Chapter 10
Are Star Kids Normal?

Many small children around the world are aware of the wonderful and delightful world of fantasy “pocket monsters”, those not-very-scary animal-baby versions of dinosaurs, animal hybrids and fictional creatures. Japanese genius has brought to small children a dizzying array of numerous such Pokemon, whether as colorful, elegantly-printed trading cards, or as the television series or movies.

It is of interest, and perhaps not coincidental, that the ingenious Japanese creators of Pokemon have included in their set of creatures some who are endowed with psychic powers. Were the Pokemon creators inspired by Star Kids they met in deciding to include among their creatures some who are gifted with paranormal powers?


At any rate, whether consciously or unconsciously, the many young Star Kids who play the Pokemon games with their assorted creature cards can identify with one or other of these psychically-endowed Pokemon:

  • -Abra is a telepathic mind-reader, and is also able to teleport himself

  • Kadabra is able to project brain waves so as to give opponents headaches; [parenthetically, I’ve done this myself to cause certain rogue Cabal psi operatives to back off when they were sending negative energy waves my way]

  • Alakazam has an IQ of “5000". This is a bit more than any Star Kid (or adult Star Seed for that matter) would have. But given the unbelievable downloads of information, concepts and awarenesses which many Star Kids, experiencers, and adult Star Seeds have received from the Star Visitors, (often during nocturnal encounters), and given that 5000 is only about 16 times as bright as the brightest humans alive, it is entirely possible that some of the Star Visitors operate with an individual (or shared-group) intelligence/consciousness equivalent to a human IQ of 5000

  • Drowzee has the ability to hypnotically induce sleep. He is also a “dream eater”, (although my informant grandson did not spell out for me what exactly this ability entailed)

  • Hypno is a Pokemon who also has the ability to induce sleep through hypnosis

  • Mewtwo has, in the world of Pokemon, gone to the Dark Side, since even in the cherubic world of Pokemon, there is a Dark Side. Thus, his powers are adversarial. He can set psychic barriers against others’ powers. He can psychically create mists, and he can induce amnesia in an opponent

Children who see themselves as too old for Pokemon games have another fantasy card game and movie world, Yu-Gi-Oh!, which is also populated with fantasy creatures, some of whom also have psychic powers.

Grown-ups have their own cinematic fantasy worlds whose heroes and villains are endowed with remarkable paranormal powers. The three Matrix movies, the two X-Men movies, and the several Harry Potter books and movies seem like Hollywood-ized versions of the somewhat quieter and less extreme lives of many Star Kids and adult Star Seeds.

There are now emerging even physical-action games whose success at the more advanced levels relies on the child’s using psychic powers.

I have had the good fortune to meet Alysn Hassenforder and her partner Paul Russel of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. They operate the Dragon’s Lair kids store there. They have developed “DragonSport©”, a game of skill based on the ancient martial art, Jojutsu.

DragonSport involves the child player wielding an electronic light sabre which must touch one of three pylons arrayed in a triangle. When one of the pylons lights up, (at erratic intervals), the player must strike it with her light sabre before the very-short times-up button sounds. The contestant stands in the middle of the three pylons, and, as her skill builds, the pace and tempo of the game quicken. Alysn tells me that the best players, whom she is sure are Star Kids, play the game blindfolded! And these operate at the quickest tempo. Like Jedi apprentices, they soon are masterful, using only an inner “sight” and extraordinarily-quick reflexes.

To properly ask the question as to whether Star Kids are normal, one has also to reflect on the fact that through books, games and movies, today’s contemporary world is slowly closing the cultural gap between the conventional world, assumed and taught in schools, and the paranormal world of Star Kids. True, the gap-closing books, games and movies are labeled “fiction” and “fantasy”.


But the wild success of this genre does not so much, in my view, bespeak a massive epidemic of flight from reality on the part of the public, as rather a combination of the public’s subconscious recognition of Star Kids’ (and Star Seeds’) abilities abounding among us, and of the plentiful Star Kids’ eager identification with heroes who are like themselves.

Today’s Harry Potters and Hermione Grangers do not wear sorcerer robes and pointed hats, but their abilities are often as varied as J.K. Rowland’s characters.

And many a teenage Star Kid has identified with the Matrix central character, Neo’s gradual path of self-discovery. And such Star Teens, either through trial and error, or by becoming aware of the Star Kids Project information, come to own and accept themselves as “The One” who operates outside the illusions and deceptions of Fourth World society, and whose mission is to liberate others to break free and help create Fifth World Star Kid/Star Seed society.

Many of the Star Kids and their parents, who clamor for me to find the resources to open a Star Kids School in their area, relate to the uncanny X-Men: 2 movie, and its wonderful School for Gifted Youngster headed by Professor Charles Xavier. Talk about Art (the movie) imitating Life (the Star Kids phenomenon)!

As these advanced children are allowed to come out of the closet, and use their gifts in the course of ordinary daily life, this will be a substantial part of the fashioning of the Fifth World society predicted in indigenous prophecies. As the Native American Grandmother Elders proclaimed in 1997, the Fifth World has begun. But its full realization will become manifest over time; and will be clearly evident by 2012.


The Transition between Fourth World old culture and Fifth World Star Seed culture will not be knife-edge sharp and sudden. Instead, it is a gradual but quickening-paced 15-year transition. Fourth World will not go out with a bang, and perhaps not even with a whimper. Rather, Fourth World will cease to exist because there will be too few to uphold and operate within its obsolescent assumptions and structures.

And Fifth World will not come as a result of the simultaneous mass landings of 100,000 star craft in population centers all over the world.


Instead, Fifth World culture and society are already forming. Its roots are already underfoot. Its citizens are already quietly dispersed in multitudinous numbers among society. Its culture is not only already being introduced through “fantasy” and “fiction” books, games, TV shows and movies, but being increasingly supported by discoveries in science, medicine and psychology, which, for example, show that consciousness can influence matter, that psychic powers can be measured (and thus are scientifically real), and that focused attention on healing can produce statistically significant improvement in a patient’s healing state.

As the current Fourth World society catches up with dawning Fifth World reality, Fourth World will experience a soft implosion. And the resultant vacuum will be filled by the richness of Fifth World life, love, culture and its interdependent, transparent society of citizen-savants. Fourth World will not go away by violent revolution. No, it will evaporate because there will be no one left to salute it. This is not to suggest that the transition will occur without a struggle.


The current, apparently-omnipotent, geo-plutocratic Cabal have in place an elaborate set of interlocking structures which depend on, and perpetuate, Fourth World assumptions and folkways. In Chapter Fifteen we will examine further this Cabal and its influence. The transition will be bitterly fought against by the Cabal. Indeed, much resistance is already going on, and the Transition will generate many casualties. Yet the Transition will occur, indeed is inevitable, because in latent form, amidst hundreds of millions of Star Kids quietly living among us, it is already here.

Let’s look at this world-in-transition from the perspective of the Star Kids.

If Star Kids know that they are somehow different, can they tell if another child is a Star Kid?

What does one first notice about a Star Kid that would tell you that you are in the presence of a Star Kid?

Are Star Kids normal?

These are fair questions. Let’s start with the first question:

“If Star Kids know that they are somehow different, can they tell if another child is a Star Kid?”

Star Kids do pick up on each other often. And adult Star Seeds very often notice when there is a Star Kid present. (Or another adult Star Seed, for that matter.) Let me describe for you a little of my own experience in this realm, for starters.

One of the things that early-on got me paying attention to how many Star Kids there are was noticing how these new children would look up when I walked by on the sidewalk, or in the mall, or in a fast food restaurant. Babies looking back over their mother’s shoulder would be gazing generally, then suddenly focus on me and brighten up, some with a shy smile, others looking somewhat fascinated. The same things kept happening with wee ones in strollers, and young toddlers learning to walk. It was like I was the most riveting thing they had seen.

Now, I remember how children that age decades ago would operate in an unfocused or easily distracted manner, quickly moving from one stimulus to another. But so many of the children of these last few years are so different! They come in aware. While the babes of yore lolled their heads and had a poorly-focused gaze, most of today’s children are alert, focused, carefully tracking the environment around them. They even have a different appearance than the babies of a couple decades ago. So many of these children look intelligent, are calmly evaluating what is going on, are curious, and maintain an almost grown-up gaze. When they look at you, if

they have decided you are of interest, they study you with a wise look and a highly-focused lock-on gaze that makes you feel like you are being studied by a peer.

When I first noticed this new wave of exceptional young children, at first I was quite fascinated by their mature scanning of the area around them, their poise, their self-possession and outgoingness. As a Star Seed, I could not help but notice how often that, when I entered a room, how quickly the Star Kids would swivel their heads towards me and stare. After I got past my initial bewilderment, I decided to become interactive with these children.

At first I would just engage them back by waving back at them with a small inconspicuous salute, consisting of two fingers bent forward and wiggled like rabbit ears. The kids seem to like this almost-secret playful acknowledgment of them. Almost to a person, these Star Kids would smile, or furtively wave back.

I’ve given a lot of thought to what it is precisely that they notice about me that turns their heads. At first I thought it was that they were seeing the pumped-up aura (bio-electromagneticphotic field) that extends a substantial ways out from a Star Seed.

( For further details see:


And that may very well be true. But it does not explain the children who are facing the other way, and who then turn around when I enter a room. Thus, I have more recently developed an additional hypothesis.

What I now think is actually going on is that these little Star Kids are extremely sensitive to, and pick up on, that is to say, are feeling the bio-electromagnetic-photic field which extends in a wide radius out from me. On a good day, this field may extend almost fifty feet. I think it is my field bumping up against them or their field, which causes them to sense the presence of a Star Seed even when they are facing the other way.

But it is more than just the Star Kids vaguely sensing the quasi-tingle of an electrical field, or the cellular-level sensing of the vague tug of a magnetic field nearby. The special field of Star Kids and adult Star seeds has an emotional feeling, as well as its electrical, magnetic and light properties. The emotional feeling these fields have is one of gentle warmth, peace, lovingness, and special aliveness.

And it feels really good to be within the radius of such a nice, gentle pleasant field. When a child is going along in their day, and bumps into such a Star Seed field, it kind of wakes them up in a pleasant way. They suddenly get this feeling of “pleasant presence”, and so turn around to see who it is that has approached and is sending out those kinds of vibes. Not that all of this is a conscious process; it often happens almost instinctually. And thus, this field-touching and sensitivity to Star Kid fields constitute one more “signature” by which Star Kids can recognize another Star Kid, (or Star Seed adult.)

I have discussed this phenomenon with other adult Star Seeds. Many of them have begun to notice similar things in their own experience. I have long had a saying, which I first adopted in my working with experiencers of Star Visitor contact. One Star Kid (or Star Seed adult) can tell if there is another Star Kid (or Star Seed) across a crowded room. This is generally the case, if the Star Kid is paying attention.

But, this is not quite universal, however. For, further experience has convinced me of two things.

First, not all Star Kids (or Star Seed adults) are ready to own their special identity, though the majority are. Some Star Kids have used free will to turn their back on the whole phenomenon, to deny it, (though they know it to be true), and decide tactically to “play normal”. Many of these are very emotionally-sensitive children, who are shy, resent being the focus of attention, and/or are having a difficult enough time adjusting to this planet without further challenges. Or they are children who have been called names, or labeled crazy, or called a witch, or “possessed by Satan”, for having their advanced abilities. Or they are teens who are wrestling with issues of establishing their own identity, and feel that they do not need the extra struggle.


At this point in society’s evolution, the pay-off for “playing normal” is ever so much greater than for acknowledging that you are a Star Kid. And the scorn, ostracization, and career/social life damage that can come from being publicly “out” as a Star Kid can be a heavy price, indeed. And one which some Star Kids choose not to pay. These are not the Latent Star Kids. These are the Underground Star Kids. And because they are so busy playing “normal”, they tune out, and thus miss, the subtle but real psychic signals that they could pick up if they were just tuned in.

Secondly, because not all Star Kids are attuned enough to intuit, or feel the personality of a fellow Star Kid across a crowded room, what turns out to be the case is that what many Star Kids pick up on in a fellow Star Kid is their “sensing” the energetic field which a Star Kid will emit out to a fair distance around them. These Star Kids will kind of notice the field, maybe even get turned on by the person emitting the field, if it is someone of appropriate age and gender, without actually specifically putting their finger on why that other person is so magnetic.

What exactly is the feeling of the other Star Kid’s (or adult Star Seed’s), energy field? I feel like I’m really at a loss to do a totally adequate job of describing it. The field is multi-faceted and subtle. Let me try to describe it through a variety of impressions.

Often the field is accompanied by other energetic signals which enhance and diversify the energy being sent out. Sometimes these additional signals manifest as a special glow in the Star Kid’s eyes. Not an artificial light, like in monster movies. Rather a gentle but vibrant extra glow beyond the “glow of health” some people talk about in people’s eyes. Again, the field can manifest as a warm feeling aura that surrounds a Star Kid, which can be felt when you are close to them. The feeling is open, kind, friendly, quietly electric. The field can also be noticed as an almost-adult, but still charmingly child-like simplicity that a Star Kid exudes, and which hints at the well-developed wisdom within. These Star Kids have an intensity, an energy, a depth of feeling in their face and eyes which mark them as special.

This is also the same energy-frequency that creates an instant sense of familiarity and similarity when Star Kids get together even for the first time. They get instantly the kind of feeling you normally get in an already-developed friendship: a feeling of confident familiarity, trust, a quick liking of the other Star Kid, and a sureness that you will be understood and liked in return. Such an energy field like this helps communicate that there is an assumed trove of common assumptions, values and understandings. It speeds the connection and bonding between Star Kids and Star Seeds of every age.

And the energy around a Star Kid is not just a voltage thing; their energy has consciousness. Indeed, the Star Kid’s energy field is another extension, even another dimension, of their consciousness field. The Star Kid’s energy field is both actively and passively sentient. That is why one Star Kid can feel it when another Star Kid comes into the room, even when their back is turned or they are not looking up. The Star Kid just knows that someone is there, and not just any person, but a kid with that “energy signature” that marks another Star Kid.

And the awareness is mutual. Both Star Kids feel an instinctive attraction that invites them to approach each other, or at least feel secure in the knowledge that there is another “friendly” in the room.

When one Star Kid meets another, each can raise such topics as Star Visitor contacts, psychic abilities, one’s special mission, etc. without the raised eyebrows or changing-the-subject reactions that they get from regular humans. Thus, the Star Kid can let down her guard, and let down her hair, and instinctively know that she will be understood on her own terms, and from her own experience.

Dealing with another Star Kid does generate a powerful and confirming sense that “I am not alone,” and that there are other neat special people around. The anticipation of finding a similar friend, or in the older Star Teen, of finding a like soul mate, is part of the powerful attractive force that reaches across a room and pulls one Star Kid towards another.

The second question that this chapter opened with asked,

“What does one first notice about a Star Kid that would tell you that you are in the presence of a Star Kid?”

Even many ordinary humans eventually notice a difference in a Star Kid. It gets noticed even if all they can manage to say is,

“There’s something about that kid ....”

They are referring to the Star Kid’s special energy, positive intensity, and aliveness. The child is present in a stand-out way. But in a calm strong way, not in a frenetic way. Usually. (After all, Star Kids are still kids.)

A second feature that many people notice in a Star Kid, even when they don’t know that he or she is a Star Kid, is charm. The child exudes an attractive appeal. Often the well-formed appearance of the Star Kid adds to the charm, but even in those Star Kids who face the challenges of physical handicap or psychiatric illness, the basic charm is present.

A third common feature that people tend to pick up on quickly is that the Star Kid is bright. Often the Star Kid in question is one of the brightest children in their class. But even for those Star Kids who have difficulty with conventional schooling, because of the child’s difficulties in adapting to human neurological wiring, or because the way the child’s nimble mind works differs from standard human thought, logic and problem-solving patterns, the Star Kid’s basic ingenuity, inventiveness, and go-around problem-solving shine through amidst the struggle and misunderstandings.

A fourth feature is what I call “presence”. The child, even when they are just standing still, fill the space they are standing in in a very strong fashion. They almost command the situation, even without opening their mouth.

A fifth thing people notice about a Star Kid is their self-assuredness and quiet confidence. They communicate the impression that they are quite aware of what is going on and have established their position towards the situation. In colloquial parlance, they stand on their own two feet most of the time.

A sixth characteristic is intensity. Part of the extra energy hat these children are brimming with shows itself as their being intensely but quietly poised-for-action. Because they are such quick processors of information and of situations, they are poised for quick action.

Putting all of these early impressions together: special energy, charm, brightness, presence, assuredness and intensity, it is not hard to see why so many people, when they deal with a Star Kid, say, “There’s something different about that kid.”

The third question posed at the beginning of this chapter was, “Are Star Kids normal?”

This is a pretty basic question.

Well, if by normal is meant that Star Kids have two eyes, a nose, two ears and a complexion pretty much like the other kids around, then, yes, Star Kids are normal. After all, they are mostly human. Why wouldn’t they look like other kids?

In previous chapters, we looked at some of the physical, mental, emotional and psychic differences that Star Kids have. Here may be a good place to describe how they are like other children, the ways in which they seem “normal”.

Star Kids tend to dress like other kids. Younger Star Kid boys will often wear the clothes boys their age commonly wear, like tee-shirts, jeans and ball caps. Younger Star Kid girls will wear dresses or pants like their age peers. Older Star Kid teens will do their own things, like other teens in their social group, be it preppy, grunge, hip-hop, “sagging”, cowboy, or whatever. You will not see a typical Star Kid in Star Trek attire. Nor in one of those “alien” helmets with the dual bobbing antennas. The last thing a Star Kid wants to do is affect the Space Cadet image.

Did Star Kids talk like other kids? Oh, m’god, for sure! (Just kidding.)

Actually, yes, Star Kids use the language and style of their age-peers. Except that if you listen intently to what they are saying amidst the slang and (in some cases) urban profanity, their analysis of what is going on and their mature perspective tend to give them away as not just another kid.

Even the tykes among the Star Kids shine out from under the “precious” clothes some parents dress them in. I’m thinking of one two-year-old I know whose parents dress him up in traditional little-child clothes. His look telegraphs the impression, “My parents may dress me in these hokey clothes, but, hey! There’s an aware person in here, thank you very much.”

Do Star Kids behave like other children? Well, hopefully you read Chapter Three and elsewhere, where Star Kids are described. Yes, in many things Star Kids behave like other children. In some cases they may behave like other children several years older than themselves. But the behaviors are recognizable in general.

So, we are not talking about a Fifth Column of freak children trying not-too-successfully to infiltrate the ranks of normal children and “pass” for regular humans. We are talking about generally sweet, loveable “ordinary” children who happen to harbor some extraordinary gifts.

Star Kids, Romantic Love, And Its Counterfeits

The powerful energy-consciousness-personality field which surrounds Star Kids generates a powerful attractive force. This powerful feeling of attraction becomes at times the occasion for some misunderstandings between Star Kid teens, (and among some Star Seed adults).

Because this strong feeling of attraction between Star Kids pervades each’s consciousness subtly yet powerfully and evocatively, a Star Kid teen can mistake this feeling for romantic or sexual attraction. The Star Teen may even feel that he or she is falling in love. Because, after all, the pull of attraction does not just occur at the level of pure consciousness, but is also mediated through the Star Teen’s physical body.


And that physical body interprets the attraction experience through a set of hormonal responses. Those responses include at times increased heartbeat, heightened attention, accelerated respiration, damp palms, and the beginnings of sexual arousal. A Star Kid teen, feeling all these, could assume that he or she is experiencing a romantic attraction or even sexual interest, when in fact all that he or she is actually experiencing is the attraction to a fellow Star Kid which commonly occurs.

Of course, the flow of time provides further opportunities for the Star Kid to appraise the situation more accurately. Certainly, genuine attraction occurs between Star Kids. (How else do you think so many of your parents got together?) And yes, there certainly are genuine romantic relationships, sexual liaisons and marriages that occur among Star Seeds.


But, if further exposure to the other Star Kid indicates that what is going on is “just” the general stronger attraction that Star Kids (and Star Seeds) experience with each other, and not genuine romance, then the Star Kids have the opportunity to recognize this, and redirect their behavior into friendship channels instead, and enjoy such friendships for the riches that they can provide.

Parenthetically, this same misinterpretation of mutual attraction between Star Seed adults has caused some missteps as well in some instances. I know of a Star Seed adult who left his wife and started a romantic relationship with another Star Seed woman he met at a gathering of experiencers. This liaison did not last very long, because frankly they were of quite different personality temperaments. The Star Seed man is now back in the dating world, but still tends to gravitate to other Star Seed adults. He is less impetuous now. He seems to have learned through experience to differentiate Star Seed attraction from actual romantic interest.

This differentiating is a skill which all Star Kid teens and Star Seed adults will have to master. In fact, I wish that all Star Kid teens and Star Seed adults came equipped with a special tag which read,

“Consumer advisement: This product causes the wearer to exude a powerful energetic or magnetic field. Stepping too close to this energetic/magnetic field may cause temporary alteration of consciousness, increased heart rate and body temperature, and other biological and mental changes. Consumers are advised that other persons similarly equipped may tend to intensify these disordering effects when the fields come into too close contact with each other.


Consumers are advised to avoid making substantial and lasting changes to their daily lives while in the presence of such fields, and to retreat to a calm isolated location to regain a state of normalcy before attempting to operate life decision-making. Consumers are also advised that prolonged exposure to Star Kid/Star Seed fields may cause lasting physical, mental and consciousness changes, which under continued exposure may become permanent.”

Humor aside, these more powerful consciousness and energy fields in which today’s Star Kids live make for some interesting future possibilities.

Because Star Kids and Star Seeds operate with such expanded and permeable consciousness fields around them, they are present for each other in open, transparent and available ways. And yet they operate also through a body which has its own agenda and ways of expression.


Operating with such expansive and open consciousness fields, and with bodies suffused with and affected by such consciousness fields, today’s Star Kids have a more exciting future with many more possibilities, yet a field of potentiality which will require them to exercise more responsibility than the young people of earlier decades, for whom life’s paths were set out in more orderly and pre-ordained fashion.

As Star Kids and Star Seeds fashion a new society on Earth, they are developing, and will need to develop more, new ways of expressing awareness of each other, attraction, affection, friendship, and love. And the Star Kids and Star Seeds are developing a new and more sophisticated ethic of closeness without possession, of affection that does not confuse itself inappropriately with romance, and of friendships which transcend the usual parameters of common interests, similar age or physical attractiveness, because the new ethic is based on a clear recognition of the bond between Star Kids which transcends old-fashioned bases for relationship formation.

This more sophisticated ethic will eventually facilitate the development of a noble, respectful and family-like community which is based on a common Star Seed heritage. This is the Star Kid Generation who are and will be building Fifth World society. Such a society will not look like, and certainly will not operate like, current corrupt Fourth World “culture”.


The open, loving, transparent and trust-based Star Kid citizens who are populating the nascent Fifth World society excite us and give us hope. They are truly our best and brightest. They have the right stuff to remake our world.


While the elders in current society may wish them well and hope to pass on a few words of wisdom to these Star Kids, probably the kindest gift today’s society can bestow on tomorrow’s children is to get out of their way.

Star Kid Teens and Love And Sex

Do Star Kids date? Do Star Kids make out? Do Star Kids “do it”? What kind of questions are those? Star Kids are like other young people their age. They have the same life development trajectory. They have the same need for companionship, the same need for the nurturance of physical affection, the same need for sexual release and fulfillment.

So, naturally, Star Teens will date. And their dating will include the same wide variety of talking, flirting, pursuing, courting, going steady, romantic, loving, and sexual behavior as other teens. Since this chapter is, among other things, an affirmation of the basic normalcy of Star Kids and Star teens, it is not necessary to reproduce a dating manual here.

What is different about Star Kids who date is that they bring a much more sophisticated and aware consciousness to the enterprise of dating. Remember, many Star Kids come equipped with mental telepathy, remote viewing, aura reading, advanced intuition, precognition, out-of body travel, and remote influencing. If you had any brains at all, and if you were of a mind to date a Star Kid teen, you certainly could not expect to get away with the kind of superficiality, dishonesty, deception, sneakiness and just plain bullshit that a person might expect to get away with in an ordinary teen relationship.


Part of the new ways in which people deal with each other, and treat one another, are already starting to be worked out among high schoolers across the globe as the many Star Kids among them call their dating partner on any evasiveness, deception and lying. Just a Fifth World society can only be built on honesty, truth, and sincere mutual contributions by every member, so also today’s Star Kid teens are working out these issues in their relationships.


And in the process, honing the skills that will go into conducting the other aspects of Fifth World society as well.

Are There Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual Star Kids?

Star Kids: New Era, New Sexuality: Spiritsexuality vs. Hetero-, Homo-, and Bisexuality

The next section was written by a Star Kid young person who speaks of “alternative” psychosexual identities and sexualities as an insider. I thank him for his contribution to our developing understanding of Star Kid life from the inside.

(This Star Kid teen writes:)

“In heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality the basic drive is physical desires. In other words, how sexually appealing someone is physically is a major factor, especially in the beginning of a relationship. These sexualities are based on the "what" and not the "who" of the person. Relations based on these sexualities can become very wonderful ones when the "who" aspects are also important to the partners.

“A new sexuality that works in the reverse is becoming more prevalent. This new sexuality is called spiritsexuality. It is not limited to Star Kids and not all Star Kids are spiritsexuals. In this sexuality, people choose a mate on spiritual, emotion, mental, psychic, and magickal vibrations. Physical sex will probably occur between such couples, but to them it is only an artistic expression of their love for one another and not the reason that they are together. It is a luxury to have sex, but not a major need.

“Some confusion may occur because spiritsexuals are not concerned with gender and neither are bisexuals. This may lead some to believe that these two sexualities are the same. In fact, they are not, because in spiritsexuality, physical attraction is least important, and bisexuals find physical characteristics important.”

(Written by Aether Thetan Dragonwolf [pseudonym])

Aether, a British teenager, describes a new level of relationship which certainly leapfrogs over the current interminable debate over heterosexuality versus homosexuality. Aether even outlines a new level of relationship formation and relationship conduct which transcends concerns over gender and physical sexual expression. Given the advanced development of Star Kids, and their rich development in mental, spiritual and metaphysical gifts, is it surprising that they would place more value and emphasis on the areas of their relationships where their abilities are most developed?

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to meet several trans-gender Star Seeds. As with many other Star Kids and Star Seeds, it is my impression that the trans-gender issues come up because of reincarnation life path trajectories which do not always mesh effortless from one lifetime to the next. Certainly for Star Kids who are trying to forge a clear, proud and affirmative sense of self and identity in this world, the issue of clarifying one’s genuine underlying true psychosexual identity adds an additional dimension.

As society in general becomes more aware of the truth of reincarnation, (which is not disputed by a single star civilization “out there”), it likely will become easier for the citizens of tomorrow to understand, appreciate and accept the work that trans-gender individuals, including Star Kids, undertake to clarify and affirm their truest inner self.

Star Kids, Star Seeds, and Body Acceptance in Fifth World Society

As I write this Section, I am sitting on the sand at Red Rock Beach in northern California, near the town of Stinson Beach. Red Rock for many years has been a traditional naturist beach. Naturism is a European-developed term for a philosophy of body acceptance which holds that the body is wholesome, is affirming of personal integrity, of the acceptability of the body as nature created it, and affirms a basic degree of social trust, and of optimistic social familiarity.


This philosophy therefore also believes that in mutually-agreeable social and climactic situations, living, playing, working or recreating without clothes is acceptable.

On this beach I am stark naked, and surrounding me on the beach are 30 other stark naked people. All ages are represented, but the beach is dotted predominantly by college-age young people . Most all are well-tanned all over, indicating that this is far from their first nude experience outdoors.

In front of me is a lively coed game of frisbee being played by seven high-energy people at the edge of the water. Only one of them, a shy teenage boy, is wearing anything. And, perhaps not coincidentally, he is the only one whom the dowsing rods I carry indicate is not a Star Kid.

Elsewhere, people are sitting in groups of two or three, sunbathing or chatting. A few are body-surfing. The energy is serene, lovely. Everyone is having a good time. There is no sexual tone. Everyone conducts themselves pretty much the same as they would if they happened to have a swimsuit on. Except that people are friendlier. It feels more like the flavor of an extended-family gathering, or a neighborhood block party. It is as though the dropping of clothes coincided with the dropping of social distance, social reserve, social pretense, the need to keep one’s distance.

There is something psychological that goes on with one when one decides to forego clothing. You make yourself more exposed and vulnerable. Yes, it is an act of trust. And it is respected as such by those around you, who reciprocate in kind by their trust, their body humility, and their exuberant enjoyment of nature. It is also a way of connection to nature without any barriers of clothing in the way.


Indeed, once a little social-nudity experience has moved you past curiosity about how other people’s bodies look, (there is only so much variation), and past the very-temporary arousal that a cynically-manipulative materialistic culture has conditioned us to associate with the bare body, you are freed to be a transparent peer with your fellow man and woman, without shame, without lust, without wardrobe concerns and anxieties.

Sun, breezes, and surf touch every square inch of your body at the same time. Whether you are walking at the water’s edge caressed by the ocean breeze, or wading in the shorebreak where waves, sand and foam all come together, you soon find it harder to tell where you leave off and nature begins. You feel at one with nature surrounding you. It is an experience that can have metaphysical moments, and can lead to an altered state of consciousness, and to bliss.

Because good science can be done anywhere, even at a nude beach, and because being a good scientist, I decided to use this opportunity to ascertain how many people here are Star Kids and Star Seeds. I got out my dowsing rods, and without drawing attention, casually pointed them in the direction of various people. The numbers were impressive: about 95% of those present had the energy signature of a Star Kid or Star Seed.

This single survey at one nude beach is not meant to suggest that every naturist is a Star Kid or Star Seed. Nor is it meant to suggest that every Star Kid and Star Seed is a naturist. Strictly speaking, it is not enough of a scientific sample to confirm a hypothesis. But, what this one overwhelming statistic does suggest, in my analysis, is that Star Kids (and Star Seed adults) find the nature-affirmation and the underlying personal and social values of naturism very appealing, and congruent with the consciousness and other values which Star Kids possess.


And that may help explain why Star Kids and Star Seeds are so well represented at naturist natural settings.

Star Kids And Recreation

Star Kids are certainly normal in the aspect that they enjoy play and recreation just like other children. And, like normal children they like to go to summer camp. But because they are Star Kids, what they’d do at summer camp might look a little different than what often goes on at regular summer camps.

Recently I worked with other helpers to put together a summer camp for Star Kids. I’d like to share with you some excerpts from the schedule for this summer camp for Star Kids. It will give you some idea of the similarities and differences that are part of the lives of Star Kids.


I will mostly cite the unusual (paranormal) activities, but also mention enough of the ordinary camp activities to provide a flavor of what the camping experience was like for the Star Kids who attended.

Example of a Star Kids Summer Camp


Noon: Lunch, signing-in, getting settled, getting acquainted

1:30 pm tour of Camp, orientation, safety rules

2:30 pm: swim or lakeside water play

5:00 pm: Group Meeting to develop consensus on what we want to happen during these five days; Introductions. Group sharing of Star Kid backgrounds, experiences.

6:30 p.m.: Dinner 8:00 pm: Overview by Dr. Boylan, on 1) the meaning and social purpose of the information and abilities Star Kids/Star Seeds have received, and 2) missionary reincarnation: why you are here now; group sharing of experiences with Star Visitors. Memories of other home worlds and families. Sharing of messages received from the Star Visitors.

9:30 pm: bedtime for younger campers

10:30 pm: getting ready for bed for older campers, counselors

11:00 lights out, radios off




7:00 a.m.: Reveille Morning personal preparation

8:15 am: Breakfast

9:00 Native American Pipe Ceremony, Star Kids (and Star seeds) prayer circle

Native American spiritual Star Elders ceremony, with smudging with sage, sacred pipe prayer ceremony, meditation, drumming and invocation. Invoking of the Blue Star Kachina (Star Visitor remembered in Hopi tradition) to hasten her return.

10:00 am: Morning Activities

Circle #1: Psychic exercises teaching, practice demonstration, sharing: e.g., -Chakras Cleansing. -Aura Viewing. -Psychometry Exercise. -Remote Viewing Exercise. -Experiencing our Spirit Self. -Silent Communication -Telepathy Exercise.

Circle #2: Morning Hike with orientation/pathfinding skills component: preparing for Earth Changes Circle #3: Council of Elders talking circle, sharing skills, knowledge

12:00 noon: Lunch

1:30 p.m. Afternoon Activities Circle #1: Dance, music; meditation and developing out-of-body travel abilities Circle #2: swim/water play

Circle #3: Bodywork practicum; healing techniques; massage therapy instruction and demonstration

5:30 Reassemble and share experiences

6:30 p.m.: Dinner

8:00 pm: campfire & marshmallow roast; Sky Watch, with group telepathic outreach to the Star Visitors. Bring flashlight, warm sweater/jacket. Binoculars optional.



7:00 a.m.: Reveille

8:15 am: Breakfast

9:00 am: Morning Activities

Circle #1: More Psychic exercises teaching, practice demonstration, sharing: e.g.: -Pendulum Exercise. -Dowsing Rod as Power Detector, Information gatherer -Psychic diagnosis -Psychic healing -Telekenesis Exercise. -Viewing across dimensions. -Other creative projects and activities by Star Kids/Star Seeds present.

Circle #2: .Crafts: drawing, painting, weaving, lanyards, etc.

11:30 am: reassemble and share morning's experiences

12:00 noon: Lunch

1:30 p.m. Afternoon Activities

Circle #1:. Indian lore: Native American world view, spirituality, living close to the land, friendship with animals and plants, clothes, food, dances, relationship with the Star Nations. Circle #2: swim/water play Circle #3: New Games: Earth Ball, frisbee, hackey-sack, volleyball, etc

5:30 Reassemble and share experiences

6:30 p.m.: Dinner

8:00 pm: entertainment, songs, skits




815 am: Breakfast

9:00 am: Morning Activities

Circle #1: Wilderness hike to energy site on Mount Shasta with picnic lunch, (much of day)

Circle #2: Parents Circle: Knowing when to share who you are or not, and with whom: participants will come to terms with being a Star Kid/Seed in an unaware world, feeling not only different, but seeing the joy, the responsibility and the awesome life path which star folk take.

Circle #3: Council of Elders: group process in examining the near future, coming Earth Changes (social, geophysical and political), the Return of the Star Nations, implications for our lives, Will we have to move? change jobs? careers? where will the Fifth World proto-communities be?

11:30 am: reassemble and share morning's experiences

12:00 noon: Lunch

1:30 p.m. Afternoon Activities Circle #1: volleyball, touch football, group mumble-de-peg with telekinesis control skills test Circle #2: swim/water play

5:30 Reassemble and share experiences

6:30 p.m.: Dinner

8:00 pm: Time for Star Kids/Seeds to share about their enhanced/advanced abilities, and their sense of why they are here, now. Time for Group discussion; Star Kid skits



7:00 a.m.: Reveille

8:15 am: Breakfast

9:00 am: Pack up gear/tent/ for noontime departure

9:30 am: Morning Activities Circle #1: Further exploration of what being a Star Kid or adult Star Seed is. Group sharing Circle #2: Quiet crafts. Shamanic journeying through out-of-body travel.

11:30 am: reassemble and prepare to share and sum up the Star Kids camp experience

12:30 pm: Farewells and Departures

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