Chapter 16
Some Precautions And Protections For Star Kids

This chapter is not going to be too long. Star Kids come equipped with parents or other guardians. These parents love and cherish their Star Kid, and are not about to let anything harm him or her if they can help it. So already Star Kids generally come equipped with robust protection. It is the intent of this chapter to respect such parental protectiveness, and to restrict itself to proving some information and offering some suggestions that are intended to assist the parents in their task of seeing to the well-being of their Star Kids.

As alluded to in a previous chapter, parents are not the only ones interested in Star Kids. Their government has taken an interest in such exceptional children for many decades. Attorney Andrew Basiago wrote a report on revelations made by Astronaut Gordon Cooper, (who flew in the early pioneering Mercury and Gemini space flight programs.)


Gordie was no wild-eyed radical, but in an interview given four years ago, Cooper laid it on the line, revealing a secret government program that has been going on for fifty years, since shortly after the Roswell Crash, when America entered the Space Age. This secret program, taken over by NASA shortly after its creation in 1958, involved secretly recruiting, analyzing and programming America’s brightest children to determine their suitability for classified projects involving government dealings with Star Visitor representatives and with extraterrestrial technology.

Mr. Basiago has generously given me permission to reproduce here his report on what Astronaut Cooper revealed.


Astronaut Reveals NASA Mind Control Program Involving Children
By Andrew D. Basiago

Special to

(July 20, 2000)

LOS ANGELES --“Astronaut Gordon Cooper, one of the original seven Mercury astronauts, has confirmed the existence of a mind control program administered by NASA in the 1950's and 1960's involving gifted American school children.

“The astronaut's revelation was made during a July 19th interview by host Mike Siegel on the popular, late-night radio program, "Coast to Coast AM."

“During a discussion that primarily focused on Cooper's beliefs that extraterrestrial beings are visiting planet Earth and that some UFO's are alien spacecraft, Siegel asked Cooper: "Who were the space kids?" Cooper answered: "The space kids were children with exceptional mental abilities [Star Kids] run through a kind of MK [MKUltra CIA mental programming] program, like the things that are coming out now." He went on to describe how NASA's mind-control program, which emphasized cultivation of the children's psychic abilities, involved such things as telepathy, remote viewing, and out-of-body-experiences (OBE's).

“Cooper's remarks generally support the claims of a growing cadre of Americans, now in their thirties, forties, and fifties, [and sixties -Ed.], who are recovering memories of unusual classes that they were enrolled in as children during the advent of the Space Age. These "study groups" included speed reading lessons that enabled students to comprehend entire passages of English prose at a single glance, the use of learning machines to teach them vast amounts of information, advanced memory training, card games and situational exercises involving clairvoyance, and seminars in the guided imagination that forms the basis of "remote viewing."

“It is believed that NASA's mind control program was directed at preparing children who would later be able to communicate with the non-human intelligent species that humanity might encounter in space. This thesis is supported by the fact that one experiencer remembers being tutored in a hieroglyphic alphabet that author Fritz Springmeier has identified as a set of "intergalactic symbols" developed by NASA for the purpose of communicating with extraterrestrial civilizations.

“The accounts of some individuals suggest that in some cases, the children involved were given drugs to enhance memory and learning, and were physically spun on table top-like devices to induce the altered state of consciousness associated with OBE's [out-of-body experiences].

“Cooper's book, “Leap of Faith”, was released to the public in August, 2000.”


[End of Andrew Basiago’s report.]

Given the greater awareness in the UFO and psychic communities about intelligence agencies’ interest in perfecting the psychic arts for spying and stealthy control, it is less likely than before that parents will be persuaded by authoritative strangers saying they are from the government, and promising that their child will be given an all-expenses-paid free education to advanced levels, if only the parents will sign away their child on the dotted line.

Nevertheless, other issues of Star Kid safety and protection remain.

A fundamental place to start is for the parent of a Star Kid to maintain a non-anxious, gentle overall surveillance of their child’s health, mental state, emotional behavior over time, psychic functioning level, and patterns of whom they communicate with. The parent should also talk to their older Star Kids about informing the parent if anyone triers to get into theor mind while they are asleep.

Almost never are children the target of health-eroding microwave or other deleterious directed-energy weapons. Any change in a Star Kid’s health related to outside predation will more likely be due to the stress of dealing with some other avenue of attempted influence.

Prevention is of course the place to start. Let your Star Kid know at as early an age as you think appropriate that there are some people out there who do not like children showing that they have psychic abilities. It may damage a little of the child’s innocence, but today’s children need to be aware of potential dangers, and have a strategy for dealing with them. The emphasis here for parents should be not on unduly frightening the child, but rather on empowering the child to “take care of business.”

As part of such awareness, the child needs to learn from their parent some basics.

One of the first of these basics is who’s allowed to see you “naked. “ Just as a child is taught fairly young that generally it is not a good idea in today’s society to walk down a public street and let everyone see you naked, so also a Star Kid needs to know that it is not a good idea to show your advanced abilities to just anyone. The Star Kid needs to be taught who are the people whom she can act natural around, so that they see her actively using psychic abilities; and when it is time to play it cool and keep such talents in the closet. Generally, close family are okay.


The Star Kid’s best friends are a judgment call: the parent would want to know them and their parents before giving the green light. The child’s favorite teacher is more iffy. A parent would want to feel out that teacher’s attitude towards psychic abilities before green-lighting the child’s talking about what she can do to the teacher. Other community members, such as a Scout leader, pastor or medical doctor, would need to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

A second strategy is to teach your Star Kid to trust their instincts and feelings. After all, every Star Kid has especially attuned sensitivity and high intuition. Use them. If a person they are with feels open, of clear energy, and relaxed, the child can probably safely first talk about some psychic thing that they have done in the past. After the child sees how the other person reacts to that revelation, then the child can decide if the vibes are right to talk about a recent psychic feat, or even allow an ability to be shown right in front of the person.

If the person becomes tense when a psychic ability is talked about or spontaneously shows up, or changes the subject uncomfortably, then the Star Kid should quit. If the person becomes unpleasant or judgmental, the Star Kid can always tell a little white lie and say that they were just kidding, and brush it off.

Parents need to be aware of the persons in their Star Kid’s life. Not only teachers but gym coaches, club leaders, youth ministers, etc. Those who spend more time around your Star Kid are going to get to know him well. Sooner or later, an advanced ability your Star Kid has is going to slip out, or manifest spontaneously. A parent needs to keep aware of how these central figures in the child’s life see him.


A parent can also “immunize” these figures by telling them that you have noticed that your child is a little special, and that if they ever notice anything unusual about your child, you’d like them to talk to you about it, so that both of you can better understand what is going on with the child. If they bring up “exotic” powers that your child exhibited, think ahead of time of how you’re going to deal with such revelations.


Depending on the personality, world view and social or political philosophy of the central figure, a parent is going to need to be prepared to: laugh it off, call such an event a fluke, talk about a show you saw on television about how there seem to be more psychic people around these days, or begin to educate that central figure about the Star Kid phenomenon.

A strong way a parent can help protect their Star Kid is to be involved in your children’s life and activities. There is no substitute for your attention and supervision. Such involvement not only makes it unlikely that a risky situation will develop around your Star Kid, but your frequent presence allows you to learn better how your Star Kid is navigating life, and allows you to coach her moves and make sure she doesn’t set herself up to be ostracized, belittled or attacked.

Explain to your children why their safety is more important than being polite. Clamming up when some nosy adult is trying to check out if the scuttlebutt on the Star Kid is true, that they can see into the future, may seem impolite, but it is better than the child’s becoming the object of malicious neighborhood gossip, or of unwelcome para-governmental surveillance. If another child begs or dares the Star Kid to do a psychic trick in public, it is not being impolite to protect your right to privacy and say you’re not that much different than anybody else, and change the subject.

Another protective measure a parent can do is to be aware of an adult who is paying too much attention to your children. The adult may just be curious and nosy. Or they could be interested in how they might exploit the child. Or they might even be looking for such exceptional children, either as an outreach agent for some agency, or private research group, or even a dark metaphysical society which needs such energy for its rituals. Or they could be scouting out the child for a kidnapping or a child molestation. Most adults pay only brief and fleeting attention to a child. If the adult is unusually fixated on the Star Kid, there is a reason, and the parent needs to find out what it is. And promptly.

Be aware of any changes in your children’s behavior or attitude. These signs are telling you something significant. Find out what it is. Except for that challenging time at the onset of adolescence when pubescent “tweens” want to be left alone and sulk, if your Star Kid suddenly shifts emotional gears, or starts an uncharacteristic new behavior pattern, something is going on. A parent has the right to find out what it is.

Make sure you know where your children are at all times, and whom they are with, and have a pre-agreed time set when they are to be home. While this is good advice for any parent raising a child in today’s world, it is even more important for Star Kids. Sometimes the issue is not your Star Kid hanging with marginal friends and smoking a joint under a bridge.


The Star Kid may be being pushed by a best friend to show other kids some aura-reading ability that the best friend knows she has, but which could get the Star Kid in trouble if some other child in the circle runs home and tells their fundamentalist parents, who in turn tell their firebrand pastor who is looking for a new scapegoat to rail against.

A parent needs to teach their young Star Kid that, if somebody tries to take them somewhere, they should run away, and yell or scream that "this person is trying to take me away." It works to scare off child molesters, and it works to dissuade business-suited operatives in black limousines. The Star Kid should be instructed to really make a scene like never before, to run away from danger and yell loudly. It is their one legal opportunity in life to really ham it up and get extreme.

Yet, it is also possible to go too far in seeking to lay a protective shield around your Star Kid. Author Judith Levine, in her wonderful book, Harmful To Minors, (2002) makes the argument that excessive attempts to protect children are worse than ineffectual. It is the global assumption of danger and the exclusive focus on protection that are themselves harmful to minors. We do not need to turn the wonderful young growing generation of Star Kids into a nation of paranoids. We need for these children to be emotionally healthy, balanced, and self-confident, so that hey can take their places in creating a society where paranoia will be a rarity.

Let’s now look at some of the ways in which a Star Kid’s special gifts can provide necessary advance warning as well as protection.

Mental telepathy, intuition and heightened empathic sensitivity are natural allies. If the Star Kid gets vibes or mental impressions from a person that make the Star Kid uncomfortable or leery, don’t wait to find out the hard way whether your impressions were correct. Begin disengaging from the situation as gracefully as possible, but firmly if you must.

If a Star Kid has a precognitive “dream”, or a daytime “flash” vision, about a perilous situation, and then later finds himself in that situation, the Star Kid needs to extract himself as soon as possible, before the foreseen unpleasant event occurs.

Occasionally a threatening situation arises where the Star Kid’s ability to do telepathic mental influencing can come in handy. For example, a jealous bully appears inclined to egg on the Star Kid into a physical confrontation. The Star Kid may choose instead to stay calm, focus very intensely on the bully’s bladder and induce the thought about body sensations, that the bully needs to get to a bathroom very urgently, and “let nature take its course.”

Telekenesis can be a risky power to employ as a protective measure, but in extreme circumstances, it can have its place. If an assailant is chasing the Star Kid, and the Star Kid sends out the psychic energy that the assailant will get one leg in front of the other, trip and fall, oh well, such are “the fortunes of war”.

In extreme situations a Star Kid can undertake to call upon their Star Visitor Guide or Companion/Ally to step in or affect the scene in a way that neutralizes the danger. This is an extreme measure, and Star Visitors are not always available at a moment’s notice. Nor is there any guarantee that their evaluation of the situation, and of the karma involved in an intervention to break up the situation, is going to result in their actually actively intervening.

This was not a fun chapter to write, and it very likely is not a fun chapter to read. No one likes to think about innocent children in danger. It is important to keep perspective, and to realize that every day millions of Star Kids and their families go about their lives without trouble or danger.

The odds of a given Star Kid who takes simple basic precautions actually being hassled or endangered are quite small. Star Kids and their parents should not let a few simple precautions take the joy, wonder and beauty out of living each day in the more complete way that Star Kid gifts make possible. And remember: we are the future. Every day there are more of us.


And in numbers there is always strength.


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