August 8, 1995

Freddie, Laura, SV

Q: (L) S__ has some questions about a real estate purchase she wishes to make. May we ask questions related to this?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is the house that S__ is considering buying, located at 6041 Central Avenue, as good a deal as it seems to be in terms of price.
A: That is subjective. Subjective reasoning is involved.

Q: (L) Is there anything being hidden by the seller that needs to be looked into?
A: The sellerís main concern is profit. Also there is some mechanism involved with the transfer which may tend to maximize profit for the seller. This has to do with time, calendar dates.

Q: (L) Is there anything further that you can give us on that which would help S__ to settle down and relax a little?
A: The problem is not with the buyer, its a situation where the seller can make the sale and either realize a larger profit or a smaller profit within the same purchase price structure. So, therefore, the buyer is unaffected.

Q: (L) So, the seller has a deadline to meet to maximize his profit?
A: Yes. The sale is unaffected from the standpoint of the buyer, either way.

Q: (L) So S__ can safely participate in the closing and not be concerned about the sellerís issues?
A: Absolutely correct. The perception of deceit pertains to maneuverings of the seller to create maximum profit potential, which is NOT contingent on the buyer.

Q: (S) Is the house sound? Itís not infested with termites or radon gas or anything, is it?
A: That is quite a venue. These are subjective questions to an extent. It certainly should not be expected to collapse.

Q: (L)S__ had another question regarding another issue...
A: S__ has many questions and needs to ask them herself.

Q: (S) Okay. This is concerning my birthdate and place. On my adoption papers I was told one birthdate...
A: Did you not want to ask further questions about the property you are preparing to purchase?

Q: (S) Of course! But I donít want to wear out the subject.
A: There is no possibility of wearing out the subject.

Q: (S) Laura and I have a lot of plans for this house. We want to hold classes... some of the things we plan ... such as spirit release... this energy wonít hang around the house will it?
A: Such occurrences have nothing to do with the structure in which it occurs. Such things are merely a manifestation of the occurrence itself, and how any such efforts are undertaken, as opposed to the structure in which they take place.

Q: (L) So SRT can be safely done without fear of harboring any of that energy in the house?
A: SRT may be safely done or un-safely done according to the procedures employed, and those employing them. The structure within which they are done is not in any way related to these issues. And the same holds true for this particular structure in question.

Q: (L) S__ has said that she would rather I did not borrow money on my house, that she would like to lend me the money I need at the moment until I get my insurance settlement. Is this a workable plan? I donít want her to be short in any way in her situation. I donít want it to be detrimental to S__ to extend herself in that way.
A: One are where one must be most cautious is in the borrowing of money.

Q: (L) I am aware of that, and that is why I am asking.
A: The question that you ask cannot be answered as you desire, not because the answers are not known, but rather because lessons learned on your karmic pathway cannot be shown to you before they occur. And, decisions such as these are suggested to be based on past experience combined with a period of reflection, and if you choose to follow the pathway of borrowing, it is strongly suggested that all parties involved understand the possible variables, and reflect upon the results of all possible variables.

Q: (L) You mean by simply handling it as business ?
A: That is not really the point. The point involves more emotional learning processes that can be painful. However, also, it is possible to avoid painful experiences by careful and precise reflection on all possible events and any given situation that can result, prior to undertaking any efforts. In other words, openly and honestly discuss all possible angles where emotional concerns are involved. These are the danger zones that invariably crop up whenever large sums of money are borrowed or lent between individuals who have an emotional bond. It is not the financial aspects at the root of any painful lessons, it is the emotional angles. If it is possible for you to discuss any and all possible variables, and what effects can be anticipated within each, then you may proceed to do what you feel is best, with the comfort and knowledge that you have gone to the utmost extreme to consider ALL possible variables.

Q: (S) There is another question, if I get this house, I noticed that there were bugs. I donít like bugs. At an earlier session you talked about an automatic bug zapper. I know it is not harmful to humans. But, I have a cat and I may be getting a dog. Are they more susceptible to this frequency of this device? Will it affect their nervous system in the long run, or mine, or anyone elses?
A: Please be aware that in the state of being that you currently occupy, and in the environment in which you currently reside, as third density beings, there are many environmental stresses upon your physical being, which you often overlook. And, focus on any particular one is rather pointless without focusing on the remainder. So, therefore, perhaps it is wise not to focus on any at all unless you wish to choose the other path, which is to attempt to focus on all, and this can be most difficult. So, as you are zeroing in, as it were, on one area, such as electronic anti-pest devices, is understandable, but rather futile unless you also wish to focus on food intake, smoking, the pollutants of mechanical devices, of sunlight, the thinning of the ozone, vibrations from sound pollution and a myriad of other consequences that you normally overlook and put out of your mind. It is not necessary to become worried about any given environmental occurrence.

Q: (L) So, it is six of one, half dozen of the other. Bug spray, bug zappers, or bugs - take your pick.
A: Exactly. But the reason for the lengthy answer is to stimulate reflection on a wider range of subjects of a similar nature, rather than just a simple answer to a single question.

Q: (S) But me, as one individual, I canít do anything about the ozone layer or sound pollution...
(L) Thatís not the point. There are all kinds of devices you can by to produce ozone, and devices to eliminate sound pollution in your home. So, if you are going to worry about the bug zapper, you ought to worry about it all.
(S) Well, I HAVE been thinking about that also! On my adoption certificate it says one date. You have told me another date, and we have figured both of them astrologically. Neither one seems correct. Can you tell me the exact birthdate, time and place.
A: First of all, remember that reading of astrological charts requires total objectivity to obtain accuracy. And, again, when there is an emotional bond between the reader and the one being read, it is difficult to achieve this. Therefore, interpretations can be somewhat off. This is the first issue that must be settled. Also, please try to avoid any desired results, but rather be open to any and all possibilities when reading charts of those with whom there is an emotional bond. As far as the date, time, and place, the word ďMankatoĒ comes; also the number 12, and 3:06 a.m.

Q: (L) We have one other question that is personal. Can you describe the action of DMSO on the body tissues, and can it be detrimental?
A: Please define ďdetrimental.Ē

Q: (L) Just leave it and describe the action on the tissues.
A: Pores of the skin are stimulated to open up in ways in which they do not normally open up, due to chemical reaction that is taking place between the oils that are normally present on the skin, and the chemical compound in the DMSO, which allows for rapid absorbing of the chemical compounds into the skin, to such an extent that nerve endings are equally stimulated to produce the desired result that is what could be described as numbness. But, one must remember that this numbness is merely a result of deadening the nerve endings as opposed to any medicinal treatment of the cause of the discomfort. Therefore, it is not particularly helpful for one to use the product described if the desired result is long term treatment and healing. It is merely short-term comfort on a temporary basis, then this is feasible, however, it is not advisable for long term health.

Q: (L) The studies done on DMSO say that it bonds with the water molecules and passes quickly through the cells, forcing the cells to restructure in their original pattern, and that also it can carry into the tissues any other agent that is put with it. So, if you wish to apply an antibiotic to a specific area of the body, you mix it with the DMSO and apply it there and then do not have to treat the entire body with the antibiotic just to get it to a particular area. Is any of this correct?
A: Well, we choose to pose the question to you: Such intricate processes as described, makes one wonder how such a compound would be widely available, given the nature of political and economic restrictions in your 3rd density environment.

Q: (L) Well, it is sold for veterinary use...
A: Again: How could such a compound be available for your use, if indeed, it has the results that you describe? We have answered the question. And, it is possible for you, given your inquisitive nature, to come up with a reliable and trustworthy chemical analysis through efforts of your own which would verify our statement: it is merely the result of nerve endings being numbed, as it were, which eases the pain. Now, we ask you to reflect upon this for a moment, again not merely to answer this one simple question regarding one relatively minor subject, but rather also to answer the entire nature of things in your environment. Would you expect anything that produces the results that you describe, to be readily available to you?

Q: (L) Well, I donít know. One does have to buy it from a veterinary source... so it is not exactly in the supermarket!
A: Then why canít you buy, for example, plutonium from such sources?

Q: (L) Well, plutonium is more rare.
A: But we are not discussing rarity of a substance, we are discussing results purported to arise from the use of DMSO. And you describe rather fantastic results involving some rather fantastic chemical reactions which begs the question ďwhy would such a compound such as this be even remotely available to the average individual in your environment, when other compounds that are KNOWN to produce various chemical reactions that would be beneficial are NOT available. Again, we refer back to the economic and political structure of your third density environment when posing such a question.

Q: (L) Are you saying that it is almost impossible to get anything that is good or useful in this environment? Are there no ďgood guysĒ out there putting things out that are good for us?
A: What do you think?

Q: (L) I certainly hope so!
A: Remember, for quite some period of time now, as you measure time, we have tried to inform you to the effect that your third density environment has been completely controlled and will be controlled by forces that seek only to serve themselves for a period, as you would measure time, exceeding 309,000 years. And, many, many times in your current life existence, you have reflected upon the questions involving the beneficial or otherwise existence of individuals or an individual IN this environment, the pros and cons of continuing such existence, and what is involved with it. And, you have correctly perceived the conclusion that this is, primarily, a negative experience. But, not that good things do not come from a negative experience, but that the basic indicator that it is a negative experience, should also indicate to you that it is an experience related to a chain of command involving Service to Self. And, therefore, Service to Self is a manipulative action rather than a openly beneficial action. It is a withdrawing and taking motion rather than an expanding motion. And these statements can answer for you, not only simple questions about one chemical compound, but the very nature of your existence to begin with as well.

Q: (L) This leads to a couple of our other questions. What is the criteria to be a 4th density candidate?
A: There is no criteria. A criteria implies a judgment system which implies that an individual or individuals are watching over the progress of other individuals. It is merely part of the natural process of learning, which you are in total control of from beginning to end, in one sense. In that sense, you choose to be in the environment you are in, which does not indicate any recommendation of the environment by any higher source, or, conversely, any condemnation of the environment by any higher source, but merely the existence of the environment and your choice to exist within it. Therefore, being a candidate merely means that you have chosen to be a candidate for ANY level of density, be it first, second, etc. It is a choice of the self to continue that learning pathway.

Q: (L) Okay, the question has arisen: at the time of the transition to 4th density, is there going to be any assistance to those who are newly arrived in that density, or does the knowledge of that density come automatically?
A: Neither. When one arrives in 4th density, it is oneís choice to find oneís way just as it is in the other densities. There is no one waiting there to assist you. That would be an illusion. It is you assisting yourself as you choose to do it, the way you choose to do it.

Q: (L) There was a discussion the other day and it made me curious. It seems that some people simply do not have the capacity to understand certain concepts. Is this a function of vibrational frequency?
A: That is not quite hitting at the subject matter in the way in which you desire to answer the question. In other words, it is a parallel understanding pattern. It is not vibrational frequency that determines ability to conceive of any particular notion. Vibrational frequency involves the groove, or pattern, that one has chosen in general terms. But, to give you an example, there are those who are of very LOW, as you would measure, vibrational frequency, who are able to conceive of extremely complicated issues and have also discovered extremely precise, complicated, and intricate answers to very complex notions and problems from your standpoint in the illusion. But, the frequency vibrational level has more to do with the emotional path that leads either to Service to Self at its greatest possible expression, or Service to Others at its greatest possible expression, not with intellectual capacity. So it is possible for a completely STS individual at any density level to be completely cognizant of all existence, just as it is possible for a completely STO individual to be completely cognizant of all existence. It has nothing to do with vibrational frequency because that is the emotional pathway.

Q: (L) The reason I ask this is because I have noticed that certain persons can skew the incoming material in the direction of their particular prejudices because of their emotional attachment to these prejudices. And I am sure that my own prejudices have an influence as well. But, I notice that very often the understanding of the material by others is quite different from what Freddie and I understand. It seems that we all hear something different. Does this indicate a vibrational differential which could be considered a lack of rapport, or some other phenomenon of which I am not aware?
A: The only phenomenon that is present here that is in any way related to the situation you describe is what could be termed intellectual capacity, which is not related directly to vibrational frequency. Think, if you will, in your lifetime have you ever met either a] an individual that you did not perceive to be particularly intellectually developed, who was, nevertheless, of a very kind and loving and giving nature; or b)an individual whom you perceive to have great intellectual capacity who was, nevertheless, extremely selfish and non-giving and not generous and not concerned about anyoneís well being but their own?

Q: (L) Yes. I know exactly what you mean. But there is still some gap that I am trying to fathom here. I have a little theory that people who are en rapport tend to think in similar ways or with similar patterns, even if at different levels. And I think that because of emotional similarity or identity of purpose or orientation, that they might almost begin to think as one mind or move as one body, to work as a unit. Why is this not happening? Why the disparity?
A: The real issue involved is one of intellectual capacity, which, in and of itself, can lead to all sorts of emotional entanglements and frictions. It does not require a differential in vibrational frequency level to produce the types of symptoms that you describe. It is merely intellectual capacity that is inferior rather than the vibrational frequency level. Again, this vibrational frequency level involves nature of being and emotion, not intelligence.

Q: (L) I have done a little bit of an assessment on the subject, Freddie and I have discussed in all possible ways, and we cannot come up with any reason why persons who are exposed to correct grammar and syntax cannot just pick it up sort of by osmosis so that it is not so jarring to the ears of those who DO care about words and that they are pronounced and used correctly .
A: Intellectual capacity.

Q: (L) Well, it shouldnít take a whole lot of brains to hear what others are saying and to at least imitate it!
A: The greater the intellectual capacity, the greater the chance that each and every facet of intellect will be available for use, growth and stimulation. The lesser the intellectual capacity, the greater the chance that some will not be available. And, the examples you cite of the ability to learn proper grammar by mimicry or understand correct pronunciation and syntax, may merely be the closing off of that particular facet of intellectual capacity, rather than any vibrational frequency level differential. And, it is important for you to be aware of this so that you do not make subjective judgments of an individual or individuals, thinking that they are inferior in intent or desire as opposed to intellectual capacity. Granted that it is an irritant for you and others. But, one way to ease the irritation within yourself is to come to a true and complete understanding of the cause of the irritation. Once you have understood that, then it becomes less irritating. Especially if the cause is one which can be excused or forgiven.

Q: (L) Well, that leads me to the next question: the use of words that I find personally offensive. Is this also something that I should excuse? I mean the use of words that relate to body parts, body functions that are very private, and so forth, used as adjectives and adverbs in ordinary speech about ordinary subjects. What is considered to be extreme slang or pornographic language.
A: Well, you should be aware that fighting off such occurrences is rather futile in the particular point in space time that your awareness is emanating from, because it is a part of the environment to an extreme extent at this point. And, whereas it is true that these are symptomatic of negative energy transfer, there is little to nothing that you can do to affect or change any of these.

Q: (L) I donít have to contribute to that negative energy.
A: This is certainly very true. And it would seem that you are not, as a general rule, doing so. However, perhaps it would be helpful, again, for you to understand that it is more a question of changes occurring in the 3rd density environment right now, that you will notice a great many things that you will perceive to be objectionable or distressing, or even frightening in their nature. It is your advanced state of perception and your intellectual capacity, which is also advanced compared against others in your realm, that allows you to have a deeper understanding of all of this. But, and this is understandable, you tend to become, perhaps, too emotionally involved in each individual occurrence, when, after all, it is all part of the bigger picture that is going on around you. And, it would probably be better to focus your attention on this bigger picture rather than the individual distressing elements contained within.

Q: (L) I understand how it is in the rest of the world, and that there is nothing I can do about these things, nor would I try. But, in my own personal environment I do not wish to contribute to that negative energy and I donít think that it is out of line for all members of a group dedicated to bringing in positive energy of knowledge for change not contribute to that energy in their personal lives as well.
A: This is certainly understandable. But, something that you should be aware of is, to a great extent, you have already achieved removal of those things which are objectionable, and therefore dwelling this may not be helpful. The use of such words as you have described, which again, as we reiterate, is indeed symptomatic of changes occurring within the 3rd density level in your particular point in space time, and is a negative energy transfer, one of countless overall, while it is true that this is the nature of what you describe, you have been largely, even if not 100 per cent, successful in removing that particular problem from your environment and from the group you describe, therefore, if there is an occasional contamination, it may be overlooked when compared against your overall success in removing such elements.

Q: (L) I agree. I would like to move on. I would like to know if putting a book together consisting of our experiences and what we have learned in this group and project would be a successful pursuit?
A: Well, that is up to you. But, we do caution that, due to your lack of credentials, and by this, we mean as perceived in the illusion, it may be difficult for you to reach your desired goals, in the time frame that you may desire, which would be discouraging for you. This problem can be alleviated by the one you have mentioned, Tom French, and you might help him to help himself get the project finished by a true understanding of the nature of the obstacles he is facing.

Q: (L) Okay. Can you offer any suggestions as to what to DO with the masses of information we have received?
A: Well, so far you have done an extremely admirable amount of ďgetting the word outĒ as you would call it, in the past calendar year, as you measure time, by merely following your instincts. And, it would not be appropriate for us to interfere with this learning pattern by making suggestions or answering that question as you, in fact, desire it to be answered, because it is not necessary. You are making plenty of progress. There is no need for you to deviate from any patterns of movement in this area.

Q: (L) Well, I very much want to get financially stable so that I can take certain steps...
A: We caution you: compare your current status, and reflect upon the progress that you have made in the last two years, and ask yourself if you have truly suffered in this time period, or have all your necessities always been provided, even if at the last minute. And, if this is indeed true, then the knowledge that we have given you that the financial stability that you seek will, indeed, eventually come your way, why then be concerned?

Q: (L) I also think that Freddie is being overworked and underpaid.
A: All there is is lessons.

Q: (L) Well, if I donít make some changes I am going to fall into a hole.
A: When has the hole ever consumed you?

Q: (L) Well, it is on the verge of it.
A: When has it ever consumed you?

Q: (L) Never.
A: Do you expect that to change?

Q: (L) No.
A: You have, in fact, advised others who have complained about similar situations, that there is no need to worry, because, as you put it, ďthe Lord will provide.Ē And if, indeed, you do have faith in this very simple principle, why then would your faith deviate at this particular point?

Q: (L) Because sometimes I just donít know what to do and I feel like I am being devoured by stress that I cannot handle.
A: We do not believe that this is, in fact, a factual statement, but rather an emotionally tainted statement, which we are not condemning. It certainly is understandable, but it is also helpful to understand it for what it is. Previously you have described options that were available to you, it is your choice, then, to seek them out and turn them into answers. Do you not feel that options are available to you?

Q: (L) Well, yes. But none that are terribly pleasant. And there is risk involved.
A: Describe for us please, any thing in your realm that does not involve risk?

Q: (L) Okay, I am really curious to discover something about the ancient legend of the Hyperboreans?
A: There is a masking there. It is an incorrect description.

Q: (L) What do you mean? There was a race supposedly called the Hyperboreans...
A: That is a masking.

Q: (L) What is a masking?
A: A masking is an incorrect description of an historical event or condition.

Q: (L) What was the true event or condition that is masked as the Hyperboreans?
A: There have been, in your third density environment, at various points in space-time, residing on the surface of your planet, and also within its atmosphere, which structure has changed repeatedly, and, in fact, underneath the surface of your physical environment in 3rd density, a great many types of races of humans, some of whom are currently existing in your environment, and some of whom are not. And, also alternate humans. In other words, human-like 3rd density beings who could not be accurately described as humans as you know them. And, also there has been interaction with 4th density beings who pose as 3rd density beings, and 3rd density beings who have, at times in your history, have been able to temporarily and at will interact with 4th density in such a way as to present themselves as 4th density beings. So, we are describing here a virtual potpourri of history involving intelligent life within some realm or condition of your environment. To zero in on any group and give them a name at this point is not really appropriate as names connote approval, but, in fact, may merely be a stamp.

Q: (L) Okay. Is that all?
A: Thatís up to you.

Q: (L) The Hyperboreans were described as a race that lived in the far North, living in a tropical pocket near the North Pole surrounded by mountains of ice. They were supposedly semi-transparent and supposedly something forced them to move among other humans, and they interbred with them. The legend is that every 5th generation, following the maternal line, produces an individual of exceptional beauty and intelligence. So, it is thought in some places that people who are exceptionally beautiful and intelligent are the result of the Hyperborean genetics. Also, the Hyperboreans were supposed to be the predecessors of the Celts.
A: That is such a pleasant story! Mmmmm.

Q: (L) I liked it!
A: Unfortunately, it does not reflect fact. But, fantasy is always fun.

Q: (L) Was there a race that lived in the area of the North Pole?
A: Well, there is a group currently living in the area of the North Pole.

Q: (L) Who is that?
A: Eskimos.

Q: (L) Okay. Do any secret libraries containing all the secret wisdom of our history exist anywhere on the planet?
A: No. The secrets that you are alluding to are contained within mental structures in psychic realms, some of which you have little or no conception of. There is no need to record anything in any form that could be placed in any library. It is all done verbally and through mental telepathy.

Q: (L) Who and what were the Mayans?
A: The Mayans were a trasitory people who still exist in the lands that you refer to as Central America. And who have certain physical features that are not consistent with the rest of human beings on 3rd density Earth environment, due to their interactions, in the past, as you measure time, with beings of other density levels.

Q: (L) What beings would those be?
A: Well, we have described 4th density STS beings on many occasions.

Q: (L) The Lizard Beings?
A: Indeed.

Q: (L) Who was Arajuna of Tiahuanaco?
A: Well, we believe that you are referring to one of approximately eight hybrids that ruled the area currently referred to as Central America. Hybrids being a 4th density to 3rd density transfer experiment from the Lizard race to the human race, which was abandoned after approximately 240 years of experimentation by the Lizard Beings, due to the lack of success for sustaining physical duplication, or reproduction of the race. It was one of several attempts by the Lizard Beings to directly transmit their souls into 3rd density environment for permanent placement there. And, of course it is no longer perceived as necessary by them because their intention is to rule 3rd density beings in 4th density when they arrive there.

Q: (L) Who built the city of Tiahuanaco?
A: The Lizard Beings in cooperation with humans.

Q: (L) When was it built?
A: Varying time frames since it seems to have been destroyed at two points. We have to estimate an average of 8,000 years prior to the current time, as you measure it.

Q: (L) Who built the statues at Damien in Kabul?
A: An early Persian race, 3rd density in nature.

Q: (L) Does the Agartha exist?
A: No.

End of Session


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August 12, 1995

Freddie, Laura, SV

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) Do you have any messages to give S or myself at this time?
A: Ask specific questions.

Q: (L) My first question is: What is the source of the Vedas? The Hindu system of philosophy?
A: There is more than one source.

Q: (L) What is the general source, positive or...
A: A very vague question.

Q: (L) Was it a group of people that put them together over centuries, or was it channeled information, or...?
A: It came into being as a result of meditation.

Q: (L) And what race of people was responsible for this information?
A: Caucasian.

Q: (L) What period of time were the Vedas received.
A: Varying bits and pieces of information which later was organized into packages labeled as it is.

Q: (L) From what realm did this meditated information issue?
A: The realm of the subconscious mind.

Q: (L) Are any of the Vedas information that was given to man by extra-terrestrials?
A: Not as you would define it.

Q: (L) From what types of beings, or what level of density did this information issue from?
A: Third.

Q: (L) Can you give us anything more on that in a general sense?
A: If you ask.

Q: (L) What is the percentage of accuracy of the information given in the Vedas? Overall?
A: Accurate at what level?

Q: (L) Third Density.
A: Accurate to what extent and in what way?

Q: (L) Well, in a general sense, as a way of living oneís life and perceiving the universe.
A: Thatís an extremely difficult question to answer as accuracy in determining such things as perceiving the universe and living oneís life is entirely open to interpretation as anyone can resolve accuracy by relating to the parallel universe which is appropriate for the information given. And, as we have stated in the past, it is possible to create parallel universes through thought energy, and once they are created naturally, they correspond naturally to the interpretation given for them.

Q: (L) Is there any benefit to be obtained through the use of mantras?
A: Especially when the mind says there is. Remember, most all power necessary for altering reality and physicality is contained within the belief center of the mind. This is something you will understand more closely when you reach 4th density reality where physicality is no longer a prison, but is instead, your home, for you to alter as you please. In your current state, you have the misinterpretation of believing that reality is finite and therein lies your difficulty with finite physical existence. We are surprised that you are still not able to completely grasp this concept.

Q: (L) Well, I think I have a good grasp of this concept, but I am asking questions to obtain answers for others to comprehend.
A: That is not being completely honest.

Q: (L) Close enough. Is it true that recitation of mantras can effect spirit release or exorcism?
A: If you please.

Q: (L) Last week, the remark was made, regarding spirit release and exorcism, that if it is done properly, by the right person, that there is no side effects or eventualities that would bring detrimental conditions to the individuals and location involved. What was meant by ďdone correctly?Ē What is the correct format or mode for exorcism?
A: Correct manner involves honesty and understanding that one has complete faith and awareness of the activities pursued. In other words, when one performs an act which they proclaim to be having a desired result, and they do not have faith in their own actions as, in fact, producing the desired result, then the effort will collapse because of their lack of faith. Whereas when one has complete faith and multidensity understanding, their activities are indeed truth and useful as prescribed and this is the correct way to pursue them.

Q: (L) Isnít faith a difficult commodity to acquire?
A: Not at all. When you have found something of truth you will receive demonstrations which locks in your faith.

Q: (L) I see. What is the criteria for the ďcorrect personĒ to be performing exorcism or spirit release?
A: The same as the previous answer.

Q: (SV) I have a question. Jan and Terry have been taking sort of lessons from a Buddhist monk. Could this possibly help them, or us, to go within or help with issues?
A: Any method employed can be helpful for, as you say, resolving issues or with coming up with answers, if indeed the effort is sincere and the seeking is genuine, rather than just going through the motions, as it were.

Q: (L) Several weeks ago we did a spirit viewing of Terry and Jan, and there was something seen that obscured Terry, and something seen within. We later did a spirit release and nothing that was similar to what had been observed revealed or exposed itself. Why was this?
A: Complicated, complex.

Q: (L) Was there error in what was seen?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was what was seen there when we did the release with Terry?
A: That is not the correct issue.

Q: (L) What is the correct issue?
A: Variability of circumstance.

Q: (L) So, in the circumstance he was in while being viewed, there was what was there, and when the circumstances changed, it was no longer present?
A: Not exactly. Two different types of activities involved. One was viewing from afar, one was spirit release. These are two separate types of activities employing the psychic or ethereal channeling process, therefore points of view can be altered by a number of factors, including emotional blocks or change of circumstances, just to name two.

Q: (L) In a previous session we asked the question: Had anyone ever been in our group or was anyone here, who had been sent to disrupt the group, or stop the channel. The answer was given that there was a good chance, but this was something we had to learn on our own. Now, we have discussed this from many different directions, and it seems to appear that part of this potential for disruption came through, if not from, Terry and or Jan as you have previously stated.
A: Well, again you are simplifying a complex issue, seeking a broad, general answer to questions that would be better served by breaking them down into simpler questions.

Q: (L) Were Terry and Jan sent to our group to disrupt it?
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, the answer seemed to indicate that someone was, and if it wasnít them, then it must be one of us?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was it someone else at some other time?
A: It is not someone in the sense of any third density physical being as it is someone attached to a third density physical being which can change from being to being as conditions warrant. Why should you think that any given physical individual contains exactly the same surroundings and attachments at all times? Obviously, this can change. Therefore, if there is attack, would it not be far more effective to launch the attack through anyone and everyone present at any given time, in order to maintain the attack. It is rather naive to assume that it so limited that physical removal of any given third density being, will preclude all possibilities for attack if and when one has identified an attack mode resulting from the presence of said being.

Q: (L) Are some people more susceptible to attack modes than others?
A: Well, again, there is a variable issue rather than a static issue involved here.

Q: (L) Well, if I remember correctly, when I asked the original question, I believe I specified a 3rd density person, and not something ephemeral.
A: If you are asking is it possible for a third density bing to seek consciously to disrupt activitries, yes, certainly this is posisible. Has it happened as of yet? No. Does that mean it cannot happen? No. Does that mean it will happen? Itís always a good chance for your activities are of the type which would bring about attack of any and all sorts. Therefore, you must be on the lookout. However. It is also wise not to become obsessed with any particular mode of attack as many, many, many types can be employed. Types that you may not even think of.

Q: (L) Okay. Well, could my sensitivities to atmosphere, attitudes and so forth be a form of attack on myself?
A: Can be. The attack may not be consciously emanating from the physical third density being as in the case of any and all third density beings.

Q: (L) What I meant to inquire is: is my emotional reaction to this distorted?
A: Could be, and if it is, then obviously the attack is successful.

Q: (L) How can I determine this?
A: By being completely open and communicating with all parties at all times. Keeping secrets can only lead to failure.

Q: (L) Well, are Terry and Jan significantly important to this group? I try to talk to them, but it seems that their emotions either block them from hearing me, or their attitudes and responses put a period to my attempts to discuss issues. I find it almost unbearable to be constantly interrupted and this is a constant with the both of them... if they are not trying to outtalk each other.
A: Well, again, we suggest that you try to avoid subjective inquiries. We ask that you pause and ask yourself if there is anyway that those you refer to as Terry and Jan, and any and all parties to any extent, can ever be of any benefit to any and all involved before you pass judgment.

Q: (L) Well, I donít quite get the meaning there. Freddieís the channel. Obviously that is an important function. Without the channel there is obviously no group. Right?
A: Correct.

Q: (L) Okay, so therefore, in a very real sense, no other of us is all that significant?
A: Incorrect.

Q: (L) Why is that?
A: Vague.

Q: (L) Can we define our roles?
A: It is up to each and everyone of you to define your roles as whatever role you see yourself fulfilling, and also to communicate those to each other. If this is done, it can bring a much clearer picture of the situation to each one of you, and also avoid the possibility that misunderstandings, conflicts of interest, as is possible when there is a lack of communication in any situation. See, this is one of many modes of attack employed very successfully by those who wish to see efforts cease, and the attack is most ingenious because it involves playing with the subconscious mind where 92 % of all thought processes originate in third density.

Q: (L) Well, it has not been my perception that Terry and Jan are open to honest communication. They are quite willing to point out other peopleís problems, but they do not want to hear it if someone else has a problem with them.
A: Then it would seem that it is not an open forum.

Q: (L) How can you have an open forum with someone who is not honest with themselves?
A: Subjective.

Q: (L) Of course its subjective. Isnít it significant that since they have arrived in the group that the level of information has deteriorated and the occurrence of vague and non-issuing answers?
A: Be careful not to read incorrect mechanical approaches as defective characteristics or personality or nature. It is important to differentiate between that which is alterable, curable, or can be helped, with that which is incurable, unalterable, and cannot be helped. Also, realize too, that as third density STS beings, it is very easy for any and all of you, each and every one of you, to fall into the trap, which is, of course, one form of attack coming from 4th density STS; to fall into the trap of seeking to serve self even when in cooperation with or in forum with others. This can cause, ultimately, a derailing, of any and all activities designed to improve situations or generate wide-spread assistance.

Q: (L) Earlier today, while talking with this fellow, Ram, the Vedic astrologer, he proposed that the Vedic idea of who and what the Lizard Beings were was correct and that this is the activation of the sexual principle, or kundalini within us. Any kind of UFO or alien activity is merely the reflection of what is inside all of us. Is this a correct assessment?
A: Part of the answer to that question, if you refer back to the answers to the earlier questions, is of a similar nature. But, in truth, the best way to most adequately answer those questions is to ask yourself what do you believe, based on the knowledge that you have collected and have been given.

Q: (L) Well, I sometimes wonder if they are not part of ourselves, in a parallel universe, and they emerge into our world and interact with us in a negative way. And, that the stories of alien human interaction are really just stories of human performance of mechanical operations, guided by negative aspects of their own being in another dimension or density. Would this not be a distinct possibility.
A: Not in the sense that you are thinking. Remember, it is always wise to review all the previously gathered information whenever any new ideas appear before you. This is true not only in this particular instance, but also all others as well. For example, how often would mere thought patterns, or realities emerging from a parallel universe, appear in desert locations and be retrieved by third density beings for study in the third density realm? Now, if indeed you believe that this has happened, and it HAS, one must contemplate the meaning such and how it relates to oneís proposal that the whole issue involves much higher levels of density on the etheric plane, and, or, interdimensional capabilities that cannot be measured within the realm of third density. These theories, certainly, are part of the answer, but merely a part of the answer, and none of them represents the entire answer. And we caution very strongly that you avoid falling into the trap of believing too strongly in any one explanation that appears, as this too, is a form of attack which can lead to destructive consequences.

Q: (L) So, there are actual, material, alien craft that have been captured or retrieved by the government and studied?
A: Do you have any doubt of this?

Q: (L) Well, sometimes I wonder if the whole thing is cooked up by the government just to make us all crazy!
A: Well thatís an interesting concept, but we can assure you, that that is not, in any way, correct.

Q: (L) Well, if these craft emerge into our reality from fourth density, as I assume some of them do, how do they stay here? Do they become absolutely physically material and do they remain here?
A: If they malfunction in third density, they then become frozen in third density. Very simple.

Q: (L) And, does the same hold true for the beings?
A: Precisely.

Q: (L) So, in a very real sense, they are very real and physical...
A: They are very real and physical in fourth density, too. The difference is that fourth density physicality is not the same as third density physicality. But that is not to say that there is no physicality in fourth density. In order to completely remove all attachment to physicality, one must reach sixth density or higher. Everything below that involves some aspect of physicality or attachment to physicality; as in fifth density, the contemplatin zone, which is simply a recycling of those from 1st through 4th densities, in the etheric plane. They are brought back down and recycled into one of the physical realms. Each density level one through four, involves lesser and lesser physicality, as you know it, but nevertheless there still is physicality. Third density physicality, however, remains constant on third density when a being or a craft or an instrument of any kind manufactured or conceived in fourth density arrives in third density, it is able to navigate through third density in fourth density reality. However, when it malfunctions, whatever is left of it remains in third density. Those reports of objects or of any physical structure whatsoever, be it a being or a construct, disappearing from third density to fourth density, in each and every case, involves an object or a being, or a construct, which is not in the process of malfunctioning. It is still fully operational at its fourth density realm. It is merely visiting third density which has a limited capacity, as you measure time in its passage, therefore it does, indeed, remove itself naturally, at some point, to fourth density. However, if it malfunctions or is in any way broken or altered, it will remain in third density.

Q: (L) So, if someone removes an implant, the best way to keep it here would be to smash it?
A: If someone removes an implant it is no longer functioning as it was designed to function.

Q: (L) Okay. So we have some real things happening, and a possibility that a film was taken of this interaction with these malfunctioning fourth density beings and craft. And, supposedly, this film is going to be shown on television. Is this film of this autopsy, and examination of craft remains, a true filming of same, or is it a fake, or fraud?
A: Well, one would suggest that for the maximum amount of learning, that the film be witnessed by those seeking the truth, in order to determine for themselves whether or not it is factual, as such will be possible upon viewing.

Q: (L) Well, I certainly intend to do that. Now, I want to slide in a personal question. Regarding my present living conditions, I would like to know if this is karmic?
A: All difficulties in personal life are karmic in one way or another.
Especially those involving interactions with other soul beings. And the closer the interactions, the more karmic they are. This you already know.

Q: (L) Well, the difficult thing is to know what is the best thing to do.
A: Learning images is the process that is ongoing throughout all existence, and is achieved by one action or another. Any and all actions, any and all possible actions, any and all directions of actions facilitate continued learning. Therefore, it is not possible in the ultimate sense, to make mistakes. But, one must experience whatever is karmic to its full extent. The choices made reflect choices made prior to entering the physical plane of third density, combined with the opportunities that present themselves with the variability of reality in its fluid state. Therefore, the decisions to be made will present themselves when they are to be made, and it is only oneís ability to accept interpretation objectively that determines whether the learning process will deliver greater or lesser degrees of pain.

Q: (L) Why does learning have to be painful?
A: It doesnít.

Q: (L) Well, it seems that it invariably is for me.
A: That is according to the perceptions of the experiencer, not according to any absolute criteria.

Q: (L) We would like to know a bit more on the subject of rituals, which you have warned us are restricting on many levels. Why is this?
A: If one believes in oneís activities sincerely, to the greatest extent, they certainly will produce SOME benefit, at SOME level. But, merely following patterns for the sake of following patterns, does not produce sincerity and faith necessary for ultimate benefits to result. So, therefore, as always, one must search from within, rather than from without, to answer that question. Do you understand? To give you an example, to be certain, you meet this all the time. If you read material in the pages of a book that advises one form of ritual or another, and you follow that form of ritual because you have read words printed on the pages, does that really give you the true sense of satisfaction and accomplishment within yourself to the greatest extent possible? Whereas, if you, yourself, were to develop an activity which one or another could interpret or define as a ritual, but it comes from within you, it feels RIGHT to you, and you have a sincere and complete faith in it, whatever it may be, does that feel right to you?

Q: (L) Yes.
A: Have we answered the question, then?

Q: (L) Yes, thank you.
A: We will say good night, then.

End of Session


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September 9, 1995

Freddie, Laura, SV, Tom, Cherie

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Other.

Q: (L) What do you mean by ďother?Ē
A: Re:discover other.

Q: (L) Okay, who do we have with us this evening?
A: Other.

Q: (L) You are someone other than the Cassiopaeans?
A: No.

Q: (L) Do you wish us to pursue this through trance channeling or with the board?
A: Tance. You have graduated, why do you wish to backtrack?

Q: (L) Well, for this evening, I would prefer to use the board. Is that alright? [To Tom and Cherie] Is it alright with you if we use the trance medium? They do not seem to want to do it through the board tonight.
(T) Whatever is usual. [Freddie is put into trance state] Now, could you talk to us a little bit about the purported ďPhoton Belt?Ē
A: The key issue remains one of interpretation. The messages are genuine; interpretations are variable in their accuracy. So, when one speaks of the ďPhoton Belt,Ē one may really be thinking of a concept and giving it a name.

Q: (L) So, you mean that various persons are seeing something and only describing it within the limits of their knowledge?
A: At one level, yes.

Q: (L) Any further comments on that?
A: Comments best serve when they are formulated as replies to direct and specific questions.

Q: (L) Was there a harmonic convergence as was advertised within the metaphysical community?
A: For those who believed there was a harmonic convergence, indeed there was a harmonic convergence.

Q: (L) Did anything of a material nature happen on or to the planet to enhance or change the energy?
A: Did you notice any changes?

Q: (L) No. Except that it seems that things have gotten worse, if anything.
A: Did you notice any clear, obvious, material changes?

Q: (L) No. But that could just be me. I could just be a stubborn and skeptical person.
A: Did anyone else in the room notice any clear or obvious changes?

Q: (S) What date was it?
(L) 8/8/88, I believe.
(S) I thought it had something to do with 11/11 ninety- something...
A: Well, obviously if the recollection of the calendar date was difficult, one would suppose that material changes did not take place. For, if they had, would you not remember the calendar date ascribed to them?

Q: (L) Yes. The claim has further been made that, for a month, following the harmonic convergence that no abductions were taking place. Is this true?
A: No. There has been no cessation in what you term to be abduction in quite some time as you measure it.

Q: (L) Well, on the subject of abduction: we watched a film on television, Monday the 28th, that was a purported video of an alien autopsy, or, more correctly, an autopsy on an alien body. Was this, in fact, an alien?
A: How do you define ďalien?Ē

Q: (L) Was it a being other than a naturally born human on this planet as we know human beings?
A: That is correct.

Q: (L) It was other than a naturally born human?
A: Correct.

Q: (L) Okay. What kind of a being was this?
A: Hybrid.

Q: (L) What was it a hybrid of - combining what elements?
A: Cybergenetic creatures you refer to as ďGrays,Ē and earth human such as yourself, third density. So, in essence, it was a hybridization of a 3rd density and 4th density being.

Q: (L) Okay, was this a 4th density being.
A: No. If you listen to the response - it was a 3rd and 4th density being.

Q: (L) How can a being be both 3rd and 4th density?
A: It is the environmental surroundings that count, not the structure of the individual. The same is true, for you. After all, you have read literature stating that your world or planet is in the process of ascending from 3rd to 4th density, have you not?

Q: (L) Yes.
A: And this literature has also stated that this is an ongoing process, has it

Q: (L) Yes.
A: Then, one must wonder, if it is an ongoing process, how would it be possible, if it is not possible, for a being to be in both 3rd and 4th density at one time... Also, if you will recall from review material, you are currently living in the same environment as 2nd and 1st density level beings. Is this not true?

Q: (L) Yes.
A: At least that is what you have been told. So, therefore, it is possible for a being to be in 3rd and 4th density. And as we have also told you, when 4th density beings visit 3rd density environment, they are, in effect, 3rd density beings, and vice versa. The so-called abduction takes place, especially if it is a physical abduction, the subject becomes temporarily 4th density, because it is the environment that counts. And the key factor there is awareness, not physical or material structure.

Q: (L) I have a paper here that talks about the Grays and says that they have two brains: an anterior brain and a posterior brain; and that if you shoot one - this is what it says, I am not suggesting that I want to shoot anybody - that if you shoot one, and only shoot one part of the brain, that it does not die; that you have to shoot it in a special way and get both brains in order to kill one. Is this a correct concept?
A: Well, it is rather puzzling. Brings up a lot of questions. One question that comes to mind is: why would one seek to shoot anything.

Q: (L) Well, I didnít suggest that I wished to, this is just what this paper says here.
A: The physical description is accurate in terms one variety of what is referred to as the Grays. It does have an anterior brain. However, this is secondary to all other issues. And, also we would suggest that it would not be advisable to seek to cause physical harm to any particular species. Therefore, it may be advisable to disregard the information contained in the work that you are describing.

Q: (L) It also says that the Grays have to be very close to a person to telepathically link with that person. Is this correct?
A: Close? No, as we have described to you before, there are technological processes involved which do not require close physical proximity as you measure it. But, this is very complicated. It follows dimensional windows and that sort of thing, which you do not fully understand, therefore it would not be advisable to go into that in great detail. But, the general answer to that question is no.

Q: (L) It also says that they implant some sort of crystal on the optic nerve of humans that is 2 to 4 microns in diameter and that this crystal is tuned to the frequency of the indvidualís implanting it, which allows them to establish a mental frequency for communication. Is that anywhere along the line of what you are talking about?
A: Physical implantations do occur. The precise locations vary according to the desired effects. And when it comes to the interactions between the human species in 3rd density, and other STS issues in 4th density, there are a variety of mechanisms in use as well as a variety of directives and objectives. For example, some implants are used merely for tracking. Others are used to alter consciousness, and still others are designed to be mind altering or motor altering mechanisms. Each of these has a different structure and a different material content according to which is being employed and for what purpose. The particular function you are describing there has been used, or, rather, something similar, though we are not completely familiar with that which you have described. So, we suggest that this may be fabrication to some extent, or expansion of accurate information. But, in any case, it is true that implants do get implanted for various reasons.

Q: (L) Shifting gears back to the alien autopsy: can you access the information and indicate whether this hybrid being was one that was obtained from a crash that occurred at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?
A: The crash did not occur at Roswell. It was in a desert area, approximately 157 miles to the West by NorthWest, of the Roswell location. The Roswell location that you are familiar with it, did not include either a craft or any bodies or living beings. It was merely a debris field. The actual crash occurred some distance away. The crash site, a desert location, closer to Los Alamos, Mexico, and there, the craft, which had malfunctioned over Roswell, thus leaving behind the debris field, had, in fact crashed. This is where the bodies and living beings were recovered along with what was remaining of the craft. And, yes, the being in the film you have seen DID come from there.

Q: (L) How many beings were on that craft?
A: Four.

Q: (L) Were they all hybrids?
A: Correct. It also may be noted, and you can check this with the official record as has been interpreted by those in your environment who have studied the subject, this was a specialized mission which was initiated by those referred to as the Lizard Beings using human/hybrid combinations, the hybrid element being that referred to as the Gray type, it was an experiment partly as what could be interpreted or translated to mean a reconnaissance mission, and partly testing the environmental conditions that existed in that area at the time as a result of the nuclear explosions that had occurred in the region in the recent past, as measured from that particular point in time. The effort was to determine effects on both the living Gray species and of, course, the Reptilian or Lizard species, as they have a similar genetic make-up in some ways that we will not get into just now. But, the idea was to test the effects upon both the human genes, or genetic structure, and the Gray genetic structure which, in turn, is connected the Lizard genetic structure if you understand the concept. That was one objective. Another objective, of course, was basic reconnaissance.

Q: (L) Okay. The next question: Are any of the Grays what one might call ďgood guys?Ē
A: That is a subjective interpretation any way you look at it. For, after all,
what is good and what is bad?

Q: (L) The definition that has been given is STS and STO. So, are any of the Grays STO beings?
A: Well, again, if we can review for just a moment. It is subjective to refer to either STS or STO as either good or bad. It merely means Service to Self and Service to Others. Now, the determination as to whether it is good or bad is made by the observer. It depends on your point of view. It depends on your objective. It depends on a lot of things. One is merely service to self. This is inward turning. The other is Service to Others which is outward expanding. It is part of the balance which makes up that which we refer to as the Universe.

Q: (L) Are any of the Grays STO?
A: In very rare instances, Gray beings have crossed over into the STO realm, but in their natural environment, they are, in fact, STS, as they were constructed to be.

Q: (L) How does it occur that they cross over into the STO environment?
A: Simply by natural circumstance, in the same general way that it occurs that human beings in the 3rd density STS environment can, under certain circumstances, rise to the STO level. Very rare.

Q: (L) Well, if the Grays are cybergenetic probes of the Lizard Beings, and, in effect soulless, does this mean that some of the Lizard beings are also STO?
A: Well, first, no being that is given intelligence to think on its own is, in fact, comepletely soul-less. It does have some soul imprint. Or what could be loosely referred to as soul imprint. This may be a collection of psychic energies that are available in the general vicinity. And this is stretching somewhat so that you can understand the basic ideas, even though in reality it is all far more complex than that. But, in any case, there is really no such thing as being completely soul-less, whether it be a natural intelligence or an artificially constructed intelligence. And, one of the very most interesting things about that from your perspective, is that your technology on 3rd density, which we might add, has been aided somewhat by interactions with those that you might refer to as ďaliens,Ē is now reaching a level whereby the artificially created intelligences can, in fact, begin to develop, or attract some soul imprint energy. If you follow what we are saying. For example: your computers, which are now on the verge of reaching the level whereby they can think by themselves, will begin to develop faint soul imprint.

Q: (L) Thatís not a pleasant thought.
A: Now, to answer your question: Are the Reptilian beings, or Lizard beings, STO. Of course, some can cross over into STO. However, their natural environment is STS as they have chosen. But, whether or not any of the cybergenetic Gray beings cross over into STO, and or the Lizard Beings cross over into STO, these are not connected to one another, these two concepts. They are independent.

Q: (L) I understand. Okay, would you say there is any percentage, any fairly measurable percentage of Lizard beings that are STO?
A: It is VERY, VERY small. EXTREMELY small. Hardly worth mentioning.

Q: (L) What about the Grays?
A: That might be slightly higher, but again, it is very small, relatively speaking.

Q: (L) Is there another race of beings that are manipulating or using the Lizard beings?
A: Could you elaborate?

Q: (L) Are the Lizard Beings agents for some other group?
A: Well that is a rather simple question. But, there are levels of authority in 4th density STS environment. And these are determined by intellectual and physical prowess, as always, in STS. The ďpecking orderĒ as you call it. So, therefore, we could state that at the bottom are those you are familiar with as the Gray beings, and in the middle are those you would call the Lizard Beings, and above that are others that you are not so familiar with.

Q: (L) Who are they?
A: The most commonly known, of course, are the Orion STS.

Q: (L) What do they look like?
A: They are, in fact, humanoid in structure, resembling large human beings.

Q: (L) And we donít see them that often?
A: Well, of course you know by now, that the ones most frequently seen on 3rd density level, are the Gray beings. All other equally less frequently seen.

Q: (L) Okay, what is their purpose in all this abduction activity?
A: We request that you make your questions as specific as possible in this subject area.

Q: (L) Do these Orion STS ever participate in abductions?
A: The abductions are primarily performed by the Gray beings. However, others can and will and in fact have abducted. But when this occurs, the nature of the abduction is different.

Q: (L) Are there any positive Extra-terrestrials from the area of Sirius interacting with human beings at the present time?
A: Well, now! First off, it is important for you to know that the term you use: Extra Terrestrial, which of course, is one of the most correct terms used at your level, all that is NOT of the Earth is Extra- Terrestrial. And, for those on your surface earth environment to refer to themselves as the supreme species, or alone in the universe, or the one and only in the cosmos, is laughable in the extreme. It is akin to a microbe on a grain of sand referring to itself as the only form of life on the beach. Would it not? Now, when you ask are there any beings in the vicinity of Sirius, it would be something like that same microbe, located on the grain of sand, on the beach, which is, of course, but one of the beaches located on the surface of the earth, after all, asking if there is, in fact, any life located over in the vicinity of that seashell...

Q: (L) But I asked if there were any interacting with Earth...
A: And we are answering that question. We have chosen to take this opportunity to put things into better focus for you, and we are hoping that these messages will be heard by others, and not just you. While YOU may understand these concepts perfectly well, not all do. Certainly you know that? Therefore, that is why we are giving this information. Now, to answer your question: Are there any beings who reside in the vicinity of Sirius who are positively oriented, or STO as it were, again it is difficult to answer that because we do not know how to define the ďvicinity of Sirius.Ē But, if you mean within a light year or so of Sirius, as you measure distance, then we can say there are no such beings in that area in 3rd density. But that leaves open 4th through 6th density. So, you see, as you already know, but we wish to reinforce this, there is so much to contemplate here that it is laughable when those around you refer to certain areas or star systems and claim that there are beings from here or there or wherever, and that their objective is this or that or the other. Because if you knew the TRUE nature of the universe, of All of the universe, of all possible realms, you would also know that any and all things are possible, and, in fact, DO exist! You must NOT forget this.

Q: (L) So, in other words, these people are right?
A: All of these people are right, and all of these people are wrong. Because it is silly to point to some section of the sky, to ascribe any area as being the ďHomeĒ of this that or the other.

Q: (L) But what if that is, in fact, the case? The Orions live in some star system in Orion, right?
A: So are you.

Q: (L) Well, we arenít living there now!
A: Thatís not the point. If you were to stay in 3rd density and view your star, which you know as the sun, from another point in your galaxy, it would appear to be a part of the Orion system. Would it not?

Q: (L) Probably.
A: Well, now perhaps you are beginning to understand what we are talking about??? At one level, and in one sense.

Q: (L) Well, how do these beings get here crossing such vast reaches of space?
A: As we have told you, there are seven levels of density which involves, among other things, not only state of being physically, spiritually and etherically, and materially, but also, more importantly, state of awareness. You see, state of awareness is the key element to all existence in creation. You have undoubtedly remembered that we have told you that this is, after all, a grand illusion, have you not? So, therefore, if it is a grand illusion, what is more important, physical structure or state of awareness???

Q: (L) State of awareness?
A: Exactly. Now, when we go from the measuring system, which of course has been nicely formulated so that you can understand it, of density levels one through seven, the key concept, of course, is state of awareness. All the way through. So, once you rise to a higher state of awareness, such things as physical limitation evaporate. And, when they evaporate, vast distances, as you perceive them, become non-existent. So, just because you are unable to see and understand has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on what is or is not possible. Except within your own level of density. And this is what almost no one on your current level of density is able to understand. If you can understand it and convey it to them, you will be performing the greatest service that your kind has ever seen. Think about that for a moment. Let it seep into your consciousness. Analyze it. Dissect it. Look at it carefully and then put it back together again.

Q: (L) What is it that limits our awareness?
A: Your environment. And it is the environment that you have chosen. By your level of progress. And that is what limits everything. As you rise to higher levels of density, limitations are removed.

Q: (L) What creates this environment of limitation?
A: It is the grand illusion which is there for the purpose of learning.

Q: (L) And who put the illusion into place?
A: The Creator who is also the Created. Which is also you and us and all. As we have told you, we are you and vice versa. And so is everything else.

Q: (L) Is the key that it is all illusion?
A: Basically, yes.

Q: (L) So, essentially...
A: As we have told you before, if you will be patient just a moment, the universe is merely a school. And, a school is there for all to learn. That is why everything exists. There is no other reason. Now, if only you understood the true depth of that statement, you would begin to start to see, and experience for yourself, all the levels of density that it is possible to experience, all the dimensions that it is possible to experience, all awareness. When an individual understands that statement to its greatest possible depth, that individual becomes illumined. And, certainly you have heard of that. And, for one moment, which lasts for all eternity, that individual knows absolutely everything that there is to know.

Q: (L) So, you are saying that the path to illumination is knowledge and not love?
A: That is correct.

Q: (L) Is it also correct that emotion can be used to mislead, that is emotions that are twisted and generated strictly from the flesh or false programming?
A: Emotion that limits is an impediment to progress. Emotion is also necessary to make progress in 3rd density. It is natural. When you begin to separate limiting emotions based on assumptions from emotions that open one to unlimited possibilities, that means you are preparing for the next density.

Q: (L) What about Love?
A: What about it?

Q: (L) There are many teachings that are promulgated that Love is the key, the answer. They say that illumination and knowledge and what-not can all be achieved through love.
A: The problem is not the term ďlove,Ē the problem is the interpretation of the term. Those on third density have a tendency to confuse the issue horribly. After all, they confuse many things as love. When the actual definition of love as you know it is not correct either. It is not necessarily a feeling that one has that can also be interpreted as an emotion, but rather, as we have told you before, the essence of light which is knowledge is love, and this has been corrupted when it is said that love leads to illumination. Love is Light is Knowledge. Love makes no sense when common definitions are used as they are in your environment. To love you must know. And to know is to have light. And to have light is to love. And to have knowledge is to love.

Q: (L) The other night I met a young woman named (RC). Can you access anything to help her?
A: At this time we choose to abstain from making any comments about the nature of individuals in your environment. Also, we would strongly suggest, as this has been rather intense information session, that you may wish to terminate at this time.

Q: (L) One very quick question: The problem with my eyes. I have had a lot of trouble with them, using many medicines. Some people have told me that this indicates a genetic mutation and a developing ability to see on many levels?
A: This you must discover. Before you become frustrated, if, indeed you are going to begin seeing at another density level, it must be a discovery process for the greatest learning potential. For us to give you previews would not necessarily be in your best interest.

Q: (L) Last night we were supposed to meet several people at a restaurant, but we lost them in traffic. Was this ďlosingĒ somewhat symbolic?
A: Perhaps. But, again, we do not wish to comment on interactions between yourself and other individuals, as the purpose for this particular session was informational and not judgments concerning others in your realm.

End of Session


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September 12, 1995

Freddie and Laura

Q: Hello.
A: Hi!

Q: (L) Who do we have with us this evening?
A: Decorra.

Q: (L) And where are you from, Decorra?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) OK, now, itís been a while since weíve done this on the board, and I have several questions that are pretty important that I want to ask. Are you open for questions this evening?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) First of all, do Freddie or I at the present time have any attachments of a negative nature?
A: No.

Q: (L) Do we have any attachments at all?
A: Variable.

Q: (L) Does that mean they come and go, or they can come and go?
A: Yes to question 2.

Q: (L) OK, yes to question 2. OK, now, there are several new people who have contacted me and want me to do various things for them. In many respects it looks like a very positive involvement, but there have been some very strange things that have happened, and I have been handling them the best way I know how. Can we ask some questions about this situation and how Iíve handled it so far?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) The first thing is, R__C__. R__C__ has basically got some really good ideas, but I think sheís got something blocking her from perceiving what is truly going on. She wants so badly to believe in the fairy tales that she ends up mixing things together in an emotional attempt to deal with it all. This is fine, as far as I am concerned, but anybody who canít look at their own ďstuffĒ is extremely hard for me to deal with. What is the story here?
A: All involved are portals, beware!!

Q: (L) Do you mean beware as in maybe I should just walk away from this group?
A: Up to you.

Q: (L) OK, my instincts...
A: Remember where was initial link?

Q: (L) Initial link? At MUFON?
A: Who?

Q: (L) M__ T__ís?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK..
A: Aura field is uniform.

Q: (L) Whose aura field is uniform?
A: All in question, do you not see similarities in your personality profiles reading? Examine, review and reflect!

Q: (L) Come on FreddIe, ask some questions here. Help me out! Personality profile? Well, thatís of the different people involved...
A: Similarities?

Q: (L) Do you mean similarities between the people involved in that group?
A: Aural field reads as identical.

Q: (L) And are their personality profiles and aura readings different from, say, mine and Freddieís?
A: What do you think?

Q: (L) What do you think, Freddie?
(F) I donít know what they are talking about.
(L) Well, theyíre talking about profiles, aural profiles, I guess thatís a way of reading a person.
(F) Yes, but I...
(L) Well, does that mean that Freddie and I are so different that thereís nobody that we can interact with?
A: Did we say that?

Q: (L) Of course not. OK, so in other words this is a mine field and we really have to tread carefully through it, is that it?
A: You have been warned, how you proceed from here is up to you.

Q: (L) Does this guy Barry, who keeps wanting me to commit to some kind of deal with him, and who keeps saying he is going to do this and that, is he?
A: The answer to that is easily discernible.

Q: (L) The answer to that is easily discernible? Well, itís hard for us to... I mean, he could be just a Howard Hughes kind of guy! Easily discernible.....In other words, what you see on the surface... would that be what they would mean? Easily discernible....
A: Ask him directly!

Q: (F) You may if you desire... I donít want to!
(L) What is M__ after in this whole interaction?
A: $ $$$$$$$$

Q: (F): Well, why donít the just say ĎMoneyí?
(L) They like to be creative.
A: Mirth.

Q: (L) Gotta have mirth, Freddie! What does Barry want out of this whole interaction?
A: To be liked and needed.

Q: (L) What does R__C__ want out of this whole interaction? [Laughter from Fred, response not verbalized]
A: The same as M__ T__.

Q: (L) What does Freddie want out of this whole interaction, including the newsletter?
A: Ask him, he is here.

Q: (F) What do I want? I havenít a clue!
(L) What do I want out of all this interaction?... read my deepest, darkest recesses!
A: You see the newsletter as a mode of transport to fulfillment of your goals.

Q: (L) And what are my goals?
A: To be the leader of your cause.

Q: (F) Is that true?
(L) Maybe. Remembering, of course, that my primary drive is to get the Cassiopaean material out there and Ďsave the world,í so to speak.
(F) Ask them if it will work.
(L) Will it work?
A: Open.

Q: (L) So M__ wants money, Barry wants to be liked and loved and needed.
(F) That makes sense.
(L) And, is it true that I can utilize the wants and needs of these people to create a vehicle for the cause of dispensing knowledge?
A: But will the ďvehicleĒ ever break down, or ďget stuck in the mudĒ. [Lauraís
note: As events turned out, the whole situation turned very ugly with various persons attacking others and I opted to step out of it and decline the editorship of the newsletter.]

Q: (L) Should I just get in touch with this publisher that R__C__ knows and just deal with putting the material out in book form?
A: Would not that be: 1. more direct 2. less cumbersome, and 3. less fraught
with potential danger?

Q: (L) OK, so getting the material out in book form is...
A: We answered thusly because you thought for yourself.

Q: (L) Is giving the lectures, as Iíve planned to give this lecture about my personal experience, this is not so much about the material, a good way to promote the Cassiopaean material and a good way to get out and do things?
A: Lecture?

Q: (L) Well, you know, the talk Iím going to give on Saturday night at the Earth Angels Bookstore, where Iím going to talk to these people about whatever is... basically about our experiences, about synchronicity and the coming of the...
A: Well intentioned crowd, but open to deceptive attack.

Q: (L) Should I cancel this lecture?
A: Up to you. [Lauraís note: I did cancel the lecture after I saw the way the people involved were interacting.]

Q: (L) Approximately how many people would show up if I didnít cancel?
A: 15.

Q: (L) Fifteen people. Well, itís not worth being attacked for, is it?
(F) I donít know if I would cancel at this point, Iíd say up to you, but, my gut instinct is that itís not going to do anything.
(L) Donít waste my time?
(F) Well, isnít she getting these people to pay?
(L) Uhuh.
(F) Well, then thatís what the sum total probably of what youíll get out of it.
(L) Yeah, and I only get a third of it, and sheís letting some people in free.
(L) Has Freddie assessed this person Barry in a correct way?
A: See what happens when we plant the seed, then encourage you to ďTill the soil?Ē

Q: (L) So Barry is basically living on his credit, is that it?
A: Open

Q: (L) Well, itís not right for R__ to be constantly asking him for money. He is probably giving to her on his credit! How much in debt is he right now?
A: Not your concern. Look, listen, learn.

Q: (L) Well, I think.. I donít want to waste my time with these people then. They are all just playing games with each other.
(F) I agree. Itís a shame, but itís another deception, which is a form of attack. Leads you down the primrose path to get you all tangled up, to slow down the progress. And apparently it was an excellent idea when you said just contact the publisher and go down that pathway. (L) OK, now, letís ask real quick, this David Hudson tape, about what he calls the Philosopherís Stone. What is this substance that David Hudson has discovered? We watched the video about it; Iím sure you guys watched it with us, so, what is this stuff?
A: Watch developments there only from a distance.

Q: (L) Is taking this substance as he is talking about, is it dangerous, as I kind of think it is?
A: Possibly.

Q: (L) So, in other words, I should not get involved in that, either?
A: Up to you.

Q: (L) I know itís up to me, but you said to watch it from a distance, so Iím assuming that is a clue...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, my feeling is that there is some negative energy behind that, even though he is trying to be a positive person and do positive things, and that...
A: This is often true!

Q: (L) I think that taking something like that to transform your consciousness without doing the work or having it occur naturally is black magic. Thatís what I think.
(F) Itís too easy...
(L) I think trying to initiate yourself ...
(F) I read over the years bits and pieces from various different sources that all the things he described in there are possible for those who are willing to sacrifice, to us would appear to be an extreme extent ethereal and spiritual level, such as some of those in India, and all that...
(L) I donít think you even have to sacrifice so much as have the desire and the natural destiny and .....
(F) Well, did Jesus take this gold powder?
(L) Did Jesus take this powder?
A: No.

Q: (L) Did Adolph Hitler take this kind of powder, or something similar?
A: Yes.

Q: (F): That paints a rather bleak picture, doesnít it?
(L) Could this powder be utilized to transform a person to a very positive entity doing great good? I just donít think itís right.
A: Or could it be utilized to transform an entire race of beings into hypnotic submission !!!!!!!!!!!

Q: (F): Wow!
(L) Put it in the water.
(F) Or even just advertise it as the ďManna from HeavenĒ and get the biggest corporations in the world to ... I mean, you know that if this guy were not meant to spread this stuff all around, by now heíd be running into roadblocks, you wouldnít be allowed to get tapes like that. That was one thing I was suspicious of, like why he hasnít even been stopped, if itís really as wonderful as... I mean it just doesnít fit. Anything thatís really, really good, and itís going to go against the... remember who runs this world, and has for 309 thousand years, are they just going to sit back and say ďOh, yeah, weíll just let this gold powder get spread round everywhere, and get totally defeated,Ē just like that? I donít think so!
(L) Oh, thatís a scary thought! Boy, Iím sure glad you guys are out there!
A: Okay.

Q: (L) Holy Frijoles! Well, I guess, unless you have .... Do you have something you would like to tell us or communicate to us at the present time?
A: Reflect upon messages received and goodbye.

{Discussion follows}

(L) Thank you very much.
(F) Once you progress to the level of enlightenment, and you are no longer in these bodies, you donít need orgasm, do you?
(L) I guess not.
(F): And if itís not an orgasm, then why call it an orgasm. I mean, heís saying, ďOh, itís not the same thing, itís wonderful, it feels the same...itís more pure,Ē and all that...
(L) Right.
(F): BS! I donít buy that. I donít buy it. (L) I donít buy into the Keys of Enoch stuff because he starts off right away with talking about the guilt thing...(F) Naughty, naughty...
(L) and the bad guys have to be transformed. I mean, they just canít deal with the fact that thatís the way it is, and itís got to be that way, all the way up, all the way through, all the way around, forever. Dark, Light.
(F) Right.
(L) Thatís it.
(F) Now, JD doesnít seem to have a problem about that. Nobody had a problem understanding that, but somehow they all thought this was of the light, but I just donít buy the idea that all you have to do is drink this powder, or eat this powder, and you are going to become light beings, and youíre going to bi-locate, and all these wonderful things, and just walk on water, and all that. It just doesnít add up. You know , thatís, once again, itís a short-cut. And there are no short cuts.

End of Session


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