10. Independent Hybrid Activity

Independent hybrid activity is a logical outcome of the abduction phenomenon and the Breeding Program, and it has profound implications for the future of human-alien interaction. It involves hybrids who can, for short periods of time, "pass" unnoticed in human society, acting independently and free from the presence and control of the grays.

When I first encountered independent hybrid activity in a regression with Emily, I was highly dubious. The episode involved romantic sexual relations with a handsome human. I had never heard anything like this before and human-looking men making love to women in their bedrooms verged on fantasy fulfillment rather than abduction procedures. I then had little knowledge of adult hybrid behavior and I did not know Emily well enough to trust the possible reality of her narrative.

I have been fooled in the past and I was not anxious to repeat that experience. I told Emily that memories are sometimes not what they seem. I spoke about the pitfalls of false memories, and I tried gently to instill the idea that it was possible that what she had told me was fantasy. Emily was receptive to keeping an open mind about this possibility. Then I talked to the people at the Fund for UFO Research, the organization that had urged her to see me, and told them to be extremely careful with her testimony. I reminded them that confabulation was a common problem, and her entire story could be a rich example of that.

The following year, however, I began to hear other accounts of independent hybrid activity. Eventually, as with other parts of the UFO abduction phenomenon, this evidence became too great to ignore, and I had to concede that independent hybrid activity was a legitimate part of the phenomenon.

How does it happen? Late-stage personal-project hybrids conduct most independent hybrid activity (IHA).


Reports suggest that they can exist in human society for about twelve hours. And we find that most IHA takes place between male hybrids and female abductees. (However, this finding may change as researchers uncover more information about IHA.) It appears that most IHA is related exclusively to abductions but usually takes place in a location apart from the normal UFO setting. IHA events occur in a person's home and occasionally in a workplace. Sometimes these abductions take place outdoors, either at night or during the day, in an area where bystanders cannot see the hybrids.

The case of "Deborah," a thirty-one-year-old single woman, provides a good example of independent hybrid activity. She received a phone call from a stranger who told her to come to a "job interview." She arrived at the office, which was sparsely furnished with a few chairs and a desk. And when she sat down, the hybrid activity began immediately and consisted of a strange-looking "interviewer" asking bizarre questions. When the interview was over, she felt strongly that he might have had sexual contact with her. She went home with the knowledge that she had had an "interview" but could not remember details. Days later, she was able to find the building, but it was empty.

The frequency of IHA for most abductees is unknown. It is the exception rather than the "rule," but as investigators uncover more abduction events, more personal-project hybrids and IHA become evident. It is crucial to note that there is little evidence of hybrids being engaged in "normal" human activity—working at a job, living in an apartment, and so forth. When hybrids appear at an abductee's place of work, or even at places like a restaurant or bar, they have come to fulfill the functions of the abduction program.


They have not appeared because they are interested in human work and leisure.


When in Public

Late-stage hybrids strive to "pass" for human, but within limits. On board UFOs, one of the reasons that male hybrids are easy to recognize is that they wear nondescript beige or white garments. In public, however, they dress like humans, blend into the general population, and go unnoticed. They usually wear average casual clothes: The males wear jeans or khakis, t-shirts or long-sleeve shirts. Abductees have so far not reported them wearing more formal attire, such as suits, or more casual clothes, such as shorts.

Late-stage hybrids may also dress in military-like clothes such as one-piece jumpsuits that resemble flight suits. Because they look so human, it is easy to mistake them for American military personnel, and many abductees have linked military personnel to their abductions. Over the years, abductees have reported that soldiers are involved with the abductions or that uniformed males, sometimes in military-type surroundings, are present during abduction events.

Hybrids will sometimes abduct people and bring them to abandoned military bases, or even to unused areas of active military bases. Abductees will occasionally see actual armed service personnel in the process of being abducted, still wearing their uniforms. All this, in conjunction with the long-standing and widespread suspicion of a "coverup" by the American government, has led many abductees and researchers to conclude that the government is secretly conspiring with the aliens. Some abductees have even petitioned the Secretary of Health and Human Services to investigate the military's abduction activities.

In fact, there is no evidence that the American government, or any foreign military, is involved with abducting people. Abductees are most likely remembering fragments of IHA during which they were taken to military-like settings. They cannot understand these experiences and place them in proper context because they have not had competent hypnosis or information about IHA was not available to the hypnotist.

It is imperative to gather much more data on IHA. We need to find out why, for example, in public they often travel in unmarked vans or even in helicopters. Sometimes the helicopters are "real"; sometimes the abductee thinks she is seeing a helicopter but is not. Abductees have also described unmarked black helicopters circling their houses.


Clearly, most of these are real helicopters. Their proximity to an abductee's house is coincidental and they have nothing to do with abductions.1


However, some of these helicopters are a part of IHA. To complicate matters, analyses of some helicopter reports reveal that the "helicopters" have no tail assemblies and no rotors, are more circular than tubular, and make no noise. This is a "screen memory" for a UFO.

We need to obtain information on how hybrids react to human society. Occasionally a hybrid will express passing interest in what he sees in public. In one of Susan Steiner's childhood IHA events with her personal-project hybrid, the two of them walked around her neighborhood before going into a UFO. During the walk, he asked her which car belonged to her father, why people had plants in their windows, and what somebody lighting a cigarette was doing.


When Susan explained about the cigarette, he laughed and said it was "silly."2


Affectionate Hybrid Activity

Some abductees have relationships with independent hybrids that include love, affection, and kindness. Their considerate quality often results in deep bonds with the abductee.



Emily recalls having a romantic and loving relationship with her personal-project hybrid, who talked with her about their life together, the babies they were producing, and sometimes about the abduction program. A close examination of Emily's case reveals that the conversation was usually one-way—on the hybrid's terms. When she asked questions, sometimes he answered and sometimes not. He was the one in charge. He gave the orders and she took them. He rarely asked questions about her family life or work, or about human society and culture.

The main reason for his contact with Emily was reproduction. They had intercourse on most occasions, usually a minimum of two times per event. He would make small talk and say he loved her; he told her he would be back and she would be sad when he left. But to assume that he was insincere would be a mistake. Because he is a late-stage hybrid, there is every reason to believe that he had strong emotional involvement in the relationship, which lasted for years. There are also indications that independent hybrids are not monogamous and have several "projects" simultaneously.

Most of Emily's IHA encounters took place in areas especially chosen by the hybrids. For example, one evening when Emily and her friend Kelly Peterson drove out of a parking structure, they noticed a van tailgating them. After driving a few blocks, Kelly became so annoyed that she jumped out of her car at a red light to reprimand the tailgating driver. When she came back to the car, she was calm. She told Emily that everything was all right and that they were now going to follow another car that had pulled in front of them.

The three automobiles then went to an abandoned airfield that had a VOR (VHP Omnidirectional Range) building. Emily and Kelly got out of the car and familiar personal-project hybrids arrived at the scene. They talked for a short time with two hybrids and then Kelly and Emily went with them into a building for sexual activity.

When intercourse began with Kelly and her personal-project hybrid, Emily's hybrid took her into the basement of the VOR building where they talked and had intercourse. The hybrids walked with the women back to their car. Kelly and Emily said goodbye and drove away. They remembered nothing about their experience, but they were two hours late arriving at their homes.

Emily related this event under hypnosis. She said nothing about her memories to her friend Kelly, who also had experienced a life-time of unusual events. Then, two and one half months after my session with Emily, Kelly decided to look into her unusual experiences. At our first session, I asked her about the tailgating van. She was surprised because she had come to the session with a list of odd things that had happened to her, and this incident was not high on the list. She vaguely remembered being tailgated and wondering why she had gotten home two hours later than planned, but she remembered nothing else. In her hypnotic session, however, she confirmed all the details of the event—from being given instructions by the van's driver to her sexual liaison with a hybrid (she was unaware of Emily's sexual contact in the other building). Kelly also recalled that she had experienced a relationship with her personal-project hybrid over the course of her life.

The two women's accounts diverged only when the hybrids separated them for sexual activity. They also differed on what type of vehicle the personal-project hybrids had arrived in: Emily thought it was a helicopter, and Kelly thought it was an airplane, although it was too dark outside to see the details.

After hypnosis, Emily and Kelly discussed the event and physically retraced their journey. They found the location where the abduction activity had occurred—it was a NASA installation no longer in use. The road into the facility was closed and they could not investigate more closely.


Donna's experiences with IHA began when she was a young child, and by the time she was twenty, she was meeting with her hybrid in public. One such encounter took place in the summer of 1969, while Donna and some friends were on a jetty enjoying the ocean in Maine. When Donna separated from her friends, the hybrid suddenly turned up. He was wearing blue jeans, a jacket, and a t-shirt. His hair came down past his ears.


He and Donna hid underneath the jetty and he told her he had seen her in a summer stock play the previous evening.

He said, "I saw you." I asked him what he meant. He said, "I've been watching you. I came to see you." How did he know where I was? He had come, not that week, but earlier to see me perform, and he sat upstairs.

He was in the audience?

Yes. "Why didn't you come see me?" "I couldn't at that time, or the time wasn't right." Some sort of time problem. He's there right now and oh, it feels good. I asked him what about my friends, couldn't I introduce? He says, "No. Don't worry about them."

Do you protest or do you just not worry?

Not worry about it. He's there and that's all I care about. I can't get enough of him. It's like every pore in my body wants to open up and take him.

So you're not thinking how did he get here?

No more. He's here, hey. Oh, I'm lucky to have him here. Can he come stay with me? "I'm sure I could find a way to do it. I don't know how, but I'm sure I could find a way. It's not possible at this time, but we shouldn't think about things like that right now. We should just enjoy being with each other."

You're just sort of crouched down?

. .. No, we're underneath the jetty. We're sitting down leaning back into the nook of the jetty. ... It's slightly secluded down there. "Where have you been?" "I've been very busy." ... He has projects. Sometimes they have to do with people and sometimes they have to do with other things. There is something he has to monitor, to try to keep them at acceptable levels. He said that he wants to be with me more than he's often able to. He had been monitoring this area for a while.

So he says that you should enjoy each other while you are together?

Right. I told him that we always enjoy each other when we are together. And he's been a very good friend for a long time. I wish we could be together more often. Then he kisses me one of the those kisses—gosh—Oh. I'm getting real embarrassed, because he knows that I really like it and boy ... I could turn into a red-hot poker.... You know what? He takes pleasure in seeing just how far he can push things. He's really enjoying this. It's almost kind of fun. I start to laugh a little bit. And I tell him, "You're really having a good time aren't you?" "Uh-huh." "I know exactly what you're doing." "Uh-huh." "Well, yeah, Donna. Don't think I don't know you...." He knows that I enjoy it just as much as he does.... I don't like it where we are. I think he senses my discomfort. "What are you doing?" "We're going to go elsewhere." ... He sits me up real quickly, grabs my hand and says, "Come on." ... He climbs back up the jetty but he runs around to the side of the car that's in the street and squats down, sits down by the tire.... And I'm giggling and laughing. He's just being silly. And he's smiling and having a good time doing this. It's like he's playing commando-war.... And I'm just giggling and laughing and sitting in the street by the tire. And he's says, "Come on, you ready?" "Ready? Where are we going?" "Just run with me." We run across the street and into this little park thing that's over on the other side of the street. We're there. ... I trip as I go past a bush. I trip and I go flying to the ground. He says, "Some dancer you are, can't keep your feet under you." And I'm laughing on the ground. He takes his hand and he shushes me up and he rolls on the ground too. And we're both kind of laughing and giggling and he's trying to get me to hush up. And when he does that, the more I'm laughing. The grass is wet. And he stops laughing. And he asked me how I've been keeping my body. I said, "It's the same as it always had been. Just there." He says he has to check. I want to know what he's going to check for. He's going to check to make sure I've been keeping it up the right way. I asked him, why now, would he be interested in my body. What did he think he did, own it? Now he's the one who's laughing. He said, "In a way." Now I'm going to show him so I'm going to try to get up. He doesn't let me up. I'm pushing. I'm trying to get up. "This is my body, it's not yours." And he said, "Yes, but you let me visit every once in a while." Then he gives me one of those long looks. I can feel myself melting.

He looks into your—

Into my eyes... . Yeah, he's straddled over my stomach when I tried to get up and he came very close and looked at me. Then he came even closer and gave me one of those long kisses. You feel your brain exploding and your toes tingling and everything in between absolutely—firecrackers! Oh. It goes into every little nook and cranny in your body.... My stomach starts to tighten up. All the muscles in my stomach, my back starts to arch up, my head starts to throw back. And it's just, it just builds on that stare and that look. It just—Ahh. He slides off to my side and is sitting on his hip. And says, "Well I thought you were going somewhere." I just kind of yawn a little bit. Stretch. "No, think I'll stay here." "Did you like that?" "Yes." "Would you like for me to do that again?" "Yes." "Should I do it again?" "Yes." I feel like it comes back over my body. The feeling is like that of almost being crushed. Extreme pressure.... It's like he's pushing down as hard as he can. And his hand has come inside my shirt, on my back. He kisses me and then he leans back over to the side. His hand is fondling my body. But he didn't stop kissing me. He asked me if I want to be closer. Should he leave something with me? If he wants to. I feel like I'm floating. ... I had on pants and I had on a t-shirt and a light jacket. I put on the pants because it started to get chilly at that time. I can feel his hand against my stomach. ...

His hand is on your stomach and his body would have to be raised?

And my pants are open.... But he's wearing jeans?

Uh-huh. Yeah. You can get around that.... [I feel] kind of swept away, kind of floaty and goofy and all of a sudden—"cutchewme!"

All of sudden, what was that?

Oh. Translate "cutchewme." All of a sudden you are wrapped up in the whole act and you're so floaty. It's almost like you were inebriated, but not inebriated. You're not in total contact with your body but with the stimulation inside. The difference between this and normal sex is that a lot of normal sex is external stimulation and this is housed completely from the core and radiates out. Everything is on "absolute"—such a heightened awareness from internal stimulation, but yet you're kind of floating in it. The welling of it is just, it's not even in just waves, it's in a crescendo. It's almost an oscillating crescendo. I can feel it all the way down to the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hands. Even that is almost electrified. ... When he turns it on, it's not just the mental stimulation, there is something with this kiss that goes on even beyond that.... It feels like I'm going to pass out at any moment if he takes it too far. I'm just gone.... And you know when it really got turned on, even higher? When he said about leaving something with me. Then it went from a high level to an explosion. This is totally and absolutely, this is the apex of a kinesthetic experience.... He "does his thing" and he stays there for a little bit. He pushes my hair back. I've got very long hair. He pushes my hair back and then he holds my head in his hands, and he looks at me and I get very sleepy. When I, kind of, come to, everything is back on.

Your pants are back on, your shirt is tucked in?

It's pulled over.. .. And when I wake up he's behind me and holding me. He's holding me close.

Is your head on the grass or is it on his lap or—?

It's on his arm. And his leg is up around my body, he's cradling, kind of.

Does he have a normal sexual response? Does he do everything the way you want, you would expect?

No, he's much cooler. He's much more in control. He's very deliberate, and conserves energy. Very targeted. Very focused. It's almost like his interior is highly concentrating on—it's more than the act, but it's like a goal; that he has something that he's aspiring to. Maybe that's a better way to put it.... I guess, very biasedly, I'd like to say that he is enjoying it. But it almost becomes, after a certain point, it becomes businesslike....

Does he say anything to you then?

Mostly I'm just making sounds like "hmm." With each sound I make he tends to contract just a little bit around me. It's like a hug and a hold and an embrace. He'll try to be back soon. He has a better chance of being back soon now.

... He can come and see you more often now?

I say, "Don't you need to go?" And he said, "No, don't. Just lie here with me for awhile." I say, "I like to hold you. I like to feel you near me." I just get this real feeling of empathy for him, and I just kind of slide around and down on my back and um, say, "Let me hold you."

Does he want that?

He does. He does it, whether he wants it or not, I don't know, but I think that he is enjoying it. I get the feeling that this is the type of thing that he misses.... It's a hard question. "If you could come with me would you?"

He asks you that?

He asks, but I also ask him, "If you could stay, would you?" I know it can't be. [He says] something to the effect of, "You must carry me with you, or carry me with you, or have me with you." ... I tell him that he's like a moonbeam in my life, and that I remember how he feels. He says I should hold that feeling all that time and that he's always with me, [that] I don't always know when he's watching me; he watches me more than I know, and I need to look at the stars, that when he's like this he doesn't want to go back, but he must.... "You're part of my purpose but not my work." ... At that point we sit up. "It will be soon. Keep me in your spirit, in your being. Enjoy where you are, what you're doing." I guess he knows that I am enjoying what I'm doing that summer.... And we go and stand pretty much near where I was. He stands behind me and puts his arms around me. He said, "Let's look at the moon together." Then his hands go up to my shoulders. And I turn around and look at him one more time. And he gives me a very gentle kiss, not the other ones. A very gentle kiss. Then he just takes a couple of steps backward. And there's a half-smile on his face. The next thing I know I'm turning around facing the moon.

Do you see him go away?

I guess so. I see him disappear. That way. Up and away.3

Years later, Donna became pregnant, and when she was in the hospital after what appeared to be a miscarriage, her hybrid visited her. The miscarriage had occurred under mysterious circumstances. There was no blood or expulsion of fetal remains, and the hybrid indicated to her that it might not have been a miscarriage. He came into her room wearing hospital whites.


"Don't worry. Everything is as it should be," he told her. Donna objected, saying that a miscarriage is not the way it should be. He put his hand on her head and she had an overwhelming sense of relief. He then stared into her eyes to see if she was well. He told her that she was "important" and necessary for the fulfillment of his task. He was glad they could continue to work together.


She was irritated and asked "Why?" He said it had such extensive ramifications that she could not comprehend completely. And, besides, it gave them an opportunity to be together. They were given a "special existence" together; it was a gift that he can see her so often. He told her that he has a link to her that is not activated with other coexisting projects.4

Donna was always happy to see her hybrid, and he said he was always happy to see her. When they were together, they talked about how they were happy to be together, and how they would be together in the future. Donna's sexual relationship with the hybrid slowed after she had a hysterectomy, but he still visits her occasionally.


They hug and kiss, and even some sexual activity takes place, but this is now rare.

Abusive Hybrid Activity

The women who have had pleasurable contacts with hybrids are the lucky ones. Other women have experienced ominous and difficult relationships with them. Even the romantic hybrids can suddenly display anger and malice.


Intentional cruelty is an important component of hybrid interaction with abductees—especially in sexual situations.



When Emily's marriage was in trouble, she flirted with another man and thought about entering into a sexual relationship with her new admirer. This brought strong and stern warnings from her hybrid, who was usually the romantic type. In reaction to Emily's new love interest, her hybrid was angry and vengeful. During an abduction, he threatened to turn her over to the gray aliens whom she hated, and he even punished her by including her would-be paramour in a staging incident.


The hybrid "placed" Emily's friend in the hallway near her. When she saw him, she broke away from the hybrid and rushed to her friend, begging him to help her and to try to get her out of there. As she clutched him, she realized it was not her friend, but one of the gray alien "doctors" whom she despised and feared so much. Emily was horrified, but the hybrid laughed.


He said he could do anything he wanted to her and this was just another warning to stay away from her friend.

One could explain this episode as the anguish of a jealous lover, and it might be that. However, it is critical to know that Emily's husband had had a vasectomy and could not deposit sperm. Therefore, a more probable reason for the hybrid's reaction is that he could not allow another man's sperm to intrude upon his private reproductive preserve.


During the next several abductions, he forcefully reiterated that Emily should have nothing to do with her friend. Eventually she broke off with her friend and divorced her husband. She has since remarried and moved to another state. It is not known what her relationship with her personal-project hybrid has been since then.


Other abductees have had experiences with personal-project hybrids that go far beyond anger. Some hybrids demonstrate such cruelty that their "projects" live in fear of being subjected to it again. Deborah's case is a good example of an abusive relationship in which the hybrid rules through fear, intimidation, and punishment. During one abduction, she found herself on the kitchen floor with a familiar hybrid standing near her.


She responded as she always did, by adopting the attitude that anything he did to her did not matter.

And he starts dancing around my living room and kitchen. He's twirling around, dancing. The way he's twirling reminds me of what I see at [Grateful] Dead concerts. He looks like he's high on something. ...

Does he say anything?

He's laughing. And he comes over real close to me and he says, "Look! Look! I'm here. I can come here whenever I want to. You're never, ever going to be safe." ... He looks at me and he says, "Look what I can do," and I look over to where he's looking. There's like a fire burning in my kitchen. I tell him I don't believe there's a fire there. He says, "Oh, but there is. You feel the heat against your face." ... He does a sweep with his hands around the kitchen and says, "This is all mine. You think you own this but you don't." He says I can take any of this at a minute's notice. He comes over to me and he says, "I can also fuck you at a minute's notice, and you'll do exactly as I say." And he's right. I feel this fear starting inside of me. Nothing really matters anyway. I tell him he can do whatever he wants because I really don't care.... But I should care, I should not want it. But I just don't care. He comes over and he spreads my legs apart on the floor. He's on his hands and knees in front of me. And he says to me, "I'll remember that you don't care I'm coming." He lifts my shirt and says, "Nice tits." Puts it down.. .. And leans on me and licks my face. And then he pulls me in to the living room. ... He tells me to look around. He says, "I can destroy your life any time I want, just look at this." He goes and starts dancing on my table. I hear his laughter. He keeps saying, "Remember me!" I put my hands over my ears, like it really matters. And he says, "I can even walk out your front door and no one will know the difference. I'm going to do that right now—I'm walking out your front door." He comes over to me and he says, "I'm one of you. I'm coming back." He starts laughing again. He says, "I'm off. Remember me." Then he laughed, and said, "Maybe I'll go across the street and buy something. They'll never know the difference." That's when I start crying.

What else does he do?

That's all. Then he leaves....

How is he dressed?

Jeans, coat, tennis shoes. His coat is royal blue.

Does he have on an undershirt?

His coat is zipped up. But he actually has blue jeans on. I've never seen them with blue jeans on.

Do you know what kind they are?

I just don't notice it. I feel like I'm not safe in the apartment He can come any time he wants.... I start sobbing....

And where is he?

He went out toward my front door, I'm assuming he did what he said.

Did you hear the door open and close?


Guilt, intimidation, and death are common themes in Deborah's IHA events. The hybrids continually threatened her with death. They pointed weapons at her and held a knife to her throat. She would come back from these events with wounds and bruises on her body, such as a broken collarbone, trauma to her face, a torn Achilles tendon, and a sprained wrist.

Deborah's personal-project hybrid first had intercourse with her when she was seven years old, and the sexual contact continued over the years with him and with other hybrids. He usually did not batter her (other hybrids did that), but in one instance he tried to get her to react emotionally to his activities. She refused, placing herself in a neutral, dissociated state, so that she would not have to contend with the fear and terror of the event.


She was sitting on the floor in her home with the angry personal-project hybrid standing next to her.

He slaps me. He hits me. He's never done that before. He pushes me against the wall... . I'm feeling empty inside. I don't struggle. He has his hand under my chin. He tells me he can break my neck if he wants to. When I don't respond, he says, "So that doesn't seem to bother you," and he pulls my hair. And he says, "So you like this type of treatment, huh?" And he tells me that nothing is holding me back. I don't struggle. I am not afraid. I tell him I don't care. And he says, "Oh, so you like this huh? Do you want me to do this?" He says, "Just say 'No,' and I'll stop it." I don't say anything. "Just say 'No,' and I'll stop this." I just start imagining that I'm not there. I keep on hearing him yelling. He pushes me to the floor. He's standing over me and I'm lying down. He says, "I'm in total control." And he tells me that I can scoot away if I want and I have full capabilities. So he says, "What do you want?" I tell him I don't care.... He says I'm in total control, meaning me. That the grays aren't in control, but he is. So he says, "What do you want?" I tell him I don't care. He still has his clothes on, he's wearing his t-shirt and he squats down on my legs and, and he says, "How come you aren't struggling? I know you don't want this, why aren't you struggling?" He says, "I know you're affected."

And I told him it doesn't matter what I want. He gets so angry, he hits me.... He hits me with his fist.. . . He hits me full force on my jaw. And he says, "So you like that, huh? After all I've done for you, this is how you treat me? I'm feeling pretty angry. I'll show you what I mean." He stands up, and he starts undressing. He takes off his shirt and it's like I don't try to get away. "You're allowed to go. I'm not stopping you." I just lie there. I'm able to move, so it's not that I am unable to move.

But you're not playing his game.

I don't care. He kneels over me. He says, "You little bitch, you like this type of treatment, huh?"

I'm just looking up. Not looking at him; imagining a lot of other things.

What is he doing?

He's on top of me. He's hurting me. He keeps on yelling at me. "You selfish bitch, all you think about is yourself." While he's doing it.... It hurts!... Everything inside hurts.... My jaw still hurts from when he hit me.... I imagine that I'm not there, that I'm back at home. I don't struggle. In a while he's done with me. He just sort of stops. He seems really disgusted with me. He says, "You really liked that, didn't you? Do you want me to do it again?" I don't respond. It seems like I heard him but he wasn't there. And he's squeezing my shoulders. He yells at me, "Didn't you hear me, bitch? Do you want me to do it again?" And he stands up and he tells me to get off the floor, that he wasn't going to satisfy me by doing it.

... So he stands up, says he's not going to do it again ... what does he do next? Puts on his clothes.6



Five hybrids of different stages accosted Laura in her room one night. They did not like the fact that she was using electronic instruments to detect their presence—at least that was the excuse they used. She remembered that they had acted this way in the past, even before she was aware of her abductions.

She was lying next to her husband when the independent hybrid activity began.

There's like five of them coming in from the foot of my bedroom.... And they're coming in fast. They're not gray ones. There's one that looks, it looks like it's more gray. But it's still a hybrid that's white. The one looks really close to being human.... He's got long hair almost like [my husband] Ed's.... I think they came in a clump. I was like on my side. The foot of the bed is down there—I was looking down. I must've turned my head and been looking down, because there's ... I don't think there's five of them. They came in a cluster, but the one is coming up ahead.

He doesn't look happy. He looks mean.... God, he's on top of me. Ed is lying right next to you? Mm-hmm. There's nothing I can do. Well, was this guy wearing anything originally?

... He's got nothing on him.... I'm looking over toward my bedroom door, 'cause three of them are going in, they're going into the kids' room. My kids are going to see this shit.

How do you know?

'Cause they're standing near the door.

The kids are standing in the doorway looking at you?


While he's on top of you?

Yeah.... I'm being told this is going to happen to my kids. If I keep this up, it's going to happen to my kids. If you keep ... keep this up? Keep what up? The [detector] and fighting back. Well, he's on top of you. Is this a full-fledged business, in other words, is this just a demonstration, or does he just—? I don't know, it's everything. I'm wishing I was dead. I see ... he gets off of me and there's another one coming over. I can see that first one going over to [my daughter] Janey. Oh, God. The first one who just got up from you? • ' Mm-hmm. What's he doing with Janey? He's telling me he's going to make her do things if I don't stop. Oh, damn! Does Janey react to this or... just stand there and absorb it? She's just real confused.... And what's [the other one] up to?

I can't tell you. I can't. Oh, shit! Oh, God. I'm down alongside my bed on my knees. I'm doing oral sex on this son of a bitch!... Now, this is what they're going to make Janey do if I don't stop this. And probably the other ones. I feel such shame.

... Now the other three kids are watching this also?


Does this proceed all the way as well, or is it just a demonstration?

No, no, it proceeds. God!

Does this guy say anything, or is it just the main guy who's talking, the first guy?

He's not saying anything, but I can sense his anger. He can be so mean.

What happens when he's finished?

I'm standing up. They're shuffling all the kids back into their room. The first one is right in my face. He's really angry. I'm not going to do anything. I don't want to do anything to make them angry again.

How does he express his anger to you?

It's inside my head—I just know. He said they're going to hurt my kids.7


Beverly's experiences were similar. On one occasion, three hybrids, whom she had encountered before, came into her room, took her out of bed, and began a night of sexual intimidation and terror.

First they made Beverly remember a conversation with a trusted confidante during her adolescence. The confidante had told her not to give her body away unless she was sure, because except for her heart, it was her most precious possession. Then the hybrids told Beverly that they could take her body whenever they wanted and that she was always vulnerable and never safe. One hybrid raped her, and she was forced to perform fellatio upon another. They pinched her, twisted her skin, and hurt her without leaving marks. They pushed an unlit candle into her vagina. They then told her she had caused her children to be abducted.8

In a different abduction event, the hybrids put images in Beverly's mind of themselves as her close friends. They then raped her and forced her to perform fellatio with two other hybrids. They hit her, bit her, pinched her, and pulled her hair.9 On another occasion hybrids made her envision her six-year-old daughter walking into a room ringed with naked hybrids who had erections; she was led to believe that her daughter would be raped by all of them.

During yet another event, the hybrids sat Beverly in a chair, stood around her, and filled her mind with horrendous images. She saw a graveyard with the bodies of people she loves, including her children, who had been hacked to death and were covered with blood. She saw a car almost hitting her child, who was saved at the last moment by an invisible hybrid. Beverly understood that unless she was more cooperative (there was no evidence that she had ever been uncooperative), the hybrid would not save her son. She saw a crucifixion scene with loved ones, including her children, hanging on crosses.


Then the hybrids put images of religious figures in her mind and assaulted her.

They do things like, you know, pinch your skin and turn it, just enough that drives the shit out of you but it doesn't bruise. And pull your arms back and neck back or legs, you know, just one on one side and one on the other side and pull your legs apart until you think your muscles are going to tear. Things like that, that hurt and are cruel. And pulling hair and yanking your head back, you know? Things that hurt and nobody can see it.10

Hybrid Dysfunction

What are the reasons for this sadistic IHA behavior?


It seems possible that some women are selected for abusive relationships. It is also possible that the malevolent behavior of hybrids toward abductees is necessary.


Perhaps they need to generate fear, intimidation, guilt, shame, and humiliation to fulfill the objectives of their agenda. An alien seemed to reinforce the hypothesis that sexually violent behavior was part of their program after a particularly violent assault upon Beverly on board a UFO. When it was all over, she asked the alien why he allowed the hybrids to do that to her.


He replied, "The expression is necessary." This could mean either that it was a necessary part of the program for all hybrids or that some hybrids must express their sexually aggressive tendencies in this way because they are unable to express them in the controlled society in which they live.11

But if the aggressive actions are not necessary procedures, then it is possible that the human genes in the hybrids might be responsible. Because the late-state hybrids are mainly human, they have strong sexual drives but little conscience. It is as if they have human attributes but lack human controls. Even if they do have a conscience, they know that the human victim will immediately forget what has happened to her.


The hybrid might assume that there is no lasting effect upon the human and he therefore can do and say anything he pleases with impunity. In addition, abduction reports suggest that the aliens do not have the expertise to "humanize" the hybrids. Without effective controls, the late-stage hybrids are "free" to express their aggressive tendencies.

If hybrids are continually gaining human genes, and thus becoming more human, and if they can exist in human society unnoticed for short periods, then it is possible that in the future they will be able to do so for longer periods of time—or even indefinitely. The implications of this for the future are, at the very least, disturbing.


And the mystery deepens.


Now we must ask not only what the aliens hope to achieve by their hybridization program, but also whether their intentions are benevolent or hostile.

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