Chapter 12
Parents Of Star Kids: “What Do We Do Now?”

The following is an excerpt from a dialogue I had with a parent whose teenager was just starting to have to deal with his paranormal abilities, and was still deeply in denial of Star Visitor reality. And, like most teens, this teen was wanting to safely hide out in the conventionality of how regular people saw the world. The presenting issue was that he saw “furniture” in his room where there was none. And he was resistant to accepting the reality of ESP/psychic abilities which his 9-year-old younger sister and his mother had already long since calmly accepted as part of their lives.

The mother wrote about how Jeremy came to her room at night, panicky because he saw furniture there which should not have been there. He further panicked when his mother told him that she saw no furniture there. The mother wondered if Jeremy’s nocturnal fear was an example of the psychological disorder called Night Terror.


I answered her as follows.

“Jeremy is _not_ suffering from clinical Night Terror Disorder.

“It looks like the Star Visitors have decided that it is time to move Jeremy past his denial, that we spoke of in our last e-mail. Probably because they know that you are now in communication with me, and therefore there is an avenue of informed interpretation you have access to in order to make sense of what is happening for Jeremy. Though he was frightened, he is paying attention to the anomalies, and that is good.

“What happened was that the Star Visitors (most likely those from the Zeta Reticuli star system) decided to administer a little reality consciousness-expanding exercise for Jeremy. They disguised themselves (influenced Jeremy's mind to see them as) items of furniture in his bedroom. I would venture to guess that even the "furniture" moved a little on its own. The real furniture you own had not yet arrived with the movers. Jeremy therefore was faced with a jolting experience of "cognitive dissonance", seeing with his own eyes something that "cannot be". This panicked him and he came to you. Well and good. The Star Visitors have softened up his intellectual beachhead, so that he is now more ready to accept what you have to say about what is going on in paranormal/non-ordinary reality. He knows that the "ordinary reality" he was sold in school no longer fully applies.

“You can therefore provide Jeremy now with both information and reassurance. You might say something like this to Jeremy:

(Mother): "Jeremy, what you experienced the other night was... (fill in with my explanation above). The reason you had that experience was because you were being stubborn and not accepting that there are paranormal realities that happen to people regularly. Now that you have had a direct experience of such paranormal reality, you are more ready to accept that such is real. You have had a visit from the Star Visitors. They are real. They are friendly and not here to harm you. You do not need to be afraid of them, but you do need to be respectful, and even to open your mind to learn what they came here to show you and tell you. As you decide to be brave and not afraid, they can drop the disguises, and begin to let you see them as they actually look like. They will most probably look like one of the Visitor types shown at:


“Do not panic nor be spooked when they show themselves. An individual visit like this is a great privilege. Many people would pay any amount of money to have such a visit.

“Your sister is a Star Kid and has advanced abilities due to either a Star Visitor contact, or their genetic upgrading of my ovum during a visit to me before she was born.

“Now it is your turn to wake up to not only the advanced abilities which are laying dormant within you, but also to the fact that you are in contact with persons from the stars.

“I, your mother, am a Star Seed. I am proud of it. You do not see me afraid. You are a growing 14-year-old teenage boy. You like to think of yourself as brave and strong, and you are.

“Replace your fear with wonder and curiosity, and a readiness to launch into this new and most exciting phase of your growing up! And I am with you all the way in this, Jeremy.

“We are the new generation, of Star Seeds and Star Kids, you and I and your sister. Let's be proud, aware, and get ourselves ready for the important days ahead, where we can bring these extra gifts to good use for the folks around us."

The mother wrote me back gratefully that she was going to take that approach with her son. This vignette illustrates the new kind of parenting that today’s moms and dads need to prepare themselves to do to be relevant to today’s Star Kids.

Being a parent to a Star Kid can seem daunting. There are a number of things that parents of Star Kids need to keep in mind. It may seem overwhelming at the early stages, but don’t worry. Very many other parents of Star Kids have succeeded in raising wonderful children, even without the resources that are becoming available now.

Obviously you want to be a good parent to your Star Kid or you would not be reading this book. So, already you have one of the most fundamentally necessary qualities in a parent – wanting to help.

There are of course numerous and various ways that a parent can help their son or daughter reach their full potential as a Star Kid. In this chapter we ill examine a number of these ways. So, sit back, take a deep breath, and relax. You and your Star Kid will do just fine.

One of the first things that a parent of a Star Kid needs to do is settle into the Star Visitor reality yourself. For those parents who have not had a personal experience with a UFO sighting, or a close encounter with a Star Visitor, these parents will need to do a good amount of self-education. It is a general rule of parenting that you are going to be much more effective if you are equipped and prepare yourself for the job.

Unfortunately, it has not been easy to get a good, solid, reliable education about the UFO phenomenon and Star Visitor contact. This whole subject has been subjected to the largest, longest, most prodigiously-financed cover-up in human history. Not only have the wraps been thrown over the subject, but there has been an enormous amount of deliberately-false and distorted stories put out to the public through magazine articles, books, newspaper stories, television programs and Hollywood movies, as well as the planting of lying lectures and “UFO experts” at UFO conferences and club meetings. So, how is a parent to know whom to believe and what to believe?

The people operating the UFO Cover-Up operation have over the last few decades pretty much given up on the idea of trying to convince the public that UFOs don’t exist. There are now simply too many credible reports for that to work much any more. So instead, the operatives of the Cabal behind the UFO Cover-Up have focused their efforts on trying to “spin” the phenomenon. Their fear-propaganda line “spin” is that, okay, so maybe the Star Visitors are real, but they are “evil, mean invaders”.

So, one way for a parent to cut through the sea of such disinformation and fear-based propaganda is to analyze whether a given UFO presentation is trying to convey the false impression that the Star Visitors are evil or mean or invaders. If it is, then you are looking at or hearing false propaganda. How do you know it’s false? Because the information in Chapter Seven laid out the thorough, extensive professional research findings about who the Star Visitors really are and why they have decided to be present here now.

A parent can educate themselves with the other genuine valid information which is also available. A number of former military, intelligence, government and government contractor persons have decided to go public with what they know from their former positions within “sensitive” projects.


These genuine, well-motivated, public-spirited government insiders include:

  • US Air Force Colonel Wendelle Stevens;

  • Site S-4 (Nellis Air Force Base) physicist Robert Lazar;

  • team leader of the National Security Council’s Special Studies Group (tasked to manage Star Visitor information), Colonel Michael Wolf Kruvant, MD, Ph.D., Sc.D.;

  • US Air Force leader of Project Pounce, Colonel Steve Wilson;

  • US Army Command Sergeant-Major Robert O. Dean;

  • US Air Force/National Security Agency Tech Sergeant Dan Sherman;

  • US Army Staff Sergeant Clifford Stone;

  • NASA Cape Canaveral Shuttle Launch Officer Clark McClelland;

  • NASA Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

There are a number also of truthful civilian behavioral science research professionals who have amassed substantial information about the Star Visitors from working professionally with experiencers of contacts with these Visitors.


As a result of such professional interviews, counseling, hypnotic examinations, and informational exchanges at professional meetings, these therapists and other behavioral-science professionals are in a position to set forth their findings about the Star Visitors, and have done so in lectures, articles and books.


These genuine, truth-telling professionals include:

  • University of Wyoming emeritus Psychology Professor R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.,

  • the late Harvard University Psychiatry Professor John Mack,

  • former Acting Surgeon-General of Finland Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD,

  • Dr. Gilda Barbosa de Moura, former National University Psychology Department Chairman and California State University, Sacramento

  • Lecturer Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. (the author),

  • the following additional psychotherapist-researchers:

    • Dr. Ruth Hover, Ph.D., LCSW,

    • Barbara Lamb, M.S., LMFT,

    • Mary Rodwell, RN,

    • the late Constance Clear, LCSW,

    • Gloria Hawker, CHT,

    • Marian MacNeil, CHT,

    • scores of other clinicians of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, Inc. and others.

These individuals have the advanced education, clinical training, experience and skills to differentiate truth from lying or delusion, to interview experiencers and obtain accurate information without distorting, or leading the witness, or imposing their own views on the client. Parents can take the findings of these professionals to the bank. And they unanimously find no evidence for the “evil mean invader” propaganda scenario painted by the disinformation artists planted throughout the ufology field.

Such planted operatives are working secretly for the Cabal conducting the UFO Cover-Up, and some of them are misusing their former history of government service to appear qualified when they spin their propaganda tales of fear. Again, “By their fruits shall you know them.” If the source you read/hear is peddling anti-“alien” fear, think: disinformation.

There is an additional factor complicating the task of a parent educating themself about Star Visitor reality. This third factor is the considerable number of self-appointed and unqualified civilian “UFO experts”, as well as metaphysical “channelers” of loquacious supposed “star beings”.

The self-appointed civilian “experts” are fairly easy to evaluate. Their information is as good as their research professionalism and technique. You just don’t go into a phone booth and come out a “UFO expert”, much less competent to deal with the psychological variables of professional consultation with persons who report an encounter with a Star Visitor.


It takes formal clinical education, training and experience in research methodology to do reliable, expert research you can trust. And good research takes patient, hard, and often long work. In the domain of experiencer encounters, only behavioral scientist professionals have the training and professional skills to work with such experiencers without traumatizing them, or causing distortion in the experiencer’s recall by injecting interviewer bias. This is specially important when hypnosis is utilized to assist recall of events stored in subconscious memory.

The above extended critique was necessary because so many amateurs operate in this field, either blissfully ignorant of what they do not know, or egotistical enough to assume a competency that they are too often lacking. And these amateurs generate a disproportionate amount of the reports that the public sees.

The “channelers” are a more difficult “briar patch”. In brief, there are genuine channelers and fake or self-deluded “channelers”.

The genuine channelers are picking up on messages and information from a person not present in the flesh. The communication source may be a deceased human, a human physically located at a distance, a disincarnate spirit, or, of relevance to us, an actual Star Visitor.

Just because a “channeler” claims that she is bringing through a message from some “star commander” doesn’t mean that it is true. She could be bringing through: her playful dead aunt who is into mediumship, a Brazilian Santeria spiritualist who is sending out thoughts about the star beings, a lower-level consciousness floating in the cosmic void that feels like messing with this Earthling’s mind, or whatever.

Discerning a genuine channel of Star Visitor information, (yes, there are a few), is a science and an art. One criterion of genuineness is the humility and self-effacement of the person serving as the channel. Another criterion is the factor that Star Visitors are not at any human’s back and call. A genuine channel is not a Star Visitor ATM.

Yet another criterion is money. Be wary of “channels” who want money for supposedly conveying Star Visitor messages. Real channels understand that they are of service. Yet another way to discern is the content of the supposed Star Visitor message. Is the language frank, direct, focused on the information to be conveyed, implicitly humble, and concerned about Earth’s wellbeing? These are attributes of genuine Star Visitor messages.

The false channelings tend often to be in language that is Baroque (if not Rococco), or florid, or New Age-y pseudo-spiritual, wordy, circum-loquacious, vague, more pep-talk than information-laden; and tends to identify the supposed Star Visitor by names drawn from Greco-Roman mythology, science-fiction novels, supposed archangelic choirs, or male-believe extraterrestrial governmental organizations such as the ubiquitous but spurious “Ashtar Command”.

Genuine Star Visitor communication tends to be to-the-point, compact, focused about important matters (as distinguished from self-importance -a sure sign of false “channeling”), matter-of-fact, delivered with generosity of spirit, with more of a Taoist or Zen-like flavor than the judgmental moralisms and theatricality of false channels.

Despite the deliberately-sown mine field of disinformation and quackery, there are enough real resources out there to enable any parent of good will and motivation to educate themselves and their Star Kid enough to have well acquitted themselves of their responsibility to be not only a good parent, but a tutor in the transition from Fourth World to Fifth World.

At the risk of immodesty, I can identify one such unimpeachable source of good, free, disinformation-free data as being my website: . Parents should read it all to comprehensively educate themselves to be of maximum help to their growing Star Kid.

Other good sources are the following websites: researcher Paola Harris’s, Star Seed therapist Mary Rodwell, RN’s, and investigator Lars Bramers’s 

In Appendix B of this book parents may find additional informational resources.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Parenting A Star Kid

Now to get down to some specifics of parenting your Star Kids.

One task of the parent of a Star Kid is to inform yourself about the various characteristics and gifts of Star Kids. Some special abilities are hard to miss -like telekinesis or levitation. Others are more subtle. The point of a parent knowing the various potential abilities Star Kids may have is to be aware when your Star Kid begins to manifest such an ability. Realize, however, that each Star Kid will not manifest all the special abilities. And it is certainly to be avoided to be a Star Kid “Stage Mother”, trying to push your child into displaying abilities which they may not have, or may not have developed yet.

Another task of a Star Kid parent is to get clear about whether you yourself are a Star Seed adult. Mind you, it is not necessary that you be a Star Seed adult in order to rear a Star Kid properly. But it is quite helpful to be quite clear about whether you are a Star Seed or not. If you are great! Then you have insider insight into the special world your Star Kid must navigate. Your gifts will enable you to better educate your Star Kid in the exercise of his or her abilities. And, you will serve as a role model to your Star Kid.

If you are not an adult Star Seed, you can still do a fine job of parenting your Star Kid. What they need the most from you, you can give anyway: acceptance, understanding, encouragement, protective watchfulness, and readiness to grow and learn along with them.

As a parent one of the things you can give your Star Kid is something which every parent should give their child, but which too many parents do not. The reality of the metaphysical and psychic realms is an important insight for your child. If he or she is a Star Kid, it is especially important that they have validation from you about these realms, particularly since the dominant culture tends to question or ridicule these areas of reality – areas in which your child will have important life experiences.

It should go without saying that the parent of a Star Kid needs to endorse the reality of Star Visitor contacts which a child may have. And a parent needs to provide reassurance, especially to a small child, about Star Visitor contacts. The very young ones may misunderstand Star Visitor bedroom visits as “ghosts” or “goblins”, etc. You as a parent can help the child accept the Visitors calmly and matter-of-factly, perhaps by saying something along the lines of: “Some children are fortunate enough to have special Visitors from the stars at night.” Thus, you can help our child look forward to these encounters as interesting and helpful.

It is decidedly unhelpful to try to dissemble genuine Star Visitor contacts as “the tooth fairy” or “just a dream”. Star Kids need to learn early that a good percentage of the productive time they spend is not only during waking hours, but also during the night when it seems that they are just sleeping. Out-of-body experiences, nighttime encounters, and downloading of important information into the child’s mind during rest are only some of the significant activities which can take place at night.

A parent needs also not to underestimate their Star Kid. With some Star Kids this may seem hard to do. Certain Star Kids are so dazzling in their psychic abilities that underestimating them never comes to a parent’s mind. But other parents may find their Star Kid low-keyed about any abilities they have, and shy or reluctant to share what they can do.


A proper parental attitude is to be open and alert to indications about your child’s abilities, but not pushy or invasive or inquisitorial about what the child can do. If your Star Kid is secure and snug in their relationship with you the parent, they will let you know what they can do in the proper time. The child’s own appropriate pride and desire to share will work their usual magic.

A great help you can give your Star Kid is to expose them to other Star Kids. There is an intrinsic comraderie that animates Star Kids who have an opportunity to meet and mingle with each other. Star Kids benefit greatly from meeting other Star Kids, hearing from them, and seeing them in action. Star Kids form mutual role models for each other.


Note, however, that just because two children are Star Kids does not guarantee that they will hit it off with each other. It is more likely, because of the Star Kid bond. But it is not guaranteed. Human factors like personality mesh, tempo, respective maturational development, and other intangible “chemistry” factors exist in the real world of Star Kids as with children everywhere.

As with any child, a parent does well to feed the mind of a Star Kid with good literature. But in the case of a Star Kid, “literature” takes on a special meaning. Besides the educational and cultural classics that all children can benefit from, a Star Kid parent does well to expose her child to specialized literature on psychic abilities, and genuine information on Star Kids. Appendix C of this book contains some suggested such readings.

When it comes to getting toys for your Star Kid, shop thoughtfully for the kind of play objects which help him or her grow in their advanced awareness and their special gifts. Many parents select the kinds of toys for their children which help promote their mental development through basic skills like matching shapes or increasing the facility of eye-hand coordination.


But the parents of a Star Kid would do well to select play objects that foster development of psychic abilities, too. To be sure, in today’s world, it is not readily possible to go down to Toys-R-Us and pull a psychic-development toy off the shelf. But with some ingenuity, it is possible to upgrade certain games into ones which help grow the Star Kid’s advanced abilities. Even such mundane things as a deck of playing cards can be turned into a “clairvoyant deck”, where the game is to “see” what the next face-down card will be when it is turned over.


Or one of those small, light boats that are supposed to be propelled across a basin of water by introducing into its propulsion chamber a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, to give it fizz power. Instead, your Star Kid can be invited to play with making the boat move across the water without the fizz mixture, by mental concentration only.

An excellent example of a Star Kids game is the martial arts game arena called DragonSport©. DragonSport is based on the martial art Jojutsu, used by Japanese warriors who armed themselves only with a short stick. This game is like the training sport in the Star Wars movie, where Luke Skywalker had practice at striking levitating energy orbs with his light sabre before they dodged and sent out a punishing electrical bolt.

Inventors Alysn Hassenforder and Paul Russell of Glenwood Springs, Colorado describe DragonSport© this way. The player stands in the middle of a small arena surrounded by three pillars. The pillars take turns lighting up briefly in a random sequence. The challenge is to tap one of the pillars with a baton when it lights up briefly before it goes out. As the player develops skill, the pace of the lighting-up is quickened and the duration of the lit pillar is shortened. Alysn says that she can tell the Star Kids, because after they get bored with the quickened pace, they graduate to wanting to play blindfolded! You can learn more about DragonSport© at

The secret here in parenting and toy choices is to keep these toys as play and not to turn them into work. When you are a Star Kid, developing these abilities should be fun. There will be plenty of time later for working with these gifts in a highly-disciplined, practice-intensive way.

Star Kids like to socialize with other Star Kids, and they need this socialization, even though a Star Kid may not know this at a given time, particularly if they have not been previously exposed to an “Awake” Star Kid. A thoughtful parent will recognize this need, and create such socialization opportunities.

How does a parent find other Star Kids? In some cases your Star Kid is already aware of other similar such children at school, or somewhere in the neighborhood, even though the Star Kid may not label them as such. In other cases an enterprising parent may need to “advertise” for other Star Kids by putting a low-key “ad” or notice in their parent organization newsletter, or putting out the word at parent gatherings, that they would like to talk with other parents who notice unusual mental or psychic abilities in their child, and to “compare notes”.

Parents of Star Kids can create socialization opportunities by starting a Star Kid play group, something like a baby-sitting cooperative, where parents take turns hosting such gatherings, or leading field trips to fun, educational places, or even locales of special power.

Any good parent gives attention to their child’s spiritual development. With a Star Kid, it is important to let your child develop a spirituality which has integrity for your child. In many cases a Star Kid will already have an implicit spiritual orientation, even though, depending on their age, they may not have articulated it or organized it yet.


In such situations the parent’s role is not to interfere with such choices, but rather to gently foster such self-development. In other cases the parent can make a contribution by leading by example, such as by observing a time for meditation, or by doing some Earth energy work where your child can observe this, or even be invited to join in.


And depending on circumstances, a parent can share with their child some readings from spiritual and metaphysical classics, such as:

  • Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching,

  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man,

  • Jesus’s Sermon On the Mount,

  • Frank Water’s The Book of the Hopi,

  • Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics,

  • Philip Kapleau Roshi’s The Three Pillars of Zen.

Any good parent spends some time looking for good external role models for their children. With Star Kids, this need for appropriate role models is especially important during these critical transition times between materialistic, outgoing Fourth World society and incoming, cosmic-minded Fifth World society.

Children generally benefit from a mix of adult role models and role-model children somewhat older than themselves or their own age. As the few adult Star Seeds, including celebrities, who have come out of the closet publicly about their Star Visitor contact are joined by yet more, and as even Star Kids begin to declare themselves publicly in radio, newspaper and television interviews, there will be additional role models for Star Kids.


As with any role model, the parent will want to place emphasis on the exemplary behavior of the role model, and put into proper context any human failings the Star Seed or Star Kid has. Likewise, parents will want to avoid placing over-emphasis on the fame aspect of any celebrities who come out. And as the Star Kid (and adult Star Seed) phenomenon becomes widely recognized and accepted in society, it will become even easier to find other, more accessible role models in one’s own community.

Being a Star Kid in contemporary society is not guaranteed to be easy. Therefore, many parents will find it necessary to advocate for their Star Kid at school and in group organizations like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Other children are quick to notice differences in a child, and children sometimes are not very kind in the way they comment on, or deal with, those noticed differences. So, sometimes parental advocacy will take the form of talking with the teacher or group leader about making sure that your Star Kid is not picked on, socially ostracized, or made the butt of jokes. Star Kids have rights, too.

In other cases advocacy may take the form of persuading school officials to create a special curriculum for your Star Kid and the other Star Kids in the school. Existing U.S. law requires the school to give your child an “appropriate education” which attends to the child’s “special needs”. While this legislation has been used in the past to assist parents of children with handicaps to get proper schooling, the parents of today’s Star Kids are going to need to band together and militate for curriculum reform and appropriate curriculum for their Star Kids.


It may become useful to break new ground in utilizing tools like the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), which requires the school to develop a plan that actually works to meet your child’s “special educational needs”. Parents can use the child’s entitlement by law to a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to insist that the school accommodate to his “disability” of trying to operate as a Star Kid in a learning environment (classroom) designed for regular human children.


Parents may try using the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to advocate for “special accommodation” to their child’s different learning styles. They may use the No Child Left Behind Act to argue for legally-required education strategies that work for their Star Kid. Parents can get tough and cite Section 504, a civil rights act which prohibits discrimination against a child with different learning needs.

As a former school principal, I can assure you that most schools are not going to do it for you automatically. On the other hand, most educational advancement has come from parents exercising their influence to make sure that school works for their child, and that the child does not become bored and drop out due to the school’s irrelevance.

Similarly, parent power is needed to wake up youth group leaders that the same old activities of teaching kids to tie square knots, or flower arranging, is not going to be responsive to who today’s Star Kids are. Organizations change when parents make no other alternative feasible, and when parents pitch in to help create the changes needed.

A don’t for parents of Star Kids. Don’t let your child’s school or pediatrician mislabel him or her as having Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD), Hyperactivity Disorder (HD), a Learning Disorder (LD), Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Autism, or another mental problem or psychiatric condition just because your child is a Star Kid. Being a Star Kid is not a disease.

A lot of the mislabeling comes from ignorance and fear of someone different. Can a Ph.D. psychologist be ignorant? Yes, if I has to do with the Star Kid phenomenon, and the psychologist has not educated him/herself about it. Can an MD psychiatrist or pediatrician be mistaken? Yes, if it has to do with looking at the different behaviors or mental profile of a Star Kid, and deciding that those “exotic” behaviors sound like some aberration they learned about in medical school.

Are there Star Kids who also happen to have dyslexia, or childhood schizophrenia, or behavioral tics? Yes. But most Star Kids do not suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, (contrary to some of the urban myths which can be found on the Internet or in certain books.)


If a Star Kid is having trouble paying attention in school, it is much more likely to have to do with the fact that the teacher or the subject material is so plodding, or so obvious, or so irrelevant, or so wrong, that the child cannot be reasonably be expected to pay continual attention to such a dysfunctional presentation. If a Star Kid seems restless much of the time, it is more likely to be the case that they find their learning environment boring or non-stimulating. Put a race horse in a tightly-confining stall and yes, he’ll kick out the boards and run free.

If you as a parent suspects that your Star Kid is being mislabeled, arm yourself with information and advocate for your child. Information about genuine diagnostic criteria for ADD, HD, LD, DID, etc. is found in the DSM-4, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.


The DSM-4 is available in libraries and on the Internet’s World-Wide Web. The Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, Inc. has member therapists in almost every state and some foreign countries, who are aware of the transformations that people undergo as a result of Star Visitor contact. These therapists can provide professional consultation about your child’s basic psychological normalcy within the context of his being a Star Kid.

Earlier we spoke about your Star Kid’s spirituality. Hand-in-hand with promoting your Star Kid’s developing their own spirituality is a parent’s role in providing your Star Kid with a good moral education.

Certain fundamental values are honored across cultures, and can safely be assumed to be a universal part of healthy human consciousness. These include such things as truthfulness in one’s dealings with others, reasonable respect for another’s property, and avoiding violent behaviors in daily situations. An excellent primer on moral values is to be found in the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights. This may be found at: 

And of course along with rights come responsibilities. Parents can help their Star Kid hone his/her sense of moral responsibility by setting a good example, and by pointing out and endorsing examples of good moral responsibility-taking that occur in the community. Examples of such would include taking your Star Kid along with you when you work on a drive to collect clothing and supplies for earthquake victims, or showing up at a City Council meeting to support more low-income housing being made available in your community.

A thoughtful parent also attunes to their Star Kid’s need for an “integrated” environment. Here what is being referred to is helping create a personal “world” for your Star Kid where there is room for their special abilities and awarenesses to be recognized, validated, and grow, while at the same time trying to weave all that as seamlessly as possible into the more ordinary and mundane elements of daily living, such as taking out the trash, or going swimming.


When the Star Kid feels like there is a smooth flow between the world of psychic gifts in operation and ordinary daily living, then the parent has succeeded in reducing the risk that the Star Kid will see himself as a freak or an oddball.

On the other hand, a good parent will see to it that their Star Kid has those specialized developmental experiences that provide special learning, skill development, and growth in awareness. Obvious examples of such specialized experiences are a Star Kids Project© Workshop or the Star Kids Project Summer Camp.

Being a Star Kid should not be allowed to become all work and no play. Part of being a well-rounded parent of a Star Kid is organizing an occasional Star Kids party. What goes on at Star kids parties? Well, a good few rounds of DragonSport© certainly has it all over a game of Pin the Tail On the Donkey. But in a pinch, a parent on a budget might update this old blindfolded challenge by introducing a timing element, since many Star Kids are going to be able to “sense” where the poster donkey is in the first place, using clairvoyance. And instead of bobbing for apples, a contest could be made over making an apple move across the bucket. Your Star Kids can come up with other ideas, too.

As Star Kids move into the dating years, the thoughtful parent will foster their Star Kid’s developing friendships with other Star Kids. Most relationships work out better where the partners are more closely matched in certain critical areas. And certainly the ability of the potential future partner to share your Star Kid’s advanced world is one such critical element. Parents are aware that from dating eventually ensue their future son-in-law or daughter-in-law. And future grandchildren are much more likely to be Star Kids with both of their parents being Star Seeds.

Start early to teach your Star Kid the New Facts of Life. These New Facts of Life which have important relevance for your Star Kid include the following: 1) the existence of a highly-organized, politically-powerful and well-financed UFO Cover-Up; 2) the concomitant ridicule of and suppression of genuine information about the contact of Star Visitors with people on Earth; and 3) the black-out of information about the emerging Star Kids phenomenon. Your Star Kid does best to hear these New Facts of Life from their parent, and not to have to learn it on street corners.

An additional Fact of Life for your Star Kid is possible seduction to join, or kidnapping by, operatives of the Cabal which also orchestrates the UFO Cover-Up. The Cabal is interested in these “psi children”, and seeks to try to convince them to come work for the Cabal, (which disguises itself as legitimate branches of government or think tanks or other civilian contractors with ties to military or intelligence units.)


Where persuasion has not been successful, kidnappings have sometimes occurred. While a parent does not want to make their Star Kid paranoid, nevertheless, inculcating a certain amount of prudent awareness and circumspection certainly gives your child a heads-up on possible future pitfalls.

As your Star Kid grows older, they will naturally want more privacy about their life, personal space and possessions. A good parent respects their growing child’s need for privacy. After all, this is one of the tools by which a child learns to define him or herself as separate and distinct from their parents. And yet a parent cannot totally tune out as to what their child is up to.


A prudent general awareness is certainly in order. And if tell-tale warning signs emerge of likely drug use, planned dating of someone met on the Internet, etc., the prudent parent will step forward and tell their Star Kid that it is time to talk and share what’s going on, with the parent laying out openly what is their basis for concern.

Let your Star Kid get as much education as they want and need. It may be for many Star Kids that it is only in a decent college or graduate school that the Star Kid finds for the first time in their life an arena of formal education which does not insult their intelligence. Put in more positive terms, the more open learning structure of universities and graduate schools, with their cafeteria of subject choices and difficulty levels, allows the Star Kid to be all that she or he can be. This is not to say that there are not some colleges which are woefully unprepared to meet the needs of a Star Kid. But a resourceful Star Kid has a better chance at the university or graduate school level to fashion the comprehensive education needed for preparation for life and mission.

Help your Star Kid think about career choices that are compatible with the Star Kid’s identity and particular array of special abilities. But the parent must also help the Star Kid recognize that they have to distinguish in many cases between the work that is going to constitute the Star Kid’s “day job” and the activity which will be the Star Kid’s particular mission in this lifetime.


Especially during this time of awkward transition from limited Fourth World society to dawning Fifth World society, it is not going to be possible for all the Star Kids to make their living doing their special abilities or following their particular mission. It is especially helpful if the parent can validate by their own example the walking-two-trails approach of doing their “day job”, while making time elsewhere to gift society with their special abilities.

And last but not least, look forward as a hard-working parent to the joys of watching a new crop of Star Kids come in who will be your grandchildren. If the current generation of Star Kids is any indication, the new crop will be even more spectacular than their parents were in their consciousness, awareness, abilities and largeness of heart.

May we all live to see that grand time.


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