Chapter 11
Meet Some Actual Star Kids

Let’s meet some actual Star Kids. The following descriptions and vignettes are all true. Only the names of these twelve Star kids have been altered to preserve their anonymity.

Some may notice that among these dozen Star Kids, the girls outnumber the boys two-to-one. Why is this? Well, one factor is that many more girls show up for Star Kid Workshops and other events than do boys. Why is this? It certainly does not seem to be because there are more female Star Kids than male Star Kids. The Star Visitors have not displayed a gender preference when contacting humans. And it is my impression from the hundreds upon hundreds of Star Kids (and Star Seeds) that I have encountered that both sexes are about equally represented.

Certainly another factor at work here is that in contemporary American culture, for one, there is more cultural permission for girls and women to acknowledge metaphysical reality and having psychic abilities than for males to do so.


Thus, it is that although there are about equal numbers of Star Kid boys and girls, more girls step forward to get involved in Star Kid events than do boys. It may be that in contemporary American culture, boys are still more reluctant to identify in public with the gentle, interior, sensitive qualities that are part of being a Star Kid.


These boys know they are different, but in the predominantly Fourth World culture surrounding them, it is often more comfortable for these boys to “stay in the closet” about their Star Kid nature. For the same reason, there may be more Latent Star Kid boys than Latent Star Kid girls.

The Star Kids you meet in this chapter are out of the closet. They are joyous about being a Star Kid, and about being accepted as one.

Caitlin is a quiet, intellectual, comely, brunette eight-year-old who is short for her age. She has a hearing impairment. She lives with her mother, her older brother, and her mom’s boyfriend. Her parents are divorced. Caitlin’s mother is psychic, and is also a devotee of Hindu spirituality, and has studied with Sai Baba.

Caitlin has had Star Visitor contact since she was very young. She reported to her mother that almost nightly she has been taken aboard a star craft, where she joined with other children in participating in a school conducted by the Star Visitors. Caitlin learned many things there, including being shown actual scenes from history as History lessons. As a result of this advanced pedagogy, Caitlin has experienced some problems at school when the teacher talks about an incident in history, and Caitlin raises her hand and contradicts the teacher, saying, “No, that’s not what happened. Here is how it happened.”

Over her eight years Caitlin has displayed various psychic abilities, including mental telepathy, clairvoyance (future sight), and levitation. Caitlin and her older brother exchange telepathic messages at home. Caitlin also does this with her mother.

When I first met Caitlin, she did not need a formal introduction, but walked right up to me and gave me a big hug. Her mother explained to me Caitlin’s sign-language message that she already knew me before I stepped through the door.

Caitlin can get so absorbed in meditation that she levitates off the floor.

She is usually very shy around strangers, but she has a ready empathic engagement with Star Seed adults.

There has been a struggle around the school district’s placing Caitlin into a Special Education class for the Handicapped, because she does not relate to the other kids in that class, who have to exert themselves to master their subjects, while Caitlin finds it quite easy. She also misses the social life with her peers, and hopes that an operation to correct her hearing disorder can take place. Then she could be mainstreamed with her age mates and have a more normal schoolchild life.

Her mother has taught Caitlin to be careful about not overtly displaying her psychic abilities where she could get unwelcome attention. Already her mother has observed clandestine surveillance of her house, and has seen white vans go by repeatedly that she feels may be from the government. She does not want her daughter to receive any more undue attention from the authorities.

Nevertheless, life is cheerful around Caitlin’s house, and she remains a bright, cheery, appealing young lady, who is hopeful about her future.

Luke is a very bright, pleasant, poised blond 13-year-old boy with a cherubic expression. He is sociable, but mainly with other Star Kids. Otherwise, he is a book worm. His favorite way to spend time is curled up with a book., unless there is some kid activity actually going on at the moment. Luke does extremely well in school.

Luke is at an age where he is making the transition from childhood to adulthood. While he loves his mother, he has drawn very close to his father. He loves accompanying his father on camping and hiking trips, and clearly is honing his sense of male identity.

Luke has recently become aware of being a Star Kid. While he has previously had informal and unstructured psychic experiences, such as mental telepathy or seeing other people’s auras, he now is athirst with desire to learn about all of the various psychic abilities. He wants to acquire mastery of as many as possible. Luke was fascinated, for example, when I described to him how another young man I had worked with had achieved success with telekinetically moving a toothpick which was just floating in a glass of water. Luke could not wait to get home to try this feat out for himself.

Luke is a speed reader, although he has never been trained formally to do so. He devoured a book I gave him in less than a day, although he was also occupied with other activities that day as well.

I see Luke as sort of a latter-day Harry Potter. He would have been quite comfortable in the Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Luke strikes me as the kind of Star Kid who will not rest until he gets good at all the psychic abilities. He is a perfectionist, and it simply will not do to have some psychic power “just happen” spontaneously, with his having no control over it. No, Luke is bent of being able to do a very wide range of what some consider wizard tricks. If determination is any measure, I suspect that Luke will end up making Harry Potter look like a beginner.

One psychic who knows Luke told me that she foresaw that Luke would grow up to be a leader as Fifth World society dawns. From what I have seen of Luke, I would have to agree with her prediction.

Samantha is a sharp but shy and insecure, highly sensitive Star Kid teenager with hair the color of amber honey. This pretty 16-year-old high school junior has the petite, lithe body of a pixie. She lives with her mother, a widow who is disabled. Her older brother has left home, and only returns occasionally to visit.

Samantha has had a difficult time in school, but not because of the difficulty of the subject matter. She is a quick study, and understands new material very fast if it is presented clearly. Because she lives in a low-income rural community, the teachers at her school are often not very good. This has presented a challenge for Samantha, and also for her mother. Samantha tended to lose interest in a class where the presentation was mushy, and geared to the slower learners in the class. As a result, Samantha tuned out, got assigned low grades, and wanted to drop out.

In her junior-high years, Samantha experienced the typical decline in interest in academics, and increased attention to social life, girl chum relationships, and parties. As is the case in other poor remote communities where the young people complain that there is nothing to do, these parties tended to be surreptitious, held at the home of a child whose parents were not home, and involved alcohol and sometimes drugs.

Samantha was not boy-crazy in junior high, and observed the shallow, exploitative and cruel relationships that her girl chums were involved in with detachment and disinterest. She had no interest in being cheated on and dumped like too many of her friends had been.

High school turned out not to be any improvement, due to the same factors that had plagued her junior-high years.

Out of a sense of frustration, her mother then tried home-schooling. But this brought its own set of problems, because the materials provided by the school district use approaches and concepts, for example in mathematics and social studies, which are different than those with which the mother is acquainted with. As a result, the mother has had difficulty being effective as a home teacher with the instructional materials the school district has provided. Another problem with the home schooling strategy is that Samantha missed the social interaction with the other school kids her age.

Finally her mother hit upon a solution which seems to be working. Samantha is now enrolled in a correspondence-course, self-tutorial form of home study. These correspondence courses are individually paced and feature clear, self-explanatory didactic workbooks. A student like Samantha takes one course at a time, completes and mails in the assignments, gets graded, and when passed, is promoted to the next subject. These distance-learning correspondence course materials do not assume a previous solid foundation in these subjects.


Samantha is like many young people who have been let down by schools and teachers who are no match for these new kids and their learning styles. These materials start with foundations missed in earlier grades, and rapidly accelerate through the workbook in stages to college-prep levels of presentation. Thus, apt students like Samantha (and so many other Star Kids in similar circumstances) can fill in the gaps in foundational learning, and rapidly accelerate to the upper levels of secondary education.

It may come as a surprise to some outsiders, but being a Star Kid is not necessarily self-evident. Samantha remembers having had contact by the Star Visitors since she was four. And she was having telepathic mental exchanges with her brother and mother as far back as first grade.

As well as she can remember, she has been able to consciously look into the future and foresee things which later on come true. For example, she looked at a girl who is currently at that time her best friend, and foresaw that the friend was going to go downhill and get messed up on drugs and self-degrading promiscuity, and that Samantha would no longer have her as a friend.

Samantha has been generally able to intuit and clairvoyantly size people up, as well as know whether they are telling the truth, since fifth grade.

Since she was eight years old she has exercised healing and “balancing” powers with

people, plants and animals. With people she says modestly that it is not so much that she heals them as that she balances what has gotten off-kilter within them, and that it is that re-balancing which is what helps people heal.

Samantha has been assisted in recognizing and cultivating these and other psychic abilities by the guidance of her psychic mother. Her mother’s friend, a hypnotherapist and psychic healer and remote viewer, also provides tips and encouragement. Both these women are Star Seeds themselves.

Samantha has had another struggle which many Star Kid young people can identify with drugs. Like too many poor rural communities in America, her home area has an epidemic methamphetamine (“speed”) problem, and a pervasive drug culture throughout the community. Because of the area’s remoteness, poverty and lack of resources, especially for youth, most kids have succumbed to the lure of very frequent partying, with one or more drugs and alcohol in use. Samantha has not been an exception to partying, but she has maintained enough perspective to avoid the more destructive “speed” and “downer” kinds of drugs.

Since sixth grade she has been smoking pot (cannabis). For a while she developed such a self-described addiction that if she were deprived of marijuana for day, she would become irritable and prone to emotional outbursts.

It has not been helpful that her older brother has become severely involved in drugs, “graduating” from cannabis to opioid downers to methamphetamine. The brother has severe Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which was never diagnosed nor treated by the cash-strapped school district. And in all fairness, it may well be true for him, as for so many young people, that his drug use may represent a naive attempt at self-medication of his neurological condition.

Samantha has had some of her psychic experiences while intoxicated on cannabis. This has served as a temptation to her to rationalize using consciousness-altering drugs as tools to achieve psychic experiences. She “progressed” from marijuana to psychedelic mushrooms, and finds it tempting to also experiment with acid (LSD).

Parenthetically, the fact that certain psychedelic drugs can seemingly induce or amplify psychic experiences presents a quandary to Star Kids and their parents. If psychedelic drugs were merely amplifiers of psychic powers, there might be less unfavorable things to be said about them. But even then, using psychedelics to achieve a psychic experience has several down-sides.


For one, the psychic experience is usually spontaneous, and is not elicited nor controlled by the youngster. Second, using psychedelics this way breeds laziness in the young psychic Star Kid, who is thus given a rationale for not disciplining herself so as to be able to deliberately exercise her ability under her conscious control and direction. And other down-sides also exist.


Psychedelics can “addict” the user to laying aside significant portions of daily life to instead tune into the drug-induced circus going on insider her head. It can also give the undisciplined user an excuse to drop out of important daily activities and spend an inordinate amount of time in interior recreation, thus causing an imbalance in the Star Kid’s life.


Another down-side is the risk of unintentionally taking an overdose, since reliable information about safe and effective dose for a given age and body weight is not generally available publicly. Still other down-sides include: experiencing a toxic reaction to the substance, having an accident, even a fatal one, while attempting to operate a car while under the influence, having the drug precipitate a mental disorder (in a susceptible person), having a stroke due to a sudden rise in blood pressure, etc.

Samantha says that she has gotten beyond the addictive use of marijuana in her life, although she will occasionally indulge in an infrequent joint. She says that she gained insight on her own that the addictive use of cannabis was a disorder in her life. She rationalizes her occasional use nowadays for its “stress-reducing” tranquilizing effect, or when she especially wants to have a psychic experience. When I challenged her that she could have psychic experiences without pot, she says that she knows that, but “it’s easier that way.”

Star Kids are neither all saints nor all sinners, but rather struggling kids in a limited Fourth World culture, in a number of ways not unlike their ordinary human age mates.

Samantha has shown some Star Kid qualities of compassion and concern for others, even when immersed in her local area’s culture of drugs. Samantha has reached out to other teens she knows and tried to get them off drugs, especially the more hazardous drugs such as methamphetamine and phencycladine (PCP).

Samantha has participated in Star Kid Project events and has talked in public about being a Star Kid. Several psychics spoke to me and identified her as destined to be a leader in the emerging Fifth World society as she grows up. Samantha herself is somewhat aware of her leadership qualities. After completing high school studies, she plans to attend a metaphysical college and get a degree as a metaphysical practitioner and teacher. She thus will be in a better position to help others understand and use well their psychic and other advanced abilities in the dawning Fifth World society.

Lupita is a quiet, bright, cheerful, chubby, 13-year-old Mexican-American girl of medium height and brunette hair. This Star Kid comes across with a maturity far beyond her years. She lives in a conventional Mexican-American family in a large city in the American Southwest. Her parents do not really understand nor appreciate her psychic abilities. They are cautious about such things and, operating out of superstitious fear, see them as suspect. There is a vein of sentiment in the Mexican culture which views such things as the domain of the brujo (warlock) and the bruja (witch), and as such to be feared and avoided.

Lucky for Lupita she has an aunt, Alicia, her mother’s sister, who spotted Lupita as a Star Kid. Aunt Alicia twisted her sister’s arm and persuaded her to allow Alicia to take Lupita to a Star Kid Workshop© and another such event. Lupita shines in such settings, finally able to mingle with kids who are truly her peers. There she does not have to hold back being who she really is. Lupita is poised and comes across as years older than she is. She easily speaks her mind, has a droll sense of humor, and is liked by the other Star Kids.

Lupita’s advanced abilities include being able to see events ahead of time, doing mental telepathy, seeing auras around people, intuitiveness, and using crystals for energy work. She is very receptive to learning about and developing her other psychic abilities as well.

Lupita has a very close relationship with her aunt. Alicia works hard to encourage Lupita in developing herself as a Star Kid. Alicia also runs interference with Lupita’s mother so as to allow Lupita to unfold as who she really is. Alicia’s open-mindedness and ownership of herself as a Star Seed serve as a counterweight to Lupita’s mother’s superstitious fears. Alicia has thus shown by the events she has succeeded in taking Lupita to that terrible things will not occur if Lupita’s mother allows Lupita to blossom as a Star Kid.

Denise is a sharp, self-assured, gracious, charming, pretty, 10-year-old-going-on-25 Star Kid with straight blonde hair and a knowing twinkle in her eye. Denise is just getting used to her identity as a Star Kid. But she has exhibited psychic abilities and special energy for years. Denise is another Star Kid whose parents don’t exactly know what to make of her. But like Lupita, Denise was lucky enough to have someone else in the family who did.


Denise’s grandmother has some psychic awarenesses and abilities herself, and may be a Latent Star Seed, although she modestly says that she does not see that in herself. But grandma had a sharp eye, and spotted Denise’s Star Kid qualities. So she persuaded Denise’s mother to let her come to a Star Kids Project event, where Denise blossomed in the presence of the other Star Kids. And Denise got an opportunity to identify her advanced abilities and exercise them.

Denise is energetic and sociable, and all the other Star Kids at the event liked her. She laughs easily and exudes good humor.

Denise’s grandmother accompanied her to this Star Kids Project event, and told me how she watched this special child since she was very young. She noticed that, from an early age, Denise seemed very mature, almost like an adult in a child’s body.

Denise does very well in school, and is in the top tier of her class. Denise has ready mental communication with animals. She is sensitive to other’s energy fields. She is attracted to nature-based spirituality, and is at ease with Native American spiritual ceremonies. Not surprisingly, her bio-electromagnetic field is unusually widely extended, even for a Star Kid. At the Star Kids Project group event, her field measured among the largest.

A psychic attending the event foresaw that Denise would be a future leader in the emerging Fifth World society, like Luke and Samantha. Because she is still quite young, it is difficult to see the contours of her leadership style as yet. But anyone who spends much time around this quiet, deep, self-possessed, optimistic spirit would feel that the country would be blessed to have such a leader providing direction.

Maggie is another 10-year-old Star Kid, petite, with curly dark hair. Maggie is an ocean of endless energy and infectious engagingness. Although thin and of diminutive size for her age, Maggie lights up a room when she enters. She bubbles with a never-ending stream of ideas for things to do. She is an extreme extrovert, and when a question is asked in the group, she is he first to answer, usually without raising her hand first.

Although Maggie is extremely sociable, she does not brag about her psychic abilities. Because her mother accompanied Maggie to one of our Star Kids Project events, I was able to talk with the mother about Maggie. Her mother is a psychic, too, and encourages he budding talents of this young Star Kid.

One of Maggie’s outstanding gifts is to see into other dimensions. When we took a Star Kids field trip to Mount Shasta, (a 14,000-foot gigantic “dormant” volcano in Northern California), as we hiked through the high-altitude meadows, Maggie shouted out for everyone to hear that she had found where the fairies were, and pointed excitedly to a dense thicket in the meadow. Panther Meadow is a sacred location to the Native American people of the region, and is a spiritual destination for people from around the world. So it is actually not all that surprising that fairies should be present there, and occasionally show themselves across dimensions.

Maggie has other advanced abilities as well. She is telepathic, and reads animal and plant energy signatures with ease, can see auras, and can make herself “invisible” when she wants to elude the notice of other people, etc. If the Fifth World society needs a cheerleader, (and I’m beginning to think that we will), Maggie would have to be the choice hands-down.

Veronica is a different kind of story. She is a Latent Star Kid that I would like to tell you about. She is a cute, lively, polite, sociable eighth-grader with short blonde hair and an ever present smile. She lives in the Western United States with her very conservative parents and older sister, who is about to emancipate from the home.

Veronica is very bright and is at the head of her class. She maintains an A average in her grades, and finds it easy to master the subjects in school. She has a natural gift for animals, who feel an affinity or her as well. She hopes to grow up to be either a veterinarian or a massage therapist. She has a subconscious awareness of people’s energy and seeks to work with it.

Veronica is open-minded but is trapped within the confines of a politically and culturally ultraconservative and hyper-controlling family. Her sister, who is five years older, and who is also a Latent Star Kid, copes by hanging out as much as possible at her friends’ houses, where she can be more herself. Veronica, being much younger, is not allowed as much freedom to be elsewhere afternoons and evenings very much.


Her situation is complicated by her father’s being a progressed “social drinker” alcoholic. Veronica’s mother is co-dependent and does not challenge the hyper-controlling father’s domineering way. She deals with her husband’s drinking every evening until he passes out by going to bed early in the evening herself before this happens.

I have known Veronica for years. When I showed her how her bio-electromagnetic field caused the dowsing rods to splay outwardly when at a distance of 18 feet from her body, and explained that this was because she was a Star Kid, and what that means, she excitedly went into the house to share this with her family. I also used the dowsing rods with Veronica’s older sister, and showed her that she, too, had Star Kid energy.


She was pleasantly intrigued, but was astute enough not to share the news of her being a Star Kid with her parents. She knew they would not be charmed nor accepting. Her father soon emerged with an omni-present beer bottle in his hand and politely informed me that he did not want Veronica involved with any such “strange stuff”.

Veronica and her sister are a couple of the Latent Star Kids. They clearly have the energy signature, the intelligence, and likely some of the advanced abilities of Star Kids. But they are not in a position to come to terms with their identity as Star Kids, because the repressive confines of their family do not provide them the permission and encouragement to discover things about themselves that are not officially sanctioned by society’s authorities.

Veronica is an example of one of the ways in which many Star Kids stay Latent. Parental disbelief and disapproval are powerful disincentives against a child’s self-discovery. And by the same token, the Star Kids I have met who shine as the most fully developed and confident are the ones whose families are solidly behind them.

Nicole is a medium-height, trim, attractive, brown-eyed 16-year-old with short brunette hair in a pixie cut. This lively and special Star Kid lives in the desert mountains of the Southwest. She fairly radiates serene yet powerful Star Kid energy.

Star Kid energy is a little difficult to describe. If you are a Star Kid or a Star Seed, you can feel it coming off another Star Kid. It is a feeling of extra energy in that person, a brightness, a quickness, an aura of compassion, of goodness, of high spirituality, that is not easy for a fellow Star Kid to miss.

Nicole has the good fortune to have a highly-perceptive mother, who understands her highly-talented daughter and encourages her development. Nicole’s mother herself is a Star Seed, and has brought up her daughter to be familiar with the world of the metaphysical and the psychic. As a result, Nicole has the usual complement of Star Kid advanced abilities.

But Nicole’s forte is vibration work. She has learned that much healing can be accomplished by the application of a correct vibration level. Nicole is also aware that vibration serves as a medium of communication with the Star Visitors, and they with us. Nicole’s preeminent way of delivering vibrational energy is by singing. Her specialty is operatic singing. She is blessed with an exceptionally pure and talented voice, which allows her to deliver a vibrational note with absolute pitch-perfect accuracy.

During one Star Kids Project event, I witnessed Nicole gathered in an acoustical chamber with a 10-year-old Star Kid boy and an adult Star Seed man sitting facing each other so that the three formed a perfect triangle in the exact center of the domed acoustical chamber. Nicole and the other two did unison singing of a pure note, with Nicole setting the base note, and the Star Kid boy and Star Seed man singing notes in harmonic octaves around the base note. The resulting rich tapestry of harmonic sound resonated powerfully throughout the acoustic chamber. Later, Nicole explained to me that the three were doing song vibrational work to help heal the Earth. They were well positioned, since the acoustical dome was located upon a vortex in an area long known for its special energy.

Claudio is a tall, thin, bright-eyed, quiet young man who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This dark-eyed, handsome 17-year-old with dark hair attended the first Star Kids Workshop© in Brazil. Since I do not peak Portuguese, and an English translator was only intermittently available, I was not able to get very much information about Claudio.


But he became permanently etched in my memory when I did the dowsing rods exercise on him, along with the other Star Kids and adult Star Seeds in attendance. Let me note that I had done dowsing on the energy fields of several hundred persons by the time I met Claudio. What etched him in my memory is that this quiet lad set the record (at that time) for the largest bio-electromagneticphotic field That I had measured.


Claudio’s field measured at least a 50-foot radius out from his body! Yet you would hardly meet a humbler, more unassuming young man. In our brief conversation I became impressed with his deep spirituality and desire to improve himself metaphysically. Did his devotion to spirituality play a role in the expansive size of his energy field? I cannot say for certain, but such a connection would not be surprising.

Rachel is a lovely, pretty brunette 12-year-old schoolgirl who lives in southern Australia with her mum. She is another one of those fortunate Star Kids whose parent is metaphysically aware and accepting her child for all that she is. Her mother’s friend, Jill, is a psychic, and closely follows Rachel’s progress as she grows up and unfolds in her psychic abilities. With the strong support of these two women, Rachel’s future is one that seems very optimistic and tranquil.

I met Rachel at a Star Kids Workshop we held in Brisbane, Australia. Accompanied by her mother and “Aunt” Jill, Rachel was a highly attentive and participating member of the Workshop. She eagerly engaged in the various psychic exercises we practiced. At the end of the Workshop, she came up to me and gave me a drawing of an aging Zeta Reticulan who is a frequent Visitor. She told of going aboard his craft, and of being schooled there. In addition to the schooling on board, Rachel receives visits in her bedroom at night.

She has developed an intense friendship with this Zeta senior, who has told her to call him “Horace”. It turns out that even elderly Zetas have some cosmetic sensibilities. Horace gave Rachel a message, when she drew a picture of him for me, not to include too many wrinkles, since he did not want to appear too worn in his appearance. (And to think that some people believe that all Zetas are cool and emotionless.)

Kenza is a tall, thin, handsome 16-year-old African-American student who lives with his mother in Colorado. Kenza participated in the Star Kids Workshop in New York City as an energetic and articulate member. Kenza has well-developed telepathic and precognitive abilities. It is helpful, of course, that his mother is also aware of her own psychic abilities, and supports Kenza in his using his gifts.

Kenza shows signs of natural leadership. At the Workshop, when there was an opportunity for Star Kids to share about their personal journey of self-discovery, Kenza boldly stepped up to the microphone and gave a stirring account of his successful struggle to overcome doubts and the subtle pressures of society, and recognize and acknowledge within himself those special gifts which come with being a Star Kid.

His poise, self-assurance, humility and charm in handling and answering questions from the participants point to qualities which will likely cause him to rise to leadership as his generation of Star Kids soon comes of age.

Sabrina is a cheerful, medium-height, attractive, stocky 29-year-old social worker with shoulder-length, darkening blonde hair. She is a former Star Kid now turned adult Star Seed. Her story is included because it traces a path that is less conventional, of a Star Kid who was a “Latent”throughout childhood, and who came into Star Seed awareness as a young adult.

When did her Star Seed father know that Sabrina was a Star Kid? Well, in hind sight, he says it is clear that it was at the moment of her conception. He saw in his mind’s eye the dark nighttime firmament through the roof overhead, and at that moment, a new little star turned on and shone in the inky blackness above.

Sabrina was a free spirit ever since she was born. She was raised on a five-acre ranchette in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. In the 1970s, when she was born, there was no talk of Star Kids in those days. Even the subject of UFOs was fraught with ridicule if anyone brought it up. But Sabrina early on was a special being. Around the ranch this free spirit hardly ever wore a stitch of clothing. If her father or mother put a dress on her in warm weather, she would soon peel it off and run through the fields of wild flowers on the property naked. It was not until she got to grade school and peer pressure came to bear upon her that she began to dress and take on the point of view of the other country kids of her peer group.

Her father was into Native American culture, and since Sabrina and her sister had a small portion of Cherokee blood line in their heritage, it seemed that she and her sister took naturally to the Native American ceremonies that her father would conduct.

Her favorite was the Rain Ceremony. This rain ceremony was done the most during the time of the multi-year drought that was then plaguing Northern California. Her father would gather his two part-Native American daughters and assemble in the broad open acreage sloping down the hill from their house. (Their mother would sit out most ceremonies as “too weird” for her taste.)

First there was a purification via smudging with the smoke from a smoldering sacred sage bundle, to purify participants and bless the area of the proceedings. Their father would smudge the girls, and then Sabrina or her sister took turns smudging their father. Next, her father would have Sabrina or her sister twirl the “bull roarer” (sounding wood palette on a string) over their head to set up the vibratory field which would summon Tukwunag (the Rain Kachina) and the Wakinyan (Thunder Beings) to come and bring the much-needed precipitation to drench the parched land and replenish the water table. Though they were in the primary grades, Sabrina and her sister quickly took to this ceremonial activity.

Next came the Pipe Ceremony, with prayer to Great Spirit to bring rain clouds over the land. The father lit the pipe, took a draft of smoke from it, and prayed to each of the Four Directions, to Tunkasila (Grandfather Above), and to Unce Maka (Mother Earth).


Sabrina and her sister took tiny puffs, but did not inhale them, instead blowing the smoke up towards the sky, accompanied by a prayer to Spirit to hear their pleas for soothing rain. Spirit could not, of course, ignore the petitions of such tiny pure spirits. Within a day or two, the skies would cloud up. And Sabrina and her sister were duly impressed as the barren sky grew cloudy and a gentle rain began to fall.

Let us now fast-forward across Sabrina’s life to adulthood. Sabrina had long since taken in stride her father’s intense interest in the UFO phenomenon. She thus had a context for her first conscious UFO encounter when she was 19. She was driving back home from the San Francisco Bay Area when she spotted a UFO doing relatively low-level maneuvers above Interstate 580 near Altamont Pass. She excitedly drove home and informed her family and friends about seeing a UFO for the first time!

Sabrina kept some of her life private, but clearly had some partially-remembered Star Visitor contact. When her father was describing to her his close encounter on a desert highway, and the part where the Star Visitors placed their hands firmly on his arms to lead him to their craft, as he described the Visitors’ hands with their three elongated, cartilaginous (non-bony) fingers that wrapped way around most of his large biceps, she shuddered involuntarily and begged him to stop – clearly recalling her own similar encounter, with which she had not yet come to terms.

Sabrina came to a Star Kids/Star Seeds Workshop in Northern California, and brought with her a couple of Star Seed co-workers and their Star Kid children. She let down her hair and acknowledged some of the Star Kid psychic abilities she had. She encouraged her co-workers to talk about their gifts as well. By this point Sabrina was fully out of the closet, and quietly owning in public to being a Star Seed adult.

Her father had no surprise with this unfolding of self-awareness. Indeed, he knew that Sabrina was a Star Kid long years before.

Sabrina is an example of a Star Kid who is unaware in childhood, and only after reaching adulthood becomes aware retroactively that she had been a Star Kid right along.

Okay, now you have met twelve Star Kids. No three eyes; no long green tentacles, no horns, no campiness, no New Age-y affectations. Just wholesome kids trying to make their way in a world generally not yet prepared to really understand them and deal with them.


I hope that as you read about these kids, you see that not only do the rest of the population have nothing to fear from these kids, but rather have everything to gain from making a welcoming place in our society for these Star Kids.


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