9. The Hybrid Species-Adolescents and Adults

By the time young hybrids have reached adolescence, the aliens have given them new tasks and responsibilities within the abduction program. Although they still learn from the humans, they now begin to interact with abductees more on a sexual and social level.


The aliens' use of the adult hybrids demonstrates the scope of their Breeding Program. Adult hybrids assume complex duties within the abduction program which, like those of the adolescents, sometimes involve sexual relationships with abductees.


But the adults have interactions with humans that go far beyond that.



When hybrids reach adolescence, the aliens begin to give them tasks to perform. They sometimes help retrieve the abductee from his normal environment, they help with some procedures, they escort the abductee from room to room. Their work ranges from menial jobs to helping the grays with specialized duties. In effect, they become "apprentices" to the smaller gray aliens.

Although the adolescents "work," they are young and, unlike the aliens, amuse themselves. Susan Steiner recounted her experiences with an adolescent hybrid who had some sort of "game."


The fifteen-year-old boy escorted her to different rooms, but at one point sat down with her to play with a machine.

He just smiles at me and he runs his hand down my arm and takes my wrist. And I kind of like him because I'm kind of happy to see him.... And he has this thing sort of tucked under his arm, the little machine, and he gives it to me.... It's like some kind of wonderful thing and I should be glad that he gave me this thing. ... And then I kind of like take the thing and I sink down on the floor, you know. I'm sort of like playing with it, because I can tell he wants me to play with it. And I'm thinking, "Oh, well. I'll play with it even though I don't know what it is, and I don't understand what I'm doing." I just sort of start pressing buttons on it... I get the feeling from him that I'm supposed to know what it is, that I might have seen it before.

You said that there was some sort of a green kind of glow coming from part of it?

Light-emitting diode kind of thing. LED? It was like maybe pencil-thin and it was in the center of the metal piece.... He gives it to me and I, well, first I sort of turn it over and look at it. I'm looking at it and I'm trying to think, "What is this? Is this the stereo? Did he take the stereo?" Then I realize that it's not the stereo. Then I start hitting all the different buttons. I'm sitting cross-legged—and I put it down on my knees and start hitting all the buttons, trying to get something different to happen other than just the lines moving in the LED display.

... Can you get something different to happen?

No, nothing's happening. Then he takes it from me and he presses a button, gives it back to me and I'm supposed to press the same button. I press the button and he takes it back. Then he presses a button and I'm supposed to press the button. This goes on for a while and then he gives it to me and I press a button and there's this flash.

You mean the flash comes from the box itself?

Yeah.... It seems the whole box just flashes ... and I drop it because I'm afraid of it. I think it's electrical.

You mean, you dropped it on the floor?

Yeah.... He seems amused ... that I dropped it because I was afraid. He thinks it's very humorous. ... He thinks it's funny— almost like he thinks it's funny.

Does he smile? Or do you just get a sense that he thinks it's funny?

I do see a smile and I get a sense, but he doesn't laugh like we do. I get the feeling that he's like laughing, but he doesn't laugh like a regular child would laugh. His mouth does curve into a smile. Then I think those three other beings come into the room. And they look more serious than the others, like I'm a little afraid of them. They look very stern and they look different than the ones in the operating room.... And they're watching us interact.... And they look at me like really stern, really stare at me. And I'm a little afraid but then the little boy touches my shoulder and I'm not afraid any more.... He tries to bring my attention back to the toy, that thing, whatever it is. And then I'm sort of not paying attention to them anymore, I'm playing with that metal box again.

You mean you were starting to push the buttons again? Um-hum.

Did you push them in a sequence with him? You push, he pushes, you push, he pushes, or are you doing it by yourself?

Yeah, we're doing that. He's pushing a button and giving it back to me. I'm pushing a button and he's pushing a button, I'm pushing a button, he's watching. But nothing else happens. No flash like that.

It doesn't lead to another flash?

No. I'm getting kind of frustrated. The little kid just thinks it's funny, that I'm frustrated.

So he thinks that's amusing too?

... Yeah, he just seems amused that I can't figure out what it is. And I get this, like, I don't know, some kind of feeling from this kid, but I can't figure out what it is though—almost like he can understand why I can't figure it out, like he knows why I can't figure it out or something. I don't know.

You get a sense that he knows why you're confused?

Um-hum. Like it's not a feeling of superiority, but it's a feeling of like, "Well, I wouldn't expect you to understand." That type of thing.1

The late-stage hybrids who display a strong sexual drive often begin their sexual activity in adolescence. When Kathleen Morrison was eight years old, a sixteen year-old hybrid, whom she would know through out her life, engaged in what was clearly masturbatory activity with her. First he put her on his lap and began rubbing his body on hers while he generated sexual feelings in her through a staring procedure.


Kathleen recalled the episode from an eight-year-old's point of view.

He's done this before?

... It's when we've been quiet together. It's usually when I'm sitting on his lap. I'm sitting on his lap, and I straddle his body, and I face him. He gives me wonderful big hugs. And then sometimes he looks at me and makes me feel different.... He Says he likes me to sit on his lap and be very close to him.

... How old are you ... ?

Maybe eight or nine. We don't do this all the time though. Just sometimes. When we're quiet and alone. He does like to rub on my body though.

Does he usually wear some kind of outfit when you see him? Not always. Sometimes he doesn't have a lot on.

When he doesn't have a lot on, you mean he's sort of naked mid all that?


When you sit on his lap, what does he do then when he's not wearing clothes?

He just bends his knees up and I just sit on his lap and sit back up against his legs. And his legs are like this and I sit right here but I can lean on his legs and he holds me, and he breathes pretty heavy sometimes. But he always makes me leave.

He makes you leave?

I always have to get off his lap.... I just kind of sit off on the side, and kind of go into a "comatose" thing. When he's breathing kind of heavily he tells me to get off his lap.2

Hybrid adolescents are encouraged to have sexual relations with abductees. Christine Kennedy recounted an incident when, after Mindscan, she had to get on top of an adolescent hybrid who was reclining on a pad on the floor. The young hybrid, who appeared to be fifteen years old, engaged in intercourse with her.


She was extremely angry and thought that she was being used simply to satisfy his needs.

I feel like I was a "treat" that was tossed to this little fucker....

What are his reactions like? I mean, what does he do with his arms? Are they just laying at his side, or does he—?

No. They're wrapped tight around me. I can't... move. My head is laying like over at his shoulder. I'm looking away, and it's just... I'm totally gone. I'm not even a part of my body.

... Do you think they're doing this for reproductive purposes or for other purposes? What's your best guess on that?

I wouldn't say for reproductive—not when it comes to me, because I have my tubes tied.3

Some abductees feel that intercourse with an adolescent is almost like a hybrid "training" session for the future. On some occasions, an adult hybrid actively directs the adolescent on how to have intercourse with an abductee.


The adolescent hybrid learns from these experiences and then engages in more active sexual behavior as an adult.


Adult Hybrid Life

Once the hybrids become adults, their responsibilities increase and, according to abductee reports, they are more involved in the abduction routine. Although still in an "assistant" or subordinate capacity, some adult hybrids conduct the full range of physical, mental, and reproductive procedures. They work alongside the gray aliens—and become partners working toward a common goal. In recent years, abductees have reported events in which hybrids perform complete abductions without any grays in evidence. Some abductees prefer being with the hybrids rather than with the grays.


For them, hybrids offer the comfort of human familiarity. Other abductees find the late-stage hybrids frightening and prefer the more predictable gray aliens. The grays act according to a well-defined system, and over time many abductees have grown comfortable with them. For the most part, the hybrids act like the grays: task-oriented, efficient, and clinical.


But their presence injects a note of emotionality and unpredictability. Their very humanness almost makes them party to a crime involving the kidnapping of men and women. Many women feel more emotionally vulnerable around late-stage hybrids.


Allison Reed put it best when she said:

It sounds crazy but I feel more comfortable with the little gray guys than being left alone with these people-looking [hybrids]. . .. They don't have that compassion, I don't feel it. I don't know if they're anything like human beings. Maybe that's why I'm scared, because human beings can be so cruel. Whereas the gray guys, they do their job and they don't want to hurt you but they don't want to, you know, give you kisses and love you either. They're just kind of neutral in a way. But human beings can be so cruel.4

Little is known of the private life of hybrids, but some of the most suggestive testimony comes from Allison's four-and-a-half-day abduction, which provided a rare opportunity to glimpse aspects of daily hybrid life. Her experiences reveal that the hybrids have a cleaning routine; they communally groom themselves and check one another for health problems.


At one point, an alien escort took Allison to a cleaning and grooming room. Many naked male and female hybrids between the ages of eighteen and thirty were in the room. Allison, accompanied by an eighteen-year-old female hybrid, and the other hybrids walked in a line to a "shower" area. They stood in front of jets in the wall that sprayed a fine mist that dried on contact. The jets were about chest high. Allison turned around slowly so that the spray would spread evenly around her body. She thought that the mist not only cleaned but protected the skin in some way.

After the shower, she and the others went to a central area in the middle of the room. The hybrids paired off and began to groom and inspect each other. The adolescent hybrid inspected her and then showed Allison how to check her—Allison had to look at the hybrid's hair, the back of her neck, and her eyes; she was required to pull the adolescent's lower eyelids down and look for spots of red in the bottom of each eye. The adolescent told her that the hybrids are prone to rashes under the armpits and Allison had to check her there, too.


The adolescent hybrid had "soft" hair, pinkish color in her eyelids (with no red spots), no eyelashes, and taut skin. Her body was long and thin with no hips. It reminded Allison of the animated character Gumby. After the inspection, the other hybrids cut each other's toenails. Allison did not have to perform this task because her adolescent had no fingernails or toenails. Finally, she and the hybrid brushed each other's hair with a tool resembling a normal hairbrush.

The hybrid went to another area to get her clothes—a white shift. She got it from a slot in the bottom of a floor-to-ceiling cylindrical dispenser, and Allison helped her put it on. A short time later Allison's alien escort took her to a huge sleep room. The hybrids were sleeping in tiers, suspended in the air, hooked up to cables attached to the ceiling. The scene was reminiscent of the motion picture Coma.5

Susan Steiner also saw a hybrid sleep room.

It had bunk beds arranged in tiers of three.


It could be just as large [as an airplane hangar]. I can't see the whole thing because it's divided. There's areas that are divided and there's like bunk beds all over the place and there's people on the bunk beds.... They're sort of like molded into the wall, and it looks like they're three on top of each other. And the room is sort of like divided so I can see, like areas.


And on each side of the wall there's bunk beds. So there's a lot of them.


They're in tiers of three, you mean?

Right, in tiers of three. And maybe ... they're partitioned off and there are some on the opposite sides of the wall and there must be others. I can't see what's on the other side of the partitions but I have the feeling that there are others. Because it all looks the same, it's a very homogeneous environment.6

The adult hybrids appear to have a life that resembles the life humans lead, although the indications are that they lead that life more communally, and less privately, than humans do in modern industrialized society. They bathe, sleep, dress, and work together. Like humans, they have health problems. On an emotional level, however, their lives bridge the area between human and alien.

According to abductee reports, the hybrids have no memories of parents, siblings, family life, nurturing, or other emotionally important events that bond humans to each other. In a long conversation, one late-stage hybrid told Reshma Kamal that his memories were quite different from hers.

And then I'm asking him does he have parents like I do or kids and things like that. He kind of looks sad. I don't know, he looks down and then he looks at me and he's saying no. He says, "We just belong here." ... I almost feel sorry for him. And I'm asking him like I have a mom and dad, does he have it? He looks down again, then he looks up at me and he goes, "I know where I'm from but I don't have bonding like you do."


I said, "What do you mean, bonding?" And he's saying, "files." ... I ask him again "What do you mean by files?" . .. And he's saying like, he's kind of explaining to me like when we look at our ancestors, we have memories and histories. He's saying when he looks at his background, he only has to look at files. There's no bonding and no memories....

He says, "When you remember your mother or your sister, you're remembering memories of being there, of seeing them." He's saying, "When I want to do those things, I have to see files. I don't have that bonding or memories." So I'm saying, "Haven't you seen your parents?" He said, "I have seen them but I don't have the same bonding." He said, "We are just told who they were or what and they're on files."


I don't know what he means by that. He's saying to me something like, I don't know, he's explaining to me like when he was a little boy or something. It's like he's really, really, really sad and he's saying that when he was a little boy and when he questioned them [because he looked different than them]—I think he means "them" by aliens because he looks up there [to aliens in the room] ... he was always shown a file.... And I said, "A file? You mean like pictures and things of your belongings?" He's saying, "More in a medical way." ... He's going into like medical stuff, the genealogy of the medical stuff of his parents and things but not in photographs or.... He says, "Not like picnics you might have or parties but in a medical way. Do you understand?"


I just kind of shrug my shoulders like I do, but I don't. . .. I'm saying to him that can't he come, you know? And he goes, he's asking me, "Come where? You mean to your home?" And I said, "But that's your home, isn't it?" He's saying, "I have no home. Not in the same sense you do." He's saying, "I don't belong anywhere." I'm asking him like where does he live and he looks at the aliens and he's saying like them. And I said, "What do you mean you live with them? Don't you have a home like I do?" He seems to be saying that he has a home but not the same meaning that I have attached with a home.

He's asking me a question, "Do you know what a robot means?" I said yeah. He's asking me like what. And I'm saying, "Well, a robot is something that you create and it does what you want it to do and nothing else." When I give him that answer, he goes, "Now you know how I feel." And I'm saying, "You're a robot?"


He seems a little annoyed with me. He says no, but the meaning is the same. That that robot has no bonding. It just does what it's programmed to do. And he said, "Do you see that I'm doing the same thing?" And I said ... "I understand that, but don't you have emotions of your own?" And he's saying to me, "Even if I had those emotions, what good are they because nothing will happen?" And I'm asking him, "What do you mean by that?"


He doesn't answer me but he looks really sad. And I'm asking him like is he happy? He's asking me like what do I think or what do I perceive looking at him. Like I don't answer him because I don't want to hurt him, but he looks like he has really practically no life. He's just alive and breathing. He said, "We're just here to do work."

And then he looks at them, the aliens again. He's saying, "We have to do everything they say." I said, "Do you have a bond with them like I do with my family?" And he's saying, "Not the same bond that you have." Like we have relationships and we feel love, hate, sorrow, and all that. He said not in that manner, he doesn't have a relationship with them. It's just like they're in total control of everything. That he's just their creation, whatever they did, and he's to do whatever they say.


Then he looks at me and he said ... "If you want to understand me, just think like robots. That's all there is," he says.7

We do not know the effects of the lack of familial ties or memories.


Whatever the consequences are, the hybrids' emotional development in that regard would be devoid of a commonality that most humans share and their emotional lives would have to be very different from ours.


Hybrid-Human Information Transference

As they do for the younger hybrids, the abductees are often required to instruct the adult hybrids. Instruction takes two forms: directed, and involuntary thought transference. Allison Reed's case provides a good example. She was directed to instruct four female adult hybrids on how to bond with a child; the hybrids told her that they wanted to raise the children in a nonsterile environment more like "normal" humans and less like their own childhood experience with the gray aliens.8

Like the older children, the adult hybrids show interest in earthly activities. For example, Claudia Negron awoke one evening to see two hybrids in her room—a male and female in their early twenties. They wanted to know why she was hanging her clothes around the room instead of in her closet; she explained that she was remodeling the closet. They asked her other questions about her room and then left.

Sometimes an abductee is required to transfer his memories to a hybrid, almost as if the transfer were a "data dump." Kathleen Morrison cupped her hands around a multifaceted orb that glowed red while a hybrid gazed at her and cupped his hands around hers. He "downloaded" information from her brain—what school papers she had been writing and how she went about doing it. He also mentally examined an argument that she had with her sister.9

Data transference to hybrids also includes emotional responses. Allison found herself "wired" to a female hybrid who sat opposite her and performed Mindscan upon her. Allison saw sad and painful things in her life, such as her grandfather dying, and she also saw things that had made her angry.


After the procedure was completed, the hybrid said she felt fortunate because Allison had such a wide range of emotions.10


Hybrid-Human Reproduction

The most problematic aspect of abductee interaction with late-stage hybrids is the frequency of sexual activity. The hybrids want sex, not only because it is critical for the Breeding Program, but also apparently because it satisfies them. Hybrids have total control over the sexual encounter, and the male hybrids require female abductees to have a full range of sexual response.


To ensure this response, the hybrids perform a separate procedure in which they physically stimulate a woman almost to orgasm, while an alien stares into her eyes in what amounts to "fine tuning" the precise neural response in the brain.


"Beverly" 11 had this experience while she was lying on a table, hooked up to a headgear device:

There's a monitoring type procedure done. There's ... like something put on my head that I feel... monitors brain activity, brain waves ... something to do with brain. It's something to do with brain and monitoring brain waves, brain action, whatever it does. This gray one, he's here on my left.

Is this the escort, you mean?

Yeah, same guy.... There's a hybrid man on my right, I'm a lot more nervous than before and ...

The anxiety has gone up?

A lot. A lot. Especially because of this ... I want to say "man" but I don't want to humanize it. The gray guy ... he doesn't come really close to my face but he, using telepathy, he can pass on to me calming energies but they don't want me zonked out because then my brain responses won't be legitimate. If they mess with my brain and probe in there or whatever and do something to make me calm down and be vegetable-like, then it will mess up their ...

So, they're allowing you to be nervous?

Yeah.... The hybrid is talking about being calm and stuff but I don't trust him. He's being nice but I don't like being in these situations. I just do not like this at all. And, again, I don't think either one of these guys means any harm and I don't think any harm is going to come to me but.. . they're doing their job, whatever that is, and I just don't like the things that they do. This guy here's not being mean, like, some can be mean. He's not being mean. He's just being there and what happens is, he touches me everywhere. Touches me everywhere and in different ways. He just touches me and my feeling is that my responses are being monitored to different touches in different places.... It's just, you know, monitoring ... for sexual zones, sexual stimuli. You know, some people are sexually stimulated when touched here, some sexually stimulated when touched ... of course, there's the obvious, you know, that we all have in common. But other people have different areas that raise more of an excitement than, maybe, someone else....

Well, how do you know he's doing that?

... There's no dialogue. This is a just "knowing" one—one of those things I'm sorry I can't tell you how I know. I just know.

Are you reacting when he's doing this? Are you saying to yourself, "Yes, this is nice," or, "No, that's not," or whatever?

I'm ... in a layer of denial. That nothing you do is going to be pleasurable to me. And that's where I am, but the other layer is registering, regardless, on whatever mechanism they're using to register it.... It's a violation. I don't like it.12

Similarly, "Paula" was visited by hybrids in her bedroom. They hooked up an "electrical" device to her genitals and she had intercourse with a hybrid. At the climactic moment, the hybrid abruptly removed himself. Her orgasm was so unnaturally intense, it was almost painful. While this was happening, one of the hybrids stared at what appeared to be a "readout" on the machine and told her that it measured "electrical impulses."


The device was removed and Paula felt excruciating physical pain followed by nausea. It created a lesion on her clitoris that caused her to seek the help of a gynecologist, who was mystified about how she had received such a wound.13

During intercourse with abductees, some late-stage hybrid males have "normal" sexual response and physical movement. Others, however, do not engage in the normal thrusting movements. Abductees describe more of a "pulse" or a quick penetration and ejaculation. The hybrids also routinely generate orgasm in women with the help of Mindscan. Thus, it is possible that female orgasm during hybrid intercourse produces ovulation or the facilitation of conception.

The hybrids often note the pregnancy to the abductees.


For Stan Garcia, a rehabilitation counselor, this was a fact he wished he had not heard.

She's right directly in front of me, standing and looking at me.... I felt disgusted.

Because she was a female, or because of what she was doing? What she was doing.

What is she doing?

When I say what she was doing, it's like she was chosen, or she was the one for me. And I felt disgusted, because I didn't have a say. I'm just disgusted by the whole thing—that I had no say about it.

When you say she was the one for you, how do you mean that? She's going to have my kids... . I'm not thrilled at all.14

Physical Problems

Some hybrids are born disfigured or with other abnormal characteristics. For example, the aliens showed Kathleen Morrison five malformed hybrid babies. Their legs and arms had either improperly developed or not developed at all. Terry Matthews saw an older hybrid with a distorted chin, giving him a vaguely "Popeye" appearance.


At another time, Terry saw an adolescent hybrid whose deformed head was too wide and had "bumps" on it.15

The hybrids have other physical problems. Allison Reed observed young hybrids with red blotchy marks on their skin. During a 1994 abduction she was told that her "sister" was "sick" and needed her help; the aliens inserted a needle into Allison's neck and drew blood from her jugular vein. In a similar scenario, hybrids brought Susan Steiner to a sick adolescent hybrid boy. They drew blood from her (they said they wanted "hemoglobin") and extracted a small section of her liver. The aliens explained that they needed these things if the boy was to survive.16

Female hybrids have reproductive problems. Abductees have reported that the females seem to have difficulties with stillbirths. There is also an indication that female hybrids have more problems reproducing with human males than male hybrids have reproducing with human females.17


Reshma Kamal once asked an adult hybrid why there were no females around.

I'm asking him how come I didn't see any females. And he looks up at me and I'm saying like, "Females, like I am. I'm a female, you're a male. Like in your group or race"—I don't know what he is—"aren't there any females?" He goes, he's asking me if I mean him or the aliens and I'm saying him. Where are the females? And he seems to be telling me that they're used for some other task. I'm asking him what task and I'm asking him are they the same as me. He said, "Not all of them are like you." He's pointing toward his stomach and he's going like this with it. He goes, "They can't."

He's making a rounded gesture with his stomach as if they were pregnant or something?

Exactly. He said, "They can't." And I'm saying to him, "What do you mean, they can't?" He goes, "Like the parts that you have, theirs doesn't function like that." And I'm saying, "How come? Aren't they humans?" And he's saying, "Not like you. They don't have the same functions. They cannot be used for that." He says some of them can but not quite. It's not the same. So I'm asking him what does he mean by that and he's saying to me that of course they have tried to impregnate them and all that, and he said that it didn't work. The fetus or whatever—the baby didn't develop all the way for a normal survival.18

Allison Reed saw a hybrid female giving birth to a stillborn fetus. The aliens led Allison to conclude that "the fetus was able to sustain its life in [the hybrid female] for some time and that in itself is quite a step."19


Emotional Reactions

Most hybrids who assist the aliens on board a UFO go about their duties dispassionately. At times, however, abductees can elicit emotions from the hybrids. Take the report of abductee Doris Reilly. When she was five years old, two adolescent female hybrids escorted her to a procedural room, where they placed her on a table.

She kicked her feet and flailed her arms, and they had to hold her down to subdue her. She reached up and grabbed a hybrid's hair, giving it a strong yank. The hybrid uttered a surprised "Uh!" and Doris could see tears welling up in her eyes.20


In other cases, abductees have reported that the hybrids laugh, seem sad, angry, happy, and so forth—all emotions within the accepted human range.

There is, however, an emotional component of some hybrids that is unacceptable—and out of control. It is as if some hybrids have been improperly socialized and are running loose, doing whatever they please. They have strong sexual drives, but they are not controlled by social constraints. One alien told Allison that the aliens must learn everything, that genetics play almost no role in their personality makeup. He said that although the behavior of the hybrids is, to a large extent, also learned, their human genes affect their emotional reactions and make them less predictable. This unpredictability has been a source of concern to him.

Hybrid emotional problems show up most sharply when they have personal projects— especially selected abductees—assigned to them, and when they act independently of aliens.


Personal-Project Hybrids

Some late-stage hybrids have responsibilities that go beyond the normal procedures of the standard abduction scenario. They have personal projects, long-term relationships with a human abductee for reproductive purposes. The relationship between the abductee and her personal-project hybrid begins early, when the abductee is a young child, and continues throughout childhood.


The abductee is subjected to the normal abduction procedures and then either has private interaction with the hybrid or is escorted by the hybrid during the abduction. They talk and play together and build a friendship.

When the abductee reaches puberty, usually between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, sexual intercourse begins. While other hybrids may have intercourse with the abductee during her abduction lifetime, her personal-project hybrid remains her steadiest reproductive partner. When "Emily" turned fifteen, she began to have intercourse with her personal-project hybrid, and this activity continued once a month for the next six months.21


"Sally" began sexual activity with her personal-project hybrid at age thirteen. She was puzzled about why he would want to do such a thing. She knew it might lead to pregnancy but her knowledge about sexual matters was extremely limited, and besides, he said it would be all right—nobody would know and he would take care of any pregnancy.22

Although sexual activity is primarily for depositing sperm, the late-stage hybrids appear to enjoy it. They often display the human emotions of affection and love toward their selected personal project. During intercourse, they engage in foreplay: They caress, kiss, and so forth. They sometimes talk romantically, professing their love. Abductees often share in the emotional attachment—sometimes profoundly.


The "couple" laughs, jokes, and makes small talk. After intercourse, some hybrids even linger for a short time before putting on their clothes and going on to another task. Many abductees experience deep love for their personal-project hybrids during abductions. For some, this can spill over into their "normal" lives and interfere with their social and emotional development.

Both men and women have reported personal-project hybrids. "Rob's" personal hybrid is Janice, with whom he has had several children. The aliens bring him to Janice after the standard procedures are completed and then he interacts with his "family." He usually has intercourse with Janice, although he has been forced to have intercourse with other hybrids as well. He has formed an emotional attachment to the hybrid family that is intensely revived when he sees them.

Indications are that the gray aliens assign the hybrids to specific humans when the abductees and hybrids are young. When they are older, it is a joint decision by the hybrids and the aliens. When Emily was eight years old, her personal-project hybrid gave her a glimpse of how the decisions were made and what they would be doing together in the future. She was on a table having procedures administered to her by a "doctor" (possibly an early-stage hybrid) while having this conversation.


She recounted it as if she were an eight-year-old child.

[He] wants me to be his one day. He wants this project. There's something he wants to do. It's a commitment he has to make to his government, and he's telling me he really, really does find me interesting. He really does care.. . . He's going to make me do something else so that I won't be afraid anymore. He said it would be all right. I don't know what they are going to do to me.... I don't want some bad thing! He said we don't have to do it for a long time.

He made me see things. I saw a big, big garden, and there's flowers, and there's no bugs and stuff to scare me. There's swans. And I'm older and he's older too. And I have on a pretty dress, a long pretty dress. And he says one day we'll be together when I'm all grown up. "You'll be so pretty, I'll be so proud of you. We'll have such pretty babies. You'll be such a good mother. And you won't have to be afraid. I don't want you to have any stress— nothing for you to worry about."


And then they were through. And I looked at him, and the doctor was not happy. He didn't talk, but I knew what they said. It was, "He doesn't choose his own assignments." And he told the doctor that he should tend to medical care and he would worry about the projects. He didn't say anything, they looked it.23

For women abductees, a critical criterion for inclusion in the personal-project hybrid program is that she must have normal reproductive function. "Donna" was borderline. When she was fourteen, the aliens found a gynecological dysfunction that threatened her status in the program.


Her personal-project hybrid intervened. The hybrids and two gray beings argued about her inclusion as a personal project. The dramatic scene that followed reveals the importance of the personal-project relationship and the interplay between the hybrids and the aliens.


Although the aliens are in charge, the hybrids can sometimes assert their will:

He wants me to be reconsidered because I should be in this with him. That we've been together for a very long time, that we have established a working [relationship] and there has been a lot of energy put in here, and that I should be part of this. Their reaction is that there is something that is wrong. And he doesn't agree with them.... He wants a reconsideration.

What is it a reconsideration of?

I don't really know. He says that I have to be reconsidered to be working with him and that I need to be with him in this project. And they said that there is a problem. And I really don't know what they're talking about. And then I feel like he starts talking about me as if I was "stock." He starts talking about physical attributes, and that I am in good shape, and muscles are good. I'm physically fit. I fit, this is not the word, I fit the "criteria." ... And their rebuttal is there could be problems. It's not the exterior, it's the interior. And they agreed that I need to do an examination. He pushes the issue and tells them they have to tell him more, and they may be wrong, and he's arguing. He's being very argumentative. It's a little embarrassing.

How's that?

I've never had anybody stand there and argue at somebody else about me-----But I know I don't want him to go away, that's important.

Do they argue back or does he ... ?

He's physically displaying his annoyance by stomping every once in a while and moving around. And they're just standing there very reserved responding to his outbursts. At one point he actually makes an audible sound-----It's like, "AUGHHHHH!" You know, that frustration. He does that though when he looks at me.... This is going to sound funny but it's like he's communicating with them in one way and he's communicating with me in my way. The two of them walk back toward where one of those little mobile tables are—mobile cart things—and he turns me around and holds my shoulders again and looks right at me. Right up in my face.

Does he communicate to you then?

He says that they need to do an exam and that he's not going to leave me. He's going to stay. That he's going to be with me during the exam and that it's going to be all right. And that I just need to relax. It's going to be okay. And that through going through the exam I'll be able to stay with him. So then he walks me over to where that table is. And he helps me sit on it, on the end of it, on the narrow end, because he's a lot bigger than I am. He's taller. And I'm sitting there, my legs are dangling over the end. He says, "No matter what happens, remember I'm still with you." Then I lie down on the table.

Is it sort of a standard exam or is it—?

It's straight gynecological.

They don't do any anything else?

No. Well, he does. He moves my hair and he strokes the side of my face a couple of times. He's got a hold of my other hand. I ask him why are they doing this? He said, "Remember, I'm here." ...

What are they doing down there?

I don't think that they are just in the vagina either. I think they're probably up in the uterus too. They're checking some sort of a monitor. I'm going to say that this is like a probe that is going in. And it has something to do with the walls of the uterus. It's like they are trying to show him something, and he's not agreeing with their diagnosis—that it's not all that odd.

... When they try to show him something how do they do that?

There is some sort of monitor that they are looking at, and as they are talking it's showing something on it.

Can you kind of get into their conversation a little bit?

It has something to do with, I don't function normally. That they see this every once in a while and that I don't function as normally or with the ease that they prefer. And there is something about, of course, that with the abnormal functioning it becomes too risky.... Detection could occur. I don't know.

So it's detection that's the bottom line?

Yeah. It's too risky. The end agreement is that they would have to monitor the situation. It's like a probation period. And if it ever became too risky, you know, that's it.

Meaning that?

... I wouldn't be in the project anymore. But they're going to look at it, and monitor it, and see how it works. He keeps on saying things like, "There have been worse that have done," and he's arguing back to them. That he's seen worse and it's not that bad. And this is a good candidate-----This is a "go." This is possible. I get the feeling that they don't really want to do this, but they're going to.

You mean to satisfy him?

Yes. They are giving him the benefit of the doubt. My feeling is, he always takes care of me. And that it shouldn't be too long before we start....

Where is your friend?

Sitting on my right. He's sitting right next to me. Yep, I know what he's doing. What is he doing? He's [sexually] exciting me.... He's staring in your eyes? Yes. It's like he's demonstrating. It's interesting. So he's doing this sexual arousal business while you are lying there. Right. As far as I can tell they got what they wanted. They were looking for something. But he didn't let it go all the way to orgasm, at all.. .. And he gets up and walks to the end of the table. ... They are talking at the end of the table.

They're still debating this? They're having a good discussion, and the two grays keep on saying it will be monitored. And he finally gives up and agrees to that. It will be monitored.

So he didn't want it monitored?

No, he didn't want it monitored. But he doesn't seem to be winning on that point and is willing to let it go. They're not budging. So this is where they draw the line? Right. And the two of them leave. They go out through the door. ... There I lie and there he is, still being upset.

He's still upset even now although they've left and he's basically won his argument. Yeah. But he had to give in on some of it.24

When "Emily" was fifteen, her personal-project hybrid also had a discussion with her about how the aliens had selected her for the program. Several hybrids abducted her from a wooded area behind her home.


Her conscious memory was that she had talked to a deer.

Her clothes were removed, she was placed on a table, and the hybrid told her that he would not harm her. He keeps telling me he's not and that he'll always take care of me. He's been tracking me for a long time. He already knew where I was, he said that I've been evaluated over the years and he's been studying me and that now that I'm ready to breed, he's decided he wants to be the one to breed with me.

I see. Does he use the word, "breed"?

Mm-hmm. Somebody told him that it wasn't prudent, and he said it's already decided, and the medical tests were favorable. If it looked like I was fertile, that he would bond with me. And people did that sometimes, he said, where he's from, and it's permanent. But the people he's working with think he's making a mistake— that I'm "a resource, not a resort." He made the decision himself.25

Once a personal-project hybrid has been assigned to an abductee, he becomes a significant part of her unconscious mind because of the emotional, and human, quality of the experiences. The effects upon the abductee's social and sexual development can be substantial. And most of these effects depend upon the emotional and physical quality of a particular independent abduction experience.

It is their personal relationships with human abductees that allow hybrids to have a semi-independent life beyond the confines of the UFO. Independent hybrid activity constitutes an extremely important part of the abduction phenomenon.


Indeed, it is at the very heart of the alien agenda.

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