Chapter 15
The Geopolitical Context In Which Star Kids Must Function

Being a senior (in age) member of the Star Seed community, I’d like first to share the evolution of some of the geopolitical context in which previous generations of Star Kids have had to operate, and then bring things up to the contemporary situation. To the younger Star Kids some of this may seem quaint.


But as the philosopher George Santyana noted,

“Those who do not learn from the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.”

Let me start this discussion by telling a little story about what first made me believe in life outside of our own world of planet Earth. I was seven years old in June, 1947, and remember my parents discussing the June 24th evening paper headlines about a pilot who had spotted ships from outer space cruising above Mount Rainier, Washington State.


Inspired by their shape and the way they skipped along, he called them “flying saucers”. Needless to say, the name stuck.

Three weeks later my folks were again talking about UFOs. This time they were discussing the July 8th news on the radio about the Army recovering a flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico. I recall thinking, “That’s neat! There are people out there in outer space, too.” (We the public had not yet been mis-taught by propaganda to fear them.)

And it was in the summer of 1952, when I was in eighth grade, and long since old enough to read the daily paper for myself, that I read the scream headlines, and stared at the dramatic photos in the afternoon newspaper, about UFOs flying over the nation's capital, Washington, DC night after night that summer.

The next year, 1953, the government began the UFO Cover-Up, after the manipulators of the Cabal arranged to have the CIA convene the Robertson Commission. This panel dutifully generated a Report that UFO sightings constituted a “National Security risk” and must be suppressed. But it was too late for those of us who remember all the real news coverage before the news blackout was installed. We know better.

Then in 1972, I had my own UFO sighting in the hills above my house in Marin County, California. There is nothing like personal experience to overcome ten thousand lying press releases from Air Force Public Information Officers. If you can’t believe your own eyes, why should you believe some acne-ed airman lying under orders?

I was lucky. I lived before the UFO Cover-Up, the longest (51 years in 2004 and counting), most extensive (global), most expensive (billions of dollars spent covering up and sequestering information) psychological warfare exercise in the history of the world.

My outlook on UFOs was shaped by real news during the unfettered-press days of 19471952. The UFO Cover-Up, when they started it, was laughable to me and others of my generation. Furthermore, we had enough real information beforehand that we were in a position not to be awed by those lying Air Force Public Information Officers, who handled every UFO report on the radio, (there essentially was no television then), by coming on afterwards and reading a press release that said the sighting mistook a flight of geese, or swamp gas, or the rising planet Venus for a UFO.

But the situation is different for the current generation of Star Kids. Contrariwise, today’s young people have never known a time when the UFO phenomenon was not the object of official ridicule and denial, the butt of comedian jokes, and the subject of endless wacky cartoons. They may not have a point of comparison, but as a person with the comparative historical perspective of a senior citizen, and as a psychologist, I can assure Star Kids that such an intellectually-hostile climate of denial, ridicule and scorn subtly but powerfully eats away at either your acceptance of UFO/Star Visitor reality, or saps your willingness to get enraged and publicly militate against the patently-obvious, intellectually-shallow UFO Cover-Up.

Since the subject of this chapter is the geopolitical context in which Star Kids must function, let us be clear that the invisible but society-wide bubble of ignoring, denying, and trivializing UFO/Star Visitor reality is an enervating context the Cabal has set up to prolong the years that a Star Kid spends as a “Latent”, unaware and dis-empowered, and to hobble the effectiveness with which Star Kids can function.

This chapter will feature what at first may seem to be a collection of disjointed observations. But be patient. I believe that by the time you get to the end of the chapter, you will see how the clever, devious planners within the Cabal [see below for explanation] have tried to create a context for living in which the saga of Star Visitor contacts with humankind simply disappears from the radar screen.

The next Chapter (16) will deal with precautions Star Kids would do well to observe. The following historical vignette may give today’s Star Kids some insights into both the cleverness and the nefariousness of Cabal operatives in their efforts to harness “useful elements” within humanity to help advance their evil purposes.

The Cabal: A Geoplutocratic “Elite” Bent On Global Domination

The Cabal", as used around enlightened UFO circles, refers to a claque of global-scale plutocratic manipulators who use their immense wealth, prestige and power to control governments and economies to perpetuate their stranglehold on global society.


This group is comprised of the most selfish, megalomaniacal, and sociopathic individuals, some of whom are big-shots in the Bilderberg Council, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission global policy-making groups. But these groups are not synonymous with The Cabal, since BC, CFR and TLC also contain some well-intentioned individuals.

The Cabal gets a fair amount of mention by me, and, under other names, by other solid researchers, because they are also the rogue group behind the continuation of the unauthorized UFO Cover-Up. Unfortunately, the Cabal has its proxies on some of the seats in the Special Studies Group of the U.S. National Security Council, the group which controls official U.S. government UFO and Star Visitor information and access, and conducts the government-authorized UFO Cover-Up..

The unauthorized UFO Cover-Up is to be distinguished from the official government-authorized and operated UFO Cover-Up. The unauthorized UFO Cover-Up is conducted by the Cabal, the organization that conducts kidnappings, terrorizing, drugging, and hypnoprogramming of innocent civilians to misrember their ordeals as “alien abductions”. Cabal operatives do wholesale "cattle mutilations", hoping that angry ranchers and terrorized citizens will blame it on "the aliens".


The Cabal's operatives also terrorize some UFO researchers who get “too close”, even assassinate a few, (while careful to make it look like an “accident”), and do not hesitate to character-assassinate many more. They hijack some psychotronic weaponry from black-project labs for unauthorized use on their "enemies", or on innocent civilian "guinea pig" test subjects.

In general, most of the horrific stuff done under the UFO Cover-Up comes from the Cabal's unauthorized version of the UFO Cover-Up, often using their plants within military and intelligence organizations (to further camouflage who is at work) to do their dirty work.

The official government-authorized UFO Cover-Up is relatively benign, yet is still morally responsible for the global suffering that could have been averted if the general public had access to,

  • clean, non-petroleum energy

  • psychotronic healing machines

  • Zero Point Energy-powered hydroponic food-growing machines

  • gravity-shielded superfast airliners and sea freighters

  • the immense store of spiritual, metaphysical and scientific knowledge that the Star Visitors wish to share with the people of Earth

Some remote viewers have seen The Cabal's power broken by 2006.


They definitely will be left in the trash bin of history, by the time the transition from Fourth World [current societal mess] to Fifth World [cosmic, just, non-materialistic, peaceable, “extended-family” society] is well established by 2012.

NSA Hybrid Hunts And NASA “Space Kids” Schools

In the 1950s I was a student within one of the most sheltered private high schools in the western United States, an ultraconservative Catholic seminary. Yet even in this isolated womb of non-worldly reactionary existence, we did not escape the tentacles of the National Security Agency (NSA) planners.


These NSA types were aware that already the Star Visitors in contact with Earth had facilitated the emergence of the first small crop of Star Kids, and were determined to find out who they were, to track them, and selectively to recruit some of them to come work for government.

One of their identification tools was the Tachistiscope, a seemingly harmless enough device. Its function was to subject students to challenges of reading large paragraphs of text in a few seconds and to retain enough of what was read to correctly answer questions about the paragraphs. This was presented to us naive high school students as a “fun exercise” that “could even speed up your reading with comprehension.” Who could argue with that? As American as the Red, White and Blue.


It was never explained how a half-hour exposure to Tachistiscope speed-reading exercises would permanently increase our reading speed. Of course it would not. That was just the “cover story”.

I remember in my college-prep high school around 1954 being tested with my class on a tachtistiscope, a machine which flashed paragraphs of text, one by one, to be read each in varying minute amounts of time, eventually down to a second or two. We were measured in how fast we could read and retain the basic core content of the paragraphs on the screen.

Then, suddenly, after several days, the machine was no longer around and never mentioned again. No feedback was ever given us of how well we did.

I have asked around and gotten back responses from other people who were young students in those days, and remember well being subjected to these hit-and-run tachistiscope drills as well. I do not hear about those machines in schools now, although “speedreading”courses, possibly inspired by that tachistiscope era, continue today.

I evaluate this quiet nationwide program in the context of NSC scientist Dr. Michael Wolf telling me about his having been spotted as a super-genius child around that time. Plainclothes agents from “the government” (the only identification naive citizens expected in those days) came to his parents, praised young Michael’s remarkable achievements, (which included developing and using his own space-signaling device), and offered his parents an amount of money they couldn’t refuse in exchange for letting the agents take Michael off to be educated and trained, all expenses paid, by “the U.S. Government”.


(The agents failed to mention to the parents that Michael would be expected to reciprocate for his fabulous education, which included an MD in Neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a ScD in Computer Science, a JD in Law, an M.S. in Organic Chemistry (electro-magnetic influence on organisms), and a B.S. in Biology (biogenetics), by spending his life working in classified underground laboratories, where he worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Star Visitor scientists.)

This is a benign version of how these government wunderkind “scholarships” go. In other instances, Cabal operatives have either bribed or seduced brilliant young adult Star Seed persons right out of college, or instead of going to college, or out of the military, and gotten them to come work for institutes which are actually doing work for the Cabal.

The above is set forth not to frighten the stuffing out of parents of Star Kids, but to provide a cautionary tale about some of the pitfalls which exist, and which constitute another element of the geopolitical context in which Star Kids are expected to function.

Is There Intelligent Life Beyond Earth?

One of the staples of the UFO Cover-Up is to keep mankind on pins-and-needles as to whether there is intelligent life in the universe. Given that U.S. Air Force Generals and elite officials within the U.S. National Security Council have for years been in communication with visiting star beings, for the government to continue the fabrication that they don’t know whether there’s intelligent life out there constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Of course, Star Kids, Star Seeds and experiencers know that there is intelligent life out there, because such intelligent beings have come and visited them!

Recently I was asked again for the umpteenth time about this issue. I share the question, and my reply.

Q. “What do you have to say to those who do not believe in life beyond and aliens, and what would you do or say to change their minds about this subject?”

A. “Prominent scientists have calculated that, given the proliferation of the elements of life across the universe, and in so many star systems, and given life's self-organizing principle amidst such abundant building blocks, and given the billions of years available for intelligent life to evolve, that it is statistically certain that abundant intelligent life exists across the cosmos.

“Astronomer Frank Drake of the SETI Institute in 1961 worked out a probability formula for life in the universe some years ago. It is called the Drake Equation. Using rather conservative values plugged into Drake’s Equation, the resultant estimate of the number of intelligent civilizations in our (Milky Way) galaxy which are currently evolved to the point of interstellar communication is that there are over 1000 such civilizations in our local galaxy.

“Now, the Hubble Telescope has allowed us to estimate that there are 125 billion [that’s a “B”, folks] galaxies, not stars, in the universe.

“So, ... putting all that together, there are by best estimate 125 trillion civilizations out there evolved to the point of being capable of interstellar communication. Needless to say, some good number of these have also evolved to the point of interstellar travel.

“We know this to be a fact, not just a conjecture, because at least one hundred such civilizations have made contact with one or more persons on Earth.”

“Why Don’t Aliens Just Land On the White House Lawn?”

Another question I frequently encounter is summarized by the following query.

Q. “Why the UFO Cover-Up? Why don’t the Star Visitors just land on the White House lawn and end the cover-up?”

A. “The Star Visitors have not "landed on the White House lawn" for reasons made all too clear in the wise and prescient old sci-fi movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, (still available in video stores). But the Star Visitors have made formal contact with the leadership of Earth, as was discussed at the original Bilderberg Council meeting in 1954 (Boylan, 1999). And the Visitors encouraged these leaders to get their populations prepared for open contact with the visiting civilizations.

Progress by Earth leaders in preparing for disclosure and contact has been less than spectacular, with much foot-dragging. Thus, the Star Visitors have had to take their case directly to the people.

In the ensuing decades, Star Visitors have been selecting millions of individuals all over the Earth to make direct contact with, in the expectation that these individuals would spread the word to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers that the Star Visitors are real, they're here, and they have important things to share. Hundreds of thousands of experiencers have spread the word, in a grass-roots campaign to get word out about the most important story left unreported.

Because the individual citizen has not been prepared by their government for Star Visitor contact, the Star Visitors have had to proceed gradually with individuals. Thus, in some cases the Visitors cause the individual to only partially remember an encounter, so that over time, as the rest of the experience comes back, the individual has had time to psychologically adjust to this unfolding cosmic event.

When the Star Visitors deal with government leaders, who are used to having earthshaking "bombshell" developments dumped in their laps every day by aides, the Visitors have had less of a need for gradualism in their contact and delivering messages to such leaders. Such challenges come with the job of being a leader on the world stage.

Hopefully the world governments will come clean with their peoples over the next couple years, and thus eliminate the need for gradualism and partial obscuring in Star Visitor-human contacts. But do not bet on it. Political cowardice is so epidemic it makes the flu look rare.

By way of contrast with the cover-up in industrialized societies, in indigenous traditional societies, such as Lakota, Hopi, (North America), Maori, (Aoroatea/New Zealand), Aborigine, (Australia), Incan, Mayan, (Meso-America), Dogan and Zulu, (Africa), Sammi (Arctic Circle Scandinavia) etc., where oral tradition teaches of origin from, and contact with, people from the stars, subsequent present-time visits by Star Visitors are greeted as familiar, expected and highly privileged events.

It will be a wonderful day when the “developed countries” come out from under “the fog of war”, (psychological warfare, that is), and enjoy the same clear understanding of Star Visitor contact that so-called “primitive peoples” already enjoy.

Vatican Monsignor Corrado Balducci Pronounces - "Star Visitors Are Real."

Another piece of the geopolitical context that Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds) must navigate in is position taken on UFO reality and Star Visitor presence by influential countries and other international organizations, such as the Catholic Church. The official posture of these political and quasi-political organizations create powerful influences on the thinking and point of-view of millions of people. Collectively, such organizational positions constitute the “orthodox thinking” on the subject.


Anyone who would challenge such collective positions runs the risk of being considered an extremist or unbalanced.

It is therefore a signal event when, amidst the rather solid phalanx of NATO countries’ cover-up of UFO reality, that one of the players, the Catholic Church, breaks ranks with the Cover-Up and instead takes a pro-disclosure and UFO-reality endorsement position. But that is precisely what has been happening over the past few years in Italy.

Monsignor Corrado Balducci is official Exorcist for Rome, former diplomat in the Papal Nunciature in Washington, DC, past theologian member of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, and an insider who has the attention of the Pope. Balducci has gone on Italian national television five times in the past several years to proclaim that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon!

Balducci provided an analysis of the Star Visitors which he feels is consistent with the Catholic Church's understanding of theology.


Monsignor Balducci emphasizes that extraterrestrial encounters:

"1) are not demonic,

 2) they are not due to psychological impairment,

 3) they are not a case of entity attachment, but

 4) these encounters deserve to be studied carefully."

Since Monsignor Balducci is a demonology expert, and a consultant to the Vatican , and since the Catholic Church has historically demonized many new phenomena that were poorly understood, his stating that the Church does not censure these encounters is all the more remarkable.

Msgr. Balducci revealed to a visiting American professional several years ago that the Vatican is closely following this phenomenon quietly. Since Monsignor Balducci started his Vatican career by serving in the Papal Nunciature (Delegation) in Washington, DC., my informant originally surmised that the Vatican is receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its Papal Nunciatures in various countries. But subsequent information clarified that the Monsignor has gotten his cases from other sources.

Monsignor Balducci is a member of a group which acts as consultants to the Vatican on various matters concerning humans and spirit or demonic contact. As such, the matter of extraterrestrial encounters could have fallen within their purview. Thus it is significant that the Monsignor instead makes careful distinctions, separating Star Visitor contacts from demonic possession. Indeed he suggests that the Star Visitors are probably more evolved and more spiritual than humankind. Balducci even notes the spiritual significance of the emerging general realization of contact by the Star Visitors, and has written a theological paper about Star Visitors.

Parallel information from U.S. National Security Council (NSC) scientist Dr. Michael Wolf , (a member of the NSC’s Special Studies Group tasked with managing the UFO phenomenon), as well as from noted author and Vatican expert Father Malachi Martin, suggests that the Vatican is concerned that it will have a major doctrinal “updating” situation on its hands, when extraterrestrial contact becomes authoritatively acknowledged by world governments over the next several years.

Parenthetically, it can be observed that this Vatican insider’s declarations on Italian national television represent technically the first declaration by a tacit representative (Balducci) of a Major Power government (Vatican State), even if "speaking as an individual", that extraterrestrial contact is real and is happening, and deserves serious study.


This is functionally equivalent to having a U.S. National Academy of Sciences government scientist go on CBS, NBC and ABC and say that the government has found evidence of extraterrestrial structures on the Moon.

The Time of Transition

A critical piece of the geopolitical context that Star Kids are going to have to operate within is the upcoming “Time of Transition”. This period will be a time of regional major geophysical upheavals, (such as volcanic eruptions, major earthquakes, huge tsunamis, dramatic weather changes, etc.) and social and political turmoil, (such as regional wars, nuclear detonation(s), biological warfare epidemics, massive famines, crop failures, economic crashes, etc.) This period will take place within the next eight years, i.e., before 2012.

So, to summarize, we are in for some major rock-and-roll over the rest of this decade. Some of it will be geophysical upheavals; some of it will be societal, financial and militant upheavals. People need to get simple and flexible in their lifestyles and planning, to be prepared to be mobile, to be focused on what the true priorities are, and to be ready to relinquish unnecessary luxuries.

“This, too, will pass.”

When the Time of Transition starts to unfold, as foreshown by the Star Visitors to experiencers, and handed down in indigenous people's prophecies, there will be a time of destabilization. Dictatorial overreaction by certain governments, including apparently the U.S. Government, will cause many citizens to realize that the government no longer represents legitimate authority, and has lost its legitimating from the "consent of the governed", as the U.S. Declaration of Independence reminds us.

Democratic political philosophical doctrine has as its fundamental posit that government derives its authority from the consent of the governed. Once the majority of thoughtful people no longer provide their consent, the Government becomes only an occupying force, and will be dealt with variously by the ingenuity of those who resist tyranny even when it wears a uniform

We the people represent an authority, indeed. For convenience and order, we generally cede that authority to elected representatives. But when official government becomes unfaithful to the trust placed in it, as the Declaration of Independence reminds us, it is not only our right but our duty to overthrow it.

Is that day coming? If the prophecies and fore-visions of the Time of Transition are as accurate as I believe they are, that day is coming.

It appears that Star Seeds and Star Kids may quickly be forming a majority of the population, at least if you count all the “Latent” ones. Many among those Star Seeds and Star Kids are already quite aware that the time is approaching when the official Government will no longer be their friend. And that it is not operating in a way that is legitimate and just.

It is in my view that it is a no-brainer that Star Seeds and Star Kids will be among those leading the many citizens who will see through that rottenness; and who will chose to disempower the governmental machine, and set up alternative communities based on common values, goals, and governance by the mutual consent of those governed.

Is the above “advocating the violent overthrow of the government”? No, it is not. Star Seeds and Star Kids have morally superior ways to change things that need changing.


And as the situation calls for it, Star Kid and adult Star Seed leaders will come to the fore to show a better way to proceed.

Star Visitor Counter-Measures To the UFO Cover-Up

In late 2003, I came into possession of some information from the Star Visitors about past, current and upcoming events. I wish to share a small excerpt, which I feel is timely to share, and for everyone to begin thinking about.

This excerpt came from some blue-skinned Visitors with classic Zeta Reticulan appearance of a (to us) large head, large slanted black eyes, and three long-fingered hands. These Star Visitors were involved in the creation of the mega-pyramids in Egypt, long, long before the era of the historic Pharaohs. They used vibrations to create anti-gravity effects in moving the huge blocks of stone, whose weight still exceeds the ability of humans with modern technology to lift.

The Star Visitors (as a federation of races in contact) let it be known that they are most displeased with the governments of the (basically Group of Seven) developed countries, who persist in maintaining the UFO Cover-Up despite Star Visitor repeated requests to inform the populace of contact and their presence.

The Visitors are even more distressed by the wars and bombings which our supposedly-civilized population persist in. They feel that these problems need to be addressed by them.

They have given up on trying any more to convince the major governments to end the UFO Cover-Up. The Visitors have also arrived at the conclusion that their program of going directly to the civilian population by daily series of individual close encounters is proceeding too slowly. They are constrained by the imminence of the date of 2012, when a time-loop for Earth will reach the end of its cycle, and it will be necessary to retrieve some people from the Earth while a new time cycle is being established. 2012 is only eight years away.


And at the current pace of individualized close encounters, the entire Earth population will not be reached by that date. The populace of Earth needs to be informed about the Star Visitors, so that they will be psychologically and socially prepared, when it is time for the Visitors to appear openly in a large-scale public way, and when they come to accomplish limited temporary retrievals of certain groups of people from zones at risk.

Therefore, the Star Visitors have determined that they will soon adopt a new tactic of public close encounters. This would mean that, for example, whole groups of people, say for example, in a shopping mall, will have the experience of Star Visitor contact simultaneously as a large group, and remember it as such clearly afterwards.

Needless to say, before long this will cause the implosion of the UFO Cover-Up. The Visitors indicated that they will initiate this new strategy soon, no later than 2006, but quite possibly sooner.

There is more.

When the Star Visitors return, many of the population will interpret the luminous humanoid (Pleiadean, Altairean, etc.) Visitors as angels or saints. Further, at a certain point in the foreseeable future, the individuals that have been historically know as Jesus and Mother Mary will return also, along with others also known on Earth as Great Teacher avatars.


The churches will have a lot of explaining to do, when supposedly divine or saint figures descend from the sky and step out of starcraft. At that point, the churches’ distortion of original messages will become obvious. The Visitors are working with religious leaders to educate and prepare their peoples for this return. But, like the leaders of the civic governments, church leaders generally are too timid to make public declarations to their congregants in the current government-sanctioned climate of cover-up and ridicule.

Religious leaders whom the Star Visitors are working with include those of major faiths, and of indigenous spiritualities around the world. The Visitors feel that the religious traditions of love-one's-neighbor are basically helpful, and will provide the proper context for the people's experiencing the mass public return of the Star Visitors, their celestial neighbors. .

When all of this information emerges into public consciousness, the people will have a proper mental context for processing large-scale Star Visitor contact. And will have a basis for understanding that public contact is not just be an exercise in interstellar anthropology, but a family reunion.

We do indeed live in interesting times.

B-2 Stealth bomber as antigravity craft

People frequently ask me why the government persists with the UFO Cover-Up. While I do not in any way endorse any continuance of the UFO Cover-Up for any reason, the following vignette may provide some insight into why the U.S. Government feels it needs to perpetuate the UFO Cover-Up.

In 1997, retired Air Force Colonel Donald Ware has passed on to me information from a three-star general he knows who revealed to him (in July of 1997) that "the new Lockheed-Martin space shuttle [the X-33 VentureStar - National Space Plane] and the B-2 [Stealth bomber] both have electro-gravitic systems on board;" and that " this explains why our 21 Northrup B-2s cost about a billion dollars each." [Electrogravitic is engineer-speak for anti-gravity.]

Thus, after taking off conventionally using its jets, the B-2 Bomber can switch to antigravity mode, and, I have heard, fly around the world without refueling. (But such flight range data is also classified, and Col. Ware did not reveal that.)

The B-2 apparently has hybrid propulsion and lift technologies, utilizing conventional thrust for public take-offs and landings, but switching to antigravity mode for extended cruising range, for lightning-fast maneuverability, and for shrouding the airframe in invisibility (by having its local counter-gravity field bend light (and perhaps surface-to-air missiles and antiaircraft fire) around the airframe). The ungainliness of the Stealth Bomber is merely temporary, until it moves into antigravity mode, where its independent field propulsion then provides stability.

Further commentary, revealing that the government eventually plans to release antigravity technology publicly, is provided by Colonel Ware:

“Apparently this highly-controlled military program was used to gain experience with 4th-density technology that may transform civil aviation after all national leaders choose peace.”

Psychotronics - Mental Influencing As Weapons System

While I am sparing in endorsing books in the UFO field, I make an exception for a credible and a definitive work on the difficult topic of mind control. The Mind Controllers, by British researcher Dr. Armen Victorian, (1999) nails the topic.

Victorian details the Cold War in mind control as starting from when the West woke up and discovered that the USSR and Soviet satellite states were far advanced in psychic and psychotronic capabilities, and that these had military and intelligence applications and implications.

He goes on to cover areas such as: the unethical experimentation like the CIA's notorious MKULTRA experiments on unwitting civilians, the "arms race" in remote viewing, electronic implants to control thinking and emotions, misuse of hypnosis to plant "Manchurian Candidate" like commands for later triggering by remote telepathic or microwave signals, and transmission of spoken words or thoughts by electronic signal directly inside the heads/minds of unaware victims.


Victorian describes the major involvement of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command Colonel John Alexander and other "Aviary" figures in the “diabolical” development and deployment of so-called "non-lethal weapons". Such weapons include high-powered microwaves for "behavior modification" and Very Low Frequency (VLF) acoustic weapons to disable body functions. These weapons systems are used secretly, and covered up by these mind controllers having their operatives go on the Internet to mock and debunk victims' genuine complaints as the "crazy ravings" of "wavies".

Star Kids may feel that they have the necessary psychic abilities to detect and to defeat such mind-control efforts. But it cannot but help to know the kinds of mental and psychic tricks that those who make themselves adversaries to Star Kids are willing to use. Furthermore, knowing the range of psychotronic devices out there can enable the astute Star Kid to think about what kinds of counter-measures she would undertake, if she found herself bombarded by one of these device’s energy emissions.

The Mind Controllers is a book that will become a classic. And it could serve as “Exhibit A” in the future trials of the domestic psy-war and psi-war criminals who have misused "National Security" cloaking to prey upon innocent civilians, using them as guinea pigs for perfecting their program of world domination through psychotronic control.

It may well be that certain Star Kids and their adult counterparts may feel a calling to form groups to do psychic detection (through remote viewing) and interdiction (through telepathic mental influencing) of these perpetrators as the need arises.

Significance of the Birth of Now Nine White Buffalo Calves of Native American Prophecy

A correspondent recently wrote me to ask about the significance of the latest news story about another White Buffalo Calf being born:

“Not long ago, within the last two weeks, you posted an article on the birth of the 9th white bull? I'm not sure if I have my facts exactly right? In any case could you explain for those of us not initiated exactly what the meaning of this is? What is the significance?”

To which I answered,

“You are referring to the reported birth of a ninth White Buffalo Calf. This is enormously significant to the Plains Indians and others who follow their traditions. Tradition holds that a Pleiadean elder, who appeared as a White Buffalo Calf, and then eventually as a beautiful maiden, was the initial teacher of their culture, science, ceremonies and other knowledge. There was a prophecy that the Return of the Star Nations would be immediately preceded by the birth of a White (not albino) Buffalo Calf. This Calf’s coat would then turn the traditional four colors of the Four Directions: besides white, it would change to yellow, then red, and then black. This is exactly what each of the preceding eight White Buffalo Calves have done over the past decade.

“Thus, each of these births severally, and the sum of them even more so, underscored the emphatic arrival of the End Times, when the world-as-we-know-it will pass away, and a new surviving, cleansed world/society/civilization will emerge by 2012.”

The Area 51 Complex as Interstellar Spaceport and Ambassadorial Reception Area

Recent communication exchange with former USAF Airman Charles J. Hall, author of the "Millennial Hospitality" trilogy, coupled with content revealed in his books, brings forth the following interesting revelations.

There exists an extraterrestrial race whom Mr. Hall has called the Tall Whites. This race originates from a location near but behind the Arcturus star system.

These Tall Whites in adulthood are around six feet in height, and have generally humanoid features. They have blond hair, generally worn short, and the women tend to wear their hair in a feminine form of short cut. They are blue-eyed, and have larger-than-human eyes which wrap part-way around the side of their head. The Tall Whites otherwise look quite human, except that their skin is a chalky-white in color.

They have hands with four fingers, the tips of which do not end in finger nails but rather in harder, two-inch-long claw-like appendages. Or it may be that they glue these nails onto their fingertips as a means of protection in the harsh desert environment they stay in while on Earth.

The typical clothing of the Tall Whites is an aluminized, chalk-white jump suit of canvas-looking fabric. They also wear gloves of the same material, and an open, white, motorcycle-like helmet.

Both the suit and the helmet emit a three-inch-out field of soft-white fluorescent light. The intensity of this emitted light can be varied from soft to too bright to look at without strain.

These Tall Whites have very high intelligence and an information-processing speed which Mr. Hall estimates at 3-1/2 times faster than bright humans. The Tall Whites's technology is equally advanced.

One element of their technology is a transporter suit which they put on which provides personal antigravity levitation and above-ground movement, as well as force-field protection against attacks, e.g., would slow a bullet to where it would fall to the ground.

Another element of their technology is their spacecraft. They operate smaller scout ships, which can transport a limited number of individuals. And then they have deep-space vessels that can travel between star systems. Their scout craft is white in color, ellipsoidal or egg-shaped, with a molded flat bottom. It has a row of large windows on each side, sort of like an airplane. Its size is comparable to that of a passenger train's diesel engine, and has two windows in front rather like a train diesel engine. The range of these scout craft permit travel as far as the Moon or even Mars. But not deep space.

Their deep-space vessels are very large, sleek, black antigravity craft, 70 feet high, 300 feet wide, and 500 feet long. These vessels also have pilot windows, as well as have regularly-spaced dim running lights along their edges. Their range extends out many light years into space.

Their top speed exceeds the speed of light by a considerable margin. Yes, Einstein was wrong about that.

The Tall Whites in their interactions with humans often carry stun devices for protection. These eight-inch-long white tubes can emit a microwave beam that can excite the sodium atoms in the nervous system of a threatening human and render the human unconscious for a limited period of time.

A contingent of Tall Whites have been resident in the Indian Springs Valley region of central Nevada since before the first Euro-American settlers moved west.

Charles Hall concludes that these Tall Whites have found Earth to be a convenient way-station in their travels within this sector of the galaxy. As Hall explains it, Earth's sun is located in the middle of a very large, 10-light-year-diameter almost-empty section of the galaxy. Most stars occur in groups, with another star within two light-months distance. Thus, for civilizations living on star systems near this almost-empty space "bubble", Earth serves as a handy mid-way rest, supply and repair station.

The Tall Whites have established a residential location within French Peak, about 25 miles north-northwest of Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Force Station, Nevada. They also have a main base and space vehicle repair facility which is also built into the side of a hill at the north end of Indian Springs Valley, not too many miles from their residential location.

When Tall Whites deep-space vessels approach Earth from space, they make an initial landing at Dog Bone Lake, 25 miles east of French Peak on the Nellis Air Force Range, Nevada. Then they make a lateral transition to the Tall Whites’ main hanger, where huge doors part to admit the vessel, then re-close.

Presidents (including Lyndon Johnson), select top Senators and Congress members, and select Generals and Admirals are aware of, and have actually met Tall Whites, either at carefully-arranged events in Washington, DC, or on the Nellis Air Force Base Range in Nevada

The Tall Whites have made arrangements with the U.S. government at the highest levels to have their central-Nevada facilities undisturbed. In exchange they provide advanced scientific and technological information which has permitted rapid advances in science and technology on Earth. Some of their scientists work as technical consultants at advanced laboratory installations, including northern California, Nevada, and elsewhere.

The Tall Whites’ main facilities in central Nevada serve as a locale for Visitors from other star system to come and study the English language and American culture. These Visitors are intensely curious about life and customs on Earth.

Helen Littrell, along with co-author Jean Bilodeaux, provides parallel and corroborative information in her new book, "Raechel's Eyes" (2000). This book tells the gripping story of how a compassionate Air Force officer on a Perimeter Security Team befriended a Zeta Reticulan hybrid crash survivor, who happened to be a Zeta-human hybrid teenage girl.

The book chronicles his subsequent daring experiment, authorized by the National Security Council through the Air Force's Aerospace Technical Information Command, to adopt this hybrid, now dubbed "Raechel", and let her try out living a normal life as a college student at northern California junior college, (disguised as “Lost River College” in the book), while living as a roommate with the author's daughter, Marisa. Her adoptive Colonel "father" was stationed at an Air Force SAC Base in the same city as the college.

"Raechel's Eyes" also provides an accurate picture, minus the usual disinformation in such matters, as to what really goes on below the surface of the heretofore undisclosed "Four Corners" base, which is sister to and apparently north of the better-known Area 51 Complex in the central Nevada desert.

"Four Corners", (which is misleadingly not anywhere near the real U.S. Southwest Four Corners area), is an undisclosed U.S. Government base.


Its function is as a Star Visitor Reception Area and Ambassadorial Interface Facility for visiting representatives from the Intergalactic Council. And it also serves as a cultural integration and tutoring place for those Star Visitors who want to fit in, and be able to walk around and observe Earth while passing for human. This latter effort is called the Humanization Project.

“Raechel's Eyes" closely parallels information about the underground activity at Area 51, leaked by Army Command Sergeant-Major Robert Dean, the NSC's Dr. Michael Wolf, former [Area 51] Site S-4 physicist Robert Lazar, and USAF "Project Pounce" head, Colonel Steve Wilson.

I believe that all Star Kids and Star Seeds will find the day-to-day struggle of hybrid Raechel, and of the Tall Whites residing at Indian Wells Valley, to try to get accepted in the human world to be an Nth-degree case of the basic struggle so many Star Kids (and Star Seed adults) also experience in trying to define themselves, and be openly who they are without the rejection, ridicule and avoidance too many humans dish out to someone who is different.


And “different” can be,

  • Zeta-human hybrid

  • Tall White passing for human with disguise

  • human Star Kid or Star Seed whose advanced abilities "just aren't normal"

As "regular" humans learn to accept their own children, the Star Kids, perhaps this will accelerate the day when the public is ready to accept the Zeta-human hybrid "Raechels" and the Tall-White "Harry's" of the galaxy as just other people here to visit.

Will we live to see that day? I believe that we shall. For we must. Our time of isolation as “the only known intelligent species in the universeis over.


It is time for us to acknowledge a cosmos-wide Family of Man out there.


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