"During the time of troubles, when the sun is between the earth and
Venus, i.e. from the point of view of Earth Venus is hidden by the sun,
the Watchers (aliens) will be exposed through the powers of
radiotelescopy and related disciplines will observe an Anomaly, and
as they focus on it they come to the realization that it is a strong
indication of a real UFO. The readings are caused by an instrument sent
by the Watchers to observe mankind.

The scientists and the populace will learn more about the probe and
the Watchers. But internal dissension will be created for fundamentalists
because the existence of aliens is not consistent with their worldview.

This will take place in approximately 1997 or 1998. The
Watchers are returning to mankind at this time because they are trying
to help him through gentle prodding and increasing spiritual love. They
have always kept an eye on us and have observed our growth and
development. They're looking forward to the day we can join the
universal community and help with their project in a way that's
unique to us."


Page 262 c4-28