May 27, 1996

Freddie, Laura, SV

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us tonight.
A: Soroca.

Q: (L) And where are you from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) We would like to ask some more questions about the architectural project mentioned the other night. We were given the height and distance apart of the three column structure, would it be okay to build this on the perimeter of the existing pool?
A: No. You must wait until you have the financial resources to construct an inground pool. The spiral must be below ground level by at least 1 meter, must be constructed of blue, gold ceramic tile perfectly cut and even. Columns cannot be purchased as prefabricated. Must be constructed onsite. Cap should be 18 centimeters in height, 2 meters in length, same dimensions for cap and base.

Q: (L) Can or should we do this with our own hands?
A: Hire a contractor... you are not adequately skilled.

Q: (L) How many grooves in each column?
A: Diameter of columns should be 10 to 14 centimeters, width of fluting should be 2 centimeters. Use illustrations of authentic ionic columns as a guide.

Q: (L) The counter-clockwise spiral of tile, how many turns?
A: Turns not important. Width should be 1.6 meters.

Q: (L) Blue tile with gold border?
A: Mixed blue and gold.

Q: (L) Blue with specks of gold?
A: Close. Translucent.

Q: (L) Is azure an appropriate blue?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Should anything be incorporated into the cement mix to pour the columns?
A: No.

Q: (L) Should the columns be hollow and used for flowing water?
A: No. Place fountain or hydrable pond in front of columns.

Q: (L) Pool shape: square on one end then rounded at one end. Rectangular with a curved end. [planchette is drawing shape of pool] (Curved end to follow guide of columns at end).
A: The fountain should be in between and the spiral in the middle of the pool.

Q: (L) Are you having fun designing a 3rd density pool?
A: 6th density is always “fun!”

Q: (L) What about the turns on the spirals at the top of the columns?
A: Up to you.

Q: (L) Is this pool meant to be built here, on this property?
A: Up to you.

Q: (L) Well...
(S) Had you planned on moving?
(L) Well, I hadn’t planned on it, but that is a strange answer. I guess I will do whatever presents itself as the right thing to do.
(S) Well, you have to get the money first...
A: SV, invest now!

Q: (S) What should I invest in?
A: Market.

Q: (S) Penny stocks? Should I sell my gold?
A: No.

Q: (S) I could get advances on my credit cards... What kinds of stocks?
A: All the reference materials you need are at your disposal. Magazines, newsletters, “papers,” etc.

Q: (S) I am getting an investment magazine, but I haven’t really been reading it because of everything else...
A: Is “everything else” earning you money?

Q: (L) Okay guys, you gave advice before that SV did not follow, can you be more specific now that her situation is changed?
A: If we did that, she would balk.

Q: (S) I would not balk!
A: Yes you would!

Q: (S) In order to go to Argus tomorrow...
A: We did not say to go to Argus tomorrow. “Now” means without unreasonable delay. The reference materials as well as networking will provide you with all the answers you need. [This was delivered VERY fast and strong!] Use your mind to find low priced stocks in the areas of conservation, environmental protection and medical, telecommunication and computer technology... Also, information processing, such as software development, etc...Precious metals and related is a good area too.

Q: (S) Well, I was brought up to not borrow money and to keep all the bills paid first... then if there is anything left over....
A: SV, for heaven’s sake, why limit yourself? When you exercise your credit lines and use the capital borrowed, as long as you have a steady income, the worst that can happen is you store your money. The best that can happen is that you become wealthy... So, why sell yourself short?!?

Q: (L) Are you saying that she should extend her credit, use the borrowed capital to invest, and that she will make money?
A: Yes. Now: All three of you are uniquely oriented toward generating unearned income at a meteoric level.

Q: (L) Is this something that requires an interaction between the three of us, or is it individual?
A: Are three gold bars worth more than one? Laura! Turn over stones, sell apples, do whatever you have to do to get your computer refitted to accommodate the internet, including the online market system, as soon as absolutely possible!!!!!!

Q: (L) Well, I am not really in a position to spend that money right now! And what do you mean to ‘turn over stones and sell apples?’
A: Figures of speech! Do what you have to do... take care of the mechanics, my Dear, the rest will fall into place...

Q: (L) Well, I don’t know how we got off onto this thing about making money... what is all of this making of money supposed to do for us?
(S) Build the pool...
A: And other...

Q: (L) Now, back to some of my other questions: I want to know why Freddie used to pound the ground with a stick when he was a child, a habit that caused his parents to think he needed to see a psychiatrist...
A: Channel.

Q: (L) But it was such an odd way to go about it. What did this particular activity did to create or alter or modify a channel - or...
(S) Maybe he was “grooving” himself?
A: All of the above... Did you not study hypnotic states?

Q: (L) But he described it as such a random rhythm... the changing... the running about to pound the ground here and there...
A: It was not random.

Q: (L) Was there something on another density that this activity represented?
A: No, it just opened the channel.

Q: (L) Okay. What is going on with PZ... I am just completely baffled by this behavior...
A: She thinks you are “out to lunch.”

Q: (L) Well... why?
A: Her conditioning.

Q: (L) Well, she seems to be going down the tubes fast...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And there is nothing I can do about it... I feel sorry for her.
A: She hoped that you would be a money maker for her, and so, she put up with your “eccentricities....”

Q: (L) Well, I sort of figured that out finally.
A: Beware! TF has a similar thought pattern!

Q: (L) I have been thinking that I ought to write to TF and ask him to just write me OUT of the whole project...
A: Suggest you not waste “time” on your suggestion, and make certain it includes all others.

Q: (L) What suggestion? Suggest that I not waste time in contacting TF?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Then I will just e-mail him...
A: And.

Q: (L) What do you mean by “include all others?”
A: Who else has TF met through you?

Q: (L) Well.... okay.
(F) Why were you thinking about that?
(L) Well, I don’t know... I went to a psychiatrist recently... and I am wondering if going again is going to help me deal with all the things going on right now...
A: Yes...

Q: (L) Okay, SV’s sister and niece are coming, and I have the feeling that this is going to be a serious disruption?
A: Yes.

Q: (S) Is there anything I can do to minimize it?
A: Take control, after all, it is your house!

Q: (S) I know that...
A: But you don’t do it!!! Okay, folks, Good Night!

End of Session


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June 1, 1996

Freddie, Laura, SV

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us this evening?
A: Viror.

Q: (L) And where do you transmit from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Freddie and I would like to have a comment on our dispute.
A: Ask.

Q: (F) I don’t know what to ask.
(L) Well, Freddie says that violence is NEVER an appropriate response to words.
A: Okay.

Q: (L) I say that under some circumstances, it may be the only response.
A: Why do you say that?

Q: (L) Because there do exist situations where words are used repeatedly to harm another. One example is the Nazi propaganda machine. If someone had shot Goebbles, it might have saved a lot of people from dying.
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, of course. There would have been someone else. Still, the point is, words can be used to destroy, and words of power can be used to kill. Sometimes words can be a lot more hurtful to the soul than physical acts.
A: Not directly.

Q: (L) Well, directly, or indirectly, it still amounts to the same thing.
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, I know you are not going to agree with me.
A: This is a subject that demands further exploration, in order to bring about a definitive answer.

Q: (L) Go ahead. Explain it to me.
A: Words only have power if the receiver believes they do.

Q: (L) But, in many cases, that belief exists.
A: The power to control belief lies exclusively within the receiver.

Q: (L) Let me put it this way: Freddie often says things that are not precisely soothing to the soul, to say the least. Most often, I ignore them. But, sometimes I am not in an ignoring mood, and my response is no more violent toward him than his toward me. I merely speak metaphorically. When I do, I am only saying “Stop doing that!” in a figurative way. But, he finds this to be as irritating to him as what he says that irritates me...
A: And...

Q: (L) Well, that is about it. I have lately been verbally attacked by numerous individuals... so I am not in a mood to tolerate much in this line from those around me.
A: And if this irritates you, it is because you allow it to.

Q: (L) Fine and dandy. And it is true, and I know it. Which is why I am beginning to think that I ought to simply do nothing, because my feelings are too sensitive.
A: And do you really believe that that is an unalterable condition?

Q: (L) Well, why should I be the one who is obliged to become less sensitive, and other people are not obliged to become more thoughtful about what they say?
A: You cannot control others.

Q: (L) I don’t want to control anyone. I am just saying that the obvious thing is for me to simply withdraw into my own little world of reading and thinking and writing, and if nothing ever comes of any of it, it is utterly immaterial to me.
A: That is your choice, but not a wise one!!!

Q: (L) Well, you say that, but it is, as several people have pointed out to me, only since we have begun this channeling project that all these dreadful things have happened in my life. My life is a shambles!
A: “Dreadful is subjective.”

Q: (L) I would say that the physical things that have happened to me, the collapse of my marriage, the things that have happened to my children, are pretty damn dreadful, subjectively or otherwise!
A: Before these changes began to manifest, you were deeper into the “deadly illusion” than you are now. Emergence is, by its very nature, uncomfortable. But, it has and will, empower you, we promise!!!!!!!!

Q: (L) It is a very trying time now. I am having a difficult time just coping.
A: And there have been others, and will be others, but that does not mean that the rewards will be slight.

Q: (L) Well...
A: You are on a path of destiny, and there is no turning back now.

Q: (S) What happened in specific?
(L) Well, I was trying to explain some of the material to several people, and the end result was that they decided that I was possessed and that the C’s were evil because they say that we have to figure things out ourselves in order to graduate to the next level. Including my husband.
A: Why does this bother you? It does not bother us. They can all decide that we are the “Queens of Satan,” if they wish. It is free will.

Q: (L) I don’t like the implied hardness... I am not a hard person.
A: It is not hardness. The “feelings” you describe are related to ego, and by relation, pride, two things that were deliberately implanted into the 3rd density human psyche by the 4th density STS 309,000 years ago, as you measure time. Refer to the transcripts with regard to DNA alteration and the occipital ridge. Believe it or not, you, Laura, will be rid of these, eventually. It is not what some individuals respond to you that matters. It is sharing the information that counts. Also, remember, these persons do not perceive your feelings and sensitivities as keenly as you do, nor do you perceive theirs, likewise.

Q: (L) There is someone who wants to ask some questions...
A: We are not finished with this subject. Also, it is important to note that, in most cases in which you have suffered “attack” from those on the internet, you were not directly conveying the information we have given to you. You were presenting thoughts that you claimed as your own, or knowledge that you have gathered strictly through your own efforts, thus, it was responded to in kind. This you must expect if you are going to plant the bulk of the credit upon yourself, then you open up yourself to direct criticism. This is not wise if you are not prepared for negative reactions. Third density beings will always perceive knowledge that is being given to them before they are ready to receive it as “preaching,” and they resent this because of the very same ego related issues we discussed earlier. So, suggestion: better to frame knowledge transference with a preamble such as, “this is what was given to me, it is up to you to decide for yourself whether or not you are comfortable with accepting it, or not.”

Q: (L) Well, that is NOT true, by ANY stretch of the imagination. I don’t want to talk about it anymore with you. You are being completely wrong! Talk about assumptions!

End of Session


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June 9, 1996

Freddie, Laura

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us this evening?
A: Ehou.

Q: (L) And where are you transmitting from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) I have several questions that have been submitted by other people...
A: Ask.

Q: (L) The first one is from Phillip P., for whom we have asked a couple of questions in the past. He wrote and called to tell me that his sister had hand prints, bruises, and the description was very similar to the ones I saw on Scarlett’s legs. Also, the sister had 3 little puncture marks in a triangular pattern on her ankle. He would like to know what happened to her.
A: What does Phillip think?

Q: (L) Well, he just wanted to have a brief run-down on this. He thinks she was abducted, and I tend to agree.
A: The point here is that learning involves reaching the stage where confirmation by a third party is no longer needed, once one has adequate knowledge.

Q: (L) I know that. But, Phillip just wanted to know that he could ask a question and get an answer specifically for him. I guess he just wanted to think that somebody out there in the cosmos cares about Phillip P. and his sister.
A: Nobody does.

Q: (L) Nobody cares about Phillip and his sister?
A: Nobody “cares” about individual units of the universal consciousness.

Q: (L) We realize that, but we, as units in bodies of flesh...
A: One must get past the idea that there is some sort of “cheerleading squad” attached to individual consciousness units if one is to progress... it just doesn’t work that way!

Q: (L) Well, does this mean to just forget the rest of the questions?
A: No. All questions have great value if the answers are comprehended.

Q: (L) Is there anything you CAN tell Phillip for his sister? What are the three puncture marks on her ankle?
A: You know this.

Q: (L) Was this a sampling device, or an implanting device, an energy drain, or a monitor?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Since this also happened with Scarlett, the three fingered hand prints on the backs of the calves - what kind of beings leave these marks?
A: We are regressing.

Q: (L) I just wanted to ask a question for the guy, get something, and go on to more interesting subjects, for God’s sake! I don’t think this is worth the amount of time and energy that it is taking. I don’t even think it will be useful to the guy. I just want an answer for the guy!
A: And you have one!

Q: (L) Phillip has another question for this David, who would like to know what happened to them in January, 1991, outside of Athens, Ohio; and who was “Tim?” They saw a UFO speed past them and stop behind a hill and they have never seen Tim since.
A: Very vague and directionless as presented.

Q: (L) That is all I have on that, so let’s move on. Who was Tim?
A: Pick up.

Q: (L) They saw a UFO speed down towards them and then stop behind a hill. What do you mean by pick up?
A: Someone who was.

Q: (L) Picked up as in picked up by the UFO?
A: No.

Q: (L) Picked up as in sexual or a hitchhiker?
A: The latter.

Q: (L) Did Tim have any connection to the UFO?
A: Yes and no.

Q: (L) What is the yes part?
A: Everyone has some connection to UFOs.

Q: (L) What is the no, that he had no connection to this one in specific?
A: In the sense that your inquiry suggests.

Q: (L) Was there an abuction that took place when they saw this?
A: No.

Q: (L) Did any unusual event occur in connection to this UFO?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was what they saw a UFO?
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, that settles that. Bob Tietz, publisher of Bill Baldwin’s book, writes and asks: what can the C’s tell me about Dr. Mahlon Loomis. Have the C’s been in contact with him?
A: No.

Q: (L) Alright. If the C’s are not in contact, do you know who is?
A: These questions are difficult to deal with because the questioner is making assumptions.

Q: (L) Is the assumption that there is anything or anyone at higher levels in contact with this Dr. Mahlon Loomis?
A: Yes. And there are no such.

Q: (L) Is Dr. Loomis putting him on?
A: No, he is “out to lunch.”

Q: (L) Okay! Next question: Do the C’s know the whereabouts of one Jessica Goode?
A: Yes, deceased.

Q: (L) You just said that Dr. Loomis is out to lunch, can you explain the process whereby he is given data?
A: This happens to those who fall prey to lower level contacts, believing them to be otherwise.

Q: (L) Bob asks: Do the C’s know of an entity claiming to be a Sirian named Anitra?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) If so, what can they tell me about the information that Anitra, or any Sirian, is communicating?
A: Hocus pocus.

Q: (L) Tell us about the Sirians?
A: There aren’t any.

Q: (L) Why are all these people coming along and claiming to be Sirians?
A: Why are all these people coming along claiming to be Jesus?

Q: (L) Do you know an Andalusian named Lucatron?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Who is this Andalusian, and what can you tell him about the information coming from this source?
A: This “Andalusian” is delusional.

Q: (L) Can you express an opinion about Swedish genes, and any spcific properties of these genes?
A: Yes. They tend to produce blonds with the greatest of proficiency.

Q: (L) Are there any specific properties to those genes that are of specific interest to aliens or extraterrestrials?
A: Only that which we have already told you, that this was the last “race” to be seeded on earth in 3rd density.

Q: (L) Okay. D4 is apparently still mucking about in the mire a bit. His questions were: 1] I had a very serious chat with God, in which I asked the
following questions. First, who is this Melchizidek fellow and why is Jesus said to be a priest after the order of Melchizidek? Who was this Melchizidek who was said to have received tithes from Abraham?
A: False prophet.

Q: (L) Why is Jesus described as being a priest after the order of Melchizidek?
A: We told you that 70 per cent of the Bible is false.

Q: (L) Well, 70 per cent would equal an amount that could consist of the entire old testament.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did Abraham pay tithes to Melchizidek?
A: No.

Q: (L) Did a Melchizidek live at the time of the patriarch Abraham?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) It was said that he was the priest king of Salem, which became Jerusalem, and that he had neither father nor mother, and that he came into being by his own will. Are any of these parts of the story correct?
A: No.

Q: (L) D4’s next question: what did Paul say during his out of body experience, and why were these things not ‘lawful for a man to speak?’
A: Jesus said: “Give to Caesar that which is Caesars.”

Q: (L) How does that apply to this question?
A: Ponder for learning.

Q: (L) D4 asks: what did the seven peals of thunder say and why was John commanded to seal up the things which the 7 peals of thunder have spoken? Well, he would know a lot about these things if he would read “Noah.”
A: This is an exercise in futility!

Q: (L) What, asking these questions, or dealing with these people?
A: There is much hope for D4, but he must discover it for himself.

Q: (L) Okay. Let’s toss that. My question is: is the information we are receiving similar to what Al-Arabi calls an ‘opening?’
A: Yes.

Q: (L) You say that you are unified thought forms in the realm of knowledge.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Al-Arabi describes unified thought forms as being the ‘names of God.’
His explication seems to be so identical to things you tell us that I wonder...
A: We are all the names of God. Remember, this is a conduit. This means that both termination/origination points are of equal value, importance.

Q: (L) So, it is a blending of the aspects of God?
A: No.

Q: (L) What do you mean?
A: Does this mean that we are a part of this?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, it has to do with...
A: Don’t deify us. And, be sure all others with which you communicate understand this too!

Q: (L) What quality in us, what thing, enabled us to make contact. Because, obviously a lot of people try and get garbage.
A: You asked.

Q: (L) A lot of people ask!
A: No they don’t, they command.

Q: (L) Well, a lot of people do ask or beg or plead, but they get all discombobulated with the answers.
A: No, they command. Think about it. You did not beg or plead... that is commanding. After J.W. left, purification began.

Q: (L) This recent ‘awakening’ or period of seeing things with such clarity, as they really were, and the whole picture of the interactions between people and how truly ugly it can be. I plunged into a terrible depression. I needed to get my balance from seeing so much all at once. Can you explain to me what was going on?
A: Growth.

Q: (L) I tried to share this perception with other people, and almost without exception, when I said to people that I was finally seeing things in their true state and it was NOT a pretty picture, they all said “well, you are obviously seeing this through the eyes of some major spirit possession!” Why would they say this?
A: First of all, it is not correct to perceive “everything in such darkness and gloom, etc.” That is merely the result of a cocoon of falsehood being removed. Celebrate the balance. Don’t mourn the death of an illusion of an imbalance.

Q: (L) Where do I go from here? Where do we all go?
A: Everywhere.

Q: (L) We were talking earlier about sleeping and dreaming. It seems to me that sleeping cannot be an evolutionary benefit, because sleeping would not evolve as something beneficial, because when you are asleep, you are completely vulnerable to any munching monster that passes by. Therefore, it is not conducive to evolution to sleep. And, I think there is some other reason for this thing we call sleeping. Obviously it is not to rest the brain, because the brain is as active asleep as when awake. And the bodily functions...
A: Bodies may get munched; souls don’t, however!

Q: (L) Okay, yes, but still it makes me think that there is something to this sleeping business that does not meet the eye in strictly physical terms. Nobody seems to know why we sleep. You made a remark once that dreams were a prime opportunity for the implanting of negative information and suggestions. This makes me think that we are even more vulnerable during sleep than previously thought. Are we induced to slepp genetically for the purpose of control by other density beings? Could you comment?
A: Ask specifics.

Q: (L) Is it essential, in an evolutionary sense, for the human body to sleep?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why is it that carnivores need more sleep than herbivores, and on down?
A: Physicality, my dear, physicality.

Q: (L) What is it about physicality that necessitates sleep? What are we doing while we are sleeping?
A: Body recharge.

Q: (L) Where is the body being recharged from or what is it being recharged by?
A: Rest.

Q: (L) What is the soul doing while the body is sleeping?
A: Same, it taxes the soul greatly to be embodied.

Q: (L) Is this why, when people suffer sleep deprivation, they go psychotic?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why are the results of sleep deprivation, psychosis, delirium tremens, and psychedelic drugs and some mystical states so similar in their expressions and manifestations? What is being seen?
A: Openings.

Q: (L) Well, if doing without sleep provides an opening, what is it an opening to?
A: Density levels 4 and up.

Q: (L) It would seem to me - well, why is this not good?
A: Who said it wasn’t?

Q: (L) Well, apparently a lot of people who have psychotic episodes, literally go out of their minds. They can no longer function in this world. They LOCK them up!
A: Yes...

Q: (L) Why does melatonin induce these openings?
A: Gentle hallucinogen.

Q: (L) SV’s mother took it and got all discombobulated with it!
A: Perception is key. If you really “dig” 3rd density, it makes you uncomfortable to see into the higher densities.

Q: (L) Can one use something like this and grow accustomed to the higher densities?
A: Ask Timothy Leary.

Q: (S) It’s too late now! He’s in 5 D!
(L) Ask him for us.
A: We did, and he liked it a lot!

Q: (L) Did all of his use of hallucinogenics make it easier for him to transition?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Where is he now?
A: 5th density.

Q: (L) Moving along... recently I read “On the Trail of the Assassins,” by Jim Garrison, the New Orleans attorney. This is the book about his investigation into the Kennedy assassination. I know that we asked one or two questions about this earlier, but I think that now, with expanded perspective, we could ask a few more. Was the purported Cuban agenda what was really behind the assassination of JFK?
A: Not in its entirety.

Q: (L) Was there, in fact, any connection between this murder and JFK planning to reveal the government’s knowledge of alien interaction?
A: Maybe, or that was feared, based upon a sophisticated psychological profiling

Q: (L) One thing that we noticed was that Lee Oswald was ‘sheep dipped’ in many areas around the country, well before the election of Kennedy. Why would this be the case?
A: Consortium.

Q: (L) What was the intention in using Oswald in this way? Was it just to have a handy person around, or did they already know, in advance, that Kennedy would be elected and that they would assissinate him?
A: Time alteration.

Q: (L) Do you mean time alteration in the sense that these events did NOT actually occur at the noted times, or that they were able to go back in time and do this to put more confusion into the picture?
A: Latter, see Montauk.

Q: (L) Obviously the consortium was operationg through the FBI, the CIA, the Mafia, and God knows who else, but, can you tell us who fired the shot that caused JFK’s death?
A: No, because it would put you in grave danger.

Q: (L) Speaking of Montauk, Roxanne quoted at length some information received from some Native American about Montauk being used to change the weather on the planet, and also sending out energy waves to generate anger and other negative emotions. Is this one of the used for the HAARP assembly?
A: No.

Q: (L) Once before you said that the HAARP assembly was a continuation of the Montauk project, and was being used to ‘transfer perimeters.’ I guess this meant space/time travel, correct?
A: Yes. And resurrect Antlantean crystal principle.

Q: (L) Do they plan to actually attempt to bring up the Atlantean crystals?
A: No.

Q: (L) Do they plan to use this for mind control?
A: And other uses.

Q: (L) Can you give us a few of these uses?
A: Technical.

Q: (L) Is the HAARP assembly in operation now?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is there an estimated date of its activation?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is there anything you can tell us about when and if it will go into operation?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is there anything further you can tell us about this HAARP project?
A: Time to read Bielek.

Q: (L) But didn’t you tell us that Bielek was a disinformation artist?
A: Yes, but can you weed?

Q: (L) Now, Admiral Boorda recently committed suicide...
A: Time to read Oeschler.

Q: (L) Did Admiral Boorda really commit suicide?
A: Yes. Culmination, as is usually the case.

Q: (L) A culmination of other things?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did any of this have to do with human/alien interactions?
A: No. He was not aware of any of that.

Q: (L) What about Vince Foster? Did he commit suicide?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) For the reasons proposed?
A: Partly.

Q: (L) What was the main reason?
A: Depression.

Q: (L) Back to Kennedy, people say that Marilyn Monroe committed suicide, some say she was murdered. Was she murdered?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was she murdered by the Kennedy’s or someone else?
A: Both.

Q: (L) Was it because she was going to reveal things?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can you tell us what?
A: Any and all, but it does not matter, because the “bottom line” was that she knew too much.

Q: (L) Next, Aliester Crowley, who claimed to be the most evil man on the planet: was he capable of doing the things he claimed in his magical operations?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was he used by other people?
A: Yes, and for now, good night!

End of Session


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June 15, 1996

Freddie, Laura, SV

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) And who do we have this evening?
A: Uquoppe.

Q: (L) And where are you transmitting from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) As you know, I have been studying the Sufi teachings, and I am discovering so many similarities in these Sufi “unveilings” to what we have been receiving through this source, that I am really quite amazed, to say the least. So, my question is: could what we are doing here be considered an ongoing, incremental, “unveiling,” as they call it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Now, from what I am reading, in the process of unveiling, at certain points, when the knowledge base has been sufficiently expanded, inner unveilings then begin to occur. Is this part of the present process?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) My experience has been, over the past couple of years, that whenever there is a significant increase in knowledge, that it is sort of cyclical - I go through a depression before I can assimilate - and it is like an inner transformation from one level to another. Is there something we can do, and if so, is it desirable, to increase or facilitate this process in some way?
A: It is a natural process, let it be.

Q: (L) One of the things that Al-Arabi writes about is the ontological level of being. Concentric circles, so to speak, of states of being. And, each state merely defines relationships. At each higher level you are closer to a direct relationship with the core of existence, and on the outer edges, you are in closer relationship with matter. This accurately explicates the 7 densities you have described for us. He also talks about the “outraying” and the “inward moving” toward knowledge. My thought was certain beings, such as 4th density STS, and other STS beings of 3rd density, who think that they are creating a situation where they will accrue power to themselves, but may, in fact, be part of the “outraying” or dispersion into matter. Is this a correct perception?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Al-Arabi says, and this echoes what you have said, that you can stay in the illusion where you are, you can move downward or upward. Is this, in part, whichever direction you choose, a function of your position on the cycle?
A: It is more complex than that.

Q: (L) Well, I am sure of that. Al-Arabi presents a very complex analysis and he probably didn’t know it all either... Nevertheless, it almost word-for-word reflects things that have been given directly to us through this source.
A: Now, learn, read, research all you can about unstable gravity waves.

Q: (L) Okay. Unstable gravity waves. I’ll see what I can find. Is there something more about this?
A: Meditate too!

Q: (L) Yes. Well, they have been telling us to meditate. Have you been meditating, Freddie?
(F) Not lately.
A: We mean for you, Laura, to meditate about unstable gravity waves as part of research.

Q: (L) Okay. Would it be alright to ask a few more questions about the Sufis?
A: Not unless you wish to get off the track.

Q: (L) That would be off the track from the way we are moving at present?
A: Not until you have memorized Sufi teachings to the extent that you can cross reference with Bible and similar works.

Q: (L) Okay. So, we are onto something with the Sufi teachings. But, we don’t need to get off the track. I guess that they did with the Koran what some other mystics have done with the Bible. It is clear that there is something under the surface of it, but it is corrupted and twisted. And, I was convinced by seeing this underlying pattern that it was possible to penetrate the veil, and that gave me the impetus to push for a breakthrough.
A: Unstable gravity waves unlock as yet unknown secrets of quantum physics to
make the picture crystal clear.

Q: (L) Can we free associate about these gravity waves since no bookstores are open at this hour? Gravity seems to be a property of matter. Is that correct?
A: And....

Q: (L) And hmmmm....
A: And antimatter!

Q: (L) Is the gravity that is a property of antimatter “antigravity?” Or, is it just gravity on the other side, so to speak?
A: Binder.

Q: (L) Okay. Gravity is the binder. Is gravity the binder of matter?
A: And...

Q: (L) Is gravity a property of light?
A: Not the issue.

Q: (L) What is the issue? Can you help me out here, Freddie?
A: Gravity binds all that is physical with all that is ethereal through unstable gravity waves!!!

Q: (L) Is antimatter ethereal existence?
A: Pathway to.

Q: (L) Okay.
A: Doorway to.

Q: (L) Are unstable gravity waves... no, hold everything... do unstable gravity waves emanate from 7th density?
A: Throughout.

Q: (L) Do they emanate from any particular density?
A: That is just the point, there is none.

Q: (L) There are no unstable gravity waves?
A: Wrong...

Q: (L) There is no emanation point?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, they are a property or attribute of the existence of matter, and the binder of matter to ethereal ideation?
A: Sort of, but they are a property of anti-matter, too!

Q: (L) So, through unstable gravity waves, you can access other densities?
A: Everything.

Q: (L) Can you generate them mechanically?
A: Generation is really collecting and dispersing.

Q: (L) Okay, what kind of a device would collect and disperse gravity waves? Is this what spirals do?
A: On the way to.

Q: (L) So, if were to focus on collecting unstable gravity waves...
A: When you wrote “Noah” where did you place gravity?

Q: (L) I thought that gravity was an indicator of the consumption of electricity; that gravity was a byproduct of a continuous flow of electrical energy...
A: Gravity is no byproduct! It is the central ingredient of all existence!

Q: (L) I was evaluating by electric flow and consumption... and I was thinking that electricity was evidence of some sort of consciousness, and that gravity was evidence that a planet that had it, had life...
A: We have told you before that planets and stars are windows. And where does it go?

Q: (L) The windows?
A: The gravity.

Q: (L) Oh. Gravity must go into the ethereal dimensions or densities. I mean, you have my head going in so many different directions that I feel like I have popcorn in there.
A: Good!

Q: (L) Well, where does gravity go. The sun is a window. Even our planet must be a window!
A: You have it too!!

Q: (L) So, gravity is the unifying principle... the thing that keeps things together, like the way all the fat pulls together in a bowl of soup.
A: Gravity is all there is.

Q: (L) Is light the emanation of gravity?
A: No.

Q: (L) What is light?
A: Gravity.

Q: (L) Is gravity the same as the strong and weak nuclear forces?
A: Gravity is “God.”

Q: (L) But, I thought God was light?
A: If gravity is everything, what isn’t it? Light is energy expression generated by gravity.

Q: (L) Is gravity the “light that cannot be seen,” as the Sufis call it: the Source.
A: Please name something that is not gravity.

Q: (L) Well, if gravity is everything, there is nothing that is not gravity. Fine. What is absolute nothingness?
A: A mere thought.

Q: (L) So, there is no such thing as non-existence?
A: Yes, there is.

Q: (L) Do thoughts produce gravity?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Does sound produce gravity?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can sound manipulate gravity?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can it be done with the human voice?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can it be done tonally or by power through thought?
A: Both.

Q: (L) Then, is there also specific sound configurations involved?
A: Gravity is manipulated by sound when thought manipulated by gravity chooses to produce sound which manipulates gravity.

Q: (L) Now, did the fellow who built the Coral Castle spin in his airplane seat while thinking his manipulations into place?
A: No. He spun when gravity chose to manipulate him to spin in order to manipulate gravity.

Q: (L) Does gravity have consciousness?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it ever possible for the individual to do the choosing, or is it gravity that IS him that chose?
A: The gravity that was inside him was all the gravity in existence.

Q: (L) Well, I thought the Sufis were tough!
(F) Well, it’s probably because of your studies that this door opened.
(L) Good grief! What have I done! Alright. I am confused.
A: No you are not.

Q: (L) Then, just put it this way: I am befuddled and overloaded.
A: Befuddling is fun!

Q: (L) Well, I guess that if any of this is going to be of particular significance to us, then we will certainly find out the details as we go along.
A: How many times do we have to tell you?!?!

Q: (L) Learning is fun! Right!
A: The entire sum total of all existence exists within each of you, and vice versa.

Q: (L) Then what is the explanation for the “manyness” that we perceive?
A: Perception of 3rd density.

Q: (L) So, the entire universe is inside me... okay, that’s... I understand. Oddly enough, I do. The problem is accessing it, stripping away the veils.
A: That is the fun part.

Q: (L) So, the fellow who built the Coral Castle was able to access this. Consistently or only intermittently?
A: Partially.

Q: (L) According to what I understand, at the speed of light, there is no mass, no time, and no gravity. How can this be?
A: No mass, no time, but yes, gravity.

Q: (L) A photon has gravity?
A: Gravity supercedes light speed.

Q: (L) Gravity waves are faster than light?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What would make a gravity wave unstable?
A: Utilization.

Q: (L) I feel like I am missing a really big point here...
A: You are, but you can only find it at your own pace.

Q: (L) Well, I think I need to do some reading and research so that I can come back to this.
A: And, on that note, good night.

End of Session


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June 22, 1996

Freddie, Laura, SV, V

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?
A: Firson.

Q: (L) And where are you transmitting from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Tonight, I would like to ask about 5th density. How does the “dividing line” between the 4 physical densities and 5th function?
A: Recycling zone, one must have direct contact in perfect balance with those on 6th density in order to fulfill the need for contemplation/learning phase while in between incarnations of 1st through 4th densities.

Q: (L) When a person finishes all their experiences on 1st through 4th density, do they then remain at 5th for a period before to moving to 6th.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) When you die in 3rd and go to 5th, do you pass through or see 4th?
A: No.

Q: (L) When you are in 5th density, is part of your service to be a guide? Are there two kinds of beings on 5th: those who are there for the recycling, and those whose level it simply IS?
A: No. All are as one in timeless understanding of all there is.

Q: (L) If, at 5th density a person has timeless understanding, what is it about them that determines that they will “recycle” as opposed to moving to 6th from 5th?
A: Contemplation reveals needed destiny.

Q: (L) So, being united with other beings on 5th, you come to some sort of understanding about your lessons....
A: Balanced. And this, my dear, is another example of gravity as the binder of all creation... “The Great Equalizer!”

Q: (L) In this picture in my mind, the cycle moves out, in dispersion, begins to accrete and return to the source. Is this correct?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Is this, in fact, that exactly half of all that exists, is moving into imbalance, while the other half is moving into balance?
A: Close.

Q: (L) All the cosmos? All that exists?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it possible that one area of the cosmos has more of the balance seeking energy while another has more of that which is seeking imbalance?
A: Oh yes!

Q: (L) Is the Earth one of those areas that is more imbalanced than balanced at the present time?
A: Yes, but rapidly moving back toward balance.

Q: (L) Is the Realm Border part of this balancing?
A: Yes.

Q: (V) A few weeks ago several of us began to suffer from internal heat, insomnia, and other things. What was this?
A: Image. Deep conjunction of fibrous linkage in DNA structure.

Q: (V) Well, I want to know if it is in my mind that I get so hot, or does my body temperature actually elevate?
A: Only on 4th.

Q: (V) I don’t understand.
A: Bleedthrough, get used to those!

Q: (L) Does this mean we are actually experiencing a bleedthrough of 4th density?
A: Image.

Q: (V) Are the little flashes of light I see also a manifestation of this?
A: Maybe so, but try to concentrate on the ethereal significance, rather than the physical.

Q: (L) When you say “deep conjunction of fibrous linkage,” does this mean that we are conjoining with a linkage to a 4th density body that is growing, developing?
A: Slowly, but surely. Now, get ready for a message: We have told you before that the upcoming “changes” relate to the spiritual and awareness factors rather than the much publicized physical. Symbolism is always a necessary tool in teaching. But, the trick is to read the hidden lessons represented by the symbology, not to get hung up on the literal meanings of the symbols!

Q: (L) You say that the symbology has to do with hidden meanings. The symbology that you used was “image” and “deep fibrous linkage” of DNA. Now, is that a physical, symbolic image?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is your definition of “image?” We have many.
A: Learning is fun, Laura, as you have repeatedly found!

Q: (L) Well, I am so hot now that I really want to know! And, how come I am always the one who gets assigned the job of figuring everything out?
A: Because you have asked for the “power” to figure out the most important issues in all of reality. And, we have been assisting you in your empowerment.

Q: (L) Image. DNA linkage.
(V) “Power” was in quotes.
A: Leave that alone for now, you will know soon enough.

Q: (V) Is this 4th density body something that already exists so that we could communicate with it?
A: Habeas Corpus?

Q: (V) Well, they just said...
(L) Well, what they must mean is that you ARE it - you are transforming little by little and all of the unpleasant little side-effects are just part of it.
A: Yes.

Q: (V) Righteous!
(L) Terry showed me a couple of accupuncture points that seem to induce an altered state. Is this, as he says, a way to open the door to the subconscious?
A: Stimulates endorphins.

Q: (L) Is there any point on the body that CAN be used to assist in opening the gate to the subconscious?
A: No such assistance is needed. First, we would like to suggest that you seek a “spin” doctor for your quest!!

Q: (L) Would a “spin” doctor be a Sufi master?
A: One example.

Q: (L) Yes. We are supposed to do several things involved with spinning.
A: Hilliard. Leed Skallen. Coral Castle.

Q: (L) Well, they are really pushing on this gravity thing. Can I ask a question on another subject?
A: You can ask about the Easter Bunny, if you wish.

Q: (L) Is 3rd density awareness the only density with perception of time?
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, what others?
A: 4,5,6,7.

Q: (L) But I thought that time perception was an illusion?
A: YOUR perception of it is an illusion. Remember the example of the dogs and cats riding in a car?

Q: (L) Yes. Ouspensky and the horse. So, time, as an essential thing, DOES exist?
A: But not as you know it. When we refer to “timelessness,” we are speaking from the standpoint of your familiarity only.

Q: (L) Does time then exist, and does space have a limit?
A: You are getting confused because your inborn linear perception is clouding the image your efforts are trying to produce.

Q: (L) Okay, let’s go back to the “balancing” of Earth. How can this be done?
A: Vague question.

Q: (L) Let me try this: the “buckets of love and light” group say that it is going to be balanced because everyone is going to think nice thoughts, and all of their buckets of love and light are going to eventually reach a critical mass and spill over onto all the rest of humanity and all of the bad guys are going to be transformed into good guys. This is the standard version. Is this what you mean?
A: No.

Q: (L) Swell! Is the energy that is being manifested in the positive, on and around the planet, is it going to reduce the level of negativity in the beings existing on the planet?
A: This is not the point. When “Earth” becomes a 4th density realm, all the forces, both STS and STO shall be in direct contact with one another... It will be a “level playing field,” thus, balanced.

Q: (V) I am wondering about the significance of the quoted words. Is it some kind of code?
A: Maybe you should go back to the beginning, and arrange all our quoted statements in sequential order?

Q: (L) Do you mean ALL the transcripts?
A: Yup!

Q: (F) Well, they mentioned twice to be careful about putting in the designated quotes.
(L) One of the crop circles you interpreted was an “astronomical twin phenomenon.” What is an astronomical twin phenomenon?
A: Many perfectly synchronous meanings.

Q: (L) Synchronicity is involved. Does this have something to do with “image?”
A: Duplicity of, as in “Alice through the looking glass.”

Q: (L) Double images. Does this relate to matter and antimatter?
A: Yes, and...

Q: (L) Gravity and manifesting on one side and manifesting a mirror image on the other...
A: Yes, and...

Q: (L) And images of 4th density bodies with tenuous fibers connecting to DNA as in manifesting imaginal bodies on 4th density?
A: Astronomical.

Q: (L) Okay, that relates to stars and planets... astronomical in terms of another universe, an alternate universe composed of antimatter?
A: Yes, and....

Q: (L) And is this alternate universe going to merge with our universe...
A: No.

Q: (L) Is this alternate universe of antimatter the point from which phenomena occur or are manifested in our universe?
A: More like doorway or “conduit.”

Q: (L) Is this alternate universe the means by which we must travel to 4th density? Is it like a veil, or an abyss of some sort?
A: Think of it as the highway.

Q: (L) So, we must travel through this universe of antimatter in order to reach 4th density?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is something going to happen in terms of interacting with this antimatter in order to bring about some sort of transition?
A: No. Realm Border is traveling wave.

Q: (L) Okay, you say “traveling wave,” and then you say that antimatter is the highway. Does this mean moving through antimatter or interacting in some way with antimatter via the the impetus of the traveling wave, or realm border?
A: Bends space/time, this is where your unstable gravity waves can be utilized.

Q: (L) Utilizing antimatter by creating an EM field, which destabilizes the
gravity wave, allows antimatter to unite with matter, creating a portal through which space/time can be bent, or traveled through via this “bending.” In other words, producing an EM field, bringing in the antimatter, IS the bending of space/time? Is that it?
A: Yes.

Q: (V) Is there a portal for each person, or one large portal?
A: No.

Q: (V) So we move through a portal in masses?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is this generating of EM fields to destabilize the gravity wave what the HAARP assembly is designed and built for?
A: No.

Q: (V) If there are not personal portals for one person, or portals for groups of people...
A: Portal is where you desire it to be.

Q: (V) So it could just be a state of mind?
A: No. With proper technology you can create a portal where desired. There are unlimited options.

Q: (L) Proper technology. Unstable gravity waves. And once you told us to study Tesla coils.... antimatter... destabilizing the gravity waves through EM generation allows the antimatter to interact with matter which then creates a portal... is it in the antimatter universe that all this traveling back and forth is done by aliens when they abduct people?
A: Close. They transport through it, but most abductions take place in either 3rd or 4th density.

Q: (L) Is this movement through the antimatter universe, is this what people perceive in their abductions as the “wall of fire?” The coming apart. The demolecularizing?
A: No. That is TransDimensional Atomic Remolecularization.

Q: (L) Okay, if a person were passing into the antimatter universe, how would they perceive it?
A: They wouldn’t.

Q: (L) Why?
A: No space; no time.

Q: (L) Antimatter universe has no space and no time... so, the antimatter universe is possibly where the poor guys of flight 19 are?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And you can get stuck in this place?
A: Yes. And if you are in a time warp coccoon, you are hyperconscious, i.e. you perceive “zero time” as if it were literally millions of years, that is if the cycle is connected or closed, as in “Philadelphia Experiment.” And, on that note, good night.

End of Session


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June 29, 1996

Freddie, Laura, SV

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Hello. We are the Cassiopaen transmitting 6th density beings of light, and for purposes of an identifier for your famiiarity pattern, we will label this consciousness unit “Jarrah.”

Q: (L) Well, that is an interesting opening. I guess you have been tuned in during the week and have been aware of the stuff going on in my head. I would like to get directly to my questions as they have developed during the past few days. The first thing is in regard to the Santilli session: is awareness equal to gravity?
A: It is a part therein.

Q: (L) Does accumulation of knowledge and awareness correspond to an increase in gravity?
A: No.

Q: (L) You said that energy can change the value of the density. The value of the density, as I understand it, is either plus or minus. Does this mean that pumping energy into 3rd density from another realm of space/time can intensify the gravity to such a state that it changes its unit and becomes antimatter?
A: No.

Q: (L) You said that EM was the same as gravity. Does an increase in EM, the collection of EM or the production of an EM wave, does this increase gravity on those things or objects or persons subjected to it?
A: Gravity does not ever get increased or decreased, it is merely collected and dispersed.

Q: (L) If gravity is collected and dispersed, and planets and stars are windows, and you say that human beings “have” gravity, does that mean that the human beings, or the life forms on a given planet or in a given solar system, are the collectors of this gravity?
A: No. Gravity is the collector of human beings and all else! Make “collector”

Q: (L) Is STO the equivalent of dispersing gravity?
A: No, STO is a REFLECTION of the existence of gravity dispersal.

Q: (L) Is STS also dispersal of gravity?
A: No. Collection is reflected. STS is reflection or reflected by collection of gravity.

Q: (L) You said that changing the unit involves movement to another density. You also said that antimatter realm is the door to, or the pathway to, ethereal existence. Is 4th density, therefore, an antimatter universe?
A: No.

Q: (L) Do the beings in 4th density manifest in an antimatter state?
A: Both.

Q: (L) Is 4th density a density where both matter and antimatter are in balance?
A: Not in balance, in evidence.

Q: (L) So matter and antimatter are both available for utilization by individuals according to will and awareness?
A: Close. Antimatter and matter are balanced everywhere.

Q: (L) What effect does collection of gravity - you said gravity was collecting human beings - what effect...
A: No, we did not say that. You don’t learn when you “skip over” the material.

Q: (L) What did I skip over? You said that “gravity is the collector of human beings?”
A: Yes, but all else is the key. When one says that, there is no differentiation.

Q: (L) Yes, well I am asking these questions at OUR level here. What effects does gravity have on the body?
A: Too complicated. Try breaking your question down.

Q: (L) You say that increasing awareness was “a part therein,” of gravity. So, if a person is increasing awareness, do they also increase in gravity?
A: No.

Q: (L) What is the relationship between the increasing awareness and gravity?
A: Nothing direct.

Q: (L) I am trying to find out what effect increasing awareness has on human beings in relation to this unstable gravity wave you have mentioned, as well as the oncoming “wave.”
A: You are trying to “marry” two parallels.

Q: (L) We have two parallels... okay... so if one is exponential increasing in awareness, the sign of the units of bodily energy does not change?
A: You are still attempting to generate.

Q: (L) Well, I am just trying to get a grip on some ideas here...
A: Then change the thought pattern. Gravity is the “stuff” of all existence, therefore it has an unchanging property of quantity.

Q: (L) So, gravity is not being “used,” per se?
A: Close.

Q: (L) You said that light was an energy expression of gravity. Then you said...
A: You can utilize gravity, but you cannot “use” it. You cannot increase or decrease that which is in perfectly balanced static state.

Q: (L) So, gravity is in a perfectly “static” state. Yet, it can be “utilized.” Can you make clear for me the transition from the static state to transition.
What occurs?
A: There is no transition, just application.

Q: (L) What occurs from the perfectly static state to the application mode? Is anybody following me?
A: No, including us!

Q: (L) Wonderful! What I am trying to get at is, 1) gravity exists in a static state; 2) light is an energy expression of gravity, therefore it is utilization? Correct?
A: No. Light is an expression of gravitational energy.

Q: (L) Well, when one has an expression, it expresses onto, into, or to something somewhere...
A: It does?

Q: (L) Well...
A: If a tree falls in the forest, and nothing is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Q: (L) You are saying that gravity is everywhere in balance and static, and then you say that utilization causes unstable gravity waves. And then you say that gravity is God, and that God is all creation, and we are a part of all creation, and, therefore, we are of God, and gravity. So, what I am trying to get at here is what is the thing, the event, the manifestation, the mode of utilization that takes gravity from a perfectly static state to an unstable state, if you are saying it is always perfectly balanced. That does not make sense to me.
A: Instability does not automatically mean non-static. Unstable waves can be static in their instability.

Q: (L) None of this makes a whole lot of sense. I thought I was beginning to understand it, and obviously I don’t have a clue. Let’s try a different direction. You said that the universe consists of equal amounts of matter and antimatter. Are the first three densities, densities of matter?
A: And antimatter.

Q: (L) Are there equal amounts of matter and antimatter at all densities?
A: Yes. Remember, density refers to one’s conscious awareness only. Once one is aware, all [many spirals of the planchette] conforms to that awareness.

Q: (L) What is it about the oncoming wave that is going to make any given person aware?
A: Not yet... First: your prophets have alwasy used 3rd density symboloby to try to convey 4th density realities. You are attempting to gather 3rd density answers to explain 4th through 7th density principles. This is why you are getting frustrated, because it doesn’t “mesh.”

Q: (L) Are manifestations in 3rd density loci of collection of gravity?
A: In part. But, so are manifestations on all densities.

Q: (L) Okay. So, if...
A: What do you suppose the opposite of gravity is?

Q: (L) Antigravity?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, if all that exists were like a blown up balloon, and the surface of the ballon represents the static state of gravity, 7th density maybe... and it begins to bump out in different places... and all these little bumps are loci of manifestation of various densities - and this is very simplified, I am just trying to get an image - is this getting, even very simplistically, an idea that I can work with?
A: As long as you have an “antiballoon” too.

Q: (L) So, can we make the outer surface of the balloon a balloon, and the inner surface or the air the “antiballoon?”
A: No.

Q: (L) Two balloons next to one another?
A: No. A nonballoon.

Q: (L) A nonballoon? You are making me CRAZY! You are saying that NOTHING exists! We are just not even HERE!
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, for God’s SAKE! Help me out with a visual on this! Okay, a balloon in front of a mirror, the reflection of the balloon is the “nonballoon.”
A: No.

Q: (L) The nonballoon is when the balloon switches off - but it does it so fast you are not aware of it - like a pulsation...? I mean, I am desperate here!
A: You see, my dear, when you arrive at 4th density, then you will see.

Q: (L) Well, how in the heck am I supposed to get there if I can’t “get it?”
A: Who says you have to “get it” before you get there?

Q: (L) Well, that leads back to: what is the wave going to do to expand this awareness? Because, if the wave is what “gets you there,” what makes this so?
A: No. It is like this: After you have completed all your lessons in “third grade,” where do you go?

Q: (L) So, it is a question of...
A: Answer, please.

Q: (L) You go to fourth grade.
A: Okay, now, do you have to already be in 4th grade in order to be allowed to go there? Answer.

Q: (L) No. But you have to know all the 3rd density things...
A: Yes. More apropos: you have to have learned all of the lessons.

Q: (L) What kind of lessons are we talking about here?
A: Karmic and simple understandings.

Q: (L) What are the key elements of these understandings, and are they fairly universal?
A: They are universal.

Q: (L) What are they?
A: We cannot tell you that.

Q: (L) Do they have to do with discovering the MEANINGS of the symbology of 3rd density existence, seeing behind the veil... and reacting to things according to choice? Giving each thing or person or event its due?
A: Okay. But you cannot force the issue. When you have learned, you have learned!

Q: (L) I just want to make sure that I am doing the most I can do. I don’t want to have to come back to 3rd density. If I can accelerate things a little...
A: You cannot, so just enjoy the ride. Learning is fun!

Q: (L) Now, you told me research and meditate upon unstable gravity waves. And, that once I understood this, quantum physics would be perfectly clear to me, and basically everything would be perfectly clear. Now, I have been struggling with this...
A: That is just the point, Laura! When it is a struggle, you are not learning.
So stop struggling and meditate. i.e. enjoy the ride.

Q: (L) So, you say that if I am struggling I am not doing it right. Well, I struggled with myself to get out of my marriage, and that was and still is a struggle. Was that an erroneous approach?
A: Yes, because all that happened would have happened anyway.

Q: (L) So, it was the wrong approach?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was the right approach? Wait for him to choose to leave?
A: ?

Q: (L) Well, at this point, I was brought to the point of death.
A: That is not the point, but yes, if you had not struggled to be something other than who you are while IN the relationship, and struggled to make the relationship work every time it came to a point of termination, it would have happened sooner.

Q: (L) When we went through the transcript to get some of the quoted words, there was a sequence that came out: “Time caused alpha level suffering.” Is there such a thing?
A: Maybe. Mix and match.

Q: (L) You mean in putting the words and phrases together?
A: Yes, but don’t struggle with it! You try too hard when you feel upset with others, this is why see: ISCNI, Lewis, Devin, and others...

Q: (L) So, you are saying that I should not do anything that makes something inside me feel compressed or denied...
A: Do without expectations. When you conform or change your behavior in the expectation of creating a change in others, then you are expecting something. So, do it. See what happens. But be patient and see what happens!

Q: (L) Okay, let me ask about a dream. Aletheia and I both had dreams night before last. The nature of both dreams were very similar, although the participants were different. Was this some sort of prophetic energy?
A: Natural cycles caused psychic “link.”

Q: (L) You mean as in hormonal cycles?
A: Yes. And good night.

End of Session


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July 14, 1996

Freddie, Laura, V, MM

Q: (L) I am just wondering if a lot of things are going to happen that may not be necessarily multi-density, or ‘other density,’ in the strictest of terms, but may in fact be simply actions of ‘human agents’ of these beings on other densities. That it will not so much be a ‘space invasion’ as more like the Nazis under the control of 4th density STS? Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?
A: Derom.

Q: (L) And where do you transmit from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Has there been some participation in the discussion we have been having?
A: Monitoring, not participation.

Q: (L) Would you care to comment, or shall we just ask our questions?
A: Ask specific questions, as always.

Q: (L) Then let’s start with some basic things. First of all, I have had some contact with a physicist who is interested in the material. And, because of this, I was motivated to pick up a book I had read many years ago about the German occupation of Poland, and there were some very strange things said in this book, and some funny synchronous numbers... It just seemed to be a prototype of the present reality in global terms. My question is: is there some synchronous implication between this contact, the reading of this book when I was 11 years old, and the material we have received through this source?
A: Open.

Q: (L) You have said that the Holocaust was basically a ‘practice run’ for the ultimate space invasion. Is this invasion supposed to take place as an actual ‘aliens invading the planet’ scenario, or...
A: Too many thought patterns at once. Step by step, please.

Q: (L) Let’s boil it down. Was Hitler’s agenda a practice run for a future scenario?
A: Close. Was a “testing” of the will.

Q: (L) Whose will was being tested?
A: Yours.

Q: (L) Me specifically, or the planet?
A: Latter.

Q: (L) In terms of this scenario, is there some lesson that we can learn about what may or may not occur through this book I have mentioned?
A: Maybe, but suggest you learn to blend mosaic consciousness.

Q: (L) What is mosaic consciousness?
A: Thinking in internally spherical terms, rather than using linear “point blank” approach. The whole picture is seen by seeing the whole scene.

Q: (L) Well, I guess that is why I guess I get into so many thought patterns...
A: Picture yourself as being at the center of a mosaic.

Q: (MM) [Incomprehensible comment about mosaics being under repair somewhere.]
(L) Okay, I know what you are saying, but I just don’t think that there is any way I can DO this!
A: Yes you can!

Q: (L) Okay. Okay. This whole situation, this Polish connection, this German connection, the American and alien things, the soldier/Nephilim thing, these are all manifestations of a Realm Border Crossing, am I correct?
A: Close.

Q: (L) And some of the manifestations of a Realm Border Crossing are that some people graduate or transition to 4th density, that their awareness changes, everything changes, the playing field is leveled. So, what happened in Germany was a ‘practice run’ but what is going to happen is that the ‘playing field’ is going to be leveled, so it will not be exactly the same scenario, is this a correct assessment?
A: Maybe. Alright, my dear, you want the facts, so we will give them to you, and hopefully you will comprehend. If not now, then when necessary maybe... Fact number one: All there is is lessons. Fact two: this is one big school. Fact three: Timing as you perceive it, is never, NEVER definite. Fact four: What is to happen, as you state it, is a ways off, and will not occur until you have reached that point on the learning cycle, and you are not close yet. Now ponder before more facts are given!!

Q: (L) Okay, this being one infinite school, and we all seem to be wandering around in the darkness...
A: Fact five: The learning cycle is variable, and progress along it is determined by events and circumstances as they unfold.

Q: (L) So, the events and circumstances of our lives, individually and collectively, can indicate where we are on this learning cycle? And we are asking to have things told to us, or revealed to us about things which are, in themselves, the necessary lessons? And it would be virtually useless to be told about them since they must be experienced?
A: Partly correct. If you want hints, then hints shall we give. But, if you are looking for a “road map?,” forgetitski!!

Q: (L) Okay, we want some hints. And Ark wants some hints, too! He wants to know if we can invent a tool that enhances free will?
A: No tool is needed because of facts 3, 4, and 5.

Q: (L) Ummm... So, when a person is being hypnotized and controlled from outside, because that is the matter of concern we were discussing earlier, they are hypnotized and controlled until they learn to stop it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, using the analogy of the pig stye, they just have to wallow in it and suffer until they have had enough?
A: Using your analogy of the bicycle: Is there a tool which makes it unnecessary for the child to learn how to ride the bicycle in order to know how to ride it?!?

Q: (MM) Don’t you get more free will by assimilating knowledge?
A: Yes!! Yes!!

Q: (L) So, in other words, knowledge and awareness makes you aware that you have free will, and also makes you aware of what actions actually ARE acts of free will, and therefore, when you know or suspect the difference between the lies and deception and truth, then you are in a position to be in control of your life?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Ark also wants to ask... well, his problem is faith, as he said it to me.
A: Faith comes also from knowledge, and as we have stated before... False knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all!!!!!

Q: (L) So, it is important to take each and every thing that is being learned or analyzed, and take it completely apart and dig in every direction around it, and even in related directions, to FULLY ascertain that it is true? As C.S. Lewis said, knowledge is like a rope... as long as you are using it to tie up a box, it doesn’t matter whether it is perfect or not, but if you have to use it to hang over a precipice, then it behooves you to make absolutely certain that it is strong enough to support your weight.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, Ark asks about this: “In 1979, Project Phoenix, with the assistance of the Grays, was successful in producing a mind amplifier.” Is this true?
A: Nope!

Q: (L) Okay! That was pretty precise! Next: “Is it possible that, under drug influence, psychics, or those with mental capabilities above the norm, can be hooked up to some type of machine and are enabled thereby to create some type of physical form?”
A: Possible. Now review: The “Greys” are cybergenetic probes of the “Lizard” beings, so just exactly who is doing the assisting? And who is behind the Lizard types?? Could it be your ancestors, perhaps!?!

Q: (L) It says here: “The fire within man that is characterized as passion is the secret that can be utilized. The secret to all things is passion. With
passion all things are possible. The amplification experiments of the Phoenix Project have been explained as having amplified brain waves. In fact, it amplified the passion of the subject. It was that ‘inner will’ of the subject that was amplified, that inner spirit within all of us is that driving force is manifested as electrical energy. Master that force and you cannot be controlled, the universe is yours. Master the inner spirit and you shall master the physical.” Comments please.
A: First things first: Who is doing the assisting? And how is the assisting being done?!!!!!!???

Q: (L) Well, they say that the Grays are assisting the Consortium, this is the Hopi material... Who is doing the assisting? Hmmmm... give me a clue... I think that the Nordic aliens are controlling the Lizards, who created the Grays, which are probes of the Lizards, and are purportedly assisting the Consortium...
A: Assisting? Or maybe influencing?!? And if so, how so?!? And, is not this the whole point? Are you not ultimately influenced always?!? In EVERYTHING you do? We have stated thus numerous times... So, please let us not get off the track, okay?

Q: (L) In other words, as long as we are in the pigstye, we are in the pigstye, and until we get OUT of it, we are IN it?
A: Until you reach that point on the learning cycle.

Q: (MM) What is this chemical they use with these psychics, per se, is it the ‘akashic chemical?’
A: That information you refer to is false in its entirety!

Q: (L) So, that whole thing is false?
A: “Passion” does not set one “free,” quite the opposite!

Q: (L) But what if your passion is for knowledge?
A: That is not passion, it is soul questing.

Q: (L) What is it that gives some people this drive, this steamroller effect that they are determined to get to the absolute bottom of everything and strip away every lie until there is nothing left but the naked truth? What is the source of this desire?
A: Wrong concept. It is simply that one is at that point on the learning cycle.
At that point, no drive is needed.

Q: (L) So, you more or less are there because some critical mass has been reached that ‘jumps’ you to the point where seeking truth is simply who you are? It defines the parameters of your being.
(MM) Are these learning cycles similar to the layers... all over the earth, remember the red dust all over the earth?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is it more like a 360 degree circle, and each person is a different point on the circle, and the whole thing cycles, and you never change relative to the people behind and in front of you, and the only real thing you can do to help anyone is to move the circle by moving yourself, thereby pushing the one ahead of you up, and pulling the one behind you into your previous place? And where you are on the cycle determines what you do?
A: It is a single cycle, yes. There is only one learning cycle, and where you are upon it, determines your EXPERIENCES, and vice versa.

Q: (L) Is there ever any point where lines connect from one point on the cycle so that you can ‘jump’ from one point to another? Like a wormhole in space or something?
A: Refer to facts 1 and 2 and 3.

Q: (L) So, no short cuts?
A: Now, refer to 3,4 and 5.

Q: (L) So, certain events and circumstances could help a person to make ‘leaps?’
A: No “leap,” acceleration.

Q: (L) One thing, previously when we were talking about unstable gravity waves, and I asked what caused them to become unstable, you said ‘utilization,’ and that STO was dispersion, and STS was ‘collection’ of gravity. I have made a few conjectures about this and would like to ask, does this mean that in giving to others, even if what you are giving is a withholding of assistance because you know that assistance would only prolong the lesson, is dispersing gravity, and exerting mental or other control over others, even if one is unaware that they are attaching energy drains to another, is collecting gravity?
A: Close.

Q: (L) So, when you collect gravity, you become like a black hole, you cave in on yourself?
A: Ultimately.

Q: (L) And it seems to me that one of the objects of what we are doing is releasing the gravity collected in ourselves?
A: If that is your choice, or if that is your path.

Q: (L) Is choice as intimately connected with the path as I am understanding it?
Is it just simply part of how you are configured in your soul essence?
A: Close.

Q: (L) And there are people for whom STS is simply their choice. It is their path.
A: Close.

Q: (L) So, it is a judgment and a disservice to try to convert someone to your path, even if you perceive the end result of the path they are on, that it leads to dissolution? It is still their path?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And, if you send ‘buckets of love and light’ to such a one, and that is their path, you are violating their free will?
A: You might as well send “buckets” of vomit as that is how they will react.

Q: (MM) Why send anything? Just be neutral?
A: Judgment is STS.

Q: (L) You told us before that stars and planets are portals, or openings into other densities. Is it possible that this oncoming wave, this Realm Border Crossing will be accessed through these types of portals, that it is not something that is actually in our ‘space,’ but that it would emanate through stars and planets? Am I onto something here?
A: You may be starting down a long path.

Q: (L) So, it is complex. When I was re-reading Noah...
A: Just remember: All prophecies attached to calendar dates are useless unless you wish to be sucked up by the 4th density STS forces!
Q: (L) Speaking of being sucked up by 4th density STS forces, MM was told by her local Hindu gathering that she was vacuuming up their energies. What kind of an interaction was this? Why were they so uncomfortable?
A: Because they wished to be worshipped.

Q: (L) They wished to suck her energy, because being worshipped is the equivalent of sucking energy?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Now, I am curious about the doggie image that was on the aura photo that MM took?
A: In these times, 2nd density creatures will collect more and more attachments.

Q: (L) Are these attachments like other entities?
A: Yes, and others.

Q: (L) When they are collecting these attachments, are they collecting them from us, as in protecting?
A: No.

Q: (L) Are they being used to collect attachments to be detrimental to us?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) You mean we are going to have to do depossessions on our dogs, too?
(V) Holy Toledo!
A: That won’t work.

Q: (L) Why are our animals picking up attachments?
A: Because of vibrational frequency intensifications.

Q: (L) Is there something we could do? I mean, are we supposed to get rid of pets?
A: We would never suggest something as harsh as this. However, beware: 3rd density STS orientation includes the thought of “dominion” over 2nd density, and this is merely a continuation of the energy buildups of the approach of the wave... Some of the lessons are interesting indeed. When you assume that capture and imprisonment of those of lesser capacity than you is for “the good,” why should not you expect those of greater capacity than you to assume the same regarding you?!?

Q: (MM) Well, I want to know what is the deal with this portal in my house?
A: Before we discuss that, we would like you to ponder further the previously given responses. We suspect there is much to be gained from insights lurking there. Now: Portals... ionic column... hmmm...

Q: (V) Are portals archetypal?
A: Are they? Hmmm....

Q: (MM) So, my column is an ionic column?
(L) I don’t think that is exactly what they mean. I think that they are saying that an ionic column represents a portal into the next density. It is an archetype.
A: Third density facsimile.

Q: (V) So, this is how we choose to see it with our eyes?
(L) I think they mean that it is a representation, that it follows in its form the 4th density form, only it is material here.
A: And 5th density, etc...

Q: (L) Okay, MM’s portal. She has been experimenting with it, with this trans-density transceiver...
A: No, she does not have a trans-density transceiver, she has a portal presence.

Q: (L) What is the function of a portal presence?
A: Function is not the correct concept.

Q: What is it?
A: The presence of a portal.

Q: (L) Is this portal that is present related to any person in her house, or related to the area.
A: It is.

Q: (L) Which.
A: It just is.

Q: (L) Was it there before she moved there?
A: That is not important.

Q: (L) What is important?
A: Ask yourself that. Awareness.

Q: (L) On the one hand you could think it is a good thing and be wrong, and on the other hand you could think it is a bad thing, and miss a good thing?
A: Learning is fun.

Q: (MM) I’m getting ready to work with it in meditation. But, I have been working with it and finding out more about it, and I was just wondering....
A: Hey lady, don’t you get it yet?

Q: (V) Who is ‘hey lady?’ It must be me...
A: No.

Q: (V) That is very odd?
(MM) I was wondering if it goes to other densities?
A: Yes, but so what? This does too.

Q: (L) Why was this portal represented by a completely different figure?
A: None.

Q: (L) Is she supposed to channel through this portal?
A: The portal is not “importaltent!”

Q: (L) I guess that implies intent... The portal is not important, what is important is what is going on inside you. And only you can know that.
A: On that note, Good Night.

End of Session


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