Chapter 17
The Difference Between Star Kids And “Indigo” Or “Crystal” Children

When some people hear about the Star Kids, they ask if that is the same thing as the “Indigo” children or “Crystal” children that some people talk about. No, Star Kids is not interchangeable with these other two labels that float around in some metaphysical circles. It appears that it would be useful to clear up the confusion in some people’s minds between Star Kids and so-called terms “Indigo” or “Crystal” children.


Because there are substantial differences.

By now the reader is hopefully very clear about who Star Kids are. So, let’s take a look at the “Indigo” and “Crystal” labels that get bantied about.

The “Indigo” label got started by a pair, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Lee Carroll is an engineer, who maintained a technical audio business in San Diego, and lives with his wife Pat in Del Mar, California. For the past decade he has claimed to channel an “entity” called Kryon. Jan Tober is a jazz singer who, tiring of road tours, settled in Del Mar, California, and took up painting and metaphysics.

Carroll’s “Kryon channelings” caught on in the San Diego County metaphysical circuit. “Kryon” sounds like many other dubious channelings, complete with hokey florid New Age-y elocution, such as, “Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.”

“Kryon” is not afraid to side with Republican foreign policy, a smart marketing idea in heavily-Republican San Diego County.

About the tense Middle East situation, “Kryon” blithely notes,

“Historians will look back upon the events of this time and say there’s only one country in the world who had the power, the will, and the reason to put a large stick into the Middle East and stir it vigorously. And these historians will say in retrospect that without the placeholder that you call your President, the things that will take place in the Middle East ...would never have happened.”

One day Carroll “channeled” Kryon talking about “Indigo” children. Soon, Carroll teamed up with his “spiritual” partner, Jan Tober and co-wrote a book, The Indigo Children (1999).

The “Indigo” label is their attempt to describe the new wave of children people are starting to notice now. However, the construct that Carroll and Tober have come up with is disquieting. And by this point in this Star Kids book, you will quickly notice that the “Indigo” label seems to be describing something quite else besides Star Kids.

According to Carroll and Tober “Indigoes”:

  • come into the world with a feeling of royalty

  • come in feeling they deserve to be here and are surprised when others don’t share their sense of entitlement

  • have difficulty with authority unless reasons are given and they have choices

  • will simply not do certain things, like wait in line

  • get frustrated with systems that are rote

  • seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind

  • are not shy about letting people know what they need

  • frequently carry an Attention-Deficit (ADD) or Hyperactivity Disorder (HD) diagnosis

  • have an indigo-colored aura

Well, frankly, the above sounds more like a description of a spoiled, willful, distracted, self-centered brat. Whatever the above jumble of descriptors is trying to describe, it certainly is not Star Kids.

One call tell that Carroll and Tober, neither of whom have a background in child psychology, nor in experiencer research, are trying to describe some of the new wave of children emerging now. Yes, these new children are quite smart, some have a strong leadership drive, and are impatient with and have difficulty conforming to dysfunctional social structures.


And, yes, this causes frustration for their parents and teachers.

  • But no, Star Kids are not little princesses who run around with their nose in the air and feel a false sense of entitlement.

  • And, no, Star Kids don’t feel they deserve to be here. In fact, a number of Star Kids feel that what they deserve is to be back in their home among the stars, and that they are doing hard duty making their way through life on Earth.

  • And, no, Star Kids are not anti-authority; they often feel the best way to deal with authority is to out-reason the less-gifted person who may be holding a position of authority.

  • And, no, all Star Kids are not fidgety brats who have unusual difficulties in staying in line.

  • And, no, Star Kids are not antisocial when they are with non-Star Kids. Star Kids may be more quiet or reserved around regular humans they don’t know. Then again, there are plenty of extrovert, socially-engaging Star Kids.

  • And, no, Star Kids are typically not pushy brats who insist on getting their way.

  • And, no, Star Kids do not generally carry ADD or HD diagnoses, although, as described earlier, a small minority of Star Kids may get mislabeled that way.

  • And, no, all Star Kids do not have predominantly indigo-colored auras. I have specifically asked several psychically-gifted persons about the auras they see on Star Kids, and each agrees that Star Kids come with a variety of size, coloration, and intensity of auras, depending on factors which can change.

In 2003 another book came out called The Crystal Children, written by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Doreen was attempting to describe the new wave of children who have emerged since 1995. She does not see these children as anything like Tober and Carroll’s “Indigo” typology. I frankly find Dr. Virtue’s eye for the new kids much more accurate.


She writes:

“The first thing most people notice about Crystal Children is their eyes: large, penetrating, and wise beyond their years. Their eyes lock on and hypnotize you, while you realize your soul is being laid bare for the child to see. ... They are happy, delightful, and forgiving. This generation of new lightworkers, roughly ages 0 through 7, are like no previous generation. Ideal in many ways, they are the pointers for where humanity is headed . . . and it's a good direction! Sure, they may have tantrums occasionally, but these children are largely forgiving and easy-going.”

So, “Crystal Children” is another label attempting to describe the new generation of psychic and sensitive children now being born, describing them as intuitive, telepathic, and possessing “opalescent multi-hued auras”. However, Virtue does not explain why these children are coming in now, why they are different, nor the role of the Star Visitors in shepherding these children in.

In my view, the “Indigo” and “Crystal” labels are sincere attempts to describe the markedly different children growing up now among us. However, neither label speaks to the partial star heritage of these children. Such an omission is not trivial. The Star Visitors are a key factor in our past and origin, and their coming return en masse will be an historic element of our near future. The Star Kids are coming in now because the Star Visitors have taken compassion on our situation, and are helping arrange that the young ones being born now include the brightest and best. For all of these reasons it seems right that the best descriptor for them is Star Kids.

Any of us can have a heart of compassion for the spoiled, willful, distracted, self-centered, troubled youngsters that Tober and Carroll seem to be categorizing. Such children and their families need attention, specialized counseling, and compassionate support. But that “Indigo” profile is most assuredly not an accurate description of Star Kids.

Star Kids are extremely bright, often in creative and original ways. Some very few also happen to have hyperactivity symptoms, but this may be more due to advanced Star Visitor-DNA-based neurological wiring, which does not quite mesh well within a human body (psychomotor system), rather than due to true Hyperactivity Disorder.

Star Kids are who they are due to the contribution of Star Visitor genes to their overall predominantly human-partially extraterrestrial genome. Or they are Star Kids because they are reincarnated Star Visitors in human bodies for this lifetime. The “Indigo” and “Crystal” labels, however well-intentioned, simply do not deal with Star Kids’ partial modification and upgrading by the Star Visitors. And such additional information about these new kids is not trivial.

Hopefully the above explanation has offered some clarification of the differences between the so-called "Indigo” and “Crystal”-children labels and the genuine Star Kids.

Star Child” To Be Distinguished From “Star Kids

Lloyd Pye has been doing some interesting work unearthing anomalous, very large humanoid skulls, which he says establish that there were Star Visitors who resided at least temporarily on Earth many years ago. He labels the owners of the skulls “Star Child(ren)”. That use of the term is quite different than what is meant in this book by Star Kids.

Lloyd Pye's "Star Child" is the skull of a fully-extraterrestrial person who resided for a while on Earth, and died and was buried here many long years ago.

But Star Kids are contemporary, very much alive, advanced human children who contain only some extraterrestrial genes, which provide the basis for their advanced intelligence, health, psychic abilities, spirituality, cosmic consciousness, etc. Those of you Star Kids who are reading this book know this, being Star Kids yourself.

So, while Lloyd's term "Star Child" sounds similar to my term "Star Kid", the meanings are quite different. I salute Lloyd Pye for his separate work documenting long Star Visitor presence on Earth.

As we move further through the Transition from Fourth World to Fifth World new culture, there will undoubtedly be further efforts to refine and hone the vocabulary we will be using to describe the many wondrous and spectacular changes that are going on. And I hope that the Star Kids will take a clear leadership hand in clarifying and providing better definition to the new world we are assembling.

It will be interesting to see the new Fifth World culture developing, and a whole new vocabulary emerge to describe the new features it will contain.

At that point I will gladly, like Joachim of old, utter my “Nunc Dimittis”, hand over the reins to my younger stellar comrades, and exit stage right.


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