12. Life As We Know It?

The aliens continually refer to the future. They say it will be better for humans and aliens. When they impregnate women, they say the women are "carrying the future." They refer to the "children of the future." They talk about a "change" coming—a difficult change but an inevitable one. What we are seeing in the abduction phenomenon is apparently a process.


Everything that has happened to the abductees and all the aliens' activities are part of a process leading to a predetermined goal for the future. That process has been continuing for the entire twentieth century, and at some point in the near future it will end and the goal will be achieved.

Contrary to the optimistic predictions of the Positives, I do not like what I see for the future. And the more information I gather about the abduction phenomenon, the more ominous the picture looks. When the end comes—and it will come—what will happen to humanity?

I have had an aversion to addressing this question, preferring to ignore it. In a sense, it is easier and more comforting to listen to people's abduction accounts, try to make sense of what is happening, and not confront the implications for the future of what they are saying. The accounts are so extraordinary that it is easy to get lost in the minutiae of alien procedures and avoid taking a "step back" to gain perspective on where all this is leading. But in spite of my reluctance, it must be done.

The aliens have brought to Earth a highly efficient program of human physiological exploitation. The breeding and hybridization programs have intruded upon our world and taken control of abductees' lives. The aliens have explained to the abductees that these programs are needed to "salvage" the future. They have focused their communication with the abductees on the need to save the environment, on the need to prevent or at least cope with mass destruction, and on the benefits of The Change, which is the way some of them refer to the culminating event in their plans for the future.


But just who will benefit from The Change?


Saving the Environment

A puzzling aspect of the abduction phenomenon is the environmental concern that aliens and hybrids display. They say that pollution and other problems are destroying the environment and that humans have been doing Earth a disservice. If they are concerned with Earth's environment, there must be a reason. The Positives believe the aliens' environmental message. However, the conclusion that an environmental "cleanup" is uppermost in the aliens' minds is subject to question.

It is significant that the aliens almost never say or do anything to help the environment; they only lament its desecration.


For example, they showed Pam Martin scenes of devastation to cities and wildlife, which made her aware of human responsibility for the problem.

I get the feeling that there's communication going on now. What's he saying to you?

I don't know if it's something about getting past it. Like avoiding it. I don't know why they're showing it to me. I can get this off the five o'clock news. I already know this.... He says that this, had to avoid this, or this could be avoided, or this has to be avoided, or something like that.... I don't know, I just get the feeling like they think we're really stupid. Like there's something wrong with us. I get the feeling like, when he conveys that to me, that he's looking at all of us like a group.... It's like they're not blaming us, but like, they're holding us responsible.... I keep getting the feeling like we're supposed to fix this as a group. He doesn't seem to understand how it works around here.1

Lucy Sanders also received a strong message suggesting Earth was in danger and humans were the problem.

Now they have a screen in front of me. They're telling me something about the future. "What must be known for the future." I see a bomb going off. I see a crack in the world. There's lava coming out. I'm looking at it from above the world, and a big crack in the world. The world is turned and a crack came in it. And black clouds everywhere and bad wind. And people on the ground dead.


I see dead bodies everywhere. "This cannot happen. This will not happen. This shall not happen. This must not happen. Only you can do something about it. Only you can do something about it.... You must stop it. It is coming. We are coming. You must stop it. You must stop the destruction. Your good is our good."2

Kathleen Morrison's personal-project hybrid told her humans did not understand that their actions had effects beyond themselves. Although humans were a "hindrance" to the planet, he did not suggest corrective action.


During this exchange, Kathleen was looking at the stars from a UFO's window while her hybrid embraced her.

It is gorgeous up here. Reinforces how tiny we are, how tiny our concept is. In less than a blink of an eye, we are born and die. We have many opportunities to screw things up in that time though [laughs].... I'm in the full throttles of an embrace and this is wonderful. I love feeling his arms around me. This might sound funny but he almost talks like he has a love affair with the Earth.


How do you mean?

That it's one of the most beautiful places he's seen. That it has such an opportunity for peace and tranquility. And that man is very short-sighted into his own personal needs. It is kind of like he [the human] doesn't have the big picture. And in fact, we don't realize it but we don't only affect ourselves. And even when he's saying things like that.... It's almost as if he's massaging my brain with every word. I think maybe that can be also a part of his love of things.... It's like the human population is at a crucial stage of, we're becoming a hindrance to the planet rather than helping the planet. There's an importance of enlightenment. And I interject someplace in here, "We're not all like that. We're not all that way." My question is, "If I was that way, would I be here?" And he asks like, "What do you think? Do you think we would invest our time with someone who would not make a difference?" And that kind of takes me back. It's a left-handed compliment because he used the plural "we invest" rather than "he invests in me." I realize it's meant as a compliment but... and he can tell there's a change in me, in my energy. I don't know, I guess I stiffen a little bit.3

If the aliens are genuinely concerned with the fate of our planet, then it must be because they have some stake in it. Telling selected abductees that the environment is threatened is useless.


The majority of them will not even remember the conversation, and most abductees are neither environmental nor political activists. Moreover, concern for the environment appears to be relatively new on the aliens' agenda. Researchers can date the abduction phenomenon directly to the late 1920s, and family stories suggest its origin in the 1890s. Were the aliens concerned about the environment when they began their Breeding Program at the turn of the century? If so, we have found no evidence suggesting this.


It is most likely that the stratagem of environmental concern developed well after the Breeding Program was in place.

Seen in this context, researchers must treat statements about the aliens' environmental concerns with utmost skepticism. It is entirely possible that they are using these pronouncements to justify the Breeding Program. They may also be using them to lend morality to their activities. If they can instill in abductees the idea that the human race will destroy itself and they are here to prevent that, then it becomes easier for them to defend their actions and to solicit help from the abductees. Almost as important, the environmental message paints the aliens as benevolent, which fits in nicely with what many humans so desperately want them to be.

Is it not possible that the aliens are concerned about the environment because they want a clean Earth for themselves?


The fact that humans live on a sullied planet does not seem important to them, but that they might have to live on a despoiled planet may be intolerable.


Preventing Destruction

Images of mass destruction are extremely common during abductions—much more so than environmental images. Virtually every abductee has had to watch scenes of destruction. Tidal waves, floods, earthquakes, atomic bombs, and wars and their aftermaths abound. Devastated cities lie in rubble. Dead people are everywhere. Injured and dying men, women, and children cry out for help to the surviving abductee.


Abductees are led to believe that this is going to happen, that it need not happen, and that humans have caused it.

The aliens sometimes suggest a way to avoid destruction—themselves. They are working to avert this unhappy scenario. Their Breeding Program is the hope of the future and will lead to peace and contentment. They can bring about a happy ending to the horror.


Patti Layne had this experience:

And they said, that they needed some parts, some things from me and that it would help everyone on the planet. They said that there are going to be some bad things that are going to happen.... They gave me some pretty vivid images.... And I sat on the chair and they put this scope on my head.... They said that there are going to be some bad things that are going to happen. They told me terrible things would happen to the earth and that it would just blow up, and cities would crumble and mountains would fall and the sun would be black. And they said that it's bad because people can't stop being greedy and that they were doing something to help us, and I don't know how. I couldn't make the connection how putting something into my stomach would help us.4

For Terry Matthews, the catastrophic scene ended with happy hybrids strolling in a peaceful setting.


First the aliens directed her attention to a screen on which she saw a large explosion:

It looks like a mushroom cloud from the top. That's what it looked like.

Is it earth, or some other planet?

I don't know, I could just see the bomb. Just the explosion.... It was real brilliant and puffs of white cloud and I know it wasn't in my head. It was up on the screen.

What else do you see up there as you sit there?

For a minute I thought I saw armies and crashed planes. Armies, like foot soldiers marching forward and I saw a crashed plane and then I saw a field with nothing growing in it, not even weeds, just bare. Just saw a little girl with puffy cheeks ... standing next to a wall. She looks very poor. Looking very angry and lonely. It was just a flash image though, it was very fast. These images aren't very long.

Do you hear any sound with them?

I don't think so. Although with the explosion at the beginning, I almost felt the vibration of it even though it was just an image. It startled me though so it might have been just my adrenaline. I don't know, but I don't hear any sound. I feel like I hear a gray talking in his ... you know, not talking. Thinking. Kind of like voiceover.

What is the gray sort of thinking, or can you get a sense of that?

Yeah, but it sounds hokey. Like, "This is going to happen." That's not the words. "Inevitable," that's the word I hear. That's the way it translates. And I feel like I'm watching propaganda.... I feel like it's, like when you're a kid and they threaten, "You better be good or Santa Claus won't bring you anything," you know? That's the feel of it. But I don't know what they want from me. I don't know why they want me to see this.

What's the next image you see up there?

It was real fast. The first one was like as far as the eye could see, it was barren and dead, you know? Not dead people, just dead earth, I guess. Dead soil. No trees, no buildings and then all of a sudden I started to see pretty fields, flowers and ... hybrids.

What are the hybrids doing?

[The scene] looks happy.

The hybrids are happy?

Well, contented or ... I feel a nice day.

... What are they doing?

Walking, everybody's moving kind of slowly and peacefully, even the children. Looks like an [laughs] alien greeting card. That's what it looks like. It's propaganda, I know it is.... Just like it's a garden of some kind.... It reminds me of... the way they're walking in pairs very slowly ... like they're having a leisurely Sunday afternoon, you know? Like it's perfect or something. ... It's like a very huge garden that goes on and on and on.5

During Allison Reed's five-day abduction, she witnessed many scenes of devastation. The aliens told her that during a future period of human strife, they will intercede and save us from ourselves.6

Roxanne's Zeigler's experience ended with optimism. She saw army people in uniforms and then there was an explosion.

And then [I see] a bomb going off. It's like a mushroom. It's kind of, like everything's like turning black and white. And the color is > all gone. It's like sheer desolation. And a raging fire—trees burned, and . .. animals running. People with like black, blistered skin . . . kind of nothingness, just smoldering. And everything's all quiet and still black and white. The sun is coming out, and a vague whiteness is like covering the land. There's like . .. something I've heard before.

What's that?

It's like, "All's well that ends well." It's like there's this voice coming out of the sky, and this brightness envelops the earth. And the darkness is going away, and the desolation is going away. And the grass is growing. And there's some butterflies that are coming out. And the flowers are growing. And, it's like luminous beings. It's almost like angelic figures around and all in light. And the people are moving around and doing all kinds of things. And people are smiling again. Everybody looks healthy and strong. And children are playing games outside. The animals look content. And the forest is green. There are ships, lots of ships. And all these people are coming out of the ships. It's like people are greeting each other, and they're kind of like, okay, back to business, so to speak, you know. There are a lot of ships arriving, and people are coming out from the ships, almost as if some of them had been here before. It's like they've been away a while, but it's like they're coming home.

When they come out of the ships, how do they look? Do they look just like normal people?

They're not wearing the same clothes that we wear. They're coming out with like this luminous cloth.... But, they're all different colors, like all different races. They're taking these beings to, and it's like they're showing them around.... It's like there's no fear of them or anything. I get the feeling, though, that these—the ones that are still, still look alien—they still can't live here. I guess they can stay for short periods of time, then they have to at least go to their ships or something. But, there are parts of them that are with us because they have all these other people that are a mixture. Things won't go back the way they were—things will be better. There will be a lot different technology, and people can utilize their gifts. People will learn to get along better, at least these people have. There is more respect for the earth and all that's living. And, there is more love and acceptance ... more opportunity to realize good potential. The screen is fading.... This person who [is] standing beside me seems to be saying that, you know, "Don't worry, it won't be so bad as it looks. We just had to test your emotions." There will be changes, and it won't be so bad. They are not causing the changes to take place on the earth, but something's coming. He says that we need them. They have to make people like them that can survive in our society. We need what they have to offer. In other words, we might have an awful time trying to recover, and their being here will make things easier for us—not to be afraid.

Now, he says something is coming. Does he say what's coming, or not?

... He says it'll be made clear as times goes by. He says what they are doing is necessary. It has to be done, and they're not trying to hurt us in any way. But, some of the things may hurt—they try to take away the pain. They try to make the memories go ... because the memories give us trouble here with the people, and it's not time yet. But eventually all will be all right. It'll all become clear.7

The Change and the Role of Abductees

If these accounts of salvation are true, then the aliens' message is clear: After the catastrophe, whatever it is, takes place, the late-stage hybrids and perhaps the aliens themselves will engage in a general integration into human society.


As one hybrid told Claudia Negron,

"Soon all life will be changed. People will be different."8

Presumably, we will all live in peace and harmony. The environment will be healthy and there will be no more war or conflict.

Like the environmental message, the salvation message may have a subliminal purpose— a reassuring communication to be used before or during The Change. This suggests that abductees—the aliens rarely mention non-abductees—might have a more active role in the future program of integration.


These plans are revealed in a variety of ways.



One of the abductees' responsibilities in the future will be to calm people. They seem to be in training for this role. The aliens often have them calm other abductees during an abduction. For example, while Kay Summers was waiting with a group of abductees for a UFO, the hybrids made her calm the victims and try to keep them from crying.9


The aliens told Susan Steiner to get off her table and calm her friend Linda, who was lying on a table next to her.10 Pam Martin calmed her neighbor on board the UFO while he was lying on a table. She put her hands on his shoulder and forehead and tried to keep him from being so scared.11


The aliens led Kathleen Morrison to believe that when the time was right, she would act as a calming agent between people. She would, in her recollection:

make people feel good ... communicating knowledge ... bridging communications between people .. . creating a sense of community and wholeness, oneness. And this is going to sound strange because I don't only think it's people, I think it's also supposed to be ideas too. It's supposed to be to communicate how similar things are that look dissimilar.12

It is important to remember that the aliens are adept at calming people, and do so during every abduction. Teaching abductees how to calm people seems pointless if the aliens are present. That suggests that they might want the abductees to do it in the future without their presence.


The aliens sometimes require the abductees to help them with tasks. Carla Enders helped persuade a recalcitrant woman to breastfeed a hybrid baby.13


The aliens directed Kay Summers to put a machine underneath the midsection of a woman lying on a table; when she accomplished her task, they were pleased with her performance.14


Terry Matthews helped obtain sperm from four men lying on tables. She held her hands in a certain position on their genitals while an alien stared into the men's eyes.15


Pam Martin also helped obtain sperm. With an alien at her side, she floated through a window into a neighbor's home, and at the alien's direction, masturbated a sleeping man (also an abductee) who had been "switched off."16

During some of these helping procedures, the abductee wears special clothes—often a skin-tight blue uniform. Wearing the garb and helping the aliens can lead the abductees to have intense feelings of guilt and shame. But that is clearly not the aliens' intent.


Rather, it would appear, again, that they are grooming the abductees for some future role.


The aliens seem interested in rescue. From time to time, they will evoke the desire in an abductee to rescue someone. For example, Christine Kennedy observed a "town" inhabited by hybrids that was threatened by a flood. She knew the hybrid babies there would die if they were not rescued, and she felt sorrow at the prospect and guilt that she could not save them.17


Charles Petrie received the idea through a visualization that a colony of aliens was living at the bottom of the sea and that their cable lifeline was not functioning properly. He envisioned himself diving with others to fix the cable and rescue the aliens.18

In Allison Reed's envisioned scene of devastation, she rescued a baby amid the explosions, smoke, rubble, charred bodies, and wounded survivors reaching out to her. Unknown people chased her as she ran with the baby down a path to a white light and was finally safe. After that vision, she felt safe with the aliens and glad that she was part of their program.


The aliens told her, "It's in the future."19


Some abductees indicate that they themselves will smooth the way for The Change. They do not know specifically what they will do, but they think they will know when the time comes.


The aliens told Pam Martin that when the world changes, they will call upon her to help people adapt to the new reality.

They're telling me things of the future.... What are they telling you?

I can't tell if they're putting me on or what. This sounds really nuts. It's like they're explaining things to me, preparing me for a time when I'll have a lot of responsibility. But I don't have to worry about anything, it's like they'll be there to guide me, to tell me what to do.

What context? How do they mean that? ...

Well, it has something to do with teaching other people things....

They tell me people will be listening to me. I think I'm thinking with two minds because I'm thinking then and I'm thinking now. At the time I was listening to them, going along with it. Right now I'm thinking this is really nuts.

What else did they say you're going to wind up doing?

... Just that they're preparing me. But they don't say preparing me for what....

So ... you're teaching people things and they're going to listen and all that?


What will you be teaching people?

About the new life, after the world changes. Helping people adapt. And right now they're preparing me to accept the unacceptable.

Okay. What do they mean by "after the world changes"? Do they explain what

kind of change? Do they give you a sense of that?

Well, the world won't be like we're accustomed to it. They'll be here.20

Other abductees feel that they will have specific roles to perform to facilitate the onset of The Change when the time comes.


During a Mindscan procedure with an insectlike alien, Reshma Kamal was told that she was "one of them." When she protested and said she was not one of them, the insectlike alien told her "a plan is going to take place and I would be in it that way."


She was shown images in which she acted as a traffic director to help move panicked and distraught crowds of people through the streets to a central location. Those who were nonabductees would be confused and frightened, the alien explained, but she would not be. She was "part of the plan."2

Facilitating The Change may explain why abductees feel infused with mysterious knowledge. For years many of them have been saying that the aliens have given them knowledge but that they cannot bring it to mind. Hypnosis rarely works to recover this knowledge. The aliens tell the abductees that the memories will be recovered when "it is time."

In typical fashion they told Steve Thompson, an apartment house maintenance supervisor, something he knew was important but would not be able to remember because "it is not yet time to know."22


Patti Layne's knowledge was linked to a possible implant. She was told she would learn later what it was about:

He started saying something to me, but I can't tell you what it is. You can't remember, you mean?

I can't remember it. It's like it's a secret, but I can't remember what it is. Something to do with what he put in me. He said it would be there, something about in time this will serve a purpose. It will tell you what to do when it's time ...

Do you know what this means?

It seemed to make sense at the moment, but it doesn't now. It kind of left me with the feeling that it was extremely important, some grand plan.23

Carla Enders was eight years old when an alien told her something was impossible for her to bring to mind. Recalling the experience as an eight-year-old, she had trouble verbalizing the mechanism of telepathy and what an alien was telling her:

Like it's just not real. Like how can it [the alien] be talking to me in my head? And I can't really understand what it's saying to me in my head. Like another language or something. Like maybe, it's putting things in my head, and later I'll hear it. I don't know, like a recording or something. But that I can't understand it right now.

It's like it's storing something in my head, whatever it's saying to me. Like it's almost saying to me, that I won't understand what it's saying to me. Like it's telling me I won't understand it. It's not time for me to understand it. But someday I'll understand it. But it's still in my head. Whatever it is. Whatever he said, is in my head.

It's in your head at the time when you're eight years old? Yes.

She then visualized images of aliens dying. They were on the ground outside and lying on the floor in various rooms. She thought that other abductees in the room with her were seeing the same thing.24

Allison Reed was told that there would be many changes in the future and she would know what to do.

He's talking about the future. There's going to be a lot of changes. And there's going to be a lot of unsettling and turmoil.... I'm to understand that it's my cooperation with them is—I'm going to know what to do. I have a safety valve. I don't get it, I don't know what's going to happen, and he's not being specific. There's just something, my sense is on a global scale. In the future, I don't know how far. It may not even be, something, he's just letting me know that there's going to be something, and it's going to be horrible, but that I'll know what to do. And that I'll just know, they've been teaching me.


He doesn't use the word programming, but that's how I can describe it. They've been programming me— whatever it is, something's going to happen and I needn't worry because I have the information though I don't know I have the information and I'm going to know what to do and that all of what they do to me has something to do with preparing me, as well as themselves, for whatever this is that's going to happen.... Something is going to happen; it's going to be catastrophic. It's in the future, whatever that means, and I'm going to know what to do and that information's coming to me from my experiences.25

The unsettling conclusion is, of course, that abductees are "trained" and "prepared" for later events and it is in this context that the puzzling primary experiences of staging and testing can be understood. Some of these procedures may be part of the training program that abductees begin as small children.


In the staging procedure, abductees are required to participate in a "theatrical" production which is a combination of envisioning and playacting.


Susan Steiner witnessed another woman abductee scream and run around the room out of control. Suddenly the panicked woman ran into a wall and was accidentally stabbed by a sharp instrument protruding from it. She fell to the floor bleeding. Susan was told to go to her and try to help. Distraught, Susan went to the unfortunate woman and when she bent down she realized that the woman was actually a gray alien. The entire affair had been staged.

In testing procedures, abductees are required to operate special devices that indicate that they have received specialized knowledge in operating the equipment, or they are required to perform seemingly impossible mental tasks like viewing something through the eyes of an alien.


The aliens must have a reason for inculcating these specialized skills and that reason could very well be for future tasks.


Alterations of Abductees

Feeling infused with knowledge may be related to the common belief among abductees that the aliens have physiologically altered them and their children. Beginning with the "first generation" of abductees, the aliens have continued to abduct their progeny, which indicates that the descendant abductees have certain desirable qualities.

Abductees feel something was done to them that facilitates the abduction process, and this "something" will be "switched on" in the future when the aliens need it. Many abductees think their implants keep them in the abduction "pipeline," and that they may govern their behavior in the future. Abductees also feel that the aliens have effected some sort of neural manipulation that makes them different.


For example, it is common for abductees to feel increased "psychic" abilities—they "know" what people are thinking. These alleged abilities peak a short time after an abduction event and then dissipate. Sometimes the increased abilities are so intense that they frighten the abductees.

It is not unusual for abductee parents to say that their children have been "altered." Children sometimes say that even though they were born from their mother's womb, they "know" they do not belong in their family. Some abductees can point to so many significant differences between them and their siblings, parents, and other relatives that one can easily see how they would question their genetic link.

The evidence for physiological alteration of abductees is purely anecdotal, and we have been unable to identify those procedures that result unequivocally in permanent changes. The aliens are characteristically silent on this issue, although they have told abductees that their hybrid babies are more intelligent than normal children and have a somewhat accelerated growth. On some occasions the aliens tell the pregnant woman that her normal human fetus has been "changed."


Pam Martin's human fetus was removed and then replaced in her uterus. The aliens explained to her that "he'll know things that he won't be able to explain to other people."26


Is this true of all children who have been abducted?

Perhaps the Roper Poll provides a clue. The Social/Political Actives, a group the Roper organization included in the survey, answered positively in far greater numbers than other groups to all questions on the poll, indicating that there might be a larger number of abductees in this group. According to the Roper Organization, these people are "influential Americans."


They are the "trend setters rather than the trend followers".27


They are wealthier and better educated than most Americans, and presumably above average in intelligence. If indeed there are more abductees in this group than in other groups in society, then there may be a subtle alteration taking place, which does not necessarily show up in individual abductees but is manifested in statistics for large groups. That could suggest that the aliens are somehow altering humans to facilitate their agenda.


But at this point there is not enough information to confirm that frightening thought.


After the Change

The aliens sometimes describe the future after The Change. Courtney Walsh saw what she called a "propaganda film" on a screen about the route to happiness in the future.


It began with the removal of a fetus from an abductee.

It seems like a screen, but I don't know if it really is. And there's a picture of an embryo, and it's implanted, it's growing, and then it's getting harvested out again. It feels like a propaganda film, like, "Isn't this good." I get the feeling there's some beings there that want me to watch it. But I'm not really watching it, I have my head in my hands. I'm not really watching it that closely. It's like I hear them saying, "Do you think she watched it?" "Yes, she watched it." "Well, she wasn't really paying attention." "No, it doesn't matter, it already took."

When you look at this film, and you see them removing the fetus, what do they do with it then?

Put it in a little jar. And they move it to a bigger jar, and then they move it to an incubator that's as big as a baby. And it has tubes going into it. And we're watching it, and there are beings taking care of them. But it's like all so rosy and cheery, and the female beings are stroking the babies, and talking to the babies, it's just really happy. And there's a picture of a toddler—baby toddler girl—and you just get the feeling like, "Aren't these fine children? Aren't these good, strong, fine children?"

Do they show them older than that?

It's just so stupid. It almost seems like they show a couple of these toddlers, and they're smiling, and in behind them files [walks] like several aliens, and it's just so stupid. Their hands are on the kids, or each other, and behind them are older adult humans, and they have their hands on each other and everybody's happy. It's really stupid, I know. It's just really dumb. And everybody's smiling and they're all dressed in white and they're standing there and you feel like, "Together we're going to achieve" something. Something about "completion, or happiness." I don't even know if this is real. It's just so stupid. It's obviously fake. Even to me at the time. This is trash.28

Kathleen Morrison also observed a harmonious scene with humans, aliens, and hybrids together in an outdoor setting in the future.

He's showing me some real wonderful pictures. I think this is the way things are supposed to be with us together.

With you and the big guy, or aliens and humans?

It's a mixture of aliens and humans. It's all different types of aliens though, all different colors of humans. It's on a craggy landscape with rocks. It's smooth underfoot. It elicits a feeling of euphoria.

What is everybody doing?

Talking. Walking between groups of people and talking. It seems an odd place to have a gathering.

What else is he showing you, if anything? Embracing between hybrids and humans. Interspecies. Interspecies?

Embracing. It's almost like the grays looking at this as their, the feeling I'm getting is like of a wedding, everybody's so happy. [Kathleen added later that the women's abdomens seem to be very full, rounded.] And that this is good and enjoyable. I don't see any little hybrids or little children. It's not territorial. There's not a jealousy. There's the biblical statement that's coming to mind.... It sounds like, "And they looked upon their work and it was good." ... The grays are having like a matriarchal/patriarchal way of feeling toward what's occurring.

There are grays in this scene?

There are no little grays, there's only the hierarchy [taller] grays.... They're intermingled in there and they are fostering this and everybody's happy with this.29

Claudia Negron was taken into a room rilled with containers of gestating fetuses, and an alien told her that some of the fetuses were hers.

Oh, my God! Do I have some of these babies in here? Maybe some of them are mine.

Is that what he sort of indicates to you? Uh-huh, that's what he's indicating. How do you feel about that?

It feels so strange. I feel good. They are not from this world, bat

they are going to be in this world.

Is that sort of what he says?

That's what he is saying. The two species are merging and becoming better. To build a better world. That seems to be what they are really concerned with. Other things too. They have something else in mind; that's what they are telling me.... These are going to be special people. They are here for a special reason. But he won't tell me what the reason is. I want to know too much, I want to know a lot.. .. When the time comes, they will show me. The time is not now. He says that sometimes they let us keep the children and sometimes they don't. It's all on how they want things to be.30

Allison Reed saw a similar media presentation of what life might be like with the hybrids. She and other abductees were brought into a room with a large screenlike device, and she observed a beautiful park scene with people having picnics and playing ball.


Her extraordinary recollection is a profoundly disturbing description of the aliens' plans for a perfect future.

I see on this screen, sunshine, happy, good things. Good things. Things are good.

Everything about this is good. Everything about it is good.

What kind of an image are you looking at?

It varies. There's flowers, there's gardens, there's families, there's families interacting. I don't know. I can't tell. I can't tell.

Can't tell what?

They want us to see this and tell the "thems" from the "us's" and you can't tell. You can't pull out in these family settings like, we have a park and there's a couple families, you know? And there's ball-playing and they're doing some like sparklers and games. I can't tell if there's a family of "thems" or if there's "thems" intertwined within the established families. If they're the same, I cannot, I cannot [tell the difference].

Is this the point of it? That you can't tell?

It's like a challenge. "Find for me our creations. And for me, pull, them out of this picture." And I can't.

You mean that's what the point of the picture is?

There are hybrids there, there are people—I can't even call them hybrids anymore—there are people there that were not brought about through a normal human evolution and here we are. They were brought about in the process of many years of experimentation. "Find where they are. You can't tell the difference." / can't tell the difference....

When you say playing ball, in the ball-playing scene are they just throwing the ball around? Are they playing baseball or something?

It's like a beach ball.

Oh, I see.... Do they give you any clues or-hints as to who's who or what's what?

I kind of feel like that's the point. That's the point, you can't tell.... This is like a mental test and everybody get your pencils out, number one, you know? Where are the hybrids? You have thirty seconds to answer this question. I don't know. Number two, you know? ... Do you see a hybrid family? No. They don't use that word, far from it—our "creation," almost like they want me to find their created million-dollar family. And I can't. That's the way it comes across.

You lost me there for a second. It's like within the family you can't tell, and between families you can't tell.

Exactly. They try to. narrow it down a little bit. Can you find a single family that has one and there'll be an overall picture.... There's some over there and they're playing like with the ball, and there's some over here playing games. I almost see like blankets squared off and families....

Is there any sound in this film, or media display, whatever it is?

It's like a background sound of—like some laughter, like laughter but it's very dull. It's like almost off-in-a-distance-type sound. They're all white. Everybody's Caucasian, there's no Spanish, Black, Oriental.

How are they dressed? Are they dressed for winter, for summer?

Spring. Everyone's dressed. Men have pants on. Some have shorts. You know, springy. It's very pleasant, very nice. I don't know what the point is here but I can't pick out what they're asking me to.... It's very, it's kind of scary. I find it scary. But I don't even know if this is real. I mean, they could all be them or could all be us and I could be looking for nothing. But I feel it's important enough for my opinion that in this scene there are hybrids and I think the point of it is, I think they've achieved their goal. They've mastered the splicing and dicing, test-tubing, and they can fit in now. You can't tell them apart. They're proud of that....

Do you get a sense of for what purpose this might be—that this is being achieved?

No, not right now. What happens now is that the film kind of stops and it's all in color. And what I'm looking at is, like I said, there's like a blanket here and families and kids. There's a whole bunch of blankets, it's all scattered, and families doing things. I think each blanket represents an individual family, that's their picnic area. Like everything kind of stops. Now there's down here maybe it's about one, two, three, well, between a third and fourth blanket area I'll say, there's a man standing there. Everything's in color, it stops. And he's originally facing this way. He turns his head and looks at me and he's like black and white and that's one. And then it starts over there, down a little bit. There's this little girl in a little pink dress. She's got hair about down to here, dark hair. And the same thing happens to her. The whole picture's still but you can see her head turn, look at me and stop and it's black and white. Now she's in black and white. And they do this with a couple people and they're the ones that I missed and couldn't tell the difference.

Do they look any different when you see them? Can you suddenly realize, "Oh yeah, that's one," or you still wouldn't know?

There's only one way to tell and that is that energy field, that energy field around them but unless you can see it, you'll never know.

An energy field around them.

But you know, the man, the woman, the family he's with—they didn't turn black and white. And his kids didn't turn black and white. Only him. My feeling is she, of course, is not of them.

You mean, the wife?

Right. But I don't know if the two kids are just not considered one of them because . .. they don't consider the offspring of this hybrid and this woman to be worthy of the black and white. They're us.... Maybe because she wasn't a hybrid, I don't know. But the children, his offspring, are not considered hybrid though they come from hybrid stock. So anyway, everything just goes. The black and white color disappears and everything just goes to everybody playing. That's when I hear the thing about the energy field.

That it's the energy field that distinguishes them?

But I can't see it. I can't see it on anybody. But there's going to be a few people that can see it and will know. This is crazy. The ones that can see it or can distinguish ... those who can see the energy field and can know the difference and would have an uprising about it, then would be subsequently terminated. So there's a power thing. I don't feel experiment. I kind of feel this is not only going genetically and for that purpose, I feel there's a political power or motivation as well in the underlying scheme of things.. .. They all look so happy. They're healthier. You know, this is almost like a running commercial or a program, as though I'm an investor and they have this program and they want me to invest in it and they're showing me the beginning to the projected end. It's what I feel like.

A prospectus or something.

Um-hum. They're healthier. They don't know everything in this. They don't say it that way but there's things to be worked on. They just put it that way. That these people are healthier, the black and white ones. That they've not mastered everything, they're close to it. It's kind of like an all-around superior model.31

Allison then saw her own family standing in the park. She, her husband, and her two children were about seven to nine years older. They blended into the scene with the other families and everything was perfect.

A late-stage hybrid was exceptionally blunt with Reshma Kamal during a long conversation about what the aliens were planning to do. He provided another chilling glimpse into the future.

And he's saying to me that, "You know how you have memories?" And I'm saying like, "What do you mean, memories?" He's saying, "You know how you remember your father, your mother, your sister, the birthday parties?" I think he's giving me an example and I'm saying yes. And he goes, "Someday people who are like you will not have those memories either. They'll be like me." Like him meaning. And I'm saying, "What do you mean by that?" He's saying, "Don't you understand that?" I said no, or rather, I don't say no, I just shake my head.


And then again he tells me to listen. He says, "There will only be one purpose for you. You won't have memories like you do now." I'm asking him like, "You mean me?" He goes, "No. The people who will come after you." I don't know what he means by that. He's asking me, "Are you understanding?" I'm shaking my head like I don't. I'm asking him, "They're not going to take me away, are they?" And he's saying, "They don't need to take you away. They will come."


I don't know what he means by this. Again I ask him what are they doing.... He looks down and he looks up at me again and he lifts his arm up. He saying like, "Do you see this?" And I say, "What? Your arm?" He goes, "Never mind." I said, "No, tell me. Tell me. What are [the aliens] doing?" And he's saying all they're interested in, that no matter what happens at all, is that they control.32

The Alien Agenda

All the evidence seems to suggest that integration into human society is the aliens' ultimate goal. And all their efforts and activities appear to be geared toward complete control of the humans on Earth. Indeed, the abductees are already living with the burden of alien visitation and manipulation.

It is now possible to discern at least four specific programs that the aliens have put into effect to achieve their goal:

  1. The Abduction Program.

    The aliens initially selected human victims around the world and instituted procedures to take these humans and their progeny from their environments without detection.

  2. The Breeding Program.

    The aliens collect human sperm and eggs, genetically alter the fertilized embryo, incubate fetuses in human hosts, and make humans mentally and physically interact with the offspring for proper hybrid development.

  3. The Hybridization Program.

    The aliens refine the hybrids by continual alteration and breeding with humans over the generations to become more human while retaining crucial alien characteristics. Perhaps humans are also altered over time and acquire alien characteristics.

  4. The Integration Program.

    The aliens prepare the abductees for future events. Eventually, the hybrids or the aliens themselves integrate into human society and assume control.

The aliens have suggested that the time is not far off when their programs will end and they will have achieved their goal. Many abductees feel that "something is going to happen" soon and that the aliens have their goal within sight.


Claudia Negron was told that time is short:

One of them is talking to me.


What is he saying?

He's saying that I am helping them and that I should feel proud of that. They're happy with me, and that I'm helping them a lot. They say they need to do this, they have to do this, and that I should be happy I'm a part of this. They can't tell exactly what it is right now, but they will later. At another time they'll tell me.

They'll tell you what it is?

They'll tell me what it is, and they'll show me. They'll take me there and show me, but right now they can't. It's almost complete but not yet. There is more they have to do....

So he says that it's almost complete, but not quite, and they still have some things to do? ...

Well, I understand that he's talking about the future and that he's talking about them—their race. They have to be so secret about it. It has to be that way, otherwise it would never work.33

Pam Martin was led to believe that the alien agenda had three stages—gradual, accelerated, and sudden. The aliens indicated to her that they are now in the accelerated stage and she felt that "all this is going to 'go down' sooner than what people think."34


An alien told Jason Howard that it would happen around 1999.35


The aliens are generally vague about dates, but most imply that The Change will come, as they told Claudia Negron in 1997 when she directly asked, "Soon. Very soon."36


The indications are that this could mean from within the next five years to within the next two generations.

It is disturbing that the aliens and hybrids seem primarily concerned with the Earth, not with human beings; they do not comment on the preservation of life or the value of humanity or human institutions. They say they want to make a better world, but they never talk about partnership with humans, peaceful coexistence, equality.


Reshma Kamal was told that after The Change, there will be only one form of government: The insectlike aliens will be in complete control. There will be no necessity to continue national governments. There will be "one system" and "one goal."

As if to reaffirm their plan, when aliens talk about the future, they do not say what most abductees and researchers want them to say:

"Soon we will be gone. Our program is at an end. Thank you for your help. Once we leave no one will be sure we were ever here."

This is never stated. The future for the aliens and hybrids is always a future on Earth where they will be integrated with humans. They offer no other possibility.

There is yet another very disturbing aspect to the aliens' view of the future. When they refer to the "humans," they are talking about abductees. The future of, and with, nonabductees is rarely the subject of much conversation. They told Reshma Kamal that nonabductees will be kept as a small breeding population in case the hybridization program has unforeseen problems.


Allison Reed was led to believe that nonabductees are expendable. The evidence seems to suggest that the future will be played out primarily with aliens, hybrids, and abductees. The nonabductees will have an inferior role, if any at all.


The new order will be insectlike aliens in control (?), followed by other aliens, hybrids, abductees, and, finally, nonabductees.


What Can Be Done?

The secrecy surrounding the abduction phenomenon shows that the aliens have instituted an elaborate effort to prevent their detection. Detection, therefore, may be where they are the most vulnerable. If so, then perhaps we still have the opportunity to intervene. Yet so far, all our attempts at intervention and prevention have been ineffective.


Experiments to interfere in abductions by using video cameras and other electronic equipment have, by and large, failed to stop them, although they have sometimes decreased their recurrence.

Moreover, in recent years abductees have reported a marked increase in the frequency of their abductions. Perhaps this is an artifact of society's increasing awareness of the phenomena. Whatever the case, curtailing abductions—and their consequences—does not seem feasible at present. The program's longevity, the aliens' comments about its being close to completion, and society's disbelief in its existence—all suggest that its denouement will come before the public understands the gravity of the situation.

I have no illusions about making the standard plea to the scientific community to take a serious look at this phenomenon. UFO researchers have been asking for this assistance since the late 1940s to no avail. It is clear that unless there is a dramatic, irrefutable, public event, the scientific community is probably not going to research the UFO phenomenon—regardless of how important this subject is.


And even if scientists now decide to conduct serious research, it may very well be too late.

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