Sleeping Abductees


  • Planets evolve thru fixed-multi-dimensional frequency scales that follow certain time cycles.

  • Earth Time Cycle =3D 26,556 yrs which are broken down into six smaller cycle's of 4426 yrs each.

  • Thru-out the Time Cycle Earth and it’s Anti-matter double change places/universes.

  • Matter-Earth spends two successive sub-cycles with-in the Anti-Matter-Universe & vice-versa.

  • The role reversal is done thru Electromagnetic role reversals & the shifting of the Angular Rotation of particle spin.

  • When Matter-Earth is in the Anti-Matter-Universe cycle, any physical creations/buildings etc are made up of Anti-Matter particles. This is likewise for Anti-Matter-Earth when in Matter-Universe cycle, any creations would be composed of Matter particles.

  • Thus when Matter-Earth moves back to the Matter-Universe cycle, most creation activity will remain in the Anti-Matter-Universe. Usually some remains/evidence of one planet will remain in the physical base of the other planet.

  • We can only fully unearth the remains of civilization, when the Earth is back in the Anti-Matter-Universe cycle (in which the artifacts etc were originally created). This is approximated to occur between 2000-2017 AD.

  • Matter-Earth transited into Anti-Matter-Universe in 13,474 BC. Remained there for two consecutive sub-cycles totaling 8852 yrs (2x 4426 yrs) and returned to Matter-Universe in 4,622 BC.

  • Since 198O’s, Zeta and Draco’s joined forces with a goal/aim to claim sovereignty over Earth.

  • Parallel Earth Systems are linked together via Time Portals.

  • Sometime Inter-Dimensional blend-thru’s occur allowing for objects/sightings to occur which maybe simply a Car/Vehicle or House from another time/dimension.

  • Balls of Light/Lightening are inter-dimensional activity residual.

Types of UFO’s

1. Covert Government vehicles
2. Inter-D anomalies appearing as vessels upon interface
3. Inter-D craft thru Time/Dimensional Portals
4. Human/ET craft thru Time-P with-in 3-D universe


  • Reptilian-like, little grey with black eyes. Different sub-species can be Brown/Blue/Silver.

  • Blue skinned Zeta =3D Zephelium =3D Administrators of lower Caste Zeta’s.

  • Zeta are not very skilled at shape-shifting and may use frequency modulation tactics to scramble brainwave patterns. Odd odours/out of normality may indicate this activity.

  • Carbon is toxic to the Zeta biology.

  • Zeta have tendency to appear as Angels/Saints etc playing upon core religious beliefs.

  • Zeta/Draco control interior/underground government.


  • These are like the big version of the stick praying-Mantis insects.

  • They assist humans with Zeta encounters.

  • Usually whitish or golden in colour.

  • They work for peace/brotherhood.

  • Superior to Zeta’s in technology and spirituality.

Ranthia / Rhanthunkeana:

  • From Distant stars.

  • Responsible for Crop Circles.

  • Guardians/Protectors.

  • Appear as spherical light formations.

  • Use dream or altered states to communicate.

  • Ranthia do not interfere, they must be invited.



2. Sleeping Abductees-2...

  • Not all UFO sightings imply live contact with other life forms.

  • Subtle contact (multi-dimensional) communications can exist with-in the mind of the receiver (telepathy).

  • Keylonta =3D language of light, sound, symbols and energy. It is structure upon which manifestations are built. Is the language of communicating thru time/dimensional portals.

  • The codes of Time-Portals and Dimensional-Lock systems are with-in the workings of keylonta.

  • Zeta & Interior Government have programmed the masses into fear and disbelief. Basically keep everyone in the dark and disempower the people. Do not give the people knowledge that would better direct their own lives, health and economic standing/protection.

  • Subconscious symbol codes are contained with-in the human DNA and these can be manipulated/used for implant of sensual deception.

  • Impulse DNA codes can be manipulated and 3D realities over-laid.

Holographic insert.

  • This can be for or against human development/growth. Currently used against us by Zeta.

  • During abduction, the mind-field is accelerated and molecular structure is slowed. Thus mind and body become split.

  • There are 2-types of abductions

    • 1. Abductee training/growth, usually soul agreement.

    • 2. Study, Experimentation, genetic seeding, usually self-serving.

  • Humans who have a healthy connection to soul, usually do not have type-2 abduction.

  • ET’s in type-2 abduction do not usually intend harm, but also do not ask/permission.

  • Their view is that, we do not care for our own well being as well as that of others on this planet, and we do the same to other races/religion/countries and so they don’t see any difference. (talk about reflections).




3. Sleeping Abductees-3...

  • Main goal of Zeta and Interior govt is to keep humans ignorant and too busy/complicated in order to disempower and not allow humans to work it out (wake-up)... ..makes things humans easier to control/manipulate.

  • Basically Zeta’s have a problem which they are trying to work out, and humans are one of their main resources/commodities/solution to their dire-circumstance.

  • Our biggest threat is manipulation and exploitation by forces we don’t even know exist.

  • Zeta have successfully interbred with human females and are cultivating these hybrids to engage earth in 400-500 yrs in our future.

  • There are two types of Hybrids.

    • 1. The Whites which are close to human biology.

    • 2. The Blues/Browns which are dwarfs, have no real intelligence and are just workers/ guard soldiers usually found in proximity to the White= Hybrids.

  • The ZIONITES are a Zeta/Human/Aethien breed (with positive Zeta’s) which work in non-violation/brotherhood. They are cultivated time travellers.

  • The TURANEUSIAM are considered to be the first human pro-type, genetically superior, first originated on Earth’s 5th dimensional counterpart planet called Tara about 560 millions yrs ago.

  • The Human-Turan’s were meant to be custodian’s of Tara, until a point of de-evolution occurred where Turan’s started interbreeding with other life-forms. Some left Tara to join inter-stellar brothers/sisters and rest remained. Inter-breeding caused genetic fragmentation which could not carry the higher-intelligence that was intended for the Turans. Basically all hell broke loose.

  • Before Turan’s were wiped out, was decided to try another experiment on 3D earth. This time the original 12-DNA genetic imprint would be broken down in to 12-sub-units. Each of the 12 was polarized. (12-Tribes etc)...

  • The Flood is a translation/slant of the re-seeding. Sodom and Gomorrah is translation of Atlantis/Lemuria on Tara... basically both sides of the battle have been involved with human training/development. One was to evolve, the other to digress/confuse.

  • Zionites were involved with ancient Egypt and Sumerian cultures.

  • The Zionites went back in time and gave humans the Silicate Matrix or Crystal Gene. This contains the full 12-DNA code.

  • Not all humans carry this code. For those that do, needs to be activated (also known as junk-DNA).

  • The BORENDT are known as the Hybrid whites, thru fetal transplants. They will in future serve as teachers/helpers. Have ability to link minds. Can be trusted as will not find them working with un-enlightened Zeta.

  • Un-enlightened Zeta are not “evil monsters”... They act in ignorance, they are a very fragmented race, in fear of extinction, trying to find a solution to their demise. Earth/Humans are just a resource for the taking.


  • Note: bulk-majority of Zeta are enlightened, working with brotherhood etc... only minority are in violation.




4. Sleeping Abductees-4...

  • Humans have 12-senses of which 5 we are aware of.

  • Zeta collapsed the time-portal surrounding their home planet, and are thus cut of from the source.

  • They are dying and hope to re-graft themselves by utilizing us.

  • The interior govt is using the Zeta for it’s own need/greed etc. with-holding technology/medicine etc etc..

  • Main goal is to keep the humans so distracted/fragmented, stressed and struggling with everyday life so they don’t catch on as to what is really going on. Tactics are side-tracking and de-bunking.

  • Holographic inserts are utilized by Zeta as well as interior govt.... main play is appearance of religious figures, saints... also plans are in for new-age themes as well.

  • Currently on Zeta have access to Time-portals and are with-holding it from the interior govt who are trying to get their hands on it.

  • One main project being co-implemented is a frequency fence to control mental and emotional forces.
    [sounds like “The Matrix” or “Stargate”..]

  • Renegade Zeta wish to severe us from our connection to the Soul Matrix source and replace it with a false matrix (can we tell the difference?)... the Freq Fence is part of this..

  • Memories will get replaced by false memories... sometimes subjects have a re-collection of covered up memories as these bleed thru. Usually they are regarded as mentally unstable, schizo etc etc..

  • When a planet/system gets blown out of the grid of it’s soul matrix, it system falls into digressing finite supply of energy and evolutionary' paths..




5. Sleeping Abductees-5...

  • Electric Wars occurred 5million y/ago and lasted 900 yrs.

  • The war was over possession of earth territories.

  • Some for study, observation and some for exploitation.

  • Beings who created the Turaneusiam (1st human proto), wanted to continue their experiments. So agreements had to be made by forces who had the power to reclaim earth.

  • Breneau =3D Solar Lords (G.W. brotherhood) were brought in to assist the factions who wished earth for further development.

  • Two factions are Sirians and Plaedians. In order for permission from The Breneau these factions had to agree to allow the Breneau to intervene if they did not approve of any of the developments taking place.

  • So development continued and again digresses and intervention was required.

  • So far three re-seedings....

  • a nutshell there are factions that wish us to fail... for if we fail, the Breneau/Solar lords will basically pull-out, remove their involvement.

  • One of the main factions are the Drakon. Draco’s are known as reptilian/human hybrid.

  • When we were a young developing species a freq fence was used to filter out hi-freq codes which we were not mature enough to handle, would have fried us... the Drakons poked a whole in this fence and created major problems... The Zionites had to intervene to quickly accelerate our evolution before burn out... they did this thru random injection of silicate matrix.

  • Dinosaurs were the Drakon’s monitoring tool... The Solar Lords did a couple of things, brought on magnetic grid shift ahead of schedule and wiped them out.

  • Human emotion is one of the main keys to figuring out inserts.... [need to get the book here as too much detail..] need to awaken to be safe... keylontic / DNA / Sound genetics are a main key.

  • Basically themes parallel “the matrix” ....wake up from the illusion ...crucial key years are 2012 to 2017.




6. Sleeping Abductees-6...

  • Where there are crop circles, there is ET/Inter-Dimensional Activity going on.

  • There are positive crop circles as well as negative crop circles.

  • Some crop circles are designed for accelerating/stimulating the local inhabitants, while others are designed to scramble/desensitize...

  • Primary purpose of a crop circle is to ground into the location a certain frequency band/pattern that affects all biological life-forms which can span up to several thousand miles radius from the crop circle centre.

  • There is a 4D earth parallel to our 3D earth, where the interior govt has done a deal with the Draco’s.. etc... much of what has been discussed, freq fence etc has already been established...and basically the humans there have all become programmed zombies...approx 3D year are 2976AD, but 4D is NOW!!

  • Main project is to disconnect this current 3D earth co-ordinates from this 4D earth time-matrix and shift it.. as this 4D earth when it kabooms will cause major problems in our sector of the universe... and also stop 4D earth from accessing 3D earth???

  • Why you ask??? well it turns out that 4D earth are planning to use the time-portals to dispose/dump of their nuclear waste into our 3D earth...

  • ..basically our nuclear reactors will melt-down/overload/chain-reaction..... our scientists won’t understand, will be confused as to what is going on as the amount of waste coming out of our reactors won’t add up relatively to the amount of power-output or source materials..

[Note: this book was published Jan 99... has this happened recently, yep I think several countries have experienced problems with their reactors...]

This pretty much wraps it up for Vol.1.... I may or may not make study notes of Vol.2. “Secrets of Amenti”... as it appears to be very involved/detailed with 3-times as many pages. I have left out some info as some of it may depress you... they hope we wake up in time from our rose-coloured delusions..

In order to continue with study-notes from Anna Hayes Vol.2. “Secrets of Amenti” there is some further understanding I need to make you aware of in order for you to understand some of the structure.

Some Notes from “Sleeping Abductees” as a pre-cursor to “Secrets of Amenti”... so you can understand some of the ideas.....

The Mind/Entity Matrix is structured into 15-Dimensions which are grouped into 5-Harmonic Universes. (3-Dimensions per Universe)

Harmonic Universe Matrix
Dimension Encompassed
Type of Mind for Respective Dimension
Mind Representation

1. Incarnate Matrix (Tauren)
Individual Mind (Personal Logos)

2. Soul Matrix (Dora)
Race Mind (Super-Consciousness / Collective Logos)

3. Oversoul Matrix (Teura)
Planetary Mind/Logos

4. Dolar Matrix (Avatar)
Galactic Mind (Solar Logos)

5. Reshi Matrix (Solar)
Universal Mind/Logos

Dimensions-16 and above are free from Space-Time and are known as One Mind-Creative Core or Cosmic Mind/Logos. It is also known as Geomancy (Yunasai) Matrix.

Ascension/Awakening =3D Conscious Recognition =3D Integration of SuperConsciousness (D4-5-6) with HU-1 (D1-2-3)

  • D1 =3D SubConscious =3D Data Storage

  • D2 =3D Instinct =3D Data Relay

  • D3 =3D Reasoning =3D Data Assimilation / Translation / Manifestation

  • D4-D5-D6 =3D SuperConsciousness =3D Creative Intelligence behind the Experience Templates and Manifestation of Identities in HU-1 (D1-D2-D3).

Harmonic Universe-1 (HU-1) identities have free will and can override impulses/signals sent to it by HU-2 SuperConscousness which are for the HU-1 identity’s greatest fulfillment.

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