13. Accepting the Unacceptable

I have spent nearly all of my life in an academic setting, and I have always believed in the primacy of reason and logic. Studying the abduction phenomenon has made me seem, to my colleagues and many lifelong friends, illogical and out of touch with "reality." Now I am in the extremely uncomfortable position of reinforcing their opinion, not only because I have found the abduction phenomenon to be "real," but also because I have become somewhat apocalyptic in view of its purpose.


I have come to the conclusion that human civilization may be in for a rapid, and perhaps disastrous, change not of our design and I am all the more uncomfortable because the reason for this change is the least acceptable to society—alien integration.

My conclusion that alien integration will soon bring about dramatic social change bears no relationship to other more familiar apocalyptic visions.


It has no religious underpinning like the Second Coming, no technological basis like nuclear holocaust or environmental tampering. Any of these rationales would give it at least a minimal standard of credibility. I am aware of my conclusion's superficial similarities to cultural constructs like science fiction or millennialism, but the evidence does not warrant this link.


I have not derived my conclusion from human thought or endeavor in any way, save through the conduit of memory. My conclusion is based on my knowledge of activities beyond our control, conveyed through narratives told by victims of its advance guard— accounts that society sees as irrefutable evidence of mental derangement.

There are those in society who might "admit of the possibility" that the abduction phenomenon exists, but most are not in a position to influence scientific or public opinion. In the vacuum of an acceptable scientific paradigm, the media have picked up the subject as a guaranteed way to generate revenue, and although at times treated fairly, it has become just another tabloid topic, competing with other bizarre and extraordinary events that seize the public's attention.

Our encounters with the abduction phenomenon have often come through the haze of confabulation, channeling, and unreliable memories reported by inexperienced or incompetent researchers. When competent research reveals the phenomenon, the revelation is so fantastic that it is intellectually and emotionally impossible to embrace. It smacks so much of cultural fantasy and psychogenesis that the barriers to acceptance of its reality seem insurmountable.

Yet, I am persuaded that the abduction phenomenon is real. And as a result, the intellectual safety net with which I operated for so many years is now gone. I am as vulnerable as the abductees themselves. I should "know better," but I embrace as real a scenario that is both embarrassing and difficult to defend. In spite of that, I must go where the evidence leads me. I have come to view the alien abduction phenomenon and its purpose as an asteroid hurtling toward Earth—discovered too late for intervention. We can track its progress and yet be utterly incapable of preventing the collision.

As much as I want to be optimistic, I find little to fuel hope for the future. In a way, I wish I could be like the Positive researchers, existing in a naive but happy dreamland, awaiting the coming of the Benevolent Ones who will engulf us all in love and protection. The Positives' beliefs, shrouded in their own form of spirituality, must be guided by a Utopian vision that is lacking in mine.

The challenge of understanding UFO sightings that occupied so much of my time and attention when I first began my research is now a distant memory. Then I treated the phenomenon as a giant puzzle, not realizing that the completed picture would be far more distressing than the optimism and excitement I felt in the act of putting it together.


As the pieces fell into place, an unease began to take hold of me. I realized early on that the UFO phenomenon was the only physical occurrence that we have ever encountered that actively dictates the terms upon which it could be studied. I did not understand that our inability to study the phenomenon was part of a calculated program to hide its activities and purpose.

The flood of information coming from the abduction phenomenon caused me to have epiphanic shock, much like the abductees go through when they realize what has been happening to them. Now I have insight into alien actions and motivations. The mysteries of UFOs "chasing" cars, disappearing, leaving marks on people's bodies, and so forth— all are routine elements of abduction activity. What researchers were hearing from those who had these experiences or even sighted low-level UFOs were merely fragments of memories, often distorted and always incomplete.


With competent hypnosis, what I have heard from countless people who have been abducted and taken aboard UFOs were complex, matching, detailed accounts all leading to unavoidably distressing conclusions.

When I first heard of certain alien procedures, they sounded irrational and illogical, but as I learned about alien goals, they have proven to be the opposite. Everything the aliens do is logical, rational, and goal-oriented. With the use of superior technology, both physical and biological, they are engaging in the systematic and clandestine physiological exploitation, and perhaps alteration, of human beings for the purposes of passing on their genetic capabilities to progeny who will integrate into the human society and, without doubt, control it.


Their agenda is self-centered, not human-centered, as would be expected from a program that stresses reproduction. In the end it is possible that it will be of some benefit to us, but if we survive as a species, the price for this charity will be relinquishment of the freedom to dictate our own destiny and, most likely, our personal freedom as well.

Through competent research, many of the abduction phenomenon's challenges have been met, many of its mysteries solved. And one of its aspects has emerged with crystal clarity. The aliens have fooled us.


They lulled us into an attitude of disbelief, and hence complacency, at the very beginning of our awareness of their presence. Thus, we were unable to understand the dimensions of the threat they pose and act to intervene. Now it may be too late. My own complacency is long gone, replaced by a sense of profound apprehension and even dread. We know what their behavior means, and now it is imperative to ask what the consequences of that behavior will be for future generations of human society.


Perhaps, the answer to that question will not be found until they have completed their agenda, but I do not think that we will have to wait very long. It has taken us more than fifty years, but we have finally learned why the UFOs are here. We now know the alarming dimensions of the alien agenda and its goals. I could never have imagined it would turn out this way. I desperately wish it not to be true. I do not think about the future with much hope. When I was a child, I had a future with much hope. When I was a child, I had a future to look forward to.


Now I fear for the future of my own children.

If you think that you may have been involved with the abduction phenomenon, I would like to hear about your experiences.


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