Chapter One
Who Are The Star Kids?

If you want to see some fairly accurate examples of Star Kids, you need look no further than your local video store. The recent X-Men or X-2: X Men United movies, now in video, provide synchronistic, and perhaps not unintentional examples of art imitating life. In these two films the X-Men are a team of mutant children and grown-ups with extraordinary physical, mental and psychic abilities.


These advanced humans work as peacekeepers, led by Professor Xavier, himself a mutant of high development. These mutants are assigned the task of protecting the human race against evildoers, including a rogue mutant, Magneto, who misuses his paranormal powers. The X-Men (and Women) also have to defend themselves against an archenemy, rogue Army military-intelligence Colonel Stryker, who sets out to capture these mutant pupils at their “School For the Gifted”, headed by gentle Professor Xavier.

If you were to brush aside the Hollywood hyperbole and over-dramatization, what would remain would be a roughly-accurate depiction of Star Kids’ and adult Star Kids’ advanced abilities, and a couple of aspects of their situation in contemporary society. Seem far out? The ability to read minds? To move objects by pure mental concentration? To heal by using psychic energy? Not at all. And there is more.

Additionally, in the first movie of The Matrix series, the hero, Neo (Keannu Reeves) in one scene is going to visit a psychic woman, The Oracle, for advice. As he passes through the antechambers of The Oracle’s house, Star Kids are visible at play. Two girls about eight years old are shown, one watching the other juggle alphabet blocks in the air by pure mental effort (telekinesis). In an adjoining room, a boy about their age, wearing monk’s robes and a shaven head, is shown bending a table spoon and then straightening it out, all by mental concentration only. He then goes on to give Neo/Reeves a brief philosophical lecture on the metaphysics involved in that exercise.

Only the stuff of Hollywood? Do not be so sure about that.

Newsweek magazine in its May 3, 2004 issue featured an article, “Why Don’t We Call Them Quirky?”, that describes some of the different kids now appearing among us. The article cites two Boston pediatricians, Perri Klass and Eileen Costello, who developed the term “quirky” for these kids. The article goes on to describe various “learning disorders” these young people are supposed to have. But the pediatricians see these kids as more “outside the common patterns,” and don’t want to stigmatize these kids with negative mental or learning labels.


Klass and Costello, whose paperback book Quirky Kids was released the Summer of 2004, describe kids with high IQs who prefer tinkering with mechanical devices to playing with toys, and who don’t feel comfortable making friends with regular children, who teach themselves to read by age 4, and whose repertoire of skills runs the gamut from extremely gifted to clumsy. Embedded among these different children are certainly many Star Kids.

  • So what are these Star Kids?

  • Why are these kids different?

  • How did they happen?

  • And why are they showing up among us now?

  • And how come we don’t hear about this in the daily newspaper and on the Six O’Clock News?

Those are good questions. Fasten your seat belt, because the answers may amaze you.

A Star Kid may be defined as a child with both human and extraterrestrial contributions to their origin. Star Kids are predominantly human, but not entirely. They are human, but different. To be sure, they have two human biological parents, and are born here on Earth through regular childbirth. They in most ways look like other children. They come in every race, nationality, economic stratum and family background. They are citizens of Earth.

But they also have an extraterrestrial component to their make-up. What this component may be varies from child to child.

The extraterrestrial contribution to the child's makeup may come from:

  1. Star Visitor genes spliced into human reproductive material, (genetic engineering) during an encounter which one or both of the Star Kid’s parents had with the Star Visitors

  2. during an encounter with the Star Visitors when the Visitors worked on an already-born child using their advanced biomedical technology, which is able to alter an already-born child or grown-up human to become more robust, psychic, super-intelligent, etc.

  3. from a “Walk-In” situation, in which a human child who, somewhere during childhood began to die from an accident or serious illness, but the child’s departing human spirit/soul/personality was simultaneously replaced by a Star Visitor spirit/soul/personality, who came in and carried on, and completes the lifetime

  4. during a human person’s lifetime at the point where a Star Visitor personality/consciousness comes in and shares space within the human with his own consciousness/personality as a dual, or alternating, consciousness

  5. in what appears to be the most prevalent way Star Kids are born, from the deliberately-chosen “missionary” incarnation of a Star Visitor into a human body to accomplish important work on Earth at this point in our history, bringing useful awareness, competencies, and advanced abilities, and lofty principles, values, and ideals to share and spread here

One should not go around thinking that every Star Kid is fully aware of who they are or why they are the way they are. Some Star Kids do not yet remember any Star Visitor contact until a later time in their life. Or may not be aware that their parent was visited, or don’t remember or recognize when they had a Walk-In, or currently do not remember their life as a star being before the current incarnation. And so many Star Kids are not aware that they are Star Kids; they just sense that there is something profoundly different about themselves.

Nevertheless, these children are special, as their sometimes bewildered and bemused parents know all too well. They often seem to be little adults in children's bodies. They often have a gaze and a knowingness that belies their years.

Many years of continuing Star Visitor biological engineering in an ongoing effort to upgrade the human race have resulted in a large number of children whose heads are now often so big that a Caesarian section, or at least an episiotomy, is the only way they can be born.

But even though increased cranial size is only a rough index of intelligence, even more important is the qualitative increase in human development. Such areas include:

  • enhanced psychic abilities

  • the ability to harness bioenergetic (chi, prana) energy, as well as earth and cosmic forces, in order to heal

  • telepathic and intuitive linking with others, and with Source Consciousness

One of the most common, if mundane, characteristics of these Star Kids is that often they will cause a street lamp (especially the amber sodium-vapor type) to go out when they walk by. This is due to the influence of their body’s bioelectromagnetic field, which has been “amped-up” as a result of contact with the Star Visitors.

These children often have a double handful of psychic skills, such as:

  1. telepathy (mental communication),

  2. precognition (knowing the future),

  3. telekinesis (moving objects by mental concentration),

  4. clairvoyance/remote viewing (mentally seeing things distant in space or time),

  5. "downloading" information (from off-planet consciousnesses),

  6. cross-species communication,

  7. penetrating intuitiveness (just "knowing" something without being told),

  8. affecting electrical devices (e.g., devices turn on or blow out as the kid goes by),

  9. remote-influencing others (telepathically),

  10. inter-dimensional viewing,

  11. aura-reading (learning about another's health, intentions, etc. by observing the energy field surrounding them),

  12. psychic diagnosis ("reading" the person's energy field fluctuations),

  13. psychic or bioenergetic healing (transferring helpful energy to a person),

  14. invisibility work (making oneself "invisible" (mentally),

  15. teleportation (moving self or object from one locale to another by mental effort),

  16. levitation (rising from the ground by mental effort),

  17. mental influencing (telepathically causing another to "feel" like doing something the Star Kid wants) ,

  18. earth energy adjustment work,

  19. time dilation or contraction (causing events, trips, etc. to take longer or shorter time than ordinary),

  20. pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters (like car crashes),

  21. interdimensional awareness,

  22. astral (out-of-body) travel,

  23. channeling (serving as a conduit for a person not present to speak through),

  24. shared consciousness (with a Star Visitor guide),

  25. operating in close mental connection with their Star Visitor guides,

  26. physically summoning and connecting with one's Star-Visitor and other guardians.

These children carry in their bodies physical changes that they sometimes recognize, and which often are noticed by other people who are around them.


Such physical changes often include: immunity improvement (most Star Kids have hardly any flu or bad colds after early childhood), and lower basal temperature (for example, instead of 98.6 degrees F, a body temperature of 96.8 F, thus meaning that the body is consumed less rapidly by metabolic forces.) These kids are also notable for their knowing gaze, mature outlook, and appealing dynamic appearance (the Star Kid look), while they most often turn out later in life to be looking younger than their years (as adult Star Seeds).

These Star Kids are not just psi-savants; they recognize the importance of spiritual connection to Supreme Source in reverent consciousness. They also share spiritual insights, and are drawn to explore the connections between the physical (e.g., quartz crystal), the metaphysical (e.g., thought energy), and the spiritual (e.g., creating and transmitting through crystal amplification the intention that good happen to a person who needs help.). They reverence and utilize spiritual prayer, and respect the underlying spiritual truth in the ceremonies of various cultures.

They most often are imbued with an almost missionary zeal to make people wake up to their highest and best potential. These Star Kids also want to change the world for the better, whether by working for peace, by spreading compassion and kind deeds, by working to heal the Earth’s pollution injuries, or telling people about the larger family we have out among the stars.

These are some of the ways in which a Star Kid may be recognized.

As noted earlier, not every Star Kid (or Star Seed adult, for that matter) is aware that of their special star-seed origin. These are the unawakened ones, the ones I call “the Latents”. They are aware that they are different from other people in a number of persistent and profound ways. But they may not understand why. Or they may have only a hazy sense of their true nature.

But it is necessary for these Latent ones to wake up. And now.


The alarm clock is going off. We are at the 11th Hour for the Fourth World. The Transition to Fifth World is occurring between now and 2012, a mere seven years at this writing.

An unaware (“Latent”) Star Kid may become an awakened Star Kid in the following ways:

  1. first and foremost by accepting that s/he is a Star Kid, and then

  2. by educating him/herself about what it means to be a Star Kid; and then,

  3. by activating and practicing the gifts s/he has, and also,

  4. then by focusing on his/her particular mission in this incarnation, and dedicating him/herself to getting going with that mission, and finally,

  5. by identifying and then collaborating with other Star Seeds and Star Kids to build the natural network of Fifth World builders, and being an active, aware member of the Star Seed support community.


Distinguishing a Star Kid From a “Normal” Human Child

One of the things that distinguishes a Star Kid from a "normal" but bright regular human is the broad spectrum of advanced abilities that a Star Kid (or adult Star Seed, for that matter) has.

There certainly are a few highly-gifted "regular" humans, say with an IQ in the 140 (genius) range, sprinkled throughout the human population. This is commendable, and represents variation in the distribution of genes for intelligence over the generations - what scientists call "genetic drift". Genetic drift explains how a genius parent may well have an average child, and a developmentally-delayed parent may have a child of normal intelligence, or even gifted superiority. This is called "regression towards the mean", i.e., the tendency of regular human genes to tend to stay not too far from the inherent average (100 IQ) over the generations.

And again, all humans are hybrids to the extent that we all are descended from forebearers who were bioengineered from primate stock. The Star Visitors did some gene-splicing, splicing in genes for intelligence, dexterity, etc. But when I discuss “hybrids” hereafter, I am referring to children who are the product of the new wave of bioengineering which has increasingly been impacting the human race for the past half-century. These are the new ones. the neo-hybrids, the ones I call the Star Kids.

With Star Kids, super-intelligence is genetically wired into the advanced human (neohybrid) genome. Thus, it is stable, and will not regress over the generations to the "regular" (paleohybrid) human mean average of 100, because the Star Kid genome's genes for intelligence are at a way higher number. I do not have enough data at this point to state with precision the average IQ for a Star Kid. And indeed, the current measurements used to signify intelligence are inadequate for measuring both the additional areas of intelligence which Star Kids/Seeds have, and the multi-tasking (multivariate) ways in which Star Kids/Seeds absorb and process the information in their environment.

And, to be sure, the Star Kid genome is "wired" for a lot more abilities than "just" superintelligence. Things like electromagnetic-photic field sensitivity reading, as just one example. Or predicting tomorrow's events based on genius plus intuition plus "sensitivity" plus telepathic impressions received, etc.

All of that said, I would offer an educated guess that of the Star Kids old enough to begin to manifest their true full-strength abilities, the "average" IQ would be in the over-150 range, conservatively, and more probably in the over-180 range. And again, this is said with the proviso that the current Intelligence Quotient construct is not really adapted for Star Kid measurement.

Prevalence of Star Kids In the General Population

As to the second question, what is the prevalence of Star Kids/Seeds in the general population, or asked another way, how many Star Kids/Star Seeds are currently living? The prevalence of Star Kids/Seeds in the general population, if diagramed on a graph, would be a steeply ascending curve. In the 1940s I estimate that Star Kids Seeds were few and far between, perhaps representing one in thirty-five (a little over 2%) of the population.

There appears to have been a dramatic influx of Star Kids being born, starting in the 1970s. These now-Star Seed adults are having children of their own, many of whom are second-generation Star Kids. In addition, the Star Visitors' past contacts with experiencers that have involved reproductive genetic engineering have resulted in an avalanche of new incoming Star Kids. So large is this wave at its current crest, that I estimate that in the population of 6-yearsolds and under, most are Star Kids. Later in this chapter, I will give you actual percentages and numbers. Can you imagine what our society will be like as these children come of age and start making their contributions?

The general scientific community has not caught up with this phenomenon yet. They are still publishing charts which state that the Profoundly Gifted (those above 180 IQ) are fewer than one-in-a-million. But teachers I have talked to, particularly in the elementary grades, when asked if today's kids are like those they taught 10-15 years ago quickly say "No!" They marvel at the sharpness of mind, quick learning, and matrix-style information-assembly that so many of these new kids can do. These teachers may not be able to put their finger on why so many of these kids are more advanced, (hint: it is not due to television exposure), but the teachers recognize that there is a quantum leap in so many of the new kids' functioning.

The other question has to do with U.S. or global prevalence rates of Star Kids/Star Seeds in the general population. I think it best to think globally, since the Star Kids phenomenon is not restricted to the United States. Here I would have to make a rough estimate based on limited data. The latest figures available state that the median age of a person on Earth today is 27.5 years old.

A very significant number of these under-26 population are Star Kids or young-adult Star Seeds.


There are much fewer numbers of middle-aged and older adults who are Star Seeds. This conclusion is based on my experience with hundreds of people who are Star Kids or Star Seeds. There is a growing wave of Star Kids among those being born. The surge of incoming Star Kids is so pronounced that among children now being born, that it constitutes a tidal wave.

This conclusion was based originally on my random informal sampling on several continents, utilizing detection methods such as the size of children’s auras, the degree of precocious development and abilities in children, high intelligence, novel thinking styles, pronounced psychic abilities, and the large dimensions of their bodily energy fields, etc.

The teachers I talk with confirm that there is an amazing change in the kind of children coming into their classrooms these days. Let me illustrate the way this tidal wave of Star Kids slowly mounts and then crescendoes through the various age cohorts of the population.

Recently I received an e-mail letter from a Star Seed young man in the United Kingdom, asking me about what percentage of the human race is of Star Seed heritage. The letter from “Sterling” asks what percent of humanity currently living do I think are Star Seeds. Children as well as adults.

“Sterling’s” letter prompted me to look into the research I have been doing, to do some additional empirical surveys, and to develop some figures based on the best available information. Since this is pioneering work, there were no existing data to rely on. While I am going to present the fruits of my initial quantitative research in this fascinating area, my research continues and will be refined. This is initial and inductive research.

Recently I did several field surveys of Star Kids and Star Seed adults in the U.S. population.

For a brief initial survey of potential Star Children, I took advantage of a trip to Orlando, Florida in May, 2004 to check out the children who happened to be in attendance at Disney World.

In a subsequent, larger sample-size survey of both children and adults of all ages, I conducted surveys on June 14, 2004 at the main mall in Sacramento, California, and also at a Wal-Mart in a poverty area of South Sacramento, where there is a substantial mix of ethnicities.

To provide some further correction against any middle-class or working-class skew in the data which would not adequately reflect the poverty class, I did a tactically-brief small-sample survey in the heart of “West Parkway”, an area of Sacramento notorious for violent crime, hard-drugs trafficking, and gang drive-by shootings.

The means I used of determining who were Star Kids and Star Seed adults in the surveys was by the use of dowsing rods. These dowsing rods are used to compare the relative sizes of the bio-electromagnetic-photic fields around an individual if they are a Star Kid or Star Seed adult versus the size of their field of they are an ordinary human. As you might expect, the bio-electromagnetic-photic field, (what I also call their “energy signature”,) around a Star Kid is so considerably larger than the one around an ordinary human than there is no chance of confusing the two.


(These bio-electromagnetic-photic fields are described in Chapter Two, where I also describe in more detail the use of dowsing rods to distinguish Star Kid/Star Seed fields from those which surround ordinary humans.)

In the surveys I used a pair of shorter dowsing rods in an unobtrusive fashion, as people walked by my position on a bench strategically located near a principal entranceway. In the case of the West Parkway area, I subtly dowsed people as I drove slowly by.

The dowsing rods technique was intermittently cross-checked with a visual survey of the person’s aura, to determine whether comparative radius of the person’s aura was consistent with comparative radius of bio-electromagnetic-photic energy around a given person.


(The aura is a visually-discernible lighted area, glow, or shimmering field which extends out anywhere from 1/3 of an inch to a foot or more from the contours of a person’s body, and is particularly noticeable in the head-and-shoulders area.)


In each sampled case, the proportional dimensions of the person’s aura were congruent with the proportional dimensions of their bio-electromagnetic photic field.

In these surveys, people measured were place in one of six age groupings:

1) ages infant 12 years old

2) ages 13-18

3) ages 19-29

4) ages 30-45

5) ages 45-60

6) ages 60+

Age was determined by estimation by this researcher, a behavioral scientist with many decades of clinical and social interview experience. The survey technique was passive, measuring each person of a selected age cohort who went by, until I had over 36 subjects in each of the six age categories.

The results formed a data matrix of the numbers of Star Kids/Star Seeds versus ordinary humans by age cohorts.

I then analyzed the trends in these data. Two trends became apparent.

The first trend evident is that the younger the age group, the higher the proportion of persons in it who are Star Kids. This trend is consistent with the many reports I have received, and have read from other researchers, from behavioral science professionals working with experiencers, from school teachers, from psychics, and from the Star Kids themselves. There is a growing wave of Star Kids coming in. I will have more to comment on that later.

The second trend I found was that the proportion of Star Kids and Star Seed adults is somewhat higher in more favorable environments, and somewhat less so in the more socioeconomically-challenged environments. The percentage differences are not huge; they average 9% across the six age categories. Because of the limited survey data, I would not want to develop any further interpretation of this difference until further studies take place.

After analyzing the trends in the data from these surveys, I then proceeded to apply these data and trends to the larger world population as a whole. This extrapolation was done not because there are an abundance of studies; (there are not; so far as I know; mine is the first), but because of the pressing need to begin to have some idea of the size and scope of the Star Kid and Star Seed phenomena. And because of the overarching importance of this phenomenon.

Because the world is not the United States, (far from it!), I have elected to use the percentage figures from the less-advantaged survey population to make any applications globally, since these are more likely to more closely reflect the average human situation on a worldwide basis.

Now, there is some margin for error in extrapolating results from one area to another, not to mention to the global population. Orlando is not Moscow. Sacramento is not Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), not to mention is not even Pascagoula, Mississippi. So, there will be some imprecision in the numbers and percentages which follow.


It will remain for future surveys by other research scientists, using similar methodologies, to confirm or refine these results. Nevertheless, the Star Kid phenomenon is global, and abundantly so. I have traveled extensively, and am in communication, especially by the Internet, with people on every continent except Antarctica. All of these contacts confirm that Star Kids and adult Star Seeds are everywhere, and in great numbers. There is nothing in the data I am about to present which is contradicted by careful observations by informed professionals specializing in this field.

What I am going to present here are some exciting results in descriptive form. I will be presenting these findings using the more conservative socioeconomic percentages mentioned earlier.

In my brief initial field survey done at Orlando, Florida, I did not break out the children measured into age cohorts. Of the children in the area sample, approximately 95% of the children measured had Star Kid energy signatures. These figures include children from kids in strollers to strapping teenagers.

When I did the more comprehensive Sacramento surveys, I did break out the data into age cohorts. The following results were obtained.

Percentages of Star Kids and Adult Star Seeds in the U.S. Population

  • In the group comprised of children from infants to 12 years of age, 96% tested as Star Kids!

  • Teenagers (those in the 13-18-year-old group) are made up of 81% Star Kids.

  • Two-thirds of young adults (those 19-29) are Star Seeds (67%).

  • Almost half of the younger mature adults (ages 30-45) had Star Seed energy signatures (45%).

  • One in five middle-aged (45-60) persons is a Star Seed (21%).

  • Even among senior (60+) citizens, one in eight (12.%) has a Star Seed energy signature.

Now, I have to tell you that I was positively dumbfounded by these results. I had frankly not expected the numbers to be anywhere nearly so large! After I completed these surveys, I had to take the rest of the day off. I was so flabbergasted.


As I sat and reflected on the implications of these studies, a principal implication stood squarely in my face. It had became clear that very many of these Star Kids, and certainly most of the Star Seed adults, are very likely unaware of their real nature. These are what may be labeled Star Kid and Star Seed “Latents”, persons not yet awakened to their complete heritage and their full potential.


More about this later!

Percentages of Star Kids and Star Seeds Globally

Next, I extrapolated these Star Kid/Star Seed percentages to Earth’s current population, which the UN estimates to total 6.3 billion humans alive now. Again, the figures are staggering.

The Global Star Kid Count, (those ages infant to 19, including “Latents”), is 2.2 billion! That is not a typo, the word starts with a “b”.

The Global adult Star Seed Count, (adults ages 20-100+, including “Latents”), is 1.5 billion.

United Nations demographers tell us that the median age of humankind today is 27.5 years old. That means that there are as many people younger than 27.5 as there are older than 27.5 years of age.

In the younger half of the human population, (where the Star Kid Tidal Wave is embedded,) of these 3.1 billion youthful citizens, 86% (2, 740,000,000) are Star Kids and Star Seed young adults.

Whereas in the older half of the human population, a lesser 31% (1,008,000,000) are Star Seeds, and most of these are the younger mature adults.

Numbers of Star Kids in the United States

Next, we can proceed to extrapolate these percentages to the United States.

The latest available demographics peg the current U.S. population at over 281 million people.

The pre-high school U.S population, (ages 0-14), is made up of approximately 60 million children. Of these, 85% are American Star Kids (51, 450,732).

In the high school to early adult sector, (ages 15-24), there are approximately 39 million young people. Of these, 73% are American Star Kids or Star Seed young adults (28,707,504). These include young adults coming of age and starting to build their careers and families, as well as those soon to enter these ranks. This is where the Star Kid Tidal Wave is starting to penetrate the current society in ways it can already sense, but has not yet really fathomed. As the many Latent Star Kids and Star Seeds awaken to their true nature and abilities, society will not be able to miss their impact.

One more statistic and then I promise I will stop. (At least for a while.)

Looking over the age cohorts, and linking ages to year of birth, it is possible to approximate the year in which there started to be more Star Kids born on Earth than ordinary humans, In other words, the year the human race “crossed the fifty-yard line” towards Fifth World society. My best approximation is that that year was 1970.

What was going on in 1970?


Richard Nixon was U.S. President. The United States was embroiled it what seemed an interminable Vietnam War. Protest racked the nation as young people marched in opposition. Four student protestors at Kent State University, Ohio were shot dead by National Guardsmen called in to quell student war protest, as the nation recoiled in horror. The United States Senate repealed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which had been used previously to legitimate the U.S. military incursion into Vietnam. The golden glow of the Sixties was wearing thin. The Beatles were breaking up. Rock icons Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin both died of alleged drug-related deaths at age 27. The American nation was searching for a new direction.

It clearly was an opportune time for Star Seed-enhanced human children, and Star Visitors-incarnating-as-Star Kid humans, to start coming in in large enough numbers to make a difference.

In 1970 perhaps one out of two babies being born was a Star Kid. By 2004, (when this book is being written,) nineteen out of twenty babies being born are Star Kids! This is an incoming Tidal Wave!

And as we experience a crescendoing wave like this, there is no indication that the growth curve is finished. In fact, it appears that we are looking rather soon at the time when virtually every child being born will be a Star Kid. And given gene-mixing factors such as intermarriage, tissue/organ transplantations, etc., it is easy to see on the near horizon the completion of the rapid hybridization of the entire human race into a race of Star Seeds.


So, it is safe to say that when you look into the eyes of a Star Child today, you are looking at the future face of the human race! Homo alterios spatialis, (Cosmic Humankind), as Professor George Robinson, former Counsel at the Smithsonian Institution, termed the new human race that is emerging, when he addressed the international conference, When Cosmic Cultures Meet, in Washington, D.C. in 1995 (Human Potential Foundation, 1996).

Even before such a day dawns, the statistics above show that among all humans alive today, the proportion of Homo Alterios Spatialis (the neohybrid Star Kids and Star Seed adults) to Homo Sapiens Sapiens (ordinary humans) is 59%. Put another way, about three out of every five persons walking by is a Star Seed, or more likely, a Star Kid, since the majority of these are in the under-27 half of the human race.)

The Star Kid Latents - Star Kids Not Yet Awakened To Their Status

And yet, of these Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds) walking by, there are so many, the majority in fact, who have not yet recognized who they are at this time. It is a major issue that not all these Star Kids and Star Seeds are "awakened". That is to say, many of these Kids are aware of some differences, or that they don't fit the pattern of so-called normal society portrayed in the media, yet they have yet to fully understand why they are different. Nor do many understand their star origin.


They may just feel "different” than the other kids their age they see portrayed in television and the movies as what is normal.

Once they get an explanation for why they are different, these Star Kids light up like a light bulb. And they bubble over for joy that finally their situation makes sense! When these children come to one of our Star Kid Workshops, it is a joy to see them blossom with the information and confirmation they receive. It is like a desert plant after a long drought finally getting a rain shower. It straightens up, gets more color, and blooms.

The task a number of us are called to now is to awaken these dormant Star Kids. That is why there are light workers everywhere trying to awaken these Star Kids and Star Seeds.

And this is why the Star Kids Project, Ltd. was formed! More about that later!

So, I say, look out, uninspired overlords of status-quo society! The current order will be swept away, as these star folk increasingly take their place, and proceed with fashioning the new, cosmic “Fifth World” society, long foretold in the oral traditions and prophecies of Native American and other aboriginal societies around the world.

Very Successful Star Kids

Are Star Kids just so exotic that you have to feel sorry for them?


Well, no. Just consider the successful Star Seed adults who have grown up and made their way in the adult business world with renown. To pick a category that people around the world would be familiar with, let’s take Movie Stars, Media (Radio/Television) Stars, and world-famous personalities..

Among the many movie and media stars are some experiencers, as well as some Star Seeds. Years ago Shirley MacLaine ousted herself as accepting the reality of UFO encounters, and today maintains a website where she encourages people to share their Star Visitor-encounter experiences: 

And comedienne television and radio personality Roseanne Barr, on her recent radio show program, did a feature on persons who had had encounters with the Star Visitors. I was a featured expert on this segment. During the program, in response to a question from the audience, Roseanne acknowledged that she, too, had had such an encounter.

Apparently the Star Visitors are broad-minded enough to extend their contacts to rock musicians. Sammy Hagar of the rock band Van Halen has said that he has had close encounters with apparent “aliens”.

There are a number of movie stars, celebrities and notables who have the energy signature of Star Kids. But let me be clear: not every celebrity who is a Star Kid or adult Star Seed is actually aware of being a Star Kid (or Star Seed). Some of them just know that there has always been something about them that is a bit different.

And let’s also be clear: most Star Kids are not famous. But that is just as well. Star Kids are here principally to make a difference for the planet, for society, and in the individual lives of persons around them. Few will ever get famous. But every one of them is here now for an important reason.


The sum of all the Star Kids (and Star Seed adults) operating in full awareness will truly transform society and this Earth.


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