moving. There are children here. The children are not well. These kids are sick, real sick. The females are almost in a state of panic—they are barely containing themselves. They are sitting quietly, but wow are they upset. Very frightened. I am picking up the males again. You know, this culture seems sexist.”
MONITOR: “Let’s take a break, Courtney. Write down the time.”

Resuming after lunch.

CB: “Well, I am back with the women in the nursery. There are containers for the babies. The kids are not talking. They are either somber, or sacked out, or unhappy. Something does not feel right here. I see some male and female adolescents. The adolescents seem to be OK. But there are not many of them. Lots more babies, and they are sick, or at least most of them. The young people are ignorant of the problem. But the moms seem to know what is going on.

“The physical environment is the thing that is not healthy. It is the total ambience that’s the problem, not only the technical malfunction of the body. It seems like they need to break out of a culture or social bond, like they are in jail. The situation needs some new element or ingredient. I am getting the sense that something human would help here.”

My trainer then has me focus on the solution to the problem.

“There is a genetic problem. It seems like genetic changes made to their own bodies are still being done. I am getting it clearly now. These beings give me the feeling of Martians, live ones. They can’t fix the genetics. This is a tremendous problem for them. There is widespread desperation.

“Their equipment and resources are not advanced enough to solve the genetics problem without outside help. As far as the women are concerned, there seems no way out. They just sit here hoping for the men to get it together. The men have a very narrow focus on their activities. They are angry and stubborn. Survival is the key here. Survival. Gosh, these beings are desperate!”
MONITOR: “Courtney, find out more about the liquid.”

CB: “The stuff comes from Mars. Maybe I should put that down as an AOL.... Who knows who these people really are. I just have the sense of Mars with these people.”
MONITOR: “Keep to structure. Just put it down. Don’t analyze.”

CB: “Well, the liquid is ugly. It tastes bad and is gross. But these folks value that liquid like it’s their lifeblood. It is in large canisters. There are environmental units that preserve and protect it. The stuff is greenish black.”
MONITOR: “Go to where the liquid is produced.”

CB: “Wow! Where am I now? I just got catapulted somewhere. It felt like a whipping action, like I snapped to some other place.
“This place is red, sandy. There is a structure. I can go inside the building. There seems to be some sort of sealed door. Should I go through the door?”
MONITOR: “First tell me more about the environment around the building, and then go into the building.”

CB: “It’s a desert. There is nothing growing out here. Barren. Cold, too. The building is like an adobe house. Inside there is metallic and plastic surfaces. It is shiny. It is a production facility.”
MONITOR: “Let me give you a movement exercise.” Pause. “Five kilometers east of the production building, something should be visible.”

CB: “Hey, we have one of those ships again. It is doing that crazy movement, curving and looping, as it descends. It went right into the building from the top. It went right through the roof!”
MONITOR: “GO back to the building and follow the vehicle. Where does it go?”

CB: “I’m in the building now. Hmmm. The ship went down. There are many underground chambers below this building. The beings in the ship do not like to walk outside of the structure. There sure are a lot of reds and tans outside of this building. And I keep getting the sense of Mars.”
MONITOR: “GO into the underground chambers.”

CB: “The place is modern, but not super modern. I see men here, no women. There are workers here. This is not a happy work environment. These people are here out of duty. I am going further down.

“They live down here. Virtually a city. There are many caverns and tunnels. Machines are all over the place. It is more comfort able here than in the work caverns above, and these people could live here a long time. I detect a fear of leaving this place.”
MONITOR: “Why are they leaving?”

CB: “There is no future for them here. This is a dead place.”
MONITOR: “Describe what the people look like.”

CB: “Well, I see males now. They have humanoid faces, but no hair. They do not look exactly like normal humans. It is like they are a different race. They seem to have mental machines as well, like devices that interact with their consciousness in some way. Their minds control the devices. The beings themselves are light skinned. They also seem rather weak relative to humans.”
MONITOR: “OK. Let’s end the session. This is enough for now.”

CB: “Phew! That was a long one. All right, tell me. Where was I?”
MONITOR: “The sewage treatment plant in Fort Meade, Maryland.”

CB: “Huh?!”
MONITOR: “Only kidding. Here is the folder. Take a look.”


I open the folder and pull out a piece of paper with these words written on it: “Martians/present survivors.” There is a long pause.
MONITOR: “Are you OK?”




Later that day, my trainer and I talked at great length about Martian matters. He told me that he had an idea about the location of the mountain based on the descriptions that I and other remote viewers had given of it. He suggested that I look at some pictures of some mountains near Santa Fe, New México.


When I did this, I had a sense of inner recognition. Subsequent remote viewing by a number of other viewers tended to confirm the location. The remote viewing evidence suggests that the mountain is Santa Fe Baldy, located inside a national forest not far from Santa Fe, New México.

There are Martians on Earth, but one must think clearly about the implications of this before ringing the alarm bell. These Martians are desperate. Apparently they have very crude living quarters on Mars. They cannot live on the surface. Their children have no future on their home-world.


Their home is destroyed; it is a planet of dust. In the final chapter of this book, I review my ideas regarding how humans should respond to our Martian neighbors in this time of great need.

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Martian Civilization: Apex

Training has been going great.


Yesterday afternoon, my trainer had me remote view Monterey Bay, California, where I ended up peering down on a sailboat. This morning, however, the session is of a different type. He wants me to experience a session under Type 6 conditions. This is where both the monitor and the remote viewer are frontloaded with significant target information.

Since I was to know about the target in advance, I've chosen the time and place that I wanted to see: the Martian civilization at its peak. I wanted to see what kind of society they had before the collapse. (In a later chapter I describe the catastrophe that caused this collapse.)

No amount of guessing could have prepared me for what happened in this session. One of the many things that I was to learn from this session was just how important an experienced monitor could be when unexpected things occur (which is to be expected)!

Date: 2September 1993
Place: Training office
Data: Type 6
Target coordinates: 8587/7258

The preliminaries indicated that the target was associated with dry land and artificial structures.

CB: “I am getting browns, tans, and reds. It is sandy and windy around here. The temperature varies from warm to cool. I hear voices, music, talking. I also hear some type of rubbing and hubbub. The ambience of the place feels a bit like Old Town Mombasa, the ancient Swahili port city on the east coast of Kenya.”
MONITOR: “GO on to your Stage Three sketch.”

CB: “I have a road here, with buildings on one side. One person is standing near a round structure. It gives me the sense of a small amphitheater.”
MONITOR: “OK. Put that down as an AOL for now: ‘like an amphitheater.’ Move on to Stage Four.”

CB: “I am now picking up people, lots of people. I now see only men. Focusing on their faces. They have no hair and have larger eyes than humans. Their skin is light. There are houses. The buildings seem to be made out of clay or adobe. These folks are poor by current Earth standards, but they seem happy. It appears to be a harsh place to live in general.

“There is lots of water around here. These folks like water, it seems. They have basic tools. Their means of communication seem to be rather basic as well. This reminds me of Africa.”
MONITOR: “Put that down as an AOL: ‘like Africa.’ “

CB: “Focusing in on their minds. They do have some telepathic abilities. OK, I have located the women and children. The women are inside the houses for the most part. They don’t go outside much with the children.”
MONITOR: “Can you detect anything about their culture?”

CB: “Well, they seem to have meetings, sort of like village meetings. Let me look at the men again.”
MONITOR: “Let’s take a break.”

Resume one-half-hour later.

CB: “Well, I have the houses again. Going into one. There are three rooms. There is a toilet in the house. Folks around here feel this is a comfortable life. I see utensils, cups. A family lives here. OK, I have four people, male and female. I get the sense that these people are polygamous.”
MONITOR: “See if you can discern any type of symbol.”

CB: “Uhoh. What just happened? I have experienced a time dislocation. It felt like I was snapped to another period. It was sort of a whiplash effect. Things are different here. What is going on?”
MONITOR: “Don’t analyze. Just get the data. What do you have?”

CB: “I am staring at an insignia. There are polished white surfaces around here. I see metal around here, also grey and black smoke in the air. There has been an extremely rapid technological acceleration compared to where I was last.

“I see other beings here now. They are smaller, shorter. They give the sense of being workers on a mission. Wow, are they motivated. For some reason, speed and urgency are paramount in their minds.

“These other beings have ships, spaceships. They have uniforms with insignias. Some of these beings are pilots. I do not see any Martians right now.”
MONITOR: “Try to find out where the Martians are.”

CB: “That’s just it. The Martians are gone. They’re finished. The houses are empty. I am still on Mars, but it is a ghost town except for these short, advanced beings.

“The short beings have set up their own houses. They are modern, boxlike. There are technological devices in the houses. I get rooms, again modern.”
MONITOR: “FOCUS on the purpose of the shorter beings.”

CB: “They are here as the first stage in a larger project. I get the sense that they are packaging everything.”
MONITOR: “OK. Let’s do a Stage Six timeline. Place the apex [peak] era on the line.” Pause. “Now locate the point on the line where you have the arrival of the others.”

CB: I place the apex period on the left side of the timeline and the time of the arrival of the others halfway across the page to the right. My trainer has me spend a considerable amount of time drawing the insignia that is on the uniforms of the short beings. It is shaped like a Valentine's Day heart with a coiled snake in the center. The border of the heart shape is gold, the inside background is white, and the head of the snake is red.
MONITOR: “Good. Now go through your Stage Six matrix.”

CB: “I get the sense of two different types of beings. The Martians themselves thought of these folks as being of a different tribe of Martians, not necessarily space people. The Martians just did not understand.

“The situation was one of panic and despair when the short beings arrived. These short beings are milky white. The Martians viewed them as Godlike. I am picking up a red liquid. The short beings are using this liquid in some way. Somehow the Martians are getting packed up in preparation for some change. This is weird. It feels like the short beings are planning on the Martians getting a physical change in their bodies, and they’re being put in cold storage for a while.

“These little short folks look like Greys.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney. Let’s end the session. Put down the ending time.”




My trainer’s cue to search for a symbol sent me in a completely unexpected direction—through time—to an insignia on a Grey’s uniform. I have since had many such experiences. The sensation is similar to a rapid physical movement, but it is not possible to confuse the two. You feel sudden acceleration followed by stillness, and a momentary sense of disorientation.

At its peak, Martian society compared technologically to that of ancient Egypt. They were a people who lived under harsh conditions. But they could feed their families, live in towns, participate in community life. Men and women performed very different functions in that society. It was not an egalitarian society. Women stayed in their houses with the children for the most part.

Interestingly, this cultural aspect does not seem to have changed much today.

Martian society experienced some major catastrophe. Many Martians died and some were rescued, although I am not sure the Martians liked the terms of the rescue.

The rescuers were the beings that we now know as Greys. They arrived at the last moments of the collapse of the Martian civilization. With great speed, they somehow “stored” the Martians. Apparently this was necessary to preserve what could be saved of Martian life. I cannot provide a technical explanation, but the essential focus of the rescue was the preservation of Martian genetic material.

All of this happened millions of years ago. After this session, my trainer and I wondered how the Martians became “unpacked,” and how they arrived on Earth. Virtually all remote viewing data show that the Martians seem to have been genetically altered to enable them to live in the heavier gravity and different conditions on Earth. The actual alteration occurred recently, following a period of preservation, and is not yet complete.

We also wondered about the Martians’ technological advances. Today’s Martians have advanced technology, but not in comparison with the Greys. We now know that the Greys have technology that can enable their spaceships to traverse both time and very long distances, that is, distances on a galactic scale.


The Martians cannot do this with their spaceships—otherwise they would return to their own planet at a time before the catastrophe. Their ships do use advanced (by human standards) propulsion technology, and they can alter the matter phase of their ships, enabling movement through solid material.

From this session, we drew some very preliminary conclusions:

  1. The Martians were rescued from total extinction by the Greys.

  2. The Martians were delivered to the modern time period with genetic alterations that were not perfect, apparently resulting in the deaths of many of their children.

  3. The Martians have been set up with a level of technology that appears to be about 150 years ahead of current human technology.

  4. Modern Martians have no place to seek refuge other than Earth.

At this point in my research, I began to wonder if there may be a reason behind the Martians’ modest advantage in technology.


Someone seemed to have set things up with the potential for a major transformational interaction between humans and Martians, with each needing the other.

Recall that the Greys came to the rescue of the Martians only at the last minute. If one were to predict the future based on past data, one might foresee a catastrophic crisis here on Earth. Such a crisis would force humans to reach out for help from wherever it can be found.


Martian technology might be exactly what is needed in such a situation.

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