Chapter 5
Star Kid Spirituality

When people think about Star Kids, their attention might naturally be drawn to these children’s brightness, how quickly they grasp and process information. Or their extraordinary profusion of psychic gifts will impress other people as the most notable thing about the Star Kid. But the most important part of a Star Kid’s repertoire is not brains or wizardry – it is their spirituality.

Let us be clear that we are not talking here about religion (per se). While some Star Kids go to church, synagogue, mosque, or temple with their families, very many Star Kids do not find in church that which nourishes their spirituality. It is not that these children are godless. It is rather that what they seek to connect to is deep and pure; and they find that formalistic ritual does not work to provide so many of them the connection to their spiritual source that they need.

What is this spiritual source? “God” would be too facile an answer. Yes and no. The problem is that the many religions on Earth today have hijacked God, as though the Creator were a commodity owned and hawked by the clergy of a given religion. Furthermore, these churches have given “God” human characteristics: anger, jealousy, judgmentalness, and they portray God as a person who requires rituals to be appeased and convinced. The churches push themselves between the Star Kid and God, and maintain that they have the only way to get to God.

Star Kids instinctively find all this churchery dull, boring, irrelevant, and a distraction from real spirituality. They find sitting through church services torture. They know that it doesn’t take a church to make contact with God.

When Star Kids see religion turned into working-class bumper stickers, with slogans borrowed from milk ad campaigns, (such as: “Got Jesus?”), these kids want to puke. That’s not what religion is about.

Well, what does a Star Kid understand God to be?

Star Kids have an understanding about God which, not coincidentally, is commonly shared across star civilizations. As they grow and develop, Star Kids shake off the memorized formulations about God from Sunday School. As these children become more articulate, they begin to express that God is the Supreme Source of all.

These young people might affirm God as something like an intelligent, aware, conscious principle that underlies all things. This God-force gives everything its distinctiveness, purpose, continuity of existence, and inter-connectedness to the other parts of creation.

The Star Visitor races who have commented on the concept of "God" in answer to experiencers' questions, or who have brought the subject up themselves, uniformly affirm that they, too accept the reality of what Earthlings call God. However, the God they affirm is not the anthropomorphic or patriarchal figure of many Earth religions, but more of a Supreme Source [not precisely Star Visitor vocabulary] --a transcendent matrix of Consciousness, which underlies everything, and is that which gives essence and specificity to everything, which in turn is a partial manifestation of the Supreme Source.

Even though our ancestors on many occasions mistook the highly-advanced Star Visitors for deities, the Visitors are quite clear, when confronted with human confusion about whether they are gods, and have emphatically clarified that they are not God.

The Star Visitors typically do not make extended commentary about "God", but either assure the experiencer that they too accept "God", or they seem to let the direct experience of God speak for itself. In more experiential terms, the Star Visitors have taken experiencers and Star Seeds and shown them "God”. The experiencers typically described being in the presence of intense, overwhelmingly brilliant light from which emanates incredibly intense love, such that the experiencer feels lost in the infinite love.

This Supreme Source is that from which life comes. Source is also that which provides conscious beings with continuity of personhood across reincarnations.

Because Star Kids instinctively understand these truths, even though some cannot yet articulate them adequately, they know that the Supreme Source is directly accessible. No need for church; No need for clergy.

Let me tell you a true story.

There was a young Catholic priest, newly ordained, who was working in a parish in East White Plains, New York. He was approached one day by Kathryn, a beautiful young but troubled eighth-grade Catholic schoolgirl, who had a question. Shr started off by telling him that she found Mass (the Catholic church service) boring. She said she could not experience God at church. She was turned off by the people singing, the busyness of the incense smoke wafting in the air, the candles flickering, the priest droning his prayers. “Father,” she said, “I cannot find God in church.”


Kathryn was almost tearful, and asked if her attitude was a big sin. The young priest asked her where she thought she would find God. She answered, “I have a favorite spot in the woods where I make my contact with God. I feel so close to God there. The forest is my church.” The priest asked Kathryn to show him where she prayed. They drove to a thick green woods outside of town by a little lake. There the girl sat at the edge of the lake in quiet meditation for 15 minutes. Then she turned around and looked up to the priest and asked, “Father, is it alright if I don’t go to church on Sunday, and instead come here to meditate and talk with God?”

The young girl was a Star Kid. She also had instinctively been drawn to this young priest, who, it turns out, was an adult Star Seed. The Church had told Kathryn that it was a mortal sin not to attend Mass every Sunday. Yet she could not experience God there. But she did not want to commit a serious sin. The young priest’s eyes misted up, as he was at the verge of tears over her innocence, her purity of intention, her single-minded devotion to experiencing God. The girl’s sincerity and genuine spirituality were evident.


“No,” he told her, “You do not have to go to church on Sunday. You need to have your connection with God. If this woods is where you can achieve that, then that is the important thing. You are dispensed from any obligation to attend Mass on Sunday.” The girl thanked him, and happily pursued her earth spirituality. The priest never saw her at church again.

The young Star Seed priest, it turns out, was struggling spiritually himself. He was increasingly confronting within himself the same contradictions as the eighth grade girl was: that the many rituals, memorized prayers, and readings from the Bible, which were supposed to bring you closer to God, were just getting in the way, and actually turning him off and irritating him. The struggle of this pure young (Star Kid) girl resonated with his own struggle to disentangle genuine spirituality from the ritual and formulaic teachings he had grown up with.

Within a year he had resigned from the priesthood, left the Church, and pursued personal study of non-churchly spirituality and philosophy. He eventually developed a metaphysical understanding of reality which incorporated insights from Taoism and Zen Buddhism. His spiritual sensibilities also resonated with the understandings of Native American spirituality.


This spirituality sees that everything in nature has consciousness, and is therefore sacred. That the proper attitude of a human towards the Creator is gratitude. That all creatures are part of the family of life. And that no matter a person’s age or skin color or national origin, and whether living on Earth or resident out among the stars, the ancient Lakota [Sioux] saying handed down over the ages was entirely true: “Mitakuye oyasin!” Everyone is my relative.

That young Star Seed priest of almost forty years ago was me. And this true story is just one more illustration of how star folk help each other, because they resonate with the issues which come with being a Star Kid (or Star Seed.) That perspective, that energy, that drive connects them on a spiritual level. Star Seed young and old interact in a special and intense way because “All are my relatives.”

The account above illustrates one path that one Star Kid followed to achieve the spiritual connection she needed to nourish and center her being. There are, of course, a variety of authentic paths which a Star Kid can choose among to meet his spiritual needs.

Some Star Kids experience spirituality passively. An “angel” comes to them, often at night, and teaches them about how the cosmos is put together and interrelates. Over time, the Star Kid comes to understand in a word-less, gestalt-concept sort of a way, that there is an underlying creative intelligent evolutionary thought-force at work. This thought-force is permeating, unfolding, and organizing all those things which link together to form the tapestry of the cosmos.

Several French philosophers have called this First Principle the elan vital, (literally “lifeenergy” (Bergson, 1907); and evolution creatrice, literally “self-creating evolution” (Bergson, 1907). Another thinker held that First Principle is that energy which causes the personalization of the conscious universe into cohesive and self-reflective awareness (Teilhard de Chardin, 1955). De Chardin further specifies that this primal energy is Love, defined as “the affinity of being with being” across the evolutionary order, and that it further explains why, (contrary to Marxian dialectical materialism), higher developments within the cosmos escape from the otherwise seemingly-universal physical principle of entropy (Teilhard de Chardin, 1955).

It is not unlike what Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobe (of the original Star Wars movie trilogy) called “The Force”. And because both The Force and we are of consciousness, we are able to engage with The Force on his/her own terms.

Does The Force require that candles be burned to Him/Her? Will The Force be offended if devotees fail to spin prayer wheels, or dance in frenzied circles a prescribed number of times a day? Is The Force happier when an animal is sacrificed in His/Her honor? Does The Force spend time continually stoking an enormous furnace, where those who go astray broil for all eternity? And if so, on what planet does The Force maintain this Hell? Or is it out in space somewhere and The Force has to import oxygen for the fire?

The answers to these questions are pretty evident. The permeating creative intelligent evolving thought-force that some call God and others call Nature and others Great Mother does not need candles or prayer wheels or sacrifices. Father-Mother God is not interested in sending His/Her creation to some moral incinerator. God is the principle of life. And God is the principle behind the dynamic balancing and recycling of spent elements in nature. When it comes to beings with more developed consciousness, of course God would not have such a being live one limited lifetime and then be annihilated to dust.

And this Supreme Source is also the source of Love, the omnipresent unifying, interrelating, dialectically-entwining force of the universe. As the one responsible for the pervasive presence of love, Supreme Source both imprints the cosmos with his/her “flavor” of love, but by placing the energy of love within all sentient creation, Source givrs a powerful clue to his/her nature.

The Star Visitors have offered humans they have visited some illuminating insights into the progression of the life path. Those Star Visitors who have commented on life-span have unanimously spoken of both Star Visitors and humans as having had previous lifetimes. And, following death after their current life, these Star Visitor or human goes on in most cases to successive lifetimes.


Besides thus affirming reincarnation, the Star Visitors have also spoken about individuals voluntarily and consciously choosing to re-ensoul in another body, and to live another lifetime under specific circumstances. The subsequent lifetime is not necessarily on the same planet. Thus, Star Visitors have shown a human person , in some instances, the human's previous life as a Star Visitor, or their subsequent life in Star Visitor form.


Also, the Visitors have shown a former Star Visitor to have chosen reincarnating into a human body to live a human lifetime. Indeed, some such "humanized" Visitor consciousnesses have deliberately come to Earth as metaphysical “missionaries”, to aid in humanity's advancement, via what I have termed “missionary incarnation”.

The degree of consciousness and spiritual progress that a given soul/consciousness achieves in a given lifetime influences the possible choices available for that soul to have in a subsequent lifetime. There is no support in Star Visitor theology for the doctrine of only a single lifetime, after which the soul is judged and assigned a permanent fate.

It comes as no surprise to many if not most Star Kids that reincarnation is a fact. Many Star Kids do have in fact some recall of one or more past lives. All not all of those incarnations were necessarily on Earth. Apparently it is the case that the vast majority of Star Kids growing up now are the result of “missionary incarnation”. This means that they were a Star Visitor in a previous lifetime, with the more advanced consciousness, mind, psychic abilities and energy fields which Star Visitors tend to have. These Visitors deliberately chose difficult duty: to incarnate in a human body on Earth at the end of the Twentieth Century and at the beginning of the Twenty-First, so that they could be here to help change the direction that the people of Earth are headed.

When we talk about Star Kid spirituality, we have to include the tremendous love and unselfish giving that these Star beings have, and which they brought with them. Helping out with the awful mess which humans have made of the Earth and its gifts is a tremendous challenge. But these Star Visitors reincarnated as human Star Kids are up to it.

Yet, many of these Star Kids suffer here. They hate the cruelty, violence, greed, cutthroat competition, and materialism which passes for civilized society here. Many Star Kids end up longing to go home, almost regretting having decided to come here. They long for the sweet, wise, loving, elevated people they left behind on home worlds. They cry at night, and look wistfully up to the stars in the direction they intuit that home world is. And yet they stick it out.

I have talked to hundreds of these Star Kids, and the older Star Seed adults as well. I have listened to them, counseled them, and empathized with the stress, loneliness, fear, ostracization, and isolation they live with. And I have asked some of these if, after careful reflection, they would go home now. Almost every one pauses for a while, and then says essentially, “No. I’m here to do my work. I’m needed here. I’ll stay.”

That is dedication. That is service to high principle. That is courage under fire.

When the Transition from Fourth World to Fifth World is well established, by the end of 2012, there will need to be a ceremony honoring these missionary-incarnation Star Kids. They came here knowing better, but yet they came. This spiritual service is “walking the talk.” A congressional Medal of Honor would not be good enough for these devoted Kids.

Spirituality, it turns out, is not just a belief system. And it most certainly does not consist solely of pious intentions. True spirituality expresses itself most genuinely in action, in behavior which enshrines highest awareness, humility, and service to the greater good of the whole.

Star Kids do not operate on Earth in a cultural vacuum. They are like other children: when they are small, they go where their parents take them. And until they get old enough to both be able and willing to think for themselves, they mouth and perhaps accept for a while the religious culture that the parents lay upon them.

Depending on where the Star Child grows up, he or she may find themselves intellectually plunged into a milieu which takes the form of Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, animist, Jewish, Orthodox, Confucian, Hindu, or other religious culture.

And yet, although these overly-formalistic traditions can prove a barrier to the proper understanding and practice of genuine spirituality, it is a delicious irony that these human-devised superstructures we call the world’s Great Religions are at root the distorted-over-time offshoots of very pure and simple spiritual understandings brought down from the sky by various Star Visitor teachers, the Avatars, over the millennia.

Those Avatars (major world religious leaders) are understood to include, among others:

  • Zoroaster (Zoroastrianism)

  • Lao-Tse (Taoism)

  • Moses (Judaism)

  • Krishna (Hinduism)

  • White Buffalo Calf Woman/Guadalupe (Native American spirituality)

  • Quetzocoatl (Meso-American spirituality)

  • Cochivamba (South American spirituality)

  • Yeshua ben Joseph/Jesus (reform-Judaism morphed into Christianity)

  • Buddha (Buddhism)

  • Quan Yin (compassionate Chinese Buddhist Enlightened One)

  • Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani and other initiators of Sufism [universalist peaceful variant of Islam]

  • Bahá'u'lláh (Bahai).

Native American shaman-experiencers such as Looks-For-Buffalo (Spiritual Elder Floyd Hand) have declared that Jesus was a Star-Man, and that the Avatars are Star People. The Star Visitors have indicated that the Avatars were sent to raise human spiritual consciousness, and have alluded to Star Visitor involvement with the avatars.


Because of the imprecisions of oral history, it is difficult in some cases to determine whether a given Avatar was:

1) a human consistently guided by Star Visitor consciousnesses

2) a human with ensoulment by a reincarnated soul who was a Star Visitor in a previous life and retained advanced consciousness in this life

3) a human-extraterrestrial hybrid (Star Seed)

4) a Star Visitor manifesting with a human appearance

None of the above scenarios negates the role of the divine in religious inspiration, but rather allows for the divine to partially manifest through various Star Visitor intermediaries. Just as the great religious books and doctrines were not uttered by God directly, but proclaimed to humanity and written down through human intermediaries (prophets, disciples, religious leaders, scribes, and monk-editors) as well.

Let us follow the path of one such Avatar-Star Man in his efforts to bring a more uplifting and advanced spirituality to humans. This man is well known to many people: Yeshua Ben Joseph is his Aramaic name; he is more commonly known as Jesus of Nazareth.

His conception was attended by unusual circumstances, (although not all that unusual for many Star Kids and their startled mothers.) His conception was pre-announced to his mother-to-be, Miriam/Mary by an angel, Gabriel (Bible: Luke 1:26-32). “Angel” is the English translation of the Greek biblical text word “angelos”, which means “messenger from the skies”. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that this messenger had wings.


The wings of artists’ depictions signify that the messenger came down from the sky. Indeed he did, and from farther up than Earth’s atmosphere. The robe, beautiful human demeanor, and almost-glow surrounding Gabriel are quite familiar to many experiencers and Star Seeds. There are hallmarks of a Star Visitor race who are frequent visitors to Earth. This race originates in the Pleiades star system. They look strikingly like handsome Nordic humans. Given a revised and corrected understanding of the Origin of Man, it would be more correct to say that we humans look an awful lot like the Pleiadeans.

So, the Pleiadean angelos Gabriel appeared to Mary, and told her that she would conceive a son. Mary, a proper and virginal girl of about 14 years of age, remonstrated with the messenger, “How can this come about, since I am a virgin?” The messenger assured her that nevertheless she would have a son, and he would be destined to be great (Luke 35-36). No truer words have been spoken.

(It is relevant here to note that a number of female experiencers of Star Visitor contact have also reported that they have conceived when it was not “possible”, due to factors such as not having a current sexual partner, being on a contraceptive, or being diagnosed with untreatable infertility. These experiencer women nevertheless subsequently went on to have a Star Kid.)

The angelos Gabriel was nice enough to also visit Mary’s fiancé, Joseph, (who was probably about 16 or 17 years old), and inform him that Mary was pregnant, but that it was not due to human intercourse (Bible: Luke 18-21).

Subsequently, Mary, by now quite pregnant, and her betrothed consort Joseph responded to a Roman occupation government decree. They traveled to Bethlehem, Joseph’s place of birth, to be entered on the government population census.

Meanwhile, three Magi (court astronomer-astrologers in Persia, (what is now called Iran) saw an unusual light in the sky. It was not an ordinary star. This luminous object moved about and then hovered! So the Magi were intrigued and determined to follow this wandering “star” to see where it would lead (Matthew 2:1-2).

Parallel experiences have been reported by modern experiencers, who have felt very strong impulses to follow Star Visitor craft, and subsequently had an encounter. It would not therefore be far-fetched to assume that the court astronomer-astrologers were motivated by a similar telepathically-sent impulse.

Shortly after arriving in Bethlehem, Mary felt the signs of birth labor. Joseph made various efforts to find suitable lodging, but as a struggling, just-starting-out young couple with little funds, they had to settle for shelter in an animal manger. So, Jesus was born there.

Soon thereafter, the three court astrologers showed up bearing gifts for the important personage they were informed would be born where the shining mobile “star” [spacecraft] stopped its wandering and hovered overhead (Matthew 2: 9-11).

The Bible chronology then picks up when Jesus was age 12, beginning adolescence. In the incident recorded, Jesus exhibited some of the behaviors of both a Star Kid and an adolescent.

Most adolescents his age would go to temple and passively listen to the rabbis’ teachings. Not Jesus. This Passover, as his parents left Jerusalem after the religious observation, Jesus stayed behind without telling them so. He went back to the Temple, sat down among the learned rabbis, listened to them, and asked them questions. The rabbis were astounded at his intelligence and his answers to his questions after the rabbis had attempted to answer this questions (Luke 3:41-47). Sound like any Star Kids you know who amaze their teachers?

When his parents discovered that Jesus was not in the caravan returning home from Jerusalem, they hurried back to Jerusalem and searched everywhere for their child. After three days of frantic searching, they found him in the Temple sitting among the senior rabbis. His parents were overcome with emotion when they spotted him. Mary said, “my child, why have you done this to us? See how worried your father and I have been looking for you!” Jesus' reply was pure adolescent, and Star Kid: “Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must get busy doing my [heavenly] Father [Creator’s] work?” His parents did not understand (Luke 3: 48-50).

But Jesus was not locked in adolescent rebellion, nor in continuing a premature exercise of his mission here on Earth. “He then went down with them and came to Nazareth and lived under their authority.” (Luke 3:51) But he was not idle. This premier Star Kid studied and increased his wisdom; he grew taller; he became well-liked in his community; and he acted in a fashion that was in accord with Creator’s way (Luke 3:52).

Jesus bided his time during the rest of his teen and early adulthood years, pursuing the carpenter’s trade until he reached the age of 30, at which age people would be more inclined to take him seriously as a teacher of spiritual matters.

He then began a new career, his Earth mission, teaching people about the true nature of God, about real spirituality, and of the real place people have in an intelligent, compassionate and spiritual world. He was also a strong voice of witness against the corrupt institutions of his day. In Israel the most prominent such corrupt institution was the semi-theocracy of the Jewish priests. Israel was so solidly a religious state that even the Roman occupation government knew enough to leave in place the religious hierarchy as a kind of second-tier political power. The Temple priests had turned religion into a money-making enterprise, (hardly the first such aberration in history.)

Jesus not only taught a basic set of compelling spiritual and moral principles, but he railed publicly against the corrupt institutions which sought to interpose themselves between the common people and God.

Like other Avatars (teachers whose ideas were turned into the great world religions), Jesus was sent to try to bring the confused and misled common people back to a simple core of spiritual understandings and moral behavior. In so doing, he also challenged the Judaic practice of the time, and was seen as a reformer of Judaism by his followers, but a dangerous heretic if not infidel by the Jewish religious authorities of the time.

Like other reformers going up against corrupt human institutions, this Pleiadean Star Man paid the price. Scorned by political leaders, reviled by the theocracy who trumped up charges against him and turned him over to the occupying government as a “threat to national security”, Jesus experienced what would look like to some people to be mission failure. He was falsely indicted, “convicted”, abused while in custody, and summarily executed. Yet it is the power of the nature of the goodness and truth he taught that the teachings he brought not only survived his death, but spread across the world and still powerfully influence millions of people today.

The presence, personality and character of Jesus drew people to him in a way somewhat reminiscent of the attractive pull many people feel towards Star Kids and Star Seeds. And Star Man Yeshua used various of his advanced powers to help people, and also to provide corroborative support for the truth and goodness of his teachings.

His psychic diagnosis and psychic healing of the naked, howling, self-mutilating psychotic from the region of the Gerasenes astounded and impressed people (Luke 8: 26-39). His using psychic energy to calm a storm in the Dead Sea that almost swamped the boat he was in amazed his disciples (Luke 8: 22-25). His transmuting jugs of water into wine at a wedding reception in Cana caused people to marvel (John 2; 1-11). And his use of psychic power to bring back to life a recently-deceased man, Lazarus made people wonder if there was any limit to what he could do (John 11:1-44).

Yet, psychic modification of weather, psychic diagnosis and healing, transmuting of material objects, and bringing dying or dead plants, animals and persons back to life are things which Star Kids (and Star Seed adults) also do. Jesus’s preeminent role as a worker of what seem like “miracles” is not diminished by the reality that those whose development has reached an advanced level can also facilitate many of these works of wonder. Yeshua himself noted that anyone who believes will be able to do the same works of wonder as he did, nay, ven greater works (John 14: 12).

Jesus’s own resurrection from the dead and reappearing among his astounded followers was facilitated by the restoration work his fellow Pleiadeans did on him. They did not abandon their own in his sojourn upon Earth. One of these luminous Pleiadean angeloi stood by Jesus’s empty tomb, and told those who had come to mourn that he was no longer dead. And Yeshua’s departure from among his followers and ascension towards the heavens provided an important final lesson on the persistence of the person after death, and the reality of reincarnation.

And when the figure known as Jesus returns, with his Star Visitor colleagues in the near future, many will be surprised, not that he returned, but to discover how badly their churches have distorted over time his actual nature and teachings.

I have gone on at length to examine the life of Jesus from a Star Visitor and Star Seed perspective because Christianity is a globally widespread religion. And because existing misunderstandings and distortions about Jesus have conveyed the impression that he is God, or that his relationship to Supreme Source is unique in the universe. While Jesus’s relationship with God and spiritual development were more advanced than anyone else’s on Earth at that time, the relationship and development are not necessarily more advanced than any other conscious intelligent being in the universe, nor than those of some of the Avatars who followed him.

But it must certainly be noted that Sidartha Gautama (Buddha) and Lao Tse (organizer of Taoist spiritual philosophy) and Krishna (great teacher of Hinduism) were also highly spiritually advanced Star Men (to use the phrase of a leading Lakota (Sioux) spiritual Elder, Looks-For-Buffalo (Floyd Hand). These Avatars’ teachings have lifted up the spiritual minds and moral behavior of millions across the globe.

Star Kids differ in the kind of spirituality they acknowledge and practice. For example, a number of Star Kid teens I know in the United Kingdom are drawn to Wicca, a prehistorical, indigenous nature spirituality that predated the arrival of Christianity and other World Religions from overseas.

Many Star Kids in North, Central and South America find indigenous (Native American) spirituality appealing, with its finding of sacredness everywhere in nature, its sensitivity to Spirit’s presence in nature’s cycles, and its basic attitude of gratefulness for Spirit’s largesse. And of course, Native American spirituality honors the tunkasilas, the spirit teachers from the stars who taught the native peoples so much.

Some Star Kids in Asian countries resonate with the basic living principles of core Buddhist teaching, and leave aside the human accretions of dogma and elaborate ritual.

Likewise, some thoughtful Star Kids in China find the spiritually balanced philosophical teachings of Taoism appealing, while eschewing the temple ceremonies.

But very many Star Kids have a spiritual struggle in trying to find a spirituality that fits for them, that does not feel artificial or fake, or merely an extension of childhood behavior shaped by their parents.

And yet a large percentage of the newer Star Kids come in with an appropriate natureand-cosmos spirituality already “installed” in their consciousness. What does this cosmic spirituality mean? It means several things. This Star Kid spirituality intuitively senses the presence of Spirit/Life Force/Supreme Source everywhere. And when the Star Kid travels out among the stars, whether transported on a starcraft by Star Visitors, or traveling on her own in an out-of-body-state travel, she senses Spirit is there, too. Star Kid cosmic spirituality recognizes the sacredness of the Star Kid’s own consciousness, and its clear linkage to the Supreme Consciousness which pervades and holds-in-definition the whole universe.

This spirituality means that a Star Kid sees the underlying life-consciousness in other people, (whether on Earth or from the stars), in other living creatures, and in the Earth; and honors it as sacred.

Because of these spiritual understandings, Star Kids recognize the validity of the moral principle of treating others accordingly. Many Star Kids are reluctant to deliberately step on an ant. Their strong adherence to respect for ecological systems means they would shudder at witnessing any deliberate pollution. More than one parent of a Star Kid has had a lecture from their small child about some thoughtless behavior that caused pollution.

And because of their cosmic spirituality, many Star Kids do not fear death. Because of their understanding of reincarnation, and the successive opportunities to engage life and make things better over lifetimes, these small ones at times get almost philosophical about, for example, whether they survive a severe accident or illness that has hospitalized them.

“Don’[t worry, Mom, I love you. If I die, I’ll come back and be near you.”

Star Kids are not perfect, and are not born fully developed. They benefit from correct instruction, and they can temporarily be detoured by faulty teachings. Yet, within each Star Kid is an inner basic illumination and a basic moral sense that creates a tendency towards realizing their highest and best potential as a spiritual being, a living image of the Transcendent.


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