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It has been awhile since we published our findings concerning what we believe to be an army of immense size in the skies above. Many of you have written and asked why we haven't posted recently. The fact of the matter is - this is a very serious subject. There are so many out there willing to try and debunk or to write off these ideas that we ourselves want to be sure. I can now say that we are sure. We are absolutely positive, based upon recent evidence that you shall see below, that we are indeed on the brink of great change.

The following points are the major contentions to the previous findings:

1) The cubes seen in the GOES satellite images are equal in size and are uniform on the page, indicating that they are a product of the satellite camera or the processing.

TMG's answer: The cubes are not uniform if one takes a closer look. A close look will reveal that they have a field around each cube and each cube is distinctive within a group. There are some that appear to be close to the surface - some are very very large and several are similar sizes, but different shapes - rectangles, rounded corners, have height, etc.. The reason that they all appear to be one dimensional is because what we are seeing is primarily the fields of the cubes. In other words the view is in the eye of the beholder. Not a psychological treatment at all, but rather a trick of the view. And how can we assume this? Because we have seen them in a variety of cameras, at different supposed distances, around the sun, the moon, and in the skies above the earth. And now we have a movie of several of them moving in course together.

2) Our beliefs for why these cubes are here is too negative, we are professing doom, not the good tidings that these beings could be bringing.

Tag's answer: In our experience we have found that people either believe in evolution or they are creationists. This, of course isn't a profound statement, but when you begin to look at the details, the lines begin to be drawn. And this isn't even the beginning of the problems. The real problems come when religionists of whatever category fall out to their own separate beliefs. A practical look at what we are talking about could be the issue of Mars. Many Christians for instance do not believe that there could possibly be life on other planets, so they do not believe that there could be alien races visiting the earth. So the idea of life ever existing on Mars is difficult to incorporate into their belief system. Some believe that the earth is the center of all creation because Christ came to the earth and atoned for the sins of all creation here. This has been a common criticism of some of our past articles. The prophets of the Old Testament, many myths, Christ himself and other stories passed down through the generations speak of a final judgment of man. This judgment is always portrayed as a destruction of the wicked. The war that is to come, or judgment is not going to be a pleasant experience. Sheldon Nidle or not.

3) If there were ships in our atmosphere NASA would know and it would not be a secret. There are no conspiracies.

TMG's answer: This is just plain ignorance. There are many things that are kept from the population. Just take a stroll through American History. It is our belief that we have reached a critical point in history. We believe that the earth was a creation and that the epic of mankind has reached its pinnacle or climax. Further that there has been an opposing force on the earth over the ages, and that the earth has basically been off limits to other beings (even though some have broken that rule over the years). However, now there are others being ordered or commanded to the earth to partake in the judgment of mankind. Thus we have been seeing in some SOHO images, what appears to be craft firing beams of plasma at each other. There has been a war going on for the ages, it is just in recent years that it is coming close to home. We believe that many (not all) in our government know this. We as humans all think that we have our lives under control. This is a false belief.

These have been the primary arguments, complaints or contention concerning our previous postings.

Now... take a look at what we have seen with our own eyes... See with your own eyes....


This image clearly shows that the objects that we have seen in other venues are real. They are cubes and they are very large. Able to carry many many creatures. The distance and the size are once again the same has we have seen in the GOES satellite and in other images. So across platforms the size, shape and movement remain consistent.