4. What They Do

Virtually everything that aliens do is in service to their abduction program. Every seemingly incomprehensible or absurd alien activity has, upon examination, a logical basis. One by one, these actions have begun to lose their mystery and reveal their true purposes.

When researchers first learned about the abduction phenomenon, they generally assumed that, if it was real, its objective was to investigate humans. That was why aliens abducted humans, examined them, and then released them. Because this scenario occurred repeatedly, researchers concluded that the aliens were conducting a long-term study and benignly collecting data. That belief gave the public a comfortable feeling because it suggested a scientific, and therefore nonhostile, intent.

We now know that the abduction phenomenon as a whole is not for the purpose of research. The evidence suggests that all the alien procedures serve a reproductive agenda.


And at the heart of the reproductive agenda is the Breeding Program, in which the aliens collect human sperm and eggs, incubate fetuses in human hosts to produce alien-human hybrids, and cause humans to mentally and physically interact with these hybrids for the purposes of their development.


Extrauterine Gestational Units

A significant component of the Breeding Program is the creation and nurturing of extrauterine gestational units. It was only after years of research and hundreds of abduction reports that I understood this procedure and the reasons for it.

For years women have been telling researchers about mysterious gynecological procedures that were performed upon them during their abductions. Some women described "pressure," as if the aliens were filling the area around their reproductive organs with air, and their lower abdomens distended giving them a bloated and uncomfortable feeling. The women often said that their organs were being "moved around" or displaced in some way, and they got a sense that the aliens were "enlarging" or creating more space within the uterine cavity or elsewhere in the pelvic area.

Various abductees have described these gynecological procedures in similar ways.


Abductee Barbara Archer, in 1988, reported:

And I started to feel pressure. It was like all this pressure.

Is this a diffuse pressure, or a specific pressure?


But not [specifically] on the left side, or right, or middle?

Middle, inside. Just getting blown up or something, I was feeling really big. I felt really big.1

This type of procedure occurred many times to Lucy Sanders:

It's on my right [pelvic] side. It's making me burn! It's making my insides burn! They're blowing me up! He's pulling it out now, he's patting my leg and saying it's all right, that I should calm down now. Holy Lord!

What do you think they're doing there, or do they say? I don't know. It hurt, burned. I feel like I'm blown up. How do you mean? Blown up. Like a balloon?

Mm-hmm. Now the feeling is going away, but I feel puffy. He's pushing on my stomach area, pushing it in and moving his fingers, like this.2

Laura Mills described a similar procedure:

What do you think he's doing down there? I really don't know what the heck he's doing.


Okay. If you had to make a wild guess, what do you think he's up to?

I know it sounds silly, but they're trying to figure out how much space I have inside or something.

So they might be measuring, or whatever?


Inside. Like the uterus or something. I'm not sure.3

Belinda Simpson experienced the same procedure though she had undergone a hysterectomy some years before:

It just feels like somebody's rolling something inside me....


Tell me what you ... sense that they're doing.

I feel like I'm being blown up.... My side's being swollen up. It feels like a balloon. This is weird. I feel like somebody's blowing up my side, this is stupid.... It's real warm, and my side's blowing up.... Something hurts. I feel like I'm pregnant. Something is real hard in my stomach, on the side.4

Some abductees have suggested that the introduction of air into their bodies is similar to a laparoscopy, a technique physicians employ for the treatment of endometriosis and other gynecological problems. I suspected that perhaps the bloating meant the aliens were introducing air as part of the procedure for taking eggs.


But I decided to put these puzzling cases on the "back burner" and wait for more information to reveal the purpose of the procedures.

It is noteworthy that hysterectomies are common among abductees. During my ten years of abduction research, I have worked with a number of women abductees who have had hysterectomies or suffered from gynecological problems resulting from their abductions.


Several women told me that the surgeons who had performed their hysterectomies have commented on the position of their ovaries, which seemed "pushed" to one side or "pressed" toward their fallopian tubes. Some women reported anomalous ovarian scarring, which is consistent with the theory that the aliens sometimes take eggs directly from the ovaries. Other women have reported vaginal scarring for which neither they nor their gynecologists could account. Others have complained of aching, swelling, and general gynecological pain.

Gynecological pain played an important part in an incident with the first abductee I placed under hypnosis.


Melissa Bucknell was twenty-seven years old and intermittently sexually active. In hypnotic regressions she had talked about having "implants" placed in her during her abductions. One morning in March 1987, she awoke with gynecological pain so severe that she was having trouble sitting and she told me that she was now certain the aliens had put an "implant" in her. (My own research had shown that implants were usually placed in the nose or an ear.)


I immediately took her to a gynecologist, Dr. Daniel Treller, who graciously agreed to see her on an emergency basis.

Trailer's examination confirmed that Melissa's pelvic area was very tender and he ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound team quickly found an anomaly. At the right side of her right ovary, but not touching it, was a mass of some sort. It was small, but looked "organic," and it was not supposed to be there. The bewildered ultrasound team summoned Treller, who was equally baffled. None of them had ever seen anything quite like this before. Suspecting an unusual ectopic pregnancy, Treller ordered a blood test to determine if Melissa was, in fact, pregnant. It was negative.

Melissa, meanwhile, insisted that this mass was an alien "implant" and she did not want to remove it or disturb it in any way. She was extremely stubborn on this point. She did not want to have it touched and she immediately objected to any suggestions to the contrary. Finally, much to Melissa's relief, Treller suggested that she come back in a week to see if the mass had changed or "grown." When we left the hospital, she said that she never wanted to come back, and she did not want the implant disturbed, despite the pain it was causing.

For the next several weeks I tried to persuade Melissa to return for another ultrasound, but she refused. Finally, a month after the initial visit, I successfully prevailed upon her. She underwent another examination and the ultrasound screen showed the space where the mass had been, but the mass was gone. Dr. Treller was puzzled and noted that the problem appeared to be "resolving itself."


Melissa was enormously relieved that she would not have to face having the mass removed. Her case remained a puzzle for years. I would have to analyze several seemingly disparate cases to finally develop a logical theory about what had happened to her.

In March 1992, Lydia Goldman told me about an extraordinary episode. I had conducted seven sessions with this charming and capable sixty-year-old woman since 1989, and she had come to realize that she had been involved with the abduction phenomenon throughout her life.

In early 1992, Lydia awoke one morning with the distinct feeling that she was pregnant. That was impossible, not only because of her age and because she had not engaged in sexual relations, but because she had undergone a total hysterectomy many years before.

Nevertheless, her breasts began to swell, she retained water, and she had something akin to morning sickness. She recognized the symptoms as those she felt when she had been pregnant with her children. After a few weeks, the right side of her lower abdomen became slightly distended. Then, to her horror, she began to feel something moving around inside as if it were a fetus.

Was she going crazy or was something even less acceptable at work?


Lydia was reluctant to go to her gynecologist because he might think she was "losing it." But the physical feeling persisted and she made an appointment with him. A few days before her appointment, she woke up and "knew" that everything was all right; her stomach was no longer distended, nothing was moving around in it, and all the symptoms had disappeared. She canceled her appointment.

When Lydia told me about this episode, I was mystified. At the time, abduction researchers knew that aliens take human eggs and human sperm, fertilize them in vitro, add alien genetic material, and then replace the altered hybrid embryo in utero. Presumably the subject had to have a uterus in which to implant the embryo. But I had regressed many women who were abducted when they were postmenopausal, or had undergone tubal ligations, or had had their uteri and ovaries removed. I had always assumed that the aliens administered different reproductive procedures to them than to women who were still fertile.

Lydia and I decided to do a hypnotic regression on the events that occurred the night before she woke up feeling pregnant. She remembered that she was asleep at her daughter's home in Florida when the abduction took place.


After describing the first segment of a typical abduction event, Lydia turned to the internal examination.

What do you think they're doing internally now? Or can you tell that at all?

They're holding something like you would hold a baby, with two hands, but it's not a baby. It's like a, I don't know.... I can't even imagine.

[Gently] Does it look like a baby, or not?

It looks like a lobster. I can't imagine. I can't even imagine. My legs are up, and they are in this position in front of me. You know, almost as though they were inserting a sack.

They were inserting something, then?

I don't know.... It looks round and light colored, and I would say about the size of a grapefruit.

So it's big.

And they're holding it.... I get the impression like you would hold a baby, like something very precious.... They're bringing it to me. ... This is a terribly repulsive idea. I find this to be extremely repulsive, dirty, unclean. It's got me very upset.

That they are bringing this to you?

And making it part of my body.... I get the sense, and I have a terrible soreness in here—hot and sore. And I find this to be extremely repulsive. This is a solid unit, it is totally contained. There's something in it. I get the sense like it's a sack, and they have inserted that. And my whole feeling about it is that I don't want that in me.

Where do you think they would have inserted this, then?


But would this have been in the area where the uterus used to be?

Maybe. Maybe. I don't know.

Do you feel that this is sort of the area they're working on, or in?

As a matter of fact, my bladder felt like there was a lot of pressure, as though my bladder was dropping. And for the last six or eight months I felt that way.... I thought well, I'm just getting older, and my muscles are not as strong as they used to be.... I always felt that if I stood too long I would feel like I had to lie down for a while and let it go back into position. That kind of thing, like something was pressing on it or it was dropping. But I never felt that feeling that I have right now. Right now I feel such a soreness throughout this lower abdominal area—and hot. It feels so hot. My back hurts.

Do they say anything to you? Do they explain what they're doing, or are they just silent about this? ...

I found it to be extremely repulsive.... And I did not want that. And I'm in charge now. This is something I've got to take care of.

That's the impression you get?

It's not that I was saying no. I wouldn't say no.... I won't say no to them. I have a feeling that I'm here to serve.... I have that feeling though. I have a commitment to serve, but I don't like it. I'm kind of telling them I find this very repulsive. This is not what I want to do. But they didn't ask me if I want to do this. I don't like this at all, and I'm very upset.

I hope that you told that to them. They don't have a right to do this, Lydia, this is something that's not their right. So it's perfectly okay for you to be upset.

[Crying] I think this is about the worst thing that's ever happened to me.... You know what this is making me do? I have to change to conform to this.... The way my body operates is being disturbed now, and I have to conform to be compatible, to create an atmosphere conducive for this thing....It's throwing my body all off.5

As I was listening to Lydia, I remembered a postmenopausal abductee who had told me about feeling pregnant and feeling something "kicking" in her lower abdomen. At the time I did not know how to interpret the report. Now I knew.


I realized that it was possible that the aliens are making women carry babies even if the woman does not have a uterus. Instead of implanting the embryo in a uterus, the aliens could be inserting an extrauterine gestational unit—a sac capable of incubating a fetus without having to be attached to the uterine lining. The aliens place the unit in an area near the uterus, or perhaps even in the space that the womb originally occupied, or behind the bladder, or near an ovary.

This led me to reconsider the situation with Melissa. The "implant" that she had worried about was probably not a technological device, as I had assumed, but an extrauterine fetal implantation near the ovary. In this light, Melissa's adamancy about not removing it became understandable—she unconsciously knew that she must not disturb the fetus.

Now, other puzzling cases also began to make sense. The introduction of air, accompanied by a bloating feeling and the sense that organs were being "moved around," was most likely a preparation of the space into which the aliens placed the extrauterine gestational unit; they literally hollowed out an area for its placement.

The implications of these cases were unsettling. Whatever the reproductive stage or abilities of female abductees, they can help produce babies. They can "house" the standard uterine fetal implants as well as extrauterine gestational units. In addition, these gestational units might help to "camouflage" the phenomenon. They do not trigger the human gonadotropin hormone reaction normally registered on a pregnancy test.

The extensive use of women as hosts for hybrid babies brings into sharp relief the importance of the Breeding Program. Its scope is enormous.


In theory, the aliens have produced hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of offspring.


Protecting Pregnancies

When an abductee becomes pregnant, what prevents her from aborting the fetus? Or what prevents her from visiting a gynecologist to detect an extrauterine gestational unit and have it removed? It has become clear during the years of my research that the aliens prevent these actions by removing the critical "evidence" before the abductee can act. On many occasions, abductees have reported scheduling an abortion only to find an empty uterus during the actual procedure.


By the time the abductee undergoes the procedure, the aliens have already removed the fetus.

Claudia Negron, a woman who had raised two children before going back to college and earning her bachelor's degree, described the removal process that had occurred during one of her abductions.


First she saw a long instrument that the aliens inserted into her.

Strange object. I don't know if it's metal or clear or.... They use it for making babies. They put these things together in a laboratory, in a lab. And then they insert them in the womb so that it will grow there and develop into a baby. At a certain age—they monitor it, they know it's progressing—at a certain time they come back, they take you aboard and they remove the fetus, which by that time is not a fully developed fetus but big enough to be recognizable.


They remove it, taking them to this place. I've seen it before. Kind of fluid, they keep them in this fluid, a warm fluid. It's like a tank and that has a lot of fluid, has a lot of what is essential, I don't know, something to keep them growing, keep them living.6

Logically, the aliens must be monitoring the abductee's thoughts to protect the pregnancy. But do they monitor and record everything a person thinks twenty-four hours a day, or do they monitor selectively?


If they monitor continually, then everything an abductee thinks would have to be received, recorded, evaluated, and possibly acted upon. There is evidence to suggest that this level of monitoring does not take place. For example, the aliens are attracted to anything new on an abductee's body: an appendectomy scar, a bruise, a hair color change, a tattoo, and so on. They closely inspect the changed area and ask the person what it signifies and how it happened. If they were continually monitoring, they would probably know the answers.

Therefore, the aliens must monitor selectively. And they probably target thoughts related to specific subjects. If an abductee thinks about pancakes or shopping, it does not trigger a reaction. But if an abductee thinks about abortion, pregnancy, babies, and implants, these thoughts result in action if there is adequate time. When I rushed Melissa to the gynecologist for an ultrasound examination, the aliens did not have enough time to remove the "mass" they had implanted in her body. It all happened within one hour.

How do the aliens monitor thoughts?


They most probably do it through implants. Most abductees have alien implants, which they have been describing for years, and which are high up in the nasal passage, possibly as deep as the optic nerve or the pituitary gland, in the ear, or in a sinus cavity. Abductees with implants suffer from lifelong nasal problems, bloody noses, sinus congestion, diminished hearing, tinnitus, and ear bleeding. Physicians have noted anomalous scar tissue and holes in abductees' nasal passages.

Implants have also been placed in abductees' legs, arms, and necks. Some abductees have reported implants inside their brains.


Claudia Negron described receiving this type of implant during an incident in 1983.

He has some kind of instrument in his hand. It looks like, it looks like a needle, a hypodermic needle, but it's not. fit's] long. It has a long tip to it and he puts that in my ear, all the way inside. And it like just goes right through to the brain, it makes my whole brain just go, I don't know, it does something to my whole head. He said it's important. He communicates, he says, "This is important," that he has to do this.

Does he say why it's important, or is he just sort of vague?

He tells me it's important for me, but actually I have a feeling it's more important to him than it is to me. I think they're inserting something inside my head. It's really tiny, very tiny, small, whatever it is. And he said nobody will ever know it's there.

Do you respond to that?

I'm not saying anything. I just feel the pain. It's like I'm immobilized by this pain.

He says it's not going to hurt.

But it is hurting.

But it is. He said it's not going to last long. He says I won't feel anything afterwards, I won't even know it's there. I heard something pop in my ear. Oh! Oh! ... I asked him what this is for, why are they doing this. He says—he does not talk, he just sends his thought. It's like he projects his thoughts to me and he says that they have to know, they have to know how I see the world, how I see things, how I interpret things as they occur and this is their way of monitoring that. This tells them so they know where I am at all times. They know how I react to every situation at every moment. He said that this is important to them. He says it's important for their research. They have to know this ... because they want to know how the little children will be. They want to know what to expect as they grow older. It's all for the children.7

The exact functions of the implants are unclear, but we can make some informed speculations. They are probably complex multifunctional devices, which might monitor or affect hormonal levels for lactation, menstruation, ovulation, or pregnancy. They probably also serve as a means to locate abductees. Implants in the ear, sinus cavity, and nasal passages might all serve a variety of purposes.

What is clear is that the aliens will go to any extreme to protect a pregnancy. If an abductee has any thought of abortion, they intervene. Often the aliens strongly admonish the abductee not to disturb the pregnancy, but this technique has had limited success. Although many abductees say that they do not want to interfere in the pregnancy, most women who are aware of their pregnancies exhibit shock and horror and quickly overcome any qualms they might have about termination.

Kathleen Morrison's case is a good example. Although she was not sexually active and had undergone a hysterectomy some years before, she suspected that she was carrying an extrauterine pregnancy and she made an appointment with Dr. Treller.


A few days before the appointment, she was abducted and subjected to a gynecological examination while an alien communicated with her during a concurrent staring (Mindscan) procedure.

What do you think he is doing when he does the staring procedure?

Well, I think that he's taking a reading on my body and he did a quick pass on the mind but—okay he's going deeper. He's going to give me a word and I should respond to it. He gives me the word "Treller," and I respond that I'm going to see the doctor. He asks if I don't feel well, and I said that I was having some problems. And I get the feeling that I—my mind also said something to the effect of—and I want to find out what's going on. They want to know what I mean by that. My response is, "Well, you know...."

When you say, "You know," how does he respond to that?

The word that comes to mind is ICE. The demeanor changes. I get the feeling that prior to this they were ... a little more gentle, and the face has been lifted.... I feel some kind of heat in the vagina area. It's getting weirder when I say that I don't know if it's heat or extreme cold.... My question is, "What do you want?" and the thing is, "We need to make sure everything is okay." "But it's not okay, and that's why I'm going to the doctor." "You should have let us know." I get the feeling I should have let them know, but I don't know how to do that. Not that I would.

What do you think they are doing down there? Harvesting.... Eggs.

They are on your right side? ...

Yeah. There's one over at my right side. He's putting pictures in my head.

What are you seeing?

Nursery full of children. Not ours, here, up there. It's also attempts at family structure as we know it.

How do you mean?

They're not quite right. They'll be two—what seems older beings—with a group of small children.

Two gray beings, or hybrid?

Sometimes a mixture [one gray and one hybrid, Kathleen added later].

Two older beings would be a mixture, or something?

Right. It's like their concept of family life here. I almost want to say it's like a reconstructed scenario of a picnic....

When you see the family unit together, what are they doing?

It's like a reconstruction of a picnic. But they don't have the picnic bench or anything like that. It's like they are in a park type of environment. Groupings, walking, sitting.... [They're] talking. They are trying to engage in activities with the younger beings, the little ones, but it's form, no substance. It's form, no substance. It's a park type situation but there aren't any trees or brooks and grass and stuff like that but it gives you the feeling that that is like a simulation type— an acting exercise…Then they ask me a question.

What do they ask you?

"How could you do that to them?" It's relating to the picture. I don't understand ... do what to them?

I know what they're talking about. All right, when they were asking before about, you know, why you have to go to the doctor and all that, I said because I didn't feel well. I wanted to know what was going on. And I know that I had a picture in my mind that if something was there, it wouldn't be there any longer, and that's what they're asking. How could I do that, how could I have something taken out that was them.

But you're not having anything taken out.

Well. I'm not, but... that was something that I was trying to deal with—a "What if," and they picked up on it. Damn it! Your thoughts aren't even your own.

Right. So you were thinking that if anything was there you would have had it taken out?

That's right. It would have to go.

They're saying how could you have anything taken out that was from them?

How could I do that to these little beings—these little children? How could I do that to them? That I would have something removed. That wouldn't be able to get to their like kind—where they are supposed to be. DAMN IT!

So you were seeing a picture of the little children as an example of what is wonderful and good and you're about to mess it all up?

That's right. The guilt trip.... I feel like I screwed up—big time.8

Sexual Intercourse

For years abductees have reported being forced to engage in sexual intercourse with another abductee on board a UFO. These reports have been especially puzzling. Since aliens take sperm and eggs and then impregnate a woman with an embryo, there seems to be no reason why they should force humans to have intercourse. A popular theory is that the aliens are interested in the emotional aspects of sex. I have found what could be a simpler reason for this practice.

Intercourse usually takes place after an alien performs Mindscan, arousing intense sexual feelings in both the man and the woman. At this point, the aliens put the man and the woman together and the couple engages in intercourse. Then, just before ejaculation, they pull the two apart and the man ejaculates into a receptacle.

During hypnotic regression, abductees have described a variety of emotional states during intercourse. Some are neutral. Some enjoy it, as they are made to envision a loved one with them. Many feel guilt and humiliation. Sometimes the man experiences remorse at having done this to a woman.


Lucy Simpson reported a man who communicated "I'm so sorry" as the aliens pulled them apart. But the aliens seem to pay no attention to these emotional reactions. They focus only on eliciting a normal physiological reaction so that the man will ejaculate.

Although the aliens routinely collect sperm by attaching a collection device to the man's penis, apparently this technique is not foolproof. The evidence suggests that there are times when this procedure and even some masturbatory techniques either fail or cannot be performed.

Joel Samuelson, an easygoing forty-year-old man who owns his own business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, related an extremely puzzling event in which the aliens attached a device to his penis for sperm collection. Then, just a few minutes later, they led him into another room, compelled him to have intercourse with a woman, and collected his sperm.


As I listened to this account, it occurred to me that although it is possible to ejaculate twice in quick succession, the time between the two ejaculations was so short that the chances are that Joel would not have been able to generate very much more sperm. In addition, he had the impression that the initial mechanical attempt had failed.9


It seems likely, then, that most sexual intercourse between humans on board a UFO is for the purpose of sperm collection and not necessarily for eliciting sexual expression.


Abductees are often enlisted to obtain sperm when the mechanical means do not work or have failed. Terry Matthews helped to manually masturbate four men in turn as they lay on tables. Each time the aliens collected the sperm.


Another example comes from Carla Enders, who had to help the aliens collect sperm from an older man who was "impotent."

They can't get him to respond the way they want. So they ask me if I would help. I'm like, "I don't understand." They're kind of saying, "It's not like you haven't done it before." They're asking me to do something, and I don't really know what they're asking me to do. "You've never asked me these questions before, why are you asking me these questions?" ... I'm standing in the middle of them, and they're all around me. They've formed a circle around me. I'm feeling like I just want to throw a tantrum and scream and yell... They're telling me it won't be that bad, just do it, and it will be over with....

Do you fully understand what they're asking you?

Not really. Except they want to get some sperm from this man and they can't get it. And they've tried what they normally would do, and it didn't work. And for some reason they have this impression that he would really like that.... But I still don't realize until I go in there what they're asking me to do. They're just saying, "It's going to be different, but don't worry about it," or something.

So what happens next, then?

I'm just feeling kind of puzzled as we're walking over there.

You walk back into the hallway, you mean?

Yes, and there's like two in front of me, and two behind me. And we keep going further down the hall, not very far.... And I go into this room to the right. There's other ones in there.... I'm getting flashes of it being an older man.... He's just sitting down on the end of the table, just sitting there. He's not moving. He's older ... probably at least midfifties. You can tell he's older, he's not fat, but his muscle tone is different. It's not like a young person.... It seems like he wants to get up and leave too. Seems like he can't move....

You can tap into his thoughts a little?

Yeah, and then it seems like they start, like they're doing something so he will feel sexually, some kind of sexual desire or something. It seems like he changes----It's like he's not thinking about leaving anymore. He's not realizing that they're all around him anymore. It's like he's fantasizing or something.... It seems like they're asking me to touch his genitals. And I'm not cooperating, but they make my hands do it anyway.... I'm starting to get images that I somehow really like this person. I don't understand it. That maybe I'm really in love with this person.

Does this guy look familiar at all?

No. I'm thinking, why am I feeling that? Then it just becomes that I don't really notice any other thoughts. I'm not even noticing that they're there anymore. I don't really remember how I started having, doing oral sex, I just remember there was a flash and I was thinking, "I don't want to be doing this," and my head is going up and down and I can't stop it. It felt... like their hands were on the side of my head, kind of pushing my head up and down, but not, like, in a way it felt forcibly, but in a way it didn't. In a way it felt like my head was just going up and down anyway. But then I felt like I wanted to stop, and I couldn't stop.... It seems like finally I can pull my head away. And I'm just really feeling sick.

What do they do with him when you pull your head away?

It's like I'm thinking they're hoping that he will ejaculate because it seems like that's what they were trying to get him to do. I don't really know. It's like they're all coming around him. ... It seems like they're getting what they wanted to. It seems like they're satisfied with the results because, it seems like they've got what they wanted.

So the procedure was successful for them.

Yes. It seems like I don't stay in there very long. They're telling me I'll just forget. Because I'm really angry. I'm thinking, "How did that happen?" and we're just walking down the hall.10

Sperm collection is so important that the aliens do not adhere to the accepted "rules" about sex between relatives.


"Carole" was traveling in Arizona with two friends and a first cousin when they were all abducted. After her physical examination, Carole was sexually aroused and led into another room. The aliens then brought her cousin to her and the two had intercourse—much to Carole's intense shame and guilt. The aliens pulled them apart when her cousin began to ejaculate and collected his sperm.


So again, the purpose of forcing sexual intercourse between human seems to be to collect sperm.

An unintended consequence of intercourse for sperm collection might provide a reason for another puzzling aspect of the abduction phenomenon. Women abductees have reported that they became pregnant under impossible conditions; they'd not engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone and yet they were pregnant. They carried the baby to term and they had a normal, healthy child.


One woman remembered seeing a bright light while she was driving, then there was a period of missing time. She became pregnant, and after her child's birth, she referred to him as a "star child." Hearing the story of his birth, the now-twelve-year-old son was convinced that he had traveled to his mother's uterus "on a beam of light." At least some of these "immaculate conceptions" are probably a result of bad timing, and because the aliens are living, sentient beings, they make mistakes. If, during an abduction, the male begins to ejaculate a few seconds before the aliens pull him off the woman, she could easily become pregnant.

While sexual intercourse between two humans is primarily for sperm collection, there is another sexual scenario. Abductees have reported establishing close relationships with other humans, which the aliens arrange during their abductions. A male and a female child meet while on board a UFO, continue to see each other during abductions, and establish a friendship.


When they become adolescents, they enter into an onboard sexual relationship. Sometimes they know each other's names, and sometimes they make up names for each other. Terry Matthews knew a boy named Ben Anderson, with whom she had a deep relationship as a young girl and teenager during her abductions. On one occasion she expected to meet him again, but the aliens abruptly told her that he was dead and that "we have somebody else for you to meet."


When she became upset, they told her that it was not their fault and that he had died in an automobile accident.11

Occasionally two abductees will meet in a non-abduction context where they get a strong sense of familiarity and feel a powerful attraction toward each other. For example, Dena and Ray both knew immediately that they belonged together when they met. They had no idea how or why they felt that way, but the feeling was strong enough for them to divorce their spouses and marry. Hypnosis revealed that they have a long-term adolescent sexual relationship that took place exclusively during abductions.

Budd Hopkins, who first identified this phenomenon, has suggested that the mating of two abductees indicates that the aliens are conducting a study of the abductees' relationships, both social and sexual.12


This may indeed be the case. It is also possible that the two abductees possess certain genetic properties that the aliens want passed on to their children.


Controlling the Human Subjects

A puzzling aspect of the abduction phenomenon has been the use of Mindscan to sexually arouse women. In Mindscan, which usually comes during or immediately after the initial physical examination, a tall alien places his face very close to that of the abductee and stares intensely at her. The alien can elicit a variety of feelings and he can make the abductee envision specific scenarios of his own choosing. One of the most common procedures is when the alien uses Mindscan to elicit sexual feelings that escalate unabated until the female abductee reaches a high sexual plateau or orgasm.

The question is: Why are sexual feelings stimulated during Mind-scan? To answer this, one must pay attention to what the tall alien, who usually performs Mindscan, does at the onset of the abductee's orgasm. He immediately breaks off his staring procedure and goes between the abductee's legs to begin the gynecological procedures.


The most frequent procedure that abductees report during orgasm is egg harvesting. Inducing orgasm does not appear to be linked to any interest in or testing of sexual response. Instead, the evidence suggests that the aliens need the physiological effects of orgasm— tumescence, expansion, lubrication, and perhaps ovulation—to facilitate the gynecological procedures in which they are engaged.


Although the role of orgasm in ovulation is controversial, physician (and abductee) Gloria Kane felt certain that during Mindscan the alien was provoking the release of an egg from her ovary.

When I was ... sixteen they said that they were altering the way I worked inside, just after I got my period, that they were altering the way that I worked so that I would be like a rabbit. I would be sexually excited and then produce, or release an ovum. ... They wanted me to get excited enough to ovulate that way.13

Ovulation must take place on cue for the Breeding Program. Hybrids have instructed other hybrids in the intricacies of providing for ova release. Christine Kennedy recounted an event in which one hybrid discussed inducing ovulation with three other hybrids.

He's saying something to the other ones.

When he says something, does he face them, or is he feeing away from them, or ... ?

They're facing him. He's pushing around my ovaries.

What's your position on the table? Straight down, legs straight out and together?

No, they have my feet in these things—the stirrup things.

I see. So then am 1 assuming that your knees are up and legs apart and all that?

Mm-hmm [Yes]. I can't move my feet. He's pressing on your ovary. Mm-hmm.

Now, when he says something to these other guys, can you pick up just a little what he said, a thought here, a thought there?

They're going to make me ovulate. And that's what he says?

Mm-hmm. He says something about an egg, but I don't know if it's, "Take an egg." I don't think so. I can't see my arms ... moving around.

You arms are moving? How do you mean? I was able to move my arms around.

Are you flailing away? I wanted to smack the son of a bitch. Good. So, you have some movement. I can't do anything with them. I put them down. He hooks my right arm down and the other two, they're on the other side of the table. They followed suit.

So he's no longer pressing down on your ovary when he does that?

Mm-mm [No]. I feel like I'm being patronized. He's saying something. Something about why do I want to do that, or something....

Do you tell him off, or do you respond at all?

No, because ... he's calming me down, he's corning real dose to my face.

How close does he get to you?

Really close. I feel him touching my forehead.

What's happening?

If he makes me reach an orgasm ... son of a bitch!

When that happens—he's just sort of standing next to you, touching your forehead?

With his head. He was staring. He's doing the same shit that they always do.14

The aliens' ability to stare into an abductees' eyes and effect a wide variety of changes in brain function is extraordinary. At first it seems almost supernatural or mystical, as if Svengali were peering into Trilby's eyes, mesmerizing her to do anything he wanted.


But the mystical and supernatural are not part of the abduction phenomenon. The aliens use their advanced knowledge of human physiology to control humans and, ultimately, to make sure that humans comply with the Breeding Program and all other parts of the alien agenda.

The aliens' ability to control humans comes through the manipulation of the human brain. For example, when the alien moves close to the abductee's eyes to begin the staring procedure, almost immediately the abductee feels emotional and physical effects. One way to explain this is that the alien uses the optic nerve to gain entrance to the brain's neural pathways. B


y exciting impulses in the optic nerve, the alien is able to "travel" along the optic neural pathway, through the optic chiasma, into the lateral geniculate body, and then into the primary visual cortex in the back of the brain. From there he can travel into the secondary visual cortex in the occipital lobes and continue into sites in the parietal and temporal lobes and the hypothalamus. Through that route, the alien can stimulate neural pathways, travel to many neural sites, and cause the "firing" of neurons at whatever sites he wants.

Brain stimulation allows the alien to produce a range of effects. If the alien can connect into the neural pathways, he can reconstitute an abductee's memories. He can inject new images directly into the visual cortex, bypassing normal retinal observations, and cause people to "see" things that become part of their abduction "memories." He can activate sites within the limbic system and cause strong emotions, such as fear, anger, and affection. He can create feelings of sexual arousal that build relentlessly to a peak. And he can institute a form of amnesia that helps to preserve secrecy.

By using the optic nerve, the alien can, in effect, travel down the brain stem, into the autonomic nervous system in the spine, and then branch into the parasympathetic nervous system, giving him contact with virtually any organ. Abductees often talk about feeling physical sensations in their genitals, bladder, or other areas when an alien performs Mindscan procedures. The physiological responses necessary for erection and ejaculation in men, and tumescence, expansion, and lubrication in women can be artificially generated in this manner.

How the aliens engage the optic nerve is, of course, unclear, but there are some clues. When Mindscan or any staring procedure begins, the abductee cannot avert or close his eyes; they must remain fixed and open. The abductee is, in effect, forced to peer into the alien's eyes. Most abductees report that his eyes are dark brown or black, and opaque.


Others describe what might be liquid inside the alien's eyes. Others frequently see a moving or wiggling structure in the back of the eyes that generates a "light." It is possible that the light-emanating mechanism engages the optic nerve to begin the alien's journey through neural pathways.

Some abductees can feel the engagement when it happens. Allison Reed often sensed the alien's physical attachment to her brain during Mindscan.

What's he doing when he's inside there?

I feel a little tired. There's that thing again. I can't see it but I can feel it, it's ... and it goes all around. I don't know, it goes all around, it's like a blue light. It's between my skull and my brain, of course I can't see it, I just feel it. I don't feel much of anything right now. I feel good, I feel relaxed.. . .

The blue light, is that from his own eyes, do you guess, or from an instrument?

No, I don't like to call it a light because it's not a light like you see, it's more like an energy. I can't see it, usually in these places you see certain things but you feel more than you see. Your major senses are no longer sight and smell and touch, it's your sixth sense when you're here. It's from him, it's not an instrument, it's an energy. Somehow he can make this energy go in my head.15

Similarly, Courtney Walsh, a young woman pursuing a career in the biological sciences, "felt" her neural pathways being stimulated.

No, it feels like, it's hard to describe, like something is worming around in there. You can feel the different nerve pathways.... It actually feels nice, though. I can feel actual—it feels like something is—little currents of energy running around in my head.16

Jack Thernstrom, a graduate student in the physical sciences, had a similar reaction and sensed that the alien was physically going through his mind:

Now he's looking in my face again, and this time it's that feeling of a knife prying into my mind.

This is a feeling of... a physiological situation that's going on there?

It's like pure mental pain.

What do you think he's doing now?

I have this impression of, as if he's probing his way through a lot of—it's almost a physical sensation, as if thin strings or cables are all closely intertwined, almost hairlike, but under tension. It seems I've seen something like this ... he's kind of groping in there, and finding paths between them to get at a certain point. It's this feeling of a knife probing through, and forcing its way between things.. .. It's somewhere between active and passive ... it's not like opening it up and looking at it, it's as if one had a mass of wires and one were pulling and separating them to see what's connected to what.17

Some abductees visualize random thoughts and images as the alien traverses the neural pathways, as if the "travel" enervates the pathways as a by-product of the procedure.


One woman saw a frame house, a mule-drawn carriage, a "Gibson-Girl's" hair, someone washing the hair on a mannequin's head (no body) in a basin, an iceberg in a fjord, the top of an old house in winter, two children, and a nineteenth-century print of two politicians. Another abductee envisioned a comb, teeth, numbers, letters, parts of a face, a man falling out of a building, a bird in flight, knife edges, a leg, a mouse hole, a pocket watch, and potatoes.

Once joined with the abductee's neural pathways, the alien essentially has free rein to do what he wants. The abductee is no longer in control of his own thoughts. The aliens can exercise absolute power over the minds and bodies of the abductees. They can make the abductees think, feel, visualize, or do anything the aliens want.

The aliens' ability to attach to the abductee's neural pathways is not automatic. They turn and twist their heads to get the best vantage point to hook into the optic nerve. They hold the abductee's head so that she will not make any movements that might disrupt engagement. Kathleen Morrison had an unusual Mindscan in which the first alien could not make an adequate attachment. After the first alien tried without success for several minutes, another alien took over and she could quickly feel the effects of the familiar Mindscan procedure.

But another abductee successfully resisted mental engagement.


During a recent abduction, Reshma Kamal found that she had more muscle control than usual and she used it to prevent a neural connection.


She shifted her eyes back and forth rapidly while reciting an Arabic religious phrase. The first alien tried to lock into her eyes but could not. He diverted her attention by causing a pain in her head, and he threatened not to take her home, but she refused to give in. Another alien took over and increased the threats. Still she refused to stop, although she was getting dizzy moving her eyes back and forth. A third alien tried, and then a fourth.


They could not stop her from shifting her eyes. Eventually they gave up and said that they would continue the procedure at the next abduction.18

Abductees have said that in some way they know the mental procedures are related to the hybrids. The abductees suggest that aliens record information from them and then transfer it into hybrids' minds so that they can learn how humans live and feel. There are also procedures in which hybrids directly transfer information from human minds into their minds.


An alien attached Allison Reed to an adult female hybrid with wires, and as the two sat facing each other, Allison could feel her thoughts and memories flowing out of her and into the hybrid. The hybrid "absorbed" Allison's thoughts and experiences and apparently derived some benefit from this procedure.19

The mental procedures must be viewed in relation to the aliens' reproductive agenda. Without the ability to manipulate the human brain, the aliens would be unable to control the abductees physically or mentally and the Breeding Program would not be feasible in its present form. Abductees often feel even more violated by the mental procedures than by the reproductive ones. They know that their private thoughts are not their own and that they can be "tapped into" and manipulated.


Although I often try to reassure them that in spite of what happens their thoughts are free, they know that this may not be entirely true.

  • Who are these powerful beings who can control humans?

  • What kind of society do they live in?

  • How do they live?

Through abduction accounts, we have been able to piece together facts that provide some answers to these all-important questions.


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