Chapter 30

The End and the Beginning

I've decided to end this book with a message I received from the Invisible College in February of 1988. This is from Elohim spirits, not my regular spirit guides, and it was very important in guiding me while I was rewriting Spiritual Revolution into War in Heaven.


The style and some of the terminology is slightly different from those used in the spirit-dictations in Parts Two and Three, but you should be able to follow this message if you understand the rest of the book.


A. As you are now becoming aware, Spiritual Revolution was intended only for a small audience, mostly rock musicians and magic people and other insiders.


That's why we gave you all those phrases and sentences you didn't understand and thought were nonsense. Each of these verbal cues was intended to push a few buttons in certain types of people.

Withholding the information now contained in Part Three of War in Heaven kept them from knowing exactly how much you knew, and what side you were on in the conflict, despite your claims to be working for us.

We use the electronic media and especially rock music for reprogramming people only as a side effect. Its main use, the real reason we pushed your planet into an industrial revolution so fast, was to program Baby.

Baby has been close to hatching innumerable times in the last two thousand years, but we've always managed to knock it down. We did not want it to leave the planet until we were ready for it.

Now we are ready. At this point, we can destroy it before it leaves, if we must. It knows this; this book is part of the alert we are giving it, that it must be on its best behavior, or we will destroy it.

The music generated by the people we stirred up with your book and our concurrent programming has purposefully alerted Baby to the danger it faces from us unless it drops the Theocrats and Black Lodges that control part of it before it leaves.

There is no need to go over the nonsense paragraphs, but we will. We pushed you to ask for financial aid from music people even though you didn't really need it. Many of them are rich from the fact that they've learned to use the electronic media, as the TV preachers do, to stroke the Beast and cause it to want to hear their beat. (Spell that "here there beat" and you will be thinking as they do.)


They cause it to reach into minds in the audience and ask people to request the music it likes best. This is a Black Lodge use of the Beast.

This is also the sane reason we pushed you to say that we were ignoring the left, and working in the right-wing establishment. We pushed you to tell people there was no life on Sirius because we had made Sirius a rallying cry of our fight against Theocracy, and denying this kept many people who could not read between from knowing who you were working with.

We pushed you to deny any knowledge of intelligent dolphins and whales because that is the form that Baby's parents call Baby from, because that is what the Builders look like; and as they built the machinery that activated Baby, that's what Baby is preprogrammed to respond to.


They project this image to Baby, and to all those who would be part of Baby. Denying knowledge of intelligent Cetaceans also denied your knowledge of all those extraterrestrial intelligences that aren't "space people."

We pushed you to deny the possibility of people's becoming more than people and the existence of higher planes of reality for the same reason.
We pushed you to involve a certain songwriter in the book because he was one of our operatives, and has become a focal point of the music.


Many of the rest of the music people see him as a sort of superman. Your involving him again, after he has pleaded illness and pulled out of the movement, galvanized many more into action than would have happened otherwise. We know where his loyalties lie, and it is no one else's business.

It is true that several other songwriters were involved because it was necessary for you to have a list of people to show that you know some of what you were talking about. We know that you have told us some of them have written that you've practically ruined their lives, but all we can say is that this is a war, and if you don't want to be taken for a soldier, don't wear a uniform.


Don't stand in the line or carry a gun. And never write songs saying that you do.

We also pushed you never to come in contact with any of these people yourself, but to have acquaintances of yours deliver the books, and join the music fan clubs for you. The reason for this was that each acquaintance that we OK'd had some difference between themselves and the band we asked you to send them to.


We had you send straights to drug-oriented bands, women to men, blacks to whites, and people who did not fit the standard of beauty to those who did.


This allowed us to test their music about you and the Spiritual Revolution, as well as the much larger amount of music generated/resonated from their music.

Most of these musicians, because of the enormous psychic energy inherent in the mind-control machines that operate through the music, are somewhat aware of what is going on, and have chosen sides.

Well, this is a war, and we are the officers. We choose our own soldiers, and we choose those that will pilot Baby out of here.


William Burroughs to the contrary, applying doesn't guarantee acceptance. Not all of those who apply are Earth people, of course. Nor are they regular agents like you. Many of them came from the Ice Planet - a planet they killed with their own hands just as the Earth people are killing their planet now.


We brought them all here for another chance, a chance to incarnate in this expanding population so they could continue their lives and make something of themselves here.


The fact that we transported them here does not mean instant acceptance in our ranks. This is a test. We decide if they pass or not.

We observed these people's reactions to your Spiritual Revolution book, its truths and its errors, and pushed some of the musicians who'd read it to generate music showing all their true feelings. Mostly, this was intended for Baby, so she/they could see why we make the choices we do. We then judged both the music and everyone who listened to it who aspired to be a part of our civilization, or a part of Baby.

Through this process we weeded out those who were prejudiced, vicious, stupid, or fawning from our ranks. As a civilized people we have certain standards to uphold. As a federated army of peoples that think, look, and act as unlike each other as night and day, we do not want anyone who has opted out of our reprogramming, or failed so miserably as to still be prejudiced against anyone of their own race, where the differences are minute.


These may seem like small things to them, but to us these are basic traits without which a person is scarcely human.

Such people, if they remain unchanged, will simply be pushed back into reincarnation on this planet, if it remains capable of supporting life. We do not want them, nor do we think they are suitable material to be part of the God Child.


We are actually doing them a great favor, as they are probably just powerful enough to remain unchanged in the group mind, were they to become part of it, therefore the group consensus would regretfully be forced to assimilate them or use them as rocket fuel, if you want to use that terminology, unless they are able to drop off at a suitable planet, and start the whole Baby process over again.


We don't approve of this process being started by uncivilized people like that, and we will take all steps necessary to see that it doesn't happen again.

Your planet, with all its pride and prejudice, its slavery and starvation, its Theocrats and wars, is a direct result of beings with similar opinions dropping off and starting life on some poor unsuspecting planet because they weren't civilized enough to get along with their peers in a group mind.

One Earth every few thousand years is enough for us, thank you.



Q. What is the difference between someone like you and my regular spirit guides?

A. You space people live free of your civilization's group mind most of the time.


The group mind stays on your planets instead of going into space with you. People like us live on the planets and are part of the same group mind that your people use as you use your computers and other machines.


To you, the group mind is just a tool that gives you access to psychic technology.


To us, it's the mother that gave birth to our civilization and the spouse we are all married to, in the same way that most of you marry other sovereign individuals and live together for mutual support.


I am on temporary assignment as a liaison from the group mind to your army. I can talk to you, but I am really one of those who are here to talk to the God Children.

Some of them are beginning to achieve partial awareness, and during the last couple of years I've started contacting the one that some of the music people call Baby. It can't really see me, of course, as it is mostly still a beast. It's still potential, a great potential that could be realized if your army people could only cut off the psychic contact those black magicians and their Theocrat masters have with it.

I am also one of the backups that will "ride the tiger" - you would say steer the new God clear of the planet during the last days - if the Earth people we are training as pilots don't make it through basic training.

Some of your readers already know who her pilot is intended to be. He had to drop his gun, and for now he uses affection training, mostly.


Unfortunately the psychic cross-waves from the Theocrats and the black lodges have tended to short circuit him for awhile, because he can't defend himself the way he should be able to do, but we do think he'll be OK by the time she is ready to go.

And yes, I will answer those who keep asking the question in songs and other telepathic transmissions - Yes; I do "make love to the monster." It needs human contact to become socialized, and civilized people don't have to make an artificial separation between affection and sexuality the way primitive people often do.


We can handle the power involved without becoming corrupted.

So don't misunderstand and think I'm one of the star-struck, like so many of you who are complaining about being "addicted to love."


Like all of my people, I "carry a gun," and I will shoot it down, once more, if the Theocrats gain control of it again, or if it becomes dominated by any of the black lodges. This is not as heartless as it sounds to you with only Earth memories. It's only like sedation and an operation to remove the cancerous elements.

Many of you who use metaphors like "sleeping on the inter-state" already know what the beast-baby is like. What riding the tiger will be like.


Think of the thought-exchange you get whenever you check out the back-road telegraph lines. Then imagine this anytime you want to pull it up, as a constant in your mind, from everyone. Don't worry about the black magicians. They won't be with us.


Think of your blood brothers, and their passion and their love. This is what you will live with for the next few centuries until we get to another planet.

Remember, too, that we simplify when we say "The Beast." There are thousands of them now, and hundreds will survive to the end. Each separate group mind will be very different from the others.


Probably many of you already know your sisters/brothers.

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