Rick Coombs states in AMERICA THE BABYLON that he has enough evidence to show that America is actually the Babylon that is spoken of in the Bible that will fall in the last days. We agree with him on this point. He further states that New York will be the first to be attacked by this force from the "heavens". Again, we agree that the evidence is truly compelling. We found it extremely interesting that this symbolic event recently occurred in where else but NEW YORK CITY. Read on!

Shattered 15th century statue to be repaired

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

NEW YORK (AP)--Conservationists should be able to restore a 15th-century marble statue of Adam at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that toppled over and broke into dozens of pieces, the museum's director said.

The life-size nude by Venetian sculptor Tullio Lombardo fell after its pedestal gave way, Phillippe de Montebello said Tuesday.

"When your mission is to maintain great works of art, an accident like this is a deep emotional loss," he said.

The fallen statue was discovered at the Manhattan museum's Velez Blanco Patio around 9 p.m. Sunday, more than three hours after closing time, by a security guard who heard a crash. Conservators were immediately called in to survey the damage.

"The piece is enormously valuable. You could say priceless in that it is a unique piece," de Montebello said. "But the monetary value is irrelevant. Historically it is compromised."

Conservationists should be able to restore the statue so that only those with trained eyes would be able to spot the damage, but the work could take as long as two years, de Montebello said.

The statue, dated 1490-95, came to the museum in 1936 and is part of its permanent collection, according to the museum's Web site.

The statue of Adam holding an apple was noted for the purity of its marble and its smooth, elegant carving. A serpent and a grapevine on a tree trunk alluded to the fall and redemption of man.

Do you believe in signs? Is this simply a coincidence? Maybe...

How does a statue of very pure marble, that has been standing there for over 150 years, just up and fall over one day? Look around folks - someone is trying to let you in on something. Just listen!