October 21, 1995

Freddie, Laura, SV

Q: Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us this evening?
A: Yzgorra.

Q: (L) And where are you from, Yzgorra?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (SV) How do you pronounce that name?

Q: (L): Wy-za-gorra? Is that correct, would you pronounce the “Y” as an “I” ?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, We would like to ask our questions.
A: Remember, Cassiopaea is our transmission point, not our home.

Q: (L) OK, we remember. We were talking just a few minutes ago about the symbol that appeared that was similar to a crop circle on Lewis’s driveway, and we would like to know if you can access for us the source of that symbol. Who put that symbol there?
A: Grey alien species number 4.

Q: (LM) What made them come to my house?
A: Complex.

Q: (L) Can you just give a little indication? We won’t go into it too deeply, but, just a little indication?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is there some significance to this that we should ask it at a later time?
A: Up to you.

Q: (L) OK, why can’t we know this?
A: Too complicated for receptors.

Q: (L) OK, was this sign put there, just in a general sense, as a wake-up call to Lewis?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was it put there as a warning?
A: No.

Q: (L) Did the putting of it there manifest a certain energy at that location?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Did the putting of that sign there, or the interaction of that event cause changes in his life? Or stimulate changes?
A: Vague.

Q: (L) Well, let me put it this way, were the changes in his life shortly after that, as a result of that interaction?
A: Interrelated, not causative.

Q: (L) OK, was anybody abducted at that time?
A: Open.

Q: (L) OK, they’re not going to tell us any more about it.(LM) What does ‘open’ mean?
(L) That they’re not going to tell us any more about it.
(LM) Why?
(SV) It’s too complicated...
(L) It’s either too complicated, or it’s something you can’t hear right now because it would violate your free will to know it in advance.
(LM) Well, if it was either, some of it was, they’d say yes or no. See what I’m saying?
(L) It’s not that simplistic. OK, we want to talk about the... Well, let me ask this - am I right in the feeling that I have that living out in that area was for me, how do I put it, a very transformative experience?
A: Not because of locator.

Q: (L) Well, I have very often had feelings that there were, like, some real unpleasant spirits in that area. hanging around there. Am I correct in that? Real unpleasant energies...
A: Do you suppose said entities are restricted by 3rd density constraints.

Q: (L) Well, no, so what does that mean?
A: Discover.

Q: (L) OK, are you saying that such entities as I felt were present there may not have been just specifically located there, but it was possible for them to be anywhere?
A: Maybe.

Q: (SV) That’s probably what the Lizzies thought about us!
(L) Well, I want to check that out. They’d probably just stomp us.
(SV) Well, the Nephilim do... [Break for coffee]

Q: (L) We’re back. I want to talk about the Roswell video that we’ve all watched. Now Terry continues to insist that it was not Roswell, that there’s something... He just can’t get into it. I would like to know if that video is of alien beings that were retrieved from the crash of Roswell.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK. Why did so many people report seeing aliens that had only four fingers and [toes], you know, like the standard greys?
A: Multiple subjects.

Q: OK, so there were more than one alien on that one craft?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, the story that came from the camera man who shot the video was that there were these four beings. One was dead, and three were standing outside the craft, crying and clutching boxes to their chests. Is this an accurate...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What were those boxes?
A: Storage of translation matrix group to individual, emotion stabilization units.

Q: (L) What is a translation Matrix?
A: Translates foreign thought patterns, not needed except in emergency loss of electromagnetic grid wave.

Q: (L) OK, what is an emotion stabilization unit used for?
A: Variety of uses, mostly for survival by neutralizing thoughts of harm by emotionally charged beings, not accustomed to shocking turn of events.

Q: (L) Were the harmful thought that they were designed to neutralize, thoughts of other be ings?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, they didn’t work very well, did they?
A: Did not have chance to activate.

Q: (L) OK, so if they had had the opportunity to activate these boxes, they would have been more or less able to extricate themselves from this unpleasant situation?
A: Not extricate, lessen negative aspects.

Q: (L) OK, how many beings were in this particular craft that crashed?
A: 21.

Q: (L) How come the reports say there were only four?
A: Reports are suppressed and fragmented, as far fewer individuals witnessed interior of craft!!

Q: (L) OK, was this two crafts striking each other, or was it one craft malfunctioning?
A: Two.

Q: (L) OK, it was two craft hitting each other? Is that correct?
A: No.

Q: (L) There were two complete craft that came down?
A: Bouncing off ionized waves between two craft traveling in tandem.

Q: (L) OK, was one of these craft totally destroyed?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And all the beings in the one that was totally destroyed were incinerated, or blown to bits, is that correct?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Did some of them eject?
A: 4th density.

Q: (L) OK, they knew it was coming and they went into 4th density?
A: No.

Q: (L) They were 4th density beings, and therefore when they blew to bits, they disappeared, is that it?
A: Close.

Q: (L) OK, now of the 21 that were in the craft that was captured, so to speak, there were four outside the craft when it was approached, is that correct?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Then that would mean that there were 17 inside... Of these 21 beings, how many were greys, the standard grey lizzie-probe type being?
A: Most.

Q: (L) Were there other kinds of beings in there?
A: Human.

Q: (L) There was one human in there also?
A: 5.

Q: (L) There were 5 humans inside, so we have...
(LM) Why?
(L) Why were those humans in the craft?
A: Retrieval and study specimens, two big foot types.

Q: (L) Does that mean that the humans that they had in there were retrieval and study specimens, or otherwise known as abductees?
A: Deceased.

Q: (L) Oh, they were dead humans. Wonderful. Did they abduct them dead? Or did they abduct them alive?
A: No.

Q: (L) Did they abduct them alive and then kill them?
A: No.

Q: (L) Were they dead as a result of the crash?
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, then, what’s the story here, I mean, what other choices do I have?
A: Retrieved.

Q: (L) Ohh, these were beings that had been retrieved at death and remolecularized? Is that what you are referring to, what we discussed before?
A: 3rd density.

Q: (L) Were they remolecularized in third density? Is that what you are saying?
A: Retrieved in 3rd density.

Q: (L) OK, tell me once again what it means for a being, a human to be retrieved.
A: Picked up after expiration.

Q: (L) OK, so they picked up dead bodies, is that it?
A: Yes.

Q: (LM) Why?
(L) To study them. OK, did they plan to reanimate these corpses?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Do they ever pick up dead bodies, you know, right after, and reanimate them?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) When they pick them up and reanimate them, do they reanimate them with the souls that left them? Do they like, catch the soul and put it back in?
A: No.

Q: (L) When they reanimate them, do they reanimate them with an alien soul?
A: Multiple possibilities.

Q: (L) If they reanimate them, is it possible to reanimate them with no soul?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, when they reanimate them with no soul, do they have kind of like a zombie-like situation?
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, could you give us a little more information on this particular aspect? If they reanimate them with no soul, what is the animating force or energy?
A: Indistinguishable from other humans.

Q: (L) They’re indistinguishable from other humans.
(LM) How is that possible?
A: Technology makes all things possible!!!

Q: (L) Of course, you are talking about 4th density technology?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What form of... Now, a reanimated corpse that has been animated by infusion of some form of an energy pattern...
(SV) Is it ‘chi’ energy, maybe?
(L) What if the reanimated corpse dies again, I mean, you have got to understand here, that we perceive the soul as being the animating force of the physical body, and when the soul is gone, the body dies. Is that correct?
A: You are making assumptions based on limited data.

Q: (L) OK, well, will you expand my database by telling me how a corpse can be reanimated if not done by a... if not with a soul?
A: Complex technology, using electronic biogeneration frequency matching, combined with extremely high frequency radio beacon transmitters for tracking and control of all functions, including thought pattern mimic and emotional frequency vibrational rate modulation!!!!

Q: (L) If they’re doing this, does it make the physical body...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) The blood, the hearbeat and everything...
A: All functions, including cellular, duplicated.

Q: (SV) What about the aura?
(L) Would a being such as this still have an aura?
A: Projected.

Q: (L) OK, that would be projected, along with all of the frequencies, and everything else. Now...
(SV) Are there a lot of dead people walking around?
A: This is method used for subjects discussed in “Matrix Material” instead of “Robots”, as suggested.

Q: (L) Is there any way that a normal person would be able to identify such a being?
A: No.

Q: (L) Approximately how many of this type of being are walking around on our planet, acting like normal people?
A: 2,000,000.

Q: (L) Approximately 2 million?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK...
A: You, Laura, have come in contact with 7 of them!

Q: (L) Who are they?
A: Discover.

Q: (L) Can you give me a clue, has it been within the last...
(SV) Am I one of them? [Laughter] Well, you never know!
(L) Are any of us one of them?
A: Discover.

Q: (SV) Ask if you’ve done spirit release on any of these seven?
(L) Has this contact happened within the past year?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Are you going to tell me anything about it at all? If there is any question I could ask to get any information concerning this, consider it asked.
A: Who is nutritionist?

Q: (SV) Is that the one who wrote the book? Susan Stockton?
(L) She’s not a nutritionist.
(SV) Who do you know that’s a nutritionist? Isn’t she a nutritionist, the one that wrote that book?
(L) Do you mean Susan Stockton?
A: Yes.

Q: (LM) I find that hard to believe.
(Fred) Is Susan Stockon a robot?
(LM) When did she die?
A: Open. All it takes is a “hospital visit.”

[Laura’s note: To my knowledge, Susan Stockton has been hospitalized for surgery at least twice.]

Q: (LM) Then what happens?
(SV) All what takes?
(LM) It doesn’t make sense.
(L) Maybe there’s a death certificate for her...
A: Yes it does.

Q: (L) Does this mean if one goes into a hospital for surgery, that it’s possible for them to die and be reanimated in this manner? Without anybody being aware of what happened?
A: Yes.

Q: (LM) Why?
(L) Well, we know why, because they’re creating a force, you know, putting it in place all over the planet so they can take over... We already know that! Is that correct?
A: Open.

Q: (LM) What’s open mean?
(L) Open means that’s not absolutely determined yet, at this time, that’s not something that they’re just... it could be, yes.
(L) So, you’re saying that Susan Stockton was one of these robotoids, is that what you ‘re saying?
A: We gave you one for your own knowledge and protection, but cannot give you others at this juncture. [Laura’s note: Does this mean they can be given at another time, after a particular, destined interaction takes place?]

Q: (L) Is it up to me to figure out what characteristics these individuals have, in order to...
A: Based upon data given, yes.

Q: (L) OK, is one of the, I mean, I’m clicking right now, one of the characteristics I think, that these kind of individuals might have, since they have this projected emotional frequency, would be a repeating emotional pattern, that they just simply, in spite of seeming intelligence, do not seem to learn from anything; that it just repeats over and over again, is that a clue?
A: Yes.

Q: (SV) Wait a minute, was that her idea, that we should eat like the monkeys do?
(L) Yes.
(SV) And then you’ve read about... saw the Jane Goodall film that talked about the fact that monkeys like to eat...
(L) Other monkeys, yes.
(SV) And what did she say when you told her about that?
(L) She said, , “Well, I’ll just say:” and she changed the entire paragraph to read “That in the wild, primates eat primarily vegetation with some amounts of protein,” and no specification as to where the protein came from.
(L) That’s really stretching it.
(SV) She should have just left it out...
(LM) That doesn’t make any sense...
(L) Now, she does... there are some strange things about her, I’ll have to admit that. OK, then, this same inability to get a clue about what’s going on... OK, that’s a clue, right there. Is there any kind of instinctual sensation that one would get about these types of individuals?
A: Bland.

Q: (L) That they’re bland in some way? Is that it, that these individuals are bland individuals?
A: Spend inordinate amounts of “time” in solitude.

Q: (L) Well, that means Freddie’s one! Well, Freddie’s kind of bland! And he spends a lot of time in solitude.
(SV) A lot of people do!
(L) So, is Freddie one?
A: No.

Q: (LM) So, if you put a lead shield up around him, he’d collapse! (L) We’re teasing you, Freddie! I didn’t mean it!
(SV) He’s not bland, though! Freddie’s anything but bland!
(L) Is my husband one?
A: No.

Q: (SV) Am I one?
(L) Of course not! Don’t be silly! Now, let’s stop a second. Now, we had several questions, and one of the questions was...
A: Bland is not universal in this situation, just a clue for you to identify individual.

Q: (L) OK, one is a nutritionist, one is very bland. Is that what we’re getting at?
A: No.

Q: (L) OK, bland is just part of it.
A: Not key component, more likely to be spreading of disinformation.

Q: OK, is John Wimbish one?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Well, John Wimbish has got some stuff, because, I tell you what, you tell him something logically, it’s almost like he’s got a pre-set program that runs, and the minute you get to the point where you almost might possibly think... then it just shuts down and he repeats the program. And it just amazes me that people can be that way. OK, have we... I guess you’re not going to tell us any more about this. Do these beings know what they are?
A: Not conscious beings!

Q: (L) They’re not conscious beings, so, they just react to you as though they are being remote controlled.
(SV) So, if you told one of them what they were...
A: Are being remote controlled.

Q: (L) OK, do we have any more questions on this subject?
(SV) So, if you told one of them what they were, they’d agree with you?
(L) No, they’d probably disagree with you.
(SV) Yes, being remote controlled...
(L) Whoever is in charge would not want you to know it, so they’d naturally deny it vehemently.
(SV) Then they’d probably come and get you...
(L) Yes, no doubt about that. Now, what is the purpose of putting 2 million of these kind of critters on the planet? Can you give us a clue?
A: Wait and see.

Q: (L) Why is Terry so determined to criticize or break down or discredit in one way or another this autopsy video?
A: Serving emotional agenda.

Q: (L) And what is his emotional agenda in this case?
A: Supports strongly held beliefs.

Q: (L) OK, and these strongly held belief are that what... What are these strongly held beliefs that he has that he’s trying to support this way?
A: Not important.

Q: (L) OK, so Terry’s beliefs are not important to this issue. I want to ask one insert question here before we go on to other things here. I have a book called “Freemasonry and The Ancient Egyptians”, it’s got a black cover. I can’t find it anywhere. I want to know, did I lend it out to someone?
A: Discover.

Q: (L) I’m trying to, and I can’t, my mind, my memory is just shot since that accident. I’m telling you, I can’t hold on to some things that I just used to really be able to hang on to. Can you tell me, can you give me some kind of indication where this book might be found?
A: You can find it.

Q: (L) I can find it, in other words, it’s in my house somewhere?
A: We do not help you learn by “leading” by the hand, book is easily accessible.

[Laura’s note: My daughter had borrowed without mention.]

Q: (L) OK, so, it’s around someplace.
(SV) Maybe it’s in your room. Maybe the kids have it.
(L) I cleaned my room today.
(SV) Maybe one of the kids have it.
(L) It may be in my room. I bet I know where it is. It’s under my dresser, and I’ll look for it later. OK, where is the Ark of the Covenant currently located?
A: Alternative 3.

Q: (L) Alternative 3 is the plan to take all the people, all the smart guys, all the elite, off the planet and leave everybody else here to blow up, isn’t it?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Where is it currently located?
A: Maybe not. Discover.

Q: (L) We’re trying to discover through our interaction with you. How else can we discover something as obscure as this? I mean, that’s a pretty darned obscure question, I would think.
(SV) Who’s in charge of Alternative 3, Laura?
(L) That’s too complicated.... (SV) Well, maybe they have it, who ever’s in charge of it.
(L) well, are you gong to tell us anything about it?
A: Study alternative 3 to find answer!

Q: (L) OK, the Matrix Material says that Henry Kissinger is the current head of MJ12. Is this correct?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is he just a red herring, so to speak?
A: Yes. MJ12 is no longer MJ12.

Q: (L) What is MJ12 now known as?
A: Institute of Higher Learning.

Q: (L) Are you talking about Brookings Lab, or Brookhaven?
A: Not really.

Q: (L) Is it a specific institute of higher learning?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) The other night, when we were talking about the underground laboratories and the taking of the MIA and KIA individuals from W.W.II, that would seem to imply that the underground tunnel system and the alien activity has been going on there has been going on a lot longer than since 1947, is this correct?
A: Yes, but in much less intensive form.

Q: (L) OK, it’s gotten a lot more intensive since 1947 or thereabouts. Well, the thing that I want to know: is there any relationship between these underground laboratories and facilities and our cultural concept of Hell ?
A: Not in such a simplistic sense.

Q: (L) Well, I’m just curious as to whether the concept of Hell being underground, where people were tortured and worked on and all kinds of miseries going on arose from some people who escaped from, or psychically intuited...
A: Link, but not unified.

Q: (L) Is there a Hell?
A: No.

Q: (L) I’d like to know what the prophecies that were given to the children at Fatima tell about the planet, the prophecies that are supposedly sealed up in possession of the Catholic Church.
A: False.

Q: (L) OK, then, they were false, so we don’t have to worry about them, in any event, is that what you’re saying?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) This underground tunnel that’s under my house, is this underground tunnel just a link, or is it occupied a great deal of the time?
A: Fragmented inquiry.

Q: (L) What I want to know, is this tunnel that’s under the house, which you have said is straight down under my house, is it a tunnel... is there like a laboratory under the house, or is it just a tunnel that’s used for traveling from one facility to another?
A: Closer to latter.

Q: (L) Closer to a traveling point.
(SV) What about the base over at Anclote?
(L) Does the tunnel under my house go to Anclote base?
A: Portal.

Q: (L) Which is a portal? The base at Anclote?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So that’s just a portal. Is it a large facility? You said it was a small facility. Is it just a portal, or is there a working facility there?
A: Portal.

Q: (L) When I had Scarlett under hypnosis and I asked her about... and I told her to travel along psychically and to read the minds of the aliens, and ask them, or inquire of them what the purpose of the implants were, the response she got was that it was like connecting a bunch of speakers, and once all the speakers were connected, then the stereo was turned on. What does this mean?
A: Unit group mind. Activation.

Q: (L) So what will happen when they, as she said, turn on the stereo?
A: Wait ands See.

Q: (L) Well, earlier today I was thinking to myself that they way I feel right now must be very similar to the way animals in the forest feel on the opening day of hunting season. I mean, it’s like every so many thousands of years, it’s hunting season on planet Earth.
A: You are aware, 2nd density is not.

Q: (L) Is it still, in a sense, like hunting season? Are they just here... I mean, according to this Matrix material, they plan on decimating our entire planet, either with disease, or taking over their bodies...
A: Some is disinformation, and your energy is draining rapidly now, so must go for now. Good bye.

End of Session


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November 4, 1995

Freddie, Laura, SV, Terry and Jan

Q: Hello.
A: Hello. Poojoy.

Q: (Laura) Is that your name?
A: No.

Q: (L) What is Poojoy? What does it relate to? Could you clarify that, please?
A: Must it relate?

Q: (L) What is your name?
A: Naphoron.

Q: (L) Can you identify anything about yourself?
A: From Cassiopaea, my dear! There is no longer a reason to fear the presence of others, the channel is too thoroughly grooved for corrupted influences to appear... though you still doubt!

Q: (L) I don’t doubt, I just check. I have several questions here, and I don’t necessarily want to do them in the order they are written down.
A: “Checking” equals doubt.

Q: (L) OK, got you! We have a few short questions before we get into anything deep and heavy. The first question I want to ask is: there’s a rumor going around that the STS alien bases, as in Dulce, and all the other alien bases around out West, have been moved to Paris, Washington and Buenos Aires. Is this, in fact, true?
A: All angles of the story open to corruption, by disinformation.

Q: (L) Are the STS alien bases in the Western part of the U.S. being moved somewhere?
A: We just told you!!!

Q: (L) In other words, what you said was no?
A: ! No. No.

Q: (L) .... ‘We just told you’ ...
A: That all angles are wrong!!

Q: (L) All angles. OK, in other words, no point in asking any other questions about it, because all angles are disinformation. Is that correct?
A: Wrong!

Q: (L) They’re all wrong.
(T) No...
A: No.

Q: (T) Your answer was all wrong.
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Read it back, what did they say?
(J) “All angles of story open to corruption by disinformation.”
(L) That’s kind of an ambiguous answer!
(J) Yes, but it’s true!
(T) Well, you said that the story itself was wrong. That’s not correct.
A: Search, don’t jump over vital subject matter!!! Patience!!! This is not a relay race!

Q: (L) OK, in other words, all angles...
(T) You said “Are all the bases moving to Paris, Buenos Aires and Washington?”
(SV) Maybe they’re expanding...
(T) They said, “All angles of story open to corruption, by disinformation.”
(J) So some of it is right.
(T) So it’s open to it, it’s not actually corrupted, it’s open to corruption. Then what did it say?
(J) Then it said “we just told you.”
A: Problem here involves assumptions.

Q: (L) OK, then, let me tell you the rest of the story. The story is that the Pleiadians are bombarding the underground bases with vibronics. I heard this from two sources.... The Konicov’s and RC.

(T) Now, wait a minute. Who did you get it from first?
(L) RC.
(T) Now, what did she tell you?
(L) Well, she told me that the Pleiadian ships were supposedly above the earth bombarding these bases with these vibronics, which is a high-pitched sound, which is causing the shifts in the time and the ability of the STS aliens’ to function, and this was the humming sound that’s being heard by the people out in New Mexico.
(T) Are these the Billy Meier Pleiadians?
(L) I guess so. They’re the ones that are supposed to be “The Good Guys,” right?
(T) Well, that’s open to....
(L) Right, exactly. And as a result of this, the STS, the “Bad Guys”, and the underground bases, are moving their operations under large cities, i.e. Paris, Washington and Buenos Aires., because then they will have a human shield, because the Pleiadians won’t be bombarding these large cities full of people with this stuff. Now, that’s the story.
(T) Well, that’s an assumption on their part.
(J) Who’s to say that they won’t?
(TERRY ) RC told you. Where did she get that from?
(L) I think it’s on the Internet.
(J) Oh, good lord, right there!
(T) OK, she may have gotten this from the Internet. Or she also may have gotten this from that friend of hers, that Virgil Armstrong guy who she talks to all the time.
(L) Yes.
(T) OK, now, what did the Konicov’s say?
(L) Susy asked if I had heard that all the alien bases are being moved to Paris? That was as far as she knew.
(T) Like as if you would get a fax from the aliens saying, “We’re moving, please forward our mail, we’re having a garage sale.”
(L) Well, she asked me to please ask about it.
(T) OK, now, where did she get that from?
(L) One of the people, apparently it’s one of these channel people that she publishes, called her and told her. This was the information that they had. So this may be coming from like, the Ashtar Command, you know. i.e. Lissa Royal or Yvonne Cole.
(T) So there’s not really a chance that they got it from each other?
(L) No, because RC has had no contact with the Konicovs.
(J) So, it is two separate sources...

(L) Right, widely separated; Michigan and Florida.

(FRED) Yes, but, if they’re both on the Internet...
(L) But Susy’s not on the Internet.
(T) Yes, but one of the other ones may be on the Internet. If it came off the Internet, the Internet is subject to all kinds of questions... I don’t trust a heck of a lot off the networks. I’m sorry, because I know what to expect out there. It’s the same thing that happened to Linda Howe, who got hit in the face with it, and then acted really surprised, like: “It couldn’t happen here!” Well, I know why... nobody bothered to tell her that it’s like that out there! OK, now, before we go any farther, you said “Is this true, that they’re moving them to these places?” Did one of them say these cities?
(L) Yes, RC said the three cities, and Suzy named Paris.
(J) So, there’s a hit on Paris.
(T) Well, Paris would be a bad place for them to move it, because Paris is where people are bombing themselves crazy.
(L) Well, she says these Paris bombings are a result of the STS bases being moved there.
(T) Well, that means that the Pleiadians would go ahead and do it anyway, because they are already doing destruction to the city anyway. They can’t hurt it any more. OK, let’s review ... they said what?
(J) “All angles of story open to corruption by disinformation.”
(T) OK, all angles of story... OK, you’ve got two angles of the story here.

(L) Well, several. The Pleiadians, the vibronics, the different cities....
(T) No, no, you’ve got two sources, two angles...
(L) Yes and...
(T) That may be open to corruption.
(L) Would these people necessarily be the angles?
(T) Yes, and where they got it from may be corrupt. Maybe somebody threw it out there just for the fun of it. Anybody having fun with us, in general. OK, then you said that that must mean the story is false, because they said that it is disinformation, and they came back and said...
(L) Don’t make assumptions...
(T)”All angles”... and you said something, and they said “Wrong,” and you said the assumption was wrong, and they said, no your answer was wrong. And they said ‘Yes’. The answer was wrong. (J) “Search, and don’t jump over vital subject matter... Patience, this is not a relay race!”
(T) The question is: what is the vital subject matter? The alien bases moving, or the sources of the information that you’ve gotten this from? Or the sources your sources got it from? OK, what is it we’re sup posed to be looking at?
A: Alien “bases.”

Q: (T) OK, now, why did you put the word bases in quotes?
A: Assume, and you make an ass out of u and me!

Q: (T) Why did they say that? Because I asked why they put the word bases in quotes?
(L) Because we’re assuming that the aliens have bases? I think that’s what they mean...
(T) Well, we may or may not be assuming that the aliens have bases. Why did you say assuming makes an ass out of u and me?
A: Because you have never adequately discussed the question of the bases with us.

Q: (T) OK, now you’re making a statement that we have not adequately discussed the bases with you, and I will agree, we have not discussed the bases with you, but you are saying that we are making an assumption that the bases exist. Only, the last time we met, you made the statement that Jan and I had been taken to a base. Are you changing what you said?
A: Assumption is not that bases exist, but rather, all other angles to the story.

Q: (T) OK, that’s what I’m trying to get at. All other angles is what we’re supposed to be looking at. Not the bases, which we haven’t discussed, in detail, and not whether they’re being moved or not, not whether they exist or not, but the angles that the story is coming from. Is this what you are saying?
A: Angles, period.

Q: (T) OK, what is it about the angles that we’re missing in your comment, about angles?
(L) Well, I think what they’re saying is that we need to be asking different, specific questions, and those become the angles...
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Now, these are questions about the bases, not about the information about the bases that Laura just related, but questions of our own about the bases?
A: Yes.

Q: (J) Not discussing the sources...
(T) We’re not talking about the sources...
A: Right.

Q: (T) OK, I just want to get this straight, so I can follow this. I know some of our conversations have gotten rambling... We’ve skimmed over things, and moved on to other things in order to get a lot of stuff in. OK, let’s talk about the bases.
(L) What’s the first, most significant thing about the bases we need to know?
A: No, suggest point blank.

Q: (T) OK, point blank questions. Do these bases exist? Let’s start with yes or no answers.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) How many are there?
(T) Are there bases in the United States of America?
A: Close.

Q: (T) There are no bases within the boundaries of the Continental U.S.?
(L) No, they are in other dimensions and densities, is that correct?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) They can be entered through entranceways within the United States and other places within the world?
A: Transdensity.

Q: (L) OK, transdensity points...
A: No. Bases are.

Q: (L) Bases are transdensity.
(T) So the bases are transdensity, in other words they exist throughout the densities in the same location. No, no, that won’t be right...
(L) they exist in a trans-density state.
(T) So they exist in third...
A: Yes.

Q: (T) They exist in third, fourth, whatever...all at the same time. (L) Maybe they could come in to our density when necessary and then go out of our density when necessary.
A: No.

Q: (L) They are in another density.
A: No.

Q: (L) They are in another dimension.
(T) They are in all densities...
A: Trans.

Q: (L) They transit at all densities?
A: Start at three.

Q: (L) They start at three...
(T) They go through four, five is not the density they can go into, so they go through six...
A: Assume.

Q: (L) Assume; you’re assuming...
(T) No, I’m asking, they start at three, you say; where do they go from there?
A: To five.

Q: (L) Three to five.
(T) They cover three, four and five?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Why do they cover five? You’ve said that five is the level of contemplation...
(L) Why not? That makes sense, to have one there, too.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) They can take them through there. They work there.
(T) Well, I need to understand this, they’ve said different things about the fifth density, in
different sessions. OK,
A: No.

Q: (L) I’ll tell you, hold on. One of the things that came through: it was the session when I was asking questions about Jason’s experiences under hypnosis, so it was back fairly early on. And I asked a series of questions about what he perceived. Now, he had an alien abduction experience that he described in another lifetime, seemingly. He described what amounted to having this screen thing put over his face, and the red dots, and the programming and the beings in the silver robes standing around, and then being shunted through this tunnel, and finding himself in this dark space where there were all these black-hole things all around him. I asked, was this an alien abduction in another lifetime and they said no, it was a fifth density life review. I said, are some of these beings we perceive as aliens, and some of these experiences we perceive as alien abductions, actually events or experiences on fifth density? And they said yes.

(J) Life review... that’s real important.
(LAURA ) Right. So what they’re saying is, and when they’re talking about taking souls on the battlefield, and so forth, obviously we have fifth density “alien” and they’ve said that the term is used loosely. I mean, we might perceive them as alien, but they were fifth density workers, so to speak. That was their job, to do whatever it was they did, or they perceived it as their job. So that, to have these bases transit the densities up through fifth, would make perfect sense because of the kind of work they’re doing. Is that...
A: There is so much extremely vital stuff about this subject, that it would be wise to stay with it until completion.

Q: (T) We plan on staying with it, we’re trying to understand this...
(L) You remember when my brother was here, they kept wanting us to come back to the subject of the bases. And we didn’t, we wandered off.
(T) Our problem is, we wander a lot of the time. We’re worse than Carl Sagan as a group here. We wander off on tangent ideas, and go from one thing to the next. We never stay on a subject. OK, the bases are trans-density bases; they go from the third density to the fifth; they exist in the third, fourth and fifth density all at the same time, is this correct so far?
A: Close.

Q: (T) Now, when a being, a soul, whatever, is in the base, do they exist in all three densities at the same time?
A: No.

Q: (L) Hold on, I’ve got an idea...
A: When you are in a skyscraper, do you exist on all floors at the same time?

Q: (J) No, but you have got to know where the elevator is!
(L) Is there something like an elevator...
(J) Yes, seriously!
(L)... that can move you, if you’re in these locations, from one density to another, and experience these bases, these trans-density bases, at different levels?
A: It is an elevator!

Q: (L) OK, so these bases are points... it is an elevator, so these bases may be places that if you are taken to them, are in them, that through these portals, or trans-density bases, you are thereby able to transit the densities?
A: You are able anyway.

Q: (L) OK, but are these specific locations... OK, it is an elevator...
(T) Well, not an elevator as we perceive an elevator... (J) Conceptually, yes. It’s a conveyance, it’s a method.
A: No.

Q: (T) No, that it isn’t an elevator as we perceive it?
(L) Is it an elevator for...
A: Literally.

Q: (L) It is literally an elevator?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So you go there to get on to go to different densities?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) So, it is that easy?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So you go to these bases, to go to different densities...
A: Although, it is possible to enter 4th and 5th in other ways too!

Q: (L) OK, are these beings, these other density beings, creating and utilizing these bases for mass movement of beings or artifacts, from one density to another? Is that what they’re doing here?
A: No. They live on 4th, so they construct 4th density bases.

Q: (L) I’m getting it... So, the fourth density beings construct fourth density bases. These fourth density bases then somehow interface with third density in a certain point in space-time, and they then influence third density beings to build third density bases at this interface point, and through these interface points they are able to move back and forth between densities. Is this getting close to the idea?
A: The only ones who need to use this approach are 3rd D.

Q: (L) OK, so these are fourth density...
(J) They are for our use? They are for third density being use.(L) OK, so our people have built these bases, using technology, perhaps... OK, let’s take it one step at a time. Are these bases constructed by third density beings?
A: Partially.

Q: (L) Are they constructed by third and fourth density beings?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are they constructed for the use of third density beings?
A: No.

Q: (L) Are they constructed...
(T) Are the third density bases constructed for the use of third density beings?
A: Both.

Q: (T) Both third and fourth. OK, and there’s a way for the fourth density beings, an elevator, to move from fourth to third; from their fourth density base to the third density base.
A: Vice Versa.

Q: (L) They said they were built for us, not for them.
A: No.

Q: (L) OK, they were built by us to allow us to get there...
A: No.

Q: (L) Then, I lost it!
(T) They were built so that they can have a place to move and operate in third density even though their main base is in fourth density. They come here, and interact with third density beings, and do their third density stuff while they’re here, because they can exist there, because fourth density spills over into it through the other bases.
(L) OK, so when people go to these bases, and see aliens and humans interacting together, are they in fourth density, or third density?
A: Both.

Q: (L) Either or. OK. The next question is...
(T) Both? Now, wait, they can either be in third or fourth. But you said, if you see them interacting together...
(L) Are they both at once?
A: Mostly on 4th.

Q: (T) OK, so the bases in third density here, are bases for whomever is working with the fourth density beings, that they can exist in it over long periods of time. The fourth density beings can come through to this density, by use of the base.. .
[Dogs start howling in the back yard, distracting the session.] ... Now, I’ve lost my train of thought. OK, we’ve got a base, bases that exist...
(L) Who...
(T) Third, fourth and fifth, and they can transit between third, fourth and fifth... The bases are STS bases, let’s establish that.
(L) That’s an assumption...let’s ask.
(T) Are the bases STS bases?
A: Mostly.

Q: (T) So there may be STO bases, as well?
A: This is complex.

Q: (T) Because the STO beings interact with the STS beings because of the balance and the fact that STO beings serve themselves by serving others, and therefore they will serve STS beings as well as STO beings, because they’re serving...
(L) All right...
(T) Because they’ve been asked, because they’re doing it to serve others. So there are STO beings operating bases also.
(L) Is that correct?
(T) Or close?
A: Much more complex.

Q: (T) I assume it’s much more complex, but that’s the general idea...
A: No.

Q: (L) OK, try this: Are there separate bases operated or built or constructed or somehow occupied or utilized or whatever by STO beings alone?
A: OK, time for us to teach patience. We are going to illuminate you! Why do you suppose there are roads around Dulce NM where people have become confused when traveling on them? Because the 4th density vibrational frequency emanating from the nearby base more and more frequently resonates on surface.
Q: (L) OK, continue.
A: Then going to 4th density: road seems straight as seen in 4th density, when curved in 3rd.

Q: (J) It seems straight when seen in 4th, but it’s actually curved in 3rd?
(SV) In other words, accidents!
(J) It changes configuration from 3rd to 4th!
(T) When people drive those roads out there, as the fourth density seeps out through, and is seeping out farther and farther, they become confused because they’re moving between 3rd and 4th. As the road curves in 3rd, and the car, which is in 3rd, should be curving with the road, the driver sees the road as straight, and drives off the road, because he’s confused by what he sees.
A: Exactly.

Q: (J) It’s all about perception!
(T) Now, we’re back to perception of reality!
A: In 4th, you see full circle from any vantage point.

Q: (L) We talked about that before.
(T) So the road looks straight, because you’re seeing it from all angles, therefore, instead of it being curved on one, you’re seeing it every way, so the road is now straight. But, it’s not really straight in 3rd, and you drive off the road.
(L) OK, continue on with what you were saying...
A: The entire New Mexico region is on verge of moving to 4th density permanently!

Q: (L) OK...
A: Because of the bases.

Q: (L) So, in other words, the rumors of the bases being moved, being filtered down from other densities, through some of the distorted channels, is in essence, somewhat correct...
(J) Because they need to have the base in third density!
(LAURA ) Only, they’re not moving them to Paris, Washington or Buenos Aires, they’re moving to 4th density.
A: Close but the bases are already there, pity the host regions. Why do you think there is so much activity seen there!

Q: (L) Does this mean that when that whole region goes to 4th density, that it’s going to, for all intents and purposes, disappear from 3rd?
A: No.

Q: (T) OK, answer your earlier question, then. Why is there so much UFO activity there? Tell me.
A: Bleed through.

Q: (L) So they’re flying around in 4th density...
(T)...and they’re showing up here in 3rd because...
A: Wait ‘til shift is complete.

Q: (L) Do you mean the shift of New Mexico? Or the total shift?
(T) I think they’re making the sarcastic statement: “Wait till shift is complete... We ain’t seen nuthin yet!!” We’re just beginning to.
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Now, this opens up some questions. First question. You made the statement “But the bases are in 4th density.” What happens when the 3rd density base, which is vibrating itself into 4th density, runs into the 4th density base that’s already there?
A: Merge.

Q: (T) They become one base?
A: They already are.

Q: (T) What do you mean by “They will merge?”
A: To same density.

Q: (J) I’ve got a question...
(T) OK, now, is this moving of the third density location a side effect of the bases? Harmonic resonance, and all that, as in the beginning of the Matrix? Are we talking about the fact that it’s been there so long, that that section of third density is now resonating itself to the fourth density frequencies, and that this is not exactly what they wanted it to do, but it’s a side-effect of the fact that they’re there?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Did they know that it was going to happen?
A: The 4th density STS did, but not 3rd.

Q: (T) One of the little surprises they weren’t told about before the deal was cut?
(J) If I may ask my question now: You’ve got these third density bases that are going to move to fourth density. Are they going to need to re- establish another third density base to continue their work? To replace the one that’s gone?
A: Why? The whole “territory” will be in 4th then. Tremendous reality shock will occur when it crosses the border.

Q: (L) How will we in third perceive it?
(J) We won’t!
(L) Now, wait, don’t make assumptions here! How will we in third perceive it? Let’s play make-believe here. What are they going to say?
A: Tremendous reality shock when cross border.

Q: (L) Are you saying that this whole region will go into fourth density when the Realm Border crossing occurs, or is it going to happen shortly?
A: Before!

Q: (L) OK, this is going to be a tremendous reality shock to us, in third density?
(J) I guess!
(SV) Well, New Mexico’s not going to be there any more!
(L) Well, now, how are we going to perceive it? That’s what I want to know! Are we going to see a big hole in our world? Are we going to see a vast, empty desert?
A: New Mexico will still be there, but suggest review driving skills, for but one example! [Jan’s note: New Mexico’s vehicle license plate does say “Land of Enchantment.”]

Q: (T) New Mexico will still exist, but the perception, when you drive into it, is going to change completely, because you’ve moved into a different density?
A: Cooking will be fun too!

Q: (T) Because it’s fourth density.
(L) Wait, now, stop a minute here...
(T) This is not something that can be covered up very easily...
(L) Now, hold on, back up. What will we perceive... I mean, what is it going to say on the news? Everybody in New Mexico disappeared?
(J) Or they all go nuts...
(T) I would hazard to guess...
A: News blackout.

Q: (T) They’re not going to say anything. Now, what is the government’s response? I’m sure they will do something like ... “An underground nuclear facility for old rods,” and they have to block the whole state off...
(L) That’s tangential.
(J) They’re going to have to keep people out!
(T) How will they explain it? They will not let anybody in!
(L) But they still have... What I’m getting at is... That’s begging the question!
(T) I have another question...
(L) The question is, what will...
(T) It will look like New Mexico!
(J) It will be different every time...
(L) But the question is, will there be people there? Will there be buildings there? If you fly over it, if you could fly over it, would you see a landscape? Would you see cities?
(T) It will look like New Mexico...
(L) They didn’t say that!!!
A: This requires 1,000 answers!

Q: (L) In other words, there is an issue here!
(T) Yes, there is, and there’s another issue. That’s only one base. OK, we’re talking bases...
A: Colossal issue.

Q: (L) My question is a colossal issue here. What’s going on here? This is the whole thing.
(T) My question, I think, is important, too. There’s more than one base. If one is doing it...
(L) Well, they said the whole territory...
(T) Not New Mexico; there are bases in South America, there’s supposedly a base off the coast of Florida...
(L) OK, is this going to happen to all the bases?
(T) There are bases all over the world...

(L) But New Mexico is where they’re hearing all that “business.”
(T) They’re hearing the “noise” in a lot of places around the world.
(L) OK, are there other bases and areas around the world where this is going to happen?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it going to happen simultaneously?
A: No.

Q: (L) It’ll happen as it develops...
(T) The same way it developed out there.
(L) In other words, they’ll move their activities to the other locations, once one place...
(T) No...
A: No.

Q: (J) Yes, because I asked, and they said no!
(T) The bases were not all established at the same time. The base out there is becoming affected....
(L) The oldest...(T) We don’t know if this is the oldest, we don’t know about other places in the world...
(L) That’s true.
(T) ...where nobody can go. We don’t know what’s going on in Russia, and in China, in Africa, in the middle of the rain forests, what’s happened there... But, as the bases, as our perception of time goes by, each of these bases will experience the same thing, in their due time.
(L) This brings to mind a couple of questions we discussed a couple of weeks ago, when my brother was here. After we had talked about the underground bases, and the soldier effect, and the taking of the souls out, and so on and so forth, and I don’t know if we got into it effectively or not, but I don’t think so. Is there some connection between these bases and their activities and a concept that has emerged in our culture, of Hell being underground?
A: No.

Q: (L) OK, is there some connection between these bases going into fourth density and the idea of some of the ancient prophetic literature that the...
A: Bases are partially 4th density already, and always have been. It is the surroundings that are in for a massive change.

Q: (T) OK, now, this brings up an interesting concept. Two interesting concepts. When Roger Santilli was here, we talked about his compatriots messing around with this stuff on a small scale. This is on a massive scale that’s getting out of hand on purpose.

(L) And they mentioned that these things had been being done by whom, and blah, blah, blah...
(T) Yes, now, the question is, they told us that the Lizzies want to control us, not in third, but in fourth density. They’ve also told us that this wave realm border is coming, which is our human chance to move to fourth density on our own and escape, if we can do it, as a group, the Lizzie’s control. The Lizzies have brought fourth density to us before the realm border gets here. Everybody who’s in a fourth density area, like the New Mexico people, like you were just asking, what happens to everybody, gets transferred into fourth density, where they are controlled by STS, fourth density, in physicality, right on up there, before the wave gets here, before they understand what’s really happening to them...
(L) That’s what I was trying to say earlier...
(T) It wasn’t coming out well, but that’s it, right?
(L) The ancient prophecies, where they talk about taking out the negative, and that this amount to the taking out of the tares, the weeds, the chaff.
(T) It’s not only in this location, it’s in many locations, so they’re going to grab...
(L) Gathering them together ...
(T) ...a whole bunch of humans by way of these bases that they told the different governments a lie about the purpose of the bases. The bases weren’t for any of this other stuff that they told them. The bases were there specifically to generate the resonance effect within the area.
(J) And spread it...
(T) Yes, well, they knew it would grow, therefore they can grab everybody within the area. In New Mexico, depending on how big an area, they’re hearing it out to Taos and as far southeast as Albuquerque. That’s a big city. There’s a lot of people there, in that area of northern New Mexico. To the north of that, they can take out Las Vegas, which is another large city. Plus the tourist areas throughout the National Parks. Now, the bases have been in out of the way places. The information, or disinformation, is that, the bases would be moved under large cities. Is the experiment that they have performed, and they calculated out, to see if this works on a sparse area first? And then, to move to large population areas, and do it again, and on a second level of experiment, accelerate it?
(L) OK, let’s ask. Is that the idea, that they’re trying this there, and then move to the large cities for the same purpose?
(J) Like trying it out in Boston...
A: No. Remember, you are moving to the density 4 anyway.

Q: (J) My question is, in the case of the New Mexico locality, is this a “contained” event?
A: Regional “blip”.

Q: (J) OK, so it is contained, it would not spread.
(T) Well, it’s not big enough to spread. But it is bigger than what Santilli’s buddies are messing with.
(L) OK, is there anything happening under the cities of Buenos Aires, Washington and Paris? Along these lines?
A: There are things “happening” under all cities.

Q: (L) OK, I know you said “things”, but I said along these lines.
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is what I said, what we postulated earlier, is this their idea, is this the Lizzie’s idea? The fourth density beings’ idea? To gather us up before the wave gets here and then they can make their move?
A: No need.

Q: (L) OK, let me ask it this way. Is this event going to take all the people with it into fourth density STS? I mean, all the people who go with this event?
A: No. People will not “go.”

Q: (J) People will not “go.” It will be like those people that were trying to retrieve the planes, and every time it changed, their realities kept on changing.
(T) Is this like the people, the flight 19 stuff?
A: No.

Q: (L) What’s going to happen to the people in the region?
(T) That was an Atlantean thing, they flew into the Atlantean power pyramids...
(J) No, that’s not what I meant... I’m not talking about the guys on the planes, I’m talking about the people that were trying to retrieve them, and they kept on changing back and forth from dimension to dimension...
(L) What’s going to happen to the people in the New Mexico area?
A: Nothing.

Q: (L) So, if the region disappears...
(T) It’s not disappearing. It’s just shifting...
(L) So if the region goes into fourth density, will the people living there also be in fourth density?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Will they notice that anything is different? Will they, not us, they?
Those who are within it?
A: Are you kidding?

Q: (L) I guess they will.
(T) Well, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.
(J) Their perception is going to change!
(T) But, how can their perception change if they’re not going into fourth density?

(L) No, they said they are going in to fourth density! But they’re not “going” anywhere (J) There will be no traveling involved.
(T) We’re not “going” anywhere, we’re shifting our frequencies up to the next density, not moving from where we are.
A: Picture driving down a highway, suddenly you notice auras surrounding
everything.... Being able to see around corners, going inside little cottages which become mansions, when viewed from inside... Going inside a building in Albuquerque and going out the back door into Las Vegas, going to sleep as a female, and waking up male... Flying in a plane for half an hour and landing at the same place 5 weeks later...

Q: (J) [reads previous passage and says:] Perception is “BEING,” and changes all the time!
(T) That’s “variability of physicality!”
(SV) Albuquerque... That’s where the University of New Mexico is! Can you imagine that whole campus...!
(T) Can you imagine the poor casino operators when “chance” no longer plays a chance....?


Q: (T) How is this changing of the densities, in that large and major a way, affecting the wave? They said that the scientists, messing in a small way, are affecting us and the wave. How is this, on a large scale, doing?
A: No relation.

Q: (L) No, it wasn’t that the scientists were affecting the wave, they had no effect on the wave, they were affecting the curtain between densities, which is a totally different thing from the wave, which is an oncoming thing.
(T) But, does it speed it up, what does it do? What is the effect?
A: No.

Q: (L) No effect. Let me ask this. Is there any possibility that this regional movement to fourth density is going to manifest in third density as some sort of cataclysmic activity?
A: No.

Q: (L) OK, is this perception of reality imposed on us from outside, or...
A: Not imposed upon.

Q: (L) OK, what is it that determines... I mean, I know awareness determines, but if a whole region is going to go, is it because all of the people occupying that region are at a level that they can change their awareness?
A: No.

Q: (T) It’s not going because of that. It’s going because the bases are being used to manipulate.
(L) OK...
A: No.

Q: (T) It’s a side-effect of the bases...
A: Yes.

Q: (T) it has nothing to do with anybody being ready to go... or anything else but as a side effect?
A: Also atomic bomb blasts.

Q: (J) Oh, Los Alamos bomb blast!
A: Blasts.

Q: (T) OK, now, how about the French, and their atomic bomb testing in the South Pacific? Is this activity accelerating some sort of transition, or opening of a doorway...?
A: Maybe.

Q: (T) OK. As the bases reach these points of side effect, of transition from third to fourth, each one in itself is localized. But, do many of them together form a much larger shift over a larger geographical area?
A: We told you it was regional.

Q: (J) Yes, each one is regional, but do you reach a point where... is there a saturation point?
(T) Is there a cumulative affect over each region?
(J) As they go?
(T) In other words, if you’ve got one whole...
A: No, we meant SW US region.

Q: (L) OK, this South West region, this is imminent in this area? Is that correct?
A: Imminent?

Q: (L) OK, it’s already happening, is that it?
(T) It’s in progress.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, what else were we asking? Can people come in and out of it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can you get back out of it?
(T) How well can you drive and cook?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) You said other bases are going to experience, or are experiencing this same effect.
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are there other bases that are experiencing, have experienced this effect, previous to the Dulce base?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) As these bases experience these effects, in different places on the geographical surface of the planet, do the effects become cumulative?
(L) They said only the SW United States...
(T) I know, I’m approaching this from another direction here. As this happens, will this ultimately take in the whole planet?
A: No. Wave.

Q: (L) The wave will take in the whole planet.
(J) It’ll be a Swiss-cheese effect? With more and more holes as they go on...
(T) News blackouts will not keep people from hearing about this. How’s the power structure going to handle all of this?
A: ?

Q: (L) How indeed? That’s a good question. The power structure already knows it’s happening, because it’s happened in other places already. This isn’t the first place.
(J) That’s what the disinformation is for.
(T) Disinformation is fine in remote places where nobody can reach, like Outer Mongolia, or the middle of the Brazilian Rain Forest. When it happens in downtown Albuquerque, or Las Vegas, or off the coast of Florida, and you can’t go to Orlando or Miami anymore, somebody’s going to notice!
(J) Where is Miami or Orlando on the timetable, that’s what I’d like to know!
(T) How is this going to affect...
(L) Interestingly, Jan just said something that keyed in a good question. If time is involved in this, is it possible that when something goes into fourth density, that if we were traveling to that area, that we would arrive in that area at a different point in time? And that we would say...
(T) As we perceive time...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Very good question.
A: 4th density frees one from the illusion of “time” as you WILL to perceive it.

Q: (L) OK, if you’re freed from the illusion of time, going into fourth density, would you then go into one of these regions and perceive a time period and sequence of events as you expect to perceive it?
A: As you WILL to perceive it.

Q: (L) So, in other words, there may be some people on the planet, because of their fixity of will, and perception, at third density, who will not perceive anything change? Is that correct?
A: No.

Q: (L) So, anybody will, something will be different. OK.
(J) What they do with that information, that’s a different story...
(T) You know, these areas will become bigger tourist attractions than any that are out there now! People will flock to them...
(L) Is that possible?
A: No.

Q: (T) It’s an “E” ticket ride! When the word gets out that people can go to that area of New Mexico and experience true strangeness, it’s going to draw a lot of people.
A: Not that simple... Picture driving to reach New Mexico by car and “skipping” over and arriving in San Diego instead, or... driving to the grocery store in Santa Fe, and winding up in Moscow, instead.

Q: (L) So, in other words, this is going to create a situation where people on the planet are going to become very confused and upset over this situation.
(J) Yes, have you ever tried going shopping in Moscow?
(T) They’re going to draw a lot of people when they find out that happens!
(L) And being forced to expand their perception and awareness because of the anomalous events!
A: Imagine being an N.S.A. official and shiverring at the prospect!

Q: (L) N.S.A. National Security Agency... Why would you shiver at the prospect...

(SV) of being one of them? With all this going on?
A: Concealment.

Q: (J) In other words, trying to cover up what’s going on!
(T) Well, they’re not going to be able to cover up what’s going on. That’s what I’m getting at. And because of what’s going on, it’s going to draw people to the effect...
(L) If something like this happens, obviously, what they’re going to have to do is institute some kind of martial law, so they can cover it up! Or else, they’ll lose everything!
(T) They’re going to have to restrict travel...
(L) Well, yes, we know that, but they don’t!
(T) They’re going to have to, at the minimum, restrict all travel through those areas...
(L) Well, yes...
(T) The only way they’re going to do that, is either impose martial law, or come up with some kind of MAJOR disaster to keep people out, like I said, “buried, spent fuel rods are leaking contamination over NW New Mexico, no one allowed in.” But, they just told us that those who are inside can get out. So how are they going to keep those who are inside from coming out, especially if they come out all over the world when they leave?
(J) People will be talking a mile a minute about all the stuff...
(T) People are going to find out, they’re not going to be able to cover it...
(L) Well, they’re going to find out about all the stuff. They’ll be picking them up every time they hear about one, but of course, it will be like trying to move the bucket from leak to leak to leak...
(T) From place to place, and it’s not the only place it’s happening!
(L) ...and it’s going to be leaking so many places...
(T) The bases that are more located towards or closer to civilization than has happened so far...

[Lewis comes in and asks a few questions and the group “brings him up to speed” on what’s been said, and then continues on.]

Q: (L) They said they were going to teach us. Let’s ask if there is any major, further information on these bases, that we need to know. (J) Is there one around this area that’s going to do this?
(T) It’s off the coast of Florida, they told us that. It’s out in the Gulf. (L) Is our off-the-coast base going to do this?
(T) If it [New Mexico] covers an area as far as Las Vegas, and through there, it’s going to cover us.
(L) Is our base going to...
A: Not of same intensity.

Q: (J) Less or more? Which direction?
A: Less.

Q: (L) Is there...
(T) Why would it be less? Because the base is smaller?
(L) Because it’s smaller, they told us it was smaller. They said ‘Small base near here’.
(TERRY) Well, that’s just the one near here. What about the one out in the Triangle?
(L) Yes, we didn’t ask about the Triangle!
A: Panhandle, too.

Q: (L) Is the Panhandle less, or will they have the same thing happen as Dulce?
A: By that time, the wave will arrive.

Q: (L) Is there anything about these bases and this subject matter that you wish to teach us further at this time?
A: Suggest direct channeling for this subject.

Q: (L) Well, you know how we feel about the direct channeling, that there is too much personal filtering involved. This way, none of us knows anything...
A: Faith must enter the picture somewhere, lest you fall behind. Some subjects are too complex to be properly discussed through this medium.

Q: (L) OK, we’ll save this discussion of the bases for a direct channeling session. The only thing is, in a direct channeling session it is... There are some things about it that are disturbing. It tends, after doing it several weeks in a row, to become, it begins to sound pompous.
(SV) Let’s ask.
(L) Why is it after doing it several times in a row, it begins to sound pompous, information begins to get skewed, why is that?
A: Perceptions are a fun challenge.

Q: (L) That’s easy for you to say, because, when the answer comes back that...
(J) You’re not “perceptually challenged!”
A: It is easy for you to say many things.

Q: (L) Well, the thing is, when absolutely incorrect information comes out, I have a difficult time dealing with that.
A: How do you determine correctness?

Q: (L) Well in that particular instance, I was told that a certain thing that I saw in the sky was the planet Mars, and the planet Mars was so far away from that spot, that it was absolutely incorrect. I mean, the planet Mars was 120 degrees away from Jupiter. And yet, you said that they were 10 degrees apart; that what I saw that was 10 degrees away from Jupiter was Mars. Unless Mars traveled 110 degrees across the sky in one day, then that was incorrect information. There’s no two ways about it!
A: Wrong!!!

Q: (L) No, it’s not!
A: It is!!!

Q: (L) What is wrong? That Mars didn’t travel 110 degrees? Because that is exactly what you said, that it was Mars. I went back, I read over the session!
A: You were in a 4th density flap.

Q: (L) Well, fine and dandy! If I’m in a 4th density flap, that’s an easy answer for... any answer that seems to be at variance with what’s happening here. I mean, do you get my point here?
A: Yes. But you are still mistaken.

Q: (L) Why am I the one that’s mistaken? Why can’t you be mistaken?
A: We can, but not on this one! Remember, you felt strange during this experience. And besides, you asked us for the information, we must present it to you as it is.

Q: (L) You’re saying that I felt weird or strange or unusual at that occasion, I don’t remember saying that I felt strange or unusual, are you trying to put words in my mouth?
A: Who said that? You said that.

Q: (L) OK, you didn’t say that I said that. You said that I said that I felt strange or unusual. I don’t remember that I said that. I don’t remember feeling strange or unusual.
A: OK.

Q: (SV) How many other times during direct channeling was wrong information given?
(L) A lot of the other information is unverifiable.
(J) How much of this is unverifiable?
(L) Well, that’s what I’m saying. When there’s a point such as that...
(T) Well, when they shut down the southwest and declare martial law and keep everybody out, then we’ll know that there’s some truth to it.
(J) Is there a base in the “Show Me” state? They’ll have a great time!
(T) Is there a base near Denver?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Let’s think about the Scallion map of the future continent. The “Cities of Enlightenment” that are on his map. There’s one in Denver, there’s one near Albuquerque, there’s one near Tallahassee...
(L) Doing the direct channeling is so excruciatingly boring.
A: We only suggested it for complex issues.

Q: (L) I suppose we can handle it in small doses. Let me ask about a dream I had the other night, about being on safari, and then being given some information, followed by an event where it seemed like something shot out of my side. And then two days ago I was in the bathroom and noticed there was a deep puncture wound in that area that was somewhat healed. Could you tell me what this represented, or what’s the story here, or what happened?
A: Another session.

Q: (L) Then let’s say goodnight.
A: Good night.

Q: (L) Well. I had a whole list of questions that we didn’t get to ask. And we only asked one question. I’m going to be more careful what I open with! I’m going to be sure I don’t ask something that’s just full of implications!
(SV) Well, how do you know what question is going to be full of implications? Anyway, what are you going to tell the Konicov’s?
(T) “Don’t go to Albuquerque!”

End of Session

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November 11, 1995

Freddie, Laura, SV

Q: Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us?
A: Lynostieah

Q: (L) And where are you from?
A: The translation point of focus is Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Is there a reason you use the term “translation?” Is it because the information is translated from one density to another?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Is that the point where the energy “shifts” densities?
A: Close.

Q: (L) I noticed that in the beginning of these transmission that the language was very formalized, and that as time has gone by, the language used has become more colloquial. Why is this?
A: Formalized? Colloquial? Define your judgments, please!

Q: (L) Well, what I meant was, that in the beginning it seemed that certain colloquial expressions that we are accustomed to were unclear to you. And now, not only is there great familiarity with our expressions, but you seem to often come up with rather clever and original witty sayings.
A: Familiarity breeds contentment!

Q: (L) Okay. I want to get on with the questions for tonight...
A: Do you not wish to reflect upon our witticism?

Q: (L) [Laughter] Yes! I thought that was a very clever witticism!
A: It seemed as if you were not impressed?!? Give us a break, Laura?!? We’re only sixth density!

Q: (L) As we say, “I love a sixth density light being with a sense of humor!” Now, the main thing I wanted to ask about is the references I come across in tons of reading, that the number 33 is somehow significant. Could you tell us the significance, in esoteric terms, or in terms of secret societies, of the number 33. There is the cipher of Roger Bacon, based on the number 33, the 33rd degree masons...
A: As usual, we do not just give you the answers, we help you to teach yourself!! Now, take 11 and contemplate...

Q: (L) Well, three times eleven is thirty-three.
A: Yes, but what about 11?

Q: (L) Well, eleven is supposed to be one of the prime, or divine power numbers. In Kaballah, 11 is the power number...
A: Yes...

Q: (L) Eleven is 10 plus 1; it is divisible only by itself and by 1. I can’t think of anything else. In numerology, I am a an 11 in numerology... I am also a 22. What else is there to the number 11?
A: Astrology.

Q: (L) Well, in astrology, the eleventh sign is Aquarius, my name is an eleven, my birthday is a 22 which is twice eleven, and I am an Aquarian. The eleventh house is friends, hopes, dreams and wishes, and also adopted children. Aquarius the Waterbearer, the dispenser of knowledge. Does 11 have something to do with dispensing of knowledge?
A: Now, 3rd house.

Q: (L) Gemini. Okay. Gemini and Aquarius. Third house is how the mind works, communication, relations with neighbors and siblings, education, local travel, how one speaks. Gemini is known as the “consummate man.” Somewhat shallow and interested in the things of material life. It is also the divine number of creation. So, what’s the connection here?
A: Matrix.

Q: (L) Is there something about this in the Matrix material?
A: No.

Q: (L) This IS a matrix. The third house and the eleventh house create a matrix?
A: Foundation.

Q: (L) In terms of cosmic things, Gemini is in June, Aquarius is in February...
(S) Isn’t the third house also about teaching? And, we are friends here and we are being taught...
A: This is not about you.

Q: (L) Okay. This is not about us. I am just trying to relate it. Gemini is in June, Aquarius is in February. Gemini is the physical man, and Aquarius is the spiritual man?
A: Yin Yang.

Q: (L) So Gemini is the physical man and Aquarius is the spiritual man... yin yang... is that the...
A: Yes...

Q: (L) So 33 could represent the transformation of the physical man to the divine man through the action of secret or hidden teachings... and those who have gone through this process represent themselves with the number 33, which means that they started out oriented to the flesh and then became...
A: Medusa 11.

Q: (L) Medusa 11? What does Medusa have to do with it?
(S) What about spinning 33 times?
(L) Please tell me how Medusa relates here?
A: Heads.

Q: (L) Heads. Medusa. 11. Were there eleven snakes on the head of Medusa or eleven heads? This is really obscure... you need to help me out here.
A: We are.

Q: (L) Do I need to read the Medusa legend to understand?
A: No.

Q: (L) Medusa. Heads. 11. Is there something about the mythical Medusa that we need to see here?
A: 11 squared divided by phi.

Q: (L) By pi. 11 squared divided by pi. What does this result bring us to?
A: 33.infinity.

Q: (L) Well, we don’t get 33 out of this... we get 3.3166 etc if we divide the square root of 11 by pi. Divided by phi... what in the heck is phi? Okay, if we divide pi into 11, we get 3.5infinity, but not 33.
A: 1 times 1

Q: (L) Oh. You weren’t saying 11 times 11, you were saying 1 times 1.
A: No.

Q: (L) 1 times 1 is what? 1.
A: 5 minus 3.

Q: (L) Okay, that’s 2.
A: 2 minus 1.

Q: (L) Okay, that’s 1. I don’t get it. A math genius I am NOT. What is the concept here?
A: Look: 353535.

Q: (L) What is the 35 sequence?
A: 5 minus 3.

Q: (L) Okay, we have strange math. But, you can do anything with numbers because they correspond to the universe at deep levels...
A: Is code.

Q: (L) What does this code relate to? Is it letters or some written work?
A: Infinite power.

Q: (L) How is infinite power acquired by knowing this code? If you don’t know the correspondences, how can you use a numerical code?
A: Lord of Serpent promises its followers infinite power which they must seek
infinite knowledge to gain, for which they pledge allegiance infinitely for which they possess for all eternity, so long as they find infinite wisdom, for which they search for all infinity.

Q: (L) Well, that is a round robin... a circle you can’t get out of!
A: And therein you have the deception! Remember, those who seek to serve self with supreme power, are doomed only to serve others who seek to serve self, and can only see that which they want to see.

Q: (L) The thought that occurs to me, as we are talking here, is that the STS pathway consists of an individual who wants to serve themselves - they are selfish and egocentric -they want to impel others to serve them; they want to enslave others; and they find ways to manipulate others to serve them. But, they end up being impelled by some higher being than they are. Because they have been tricked into believing that by so doing, they are actually drawing power to themselves through the teachings, including the popular religions which promote being “saved” by simply believing and giving up your power. And, then, you have a whole pyramid of people TAKING by trickery and deception, from others. The taker gets taken from in the end. A pyramid where all those on the bottom, the majority, have no one to take from, so they get absorbed into the next level higher, until you get to the apex and everything disappears. In the STO mode, you have those who only give. And, if they are involved with other STO persons, everyone has and no one is at the bottom or at the top, in a void. In the end, it seems like everyone ends up serving someone else anyway, and the principle is the INTENT. But in STO, it is more like a circle, a balance, no one is left without.
A: Balance, yin-yang.

Q: (L) Obviously the 33 represents the Serpent, the Medusa, and so forth...
A: You mentioned pyramid, interesting... And what is the geometric one-dimensional figure that corresponds?

Q: (L) Well, the triangle. And, if you have a triangle point up you have 3, joined to a triangle pointing down, you have 3, you have a 33. Is that something like what we are getting at here?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is there a connection between the number 33 and the Great Pyramid in Egypt?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And what is that connection? Is it that the builders of the pyramid participated in this secret society activity?
A: Yes. And what symbol did you see in “Matrix,” for Serpents and Grays?

Q: (L) You are talking about the triangle with the Serpent’s head in it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are we talking in terms of this 33 relating to a group of “aliens,” or a group of humans with advanced knowledge and abilities?
A: Either/or.

Q: (L) Is this what has been referred to in the Bramley book as the Brotherhood of the Serpent or Snake?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is this also what you have referred to as the Quorum?
A: Close.

Q: (L) So, we have a bunch of people who are playing with mathematics, and playing with higher knowledge, basically as a keep busy activity to distract them at the human level from the fact that they are being manipulated at a higher level. Is this what is going on? Or, do they consciously know what they are doing? Is it a distraction or a conscious choice?
A: Both.

Q: (L) If I were to name some names, could you identify if named individuals were involved in this secret group?
A: It would not be in your best interests.

Q: (L) Is there anything more on this 33 number that I should look at now?
A: No. You need to contemplate.

Q: (L) The next question in the list is: You indicated that we should study the legend of Orion, and I looked it up in several sources, and basically the legend is of the perfect man, who fell in love with a woman, and her jealous father caused him to be blinded. The only cure was to gaze at the light, the goddess Aurora, to regain his sight. Can you tell us how this relates to the idea that Orion was the indiginous home of humans?
A: It is up to you to look for answers.

Q: (L) There was an interesting reference in one of the books of the relationship of Orion to Scorpio, that Orion’s bow is drawn at Scorpio. And, at one other point, you said that the physical bodies of mankind were molecularized, and ARE being molecularized, on a planet called D’Ankhiar, which is in the constellation Scorpio.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is the relationship of Orion to Scorpio? The Orion “bad guys,” shooting at Scorpio which is the place of origin of the physical manifestation of the human race...
A: Bad guys?

Q: (L) Forget I said bad guys. “Shooting at Scorpio.” Is there any relationship, symbolically, to the fact that the human bodies...
A: It is all interrelated.

Q: (L) The killing of Osiris, according to the legend, occurred on either the 28th day of Scorpio, or in the 28th year of his life. What is the symbology of the number 28, if any?
A: None.

Q: (L) This book describes the Nordic aliens as having blood with a different chemical base than ours...
A: This is trivial disinformation, “Nordic” Physiology is identical to yours, with the exception being their cranium, which averages 3 per cent larger.
Discuss for insight. Must end session.

Q: (L) Thank you.

End of Session


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November 18, 1995

Freddie, Laura, Terry and Jan

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us?
A: Rindr.

Q: (L) And where are you from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) We have several questions... are we ready?
A: Certainly.

Q: (L) Is there any relationship between all of the terrorist bombings that have been taking place in Paris recently, and any stepped up alien activity?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Is there anything we can obtain on that subject by formulation of correct questions?
A: USAir-194 crash; United Air crash, Colorado Springs; Connection? Get voice recorder tape transcripts.

Q: (L) Is this in some way related to the question about the Paris bombing?
A: No.

Q: (T) This is related to what they were talking about last week, the bases turning 4th density, a plane flew into it and crashed.
A: Assumption! Strobe lights are used for 3rd density mind control.

Q: (L) Strobe lights located where?
A: Not a question asked with much thought!

Q: (L) You are right. I was just trying to open the subject.
(T) What does strobe lights used for mind control have to do with the air crash?
A: Just let it flow. As you will see, past sessions of this nature have yielded best results for you. We have picked up your thought waves, which are progress oriented, and are trying to assist you in your increased learning and progress frequency wave. You see, this increases the energy level!!

Q: (L) Okay. We will just let it flow, then.
A: It is advisable to ask questions, but be unconcerned with the nature or content of the answers beforehand.

Q: (L) Do you wish us to go back to the statement about strobe lights being used to control minds, and pick up and go from there?
A: Best not to continuously ask us for advice on how to ask the questions, or if this or that is okay, but rather just “shoot from the hip.”

Q: (L) Okay. You mentioned the strobe lights. Are these strobe lights that are used to control minds, are these something that we would or might come in contact with on a daily basis?
A: Do you not already know? We didn’t say: some strobe lights, we said: strobe lights, i.e. all inclusive!

Q: (T) Strobe lights come in many forms and types. TV is a strobe light. Computer screens are a strobe light. Lightbulbs strobe. Flourescents strobe. Streetlights strobe.
A: Police cars, ambulances, firetrucks... How long has this been true? Have you noticed any changes lately??!!??

Q: (F) Twenty years ago there were no strobe lights on any of those vehicles mentioned. They had the old flasher type lights. Now, more and more and more there are strobe lights appearing in all kinds of places.
(L) And now, they even have them on school buses!
(T) And the regular city buses have them too, now.
(L) Okay, is the strobing of a strobe light, set at a certain frequency in order to do certain things?
A: Hypnotic opener.

Q: (L) Can we say that this is something we are being acclimated to, so that other things that happen to us in terms of our interactions... it just keeps one in a continual state of hypnosis?
A: Assumptions restrict the flow!

Q: (L) What is the purpose of the hypnotic opener being used in this way?
A: You don’t notice the craft.

Q: (L) Ohhhhhhhh! So we may be being continuously flown over by alien craft...
A: Assumption!

Q: (L) Sorry!
(T) Okay, we don’t notice the craft because we see the strobes. They are hypnotic openers and are inducing a hypnotic effect...
A: Assumption!

Q: (T) Okay, continue, then.
A: Well, ask a question, then!

Q: (L) Okay, they are telling us not to assume, but to ask.
(T) Okay, what craft are we NOT seeing?
A: Opener. Is precursor to suggestion, which is auditory in nature.

Q: (T) What suggestion?
A: Put on your thinking caps. Networking is not making assumptions. Bold unilateral statement of “fact” is.

Q: (T) Oh. Phrase your statements in the form of a question! I’d like “Hypnotic Openers” for $200, Alex! Cosmic Jeopardy!
(L) Okay, you said the “suggestion is auditory in nature.” If this is the case, where is the suggestion coming from auditorily?
A: Where do you normally receive auditory suggestions from?

Q: (L) Radio, television...
(T) Telephone...
(L) Is that what we are talking about?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) If you encounter a strobe while driving, or you are sitting in front of your television, then the suggestions can be put into you better because of this hypnotically opened state? Is that it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What are these suggestions designed to do, to suggest? In a general sense?
A: Review.

Q: (L) Not see the craft?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Do we get these signals from the radio in the car even if it is turned off?
A: Depends upon whether or not there is another source.

Q: (T) Another source such as?
A: ELP, for example.

Q: (L) What is “ELP?”
A: Extremely Low Pulse.

Q: (T) ELF, Extremely Low Frequency, and ELP, Extremely Low Pulse - is this the same thing?
A: Sometimes.

Q: (T) This would be an external pulse or frequency?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Would it be originating from the source of the strobe?
A: No. They act in unison.

Q: (T) Two separate sources acting in unison?
A: Close.

Q: (L) And this process prevents us from seeing something, such as craft flying in our skies at any given time?
A: Or maybe see them as something else.

Q: (L) Now, we have to stop for a minute because I want to tell you something. In the past few months, I have really been watching the sky carefully every opportunity I get. On 3 or 4 separate occasions I have seen what I thought was an ordinary airplane, and I would watch it carefully and then scan to the left or right, and when I looked back at the place where this plane should be, based on observable speed and direction, there would be NOTHING there. I have stood there and searched and searched and found nothing. These things just VANISHED. I knew I had seen it, I knew I wasn’t crazy, I knew it couldn’t have gone away that completely - and having it happen several times has just really unsettled me. What are the implications of this, other than the fact that we could be completely overflown at all times for any number of purposes and be, as a mass of people, completely unaware of it?
A: Yes, monoatomic gold!

Q: (L) And what does the reference to monoatomic gold mean?
A: Total entrapment of the being, mind, body and soul.

Q: (T) That’s what Hudson said... on the video.
A: Strobes use minute gold filament.

Q: (L) How can that compare with taking monoatomic gold internally?
A: What composes minute filament, do you suppose? Hint, it ain’t from Fort Knox!

Q: (T) Monoatomic gold.
A: Bingo. You see, this has extraordinary properties.

Q: (T) I’m sure it does! The thing is, if it does what Hudson says it does, the power structure would have shut him down - he wouldn’t have gotten this far with it. So, if they are letting him do it, it’s because it doesn’t do what he says it does, it does the opposite. Which is what he said. When you take the stuff for so many days, you complete the program, it restructures your genes. Isn’t that what happened to us before? Do we want to do it again?
(L) And, wasn’t it said that LIGHT was used to cancel certain DNA factors?
(J) Exactly!
(L) Okay, how do we block this kind of control?
A: You don’t.

Q: (L) Let me ask this, CD was my bodyguard and went with me to do the lecture down in St. Petersburg last night. He asked an interesting question. It was, if we know what he thinks we know, and if we are building the kind of strength that he thinks we are building, and getting factual information about all such things, why hasn’t somebody, either on 3rd density or 4th density, seen fit to stop, block, or whatever. Of course, I did explain to him the level of attack and obfuscation and many other things... but, in another sense he was asking very plainly why has something physical not been done to, as he put it, “take us out?”
A: The powers that be want slow release of information.

Q: (L) Does this include the 4th density STS?
A: No, but they don’t see that which they do not wish to see.

Q: (L) They don’t see us as a threat?
A: More like an annoyance. By the way, why is not CD more participatory???

Q: (L) Is that a rhetorical question? Or, are you asking me?
A: Either, or.

Q: (L) CD is very curious. But, why don’t you tell us?
A: Be more direct in your informational campaign, Laura, rather than trying to
stimulate reactions by way of roundabout actions and statements.

Q: (L) Are you saying I should be more direct with CD, specifically?
A: Direct appeals always work much better, but you have a fear based aversion to them, which is related to early childhood interactions with your mother. We are trying to aid you with a bit of insight to assist you in your progress.


Q: (L) Okay, I want to ask about the experience I had the other night - are you still there?
A: Why do you always ask that, do you expect us to take a coffee break?

Q: (L) Okay, I had what seemed to be an OBE the other night. Was I actually having one?
A: Was an “all intensive ooze” of the solar realm.

Q: (L) What?
(T) You asked!
(F) Well, now THAT’S completely clear! (L) Sarcasm will get you nowhere, guys!
(T) That’s about as clear as ooze!
(L) Okay, what is an “all intensive ooze” of the solar realm?
A: Realms are compartmentalized at graduated levels, like everything else. The root basis of the study of Astrology is the “unified entity realm,” which relates to the effect that local cosmic bodies have upon the body and soul of third density beings in any given locator.

Q: (L) So, what does this mean in terms of what I experienced? I felt that I was moving in and out of my body over and over, sort of like doing an exercise.
A: Solar activity occurring when your experience took place was such that, based on your “solar return,” had the effect of partially separating your soul from your body. Now, just for fun, why not check your chart for that day, and see if the aspects were a little more favorable for expiration of the body potential than usual?

Q: (L) Now that I have been able to play with it a little, will I experience it again, or can I?
A: Well, it is always experienced at least once in the lifetime of a human being, but for most people, it occurs at the conclusion.

Q: [much laughter] (L) You mean I died? Or was this what people experience when they die?
A: Yes, but you got to come back in time for dinner!

Q: (F) I guess that’s mirth!
(L) So, that wasn’t just an OBE, it was a separation of the soul from the body? Is that different from astral projection?
A: No.

Q: (L) Do people who have OBE’s experience this?
A: With “astal projection” the consciousness level is not as intense because of “the silver cord” and the shroud of third density awareness.

Q: (L) You guys just don’t know how intense this experience was. I was SO conscious of EVERYTHING.
(T) More conscious than you have ever been before, right?
(L) I have to say yes. I was playing with what was happening to me and having fun. I noticed every little sensation. The separating from the body produces a sizzling sound, a sort of electrical sizzle, and it changes as you move in and out of the body. I knew what I was doing.
(T) In astral projection, the soul is still connected to the body. In this case, was Laura’s soul completely separated from her physical body?
A: Not completely, but the part that was, was.

Q: (L) Well, I did sort of keep a toe in.
(T) This is almost the same thing that Dannion Brinkley described in his book. So, if Laura had lost complete connection, would she have died at this point?
A: Yes.


Q: (L) I had a safari dream. I dreamed we all went to Africa, and I got some information there, something was given to me, and I put it in my pocket on the right side. And then, just a few days later I had the experience where I felt a danger, something probing in the direction of my mind, and a protective device shot up out of my lower right abdomen, like a rocket. And the next day, I noticed a small, deep, wound at that spot. What was this?
A: Energy surge.

Q: (L) Why out of the area of the ovary?
A: Magnetic plane weakness there.

Q: (L) So, is it beneficial to be able to do this.
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Is this something I learned in this dream, that we can all learn to do in some way?
A: No need.

Q: (L) Well, it seems that having the body automatically erect defenses when a threat is felt is a pretty handy talent to have.
A: Sure, in 4th density.

Q: (L) Was this a 4th density action, or ability?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Did something actually exit my body and leave that wound?
A: Already answered.

Q: (L) Okay, it was an energy surge. Did this energy surge leave a wound in my body?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Where did the energy surge emanate from?
A: Learn naturally as you evolve. Good Night

End of Session


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