Chapter 8
The Star Visitors Are Not the “Evil Mean Invaders” of Propaganda

The contradictory presentations on the Star Visitors that one sees on television and in magazines and books and on the Internet, purporting to describe what “aliens” are like and the purpose of their contact with Earth, make it hard for many people to try to sort out what is the truth. These portrayals of “ETs” vary so widely.

Some of these presentations are sensationalistic, and intentionally so. Because “voltage” sells, and many in the media are interested only in what sells. Thus, the most lurid and macabre tales about “Star Visitors” are presented.

Other presentations are propaganda pieces, placed in the media as a second-ditch strategy by the plutocratic Cabal behind the UFO Cover-Up. Since the Cabal has enormous international wealth at its disposal, it has the funds and influence to make sure that the majority of presentations which make it to public view are negativistic in tone. Their thinking is that if they can’t sell you the lie that “UFOs don’t exist”, then their fall-back strategy is to convince you that “they are evil mean invaders.” Thus, the presentations they finance and promote feature the Star Visitors as invaders, torturers, plotters and monsters.

The factual presentations in the media are the result of some producers’ careful sifting of the facts from creative fantasy and disinformation, and relying on scientific research by qualified professionals who have ventured into the rarified field of Star Visitor-human encounters. The producers who care about truth above “voltage”, who are smart enough to get the expertise to sift truth from fiction and disinformation, and who are courageous enough to push their production through despite dissuasion by the negative climate created by Cabal’s henchmen in the media, are in the minority. But their work is wonderful, illuminating and exciting!

How do those who want to find and present the truth about Star Visitor-human encounters get the real facts? Where can they go to get reality, instead of disinformation?

It is a given that in researching reports of extraterrestrial encounters, the only “evidence” available to study are the human persons involved, the experiencers. And so, the only discipline producing really qualified researchers of persons claiming extraterrestrial encounters is behavioral science. Thus, it is only qualified behavioral science professionals who have the necessary education, supervised training and professional experience to gather, evaluate, sort and discriminate reports, and collate reliable research findings about Star Visitor-human encounters.

Such behavioral science professionals have the following five advanced-research qualifications:

  1. behavioral science and medical professionals, e.g., psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, marriage, child and family therapists, and certified clinical hypnotherapists, who ideally have a doctorate, or at least a master's degree,

  2. plus many years of clinical experience, including skills in differential diagnosis

  3. plus formal graduate training in research methodology

  4. plus are open-minded enough to inquire objectively into extraterrestrial phenomena without presuppositions, and are willing to let the data determine the findings

  5. have educated themselves sufficiently about UFO and Star Visitor matters, and also about the widespread prevalence of disinformation, to have an informed beginning basis for doing research.

As the President of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, I have had the opportunity to have talked to hundreds of such professionals involved in this kind of highly-specialized work with persons who claim Star Visitor encounters. In so doing, I do not find credible reports of so-called "low-life aliens" from these professionals, nor from the experiencers they have worked with. On the contrary, the reports coming from behavioral science professionals describe intelligent, wise, compassionate, interested Star Visitors, who want what is best for our world and theirs.

While the theoretical possibility of “evil aliens” may be postulated, in fact those civilizations which have evolved far enough to have both the inclination and the surplus resources to reach out into space to nurture fledgling planets are not marauders. The coalition of civilizations making gradually-open contact with Earth have rightly been called since ancient times “The Watchers”. These “Watchers” are prepared to filter out any (theoretical) marauders who might decide to drop by this blue planet.

This overview of the visiting cultures as well-intentioned is derived from innumerable Star Visitor communications to experiencers, and from ancient oral traditions, tribal experiences, and indigenous leaders' statements about their knowledge of the Star Nations.


It is additionally supported by Dr. Michael Wolf, an insider in one of the U.S. government’s unacknowledged units within National Security Council, the Special Studies Group, (formerly known as “MJ12"), by Lt. Colonel Phillip Corso, US Army, who had contact with a Star Visitor at Holloman Air Force Base, by John Mack, M.D., Harvard Psychiatry Professor and Star Visitor-encounters researcher-therapist, and by Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., University of Wyoming emeritus Professor, psychologist, and close-encounters researcher, among many others.

As to whether the Star Visitors will "save the day" as regards Earth's ecological crises or the coming cataclysms know as Earth Changes, such projecting of responsibility onto the Star Visitors is unworthy of us and unfair to them. The Visitors tell us that it is up to us to save our own day (and planet). They will help to the extent they can without taking over our proper responsibility for our own planet, but only if asked, (and not shot at.)

My analysis, and that of Drs. John Mack, R. Leo Sprinkle, Edith Fiore, Rauni Kilde, Gilda Moura, Ruth Hover, et al., is based on Star Visitor behavior over time. We have worked with multi-generation experiencer families, whose combined experience stretches back nearly a century. "Actions speak louder than words." The antidote to defamatory anti-Visitor propaganda is open and accurate information about our own history of contact with these beings.

The Star Visitors’ messages contain warnings for us of dangers we are presenting to ourselves by our ecological, military, social, and economic behaviors. They provide us with important and useful information for advancing our society and ourselves mentally and spiritually. The Visitors are preparing us (via messages relayed through select human experiencers) to socially accept the reality of extraterrestrial contact, and are readying us for joining the larger community of inhabited worlds.

Remember: the burden of proof is on the person alleging evil extraterrestrial races. This researcher has seen no proof of such a hypothesized group. What has been presented as "evidence" are lurid “horror stories” found in some UFO magazines and books, the truthfulness of which can be charitably called elusive, and speaking plainly, consist of fictions and distortions.

So, yes, the Star Visitors who interact with humans are benevolent. There are major human misunderstandings of some Star Visitors, due to human anthropomorphic tendency to lack understanding of quite different cultures and personality styles. As anthropologists have shown, in dealing with culturally very different human groups on Earth, it is incorrect to judge the culturally-different human group by the cultural standards of one's own culture. Even in America there are people who put down other ethnic groups because they think or phrase things or behave differently than "we" do.

Some Star Visitor races are here to teach, some here to guide, some to heal, some to advance us culturally, some to advance us biologically, some to study us, some to passively observe, some to take samples of our flora and fauna, some to stand guard to protect us, or to protect space from our plutonium-contaminated space probes and space weapons systems.

None are here to invade, none are here to kill, none are here to intimidate, none are here to militarily or culturally take over.

This is not to say that we humans are the "bad guys", but we do have some less-evolved persons in our midst. That is the way it is in the universe as well, we are told. However, the difference is that the Inter-Galactic Federation keeping watch over us does not permit the less-evolved cultures on other planets to roam the galaxy freely and cause havoc on vulnerable planetary populations, such as Earth.

There are reasons why we have been assigned the Watchers since our earliest times. And protection is certainly one of those reasons. Genuine interest and concern in our positive evolution and development are additional reasons.

You will note that the above description is in marked contrast with the rampant disinformation spread by those who, unwittingly or knowingly, are putting out stories which serve the objectives of the rogue UFO Cover-Up. There are many of this ilk.

It should be particularly noted that some of the lurid reports being palmed off on the public as examples of “alien misbehavior” are actually secret psychological warfare operations by human rogue military-intelligence abduction units (MILABS). These renegade military-intelligence units kidnap civilians without legal authorization or justification. These units drug those they kidnap, (often experiencers). These renegades deliberately intimidate, interrogate, physically abuse, and even gang-rape the civilians they kidnap. The MILABS units then use brainwashing techniques to make the civilians they kidnap forget about the military kidnapping, while the renegades hypnotically implant a false memory about the horrific experience as an "alien abduction"

This is the level of evil, distortion and treachery that the Cabal sink to. They will do anything to repress UFO truth, so as to protect their monopoly of highly-advanced extraterrestrial technology recovered from UFO crashes: a monopoly which has brought them trillions of dollars in profits over the last four-plus decades.

So, when you next read an article, or watch a television presentation which purports to describe a Star Visitor-human encounter, you can ask yourself: Is it Hollywood, is it propaganda, is it fantasy, or is it the truth?

Does ET Have Flippers? An Extraterrestrial Race Resident On Earth: The Delphinids

A story in the news in 1998 did not come as a surprise to those readers familiar with NSC's Special Studies Group consultant Dr. Michael Wolf's revelation that dolphins are an intelligent extraterrestrial species seeded onto Earth.


This happened not long after humankind was bioengineered from Earth primate stock by master geneticists from Zeta Reticuli, splicing into Earth primate genome some of their own genes for intelligence and dexterity. Indeed, Dr. Wolf added, the dolphins are close evolutionarily to the Zeta Reticulans [Greys], and have, for example, rather similar skin structure, are also highly telepathic, and also operate in a similar shared-mindfield culture.


Thus, since some humans carry Star Visitor genetics courtesy of the Zeta Reticulans, since and the dolphins are kin to the Zetas, it would logically follow that our genetic makeup would have some similarity to the genetics of dolphins.

The September, 1998 issue of Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics reported that the genetic (chromosomal) make-up of dolphins is surprisingly similar to that of humans, leading to similar traits of intelligence and frendliness. Scientists at Texas A&M University discovered that 13 of 22 dolphin chromosomes were identical to human chromosomes. And of the remaining nine, most were combinations or rearrangements of their human counterparts.

The article, which describes this long-resident extraterrestrial species, makes one error: attributing the dolphin-human similarity to evolution [on Earth]. This a common mistake, given that biological science is still tied to Darwinism, and since the true facts of human origin have been kept secret (along with other Star Visitor information) by the developed countries' governments, as part of their UFO Cover-Up

You will not be surprised to hear that I frequently get bombarded with messages from people who have been terrorized (and hornswaggled) by Cabal anti-“alien” propaganda. These correspondents tick off a list of nonexistent “misdeeds” supposedly done by the Star Visitors, and then they ask me some version of “Why don’t you believe that the space aliens are a threat to mankind?”

My answer tends to encompass some version of the following points.

Why don’t I believe that the Star Visitors are evil, mean invaders?


Well, for one thing, they been here for millennia. You can’t call them invaders if they’ve been here longer than we have. And they would be pretty stupid “invaders” to wait until we develop Star Wars weapons before coming by. And the Star Visitors are anything but stupid.

In view of the role of the Star Visitors in shaping the development of modern humans, as described in Chapter Six, it is obvious that they are not here to invade nor to harm us.

Rather, a genuine behavioral analysis of the Star Visitors reveals that they have a peaceable nature. They come here like cosmic Peace Corps workers, to educate, to point out problems, to advise, to show solutions, and to inspire what is best and most noble within us. This is not the behavioral profile of an invader.

Sometimes I get accosted by folks who try to convince me that there must be “bad aliens”, using the spurious logic that societies in space must be just like what we observe among ourselves on Earth. What kind of logic is that? What proof do they have that Earth is a comprehensive model of all varieties of cosmic civilizations? None.


Furthermore, how narrow-minded and jingoistic and anthropocentric! The average person does not have the slightest idea what cosmic civilizations are like, because billions of dollars have been spent on precisely keeping the average citizen in the dark about the existence of any life out there, much less the true nature of space cultures.

There is nothing sensible about assuming that “there are evil and good races out there just like there are good and bad people on Earth.” Terrible logic.

First, Earth is a primitive society. How do we know this? Because we have been informed of this by visiting star nations who have roamed the cosmos and are informed about other intelligent civilizations out there, and are therefore in a position to make comparisons. Furthermore, we have been told by the Visitors that we will not be allowed to venture very far at all into space, until we clean up our violent, greedy, aggressive, hyper-materialistic act.

Second, comparing the demographics of Earth to space is at best wild conjecture in the absence of firm information. But even if such a projection were justified, only 1% of human population are sociopaths/Antisocial Personality Disorder types/criminals. So, even using the highly-flawed assumption that “folks out there are like folks on Earth”, the conclusion to be drawn would still be that 99% of the races out there are not evil.

But we don’t have to make assumptions or do projections. Theory yields to data. The facts are the findings which the behavioral science professionals have obtained researching with experiencers who have interacted with the Star Visitors and learned from what they have to say and show the experiencers. These findings reveal that there are no races dedicated to evil. The huge preponderance of Star Visitors in contact with Earth are affirmatively benign, benevolent and spiritually advanced.

Yes, there are a very few Star Visitors who come by who are detached, scientific, self-serving investigators, who have not volunteered to help Earth. These are here out of curiosity, to see what the local primitive society is like. They are much like a Harvard anthropologist traveling up the Amazon River to the most remote interior, to study Stone Age tribes residing there.

But the evidence I and my professional colleagues have found for “evil, mean invaders” is zero. We have yet to hear a credible, properly-researched report that revealed a sadistic criminal Star Visitor. And I have researched well over 400 experiencer cases. Neither have the other such professional behavioral scientists who work in this field, and carefully and professionally interact with witnesses and experiencers.

Note carefully that I am not asserting that every civilization in the universe is advanced. Just the ones in contact with Earth. And for our purposes, that's all that matters. Those are the only ones we have to deal with. And these civilizations are benign. In fact, the Star Visitors have informed some of us that the violent, aggressive societies which develop on some planets generally don’t become space-faring. They usually end up blowing themselves up, or blowing themselves back to the Stone Age, and having to start all over. The very few aggressive societies who do manage to enter space generally don’t last long out there. The advanced-civilizations star federations have little patience with such aggression, and effectively confine those societies to their home worlds until they grow up.

This is not unlike the space embargo which the Star Visitors imposed on the United States towards the end of the Apollo Moon Program, when the U.S. military started to plan bringing nuclear weapons into space, and using the Moon as the ultimate Forward Military Base. The Visitors made it very clear to NASA et al. that such violence would not be tolerated in space, and to keep it on Earth, or better yet, get rid of it. As a result, after Apollo XVII roared off the pad in December, 1972, there have been no more official manned trips into deep space.

Further, these Star Visitors federations maintain a protective cordon around Earth. The Star Visitors are committed to filtering out any rare potential lone rogue operator who might come along and be tempted to mess around with an Earthling.

So, now that the facts are laid out, we can avoid operating with Earth-culture horse-blinders. To assume that things out there must be like they are in violent, crime-ridden American society, or another such Earth culture, is a heavily-flawed and erroneous assumption. It is time it was laid to rest.

Are Some Star Visitors entitled to borrow samples of human reproductive material?

One of the more hypocritical attacks which the Cabal’s debunker squad try to make on the Star Visitors is that the Visitors are engaged in unethical in-vitro fertilization and gene-splicing. This charge is usually made in highly emotional and demagogic fashion, something along the lines of: “Those aliens are stealing our women, violating them by snatching their eggs, and creating halfbreeds for who knows what God-awful purpose!”

That the Cabal would attempt to use the rhetoric of women’s rights to create anti-Star Visitor propaganda is beyond chutzpah. After all, it is the Cabal’s MILABS units who regularly kidnap, drug, abuse, terrorize, experiment on, and gang-rape innocent women, and then narcohypnotize them into misremembering the incident as an “alien abduction”.

The truth needs to be carefully parsed, to sort it out from the overwhelming amounts of propagandistic distortions floating around at UFO conferences and many media “documentaries”. For example, in Leslie Bohem’s and Steven Spielberg’s Taken TV series., the conclusion is presented that the Zetas lack certain emotional properties because of their evolutionary trajectory, and this is why they need to crossbreed themselves with us. This element is interlarded with highly emotionally-charged scenes of people screaming outrageously as they are taken out of their bedroom by Star Visitors. Experiencers are misportrayed as permanently emotionally traumatized by their encounter. Such demagogic melodrama does serious violence to the truth.

First, the lurid scenes in Taken both stereotype and mis-portray all encounters as only having to do with reproductive material. Such a false picture is a disservice to the truth. Most encounters, on the order of over 95%, have nothing to do with reproductive material. And only one culture among all the visiting Star Nations engages in any work with reproductive material at all.

There is one race group within the general Zeta Reticulan mega-civilizations who state that they have in the past bioengineered undesirable psychoemotional traits (e.g., aggression, hate, envy) out of their genome, as a way of promoting a more civilized society. (The television fictional character Mr. Spock is an approximate analog of their emotional repertoire.)

This race group is characterized by three long fingered hands with cartiliginous supportive structure, large slanted almond dark eyes, large craniums sloped up from front toward the back, thin, light-grayish white skin, and generally of approximately 3-1/2 foot stature, with group leaders who are somewhat taller..

However, the rest of the other groups of similar appearance have maintained a robust emotional range, and thus are capable of, among other things, tremendous outpourings of love.

(While many people lump all Star Visitor groups resembling this description into one class, “Zeta Reticulans” or “Greys”, it should be noted that a number of races exist with variations of such features: for example, four, five or six-fingered hands, skin hues of alabaster, black, orange, bluish, brown, dark-gray, etc., eyes set horizontally, eyes which wrap around the side of the head, 5-1/2 to 7 or more feet in stature, etc. Thus, any lumping of such diverse races and civilizations together with one label is as inappropriate and unhelpful as saying that “all Asians look alike to me.”)

Over millennia, this restricted-emotional-range group within the Zeta civilizations have carried a reengineered genome which has retreated to such a limited range of expressibility, that this group has determined that such a restricted emotional range is interfering with their optimal metaphysical and spiritual development. They desperately wish to remedy this situation.

Further, they have experienced an atrophy of reproductive ability, perhaps by many-generations exposure to cosmic radiation in space, and have had to resort to cloning to produce offspring. Over millennia, the cloned descendants have gradually lost genetic vigor, with the danger that continued cloning would result in sterility and their race dying out.

Therefore, they have studied the Star Visitor-Earth primate hybrid known as human, and determined that our blend of Star Visitor-genes with their mental and spiritual capacity and primate-genes with their robust emotionality and genetic vigor is sufficiently useful, that borrowing human genetic material and splicing it into their genome would meet their need for a somewhat broader emotional-range capacity and restored genetic vigor.


So this group has proceeded to do precisely that, and has produced hybrid offspring, who are reared aboard their craft. These hybrid children have some human characteristics included in their general overall Star Visitor genome, including an enhanced capacity for expressive love and the need to tangibly feel being loved. This Zeta sub-group is pleased with their genetic-upgrade effort, and is now looking forward to an improved future for their race spiritually and metaphysically, as well as the general survival of their race as a reproducible species. And after all, that is critcally important.

The professional debunkers positioned within the UFO community have gone around attempting to stir up anti-Star Visitor feelings by stridently proclaiming that the Star Visitors are not entitled to borrow reproductive and genetic material from humans.


These propagandists have cleverly tailored their message to agitate susceptible women, many of whom have histories of unresolved human sexual abuse, and are therefore easily argued and manipulated and angered into viewing their encounter as another “violation”, and thus becoming “anti-alien” messengers. The Cabal agitators then see to it that these “spokespersons” get invited to UFO conferences, are encouraged to call in to media programs discussing the UFO phenomenon, and in general are misperceived by the public as representing the “typical” encounter experience.

Such manipulative propagandizing is done by operatives who have been trained in military-warfare psychological operations, who have no conscience, and for whom the truth is an expendable commodity.

To attempt to apply principles of medical ethics to off-world cultures is not an easy enterprise, to be sure. But since the anti-Star Visitor agitators have effectively stirred up many with their lies and sophistries, it is appropriate to try to put a factual and balanced ethical perspective on the issue of one Zeta sub-group’s borrowing human genetic material and splicing it into their genome.

Any thoughtful answer would have to take into account the fact that this race group are the ones who bioengineered humans from Earth primate stock in the first place, by gene-splicing into a basic Earth primate genome some of their genes for intelligence, larger brain case, dexterity, emotional control, and upright posture, so as to fashion Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Since we are their bioengineering handiwork, it can be argued that they have a right to borrow back some genetic material, since we are the result of genetic material “borrowed” from them.

But there is another factor that comes into consideration here in any attempt to morally evaluate another culture’s activity. The Star Visitor group under discussion is like virtually all of the other Star Visitor cultures in this respect: they share the value that the individual’s individual interests are subordinate to the major important interests of their society as a whole.


Likewise there is the principle that one society’s less-vital issues of self interest yield to critically-important issues of other neighboring societies, since they are all members of a larger community, and in a community, one member’s less-important interests yield to another member’s issues of vital importance.

Thus, in the matter of borrowing a tiny sample of genetic or reproductive material so that a race may regain abilities which are crucial to its metaphysical and spiritual advancement and very genetic survival, (the restricted-emotional-range Zeta sub-group who borrow such genetic material so that they can genetically engineer vital emotional abilities and genetic vigor back into their race), there is no proportion between the slight inconvenience of a limited number of Earthlings versus the metaphysical, spiritual, and genetic salvation of an entire (off-world) race.


Given that that race would die out without this genetic repair, there is an issue of moral necessity, which further strengthens the conclusion that our original off-world bioengineers are entitled to borrow a bit back from the human genome which they originally created.

Additionally, this group “shares the wealth”. That is to say, in addition to bioengineering some desirable traits from human DNA into their genome, and producing more fully-developed Zeta hybrids, they also upgrade the DNA in the reproductive material of the human experiencers they visit, so that these persons can later go on to be parents of highly advanced children, the Star Kids. The joy and pride such advanced kids bring their parents more than compensates for the momentary inconvenience of the borrowing of reproductive samples.

This is not just moral ethical reasoning, but the heartfelt expression I have heard from scores of women experiencers who have had such encounters.

Real Encounters vs. Fantasy and Fiction

As if the understanding of the low-key encounters between Star Visitors and humans were not made difficult enough by the obscurantist denials and debunking of government spokespersons, and the propagandistic distortions of the Cabal’s operatives, there are additional challenges.

One such challenge is the people who make up a story about a supposed Star Visitor encounter. Often such people try to compensate for lives which seem boring or lacking in purpose by creating some fancy tale about their “alien abduction”. Such tales are generally easily detected by a research professional expert, bcause the story line varies in telling ways from the kinds of interactions Star Visitors are known to engage in. Very often these made-up tales borrow their story-line from sensationalistic television documentaries, which themselves get the fact wrong as often as not.

Are such made-up encounters harmless “tall tales”? Not really. Given the monumental importance of Star Visitor contacts with Earth’s cultures, we do not need erroneous impressions muddying up the picture. And the self-importance and overdramatization which fakers bring to the public’s attempt to understand what is going on is a disservice and an insult to the brave and admirable real experiencers who dare to step forward and share their genuine encounters amidst the current prevailing climate of skepticism and scorn.

What about mentally-ill people reporting encounters? It is an interesting, indeed fascinating aspect of this phenomenon that behavioral-science professionals who research this field find a surprisingly small number of reports generated as a result of mental illness. I have worked with over 400 experiencers, and I would estimate that fewer than 5% of reports are generated as a result of mental illness. Other behavioral scientists I talk to have the same findings.


Thus, the common debunker strategy of trying to characterize all people who report encounters with UFOs and Star Visitors as “nut cases” is clearly completely at variance with the actual facts.

Real Encounters vs. MILABS

There are enough persons now who are aware that unpleasant encounters are most likely the handiwork of rogue military-intelligence psychological-operations units that the question has come up:

 “How do you tell whether your encounter was with genuine Star Visitors or was a MILABS operation?”

Again, “MILABS” indicates a kidnapping by a rogue mil-intel unit which involves assaulting, drugging, ruthless interrogating, sometimes gang-raping, and usually narcohypnotizing the victim to misremember her or his ordeal as an "alien abduction".

Well, the short answer to the question is that the real Star Visitors don't do the above misbehaviors associated with mil-intel kidnap-assaults. Star Visitor encounters are noted by high cultural and metaphysical purpose. Often, after getting over the initial shock of meeting a person from another star system, the human visited misses the Star Visitor(s), and anticipates with pleasure and awe their return. No one wishes for another MILABS!

Mil-Intel kidnap assaults are noted for leaving the victim terrorized, fearful of (pseudo)"aliens", traumatized, abused and drugged, as well as having the residue of a rape experience.

Another way to distinguish an encounter is by the use of regressive hypnosis by a skilled hypnotherapist professional. This will remove the memory block, and reveal who were the individuals that the person was actually dealing with.

Also, we should not lose sight of the fact that these military-intelligence kidnappings are illegal. During the Clinton Administration, Health & Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala held hearings in 1995, and gathered testimony on victims of government mistreatment, including radioactivity experiments. A number of MILABS victims also reported their abuse during this process, and their testimony was gathered and recorded. Apparently, the Clinton Administration was appalled by what they heard at these Hearings.


President Clinton subsequently apologized to the group of victims for unethical government experimentation, but did not make specific reference to the MILABS victims. (President Clinton had made various attempts during his administration to find out the full facts about what the government knows about UFOs and Star Visitors, but discovered that he was shut out of the information loop. Apparently the civilianmilitary-contractor cartel who run the UFO Cover-Up deemed that he did not have a “need to know”.)

There is no evidence that the Bush Administration has any effective procedure for processing MILABS complaints. And Vice-President Cheney has renaged on his pre-election promise to tell what he knows about UFOs once he got into the White House.


Indeed, he tartly answered one questioner at a public meeting that if he did know anything about UFOs, that it would be properly classified, and thus he would not be free to talk about it.

What Do the Star Visitors Have To Say?

People ask me, if the Star Visitors are indeed in communication with humans, what do you believe is the message the Star people are trying to give us?

The Star Visitors have several principal themes in their messages to humankind, in addition to personal messages for the individual involved in the encounter. Of the general messages four themes predominate.

  • First, the Star Visitors are highly concerned about mankind's destruction of Earth's ecosystems. They warn that we need to reverse this environmentally-destructive trend before it is too late. And it is getting late.

  • Second, they strongly urge us to get rid of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction as unfit for civilized society. They are appalled by the military's attempts to shoot down their craft. They advise that we need to get rid of our violent and aggressive ways; that we will not be allowed into deep space until we do.

  • Third, they wish us to know that they come in peace and seek respectful contact. They wish us to know that we are not the only intelligent life in the universe. They come as fellow intelligent life, and want us to know that we are not all alone in the cosmos.

  • Fourth, they come with an invitation. The invitation is this: that after we adopt peaceable ways, to come out into space and join the community of intelligent societies from various star systems.

There is a lot of disinformation floating around the Internet and in UFO magazines about “what those aliens are really up to.” One hoary such false tale purports that the Star Visitors offered to give the U.S. Government advanced weapons technology in exchange for permission to take Americans aboard their craft for experimentation. This is patent nonsense. The Number Two message theme from the Star Visitors is for humans to give up our violent and warring ways. Why would the Star Visitors improve our weapons capabilities?


The tale is vicious propaganda, "flipping" the Shadow Government's misuse and weaponizing of captured Star Visitor technology from downed craft, and then blaming the Star Visitors for misguided humans' twisting of such technology to weapons purposes.

Bonding Between Human Experiencers And Star Visitors

The question can be raised as to the often-reported deep bonding that occurs between contactees and the Star Visitors: the emotional and spiritual interconnectedness and feeling of completeness between the human and the Visitor. Are we in need of each other? Can it be that humans may complete the Star Visitors in some way? If that is the case, then how and why?

There are many Star Visitor civilizations in contact with Earth. My research estimate is over 100 such civilizations. Given the variety of cultures, there will be differences in the way a given race interacts with persons of Earth.

That said, it is the general experience of genuine experiencers that they feel almost-overwhelming love and personal interest from their Star Visitor contact. This love is fueled by the Star Visitors’ advanced spiritual and metaphysical development, and by their recognition of humans as a fellow intelligent species, who are thus deserving of respect and love.

As to the question of whether humans are needed to “complete” the Star Visitors, such “completion” is not intrinsically necessary, but rather the kind of personal growth experience that, for example, an anthropologist-explorer would have in meeting and engaging with and learning from a more primitive but charming tribe in a jungle interior whose culture has its own gems of expressing life.

But it gets more layered than just the simple answers above. In not a few cases, the encounter between the human and the Star Visitor is a sort of family reunion. This is because in a good number of instances, the human being visited is currently a person who in a previous incarnation was a Star Visitor, and lived on another world. In many encounters the Star Visitor tries to remind the human of his/her previous existence, and that the human is cherished family who has not been forgotten.


More than one experiencer has told me that during an encounter, the Star Visitors quizzically or plaintively, “Don’t you remember us?”


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