Media Review
by Caroline Hurry
Independent Journalist

This may come as a bitter blow to devout Christians, but God is not quite as loving as he's cracked up to be. Apart from floods, pestilence, outbreaks of boils and even nuclear annihilation, God is also recorded as having killed 23 000 people in one day for having premarital sex (1 Corinthians 10:8).


Then there were the 14 700 he slaughtered in a plague, the 250 he burnt to death with fire (Numbers 16:35) and the list goes on and on.

"One thing is for sure,” writes Michael Tellinger, “this god puts his money where his mouth is when he executes his violent threats against his 'beloved' human creation."

Exactly who is this god of the Bible who has kept us fearful for thousands of years?

According to researchers, his name was Enlil. He and his brother Enki (widely believed to be the serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden), were Anunnaki astronauts who “to earth from heaven came”.

Enki created the first humans “Adama” some 450 000 years ago through genetic experimentation using an existing ape-like creature and Anunnaki DNA. The Anunnaki created our direct ancestors to mine gold for their home planet, Nibiru.

"We have much of their DNA in our bodies and we look pretty much the way they did because they used their own DNA to create us. Part of the terrible truth that we have to come to terms with is that humans are an accidental by product of an ancient colonization of Earth by the Anunnaki from Nibiru. Humans came into existence for one reason only, to be slave labourers in gold mines and nothing more," writes Tellinger.

Enki (the shape-shifting serpent) was rather fond of the humans he had created and taught them all sorts of useful things such as farming, carpentry, domestication of animals and the like, while Enlil loathed us, especially as our numbers began to multiply. That might explain all the plagues, pestilence and demands for placatory sacrifices involving virgins.

Writes Tellinger:

"The time has come to accept ... that we are not the pinnacle of civilization that we are only now emerging from the cradle of knowledge. We need to face the facts of our genetically modified origins. God had nothing to do with it, but the many gods of our distant past were the true masterminds of it all."

Indeed, continues Tellinger, there were no aliens involved, since we are the aliens.

Dismiss this theory as the mental machinations of a crank at your peril. You'd be dismissing respected scholars, authors, and researchers.

Tellinger has ridden the wave of information since it first swelled in the 1970s when eminent scholars became attracted to the Sumerian translations of clay tablets gathering dust in the basements of many museums in the world.

Erich von Daniken popularized the whole concept of 'extra-terrestrial activity' on Earth in prehistoric times in the 1960s with his bestseller Chariots of the Gods, which probed the many unexplained phenomena of our past. Many other investigative writers and scholars followed, in particular Zecharia Sitchin, who pushed the newly deciphered Sumerian cuneiform text to the greatest heights in his nine books that investigate the content of the Sumerian tablets and the eroded truth behind them.


Sitchin is arguably the world's leading translator of the Sumerian language and his evidence is compelling.

Tellinger's offering has been meticulously researched with nearly four pages of bibliographical reference. In questioning the anomalies of our existence, Tellinger examines our DNA and its control over our physical and mental capabilities.

He studies the human cell in depth and marvels that such a perfect organism eventually dies, while it should realistically exists forever. He explores the issues of slavery, human settlements on Mars, cloning, and our obsession with gold from the earliest times.

Tellinger says he embarked on this "somewhat righteous” bashing of the sciences because he had developed the urge to share the information he had absorbed over 20 years. He says he hopes it will motivate others to do their own scratching and
discover new evidence buried beneath millennia of disinformation.

This multi-talented South African reckons that our level in the 21st century must be close to that of the Anunnaki astronauts when they first arrived on Earth.


He believes that in 100 years or so we will be ready to absorb the full truth of our ancestry and the authentic origins of the human race.

"The evidence will be more compelling, the fearful grip of religious dogma will be more fragmented and people will be searching for real answers rather than the mumblings of conservative power mongers,” he writes.

His 542-page treatise on our origins is fascinating and accessible as it provides fresh, new answers in the 21st century.


It's a riveting read, a book you'll refer back to again and again.


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