Chapter 19
Famous And Celebrity Adult Star Seeds: Role Models For Star Kids


Question: What does these world celebrities have in common?

-Buzz Aldrin, Ph.D., Colonel, US Air Force, astronaut, Apollo 11

-Neil Armstrong, Ph.D. (Hon.), Captain, US Navy, first astronaut to walk Moon, Apollo 11

-Roseanne Barr/Arnold, (of Home on the Range, The Roseanne Show (TV/radio, etc.)

-Bono (of the Irish rock band, U2, the All That You Can’t Leave Behind album, etc.)

-David Bowie, durable rock-pop musician, star in The Man Who Fell To Earth, etc.)

-Russell Crowe (of Master and Commander, A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, etc.)

-Ellen DeGeneres (of Finding Nemo, Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dr. Doolittle, etc.)

-Dr. Albert Einstein, quantum physicist, mathematician, and physics theorist

-Linda Evans (of The Klansman, the Dynasty television series, The Big Valley, etc.)

-Jodie Foster (of The Silence of the Lambs, Taxi Driver, Contact, etc.)

-Nelson Mandela, civil rights advocate, attorney, first President of South Africa

-Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi, nonviolent civil rights activist, liberator of India

-Jennifer Grey (of Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Bounce, etc.)

-Salma Hayek (of Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Frida, Traffic, etc.)

-Jimi Hendrix, legendary rock musician of Purple Haze, Hey, Joe, Foxy Lady etc.), who once told a reporter he was from Mars
-Angelina Jolie (of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider; Girl, Interrupted; Beyond Borders, etc.) is a UN Goodwill Ambassador working with refugees
-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., famed civil rights leader

-John Lennon, legendary song-writer and singer in The Beatles rock band

-Shirley MacLaine, (of Postcards From the Edge, Irma La Douce, Steel Magnolias, etc.)

-Bob Marley, famous musician and civil rights and Rastafarian spirituality advocate

-Yao Ming, 7'-6" star center of the Houston Rockets NBA basketball team

-Edgar Mitchell, Sci. D., Captain, US Navy, astronaut, Apollo 14

-Alanis Morisette, singer, songwriter, naturist, star of Dogma, De-Lovely , etc.)

-Keanu Reeves (of The Matrix series, Speed, Point Break, Little Buddha, etc.)

-Sally Ride, Ph.D., astronaut, Challenger STS-7, and STS 41-G Shuttles

-Carlos Santana, Mexican-born musician and songwriter (of Black Magic Woman, etc.)

-Princess Diana Spencer of the House of Wales (UK), charities activist

-Mother Teresa Bojaxhiu, missionary nun who founded an order to serve India’s poorest

-Oprah Winfrey, world-famed author, talk show host, star of The Color Purple, etc.

Answer to the above question:
They each have the energy signature of being a Star Seed.

Note, this does not mean that they are all now aware of contact or star heritage, but some are. Others are what may be called "Star Seed Latents": persons who have Star Seed heritage, and are aware in some way that they are different than many of their contemporaries, but have not yet arrived at a full understanding of why.

Yet some of them clearly are aware of their advanced psychic abilities, and of the reality of Star Visitor contact, and more.

Again, as was noted with celebrity Star Kids, the point is not that we should all want to be a celebrity. But these Star Seeds have used their abilities to distinguish themselves in the world. And in ways that do not always come to public attention, many of these Star Seeds are using their high abilities to make a difference for the good of the world.

We all need heroes, and people we can try to model ourselves on. Among these figures almost everyone can find such a hero or model.

As we enjoy knowing something special about these people, let us remain clear in our focus that we share a generous helping of the same stream of energy. And it will be exciting to see how each of us uses that personal stream of energy to distinguish our life as having made a difference for good in the world.

Think of how each of these has made an impact on the world.


How many Star Kids are going to grow up and make an even greater impact on the world?


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